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Daily life with legendary monster girls

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Chapter 1: the angry dragoness

Armen's pov

I looked around my newly renovated house that one of ms.smith's associates agent jones had ordered to be renovated and refurbished courtesy of the interspecies exchange program, my house now had three levels a high ceiling with a skylight, an enormous living room, 4 large bathrooms and an expansive kitchen, with numerous other rooms waiting to be explored

3rd person

"Kay armen, your first guest should be arriving in 10 minutes sharp, make sure you make her feel welcome. You have read over your guidelines in the manual correct?"


"Yeah front and back!" He replies reply

"And you are aware that any and all illicit intimate activity with liminals is punishable by law correct?" She adds to her previous statement her tone now laced with venom, a threatening dark blue aura surrounding her face


"Y-yes ma'am" armen responds fearfully, not wanting to incur her hidden wrath

"Good!, well let me know if you need anything, see ya later" she calls back to me as she speeds off


"Well, I guess I should just wait on the c-" as soon on as He walks to the couch the doorbell rings, well that didn't take long


He opens the door and is met with the sight of another agent reading from a list


"Are you armen mahoney?" She asks


"Yup that's me!" He responds


"Alright you can come on out " she calls back to a truck containing a holding pen which lowers it's docking doors, out comes a girl wearing a blue tank top barely containing her large bust and green cargo shorts, her bright purple hair was tied back in a long pony tail with their long bangs parted where her four curved horns jutted out from her skull,her ears were long and pointed and her rather pretty face was a light tan and framed with light blue scales and two glowing light orange slitted eyes. she also had two incredibly large cerulean and beige colored with tiger striped pattern wings jutting from her back, scaled forearms and legs and to top it all off a long muscular prehensile Royal blue and cream white striped tail.

She sauntered up to the front porch and eyed armen disdainfully, narrowing her eyes as if she were mentally tearing him to pieces


"Armen, this is ember, she is a rare species of fire dragon and a proud one too, she loves meat and fish and hate waking up early during weekends, do your best to make her feel welcome" the agent states


"Hi ember welcome to your new home!" He greets, she just stands there and turns away huffing in annoyance

"Uh...ok, here let me carry your-"before he can finish she throws her bags at him and walks inside, well this is gonna be fun


"Eh a little word to the wise, she's not very fond of humans especially ones who think they hold dominion over her"


"Why didn't you tell me that before you put her under my care?" Armen hissed angrily


"Slipped my mind? By the way my name is agent jones I'll be you're coordinator" Jones said trying to defend herself, armen gritted his teeth and glared daggers at her


"Anywho armen make sure not to make her mad, it won't end well!! See ya!!!!" Jones yelled
As she jogged to her car and sped off without giving him even a chance to respond


"Oi, are all members of the program this dismissive and untrustworthy?" He asked himself, but quickly brushed it l off and went inside to help out his homestay


He stepped in to find the dragoness sauntering about his foyer scoping out the scene


"Ok ember welcome to you're new home, so as you may know my name's armen, and from today on I'll be you're host family"


"Yeah whatever.." She responds, void of emotion


"Huh?" He also dumbfounded but decides to press on possibly because she's nervous


"Well just follow me, I'll show you to you're room" he says leading her upstairs


"Well here it is, please enjo-" before he can finish his sentence she shuts the door in his face, armen not sure what to make of this tried to stay positive and thought the girl just needed her space


"O-ok ember, well you get settled in and I'll prepare us a meal"


He walked back downstairs and headed toward the kitchen.


He decided since he was in the mood for meat he'd make a steak with vegetables for both of them, since his father was a renowned chef in culinary school, he learned a thing or two. About a good hour later his meal was ready, he prepared a dish for himself and ember but before he fed himself he felt she should have her meal first, he walked up the stairs with a plate in his left hand but stopped when he saw a trail of dried blood leading to her room, he was about to run and see if she was alright until he hear the crunching of bones and the sound of meat being gulped down.


"Hmm...she must have gone and hunted for her food while I was cooking, I suppose I will leave this for her just in case she's still hungry later" he quietly set the plate down and walked back downstairs to start his meal


After finishing his meal, armen decided a little tele-time was in order, mainly just to clear his head and think about how he was going to approach this situation with her tomorrow, he knew for a fact she wasn't a morning person nor a people person let alone human for that matter, but maybe he could get her to join him for a walk that afternoon, sure it's a bit of a stretch to think she'd ever encourage the idea, but maybe she'd go for it, still, here's to trying.

About an hour of mind numbing anime went by and he felt his eyelids get heavy, he flicked off the television and dragged himself upstairs, when he reached the top he was met with a surprising sight, the plate he left outside of her room was empty! Then he heard the soft snoring of the dragoness coming from the other room, he smiled warmly and headed for his room,he sat back on his bed and looked out the window at the impressive sight of the glistening waning gibbous piercing the pitch black landscape of the neighboring forest.


"Maybe it won't be such a stretch tomorrow"