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Save Me a Drink- Au I need you to save me

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"Good evening, is this the home of.....Kim Seok- Jin or his family? "A police officer stops by.

"Yes, how can I help you? "

"We are sorry to say, but Jin...committed suicide. We're sorry for your loss. "They explain.

One by one, the police officer stops at all six of the friends houses, each time he explains they break down, some cry, others simply die. 

Dear Boys, 

Someone teach poor Joonie how to cook, please? He can not survive off Fast food so I'm looking at you Kookie and Yoongi. And when you boys finally find a partner, please take care of them, one moment they'll be there and the next...gone. 


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Back to work- again.

Why does this even matter anymore? I have more money than I care for.
I grab my coffee and stick my lollipop inside of it for a bit of sweetness I've been lacking, maybe I should buy some sugar.
Why am I always so absorbed into my work? Is this supposed to help me forget? It isn't even a good job.
I get to work late. Again.
"What's going on in that head of yours? Go ahead and tell me your excuse today because I'd love to
know why you can't ever get to work early? You need to start leaving your problems at the door! "He shouts.
"Then could you please go stand by the door? "I smirk.
"That's your last straw before you need to be working on your resume. "He shoves me out the door. The first customer of the day is some of my old friends, they ask me to take a picture before giving me a tip. My first tip in weeks. 
After twenty minutes another person comes in a black suburban. They drop the money on the floor and drive away making sure I get covered in dirt.

Would Jin want this?

I walk inside to clean the dirt off. I get by the yelling of my boss, again.

Again, how many times have I used the word again? I already know everything that's going to happen to me because it happened the day before today or the day before that. It's time I hop off this routine, in the end it's just going to kill me. I take my cigarette and drop it on the floor.

It's time I quit my bad habits, like Jin said I should.
"Where do you think you're going? You don't get breaks. "My boss grabs my arm. 

"I quit. "

Dear Joonie,

I swear if I catch you smoking again I will take a spatula and wack you so hard you'll know how to cook. Seriously, I wanna be able to see your wedding day! Not the day you're admitted to the hospital because your lungs aren't working. And do something you actually like, you need to quit your job at the gas station, that man does not pay you enough for you to deal with all of that. I know you love music, and I know you have the card to that record place, follow what inspires you. Promise me? Also, make sure Yoongi never buys any gasoline, I'm pretty sure he's gonma try and rob a bank. 


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Weeks, it's been weeks. Why can't I move on then?
"Hey, you seem upset. "JungKook looks at me with concerned eyes. The day we learned Jin was dead, the six of us drifted apart. Besides me and JungKook, he stayed with me even after that death.
"What makes you think that? "I ask. Instead of saying words, he simply blows out my lighter.
"That's why. "JungKook knows me, probably better than I know myself. He lays his head across my lap.
"How do you think everyone else is doing? "JungKook asks.
"Why not find out? "I smile mischievously.

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"Heeyyyyyy! "I yell partially drunk to Jimin, who has just arrived at Suga and I's party.

"Someones drunk. "Namjoon laughs. I look over at Suga sitting on the couch, he notices my staring and gives me a wink causing me to blush slightly.

"Oooohhhhh. "A drunk J-Hope smiles. "Someones got plans tonight, huh? "He wraps his arm around me.
"W...what, no.."I look down so no one can see my embarrassed face. When I lift my head back up I see Suga looking at me with an infectious smile.

"What was that about? "He replaces J-Hope's arm with his own.
"Oh, nothing. "I say with an awkward smile.
"You're drunk. "We walk over to the couch.
"Pfft, you are too. "I slur.
"Ah, not quite. "He tips his read cup so that the rest of his beer spills over the floor.
"Why'd you do that? "I ask confused. Of all things, he and Jin would be drunk first....or would try.

There's something between those two that I can't quite figure out. 

"I'll get drunk later. "He shrugs. "Hey guys! Let's go have some fun! "He raises his empty cup.

Before we go Rap Monster stops by his place and grabs a duffel bag. Taehyung is the only one who
knows what's inside. His face was pricelss when Rapmon told him. We mindlessly wander around the city until we come to an underground car park.
Finally, he opens the bag and inside to reveal a bundle of spray cans. Immediately, Tae grabs one and sprays it at Rapmon. He just started our paint wars.

