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lust for life

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Jimin’s more nervous than he thought he would be. He’s at the venue. Which is basically a shitty bar that looks like a fire hazard with thirty people. It's packed with close to a hundred right now. The bar's staff are setting up the mic stands before the show, but the band is still hidden in the back rooms. His heart races thinking about it how close they are.

This is the second date of the tour, only a few hours from his home. Jimin could stay for the show then buy a bus ticket home with only a mildly pissed Momma Park at home. Easy, uncomplicated, and totally not likely to get him butchered in a trucker's cab. That’s not what he wants though. He wants to step out of his straight-laced, golden boy skin even if it does kill him. He settles himself to leave the decision making until the show ends.

The lights dim as he thinks it. The crowd erupts in screams that make him cringe as he shuffles to get closer to the stage. The bassist, Namjoon, steps up to the mic as he squeezes between two dudebros. “Thanks for coming out tonight, guys. We’re BTS and we hope you enjoy the show.”

He backs up and Jimin watches as Seokjin grabs his own mic. He scans the crowd and winks a few times as the band starts up the music to N.O. Jimin’s not sure he’s breathing when Jin starts singing the first notes, but by the end, his blood is roaring in his ears as he shouts to the lyrics. The concert only gets better from there.

Afterward, he’s a little bummed but mostly he’s tipsy on the music and the few drinks he’d managed to cop before the bartender bothered to ask for his ID. He’s in the alley behind the club with a couple other enthusiastic fans hoping to meet the band as they load their shit up into one of two camper vans. It makes Jimin glad they’re still new to this. New enough that they'll at least have a smoke with someone after the show.

His heart nearly bursts through his chest every time the back-door swings open. They haven’t come out yet, but his eyes are locked on to the doorway just in case. It pays off. He’s already watching when they come out. Taehyung’s got his guitar on his back and Jungkook’s lugging the last parts of his drum set, but the rest of the instruments are packed into their manager’s trailer. Hoseok and Namjoon are the first ones to amble over to the dozen or so of fans left.

Jimin follows them with his eyes, heart in his throat and feet frozen. They greet a few people, grabbing the pens held out to sign a shirt and one forehead. He snorts at that.

The noise has Namjoon looking at him, eyebrow raised. He feels himself blush but lifts his own in response. Namjoon elbows Hoseok and says something that Jimin wishes he could hear, but he can guess well enough as they head for him.

“Want a smoke?” Namjoon’s voice hits him right in the gut. It’s only a little higher than it is when he growls into the mic.

“No thanks.” Jimin may be basically running away from home, but he’s a good kid.

Hoseok sidles up beside him against the wall, throwing him a smile. “Mind if we do?”

Not trusting his voice, he only shakes his head. From the corner of his eye, he can see Taehyung and Jin chatting with a few people. Namjoon lights both their cigarettes. There are a few moments of silence. Jimin works himself up into breaking it at the same time Hoseok does.

“You- “

“So, did- “

Jimin stops with a nervous laugh and meets Hoseok’s eye. He swallows around the lump in his throat and tilts his chin up with his best flirty smile. “You first.”

“I just wanted to know if you enjoyed the show.” He doesn’t look away. Jimin watches him, dick starting to stirring in his jeans when Hoseok licks his lips and lets the smoke trickle out.

“I –“ His voice cracks. He swallows before trying again. “I loved it. I’ve been following you guys on YouTube for months, actually.”

“Cute.” Namjoon grinds his cigarette against the bricks and pockets it. Hoseok just crushes his beneath his boot. Namjoon groans. “Dude, littering is not rock and roll.”

Hoseok mutters an apology and turns back to Jimin, throwing an arm over his shoulders. “We gotta go. You coming to the next show?”

Jimin’s ‘yeah’ is a little more breathless than he means.

“Cool. I guess I'll see you then, uh…?”

“Jimin.” He finishes. His arm is gone and the air rushes back into his lungs.

Jimin misses their words as they walk away. He's busy trying to keep his knees from collapsing.

“You going to…?” Namjoon trails off, trying to avoid anyone overhearing.

“Fuck yeah. I want to see what it takes to make him scream.”


