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In Strawberry Shortcake and Grilled Mackerel

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One Saturday morning, Kuroo Tetsurou, an alpha, received a very fine printed envelope from the mailbox. He got excited and as well nervous as he read that it was labeled "Ysankumi University". He went back to his apartment and it took him exactly 10 minutes to make up his mind and open the sealed envelope. As to his surprise, he saw an ID with his picture, a very decent one since it was the photo he placed in his application form, and some details below the said photo: Kuroo Tetsurou - Math - #***111.  His jaw dropped and decided to hastily read the letter.


Dear Kuroo-san,


We are pleased to inform you that you have passed the interview.......


He ignored the long introduction and read the last part:


Your first day of teaching at Ysankumi University would be this coming Monday, July 10, 20**.

Kindly inform us should there be any problems on this number *******14.


He jumped from his seat and started to call his roommate, which is on his way to his favorite salon for his monthly treatment, as soon as the line was picked up, he expressed how happy he was and he can't wait until its Monday already. The man on the other line chuckled and said that he'll treat him dinner if he shut up and let him have his beauty rest. 5 hours and 15 minutes later, Tetsurou arrived at his favorite restaurant, luckily his roommate is paying since he doesn't have that much money from job interviews and stuff. A very pretty brunette waved a hand on his way.  Attractive, as everyone addressed him, with chocolate orbs and pale skin. Tetsurou addressed him as Alien Milk Nerd but his name is definitely Oikawa Tooru, an Omega. He ordered his favorite dish and he went on how nervous he was and that this is his dream ever since and so on and so forth.


Monday came. 


Its the day that Tetsurou have been waiting for. He wore the suit that Tooru bought for him after their dinner, sleek black with white accent and a white dress shirt underneath. Tooru also had him wear his old dress shoes as Tooru wouldn't need it anymore since he have tons and tons of extra pairs from his position as councilor of the same school. Tooru wanted to help Tetsurou get in Ysankumi Uni but Tetsurou insisted that he can do it without connections - and so he did.


The 15 minute walk to the university is hot and humid but that didn't stop Tetsurou's smile and perseverance fade. He's now standing in front of the gates, breathing the same air as the elite teachers and students, he exhaled heavily and was about to step inside the campus until a student with a messy black hair bumped to him.


"H-Hey, are you alright?" Tetsurou asked.

"Uh-yeah. Sorry" then he bowed and walked away from Tetsurou.


The student was a tall, black haired guy which reminded him that he should comb his hair before going to the chairman's office, golden eyes which is so clear that it can dig through his skin, quite pale - same as Oikawa and quite skinny. The said features alarmed Tetsurou that he reminds him of someone but brushed that thought since its his first day of work, and there won't be any problems - not if he can help it.


He was accompanied by Chairman Sawamura to the teacher's lounge to be familiar with his fellow teachers and after that he took a tour around the campus with the infamous bara teacher, Iwaizumi Hajime. Not as if he can help it, the students addressed their PE Teacher Bara-sensei since they would kill just to take a glimpse of his buffed arms and that fine ass. Everyone was staring at them, the sight was heavenly, their Bara-sensei together with a tall fine man with that oh so sharp jawline. Some students have the guts to ask if the new professor is mated or if he's courting someone in which he immediately decline (sine he is single) and he, in no way will mate or go out with a student.


They arrived in front of the classroom which will change Kuroo's life forever. His first class, his first advisory students and his first teaching experience. He had other jobs but this is his dream. And it turned to be a reality. He took a deep breath and slide the door open. As far as he can see, 15 students, 8 girls and 7 boys, 5 alphas and 10 omegas. The school is supplying the students their suppressants so both alpha and omega can study together. Luckily, he took his pill before coming as he can feel their gaze on him. He introduced himself and the omegas in his class changed seats with the alphas so that they can sit in front to smell and take a good look at their alpha professor. Luckily, the alpha's in his class is well mannered, not creating a scene and stuff. The students gave introduced themselves one by one and the last person will start his speech until the door slides open. 


It was him, the student who bumped in his right shoulder. 


"Oh! Uradori! You can sit beside me"

"No! No! Uradori, sit beside me instead"


And the class went wild. Everyone, even the alphas wanted to be this Uradori's sit name. But Tetsurou wondered, who would name his son Uradori (back alley/slums). He cleared his throat and ordered his students to sit properly. They complied and Uradori sat at the back near the window - definitely away from everybody. They resumed the introduction and few minutes later, it was Uradori's turn. He stood up and began his speech.


"I like playing the guitar. I bake, well that's lame but I love doing it. I can do a lot of things independently since I'm an only child. I aspire to be just like my mom someday."


Tetsurou's curiosity got him.


"Wow. You must really love your mom"


The class were shocked, an omega student asked him if he didn't know who Uradori was. Or if he's too busy that he's not watching the news.


Uradori grinned, and planned to finish his introduction:


"Yes I love him. Since my dad is so stupid to land a decent job at 36. He left my mom devastated and broke their relationship off. I was raised by a single parent. My name is Tsukishima Uradori and my mother is Tsukishima Kei, one of the present senators" and then he sat down and eyes not leaving Tetsurou.