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The secret life of Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock took a deep sigh as he looked around his apartment. It looked the same as always. The same chairs, the same smile face on the wall and the same eyeballs in the fridge (he should really get those out some time soon) The sound of the door slamming shut echoed and resonated through the apartment. The strength of it was such that anyone would expect the weather to be accordingly violent - but the sun was shining and the air cool. Sherlock turned his head to see the sorce of the sound. John. Ofcourse it was John it always has been...
"Oh finally that gives me your attention!'' he says as his arms move above him.
"I've been screaming my tits off for the past 10 minutes and you just sit there like a bag of potatoes doing god knows what!'' he exlaims.
Sherlock, not paying attention to any of John's words, takes a closer look at his face. What had been causing this sudden outburst? The bags under his eyes indicate the lack of sleep. Not something to be this mad about to. Move on then, there is a slight twitching of his eyes, annoyed then. But about what? Sherlock lifts himself on his elbows and takes a look at the kitchen. Ahh... he must have found the brains next to the meatballs, hopefully he didn't eat them, but then again it can be a common mistake.
"How many times do I have to say it sherlock! No bloody experiments in the-''
"They aren't even bloody John! They are perfectly frozen and shouldn't cause you any harm'' Sherlock says in a lazy voice.
"Wha? no, no sod this! sod this Sherlock! Just don't put them in there!'' John almost screams.
Sherlock takes a deep sigh and rolles his eyes. And people call him a drama queen. As Sherlock returns to his position on the coutch and returns to ignoring John, John grabs his jacket and leaves the apartment. Finally, Sherlock stands up and paces to the window seeing if his friend really leaves or comes back to sulk a bit more at him. When John leaves his sight he retreats himself to the calander hanging on the wall. It is almost time again... He really needs to work this out John can never know about this... about him.