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Change My World

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Draco Malfoy had nothing better to do. It was the sad truth. The day had been long and uneventful. Double Arithmancy was like a slow brain death, and then to follow it up with Divination. Well, such were Wednesdays in the world of a sixth year Slytherin. Neither class was even shared with Gryffindor and taunting a chair was, on its worst day, more interesting than telling off a Hufflepuff. They would just stand there and stare at you incredulously and ask, "What did I do?" And then they would apologize. Honestly.

His Prefect badge glittered in the dim light of the guttering candles. The corridor echoed with the clamor of Draco's footfalls. His head was lowered; pale hair flopped with his swaggering gait as he stared at the stone floor. He wasn't depressed; he was simply bored. Bored, that is until he turned a corner and heard shuffling steps ahead of him. It was so close to curfew and they were so in the middle of the castle and away from any of the houses; someone was so busted. Draco could only hope that it wasn't another Prefect.

And it wasn't.

It was Harry Potter.

Harry fucking Potter.

Saint Potter.

Dumbledore's Golden Boy.


The blond Slytherin's features filled out with a predatory glee as he double-timed his steps to catch up to the brooding boy. Harry was always with the brooding, but not always without the friends. Draco wondered what it was the disfigured boy had to really brood about. After all, he was the one who sent Malfoy's father to prison. He should be doing cartwheels down the corridor. There again, he reasoned, having a homicidal would-be dictator with scads of unidentifiable followers plotting your untimely demise often sucked the bliss out of life's little victories.


"Malfoy?" Harry questioned. As if anyone else sibilated the first letter of his last name in quite the drawl-but Harry had been deep in thought about his future, which seemed likely to come to a rather abrupt end at any moment. Although this wasn't his first choice in company, the break in his morbid mind spiraling was a bit of a relief. And at least he could vent his spleen rather guiltlessly at the blond. "What do you want?"

"Out a bit late, aren't we?" Malfoy drawled, looking down at his withdrawn pocket watch whose silver outer shell was squirming with an animate dragon that glared menacingly at Harry, as if nothing Draco Malfoy even possessed liked the brunette.

Harry shrugged. "Just having a walk."

"After curfew."

For a moment, Harry's green eyes went wild. Was it really that late? He rocked onto his tiptoes to read Draco's watch upside down, requiring proof that it was, in fact, late. Draco tipped the watch back for Harry to observe.

"Oh. Well, sorry," Harry offered, not sure what to say. He couldn't exactly argue the point of the time. For a mad second he thought perhaps he could question the accuracy of Draco's watch but as he turned his head to peer at the windows and saw the darkness outside, and given the emptiness of the corridor, he realized that it was likely that Draco was right.

"Sorry. Hah! 10 poin-no... 20 points from Gryffindor!"

"20 points for walking through the hall after curfew?" Harry questioned with his brows up.

"10 points for being out after curfew, 10 points for being an utter dag."

Harry rolled his eyes, "You can't deduct points for not liking me."

"Are you a Prefect?" Draco quizzed.


"Then how would you know what I can and cannot deduct points for?" Draco asked as he tilted his head to the side and sneered.

"Fine. Whatever, Malfoy. Ron or Hermione will just take points from a random Slytherin tomorrow," Harry snitted.

Rolling his eyes, Draco pocketed his watch and crossed his arms over his chest. He shifted his weight to one leg and slouched arrogantly. "Actually, they wouldn't. Weasley's too dense to know he can, and Granger wouldn't think it was right. You and your whole clan are worthless lackwits; I should dock points for your even mentioning them, and then more for your threatening my house points. Then perhaps more for your insinuation that I am being unfair."

"You are unfair, and there's no rule against whom I can bring up in conversation, Malfoy. I'll go to Dumbledore!" Harry asserted.

"You would, wouldn't you? And I bet Dumbledore would fix it all right up for you, too. You are his little pet, his Golden Boy. Helps you cheat in Quidditch too, I bet. Youngest Seeker in a century, my ass-we all know he's been doing the work for you all along!"

It was the only thing Harry had earned. Being the Boy-Who-Lived was bestowed on him. Tri-Wizard tournament had been fixed for him to be in and ultimately win. Sure, he'd escaped Voldemort, but mostly with help from his friends and the blood sacrifice of his mother. But being a Seeker; that was his. He did that on his own, with his talent. His eyes glared angrily for a moment and a myriad of nasty things came into his head to say to Draco. But glaring up at him, he could tell that statement had been carefully crafted to cause an outburst and for once, Harry just wasn't going to go for it.

"Good night, Malfoy," he seethed.

Damn it. Draco had been certain that his goading would result in an apoplectic fit that would have been both amusing to mock and would lose Gryffindor more house points. But instead it was... goodnight? Leaving? Boredom. Not that he wanted to spend all night mucking about with Potter in the hallway, but he was so rarely roaming about alone and arsing him off was almost as good as a floor show.

"What, no goodnight kiss?" Draco mocked to Potter's back.

Harry stopped dead in his tracks and turned his head to glare incredulously at the pale blond who almost seemed to glow in the hallway.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me," Draco taunted, perking a brow that his question had stopped the raven-haired boy's retreat.

"You want me to kiss you," Harry stated. It wasn't a question. He had heard Malfoy, but there were just some things you'd hoped you'd misheard.

