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Chasing Broken Dreams

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Chim chim



King Tae

You're back?! How was the concert? Did you meet BTS?!
No, more importantly, did you meet jeon fucking hot mess Maknae and thighs like a God jungkook?!

Chim Chim

I did.

King Tae

u srs?! Oh lord, bless that backstage pass you won!



King Tae

What u mean 'wat'??
How was it?! Gimme details pls???
I wanna know all the dirty little secrets

Chim Chim


King Tae


Chim Chim

Well, the toilet I woke up in after Jungkook fucked me into a goddamn delirium, was pretty dirty for starters. And there was a janitor who poked me with a freaking mop, which was also dirty as hell tbh.


King Tae

Wait no. Actually, you're not lucky! This is all thanks to me, you should call me God, or Savior, or daddy if that's what you're into, cuz this would've never happened if I hadn't replaced your suppressants!! I knew it! No freaking alpha can resist your scent, even when his name is Jungkook and he's the fucking hottest idol on planet earth!! I literally gifted you the best night of your life! You better invite me to your wedding!

Chim Chim

You did what...?

King Tae

You're welcome bae!

Chim Chim

Kim Taehyung. Do you even understand wtf you did??

King Tae

Yeah, I think so.


Chim Chim



King Tae

Oh shit... Sorry Jimi-


Chim Chim

Don't you dare say you're sorry!
You don't even know how much I'm freaking out rn!
This was my first time and you fucking knew it, Tae! YOU KNEW!

My ass hurts like hell, and WE DIDN'T USE ANY PROTECTION!!
what if I get pregnant, Tae?! What am I supposed to do?? We're sixteen years old, we're TOO FUCKING YOUNG FOR THIS SHIT! His career will be over, and my life, too!
We'll be forced to mate and then everyone thinks that I'm some kind of leech or bitch that planned all of this. They gonna think I slept with him just to bind him and his money to me!! Everyone's gonna hate me!


King Tae

Wow... Chill. When you freak out like that it really looks like you're pregnant

Chim Chim



King Taehyung

Okay okay, I'm sorry!!
Look, we don't even know whether you're really pregnant or not! Omega's usually don't catch anything from their first time.
The odds are totally against you!


Chim Chim

Yeah... Yeah, you're right.

Sorry, I'll calm down.

It's kinda my fault, too. I should've noticed something's wrong but I was so happy... I wanted it.

But you're right. There's no way that I'm that unlucky.. 

Let's...let's just pretend this never happend, ok?







Warm eyes and a sweet smile.
Jimin can't help but wonder how someone can look so friendly and excited while destroying a fellow Omega's life.
He can hear his mother gasp, his father groan, and his little brother hums a quiet and amazed, "Oh..." while staring intensely at the elder's stomach.
Soon it'll be too obvious to hide.

"Are you telling me there's a baby inside of my baby?!" his mom screeched in shock, voice climbing higher with every word while she closes her arms protectively around Jimin's shaking shoulders.

Calmly, the nurse replies, "No. That's not what I'm saying." but the expression on her face doesn't change, almost as if she tries to forcefully smile the bad atmosphere away.
It doesn't work.

"So...he isn't pregnant then?"
Hope and relief fills his father's strong voice, rubbing off on Jimin who now sighs and allows himself to relax in his mother's embrace.
Everything's fine. Nothing happened.
He'll be okay.
That's what he thought until the nurse dared to speak up again, releasing the fatal words that would change Jimin's life forever.

"No, no! What I meant to say was, it's not just one baby but two! Twins! Congratulations, I'm sure the father will be very proud!"



"Are you sure it's okay to drink in your...uh...current state?"

Concern echoed in Taehyung's voice, showed on his face, while he threw a worried glance at his teary-eyed best friend who had one of the many Soju bottles already pressed against his pale pillow lips, and Jimin instantly trembled.
A sob shook his body, lips quivering as the tears started flowing again. Leaving wet traces on the young Omega's cheeks.
"Oh, believe me, Tae. Never in my life did I have a more valid reason to get wasted. It'll be the last time anyway. Having fun won't be an option after tonight."

Sighing deeply, Taehyung scooted closer.
"You're overreacting..." he mumbled while rubbing the other's rounded back, kneading the pain and stress caused knots out of his muscles, but Jimin just snorted a sarcastic laugh.

