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Life Through a Child's Eyes

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Magnus gulps, eyeing the child standing in the middle of his living room as he wonders how this has become his life now – who knew that getting involved with shadowhunters would result in such weird and wacky adventures and outcomes. The warlock looks around at the shadowhunters shifting nervously around his living room, seeing them all glancing at the child from time to time but otherwise waiting for him to ask the inevitable question.

“Do I even want to know who or how this happened?” He asks as he finally continues moving into the room, having frozen in the doorway as soon as his eyes set upon the small boy stood in the centre of the room surrounded by shadowhunters well known to the warlock.

“Probably not,” Clary mumbles under her breath as she watches the young boy in front of her who seems fascinated by the warlock in front of him.

“Something went wrong on our mission and we can’t exactly take him back to the Institute,” Jace shrugs as he steps forward a little, hooking his finger in the back of the boy’s shirt when he starts to poke around at objects on the table nearby and pulls him away from the table a little. “Don’t touch them.”

The little boy sends the taller male a glare that would have probably looked more threatening on the adult version of the face but has lost its effect on the small chubby-cheeked face of the child. “Why should I listen to you?”

Jace sighs but decides to ignore the boy, still holding onto his shirt though so he doesn’t start to wander off. “Is there any way to fix this?”

Magnus eyes the group before crouching to be at eye level with the child, “Please tell me this isn’t my boyfriend,” He asks, taking in the young boy’s features and his laidback attitude around the other shadowhunters.

Izzy shifts nervously before sighing, “Umm... that’s your boyfriend – but he isn’t to blame for this, he was actually trying to fix it but the Seelie girl wasn’t impressed with his efforts and this happened. I still don’t see why you couldn't have just apologised, Jace.”

Magnus sighs, motioning for Jace to let the boy go before beckoning him closer. “Hello, Alexander,” He greets the boy, subconsciously smiling in response when the young boy gives him a wide excited smile and waves as he moves closer to the glittery older male. “How do you feel, huh?”

Alec rocks on his feet as he thinks over the question before giving the male two thumbs up, moving closer and inspecting the colours in the other male’s hair. He points to the colours as he speaks, “It’s pretty – like Izzy. She’s pretty as well but she doesn’t think so.”

Magnus smiles, picking the boy up once he is within arm's length and placing him on his hip as he faces the group, rubbing soothing circles in the boys back. “I have to agree with you there, Isabelle is quite magnificent but I know someone I think takes the prize for the most good-looking,”

Alec rests his head against the warlock’s shoulder as he listens to the man before pointing to Jace as he asks, “Is it Jace? Everyone says Jace is pretty too.”

Magnus chuckles, sharing a look with the others in the room before mumbling, “No, silly, it’s you.”

Alec giggles, wrapping his arms around the warlock’s neck before playing with the collar of the older male’s shirt.

“I can’t make anything tonight since it’s pretty late and my contacts prefer warning before I turn up looking for ingredients so I’m afraid that we won’t be getting my grumpy boyfriend back until at least tomorrow afternoon at the earliest.” The warlock addresses the others in the room, content to let the child in his arms play with his shirt collar for the moment.

“What are we going to do? Like Jace said, we can’t take him back to the Institute. Mum is back and I’m not sure she would be impressed at seeing her oldest son in the form of a six-year-old all over again.” Izzy inquires, walking over and running her fingers through her brother’s hair affectionately.

Magnus lets out a sigh, pretending that looking after the child version of his boyfriend is going to be such a hard feat – in reality, it will probably be easier since he seems more open to asking for things in this form than he is when he is an adult. “He can stay here until I can bring him back to his own size, I suppose.”

Clary sends the warlock a smile before they all bid the child version of the head of the Institute goodbye, getting smiles and excitable hugs in response as they are all made to promise to come back tomorrow.

Magnus smiles as he hears the front door shut, looking at the boy in his arms as he thinks about how odd this situation really is.

“Oh, Alexander, what am I going to do with you?”