Did Draco want Harry to kiss him? Fat chance. He hadn't exactly thought this segment of the conversation through. In fact, he pretty well had only thought of one scenario of how this exchange would go in the limited time he'd spent pondering it before he said it. He believed truly that Harry would squall and protest, perhaps even flee in terror. This reaction was now officially awkward and Draco started to fidget. "Don't flatter yourself."

"You just said-"

"I'm aware of what I said. I said it."

"So you want-"

"I didn't say I wanted you to do it, I said-"

"So you don't want me to kiss you?"

"No," Draco asserted.

"Then why did you bring it up?" Harry asked simply as he turned fully around, enjoying the unease he was causing the Slytherin.

Now Draco was starting to cringe. "It was a joke, Potter. You know, ha-ha?"

"Not exactly a punch line, is it?" he asked as he folded his arms and mimicked the patented Malfoy swagger towards him.

"Argh, get away from me you queer!" Draco said, taking a step back.

This was far too amusing for Harry to give up now. He had Malfoy scared. Scared!

"But I want to kiss you goodnight!" Harry lilted, his green eyes shining with victory.

"That isn't necessary. Go on, get to your dorm before I dock more points!" Draco menaced, trying to declare control back over where this was going.

"Scared, Malfoy?" Harry asked, tilting his head in clear mocking of Draco's usual expression.

"You wish," Draco said, with much less conviction than Harry had when they dueled.

Forgetting entirely that Harry had only endured one kiss, and that one had been from a crying girl and that he had barely even participated in it, Harry lunged forward and gripped Draco by the shoulders and mashed their lips together. He knew nothing at all about kissing, which he proved by slamming his forehead against Draco's. His teeth gnashed against his own lips in the awkward bump before Harry pushed out his lips and made a loud and childish smacking noise.

Pushing Potter away, Draco brought his hand up to his mouth, "You hag! You bit me! Merlin, what was that?" Draco was squealing as his hand moved up to massage his brushed lips to ease the pain from Harry's rough slamming of their faces together.

Fighting the urge to flee this humiliation, Harry stood there staring dumbly. He felt a pang of guilt, as he knew that Draco probably was in some amount of pain, as his own lips were sore. Harry brought his tanned and calloused hand up to his own lips to check for bleeding and winced. "It... I... it was a kiss."

"That was not a kiss. That was... you bit me!"

"I did NOT bite you! My mouth wasn't even open, Malfoy!"

"You're a savage! I should dock points!"

"You're going to dock points for a goodnight kiss?"

"That wasn't a kiss, that was an attack!" the Slytherin squealed.

Harry was blushing furiously. This was mortifying. No, it was beyond mortifying, it was demeaning. "Like you could do better!"

Draco closed his eyes and his nostrils flared. "Bloody wild BOARS could do better than THAT!"

"Prove it!"

"You wish."

"You can't," Harry hissed. No, he shouldn't have said that. He was goading Malfoy now and that was actually not very smart. Particularly since he'd had Malfoy on the ropes before and he was just now starting to recover his cockiness. Harry should scamper- most definitely.

Flipping back his hair, Draco strode to Harry. He cupped his hands roughly on either side of Harry's face and jabbed his thumb in the hollow place under the tanned boy's bottom lip and forced his jaw slightly lax. Titling his head one-way and Harry's the other; he craned his neck to close the distance between their faces.

At first, he simply kneaded Harry's lips with his own, pulsing them carefully until he felt it, that exhale from the other boy that told him he was disarmed enough not to bite his tongue off. Pointing his slick muscle delicately over the break in Harry's lips, he teased for a moment before feeling Harry's tentative tongue flicking back at his. At this provocation, Draco sealed their lips together and slipped his tongue lavishly against Harry's. Giving the other boy's mouth a cursory and quick exploration, he slid his hands down from Harry's face to caress his neck and then down to his shoulders.

Draco gave Harry's shoulders a quick squeeze before his tongue gently caressed its goodbye to Harry's and he broke the luxuriant kiss. Harry didn't move away just yet and neither did Draco. Both boys were licking their lips, savoring the taste of one another, eyes closed as they felt the warm condensation of breath against their cheeks.

It was Harry who leaned in and gave a temperate peck to Draco, and Draco moved back in to return it. After a few more pecking kisses, their arms clinched one another and their passionate embrace was reborn. Harry had never kissed before. Draco had never kissed a boy before. And neither of them had kissed anyone in a hallway.

An open hallway.

A very, very open hallway.

Just how open this hallway was seemed to occur to them both about the same time. They froze and their eyes opened, which seemed to alert them to just who it was each was kissing. Draco Malfoy was shocked to realize he was snogging Harry Potter. Harry Potter was astonished that his first real kiss was being shared with Draco Malfoy.

Clearing his throat, Draco made the first noise between them and started to pull back.

"Um..." Harry said pulling his arms away slowly and letting them droop at his sides.

"Yes," Draco vocalized as his hands likewise pulled away and he sniffed and rubbed his nose as he took a large step back.

"It's umm... really late," said Harry as he staggered further away.

"After curfew," asserted Draco as he stood watching Harry stumbling back.

"Right, I should umm... go," stated Harry who looked up one more time at Draco and then turned and started to walk away.

"Goodnight," Draco called after him.

If he turns to look at me one more time before he turns the corner, he's mine.

If he's still looking when I turn, he's mine.

Harry reached the end of the corridor and looked back over his shoulder to quickly glance at Draco standing where he'd been when they parted.

Rounding the corner, Harry blushed and smiled.

Turning around to head to Slytherin, Draco smiled and blushed.

He wants me.