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A Goddess Is Born: The Legend of Bonnie Bennett

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Bonnie returns to the Salvatore Mansion after she recovers Enzo's ashes. Everyone else carries about as if it’s an average Tuesday. Bonnie sets the urn on the coffee table, and almost immediately, Damon notices the golden case that holds Enzo. He lowers his head in guilt.

Bonnie glances around the room, she recognizes the pity on everyone’s faces, except Caroline and Damon. Bonnie strolls to the stair case. The tension grows like moss on a tree. No one says a word.

Bonnie wipes the tears from her face and continues up the staircase. She pushes the door of her bedroom. The spacious room's walls covered with posters and postcards of Paris. Her dresser covered with standard and scented candles.

“Incendia,” she chants. The scented candles ignite.

Soon the room fills with the aroma of vanilla cupcakes. The smell used to drive Enzo crazy. She smiles at a black and white picture of Enzo, from the early 1900’s, next to the candle.

She ruins her made king-sized bed when she plops on the bed. She stares at the white ceiling. A knock on the wooden door catches her attention, but then she focuses back on her and Enzo’s engagement. The second beat seems urgent. She grunts as she rises from the bed. She swings open the door.

“What?” She struggles to contain her anger.

“You shouldn’t be up here by yourself,” Damon says with his raspy voice.

“As opposed to being with people who give two shits about me?” Bonnie asks. “No, thanks.” She forces a smile.

She uses her magic to push Damon away from the door, and she slams it shut. She returns to her bed, to sulk. There’s nothing anyone can say to make her feel better.

Another knock on the door angers her. She storms towards the door but doesn’t open.

“Damon, if you don’t leave me alone, I will set you on fire,” Bonnie yells through the door.

“If I want to be on fire, I could just take off my daylight ring,” Caroline jokes.

Bonnie rolls her eyes and opens the door. Elena and Caroline bear gifts of vodka, mixers, and cheese covered snacks.

“Before Caroline says something to make us laugh, I have something I wanted to say,” Elena says. “Bonnie, I’m sorry about Enzo, and I know words won’t bring him back. I can’t imagine the agony you feel right now, but I want to help as much as I can.”

“Thank you for your words and they are sweet, but at the current moment, they are on the floor.” Bonnie closes the door.

“Love, I know you are upset, but they are your friends,” Enzo says, but Bonnie can’t hear. He brushes her hair from her face.

Bonnie can feel him. She jumps from the bed.

“Bonnie, what’s wrong?” Caroline barges into the room.

“I think Enzo is here,” Bonnie claims. She dashes to her grimoire.

“Honey, Enzo is dead,” Caroline reaches for the spell book.

“Caroline, get the fuck off!” Bonnie throws her into the wall.

“Bonnie!” Elena calls as she tends to Caroline.

“Her husband is the reason why Enzo is dead in the first place,” Bonnie extinguish the scented candles. “Incendia,” she lights the other candles. “Stefan chose to die. Enzo didn’t.”

Elena remains silent. She switches gazes between Caroline and Bonnie. Elena knew she was right. Stefan chose to kill Katherine and be consumed by the hell fire. Enzo didn’t decide to have his heart ripped from his body.

“Where would Enzo even be?” Caroline grunts as she stands.

“Before the other side, supernatural creatures and humans were in the same plane,” Bonnie explains.

“Yeah, and when Silas cheated on her she created the supernatural purgatory to keep him and Amara apart,” Elena says.

“Right, the other side and the human plane are the same,” Bonnie says.

“That would make sense, humans also can have unfinished business,” Caroline says.

“It will take all of my power to be able to reach the human plane,” Bonnie says. “I need an eternal battery.”

“Like contained in a vampire,” Elena glances at Caroline.

“Exactly, Caroline is technically a walking spell, and I can use that to reach the human plane, find Enzo and Stefan, and bring them home.”

“You would save Stefan, even after what happened with Enzo.”

“Yes, but only because I am draining all of the magic from you.”

“All of the magic?” Elena and Caroline ask in unison.

“Witches aren’t meant to alter the life of any living creature. The mortal plane is cut off from them, but you can get there with lots of magic and the proper spell.”

“All of the magic?” Caroline repeats.

“Yes, you will have nothing to protect you anymore.”

“You are going to kill me?”

“No, I am going to bring your human soul back with me.”


“My grams explained to me that vampires don’t have souls, they are no longer human, well they have souls, just not their human souls.”

“I don’t get it.”

