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The Yellow Tape says it All

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Lúcio knew he is in for it and he is fucked.  The Gorilla gave him a simple order: to “help” him organize his lab.  Winston sadly admitted he exaggerated with his waste, so the whole laboratory is filled with empty jars of peanut butter and banana peels.  Now the question he begs to ask is: why can’t Winston do this chore himself?

Lúcio is supposed to just scoop them up, throw em in bags and take em outside of the watch point.  Easy as pie, right? Even Junkrat offered to help him out in his little quest.  Why did Lúcio say yes to this? He sometimes is too nice for his own good.  It’s hard for him to say no when it’s a close friend.  Then again, Winston slipped him a 20 buck for if he did the chore.  Of course he would take it.

After a long two hours of scooping and shoving trash into bags, he finds himself almost done.  Lúcio grumbled, scraping off the dirt of his short jean pants, wondering where the hell is the junker.  He probably left Lúcio behind to work on another one of his bombs.

While organizing all the bags to one spot, Lúcio stumbles upon a closet door he never noticed.  He raised his eyebrow, catching the yellow caution tape over it.  Is it more trash? Will he open it and be welcomed with an avalanche of more junk? Lúcio cringes at the thought.  If it’s true, he will have to report this to Morrison. The Gorilla will have to face the fact that he has a hoarding issue.

Lúcio realized too late that opening the door is like opening pandora’s box.  He lets out a loud shrill, knowing that half of the watchpoint might have heard him as a thick long snake like creature emerged from the closet wiggling like a tentacle.  He falls to the floor, trash bags cushioning himas his eyes absorbed the sight.  The detail exactly fit that of a tentacle, only it was green, its surface dripping with oozing slime.

The limb slithered out of the closet.  Without hesitation, the creature lunges at Lúcio, wrapping itself around his waist, picking him up like if he weighs nothing.  “AAAhhh! Winston! Winston!  JAMIE!!” He yelled as he is pulled closer to the dark closet.  He didn’t know if to gag or cringe, his torso feeling the cold slime seep through his thin tank top.  

Lúcio kicks his legs around, shaking his body like a ragdoll to escape from this monster’s grip.  The creature remedies the struggling by allowing two more tentacles to slither out of the closet, thinner than their counterpart.  They each wrap themselves around each of his legs to keep Lúcio in his place.  Lúcio groans and grunts, feeling the cold oozing suckers press against the skin of his thighs.  His face flushes, feeling them squirm like if they gave a massage.  A lewd massage.  

Lúcio looks back at the dark closet, awaiting to see the monster to pop out; awaiting to see the horror that might eat him up.  A minute pass and nothing happened.  He’s not sure to either be relieved or scared.    

Does Winston even know this octopus tentacle thing is in his closet? Of course! Why else is there caution tape on the door? And all Lúcio thought was he was hoarding more trash, damn it!  Just what the fuck does the gorilla do in his free time?!

He gives another struggle, hoping he could miraculously escape.  If only he had his weapon with him.  He searches around the lab to see if he can find a weapon.  He catches the sight of a broom on the ground but it was ten feet away from him.

“This…is getting ridiculous…”  He spoke too soon, two more tentacles emerge from the closet.  The tips go towards him, standing inches away from his face and stared him down like they had eyes.  Lúcio feels his body heat up, the massages not helping one bit.  He could feel the tentacles trying to slip in deeper under his pants.  

Lúcio tries again to shake off the larger tentacle from his lower torso.  One of the limbs react, wrapping around his wrist, keeping them trapped behind his back.  He is now fully bound and helpless.  Yet he didn’t think to scream again for help.  The other just poked and caressed his cheek, the slime making it feel like wet sloppy kisses.  “…Pl… Please? Can you- OH SHIT!!”

One tendril goes to his crotch, pressing against the fabric and drench it with slime.  Lúcio whimpers, biting his tongue to hold back from making noise.  His body is reacting, hips shifting needing more of this. He is not dead, that is the silver lining.  It seems like the creature doesn’t want to kill.  