All piled back in the van, Hoseok settles in for sleep when someone breathes into his ear. He screeches so loud Yoongi jerks the wheel while cursing at him. Hoseok looks to see who’s responsible for keeping him from his precious sleep and sees Taehyung watching him with a grin. The Grin, the one that means he’s probably destroyed someone’s expensive personal property. “The fuck do you want?”

The grin gets wider, creepily. “To know about that hottie you were talking to earlier.”

Hoseok knows exactly who he means. Jimin. Orange hair and thighs bursting through his ripped jeans. And fuck, his thick lips Hoseok would bet rival the sight of Jin’s around a cock. He must be smiling because of the way Tae whines. “He’s so cute. Don’t be greedy, hyung. What’d he say?”

Front the front he can hear Yoongi asking who they’re talking about and then Namjoon’s voice. He almost tells Tae to go ask him but shrugs, if he gives in now he might be able to sleep soon.

“He’s a fan. Said he’d been listening for a while,” he stops there just to watch Taehyung huff in frustration. “And... that he’s coming to the next show.”

Jungkook perks up from where he’d been scrolling through his phone beside a sleeping Jin. “Shit, do you think he’s going to be, like, our first groupie?” 


Hoseok smirks at him, “I really fucking hope so.”

Taehyung crawls away from him after that, curling up at Jungkook’s side and they whisper conspiratorially. Hoseok doesn’t bother thinking about it. He snags a pillow from between Jin’s arms and falls asleep.



Jimin, true to his word, shows up at the next show. This time almost the same as the first, only two days later, except he’s dressed to impress. Or to show that he’s worth fucking in the nasty bathroom of the place. He’d scoped it out when he first got there just in case he wasn't reading too much into the whole thing.

The show goes faster, but it feels too long anyway. By the time they’re playing the last song, he feels like crawling out of his skin. He waits out back again. He’s closer to the door this time around and when the band finally emerges Hoseok makes his way over almost immediately. He looks deadly hot; his t-shirt is soaked with sweat and his hair is pushed off his forehead. It’s screaming sex appeal, but so is Jimin.

“Hey.” He’s doing good. The fact that he’s  able to speak at all is an accomplishment.

“You came.” His eyes look Jimin up and down, hesitating on the hints of abs showing from his cropped shirt. “I’m glad.”

Jimin feels the heat building in his stomach and bites his lip. Hoseok’s eyes narrow in on the motion. Jimin’s itching to test the limits, but there’s a bigger crowd hanging around than the last time and he’s painfully aware of the eyes on them. Hoseok must be too because he backs off a little and Jimin realizes how close they had been.

Hoseok runs a hand through his hair and looks to where Jungkook is sheepishly trying to flirt with a chick in a corset that looks nearly a decade older than him. He gives Jimin another once over that makes him shiver. “I need to go circulate, keep the baby out of trouble, but don’t go anywhere. I’ll be back.” He promises as his hand claps Jimin’s bare shoulder.

He waits for Jimin’s nod before he walks off.

By the time Hoseok returns Jimin’s resolve is crumbling. Or it is until he’s crowded against the wall, a hand on the brick beside his head and Hoseok smirking down at him. The height difference isn’t that big really, but Hoseok feels like he’s towering over him from the way he’s holding himself.

It’s hotter than Jimin wants to admit. He doesn’t really have a choice though. Not when Hoseok leans in closer his mouth flying by Jimin’s and going for his ear instead. His lips brush the sensitive skin around his piercings, and he laughs at the way Jimin freezes up. “You want to come in the van, Jimin?”

Jimin sucks in a breath and hisses through his teeth as Hoseok says his name. He waits a little too long to reply and a thigh slips between his legs. “Yes,” he gasps, feeling too turned on when nothing has really happened. When he’d jerked off watching their garage recordings months back the idea of having one of the members fucking him was a fever dream at best. Not anything he really expected, but he’s here, not going to look a gift fuck in the mouth. Or something.

He lets Hoseok grab his hand and lead him toward the van.

It doesn’t register that there are five other people behind the doors until Hoseok’s pulling the handle.

