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All the Best Relationships Need to be Kept Secret, don't ya know

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Glynda Goodwitch sat in her car, on the first day of the summer break, outside a modest apartment complex. This was where Ruby had told her she lived, and where to pick her up for their date. 

Glynda was a little early (okay, half an hour early, so she checked the address in her mapbook again, to kill time. This was the right place. Good to make sure, for the third time. (Though quadruple checking might kill a few extra seconds...).  

Glynda fixed her hair in her reflection and tried to smell her breath and her armpits (she determined she smelled fine), and she figured she should probably clean her nostrils now so that she wouldn't accidentally do it later, in a more embarrassing context. 

And even then, she had some time to start having anxiety about the impending date. Welp. 

It had been decades years a long time since she'd actually, you know, done the 'romance' thing. Hopefully she wasn't too out of practice, thought that was sort of a joke, though, since she really hadn't ever been in practice at all. 

Like, she never had the nerve to date in high school, and college dates mostly involved casual sex between study sessions. And It probably wasn't true of all dommes, but her experience as a professional dominatrix involved both a lot less intimacy and a lot less traditional sex than she imagined most people in a vanilla relationship had, and dating people in the scene usually began with contract negotiation and a trail run. So like, Glynda was learning some of this for the first time too, along with her high school sweetheart. 

And honestly, she thought she might like a nice, sweet innocent relationship, now. This would be nice. Only the fact that she was dating one of her students, who was underage, might put a damper on that ideal just a little- 

But it was was all fine, as long as they just did nice fluffy, doki-doki sweetheart kinds of things. Innocent things. Young love things. It's not like Glynda was that old, anyway. And that did really sound nice, especially with Ruby, who was always such a sweetheart, except for the interest in BDSM. Glynda should just get all those other thoughts out of her head, for at least two years- damn, see, like those thoughts. Those were the kinds of things that would get her on TV. 

Eventually, Glynda was saved from the tyranny of her own spiraling apprehension as her girlfriend (And wow, that was kind of weird to think about) 

Ruby stepped out in a nice, knee length dress, patterned in roses, over black stockings and what looked like a long-sleeved black athletic undershirt. Otherwise, she looked normal- and that was fine, because normally Ruby was adorable- and Glynda figured that a high schooler probably wouldn't have all that much in the way of makeup or hair styling- and that took some pressure off of Glynda, too because she was here in just a nice dress blouse and skirt and her hair done a little nicer than normal, and a little bit of makeup and okay maybe she'd put a lot of work into her look today, but most of that agonizing was trying to not look too nice- like, trying to look nice but not-nice-enough-to-seem-desperate-or-anything. This was a nice, low-key first date. Somewhat casual. Yeah.

Glynda stepped out of her car and walked over to the passenger side door, where she held the door open for her girlfriend.  

Then she figured she should have greeted Ruby first, so she closed the door and held out her hand. Right as Ruby moved to take the hand, Glynda thought that might have been too formal, so she held her arms out for a hug, but then that seemed a little platonic and she leaned down for a smooch, but Ruby already had her arms out, so Glynda took Ruby's right hand in a hand shake and pulled her in for a half hug and awkwardly smooched the shorter girl on the forehead. 

And after Glynda stood back up and her glasses unfogged, Glynda realized that she probably should have verbally said something before doing any of that. 

"You look-" Glynda cleared her throat. She almost said 'ravishing', in her domme voice, but that was probably a little too forward. "-really nice." Glynda made a smile. 

"Oh! Thank you." Ruby sunk her head into her shoulders, which looked a little weird without a hoodie, "You look really nice too." 

Glynda smiled. It felt nice, and it sort of had a different feel when Ruby complimented her now, compared to back when Glynda was trying to deny all her feelings for her student. 

Glynda gestured to Ruby's pack. "You want to put that in the back?" 

"Umm," Ruby looked at the bag in her lap, "Yeah, if you don't mind?"

"Of course." Glynda unlocked the trunk of her car to let Ruby put her bag in, and then Glynda walked up and opened the passenger side door to let Ruby climb in, and she walked around her car, clockwise at first, before she turned around upon realizing that it would have been faster to walk around the front, but that switching midwalk would take even longer, but she had already done so, and switching twice would just take more time. Eventually, Glynda entered the driver's side of her car.

And after another moment where Glynda waited for her glasses to unfog, they were ready to actually start the date. 

"Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this," Ruby said. "I didn't really sleep last night, actually. So, what did you have in store?" 

"Well...." Glynda began.