He pants, arms giving a struggle, somehow bringing more pleasure down his groin.  The teasing tentacle flinches, watching the bulge forming under Lúcio’s jeans and continues to massage it.

Lúcio jolts, the discomfort of his pants being too much.  The limb read his mind, finding a way to pull both his pants and underwear down, letting his hard dick spring free.  Lúcio groans, mouth hanging and drooling, looking down at himself.  His cock switched, head leaking a drop or pre-cum already.  His eyes are barely able to stay open, his mind barely able to concentrate. His body is too stimulated to think.

The thin tip wraps around his dick, beginning with a light stroke from base to top. It even provided a tease over his head, massaging over his leaking slit. “Ha…wait…fuck… god… don’t stop…” The flesh was at first cold but soon felt warm, disgustingly slippery.  Yet he wants more.  His head jerks, dreads swinging around.  His hips shifts hard against the limb, asking more for the strange handjob. He cursed, surrendering himself to this strange treatment, body arching..  “Oh shit…oh shit…”

He is trapped and pleasured. His body squirms again, feeling another pair of thinner tentacles slip under his tank top by his collar, searching around his torso, making contact with his taut nipples.  The tips massage and flicker them like if they were little button toys, his moans grow in sheer volume.  The tentacles on his nipples feel like moist lips and tongues.  More drool streams down his chin, toes curling while the stroking pick up. He wants more.  He needs more!

He jolts feeling another tentacle pull his pants down from behind, exposing his round ass.  The tip teases at his entrance, leaving the layer of slime over it. “…h…ho…fuck.. Fuck yeah…” He begs, needing so much of this.  He doesn’t care anymore..

The tentacle slowly enters.  It wasn’t abrupt as Lúcio thought yet he whimpers at the intrusion, feeling it slowly stretching his walls.  The tendril’s girth was the size of an average large dick, something Lúcio is already used to.  He looks down at himself, listening to the disgusting noises the tentacles made, from the slippery smacking over his skin to the friction squeaky noises.  

He gasps, body spasming as the round tip of the tentacle hit his prostate.  The stroking on his rock hard cock picks up as other tentacles resuming with teasing his other body parts..  “Fu….ha…” His eyes roll back, tongue hanging out as the limb pumps in an out of his entrance making sure to hit good at his sweet spot.  His dick leaks out more drops of pre-cum, his body continue to writhe as his eyes rolled back.

He is getting too close.  He can barely think.  No longer did he care in being caught.  He just wants to reach that sweet orgasm.  He didn’t even resist the other tendril that slips into his mouth. He fully welcomed it, sucking at it like if it was a sweet dick.  The  pounding over his sweet spot went maximum overdrive, screams and groans muffled by the limb as his body trembles and shakes.  His dick throbbed at the strokes, knowing he is very close.  He can’t keep his composure anymore.  He just wants to be fucked, fucked in all his orifices while trapped and nowhere to go and all this coming from a strange creature lurking in a closet.   

Finally his body arches, dick twitching as he shoots his load, white string falling and staining the ground.  Lúcio’s body spasms, dick still being pumped and feeling his prostate being fucked harder like if it wasn’t done yet.  His walls clenches around the limb, eyes still rolling back while muffling out groans and whines due to overstimulation.

The tentacle inside him trembles.  The other inside his mouth pulls out and caress his cheek.  Lúcio goes vocal, moaning and grunting while feeling its girth increase.  One last thrust and the tentacle goes rigid, release its fluids deep inside him.  He lets the strange warmness fill him up.  All of Lúcio’s strength disappears, his head falling back, his arms and legs become like jello.

Lúcio feels his sweat and slime covered face making contact with the cold floor.  The tentacles began to pull away little by little, each returning back inside the closet.  He is left there unable to move, to exhausted to react.  “That was… incredible.” He whispers to himself, chest heaving.  Looking down at himself, he notices the small bulge on his abdomen.  With his release along with the fluid leaking out from his entrance, the floor under him must be a horrible mess.

He jumps, feeling something poke at his cheeks.  He sees a thin tentacle looking down at him like if to check if he’s still alive.  “…This stays between us.” He mumbles, eyes barely able to keep themselves open.