“When you died, your human soul crossed over, but the dark side of your soul revived.”

“That's witches consider vampires evil,” Elena says.

Bonnie nods. “Caroline, your soul is on the human plane, can’t cross over because you are technically not dead.”

“Say I agree to this, how will you know it works.”

“I don’t, but I am going to channel the expression triangle once again.”

“Bonnie, that’s dangerously dark,” Elena says.

“What I am doing breaks all of the rules of nature, the other side didn’t affect humans, but this spell will.”

“What are you going to do?” Elena asks.

“Drop the veil that separates us from the dead.”

“What do I need to do?”

Bonnie draws three circles outside of a spell seal on the ground. She requests Damon to bring her salt, and where to place the salt.

“I’m going to the expression triangle points and linking them once more.”

“I’m going with you,” Damon volunteers.

“Fine, but I’m driving.”

Bonnie arrives at the first location where the humans died. She inspects the charred remains of the building. There are still smells of burned flesh and wood.

“Eight years later, and the place still stinks,” Damon says.

“ Take me back home,” Bonnie says.

“We drove all the way here, Bon, you can’t be getting cold feet,” Damon says.

“No, we are going to do the spell here. The house will have more of an energy charge because humans died here.”

“Makes sense.”

Bonnie gathers everyone and returns to the other two sites: the forest where the witches died and the cellar where the hybrids died. Then she returns to the house.

Damon clears a space for Bonnie with little respect to the bones of the burned humans. She recreates a different seal. This seal has a triangle in the middle and the symbols for “human,” “witch,” and “beast.” She redraws the three circles outside of the seal.

“Caroline,” Bonnie calls. “Are you ready?” Bonnie does not smile. Her voice is flat and dangerous.

Caroline sighs. “As I’ll ever be.”

Bonnie sets candles outside of the triangle within the seal. She flexes her palms to the ceiling, and the candles ignite.

“Phasmatos tribum, dona mihi aditum mortuis,” she chants.

The flames on the candle turn black. The black flames consume the seal's salt. Caroline desiccates and then the black flames consume her body. Whispers e.

Blood seeps through Bonnie’s eyes, nose, and mouth, but she continues the chant. The black flames extinguish, and the veil is down. Enzo and Caroline look at Bonnie.

“Enzo,” Bonnie cries. Bonnie embraces Enzo.

“Love this is very dangerous,” Enzo says.

“Very,” Bonnie’s Grams smiles.

“Grams,” Bonnie hugs her too.

“Hi, Bonnie,” she glances at Bonnie.

“I can bring you back too.”

“What about me?” Bonnie’s father asks.

“Dad,” Bonnie allows the tears to fall down her face.

“I love you so much, Bonnie, but we can’t allow you to bring us all back.”

“What are you talking about?” Bonnie asks. “Of course I can,” she states as-a-matter-of-factly.

“We know you have the power, but as your grandmother, I can’t watch as you slowly die.”

“What are you talking about?”

“If your friends could see us, they would be talking to us too,” Bonnie’s father says.

“Bonnie!” Elena screams.

“You need to hurry and complete your spell,” Grams says.

“You aren’t going to stop me this time?” Bonnie asks.

“I’m going to help,” Sheila smiles. “Rudy, when we start the spell you need to hold on to Caroline.”

“Sheila, I can’t leave you here.”

“For this spell to work, you need a witch that passed.”

“I could always recreate the other side, but then I have no one to anchor it,” Qetsyiah says.

“Why would you want to help?” Bonnie folds her arms. She knows that everyone wants to use a witch’s power for their own and quite frankly, she’s sick of it. The Gods or Ancestors gave her the power.

“I need you to recreate the other side, Bonnie,” Qetsyiah smiles.

“I will find a different way,” Bonnie rolls her eyes.

“Fine, don’t ever see your grandmother again,” Qetsyiah taunts.

“She’s been great without me for almost a decade, she will be just fine,” Sheila defends.
Qetsyiah shrugs. Red color begins to seep through the black flames.

“Look what I just did,” Qetsyiah smiles. “I lowered the life of the candle. It’s going to die soon, and all of this is for naught.”

Bonnie glances at the candle, panic waterfalls in her mind, her heart drums against her chest.

“Bonnie, keep calm,” Rudy says. “If she used magic to decrease the candle’s life, then...”

“I can extend it,” Bonnie says.

“You think your magic is stronger than mines?” Qetsyiah laughs. “Please try.”

“I don’t need magic to defeat you,” Bonnie smiles. She scans Qetsyiah’s mind.