He’s about to stop him when Hoseok shoots a look down the alley, now empty, and then leans over to kiss him. The hand on the door slips off as Jimin deepens it. His hands come up to hold the sides of Jimin's face as Hoseok walks him backward into the metal of the door. 

Jimin's whole body is on fire through the kiss. His hands are grabbing at the back of Hoseok's shirt and pulling their bodies flush together. Teeth sink into his top lip and his hips jerk forward without meaning to.

Jimin nearly breaks away from the embarrassment, but Hoseok's hips press forward and pin him in place against the door. The cool metal on his skin is what makes him pull out of the kiss.

He throws his head back, sighing as Hoseok moves onto sucking at the skin of his neck. He means to pull away, he really does, but his hands tangle in the brown hair instead, urging him on with a moan. "H-hoseok." 

One last kiss is dropped over his pulse point before Hoseok brings his face up, rubbing his thumbs in circles at Jimin's hips. "Are you okay with being watched, Jiminie?" 

Jimin's eyes flutter closed as he thinks about it. The van is waiting on them, on Hoseok, before it sets off with the rest of the band inside it. His dick aches at the thought of it. He likes to think that once he climbs in there will be six people eager to fuck him until he can't feel below his waist. 

"Oh, look at you. You want them to watch you, right? You want all of us to use you up." Hoseok's growling his words by the end. He's wound up enough that his fingers dig painfully into Jimin's skin. He's almost ordering when he growls again. "Tell me." 

And really, who is Jimin to refuse when he wants to obey so badly. “I want it. Please.”

He’s not doing too great on translating thoughts into words so he whines in frustration, hips rolling into Hoseok’s to get the point across. Hoseok pets his hair, to quiet him and pops open the door.

He leads Jimin with hands on his waist, spinning him around and patting his butt so he crawls inside.

It’s a camper van but the insides have been gutted out and traded for open space and one twin mattress. He briefly notes that it’s cleaner than he expected before he can’t focus because Hoseok is climbing in after him.

Jimin throws himself on the empty mattress with a bounce. He hears the doors slam shut and the rumble of the engine then Hoseok is crawling on top of him. The details get fuzzy after that.

Their kisses outside of the van are vastly outshined by Hoseok breaking him down now. He’s got a couple sloppy make out sessions and sneaky blowjobs under his belt, but Hoseok’s on another level. If the way his shorts are already around his ankles is anything to go by.

The shorts dangle at his ankle until shakes his leg, sending them flying to land over in a shadowed corner. He misses the lump that they land on and disturb because Hoseok decides to test how flexible he is.

The time Hoseok toys with him is long enough Jimin thinks his dick might really explode. His way of alternating between testing the things that will make his dick twitch and giving Jimin a breath of relief by actually touching his dick is torture. Hot torture but still. When he strokes him with a barely there grip it nearly makes him cry. The teasing is driving him out of his mind. He’s always so close to coming then the touch is gone as quickly as it came.

The feeling only intensifies in the time it takes for Hoseok to open him up around his fingers.

Hoseok treats this like a game too. Through Jimin’s moans and pleading he keeps his smile bright, if not predatory. Even when Jimin tries calling his name the man only massages his prostate with heavy fingers and chastises him. “It’s Hoseok-hyung, Jimin.”

The only break he receives is in the time it takes for Hoseok to roll the condom on. Jimin’s a fucking needy mess. His body is sweaty and aching for just the foreplay. It’s a strangely euphoric feeling, the surreality of being here with Hoseok, the exhaustion deep in his bones, and the fact he could come at any second combined.

He tries to relax as he watches Hoseok stroke himself, but goes to waste when Hoseok climbs on top of him.

The sensation of Hoseok sliding into him isn’t one he’s likely to forget anytime soon. He’s caught between the pain of the stretch and trying to pull him in deeper. He focuses on relaxing as much as he can, and he’s panting again in the time it takes for Hoseok’s hips to settle against his thighs. He starts off slow, grinding his hips down to allow Jimin time to adjust before thrusting shallowly.

