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Daryl Dixon is a fucking asshole.

Beth's always been somewhat aware of his dickheadedness, but she's not had much need to be around him. Sure, they've been in close quarters plenty of times.

It's the end of the world and privacy is a luxury. But beyond absolutely necessary interaction, they don't deal with each other.

He hunts and kills and co-leads with Rick. She looks after Judith and does the laundry. Until today. It's been in talk for weeks about her going out on a run.

If she's got her calendar right, she's less than six months away from turning eighteen. Her daddy has always believed that eighteen makes a child an adult and that doesn't change when the world ends.

So it was decided with the condition that she went with one of their best, that Beth could go out the gates. One of the best meant Rick or Daryl.

Michonne was too new to be trusted and her daddy wasn't risking both daughters sending Maggie. Glenn was another option, but Maggie said he couldn't go unless she did, despite Glenn's objections.

That left the two men, but Rick couldn't do it because he was still taking his much needed break, so really, it only left Daryl, who made it quite clear that he was pissed to be pinned with the 'princess' on her first run.

They didn't take the bike because they didn't plan to do anything big for her first time. Just some local cabins not too far from the prison, until next time, when it was a bigger haul and a bigger group.

So, they walked. In silence, bar Daryl's muttered curses about how she was going to fuck up, how he couldn't believe he was stuck with her.


Beth takes it though because she's used to be undermined, viewed as a child. Hell, back on the farm she wasn't even allowed to train with a gun because she was too 'young' even though Jimmy was only a couple of months older than her, but of course, he was a man.

She's pretty sure that if she was a boy, Daryl wouldn't be giving her so much shit. Still, she continues to listen without comment to his rants.

Listens to his barking commands when they get into a cabin and clear it out, taking down three walkers that they coax outside before they kill.

Beth isn't too good at it and she trips on her ass under the weight of the walker before she finally manages to get her knife through its eye.

She's covered in blood, flushed and breathless when she goes back inside to find Daryl already rummaging through cabinets and under the sofa.

Beth scowls at him and his lack of help but doesn't say anything, leaving him instead to go down the hall and look in the bedrooms.

There's no sound from Daryl as she looks in what she thinks was a teenage boys room before. The room at large is a bust, nothing interesting to take.

Under the bed though, she finds a stash of money, which she takes because it can be used to burn and then she finds a little box.

Sitting back on her haunches as she drags it out, she lifts the latch to find a collection of porn magazines. Curiosity grips her.

She's never been through a magazine like this before and possibly this is her only chance, so she flicks through. Then she puts them aside to look at the porn movies in there, reading the covers and turning them over in her hands.

"If only," she muses to herself.

"We all on a dry spell, girl, suck it up."

Beth gasps, turning to look at Daryl who's leaning against the door with his arms crossed over his chest. "Why you creepin' up on me?"

He scoffs. "Get over your damn self. Came to look for more stuff, didn't mean to catch you before you could fuck yourself or summin'."

Beth throws the movie down and climbs to her feet. "Why you got such a damn problem with me? What is it, Daryl? You need to get laid, huh? Blue balls got you actin' like there's a stick up your ass!"

"Oh, like you know anythin' 'bout gettin' laid, daddie's little doodlebug. You a fuckin' fridgit bitch, huh?"

He crowds closer and Beth refuses to back down. "I had sex, so fuck you."

Daryl stops and then a smirk crawls up his mouth. "Alrite."

Beth blinks in confusion, the anger pausing. "What?"

"Let's fuck."


"Damn Greene, sayin' let's fuck an' get our rocks off, be in a good mood an' shit."

She has no idea why but she's suddenly saying: "okay."

He smirks as he looks down at her. "Don't be gettin' on no high horse thinkin' I'm your boyfriend or some shit. We're just fuckin'. No kissin' or any of that pansy ass shit."

Beth scoffs. "Get off your damn unicorn. You ain't special. Could'a fucked anyone who took me today."

Daryl rolls his eyes. "We gonna do this or what?"

"Romantic," Beth sasses.

"Ain't what I'm lookin' for."

He reaches her and pulls her top over her head. It's downright bizarre, but she allows it, her top coming up over her head and her hands tugging at Daryl's belt.

He grunts and does it for her while she stands in her bra and tugs on her own jeans.

His eyes stare at her as he works his dick free, semi hard and it's all weird and confusing, wondering how the fuck they got here, but she's wet.

She's wet because he's rude and mean but for some reason, his smart ass mouth does something to her. She's pretty sure he hates her and she kind of doesn't like him either but he's got a dick, so why the hell not?

Daryl wraps his hand around his cock and pumps a little, watching as she pulls her bra free. "Bet you ain't got a rubber."

"Well, do you?" Beth snaps.

What the hell is happening? Are they are arguing while he strokes his dick and she stands topless? Apparently, they are.

"Naw, gonna have to cum all over your pretty little face."

