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Midoriya Izuku is nothing. 


Then you entered his life. 


Then he is somebody, someone worth something


You did not shun him for being Quirkless, nor did you ever mock him for his tendency to burst out into tears.


"There's no shame in crying." You would say, smiling in that way of yours that made warmth pool in his cheeks and never failed to relax him - comfort him. 


Izuku's first meeting with you is straight out of a stereotypical friendship novel; cliché, but he wouldn't have it any other way. You stepped in when you saw him getting bullied, helping him and taking him under your wing afterwards - both in a figurative and literal sense, considering the transformation Quirk that you got later on in life.


You saved him from his bullies, and Izuku still recalls the way you moved - fearless, fluid and graceful as you fought - and he admires it, wishes he could be just like that for they never manage to touch a hair on you. The bullies flee, bruised and sobbing after your complete curb-stomp of them, and you help Izuku up, unruffled and composed - as though you hadn't just fought off multiple people for his sake. Izuku nearly cries when you asked whether he was alright. A complete stranger cared about him, enough to ask about his health and save him in the first place.



No one else -



"-want to be friends?"


The words snap Izuku from his musings, bringing his thoughts to a screeching halt because Izuku could not, for the life of him, understand why you would ever want to do such a thing. Why you wanted to be his friend. He was Deku after all; Quirkless, useless and a crybaby yet you didn't seem to care in the least and - you want him as your companion nonetheless. 


"Yes! Yes please!" Izuku says, pleading, clinging onto you - never wanting to let go - as though you were his sole lifeline in the endless sea of loneliness. Maybe you were. You don't shove him away, don't scold him for being so emotional - only exuding an aura of protectiveness and gentle affection that emboldens him, gives him courage and makes him feel oh so safe. Maybe that is the turning point in his life, where everything changed for the better.


"I-I-I would like to be your friend-" Izuku stutters out, vision blurred and he can feel the tell-tale wetness of tears on his cheeks and he is crying again but he doesn't care because he has finally made a friend in you. He hopes that you won't find him desperate or change your mind and leave him, but he need not worry because you never broke your word. 


He never does understand why you picked him of all people to be your friend - but Izuku was not one to question his good luck.


"Then, please take good care of me-" A gentle smile curves your lips as you speak and your name falls from your lips in a soothing tone that reminds Izuku of rich honey and velvet.


Izuku grins brightly through his tears. It is a beautiful name, befitting of you.


"I will. Always-" 



You take him under your guidance and protect him from the horrors of the world.


Izuku cannot thank you enough for that, cannot repay you at all but you don't mind, you seem so content with simply being in his company so he vows to stand by you, no matter what happened - for it was the least he could do, and you never argue otherwise.


As time went on, Izuku gains an understanding over your wordless gestures, a comprehension of your unspoken words and minuscule expressions just like how you learn to comfort and read his feelings in turn; motivate him with a simple glance or word or touch.


This unspoken connection between the two of you is something Izuku cherishes dearly, a special bond of friendship; a silent trust that he had dreamt of once and never thought possible but you changed that - proved him wrong and he is ever so thankful for that and - You don't speak much, but when you do, he hangs on to your every word - trusts you wholly - because you never said things you never meant. 


You teach Izuku how to defend himself, how to strengthen his body and mind; how to evade others and protect himself - and he learns, tries his best to prove his worth because he hates to see you worry over someone like him. He wants to become strong enough to protect you too.


Izuku wants to be someone worthy of your protection, of your affection.


You are the first person that stuck with him - stuck up for him - even after finding out about his Quirkless nature; encouraged and actively helped him in his goal to become a hero and he is indebted. 


You are the one who cares for Izuku unconditionally - made him believe and showed him that he could be a hero, Quirkless or not - and Izuku is eternally grateful for your unwavering trust in him. 


Sometimes, Izuku feels that he is living in a dream - that someone like you could never exist - that he had somehow ended up in a coma and that this was all just a sweet fantasy his imagination had conjured up - and he couldn't help but wait and want for the other shoe to fall because the unknown was a scary, scary thing. That another had shown him such kindness in a manner that he had only ever read about in those heroic legends and fairy-tales of old was inconceivable to Izuku's young mind.


Rejection was nothing new, but -


But then Izuku looks at you and -


Sometimes, Izuku has this strange feeling - that you are far older than your current age, that you had seen all that there was to see - but he never bothers asking, because it didn't matter to him either way. Everyone had the right to their own privacy and secrets - and Izuku is content with what he has.


- he comes to the conclusion that even if this was nothing more than a dream, he would never want to wake from it.


You may not have requested anything in return, but Izuku is more than willing to devote his friendship and loyalty to you. The fact that you have no expectations of him, no demands or desires other than for Izuku's company and his happiness; his safety, only serves to make him like you - fall for you a little more, a little deeper. Your perceived shortcomings are nothing to him, because no one is perfect, and having these little flaws were what made you human, what made you lovable and you - and he hopes that you'll see it that way too one day.


Izuku takes a secret pleasure in the fact that he is your first friend and one of the few to ever be allowed to call you by your name without honorifics - further proof of your closeness and trust in him. He admires you, sees you as a trustworthy and loyal person - an excellent comrade - and nothing would ever change that. After all, you gave Izuku the greatest gift anyone could give another person - 



- you believed in him.



You mean the world to Izuku, and he would do anything for you. 


You are his -