As his noises shift from pained hisses to tentative moans, Hoseok builds up the force behind each one. After one well-timed brush of his prostate, Jimin remembers the body rolls he’d watched the man deliver during Taehyung’s electric solo. He’s not surprised that the fluidity transfers to this. Even if the motion of the van complicates things a little, it’s overall a quality dicking down.

Jimin’s fully adjusted now and decides to hook a calf up over Hoseok’s hip so his heel digs into the muscle of his ass to egg him on. It works like a charm. The older man takes the lead and lets the controlled rhythm fade out for a harsh, crueler pace that fills the van up with the wet smack of sweaty skin.

It’s so good that Jimin bites his lips to muffle the sounds that flow from his mouth as he remembers that there are five other men in the car. He nearly bites through his lip as the thought sinks in.

Jimin throws his head back, hoping to that someone’s watching, and as he searches the opposite wall he sees Jungkook. The younger’s hand is pressed against the crotch of his jeans with glazed eyes. Beside him, Taehyung is the same. He moans at the sight.

Hoseok follows his stare and chuckles at their voyeurs. He plants his arms beside Jimin’s head and picks up the pace while watching Jimin’s face, waiting. When his eyes flutter shut he grabs a fistful of orange hair until his eyes open with a pained whine. “Keep your eyes open and watch. This is what you wanted isn’t it?”

Jimin stares wide eyed at him until he gives his hair another tug. Jimin nods wordlessly and looks back to the other two men. Hoseok doesn’t to push for more but angles his hips higher until Jimin lets out sweet high-pitched noises and claws his back bloody.

Jimin cums first and begs for Hoseok to fill him up so sweetly he gives in a few thrusts later.

Hoseok snags a shirt off the ground to clean them both up while Jungkook cums with Taehyung’s hand down his pants.



The next morning, the van stops at a gas station.

 Namjoon opens the van’s side door and lets the sunlight pour in. He spots Jimin trapped beneath Hobi’s arm and sighs. Yoongi’s passed out in a corner with a pair of jean shorts over his face, and the youngest two are sleeping beside the now desecrated mattress. His eyes catch on the crusty stain smeared on Jungkook’s shirt, and he sighs again. He knows they’re not going to let Jimin go now. Not that he doubted this would be the outcome in the first place. He closes the door and goes to collect enough snacks for seven people while Jin’s at the pump.

Returning, he goes to Jin before even bothering with the task of waking the others up. “So,” he starts and sips his too hot coffee with a frown.

Jin finishes for him. “Hoseok brought that kid back, and now we have to fit another person into the budget. Does Yoongi know?”

Namjoon doesn’t even bother with being surprised. “He’s still passed out and not covered in come so I don’t think so. Who knows. I missed the whole thing altogether. Not sure how I slept through it.”

“I doubt you would have been interested anyway, hetero,” Jin teases, shaking the nozzle for any precious spare drops of gas. Yoongi’s a strict motherfucker about the budget and everyone knows it. He smiles just imagining his reaction to the newest addition while screwing the cap of the tank on.  

Namjoon laughs and mumbles quickly, probably meant for himself, “The kid’s pretty, I’ll give him that.”

Jin cuts his eyes over immediately to catch the blush on the man’s cheeks before he can move the coffee cup in front of his face. Interesting. He picks a lighthearted quip over deep introspection. It’s too goddamn early for that. “I’m pretty. Where’s my compliment, huh? Or are those for the groupies only?”

“Shut up, hyung.” He doesn’t meet Jin’s eyes saying it.

Jin punches him in the chest. He barely keeps from laughing at the sound Namjoon makes as the air gets knocked out of him. “Let’s go wake up the heathens in there. I’m not driving again.”


 Jimin fits in easily.

He slips into their lives like he was meant to be there. Yoongi had even let him off easier than expected. Not that anyone is really surprised at that. Jimin’s got the ability to charm even the surliest bouncer into giving a smile. And free entrance. A fact that makes everyone a little envious as they dig out the spare cash from their wallets.  

During shows, he always gets the spot in front of center stage. He fits himself between any bodies that try to block him out, charming the ones that put up a fight. He screams to the fast songs and mouths along to the sad ones. They all take their turns watching him in the crowd with pride and affection. After it ends, he waits outside for whoever’s visiting the fans.