Beth wrinkles her nose. "You're disgustin'."

"Well, how 'bout in that smart ass fuckin' mouth then princess?" He snipes.

She huffs and sits down on the bed behind her, pushing her jeans down. "Just hurry the fuck up."

Daryl huffs back like she's the most annoying person he's ever encountered and walks towards her on the bed.

She arranges herself back against the head board with her legs spread, excitement in her belly despite how weird this whole situation is.

His fingers dip down to press against her clit and Beth shudders on a moan. It's been so long since she's cum. All the way back to the farm, before Rick came running up covered in blood with Carl in his arms, shot and broken.

The way Daryl looks at her in that moment, fingers on her clit, up under his lashes with something akin to amazement catches her attention and the moment seems to shift; alter.

There's no bickering now and it's like the air's been sucked from her lungs under the intensity of his expression.

His hairs getting shaggier lately and it nearly hangs in his eyes but not quite, allowing her full view of his face as he looks back at his fingers and circles one around her slick entrance.

Beth moans again and he bites his lip, taking his cock in hand and lining himself up when she tilts her hips. "Gotta be quick, 'fore walkers come."

She nods quickly, face hot and sweat gathering in her collar bones. "Okay, just fuck me."

Unbelievably, there's a suggestion of a smile on Daryl's face and she's about to comment on it when he pushes into her.

Beth keens quietly, spreading her legs even further to allow him between them, his cock pushing deeper until he pulls back and then pushes in again, pressing against the tightness of her cunt.

Beth watches the sweat beads gather on his forehead as he leans one hand forward and grabs the headboard beside her face, his body hunching over hers.

She lifts her legs even higher, resting them on his hips and it's the perfect thing to do, the angle just right so that he slides the rest of the way in.

"Shit, girl. So damn tight," he grunts.

"Yeah well, be loose if you did your job right," she pants back.

Daryl cusses under his breath before he gathers her thighs and presses his weight onto them, leaning all over her as his one hand returns to the headboard and his other fondles her right breast, thumb clumsy and uncoordinated as it swipes over her hard nipple.

"Come on, we ain't got time!"

He grunts and presses into her, sparking a twinge of discomfort before he pulls out and glides back in. "Feels like I'm doin' my job real fine, girl."

"Fuck you," Beth murmurs as she presses a finger to her clit.

On a laugh that could be a huff, he breathes, "that's the plan."

She groans as he drives in a little harder, sending shards of pleasure to her clit. There's no possible way she can think of a response and she's pretty sure Daryl's done talking because his fingers curl around the head board as he begins to screw her in earnest, his energetic thrusts rocking the whole bed but his knuckles trapping the noise.

It's practically silent bar his grunts and her unh's but Beth is half listening out for walkers, looking more at the door than at Daryl or his cock plunging into her cunt, for a shambling corpse.

It's distracting and she gets pulled out of the pleasure before she's slammed back into it again like she's being beaten off of a jagged cliffs edge.

It's disorienting but it makes the heat lash her spine with white hot curls and her clit feels swollen under her finger, bulging for attention, which she gives it.

The first orgasm is timid considering how long it's been and she's brutal with her clit, fast and hard on it as she twirls her finger, her other hand reaching down to Daryl's ass.

He yelps when she digs her fingernails into his flesh and hooks, forcing him to fuck her harder.

At first, the sound is pained and shocked, but then it's tortured agony and he's fucking her harder, his bicep bulging over her as he grips onto the headboard and uses her knee as leverage to fuck into her.

"Yeah, girl, cum again, feels so fuckin' good on my dick."


He's such a fucking asshole, but he's right, he's so right because it feels so good.

Beth throws her head back and shakes with her second orgasm, her nails lifting from Daryl's ass and tearing a savage line down his back.


His voice is so fucking loud, crashing over her body and she does it again, harder, clawing at his skin as her cunt grips him tight and milks him, her neck strained and her breaths jagged.

Daryl pounds her. There isn't even a word for how fast and hard and deep he's fucking her, giving her a vicious thrust each time she shreds his back to ribbons.

Jesus Christ, how is it this so good? How the fuck does a man who pisses her off so fucking much make her cum like this?

Daryl's suddenly pulling out of her but Beth keeps rubbing her clit even though it's sore and almost hurts, pushing for just one more orgasm as he pants over her, looking more animal than human and spills his cum all over her bare belly, soaking her in ropes of heat that make her jerk.

The last orgasm is a calming wave of exhaustion and when it passes through her Beth releases her weight like a puppet without strings.

Her face is burning and sweaty, thick, cold sweat beads running down her temples and she feels swaddled with Daryl hanging over her.

They stare at each other when he's finished cumming, their gazes hot and glassy.

They stare at each other and they know they still hate each other, they know they'll still bicker like crazy, but they also know that they'll do this again. That they'll keep doing this.

That they've started something and they can't go back.