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Dead by Daylight: Survivor Trials

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When the fog cleared, Claudette frowned. She didn’t like the looming and abandoned school bus that she was next to. The rock and tires nearby didn’t help the feeling of dread she had. She knew where she was and that didn’t make it any better. There was stacked wrecked cars everywhere. Walking behind the bus, she noticed a generator. Crouching, she got to work. She had no time to waste on feeling scared or worried about what was going to happen or could happen. It was quiet for her. Much too quiet in her opinion.

As she was working away on the generator, she heard someone running over. Not stopping her work, she looked around the edge of it. Nea came limping over to help with the generator. The woman had clearly run into the killer. Not a word was shared as they worked together. When it was nearly done, both stopped, and Claudette tended to Nea’s wounds. It was likely only a temporary fix, but it would be enough. Nearby as they got back to work, they heard Kate get taken down by the killer. Pushing through the panic, the generator came to life. Hiding briefly behind the rock near the generator, both heard the growl/roar of the pig as she came in for the slash. Claudette turned and ran, weaving into the bus and vaulting through the window. Nea cried out in pain once more.

As she glanced back at the window of the bus, the pig was seen looking around. She was likely trying to find Claudette. The woman ducked around the back of the bus. She didn’t want to go too far. Kate would still need help getting back onto her feet and tending her wounds. Another generator came to life as Claudette hid by some trees. Kate’s cry of pain as the hook pierced her shoulder was loud to Claudette. Maybe the pig would go after the one who worked on the generator and leave Kate alone. Claudette was not that lucky. The pig came right over to her and slashed her. The woman yelped in pain and ran past Kate, giving the hanging woman a brief glance. Vaulting though the window in the bus once more, Claudette kept running. Limping was more accurate. She wasn’t sure if someone else would get Kate, but she hoped so.

Just as she made a run for a pallet to put something between her and the killer on her heels, she fell just short with another hit. She slammed into he ground with a cry. The pig was on her in seconds, affixing a reverse bear trap on her head and lifting her up onto her shoulder. Claudette gave it her best, though the Entity had graced the killer with a hook within a short distance. Hanging from the hook, the woman had to wait. She couldn’t see much of anything but the stacked cars that were used as walls. Would someone come? She hoped so. As she waited the pig came back to make sure her prize was still right where she was left.

It took some time before someone did come but she was saved. Nea pulled Claudette down from the hook. Nea and Claudette both knew the woman was marked now and there was going to be a pig soon to come back for another prize. The women each had a med-kit to use to make the healing that much faster. It always helped. As Claudette reached the bus once more, she glanced back to Nea who had stopped. Before she could say anything, the pig was on the injured woman once more. Pushing harder, Claudette had to get away. Coming around the rocks, she saw Dwight in front of her. The man came over to help Claudette bandage up her wounds.

Nea’s cries echoed around the area. Claudette had to get the trap off her head, or she would be faced with death. She wanted to help, but at the moment she couldn’t. This typically took a few tries. Much to her surprise, it was the first box she tried! She heard another cry in the distance and frowned. It had been Kate once more. Maybe Dwight saved Nea. She could only hope. Heading to a nearby generator, Claudette went back to work. Nea’s cry came soon enough as she was knocked down once more. Claudette had a bad feeling about Kate. The woman had had a trap put on her head. Had she been able to get it off? Would she even have the time to do that now? Shaking it off, Claudette continued to work on the generator. Nea’s cry had been muffled and that led the one working on the machine to believe she was in the basement. On this location, there was only one main building so it would make sense. Just as the Entity tested Claudette’s ability to work on the machine, the sickening pop echoed. Kate was dead.

Dwight’s cry finally rang out as he was taken down by the pig. Claudette had a choice. Nea was still in the basement, perhaps alive and Dwight was on the other side of that building from Claudette. Finishing the generator, Claudette ran. She had to save someone. There were still two gens that needed to be done by her count. As she ran to save Dwight, Claudette rounded the corner of the car walls and the bus. She almost ran right into the pig. Backpedaling, the woman rounded the rocks and the pig lunged. Hearing the weapon hit the tree behind her, Claudette went through the window for a third time and ran for Dwight. As she did, she hoped Nea wouldn’t be upset with her for leaving her there.

Dwight saw her running for him and gave up, letting the Entity have him. Claudette bit back a cry as she kept running. If everyone else was gone, then she could find the hatch, maybe. Darting over to where she had been downed before, Claudette waited by the pallet that betrayed her. The pig went around the other side, and Claudette dropped it. She waited and then slid across it, leaving the killer on the other side. She needed to keep moving. Listening for the telltale sounds of the hatch, she ran towards the only standing building. It wasn’t there. She went through the other door and across a small space to a window. She vaulted it and kept moving. Feeling the bit of the weapon across her back once more, she raced through the broken tank truck. Would she find it?

Running towards another pallet, she hesitated, and the pig swung. She slammed the pallet on the other’s face and ran. The high-pitched squeal was very satisfying to hear. Fearing all hope was lost as she came up on the bus again, Claudette heard it. She heard the hatch! Looking around frantically, she spotted it by the bus and a hook. One of them was her method of escape. Jumping into the hatch, she heard the pig swing just before the metal of the lid closed. Claudette was safe. She had escaped.