“A staring contest?” Rudy says.

“No,” Sheila says. “Bonnie has a different power. That’s why she can perform spells that require full covens. She utilizes the ancestors' energy in a way that no other witch ever could, not even Qetsyiah herself.”

Bonnie forces Qetsyiah to break the spell on the candle. Qetsyiah stares in shock.

“What the hell did you do to me?” Qetsyiah asks. “Witches can’t be compelled.”

“By vampires, but their minds are still of human nature.”

“Oh shit!” Qetsyiah kneels on the ground.

“What the hell is going on?” Bonnie asks. “Why are you kneeling?”

“Your type of power was just that of legend,” Qetsyiah rises. “There was rumors of a witch goddess. She had access to the psychic and earthbound plane.”

“I forgot about that legend,” Sheila says. Sheila chuckles and smiles with pride. “That’s my Bonnie.”

“You have the power of that Goddess,” Qetsyiah voice breaks. “While I was on the other side, I watched you practice spells that require years of training, but you did them on a whim. You harnessed the powers of expression without corruption.”

"Expression damn near consumed me, I couldn’t handle all of the power.”

“I mean you didn’t seek more of it, you didn’t kill for it,” Qetsyiah explained. “You even died for Jeremy Gilbert. No one who has ever used expression magic for the gain of others, or retained their sanity.”

Bonnie takes another glance at the candle. Blue begins to seep through the black flames.

“What does that mean?” Bonnie points.

“The spell is at its peak power,” Qetsyiah explains.

“Peak power?” Bonnie asks.

“Meaning the amount of energy used is more than enough, you won’t need your grandmother,” Qetsyiah says. “She can go with you.”

Bonnie smiles and hugs her father and grandmother. “You guys are coming home.”

“I can’t wait to show you Paris, love,” Enzo reappears with Caroline and Stefan.

“I didn’t even notice you were gone,” Bonnie admits. “I’m such a horrible fiancé.”

“Don’t worry, love; you can make it up to me later.”

“I wish we could have children, Enzo.”

“Likewise, but vampires can’t reproduce.”

An idea strikes the front of Bonnie’s brain, she turns to Qetsyiah and invades her mind for the spell for the cure. Once she retrieves the information, she glances at Enzo.

“I can cure you,” Bonnie pauses. She was afraid to finish the rest of her thoughts. Doubt and anxiety reach up for her heart and drags it down to an abyss that she never felt before. “If you want.”

“Bonnie, I would do anything to be with you, but,” Enzo pauses. His face is serious. Bonnie hold back the tears in her eyes and cries from her throat. “Wouldn’t that require a lot of magic?”

Bonnie chest loosens. “I can channel myself, my psychic abilities.”

“Bonnie,” Caroline interrupts. “Thank you. I liked being almost indestructible, but I miss having a normal life.”

Stefan stares at Enzo and then Bonnie. His shame and guilt spiders from his heart. He knew what he did was wrong and there was no excuse for killing Enzo.

“Enzo,” Stefan says.

“Mate, I'm not pressed, I know how Cade works,” Enzo smiles, then he frowns. “If you ever think about hurting Bonnie again, don’t! If you had harmed her, you would have experienced an anguish that is more than your guilt.”

Bonnie smiles at Enzo’s defense. Then she smiles at Stefan and Caroline.

“I forgive you, Stefan,” Bonnie says. She embraces Stefan. “It’s okay.” She wipes Stefan’s tears with her sweater.

“Thanks,” Stefan says. “Both of you.”

“Are you ready for us to go back?” Rudy asks.

“Yes,” Bonnie says.

Qetsyiah raises her hand and sends all of them back to the living world. Caroline, Bonnie, and Enzo are the only ones in the room.

“What happened to Stefan?” Caroline asks.

“Where are Grams and Dad?”

“Probably in their bodies, they weren't cremated,” Enzo says. Enzo sighs. He embraces Bonnie. He brings Bonnie’s lips to his and expresses his need for his future wife through a kiss.

“I missed you,” Bonnie says. She doesn’t let him return his thoughts. Instead, she kisses him.

“They are going to run out of air soon since they are currently buried,” Elena suggests with urgency.

Everyone has an “Oh shit” moment.

After a few hours, everyone buried was unearthed and uncrypted. Bonnie works on the spell for the cure. It takes her several months to find the ingredients and adjust the function. The cure now doesn’t require the host to have it in their body to work, and they will age from the age that they turned. She injects Enzo with the cure.

