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beautiful eyes, prettier guys (and they were all for her)

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The Summers' Coffee House is the most popular coffee shop in Sunnydale. It's also the only coffee shop. Lucky for Faith they make some pretty good coffee. It's always what she looks forward to after a greasy day under an oily car.

Faith didn't like Sunnydale. It was a tiny town with a lot of churches and a lot more graveyards. It was most definitely overpopulated and still everybody knew your business. They all knew that Faith lived with her aunt, Jenny Calendar, and parol officer Wesley. Wesley was British but had moved to Boston to be with the so-called love of his life Fred but she had moved to Texas to be with her family shortly after. It had left Wesley alone and bitter so he had thrown himself into his work. Three years later after Faith stole a car and her mother died of a drug overdose Wes became her parol officer or 'Watcher' as Faith had dubbed it.

Somehow he had pulled some strings and gotten Faith a job for the mechanic shop. It was easy for her to be under the hood of a car or fiddling wih some mechanical issue that she could solve relatively easily. Her boss who she called The Mayor treated her with respect. He let her stay late some nights and he never made her leave when a car she wanted to work on pulled in. Until some dark haired girl with a brilliant smile and crazy eyes strolled in, looking messy and elegant at the same time. "Wilky, can't you fix my automobile." She had a rough British accent, like she had been away too long and was forcing her accent. When her tongue tripped over the word automobile she let loose a hysterical giggle, her slender body shaking with giggles.

"Faith, please go." The Mayor requested, eyes flicking over to Faith.

"What?" Faith jerked, turning her dark eyes to her boss.

"Leave and go get some food or something." The Mayor barked, narrowing his eyes at Faith.

"Shit, all right." Faith threw her greasy hand towel on the floor, wiping her hands on her skinny jeans and moving towards the door. "I'll just go get some coffee, Boss Man. Don't mind me." When his look didn't lessen Faith groaned internally. "I'll just clock out for the day." And Faith scrambled out the door, stuffing her hands in her pockets as she quickly walked away.


Faith lived on coffee. Okay so not literally but almost literally. She loved everything about coffee. The way it perked her up, the heady scent, the warmth, and the way it was better for you than drugs.

That last part was more spite towards her mother more than anything else.

They only wrong with the coffee shop was the bell above the door that loudly jangled when anybody entered the shop. It was annoying but Faith could live with it as long as the coffee continued to be great.

A boy was manning the counter. Or, rather, sleeping on it. His arms were folded and he was leaning on them as he slumbered. Faith stalked over, sitting down with a slap of her hands on the counter in the hopes that he would wake up. He continued snoring.

"He had a rough night." A voice said and Faith startled, jerking her head up where she saw a tiny blonde coming in from the back.

She was gorgeous. Her hair was golden blonde and it fell in down to her shoulders. She was tanned with a light pink crop top on and jean shorts that hugged her body down to mid-thigh. She was wearing black flats and pink lip gloss. Her eyes were green and glittered brightly. Faith's mouth when dry and she swallowed sharply, suddenly light headed.

"Did he?" Faith said, her voice loud in the silence of the shop.

"Yep!" The blonde smiled brightly, leaning over the counter towards Faith. "We had a study session last night at Willow's house. The whole gang was there. Me, Xand, Wills, Oz, Cordy. The whole Scooby gang. So, what's your order?" She asked, flipping her hair over her shoulder and going to the coffee machines.

"Plain black coffee. Nothing added." Faith told her, her voice low.

"Great." Blondie chirped, grabbing the coffee pot and pouring some of the strongly scented liquid into a mug. "That was easy for me, thanks." Her smile was so sunny ir felt like Faith would fry. Her whole body felt like it was heating up and she was sure she was going to combust.

"I'm Faith." She offered the information before sitting down next to her and taking a large swig of hot coffee.

"Cute." Blondie smirked, fingers tapping her wrist watch. She kept glancing at it and looking at the door, her lips twitching into a pout every time she didn't find what she was looking for. It was a little distracting for Faith because every time she did it Faith just wanted to kiss it away. "Buffy."

"What?" Faith turned to look at the small blonde who rolled her eyes and huffed.

"That's my name. Buffy." Buffy explained, her eyes lighting up.

"Well hey that's a pretty wicked-" Buffy practically sprinted away. One moment she was in front of Faith and then she was leaping into a tall man's arms. "-name." Faith finished softly, her heart pinging sadly. Of course Faith would have a crush on the straight blonde she just met. That was just how Faith's life worked.

"Don't feel too bad." Faith turns, frowning suspiciously at the brunette boy with dark circles under his eyes. His eyes are dark and serious and sad as he looks at the happy couple smiling and leaning close together. "They're each others universe. Buffy is the sun and Angel is the moon. Buffy shines and Angel reflects her light. It's how they work. You and me, we're just the earth. Forever stuck revolving around them but never sharing what they have."

Faith swallows roughly, blinking back the beginning of tears that will burn down her face and leave scars if she lets them fall. "Dunno what you mean-"

She lets the words hang out so the boy who is desperately in love with Buffy will tell her his name. "Xander." He smiles, standing up and bowing. "Xander Harris at your service."

"Xander," Buffy chides, rolling her eyes despite the slight smile that tugs at the corner of her lips. "stop being lame." She teases, flipping blonde hair over her shoulder.

His eyes brighten and he winks at Buffy. "But that's my best quality, Buff. That's why you chose me to be your goofy dorky side kick." Xander's smile is blaringly bright as he turns it to Buffy.

"Gee, Xand, how could I have forgotten." Buffy turns away, pulling her hair into a pony tail. "Ready?" She says to Angel, linking their fingers together and gently tugging him towards the door. "Later Xand! Nice to meet you, Faith." Her smile is cheery and light hearted and Faith's stomach sinks because fuck Buffy Summers is so beautiful it hurts.

"Don't forget." Xander's voice is quiet and distant. Faith turns to him, her heart thudding painfully against her ribs once she sees his smile. It is heartbreaking to see the way he's given up getting over Buffy and it is so utterly in love in the most tragic way. "Sun and moon."

Faith nods and turns away, muttering "Sun and moon." as she leaves the coffee shop.