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Remnant After Dark

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The rain gently sprayed against the window as the silence of the small, one bed room at the inn was realized by its occupants. For the first time since they had met each other, no one knew that they were together, alone. Lightning streaked along the clouds high above Haven, displaying the tempest for a fleeting moment before leaving the world in a blanket of darkness once more. The thunder rattled the windows, blanketing the sounds of stolen kisses and content breathing. The room's floor was dirtied with scattered articles of clothing, save the girls' panties which they both still wore, taking their time with each other. Yang pulled Blake down onto her once more, breathing the girl in as they shared a deep kiss, Yang's body trying to follow her lover's as the Faunus pulled away once more.

Yang drank in Blake's body with her eyes, she wanted to memorize Blake's features, her ample breasts, the scars that were strewn across the girl's torso, her shape. Blake had less patience and more experience than Yang, her hands exploring Yang's body, feeling up the blonde's tits, her hands sliding down and caressing Yang's waist. She let her hands explore further, grasping tight to Yang's ass, her beloved bucking in protest and agreement, lightly groaning and laughing under her breath. Blake almost wished that Yang would remain this naive, longing for Yang's body to move this way every time. Yang squirmed with every touch of unexplored territory, and it only made Blake want her worse.

Blake moved back to Yang's lips, drinking again, Yang's body once again chasing after hers, keeping her close. Blake knew that Yang was ready physically, the heat rolling off of the girl's inner thighs was convincing enough, but Blake wasn't sure that Yang was ready mentally. It was the first time that they had gone this far with each other, and Yang wanted it to be perfect, not for her own sake but for Blake's. Blake wanted nothing more than to show the blonde what it felt like to be one, united together in ecstasy. Just the idea of Yang writhing beneath Blake in climax was enough to drive Blake wild, she knew from the damp feel of her own boy short underwear that she wanted more of Yang. Blake let her go once more, the lightning dancing along the midnight sky again, giving Yang the perfect view of Blake.

"I want to keep going Yang," Blake spoke softly. Yang flushed slightly but nodded.

"I'm ready," she managed. Blake smiled gently, reassuring Yang as she came down swiftly on Yang's body, her lips hungry, kissing and biting the dragon's neck. Yang gasped, her arms wrapping around Blake and holding her tight, nails digging in deep. Blake moaned, fully aware of what she wanted, and the pain was invited in with a masochistic kind of pleasure.

"Should I stop?" Blake managed, though her body was reluctant to ask something so foolish. Yang shook her head wildly as the Faunus moved to her clavicle.

"No!" Yang exclaimed breathily. Blake was overjoyed, biting again, Yang bucking beneath her once more, her nails digging farther in. Blake's back arched, something that she wasn't expecting, the pain was warm and euphoric. Yang's breathing had a sort of erratic patterning, the girl hadn't expected this, but as far as Blake could tell, Yang still wanted her to keep going. Yang kissed Blake's neck gently, groaning softly, inhaling sharply. Blake pulled away from the dragon's kisses, moving to her breasts. Blake knew that Yang enjoyed having her nipples pinched and twisted, but Blake had never used her mouth on them before. A quick flick of her tongue followed by a gentle teething and Yang's hips fully thrust up, her back buckling, another sharp breath. Yang grabbed her free breast, compressing it roughly, her body unsure what to do with itself.

"More!" Yang pled. Blake smiled as she lightly pinched Yang's nipple with her teeth, her hot breath against Yang's tit driving the blonde as Blake gave it another lick, blowing on it until it became erect and working on it again with her ivories. "Oh God." Blake toyed with her for a while until she was content that Yang's pleasure was turning to frustration, ready for something more. Blake lips placed fervent but soft kisses down Yang's stomach, taking care to kiss Yang's clit through her thong as she made her way to Yang's thighs. Yang's body constricted, her breath catching as she reached for Blake's head.

"Hm?" Blake asked coyly, looking up with a smirk. "Should I stop?"

"No!" Yang almost shouted despite her shortness of breath. "Go back!" Blake laughed.

"Patience," Blake told her. "I want to explore all of you Yang." Yang was in agony, and that was the way that Blake wanted it, kissing the girl's inner thigh, causing her to squirm with every kiss that came closer to Yang's slit. Blake could smell it. Maybe it was the animal in her but it was driving her wild, and she firmly grabbed the waistband of Yang's panties, discarding them and noting how wet Yang was. The cool air on Yang's snatch caused her to gasp, becoming wetter at the thought of Blake pleasuring her once more. Blake's fingers explored the area, slipping in without a problem and taking Yang off guard, the blonde squealing and panting.

"More Blake! More!" Yang demanded, rocking her hips against Blake's middle and index finger. She groaned on occasion, Blake's left thumb toying with Yang's clit and driving her. Yang's moans were growing closer together, her chest heaving as she bucked against Blake's fingers, her hands groping her own chest hard. Blake shuddered, groaning herself, the sound seeming to turn Yang on even more. "I'm close… God I'm close…" With that Blake stopped. Yang's back arched before she thrashed back onto the bed, she looked down her body at Blake who was repositioning herself, feeling her own cunt out of Yang's view. Blake pulled her fingers out, noting that they were sticky.

"Now you can say that a pussy enjoyed your pussy," Blake said with a smirk, grabbing Yang's hips and pulling her into her mouth.

"Puns are my…" Yang was cut short, moaning heavily and loudly, undoubtedly waking the guests in the next room over. Blake's tongue was gentle on Yang's clit, but it worked with precision, Yang's body jerking hard. Her hands tried to find a hold of something under her body, but Blake had a firm grip on her waist, so she had no reason to worry, not that her mind would have let her anyway. "Don't stop. Don't stop. Please Blake. Don't stop." Blake could feel the juices seeping out of her own slit, running down her legs.

"Don't hold back," Blake told her. Blake quickly dropped her, slamming her fingers in again, Yang sitting up to scream. Blake cut her off half way, their mouths crashing into each other as Blake fucked Yang with vigor, her fingers slamming into Yang as far as her other knuckles would allow, sliding out, and thrashing in again. Yang moaned repeatedly into Blake's mouth until her hips thrust forward one last time, holding their ground as the blonde's legs trembled. Blake could feel Yang's vagina contracting around her fingers, and she waited for the release before pulling out. Yang collapsed back onto the bed, panting and trying to laugh.

"Fuck babe," Yang replied. Blake's figure loomed above Yang, propped up with one hand as Blake sucked the other clean. "I guess it's your turn." Blake smirked as Yang pulled her down and swapped places with her.

"It had better be," Blake replied.

(TWBY Continued?)