Tonight, it’s Jin. He watches the man go to each little group smiling and winking at them, giving them quick hugs, and signing whatever they give him. At the last show, a girl had presented her chest, boobs barely contained in her shirt. Jimin had watched him blink blank-faced before mustering up a shy smile and signing.

Jimin sighs at the memory. Afterward, in the van, Jin had had Jimin blow him before coming on his bare chest. It was a good night.

He’s still thinking about it when Jin walks up to him.

Jin smirks at him. The one that makes his heart flutter, makes everyone’s heart flutter, and he knows it. If Jimin’s a little suspicious of what it means he doesn’t mention it.

“Let’s go. We have a long drive until we get to the next town.” He says it like he really needs to convince Jimin to go when spoiler alert: he doesn't. Jin’s got a godlike face and fucks like he’s trying to tear someone apart. The whole package.

He throws an arm over Jimin shoulder as they head for the van where Namjoon is trying to climb in the back. Jin’s free hand grabs him by the collar of his shirt before he’s halfway through the threshold. “Uh-uh. We have plans back here.”

He thrusts the keys into Namjoon’s chest. Then, they climb in the back, shutting the door behind them. Namjoon doesn’t take it personally, just rolls his eyes and makes his way around. He’s not the best driver, doesn’t have a license, but the rest of them are more concerned about fucking Jimin through the drive to next gig. He’s only a sort of bitter no one climbs up there to keep him company.

He’s headed onto the freeway when the first moans start filtering up to him.


It’s more fun in the back. Jin’s got Jimin spread out stomach down on the mattress as he works him open. He doesn’t need too much stretching because Jungkook had fucked him before the show.

Knowing this, he goes through the motions as quickly as he can before slicking himself up and sinking in. Jimin groans as he settles all the way in. He feels exactly how he’s supposed to: torn in two.

From the start, Jin pounds him breathless. One inked arm hooks across Jimin’s chest to pull him upright. The angle slides him even deeper and makes him moan. It’s overwhelming. The hold on his chest is tight enough that he’s hovering off the mattress, suspended against Jin’s chest, unable to move as Jin bounces him on his cock.

He can’t help the way his eyes droop with bliss.

Taehyung speaks up from where he and Hoseok are waiting their turn. “Hyung, your fairy looks tired. Keep him awake for the rest of us.”

His eyes pop open as he glares at him. The desire to kill him and the satisfaction of being watched are mushed together. Jin takes the warning to heart, though. He manhandles him onto all fours and pulls his head by his hair until his neck aches. When Jimin finally can’t hold back his whine he speaks, “Jimin, you have to be good or else we can’t fuck you. You want to be fucked, right?”

Jimin tries to nod but the hold on his hair is unforgiving so he forces out, “Yes.”

“Good. Since you seem to be having trouble, I’ll make this little more interesting.” Jimin’s stomach flips at the words then Jin’s shoving him down into the mattress face first, palm squishing the fat of his cheek into his eyes.  

His breathing shifts to uneven panting as his mind struggles to catch up. His hips are tilted up so that Jin can hit his prostate, but all he can see of the man is the fuzzy outlines of tattoos on Jin’s arm. He doesn’t have the chance to complain when Jin’s cockhead drags over his prostate with each thrust. He’s letting out choked moans and gasps as heat spreads through his body. His muscles tightening and hips bucking uselessly as he gets closer to coming.

Jin slows down to unsatisfyingly gentle when he catches on.  The hand lifts off his cheek and relocates to his waist. “Jimin, prop yourself up. Jungkook, take his mouth.”

Jungkook who had been watching at the edge of the mattress eagerly follows the order. He shuffles forward on his knees until the bulge in his jeans is in front of Jimin’s face. Close but not enough. He smiles down at Jimin so soft it feels more like he’s about to be proposed to rather than have a dick in his mouth.

It seems like Jungkook forgets what he’s supposed to be doing until Jin snaps at him. That spurs him to push his jeans down his thighs too fast so his dick bounces free and slaps loudly against his stomach. Jimin can’t help his giggle. He gets a swat on his thigh in response. Jungkook gets closer and teases the head against his lips until they open.