"Really? Leaving High School and giving up on going to university with you seems like a pretty big deal to me. Not to mention that I can forget about becoming a dancer. I have no idea what kind of job I can even take at this point."

"You can still go to university, though... And you can still dance, Jimin. It'll just take a bit longer than expected. Once the babies are in kindergarten or school, you can go back to working towards your dreams. You'll still be young then."

Shaking his head, Jimin sniffles again.
"I'll be in my twenties... That's so fucking old! I just... I wanna do so many things before that. All the fun and stupid stuff we do, I don't wanna stop just because I have to be a good role model!"

With his head leaning against Taehyung's shoulder, Jimin stares into the far distance. Eyes trailing over all the red and brown rooftops, the dimly glowing lights radiating from the small street lanterns, and the people who rush through the streets, the laughing couples.
The world will never stop, no matter how much Jimin prays for it to pause, begs for a time out.

"Everything's gonna be alright, Chim." Taehyung mumbles softly after following Jimin's gaze.
" You might be pregnant, but you're not dead. I'll help you as much as I can, after all, this is partially my fault. For now, though, it's still only you and me, and I'll make it my mission to make this the best night of your life."
He pauses, boxy smile turning into a scrunched up frown, before he mutters, "For real this time..."


Taehyung didn't lie. It was definitely one of the most amazing nights they had experienced together.
Jimin couldn't stop smiling and giggling while they made their way through the streets, dancing and running, and Taehyung held his smartphone up high above their heads, music vibrating loudly through the night until people opened their windows and started yelling at them to turn it off.

The short journey ends on a small playground where Jimin instantly curls up in one of the swings, the ones that look like small, rounded nests.
They're his favorite, especially with Taehyung's warm body wrapped around him, giving him safety, while they slowly sway back and forth.
Jimin feels dizzy, light-headed when all the alcohol settles in his system, breath and thoughts slowing down in comfortable unison until Taehyung nuzzles into his pastel pink dyed hair, voice a soft whisper.

"Jiminie... I think you should talk to Jungkook. It would make everything so much easier for you, and even if he's an idol, he's responsible for what happened. I mean, why the hell did he fucking knot you?! A random stranger!! That's just stupid. He could've easily avoided this whole mess. It's his own fault!"

He's right, Jimin knows he is, but he can't bring himself to face the famous singer.
It's embarrassing for him to even think about it. Degrading.'s obvious at this point that Jungkook must be a pretty big asshole, someone he probably wouldn't want to have around his children if he can avoid it.
After all, he could've waited for him to wake up, he could've told him that he needs to go.
Fuck, he could've written at least a goddamn note!

So, no. He doesn't confront his regrettable one night stand, in fact, he pretty much erases the event from his memory and acts like it never happened. Pulling a face whenever Taehyung mentiones the idols name.




Then, months later, the twins are finally born into this world, and Jimin didn't know it was possible to feel so much love for a human being, before he held them in his arms.
The euphoria didn't last long, though.

"Jimin." his mother sighed as soon as they stepped through the door of their family home, baby boy in one arm, baby girl in the other.
"You know I love you, sweetheart, but you have to tell us who the father is! We just...can't support you financially. That should be the father's job."
Instantly, Jimin turns away and stubbornly avoids any eye contact, his voice is as bitter as it is broken. Regret spreading on his tongue as he speaks.
"I told you, mom. I can't remember him. I'm sorry."

But his father wasn't having it, and after shooting his eldest son a glare, he stomped towards them and grabbed the Omega's arm. Making Jimin flinch.
"I don't think you quite understand the situation you're in." he growled, and Jimin instantly lowered his head in submission, whimpering quietly.
"I'm sorry, father..."

"I don't need your apologies!" slowly, the elder's voice became angrier, louder, until the neighbors could probably hear him.
"I need the name of the fucking bastard who disgraced our family! Do you even understand how people look at us, how they look at you?! You'll never get a mate like that! How do you plan to survive, huh?! You're clearly old enough to fuck around, so stop acting like a child and take responsibility for your actions! You either tell us his name, or you leave right now!"

