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You're Mine And Mine Only!

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You’re Mine And Mine Only!

Ayacho x Harunan


The long haired girl turned back to see Country Girl's adorable Morito Chisaki waving at her, successfully getting the older one's attention. The young girl eagerly made it's way to Haruna with a large smile plastered to her face.

"Can you take a picture with me?"


It seemed as though Haruna became a magnet today that attracted VERY adorable girls to her. She already had Chii-chan coming to her asking for a photo, and boy was Haruna happy that those photos contained very uh 'extraordinary' poses. It was almost as if they were a couple with Haruna hugging the girl from behind who became very red at the sudden skin ship with her senpai.

However, this time was not Chii-chan but none other than Kobushi Factory's Inoue Rei, the younger girl made the same movements that previous one did and made her way to stand in front of her smiling senpai. "Ahh~~~She's adorable today too" Haruna seemed to be lost in thought as she stared into the innocent eyes of the girl in front of her.

"Do you want a photo too?" Haruna asked with a smirk in her face, she wouldn't resist an opportunity to take photos with her kohais, ESPECIALLY if it's a certain kohai who she adores.

The younger girl just nodded happily as if Haruna used some kind of telepathy to read her mind, of course she doesn't have that kind of power but she would sure love to have it.

It wasn't just a photo she wanted, the two girls stayed to chat while they were on their break, opportunities like these were rare since their schedules always seemed to collide, the older girl never found time to chat with her kohais from outside the group unless it was a Hello Project concert.

Couple of minutes passed and the younger girl bid farewell to her senpai as she walked towards the other members of her group. Haruna just casually waved back and started to head for the dressing rooms but...

"Why do I feel someone's gaze on me?"
"Finally...practise is over!"

Morning Musume's sub leader stated in relief, even though they do this everyday the pain in her muscles never went away as each hour passed. She wouldn't usually shout like this but since it was a long day today she might as well release some excitement, after all the day wasn't done yet.

Haruna said her farewells to the other members and was about to exit the room when she saw a familiar figure standing outside the door. At first the young adult couldn't believe who it was until she slapped herself bringing her back to reality, confirming that she wasn't dreaming.


The figure who was known as Ayaka Wada turned her attention to the confused girl who called out to her and received a blank expression that Haruna couldn't read. The two just stared at each other for what seemed to be forever until Ayaka grabbed the younger one's hand and walked off, the feeling of having her arm pulled didn't bother Haruna but she did wonder why she used a bit of force.

However, the taller one stopped midway much to Haruna's surprise but then she saw some other familiar figures blocking the way. There in front of them was Ishida Ayumi and Kudo Haruka who was just as surprised as Haruna was as they looked at Angerme's leader.

"Wada-san! I didn't know you were here!" Ayumi said in astonishment, raising one eyebrow at Haruna but the older one ignored her generation mate's eye contact with her.

"Yeah if we knew then we wouldn't have made plans with Haruna today" this time the voice came from the young Kudo Haruka who eyed Haruna suspiciously, the cornered juuky just averted her eyes away from the situation wondering why she's the one being glared at.

Ayaka just looked towards the girl who seemed to be trying to avoiding the conversation, "You had plans?". That question seemed to have struck a nerve inside Haruna, she definitely didn't want to miss out on a date with Aya-chan, even if it meant declining her original plan she made with her generation mates.

"Uhh...about that..." The sub leader stuttered, lost at what words to say until the younger two shared a look a spoke up.

"Not anymore, we weren't going to go out anyway, we had other plans."

The two juukies were now behind Haruna, pushing her forward towards the confused Ayaka and childishly ran off when they used too much force and Haruna landed in the older girl's arms. Haruna didn't know whether or not she should be thanking them for being such amazing friends or cursing them out of embarrassment.

The innocent one who had no clue what just happened helped Haruna to her feet and started walking again, this time outside the building and towards to wherever she was taking the younger one.

All of a sudden, Haruna's phone buzzed and interrupted their conversation, she didn't want to look at whoever interrupted them but when Ayaka told her at least look at it she did so as told.


We're not sorry for earlier

You should've told us that Wada-San was coming

Seriously, your schedules are always taking away the time you have together so a date like this is a good thing

Just try not to do anything weird to her"

Duu and Ayumin

Maybe she should thank her two generation mates when she has the chance, Haruna thought which a smile plastered to her face.
Some time passed since Ayaka dragged Haruna out of the practise room and the younger girl couldn't help but feel a weird vibe around the other girl which made it awkward to start a casual conversation.

It was rare for the two not to talk, whenever they spent a day together they would talk 24/7. Normally, it was easy for Haruna to start a conversation that will lead to no end but with the situation she's in now, it seems that it would take quite a while to even say anything the other girl. Did she do something?

It was small, but they stopped at a simple bookstore that seemed to be camouflaged in the big lights and buildings in Tokyo. The store was hardly filled, but it was the place Ayaka and Haruna enjoyed the most. The two would read to each other, wether or not it was manga (Haruna) or western art (Ayaka). Even if it was quiet and small, the two were never bored, the they were always satisfied with the bookstore, especially since hardly anyone was around which made alone time accessible.


That was all there was, the two didn't speak a word as they sat down, now Haruna KNEW something was up, the other girl was never this quiet when they were together. Hell, Ayaka was full of life whenever they were together, but now, it seemed as though all the life in Ayaka was drained out and it left another girl who Haruna didn't recognise.


A vibration was felt in Haruna's bags as a text message was received. Just as the younger girl was about to grab her, Ayaka shot a glare at the other's hand who was about to go on the phone.

