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The Writer & The Rancher

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A tense moment flickered past as Mary, once again, let her mind fast forward into overdrive. Frantic thoughts bounced around her mind as she quickly began to regret ever trudging her way over to the farm all those weeks ago, cursing her father for ever putting her up to the task that brought her there. Why on Earth did she just decide to kiss Claire? All Mary knew is that she didn't want to watch Claire's reaction as the farmer probably was horrified by her actions.

Claire actually was just a bit shocked as she felt the librarian's lips press softly against her forehead, not really expecting the afternoon to take such an interesting turn. She took a moment to think as well and was about to speak when she found herself suddenly falling against the hard wood bridge, no longer laying against Mary. Claire watched from the ground as the librarian bolted towards the woods and disappeared into the thick of the trees across the river.

"Why did off?" Claire asked aloud to the empty space Mary had once been occupying moments before. She had been planning on asking Mary about the kiss but clearly Claire could no longer do so with the other girl running off at a break neck speed. The farmer got to her feet slowly but a sense of dread came instantly came over her. Now that the sun had disappeared from the sky, the woods was definitely not a place for people to be wandering around in at night. Claire hurriedly followed suit as she chased after the receding figure in front of her.

All Mary could do was run away, pushing herself faster and faster as her mind was clouded over with immense anxiety and embarrassment. She was too focused on her thoughts to even pay attention to where she was heading, all she wanted was to be as far from the farm as possible. Well, not paying attention to your surroundings does come at a price, and soon enough the librarian tripped over some large tree roots and stumbled down a small hill within minutes of her race into the woods. Landing in a bunch of dried debris she let out an exhausted sigh of defeat, not even trying to get up. After a few moments Mary then turned her head to the side, trying to survey her surroundings from her position on the ground. By the looks of it, she had some how wound up at the base of Mother's Hill, the large mountain that sat in the deep recesses of the forest. During the few times her father had forced her to visit the mountain it had always been under more pleasant and sunnier conditions. But now as the evening began to grow darker it only seemed foreboding, long gone were the happy images she once had previously.

Claire let out a stressed sigh as she began to worry about where the nervous librarian had ran off to, her eyes quickly darting around the forest as she searched for the other girl. Of course the evening shadows that suddenly started to stretch across the ground did nothing to spook her, in fact Claire was more familiar with these woods then most of the townsfolk.

When the farmer had first moved to town she had spent almost every day in the deep wooded areas looking for interesting fruits and flowers to sell since she had been rather low on cash those first few months. Farming was a hard occupation when you have to wait so long to reap profits from the harvest and it also didn't help that so much of her savings had been spent just on the land and home itself. That crook of a Mayor had spun her stories of a practically immaculate farm just waiting for her to own, but by the time Claire actually showed up, she realized that she had unfortunately just bought the most shoddy looking excuse for something that faintly resembled a farm. It took ages for Mayor Thomas to eventually calm the enraged blonde, as he tried to soothe her with words of reason. But all Claire could see was red; she had just spent all of her money on a dump and the pipsqueak in front of her was asking for her to be calm? It did take a bit of time and apologies on the Mayor's behalf, but soon enough Claire had been convinced to stay in the town and begin her new life as a farmer.

She then shook her head as she tried to focus herself, turning her train of thought away from those early few days and back to the task at hand. Find Mary. Claire sighed again as she began to speed up her pace, only worrying for the librarian's sake as Mary obviously wouldn't be able to find her way back to town once the shadows of the evening completely covered the forest. That girl could hardly see when there was enough light out, let alone in a forest at night.

"Mary! Maaary!" Claire called as she cupped her hands around her mouth, trying desperately to have her voice carry farther into the woods. She let out another sigh as she glanced up at the sky, her eyebrows knitting in frustration as dark gray clouds floated about and obstructed any chance of decent moonlight illuminating the woods. She kept trudging forward as she new she had to find the other girl. Unfortunately for Claire, she could hardly see in the dark as well, somehow tripping over tree roots and flying face first down a hill and straight into a pile of leaves that let out a loud 'Ooof' as she fell. Wait, backtrack, leaves don't make noise, it was actually Mary she had stumbled upon.

"Aha! Found you! And you're not getting away this time!" Claire exclaimed as she quickly clambered on top of the girl she had just landed on, pinning her down despite her squeals of protest. Finally the librarian stopped moving and looked up at the farmer, her initial frustration melting into nervousness as she tentatively caught her gaze. The farmer let out a soft laugh as she tried to brush some of the leaves that were intertwined in Mary's jet black locks, throwing them off to the side as she then toyed with her hair.

"First of all, why did you leave me on the bridge?"

"I...thought you might be upset."

"Why would I be upset?"

"Because I...kissed you."

"Oh, while that certainly was adorable...this...this is a kiss." Claire replied as she leaned forward and placed her hand on the side of the librarians face, slowly brushing some stray locks aside as she closed the distance between them. She gently pressed her lips against Mary's and was only slightly surprised to see her return the action with fervor. The shy little bookworm wasn't all too shy now as she eagerly slid her hands around her waist, pulling the farmer closer to her. Claire pulled herself away for only a second as she smiled down at the girl beneath her before she spoke.

"I never would have imagined we would end up here."

"In a pile of leaves? Or kissing in said pile?"

"Both," Claire replied as she quickly leaned back down and picked up where they had just left off.