Flashlights glare down the underground signaling for us too-

"Run, run, run! "Jimin yells. We all follow his lead laughing. 
Taehyung turns around and sticks his tongue out at them.
"Haha! Come on, idiot! "Rap Monster grabs him.
We stop in a nice field, right under the sun. Suga lays down and I lay next to him out of instinct, J-Hope lays on Jimin's lap, and Taehyung lays on Rap Monster who's sitting up. It's a nice moment, we all just sit there basking in the sun. We all kinda paired up after Jin died, Rap Monster has Taehyung, J-Hope has Jimin, and, thankfully, I have Suga.
"Hey Jin. "Suga whispers.
"Hm? "Jin asks sleepily.
"Where did you go for a week? "

Jimin knows a place hidden
in the forest with a small, broken down shack. We get there by dark so Suga gets a fire going and we all sit
around the fire laughing like we used to. J-Hope pulls out a pill bottle and throws them all into the fire. Something's bothering Suha again, he flicks his lighter on and off multiple times before I stop him.
"What's wrong? "I ask trying my best not to sound drunk.
"Nothing. "Instead of looking at me he stares at the sky.
"Stop lying, I know something's bothering you. "I grab him by the chin and force him to look at me.
He pulls away with an angry look, "Don't grab me. "I sit up and look him in the eye.
"You can't tell me what to do. "I'm not sure what is going on in my head, it could be puberty, it could be the beer, but I grab his wrist. Without saying anything Suga breaks away from my grip and leaves. No one stops him either, we all just stare. I regain my senses and chase after him, but he's too far ahead of me.
I end up getting lost.

The forest looks so much scarier in the night, it feels like anything could jump out at me.
"Suga! Hyung! Where are you? Please come out! "I yell. I miss a rock on the floor and end up tripping. I
hit my chin hard on the ground and there's definetly blood.
Growls ring around me right before something heavy knocks me back to the
"Yoongi! "I scream in fear. "Anyone! Help! "

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"Yoongi! "I hear what sounds like
JungKook, he doesn't usually yell my real name, only when...I take off in a run trying my best to avoid any obstructions. I pick up what is probably a large peice of wood and light the tip on fire.
"Kookie! I'm coming, keep shouting! "I scream looking around for any sign of him. There is silence. Dead silent.
Is it too late? Am I too late?
"Yoongi! "
"Stay calm! "I yell.
When I find him, he's topped by a wolf with tears in his eyes. I take the lit branch and swing it, knocking the wolf far away. More jump out with hunger in their eyes.
They hesistate for a second giving me a chance to look at JungKook. He's drank too much so I can't ask
him to run, it's obvious he's on the verge of passing out.

Dear Yoongi,

I finally understand now and I'm sorry I broke my promise. This world I'm in is too perfect, it's untrue. I wish I could go back, I didn't know it would end like this.  


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I wake up at home. Everything seems normal, until I look to my side. No Suga. I always wake up before
"Suga? "I call. I sluggishly get out of bed, I whip my hair around to at least get it to look better. I run out of the bedroom that leads into our living room.
Thankfully, he's only dozing on the couch. I smile, walking over, "Yoongi. "I whisper. "Come on, you need
to get up. "He groans which only makes me smile more. I snuggle up against him, "If you don't get up now, I'll have to keep you up all day. "
"Go away. "He says even though he wraps his arm around me.
"I'm going to leave without you. "I warn.
"You can't now. "

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I can't do this anymore. I need someone to help me, I need home. All I can hope is that my mom will be home and she would've gotten rid of that bastard of a father.

That's what I thought. A week ago.
"Be useful and go get me a beer. "He dangles ten dollars in my face.
"Fine. "I snatch the money.
I grab my black hoodie and close the door. I sit outside for a while, maybe I should run away again. With the thought in mind I begin walking to the store when someone brushes past me. 
"You say excuse me when you bump into people. "The person turns back.
"Oh, well excuse you. "I smirk.
"You're gonna regret saying that wise guy. "They swing back and take
a hard punch.