Jungkook takes his time but under Jin’s attention, he builds quickly. When he gets into it, Jungkook fucks like a machine. He’s got more strength than he knows what to do with. He leaves bruises and sore muscles behind every time but Jimin doesn’t mind, craves it more like.

Jimin’s caught between their push and pull, a huge hand on the back of his head and a pair at his waist. He’s nearly hitting the space where everything gets fuzzy from the rough handling when the force that is Min Yoongi appears. Jungkook’s cock is removed from his throat and his head spins at the sudden availability of air.

He wants to complain, but his throat doesn’t appear to get the memo though so he just croaks wordlessly. Even the moans Jin’s trying to force out of him are strangled. He looks up with watery eyes to see how Yoongi’s curled up behind Jungkook’s back, mouth against his ear and a hand at his pierced nipple. Jungkook hisses, hips thrusting into the air, as he stares mournfully down at where Jimin’s mouth is only a few scant inches away.

Jimin knows from experience Yoongi’s telling him to be more careful. Taking pity on him, he balances on one arm so he can at least jerk him off until the older decides to release him.

 Jin cuts in, irritated by the interference, “Yoongi, let him be.”

Jimin snickers. He’s probably pissed that Jungkook’s getting more attention. Being the little shit that he is, Jimin looks at him over his shoulder with a smug grin, "Hyung, you have to work harder than that if you want my attention.”

Jin’s eyebrows furrow for a second before he smiles back. He looks terrifyingly calm. Jimin regrets the words immediately. Jin grabs his thighs tight. Jimin can almost feel the bruises that will form as Jin growls Jungkook’s name.

As he says it, Jungkook appears. He puts his hands on Jimin’s cheeks, opening his jaw and sliding inside.

Jimin gives in to them knowing he’s going to spend the next day stiff and sore.  

 Jin, probably glowing with pride, thrusts so hard Jimin’s body jolts forward with each thrust. He chokes around Jungkook until the younger syncs up with Jin. He enjoys the feeling of being used, even if he can feel Jungkook holding back. He doesn’t want it to end but his dick disagrees. He staves off his orgasms to focus on getting Jungkook off first.

It’s easy to rile Jungkook up. He moans around him when Jin angles just right, and tongues at his slit when he pulls back until Jungkook buries himself in Jimin's throat with a breathy grunt and cums. He stays there so long Jimin’s lungs burn and tears leak down his cheeks, but when he finally pulls out the flood of air is all it takes for Jimin to cum too.

After, he manages to hold himself up as Jin’s hips mercilessly slam into his, but he falls face first into the mattress when Jin pulls out to jerk off over his back.

He’s frozen, open mouthed panting as he tries to regulate his breathing and trying to adjust to the emptiness. He comes back when he hears the crinkle of plastic and watches Yoongi toss a wet wipe at Jungkook and Jin before coming to clean Jimin’s puffy, sensitive hole.

The older man keeps his touch light, taking his time until Jimin’s nearly dozing off. Just before he can though, Yoongi lands a heavy, open handed smack on the left half of his ass. He whimpers despite pushing back into the touch. “You’re not done yet,” Yoongi reminds.

Jimin whines but he can already feel himself getting hard again. He twists to look back at Yoongi before the man moves away. “Hyung, again,” he insists.

Yoongi sighs, winding his arm back and landing another spank on the opposite cheek. Jimin’s response is even louder this time, but Yoongi doesn’t indulge him further. He returns to his spot with Jungkook in tow. 

It’s Taehyung and Hoseok who take over next, much to Jimin’s delight.

 They practically bleed energy, and Jimin feeds on it.  Taehyung picks him up in his arms, his big hands running over Jimin’s body as he nuzzles the hair at the back of Jimin’s neck. “Can you take me and Hobi-hyung, Jiminie?”

His hand curls around his half hard cock as he asks. He doesn’t even have to think it over. His muscles are burning and tired, but the image of his body caught between the other two stretched around them is too tempting to deny. He leans his head back on Taehyung’s shoulder. “Please.”

