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Things that go bump in the night

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Raya lay on the couch. Listening to her new 'pack' move around in there usual morning routine. Watching Dawn frantically try to locate the missing shoe that went to the outfit "just perfectly", listening to Buffy argue with a social worker on the telephone. Blocking out the noises and smells coming from Willow and Tara's room as they had morning sex. She lay there patiently waiting. Faith was in no way an early riser. Especially if she let that man stay over. But no sounds came from her room.

Standing up Raya walked into the kitchen and nudged the back door open with her snout. Times like these made her wish for fingers, but beggars cant be choosers. So instead of putting herself through another morning of watching a man walk out of her house with Faiths scent all over him she went outside and lay in the sun. Praying the annoying prat would leave so she could go inside and have Faith to herself.


Faith rolled over and looked at the man next to her. Well she thought at least hes still cute.

"Hey...wake up." She nudged him with her elbow none to gently. It was getting to be ten in the morning and she had to get to the shop to help Giles with inventory and shipment.

"Mmmph...hey." Tom rolled over and looked at the girl next to him. Shed been fantastic. Of course something told him she knew this. For some reason he liked this about her.
"So...would you wanna get a coffee with me today?...or sometime this week?" He looked down at her confident shed say yes. He wasnt a bad looking guy and he knew that. It didnt make him arrogant. Hed always been a down to earth guy.

"I dont know about that man. I was lookin for some fun thats all." Faith sat up and rooted around on the floor beside the bed for some pants.

"Im not looking for anything BUT fun. Its just coffee." He climbed out of bed and pulled on his boxers and jeans. Reaching for his shirt he broke into a smile when he heard her say "sure why not.What time?"

"What times good for you?"

"How about four-thirty?I have to work today."

"Yea sure...Java Hut okay?It just opened but i hear its good."

"Yea ill meet you not to be a bitch but can you leave? I have to get around."

"Okay, see you later"Finishing with his shoes he stood up and walked out the bedroom and out the door. Halting on the porch when he saw a large...was that a wolf?no it couldn't be. Whatever it was it was a huge dog and it just sat there and stared at him. Well as long as it didnt get near him he was fine.


Raya watched the boy leave. Relaxing enough that her fur no longer bristled she went to the door and scratched until Buffy opened it.

"Raya i told you to go round okay?" Buffy asked when she noticed the tense set to the wolf. After three months here they had all learned to adjust to Rayas differences, as well as learning to read her body language.

Growling softly she stopped to lick Buffys hand and went upstairs to Faiths room. Stopping to let Dawn stumble past in a whole new outfit, she guessed that she couldnt find that "perfect" shoe...shed be damned if shed ever admit to chewing on it.

"Hey Ray, umm this girl called for you this morning.Jessica i think."Dawn told her without stopping as she and Buffy both headed out the door to start there days.

'Jessica'...the girl was nice. She genuinely liked Raya too. Raya knew because aside from the way the girls pheremones went nuts whenever they were together there was also just the usual 'i like you signs' as Dawn called them. She would call the girl today...well tonight.

Continuing into Faith's room she stopped in the entrance and watched the young woman carefully apply make-up. Personally she thought she was beautiful without it but she had to admit sometimes it highlighted certain attractive qualities on her.

"I gotta go help Giles today. Do you want to come?"Faith turned to look at wolf-Raya. Seeing her 'nod' her head she went back and finished up her make-up.

Turning she followed Raya outside pausing briefly when she heard a shrill "Oh Goddess" coming from the bathroom. Smirking she snuck inside the bathroom and on tip toes as to not alert the witches in the shower. Quickly flushed the toilet and shot outa the bathroom as fast as she could, nearly tripping over Raya in the process.


Giles looked up at the bell. Seeing Raya walk into the store followed by Faith, who was busy glaring at the skin-walker.

"Faith are you alright?" He was almost hesitent to ask and had already pulled off his glasses to clean the non-existent dirt off.

"Yea im great. Its Lassie here thats got the issue. I mean shit Raya your fucking smart. What possessed you to hightail it after some damn cat like a dog? I spent an hour chasing you and fucking thirty minutes getting out of a ticket AND had a helluva time convincing them you arent a wolf."She turned with a huff and went straight into the back training area.

Raya sat stock still. Then turned and looked up to Giles to see if hed start yelling at her also. She had tried to resist. But seeing that damned cat had fired up some of her dormant instincts...signs of the Moon Fever to be sure.

