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Joss Whedon's Supergirl

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          INT. LEX’S LAIR - NIGHT                                           
          Kara punches a hole through the DOOR. The force of it blows her        
          hair back like she’s in a L’oreal commercial.                    
                    Lena Luthor, I won’t let you                           
                    destroy this planet!                                   
          Lena is wearing a LEATHER CATSUIT with a plunging neckline       
          that clings to her body. Her hair is down. She is wearing        
          KILLER HEELS. She saunters towards Supergirl, her hips           
          swaying. Her heels clack on the floor. She is holding a          
          small black DEVICE.                                              
                    Has your cousin not told you? I                        
                    don’t want to destroy the planet, I                    
                    just want to destroy you.                              
          Lena clicks the BUTTON on the device and suddenly PINK           
          KRYPTONITE is coursing through Kara’s veins. Kara falls to       
          the floor, gasping and moaning as if she's orgasming as 
          lesbianism flows through her. Lena smirks. Walks over to Kara.                                      
                    How do you feel?                                       
          She STANDS. Lena is right in front of her. Kara’s eyes drop      
          down to Lena’s lips, which are DARK RED.                         
                    Kiss me, Supergirl.                                    
          Kara gives in to the sinful temptation of Pink Kryptonite.       
          Their lips meet, and Kara moans, her hands fisting in Lena’s     
          hair. Lena pulls back, and Kara whines, her only thought         
          Lena’s voluptuous body.                                          
                    Do you want me?                                        
                    Would you do anything for me?                          
          Kara leans in, attempting to kiss Lena again, and Lena lets      
          her- but only for a second.                                      
                    Lena. I love you. Please, Lena,                        
                    just let me touch you.                                 
          Lena pushes her gently away, and Kara is suffering without       
          touching her. Her veins PULSE PINK. Her eyes fixate on           
          Lena’s ample bosom.                                              
                    Will you do something for me?                          
                    Kill Superman.