Taehyung grins into the side of his neck so hard Jimin laughs.  Jin groans from where he’s sprawled on the opposite side of the mattress. “Here,” He says, weakly tossing the lube a few inches from Jimin’s foot.

“Thanks, hyung,” Hoseok chirps as he picks it up, getting closer as he speaks. “I’m sure Jimin’s only going to need a little more stretching, though. Sluts are usually loose.” Jimin lets out a quiet moan as shame burns in his cheeks. Hoseok’s hand sneaks between his legs and rubs behind his balls, massaging his rim briefly before sinking three fingers in easily. His hips buck but Taehyung holds him down so he can only whimper as Hoseok fucks him with his fingers. “He takes it so well, doesn’t he?”

“Mhm,” Taehyung hums. He presses kisses along the length of his neck that make Jimin shiver. He speaks again, talking as if Jimin’s not even there. “He’s so needy. I love seeing him beg for it.”

“Tae, Hobi-hyung,” he mumbles. He wants them to stop toying with him, but all he gets is a quieting kiss from Hoseok.

“Go ahead, Taehyungie.”

Then, Taehyung's rearranging him on his thighs so that Jimin’s legs are stretched wide over his own. Jimin sinks down on his cock with a hiss; it’s almost painfully deep and Jimin loves it. He loves letting Taehyung take control. 

 When Hoseok slips his finger in, he barely notices. He really is stretched and the sound of Hoseok’s voice calling him a slut echoes in his ears. He adds more and he gets deep enough that he can torture Jimin’s prostate until he’s sobbing through a second, expedited orgasm. Taehyung doesn’t even slow down as he squirms and cries but does ask for his color in a firm voice. He’s green, so green.

The fingers slip out of him and he sobs harder at the loss. “Hyung- please, come back,” he begs tearfully.

Hoseok pets his hair and shushes him. “Taehyung-ah.”

Jimin lets out an irritated noise when he feels the other man slow to a stop inside him. It goes ignored while the head of Hoseok’s cock nudges at his hole. He kisses Taehyung loudly over Jimin’s shoulder as he slides inside.

It hurts. It hurts all over, crashing down on him in one heavy wave. His dick is already trying to get hard again from the feeling alone. He hears a broken moan that he belatedly realizes belongs to him. He's completely gone, but then there are hands all over him, tethering back down. His eyes come back into focus slowly and meet Hoseok’s. Behind him, Taehyung is whispering, “Relax, Jimin, you’re doing so good. You just need to relax, baby.”

That’s exactly what he does. He stays between them until they’re sweaty and sated, letting them clean him up and take care of him.

He crawls to the edge of the mattress on shaking legs to put on one of Jungkook’s t-shirts. It comes down to his thighs so he doesn’t bother with underwear. He spends a few minutes watching as Yoongi straddles Jungkook and teasing the piercings on his chest as he sinks down onto his dick.

The older man turns to him once he’s settled, asking if he wants to join, but Jimin shakes his head with a smile and heads for the front of the van.


Namjoon startles when the partition, just thick curtains that had been hung up on a rod for privacy, opens. He can still hear the slap of skin on skin and jerks his eyes to see who it is. It’s Jimin. An obviously well fucked, half-dressed Jimin. He shoots Namjoon an apologetic smile that he easily returns.

 There’s a bit of a fumble as he climbs over the back of the seats, he lands with a loud smack on his stomach. Namjoon looks over alarmed. His eyes land on where Jimin’s shirt has flipped up and bared his ass for the whole world to see.

Namjoon looks for longer than he means to, but then Jimin’s flipping over with a blush and sitting down properly. He tries to hide his own by staring at the road.

“I figured you might- want some company.” Jimin yawns midway through his sentence and tries to cover it with a smile, but his eyes droop down again almost instantly.

Namjoon can’t help his own amused grin from spreading across his face as he watches the younger try to fight back sleep. “Just go to sleep, Jimin.”

The cab is quiet for a few dragging seconds then, “Hyung- “

He never finishes. When Namjoon manages to spare another glance his way he finds him fast asleep on the bench seat beside him.