Seeing no threat from him she went and laid down in her 'spot', an area with an old dog bed laid down between a couple bookcases. As she lay there. She thought of her old mate, Yakumut and there cubs. Trayja and Horus. She had never loved Yakumut the way she loved Faith, and there were times she missed her life with the 'Native Americans' she learned was there title. It was much simpler. She didnt have to hide what she was or who. She had a family and beautiful children. Closing her eyes she thought of her sons.

They were barely old enough to walk when the attack happened. She had been out with a hunting party. Food had been scarce because of the nearing winter. They were returning when she had smelled the blood.So much blood. Urging the warriors onward they rushed back to the camp to find lodges burned to the ground, bodies of villagers everywhere and no sign of her family. Breaking into a run she ran to where her lodge was. It was collapsed, brushing aside the debree her heart broke when she pulled out the still form of her youngest son. Trayja. He was four winters old. His neck was ripped to shreds. Catching a scent she had never smelt. It smelled of death and darkness. Holding his little body close she fought back the sobs that threaten to break lose. Instead a blinding rage went through her. She knelt to the ground and sniffed until she found her womans scent. Standing she followed it, slowly at first and then faster and faster until the warriors that followed had been forced to stop for breath. Reaching a cave at the base of the Great Mountain. She let her wolf senses take over. Staying low to the ground she crept up to the caves entrance, not knowing what lay in wait for her. At the first sight of more dead tribesman she knew she was close. When a monster walked out of the cave calmly, his face was twisted with bumps and ridges, his eyes were like hers but more...yellow. Fangs jutted out over his lips and were covered in blood.His very presence made her hair stand on end. Snarling she launched herself at the creature catching his throat in her hands she snapped his neck and stalked into the cave. Fighting her way through the wave of vampires and reached the back of the cave that she knew would open into a large room. Standing there she saw some of her tribesman looking at her with the same twisted features. They all seemed to bleed together as she picked up an arrow and slashed and kicked her way through. Not stopping until her arms were covered in blood and ash.

"Hello Raya." Yakumut...that was her woman!Turning her heart dropped at the sight of the yellow eyes and knarled features. In her arms was her eldest son. He looked at twisted features. The golden eyes so like hers were there, he was fine. No he wasnt fine. His mother.

"Yakumut give me my son."Raya reached out her hands for the boy. Yakumut backed away, a smile she had never seen before covered her normally sweet features.

"He is MY son. Raya-Talsen. All these years my father acted as it the Great Spirit himself sent you to us. But this...these vampyr, they are stronger than you. When i turn Horus he will be a great warrior."Yakumut smiled and smoothed her hand over the boys hair. Raya wanted to rush her and kill the bitch. But she could not. She could smell the fear coming off of Horus in waves.

"Take me. Leave him be. But you can have me Yakumut. You are right I am not the strongest. I was born a Pharaohs daughter, I was sent here, I have lived here, fought here. I am strong for your people, OUR people but i am not strong enough to watch another one of my children die."She saw realization hit Yakumut.

"Trayja?"Yakumuts brow was knotted, made even more ugly by the Vampire ridges.

"Hes no more. Where did you go Yakumut. Why did you leave our son? He was a baby. Now you wish to turn our only son still alive into one of these." Raya gestured to the piles of dust all around her.

"DO NOT BLAME THIS ON ME RAYA-TALSEN! WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THEY KILLED US ALL...GREAT PROTECTOR!!!"In her rage Horus broke free and ran toward Raya, Yakumut made a move for him but Raya was faster. Rushing the vampire she threw her into a wall and turned grabbing up the boy and running for the light.'Oh great RA, no.' She knew the sun was rising and the change would come upon her but she kept running...

"Raya...Raya wake up. Ray?"Faith shook the large animal and moved back when Raya woke and snapped at her. Watching the tense wolf calm down. Softly stroking the fur on her neck she waited until the wolf was completely relaxed.

She looked at her. Shed come over to tell Raya she was going to have that coffee with Tom but now looking at her she knew she could not. Whatever that dream had been had scared her. She had never heard Raya whimper before. Not even when they were slaying and she was hurt.
Pulling out her cell phone she called and cancelled her date. Settling down next to Raya and let hte wolf lay her head on her lap and gently stroked the ears.

'What was it that haunted her so badly?"She thought.