“Take off your ring and put your arm...” Bonnie doesn’t finish her thought before Enzo jumps in the full sunlight. “Lorenzo!” Bonnie only uses his full name when she’s extremely pissed at Enzo. She wasn't pissed but scared that he would be a nova in the middle of the dining room.

Enzo doesn’t burn. He winks at Bonnie. He carries Bonnie to her bedroom in the Salvatore Mansion.


Five Years Later

Bonnie gave birth to twins, two boys Lorenzo Jr and Rudy St. John-Bennett, two years after their wedding and Enzo’s “rebirth.” Bonnie stares at her wedding photo. Enzo sneaks behind her and caresses his wife.

“That was the best day of my life,” Enzo kisses the back of her neck.

“The destination was perfect,” Bonnie says. “Who knew New Orleans would be an ideal place to get married.”

“You also met a few new friends, a witch, werewolf, and a human.”

“They have names, babe,” Bonnie chuckle.

“Davina, Josh, and Aiden,” Enzo rolls his eyes. “How can I forget when they call you every two hours?”

“Davina wants to make sure that their move to Mystic Falls is perfect. Especially, since Aiden is pregnant.”

“How is that possible?” Enzo asks.

“I guess that’s one of the ways nature maintains the balance with supernatural creatures.”

“What’s it with Kol dating Davina?”

“I don’t know,” Bonnie laughs. “He wasn’t hesitant with taking the cure. He’s excited about being a witch again. He wants us to exchange spells, and start a coven for shunned and abandoned witches.”

“Are you going to do it?” Enzo asks.

“The kids are one-fourth witch, their abilities will be even more powerful, and if they inherit my abilities, they need a coven.”

"Bonnie, the kids aren't one-fourth witch," Enzo says.

Bonnie blinks in confusion.

"I'm a witch," Enzo admits. "My dad abandoned me because I was a result of an affair and my mother couldn't stand the sight of me."

Bonnie comforts her husband with a hug. Before Enzo could release tears and cries, a knock on the door interrupts their conversation. Enzo answers the door, but not before he leads a pregnant Bonnie to the couch. Then BANGS on the door echo through the house.

“Coming!” Enzo yells.

“Hurry up!” Aiden screams. “My back is killing me!”

Enzo opens the door. He takes the bags from Josh and allows them to enter the house. Kol and Davina exit the car.

“Sorry,” Davina says. “Aiden had to use the bathroom.”

“No worries,” Enzo smiles. “Welcome to our home.”

“You had this built?” Kol asks.

“Yes,” Enzo smiles with pride. He still had money left over from his family, the St. John’s. When his cousin died, he was the only St. John alive, he inherited The Armory and about one-and-a-half million dollars.

He built several houses and rented them to different people and built their three vacation homes: Paris, New Orleans, and Hawaii. The house they currently reside is a three story Victorian house with a wrap around porch and many windows for natural light.

The inside has more of contemporary design. Enzo’s idea, since Bonnie got to pick the exterior. The colors match the light gray exterior. Enzo went all out for his first home.

The living room contains a gray couch with gray and white pillows. The coffee table is glass, and the TV is 56”. The entertainment center has spell books on one side and DVDs on the other.

The dining room is the same color gray as the living room. The table and chairs match the wall color. The Black China Cabinet with glass doors, specially made, sits near the wall of the entrance. The dining room is pretty simple compared how the kitchen will be. The kitchen is unfinished. Enzo wants to wait until the babies are born to finish the renovations.

Davina finishes her tour of the house. “This house is beautiful, the outside matches the feel of the town, but is modern.”

“Enzo’s idea for the interior,” Bonnie smiles.

“Bonnie’s for the exterior,” Enzo kisses his wife.

“I know you wanted to start a coven with Kol,” Davina says. “Where would we start.”

Bonnie and Davina plan on the places they will target to gain members for the coven. Enzo exit the living room and attend to his fussy twins. Bonnie glances at Enzo playing with the twins. Davina notices Bonnie’s distraction. A smile strikes across Davina’s face.

“You and Kol will get there one day,” Bonnie laughs. “Let him enjoy his humanity for a while. He has to learn how to drive his body once again.”

Bonnie and Davina call it quits for the afternoon and helps Enzo with entertaining the twins. Aiden and Josh enter the living room. They all gather to take a selfie. Bonnie sends the pictures to all of her friends. She lights a cupcake scented candle. Enzo smiles when the scent strikes his nose.