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Living my own life

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The only time Alec experienced the feeling of being the pride of the family was when he presented as an Alpha at 12 years old. Since then all he has manage to do is disappoint his parents. Today Alec’s mother, Maryse, shows her disapproval yet again with a shake of her head and a huff. “When are you going to start courting Omegas, Alec? Your sister has already dated several.”
Alec tries not to wince at the thought of courting any of the Omegas his mother has tried to push on him. “I just haven’t met the right person yet, mother”
“You can’t know before you try, therefore I set you up with Lydia Branwell this weekend, they are from a respectable family”
Alec takes a deep breath “Mother I am leaving this Monday to university, what is the point?”
“The point is finding you a fiancé, to keep you on track” Maryse says pointedly. “And what is your problem on meeting Lydia, she is a beautiful Omega, sometimes I think you are being difficult on purpose”
“Fine, I’ll meet with her” He says before leaving for his bedroom.

In today’s society your gender is supposed to represent how you act. An Alpha is dominant and natural leader, if you show any kind of submission you will be an outcast of society and seen as a Default. Betas are also seen as good leaders and have dominant traits in varying degree, you often find them to be the Alphas next in command or common workers. Next you have Gamma and Delta, seen as confident and strong, they often choose a career in the military or the police force. At last we have the Omegas, sweet and innocent, submissive down to the bone. Omegas that show any aggression or dominance is either sent to disciplinary school or deemed unfit to be mated.

Therefor when you present you must fit into these roles, if your personality doesn’t fit you have a choice to make. Either you conform to the role of your gender, or you’ll be shunned by society. Betas, Gammas and Deltas have the choice of mating between their 3 genders, while Alphas and Omegas are expected to mate each other.

Alec’s parents, Maryse and Robert, are both Betas, and Betas birthing an Alfa is quite unusual. Alfas and Omegas are the rarest genders, and most Alfas are born by Omegas mated with Alfas. They have these expectations for Alec that he has never been able to live up to, and never will. Maryse wants him to take over her place as the leader of the tech company they own, and find a respectable Omega to mate. The problem is that even though he has shown great leadership skills during his school years, his passion has always been in science. And thinking about mating an Omega, it just doesn’t feel right.

So, at 18 years old Alec is ready to move to Idris with his best friend Jace Herondale, they have known each other since they met in preschool at 4 years old. Alec and Jace meeting happened at the end of lunch when Alec miscalculated Jace’s affections for the school’s duck teddy mascot, let’s just say it was not an instant friendship.


“Alec, there you are!” Jace shouts across the room. Alec is sitting in the corner of the room, deeply concentrated on his book. Jace leans over his shoulder and speak a bit too loud “What are you reading?”
“None of your business” Alec mumbles, trying to hide the book.
“Please tell me that’s not the “fluidity of genders” book!” Jace says in a quiet and sad voice.
When Alec stays silent, Jace squeezes Alec in a hug from behind and whisper in his ears “I thought your feelings about your gender had changed? You told me two years ago that you finally felt like an Alfa!”
Alec takes a deep breath and whispers “I lied”.

Jace keeps a hold of Alec and keeps talking about the adventures they are going to have at Idris University, while Alec is quietly falling apart in Jace’s arms. Alec seems to pull himself together and joins the conversation, both Alec and Jace end up making up the most bizarre things they want to do when they move to their shared apartment in Idris, away from their parents for the first time.

Jace and Alec go to Alec’s room to start pacing, seeing as Alec’s packing skills is non-existent Jace quickly takes over. Jace is a control and clean freak, his own words. So Alec just lets Jace do what he needed to do, and tried to stay out of his way. “Seriously Alec, these clothes have literally holes in them! I can’t understand how Izzy haven’t thrown them away yet”. Alec rolls his eyes and smiles “Because last time she did that, I threw her clothes away, or I gave them to Fretex actually”

“How are you still alive!” Jace exclaims. “Well we are moving, which means new start, new clothes. And for the hundredth time could you try some colours maybe?”
Alec sighs and stare “Do not try to throw my clothes away, I will retaliate, as you know”
“Fine” Jace huffs and whispers to himself “I guess Izzy and I have a lot of work to do”
Alec decides to ignore him.

After two hours of carefully packing and labelling Jace finally deems them finished. And of course, that’s when he starts with the questions. “Alec, do you still feel like an Omega?” Alec looks at the roof and answers slowly “No, not really. I just don’t practically feel like a stereotypical alpha either” Jace makes that look that means he want Alec to try to explain his feelings. And a rush of affection runs through Alec at the support and patience Jace is always showing him. Jace is going to make an amazing Alfa for a lucky Omega one day, and Alec told him this. Jace looks sappy for a couple of seconds before hitting Alec on the shoulder and making him start talking about himself again.
“Nice try on the deflection, but it won’t work, so talk!” Jace smirked.
After a moment of silent, Alec try to explain. “You know the book I was reading?” When Jace nods, Alec continues. “It explains that over 300 years ago, these rules for our genders were non-existent. It used to be that Alfas could mate Alfas, Omegas could mate Omegas, basically everyone could mate whomever they wanted. There was no set rule to how your personality was supposed to be, you were you and that was all!”
Jace shifts on his seat and try to interpret what he was saying “So what you are telling me is that you feel like alpha is your right gender, but that your personality doesn’t fit the so called “society rules”?”
Alec nods “Kind off yes, first of all I don’t want an omega as a mate because I  know we won’t be able to give each other what we need or want, and I don’t want to live in an miserable mating, or make anyone live that life”, Alec takes a breath “And I really don’t want to take over my mother job as the CEO of Clave technologies, or my father’s job as CFO.”
Jace took a time to think about what Alec was telling him before answering “Your father…” Alec interrupts and agrees “Yes my father…”

Alec’s father Robert has spent years waiting for the day Alec would start studying Business at Idris University. It was never a discussion they had, it was a guarantee the second he presented as an Alfa. When Alec was 15 years Robert found applications to different science programs, and the fight that exploded that day has never been mentioned again, let’s just say it left scars. And Jace knew Alec didn’t like to talk about that day and the following weeks.

Trying to lighten up the tension in the room Jace burst out the first thing he could think about “So those ehm … toys? … I just packed you use them on …eem yourself?” Jace starts looking uncomfortable and realise a bit too late that this was not the right topic to bring up.
Alec’s face turn extremely red with a blush and start spluttering “wha… nooo… what?... please no!” Alec chokes on the last world and feel like he could faint, actually he would really appreciate it if he could faint right now! 
“Right, let’s just forget that I asked” Jace splutters out.