"Is it your kohais again?"

Her voice had a sound of anger, Haruna was widened her eyes at the rare tone of voice her girlfriend was giving, she didn't know what to do so she just stayed silent and went through her phone,

"Oh, it's a text from Reirei"

And just with that a smile crept through the younger's face, wondering what the young girl had sent her, but it was a smile that the girl she was with didn't approve of.

Without word, Ayaka shot up from her seat, grabbed Haruna's hand and strode into the bathroom so she wouldn't make a scene (even though they were the only people in the bookstore). Haruna knew that Ayaka was angry with her somehow, she just didn't know why. The older one used an odd amount of strength which was hardly ever shown.

Haruna was led to the bathroom which was luckily empty, and without warning, she was pushed to the wall with Ayaka's arm cornering her. At first the younger girl blushed at the gap that was so close to closing, but when she had a look at this other's face, she could tell she something bad was about to happen. Exactly what did she do this time?

"...Aya-chan?...what's wrong?"

Ayaka's eye twitched a little, maybe out of irritation? Slowly, the taller girl looked at Haruna's puzzled face which probably made her more irritated by the look on her face. The two stayed at that awkward position for a while until Ayaka finally decided to speak...

"Can you maybe not get too close to other girls?"

There was a tint of sarcasm in her voice but at the same time you could hear the seriousness in how she said it. *blink* Haruna just densely stared at the other girl, more confused than ever. What did she mean by that?

"Um...are you referring to someone in particular?"

The older one widened her eyes in...shock? Well the face she had on was like 'Do-you-seriously-not-know-what-I'm-talking-about' face. Sighing at how dense her friend was, Ayaka decided to tell the younger girl what's been bothering her.

"I'm talking about Reirei and Chiichan, I know you love them but I don't want you to get too close, especially if I'm around". The sound of anger had completely been gone as it was replaced by a feeling of jealousy which left Ayaka pouting.

However this time the younger girl didn't find this adorable as she would usually do, Aya-chan was jealous? And all because she took a photo with her precious kohais, that doesn't compare to every time the older girl goes on and on about her generation mate, Duu.

"Why would you complain? I was just taking photos with them".

"While I was in the room?, that's low even for you"

"I didn't know you were around when we took the photos, even if I did why would that stop me from agreeing to their request, it's just a photo".

At this point the two released very unexpected anger which was hardly ever shown. The happy couple that everyone knew and acted lovey-dovey were now in a heated fight and both sides has no intention of losing in this argument, even if it was a silly thing to argue about, well that’s what Haruna thought.

The fight seemed to go on together until Ayaka made a move and embraced the other one, both surprising and confusing the shorter girl in her actions. Out of nowhere she just came and hugged her, how can she do that in the middle of an argument was what Haruna was thinking the whole time as the two stayed silent. They stayed in that position for a while, it’s not like anyone was going to come and see them like that.

“I’m serious about this”

Haruna tried to look at the older girl’s face but wasn’t even able to get a glimpse as the taller girl had her head leaned on Haruna’s shoulder making it impossible to see what kind of face she was making. She didn’t know what to say at Ayaka’s sudden statement, what exactly was she saying?

“Says the one who always talks about Kuduu, her name is always bound to come up whenever we’re together”

Haruna didn’t know whether or not she said it in anger or jealousy, she wasn’t even trying to argue back with Ayaka, she didn’t know what she was doing anymore.

“I may always talk about her but the one who I am most serious with is you”.

Now Haruna’s heart broke hearing the words that came from her girlfriend’s lips, she couldn’t even say anything else. Nothing else could be said in this situation, Ayaka was honest and you can tell if she was lying, she was right, she is serious, serious about their relationship.

“Even if you can’t see me be serious because of how I act and what I do, I will always be serious when it comes to you”.

And when final words came, the tears fell from Haruna’s eyes.
The scene that took place in that bathroom wasn’t talked about as the two left the bookstore and headed to a different destination in silence. It felt as though it was even more awkward to start a conversation in this situation.

Even if they didn’t talk, they still held hands, even if they didn’t look at each other directly in the face. It wasn’t long before they stopped at a cafe which was another place they usually went to.

They both took a seat at a table for two, like the bookstore, the place was empty, well it wasn’t really empty, there were some people here and there, maybe 5 or 6 all together but there really wasn’t that many people in the cafe which was rare.

As Haruna was about to decide her order, she caught a glimpse of the other girl doing actions, when she looked up, she saw Ayaka gesturing her to lean her head down. Confused by the sudden request, Haruna did what she was asked to and lowered her head with the menu covering her. She certainly didn’t expect Ayaka to do the same and their lips clashed together, shocking Haruna as she closed her eyes at the sudden kiss.

The two parted from their mini session behind the menu as they both looked at each other for about a minute.

“Next time I catch you with another girl, there WILL be a punishment”

But this time, there was a grin attached to her face as she said that. There was no anger in the way she said it which relieved Haruna, finally the girl was back to her goofy old self.
Ayaka gestured her to lower her head again.

“Geez, you’re so spoiled”

But in response to Haruna’s statement, the older girl looked at her with an adorable smile which consumed her heart.

Haruna lowered her head and when they clashed again, she could instantly feel a smile forming on Ayaka’s face. She didn’t notice it immediately, but she also was smiling in the kiss that felt like forever. As they parted Ayaka gave a goofy smile which was normally shown when they were together, this was the girl that she loved.

As they smiled at each other, Ayaka took Haruna’s hand in her own and gently stroked it…

“Just remember…that you’re mine and mine only”.