Hopefully I cleaned most of the blood off my face.
As I walk in, I see my step dad throwing my younger sister against the wall just like when we were children. Out of anger I grab a beer bottle and smash it over his head.
"Stop it! You're not allowed to touch her, don't ever touch her! "Subconsciously I take the sharp end and continuously stab the withering bag of skin underneath me. My mom grabs me and drags me back forcing me to look at the dead man in front of me and the blood dripping from my hands. A part of me is mortified, but another part feels good, seeing him dead feels good.
"죄송 해요. "I say before I rush out the door.
I find an empty alleyway away from any people. I grab my phone and call Namjoon, the only man that has ever been there for me. He always is.
"Are you okay? "

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Isn't today just awful? Just like everyday. Oh, wait, can't forget my prescription.
I clumsily walk to the bathroom and grab the pill bottle. I spill a handful and swallow them all. I take
a look in the mirror.
Pull yourself together J-Hope, you're the're an angel.
Time to go to work. As I walk out the door I make sure to check the mail. Only one envelope.
Dear Hoseok,
You're bills have not been fully paided recently so we
must reclaim your home unless you may pay the full
amount plus taxes by the end of the month. Blah blah
blah blah blah blah blah----
This is just great, I'll just loose everything at once, I'll just give away everything. As I'm walking on the
bridge the world gets fuzzy. Everything turns black.

"Are you awake? "A female voice asks.
"Am I dead? "I ask.
"Not quite, you were supposed to die at 11:56pm in Seoul. "She answer making me smile.
"So where am I? "I look at the white walls around me.
"Someone...isn't letting you die. "She says.
"Who? "

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Could I join Jin?
I start the tub so it will fill to the top. I change into a white tank top and a pair of short before hopping into the tub. Water spills out, hitting the ground with a splash. I slowly sink my head down until only the top of my eyes stick out of the water. I'm so close when someone knocks.
"Is there a Park Jimin here? "Someone yells. I am on the verge of passing out, but I get out of the tub.
"Yes, that's me. "I put on a smile.
"I'm sorry to say, but Jung dead. "He says. I almost laugh, "No he's not. "

Dear Jimin, 

Ever since I've known you, you've been inspiring and I know other people should see that in you. It isn't always easy for you to make friends, but you have hope, and you can carry joy with you. Please, don't worry about your appearance so much, you're perfect already. 


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"Taehyung! Stop! I'm coming! "I yell into the phone. He killed his father. He called me. Only to tell me he's going to jump, he's going to be gone. I wipe away my tears and continue running. I'm running, I don't have a car, I barely have a house.
"I'm sorry Kim Namjoon, I'll always love you though. "
"No! Taehyung, please don't tell me goodbye! "I stand there. I stand and watch as Taehyung jumps into the water. No, I don't stand there, I jump in with him.
Because this idiot in love is struggling.
I drag him up to the surface, "You, Kim Taehyung, are not allowed to die like this! "I yell through the cold evening air. I pull us both onto the dry ground.
"Just let me die! "He coughs while trying to swim away.
"No! You and your perfect face aren't allowed to die until you get that acting part! "I drag us both out of the water.
"My mom called the cops. "He says.
"This won't be the first time we've went to jail. "I wrap my soaked jacket around him. It probably won't help, but it just fit in the mood. "This time, it'll just be me. "He stares out at the sunset.
"Then I'll get you bail money. "
"And where from? You quit your job. "
"I'll win the lottery, you just have to promise me you'll stay alive till then. "
"I guess I can agree to that. "

Dear Taehyung,
Miss you guys alot already, I hope to see you guys again someday, but not until you're all old and wrinkly, okay? Sorry if I didn't get to say goodbye, I didn't even know when I was going to leave. I know you're strong Taehyung, especially when you have Namjoon with you. Don't do anything stupid, please?

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"Where do you think Jung Hoseok is?"
"Right next to me, of course. "
"Why do you think that? "
"Because, we'll always be together. He said so, and I don't think he wants to answer anymore of your questions. "The men in white finally exit. I look next to me at Hoseok, he dyed his hair so it's orange now. "They don't believe me. "I sigh.
"It's okay Minnie. "He gives me a comforting smile.
No Pov
"He's depressed, we looked through some records and he lost a good friend a few weeks ago and his boyfriend just yesterday. His emotions aren't coming to terms with the fact that they're dead. "The nurse explains.
"He didn't even tell us. "Mrs. Park wipes away tears.
"Excuse me! "Jimin yells from inside. "May I have a bath? "He makes his puppy dog eyes. The doctor looms at his mother questioningly, she nods in response to their unsaid conversation.
"We'll have a nurse help you. "The doctor says.
"I'm a grown man, I can bath on my own. "He argues.
"We're sorry, we can't allow that. "He finishes any argument that could have risen.
"Fine. "He pouts.