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The Colors We See

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The little boy looked up at his mother, taking in her grey eyes and dark grey skin and giggled nervously. “¡Mamá! I’m so excited for kindergarten!” He told her, smiling when her nearly black lips broke into a wide smile as she swooped him up into her arms. She smiled, kissing her son’s forehead as she winked at him and laughed when he tried to wink his blue eyes back at her. “Mi bebé, you’re going to do great.” She assured him as they arrived outside the kindergarten. She gently set him down and walked him inside, smiling softly.

The mother smiled, taking in her little boy’s curly brown hair and bright blue eyes as he waved at her for the fifth time. She smiled, turning away from the cutesy kindergarten and headed on with her day as the puffy white clouds rolled over the brilliant blue sky, reminding her of her favorite son’s eyes. Meanwhile, said favorite son was hanging up his space themed backpack and turning to face the kindergarten children with a face of grim uncertainty, so he put on a smile and headed to the nearest children to try and play.

He approached a little boy with dark grey skin and a white headband in his black hair playing house with a tiny child with ginormous glasses. He greeted them, “Hi, my name is Lance!” He giggled cheerfully, “May I play with you?” He asked the boy, who grinned and nodded, “Someone else to try my delicious food! Pidge just wants to play with their robot toys. One day, Hunk will be a master chef!” He huffed, pointing to the other child, who glanced up and waved before looking down at the bowl in front of them. They then pointed to Lance, “You’re blue!” They giggled happily before returning to dismantling and manhandling the poor toy. Lance and Hunk looked at each other and shrugged before continuing to play house.

Soon, the group of children circled up and Lance found himself in between Hunk and a pale boy with a band-aid on his cheek, and a noticeable cowlick of black hair sticking straight up from his head. Lance, being ever the mama’s boy, imitated his mother and reached over to fix it, telling the other boy, “Did you brush your hair this morning?” The boy shook his head slowly, “No… but my mommy was a bit too busy this morning to brush my hair for me.” Lance frowned. “What about your papa”, he asked with an innocent tilt of his head. “I don’t have one,” the boy answered. Lance pouted. “Well. You can meet my papa after school then! My name is Lance, by the way!” He grinned toothily and offered his hand to the other boy who smiled brightly and shook his hand in return. “Takashi Shirogane, but my mommy calls me Shiro.”


Suddenly, Lance blinked and he saw. He could see the violet of the band-aid on Shiro’s cheek, and Shiro looked equally as shocked. They both turned to the teacher and hollered for him, making the man jump out of his skin as he tried to calm the other children. “I can see his eyes!” Shiro pointed wildly at Lance, nearly jabbing the poor boy in one of his eyes. “His band-aid is so pretty!” Lance squealed loudly and the teacher merely laughed. “That, children, is color. You boys come with me and I’ll explain. Ms. Summer, I leave you in charge.” He pointed to his assistant before gently leading the two boys to the front desk area of the kindergarten.

Lance and Shiro stared at the teacher, whose light blue shirt they could now tell the actual color of, as he smiled at the boys. “So, Lance, this color is blue. It should look like sparkling waters and cartoonish tears but does not always represent water. Can you really see it?” He asked, picking up a blue binder and showing it to the pair. Lance nodded slowly. “I like that color,” he told his teacher. “Lovely. It’s the same color as your eyes, as Shiro noted earlier,” He said. Shiro meekly raised his hand and the teacher laughed quietly, “Yes, Shiro?” The boy rocked back on his heels. “So, um, Mr. Kaplan, why can’t I see that picture of an apple? My mommy tells me that they’re a beautiful red, but it still looks grey.” Shiro pointed over Mr. Kaplan’s shoulder to a picture of a cartoon apple and worm on the wall. “Peculiar. Boys, you two are soulmates.” He nodded. “Seeing color once you meet each other is the indicator, but I think you may have someone still out there for you…” The boys looked at each other and their teacher confused, before Lance shrugged, “Well that’s nice.” He smiled brightly at Shiro. Shiro laughed nervously, “Are you sure?” Lance grinned proudly, “Of course, I’m sure, Shiro!” The boys headed back to continue with Circle Time as the teacher started upon writing notes to the boys’ families, explaining this situation.