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Dead by Daylight: Survivor Trials

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Another day, another trial. When was this hell going to end? Not likely soon. The thick mist in the area only added to the musty smell in the air. The swamp was a horrible place, filled with the remains of reeds, a tug boat, a large steam boat, and crates that likely once held cargo. The Entity had a twisted sense of humor as the area was filled with decay. Moss covered rocks littered the ground and opened pathways and blocked others. Hooks were scattered around as well as generators. Two docks stood in the distance, a grim reminder that this was once filled with water and the horrors it had hidden were now visible to all who dared venture here, or those who were tossed here.

As ready as she ever would be, Claudette found herself in the swamp. This was the last place she liked to be. Looking around, she could see a hook immediately to her left. A possible foreshadowing to her future. Pushing those thoughts away, she took off towards the boat that would be the biggest target, but perhaps have the larger reward in the end.

Jake took his time in finding what he wanted to do. In the process of trying not to get stuck in the mud, he saw Bill not too far from him. Dwight wasn’t far from them. Perhaps he didn’t want to help others, or perhaps he hadn’t seen them. Either way, Dwight continued his own way, leaving the pair to work on the generator together. There was always some panic as the generator started to hum to life. Would the killer hear it? Would they be found? Survival was key in all this. Helping each other was nice, but ultimately, one had to determine if it was worth their life to help someone else.

Claudette ran up the stairs on the boat, the old boards creaking under her weight. She found a generator at the top and began working on it. From here, she could see a good portion of the area, though the thick mist prevented a clear view. The old area smelled horrible and looked even worse. The place time forget in a way. Considering her options, she paused work on the generator to see if there happened to be a chest on the top side of the old boat. Sure enough, there was one. As her heart started to race, she pushed back the lid and searched the contents inside. She was almost done searching it when a dark shadow clouded over her. Searing pain ripped through her as she was slashed with a knife. Darting around the Shape, she dropped down a hole in the floorboards and hit the ground running. She went around the outside of the boat, keeping low and hidden in the tall reeds. Feeling it was safe, and knowing she wasn’t followed, she bandaged herself.

Always alert and cautious, Jake looked around as he worked on the generator. There was some level of security since there was no sign of the killer. Then again, that could be just as deadly. Some of them could not be heard coming after all. trying to focus on the generator at hand, he looked to Bill, who was hard at work on the machine. Neither spoke. The tension was almost tangible as they continued forward. Jake was waiting on those dreaded random checks that the Entity found so entertaining to throw their way. When none continued to come, he had to pause to wipe his hands off on his dirty pants. He had to be ready in the event they came without warning. Just as the generator finished, he thought he heard something nearby. Moving quickly, he saw Dwight and both Bill and Jake started to work on that generator.

Looking through the reeds, Claudette continued to wrap her wounds. She couldn’t help the occasional moan of pain as she worked. Hoping to not be found, she could hear a slight sound of a generator. Was it the one on the boat she was working on or another one? She wasn’t sure. Since she did hear the loud sound of one coming to life, maybe the others out here with her were busy trying to get the machines working. In the length of time it took her to heal herself back to a point she could move without too much pain, another loud sound triggered.

“A second generator? Already?” She was surprised by this as she hadn’t seen anyone else. They must have been working together which was a relief. Maybe her friends would be ok this time. Standing upright once more, she could see the Shape walk off in the direction of the recently completed generator. Taking this chance, she went back on the boat to try and finish that generator but first she finished looking in that chest. A key was the only useable thing inside, which she took. Now, the generator needed to be worked on.

Jake and Dwight went off in the same direction, the first following the second for now. Jake stopped to hide behind a tree. Hidden as he was, he couldn’t see much of anything. He wasn’t panicked by a noise, but rather by the silence. He was sure he could hear others running away. Did that mean the killer had found them? Adjusting his direction, Jake started off towards the boat, the location the killer might have come from. It was very risky, but being alone was even worse. Surely someone was up there.

Keeping quiet, Jake worked his way around. He noticed movement and paused. It was the killer! Taking his time, he walked around the trees, keeping an eye on the killer. So far, he hadn’t been seen but the killer was on the alert. He was on the hunt for someone and it seemed like he knew there was someone close. Was the Entity whispering to him? Jake hoped not. Just as he thought he was in the clear, he was spotted. Running as fast as he could, he was at the boat in seconds. He could hear the generator trying to come to life which meant he had just brought the killer to someone.