Jimin isn't stupid. He knows it's an empty threat. His father is trying to bait him, to pressure him into revealing Jungkook's identity, but the Omega isn't willing to play along.
He swallows his pride, buries the pain and his tears, and nods slowly.
"I understand. I'm leaving then. I don't wanna be a burden to you anyways, I wasn't planning on staying."
His mother gasps, eyes getting wet as she gently places a hand on her beloved son's shoulder, eyes wandering to her mate, searching for help.
"No, please... Don't go, Jimin-ah! I'm sure we can find a way...Honey, please tell him he can stay!"

But the man just snorts and turns around, arms crossed in front of his chest. There's no arguing with him. When it comes to stubbornness Jimin and him are pretty much on the same level. Even in the past, they headbutted over the most trivial topics.
"Let him go. He will beg for help soon enough."


Jimin leaves with his most important things, his children, and a clenching heart.
If he's honest with himself, he knows that his father isn't as wrong as he'd like him to be, because the truth is, he really doesn't know where to go.
At first, he's just wandering around, sitting on benches and playgrounds, but as the evening rises, and the sun falls, it starts raining and the cold air creeps beneath his clothes.

With shaky hands and the whining of his children stuck in his ears, he fishes for the smartphone in the pocket of his jeans and dials the only number he can think of.
"Taehyungie...? Sorry, I-I don't wanna disturb you, but I need help... P-Please, help me..."



"Grandma said you can stay as long as you want. Here, you can have my clothes, yours are drenched. She made something to eat, too, if you feel hungry..."
Both boys sit in Taehyung's small room, eyes watching the small human beings in front of them who are now sleeping quietly and peacefully after screaming for almost an hour.
Jimin honestly can't hold it against them. He, too, feels like screaming and crying, and he'd love to run into his mother's protecting arms.
But he can't.
"Thanks...but I'm not really hungry. I don't wanna be a burden to you."
"Oh please, you will never be a burden! You're my best friend, and my family loves you! You're always welcome here, Jimin. You know that."

Finally, something that resembles a small smile lights up Jimin's features, and when Taehyung's opens his arms wide, Jimin thankfully curls up in his embrace.
Without even noticing it, he begins to cry, tears start flowing, and his body starts trembling, until exhaustion and Taehyung's gently hummed songs, calm him down.
Even though... He can't really tell whether he's calm or simply numb at this point.

"Do you have names for them?" his best friend suddenly asks and it only shows just how long they weren't able to see each other.
"Of course. I can't just call them baby one and baby two, can I?"
Taehyung huffs a laugh, hand muffling the loud sounds to make sure the children won't wake up.
"So? What names did you give them? Ji and Min?"
Grimacing, Jimin shakes his head before a small giggle makes it through his lips and he leans forward to lovingly caress his children's heads.

"Don't laugh, okay? The girl is called Minji and the boy Minju. I thought it's cute since they're twins..."
Humming in agreement, Taehyung nods and shows off a comforting smile, boxy as always.
"It's not just cute, it's adorable!! Great choice, Jiminie!" he hums, before suddenly falling silent. His expression softens.
"Jimin... I asked around, and one of my friends said he has to quit his bartender job at the club of his parents. Technically, you're too young...but I told him it's an emergency and he said he can get you the job if you want. It would be at night, so you can spend the days with those little cuties. I'd babysit them while you're gone."
Sniffling, Jimin looks at the other Omega, gratefulness shining in his eyes while he whispers, "You'd do that...?"
And Taehyung smiles in return, hand ruffling through the faded blonde of Jimin's hair.
"Everything for my best friend. My little drama queen."
Jimin pouts and Taehyung giggles, but at least for now, the world looks a tiny bit brighter.




7 years later

"Pups! Breakfast!"
Jimin's voice fills the small one room apartment easily as he hurries back and fourth to get his children's meals ready in time.
He knows very well that simply calling them won't do it, but it's a ritual he got used to over the years.
"Minju, don't." he then warns, eyes following his son who was leaning out of the only window they have, big and amazed eyes following a butterfly that fluttered teasingly close to his nose.
Frustrated, the boy growled, small paws reaching out to catch the sneaky thing, but Jimin gets him just in time, snatches him by the collar, and pulls him away.
It earns him a whiny, "Eomma!" as he sits child number one down at the table.

"Don't Eomma me." he huffs while already glancing at child number two.
"Being curious is nice and all, but not when you constantly have your head in the clouds, sweetie. I don't want that cute little nose of yours to get hurt."
He flicks a finger against said button nose, making his son's face instantly scrunch up in the cutest way possible and Jimin can't help but wonder where the hell he got that from.

