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In Another World

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Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts but I OFFICIALLY OWN Geomon.


What is a Geomon you say?

Well, its an awesome I-phone game that has a very similar gameplay to Pokemon, except you don’t have to deal with 5 made up imaginary regions. Now it uses your own location from where you live.

Go ahead and download it for free in the app store. (APP DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE ALONG WITH THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE.)

If you want to view the Geodex here, please copy and paste this link onto a separate address bar:

Info for the first chapter (prologue): I really got head start on chapter one and I didn’t think of coming back to the prologue. XD

So please click the next chapter and enjoy, for a prologue to this story will never be written.


Falco276 :)