Claudette glanced over her shoulder, seeing Jake run by with the killer on his heels. Continuing to work on the wires before her, she tried to see if Jake got away or if she was going to have to run a second time. The sounds of running feet on wood stopped so she had to assume he was back in the mud. Or he was caught. There was no scream though. “I hope he made it.” She murmured to herself.

Jake managed to elude the killer in the mess that was the middle of the swamp. He wasn’t sure how he did so, as the killer wasn’t usually that easy to avoid. Spotted a second time, Jake threw a pallet in his way and waited. The killer took a moment to break it, giving Jake a chance to run again. The boat horn sounded long and loud, signaling whoever was on the boat finished that generator. With the killer briefly distracted, Jake hid. Trying to calm his racing heart and rapid breathing, he waited.

Claudette jumped from the second level of the boat. Not by choice as she had forgotten the stairs were gone on that side. Grunting as she landed, she kept moving to get away. A sharp right kept her close to the boat and she located a second generator. That was three now that were done and she was feeling more hopeful. As she worked on it, she was startled by Bill when he came over. Her hands slipped and the generator blew up. Cursing under her breath, she moved behind the tree, knowing without fail that it would be checked soon. Bill took off, not that Claudette blamed him.

Jake had observed the killer looking at a hook, possibly considering the joy he would have placing someone on it, before heading towards the boat. Within moments of the explosion that was heard, Jake knew that the killer would be over there. Another generator sounded. Dwight! Jake had almost forgotten about him as he had seen so little of the man. At least someone could get the machines up and running.

Claudette, in her hiding place, was found. The Shape missed swinging at her, clipping the tree instead. Running, she darted around the tree and past the generator. She heard him swing and miss a second time as she took a hard left between a rock and a tree. There was a pallet there, which could give her a little chance if she stunned the killer. As she passed it, she twisted to the right and dropped the pallet. The startled groan from the killer let her know he had been right behind her and was hit with the pallet. Running towards the ever-present brick wall, she stopped behind a tree. There was a generator present and a log on its side. Also, a totem which, while not active, should not be there anyway. Without hearing the killer after he broke down the pallet, she didn’t know if he was still following her or if he gave up. Kneeling, she worked on the totem. It was unpleasant to break it down, but it needed to be done. She was wrong. The killer turned up moments later to the generator, leaving Claudette to stop her actions on the totem and hide behind the fallen log. She was unnoticed and safe, for now.

Jake located a chest in his search for another generator to work on. If he was right, they only needed one more. There was hope! Searching the contents of the chest revealed a toolbox. Spying a generator, he got to work. Movement caught his eye for a moment. It was Dwight in the distance. Perhaps he was working on a generator or looking for one. The Entity was done playing games and being nice to Jake as he was plagued with those skill checks. As he worked and the machine got louder, her almost missed the telltale sounds of the killer’s approach. In his panic, he lost sight of the killer. Not sure what was going on, he heard the last generator spring to life. Hoped well up inside of him as he made a run for the door he briefly saw in the distance.

Bill and Claudette finished the last generator together. She ran for the closet door, Bill on her heels. While she was working on the powering up the door for it to open, he hid off to the side and waited. One could never be too careful, even this close to freedom. Dwight was nowhere to be seen and Jake was still missing. Claudette wondered if there was a chance they all four could escape this hell. As the door rolled open, Claudette and Bill darted inside. While this wasn’t safety, it was closer and with a better chance than if they continued to stand outside of it.

“Come on.” Claudette whispered to herself as she looked towards the door from the safety of the brick she was hiding behind. Bill was on the other side doing the same thing. Moving away from it to stand in the doorway, she waited. Jake came barreling towards her, toolbox in hand. Had he started with that? As they shared a small smile, and Bill stepped out from hiding, Dwight ran over to the open door. They all had made it! Relief was felt by all the survivors. Without waiting another moment, the four of them ran through the mist towards the campfire. This was a true victory for all and they could rest easy, for a brief time knowing they were still whole. However, would their other friends fair as well?