There's no time to dwell on it, though, as he quickly ducks down to ruffle through his daughter's hair.
The Raven haired little princess had been totally engrossed in a drawing ever since she woke up. Even though, judging from the droopy-eyed look on her face, Jimin kinda doubts that she was really awake and not just sleepwalking through the tedious tasks of getting ready for school.

"You too, Minji. You can finish your masterpiece later. Breakfast is more important."
She silently pouts, eyes squinting before she lifts her hands, reaching for Jimin who giggles, but willingly carries the young lady to the table, sitting her down by her brother's side.

The old radio quietly plays in the background while the children eat, rattling from time to time, but Jimin's head still perks up when the new song from BTS is announced.

I need you.

With his eyes closed, Jimin listens to the emotional tune, chest clenching as soon as Jungkook's voice charms it's way into the Omega's ears, and through them, into his heart.
It still hurts, even after all this time.

He could stay like this forever, just listening to the voice he once adored so much and drifting away, but his eyes snap open as soon as small fingers pinch his cheeks.
Minju almost crawled onto the table to reach Jimin's face, but he looks more than satisfied with the result of his stunt when the Omega finally reacts and stares back at him.
"Don't be sad, Eomma." he says softly, and Jimin could hit himself for slipping like that, for forgetting about his sweet babies and, even worse, making them worry.
"We'll be late for school if we don't go now." Minji now also pipes up, and Jimin smiles while petting both of their heads.
"I'm not sad, don't worry. And yes, you're right. We should go."


"Don't forget about our birthday tomorrow!"
It's cute how excited they are, how they remind Jimin every ten minutes until they reach the school gate.
"I won't. How could I ever forget the most important day of the year?"
Both children giggle happily while allowing Jimin to place a loving kiss on each cheek and just when they disappear in the big building, Jimin's phone rings.

It's Taehyung's voice that answers him, and Jimin slowly feels his body relax, pressure falling from his shoulders, as he slowly shifts into free time mode.
"Yo, Jiminie! On a scale from 0 to 100, how nervous are you about tomorrow?"
Rolling his eyes, Jimin huffs, "There's nothing to be nervous about, Tae. It's their birthday and they wanna see BTS, that's all. I won't deny them to see their favorite band just because I have a weird history with one of the members. Besides...I don't really care about Jungkook anymore. It's been so long ago, I hardly remember what happened."

There's a pause before his friend coughs a sarcastic, "Suuuuure. That must be why you still refuse every freaking Alpha who asks you out. Because you're SO over him. Also, I'm pretty sure the reason why they're so into BTS is because you keep staring at their music videos, or pictures. Shit, last time you stopped in the middle of the street because there was a picture of Jungkook on a bus! I thought you're suicidal. You get this weird look in your eyes whenever you see him. It's scary. Seriously though, what does 'weird relationship' even mean? He's their FATHER!"

Sighing, Jimin slowly maneuvers through the packed streets, trying hard to keep his voice down, even through the city noise. He can't wait to get home, to finally get some sleep after working all night.
"I know, you don't have to remember me. Just...don't worry, okay? I'm fine, I swear!"
"Did you eat today?"
"Are you my mother?"
"You wouldn't live in that small ass apartment if I was."

Jimin smiles because he can imagine what a doting parent Taehyung would be. He really is lucky to have such a good friend who's always by his side. Even during the first two years, when Minju and Minji screamed through the whole night whenever Jimin was at work, Taehyung would still come over to look after them, despite having to go to school early the next morning.

"I'll eat later, I promise. Hey, why don't you come over tomorrow evening?"
Snorting, Taehyung mumbles, "So you can cry on my shoulder?"
"No. To celebrate their birthday, jerk. I took the day off, so we can watch a movie or something. Only child-friendly stuff, though."
"Oh! Sure, I wanna see the ballerina movie!"

A giggle dances on Jimin's tongue as he opens the door, body finally plopping onto the bed and his eyes instantly flutter shut.
"Minji's gonna hate you for that. She says she hates ballerinas more than carrots these days."
"I'll survive the rage of our little princess. You sound tired as hell, though. Go and get some sleep while you can, I'll see you tomorrow."

Jimin only manages to hum in agreement before he drifts off into a deep and comforting sleep.