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Out of Place

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She fled, running from the forceful winds that had taken her brothers, so much more tangible than the memories that were gradually slipping away. She ran straight back into the forest, hopping down ledges and over roots as if she'd been doing it forever. Fear had kept her going much longer than any gym teacher had been able to bribe or cajole her. But she was tiring and the storm was relentless.

She hopped down one more ledge and noticed the deep depression within it. She slipped into it, head pressed into the dirt wall. She closed her eyes and waited, tears burning beneath her eyelids. She had been stupid to run. She felt like a little kid hiding under the blankets, desperately hoping that being blind to the danger equated with negating it.

She listened to the storm grow closer and closer, until it drowned out all else.

And then it seemed to move away.

Still trembling in terror, she turned to look. It was moving away from her. On shaky legs, she stood, warily exiting her hidey hole. She watched as it continued moving away, becoming unstable as the winds calmed then dissipated.

Somehow, she had dodged it.