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Tragic Tale

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Priti knows it’s a bit unconventional, but it was time. She nervously fingers the small box deep in her coat pocket. Intermission. She’ll do it an intermission.

She and Rafael approach coat check. Damn, she needs to transfer the box. “Hold on a sec.”

“Sure, Cariño,” he touches her back softly and smiles. He’s too close. He might see. She turns away slightly and moves the box to her tiny little black-tie purse. It doesn’t want to fit, but somehow she manages to make it.

After coat check they take their seats and she says to him, “You’re going to love this one.”

“Groundhog Day? I don’t think so.”

She snorts at his immediate dismissal of anything that is comedic. Typical. But she knows he’s going to love it despite himself. Groundhog Day is just the type of comedy he loves to deny he loves. She knows she’ll be catching him singing songs from it in the shower for many days to come.

During intermission, they both check their phones. Before she can even ask him how he’s enjoying the show and look for a place where she can get him alone, he tells her he’s gotta make a call and that he’ll be back.

But he doesn’t return.

“Hey, Sonny.”

“Yeah, Priti?”

“Remember when Rafi and I first met and I called him out for being a dick?”


“Please tell me my first impression was wrong.” Her lip trembles.

“Priti, what happened?”

“You know how I was going to . . ?“ she chokes up a bit.  “. . . tonight?”


“Well, he just left.”

“He left you?” Sonny sounds incredulous.

“I . . . I don’t know. We were at the theater. He went to go make a call. And now he’s just . . . gone.”

“Hold on, Priti, I’ll be right there.”

To be continued . . .