Jimin helps them set up now.

He transports their mess of cords and speakers with their manager while the band tunes their shit and relaxes before the show. When he finishes, he pops to the back room with them and tells them what he did so he can gather their praise for his hard work. Then he’ll find a lap to sit on until it’s time for him to go grab his place in the crowd.

More often than not, he’s in Jungkook’s lap, the youngest claiming their groupie (cough, boyfriend, Namjoon thinks, a little amused.) as his own pre-show good luck charm, but Jungkook had gotten too possessive for his own good so he hasn't been allowed to touch for the past week.

With this in mind, Namjoon’s not entirely shocked when he suddenly finds himself with a lap full of plush nineteen-year-old ass.

It's no secret that Jimin’s a cuddler. He’s gotten his arms (and legs) around every member of the band on more than one occasion. Namjoon never minds when he comes to him. The kid is warm, soft, and smells way better than the rest of them. The only problem with Jimin sitting on him right now is that he’s in these velvety shorts that let half his ass hang out. For the second time in a week, Namjoon is suddenly deeply questioning his sexuality. And once again, it's Park Jimin's fault.

Namjoon thinks he’s got it under control. He’s generally good at keeping his boners at bay, he’s a grown ass man, but it’s clear he’s failed when Jimi instinctively rolls his hips back on his growing erection. He can tell when Jimin actually notices by the way younger tenses over him.

Namjoon feels panic briefly wash over him and frantically looks around the room expecting everyone to have caught him in the act. No one's paying them any attention, though. Even Jungkook who had been eyeing them with thinly veiled irritation is immersed in a separate conversation. 

He lets out a relieved breath, his soul returning to his body only see Jimin eyeing him over his shoulder. His shoulder that's only clad in a thin spaghetti string holding up his shirt. It's homemade merch for their band that he and Taehyung made with transfer paper. He remembers having to clean up the glue and ruined shirts from their first trials. He made a mental note to bring up official merch with the manager afterward. The memory adds to the weird feeling in his gut, it's not just sex. Anything with Jimin has attachment now and it scares Namjoon a little.

Jimin stops him from falling deeper into his own thoughts. “Do you want me to take care of that?” He keeps voice low and face soft as he asks.

The sexual energy that usually radiates from him is toned down enough for Namjoon to really think about it. Without examining the fabric of his being, he settles on the fact that his dick got hard in the first place and there’s no merit in sticking to a possibly outdated self-perception. He looks from the ass now resting on his lower thighs to the gentle expression and feels more blood rush south. “Do we have time?”

Jimin’s face immediately blossoms into the image of the lustful creature they all know well now. He plants his hands on the arms on the chair and slides his ass over Namjoon’s crotch again, settling there and grinding down. Namjoon’s hips twitch in response as his dick begs him to just get to the point. Jimin doesn’t bother whispering this time, “Depends on what you want to do.”

He rolls his hips again to cement his point. Namjoon dies a little inside. Instead of replying, he grabs Jimin’s hips and pulls him down as his hips buck up. The noise Jimin makes afterward seems to be what finally attracts attention. Namjoon seeks out one face more than others.

Across the room from them, Jungkook’s sitting on the shitty couch with his fingers digging into the cushions so hard his knuckles are white. Namjoon meets his eyes as he repeats the motion just to fuck with him.

Jimin calls his name to get his attention. "Hyung, can I suck you off?" 

Namjoon nods before he even finishes speaking. 

Jimin climbs off his lap, kneeling on the floor between Namjoon's legs. He licks his lips and stares his the bulge as he spreads Namjoon’s legs. He holds his gaze as he leans in and rubs his cheek against it. Namjoon's head spins when what feels like all of his blood has rushes to his dick.

He's in a daze as he lifts his hips for Jimin to undo his jeans and pull them down his thighs. He fights a blush as he realizes he’s gone commando and his dick springs up. Jimin doesn’t tease him about it, though just grabs the base. Namjoon curses as his fingers barely meet around it.

He stops breathing entirely when Jimin leans up and presses a kiss to the head of it. The mental snapshot he takes of it  serve as jerk off material for the rest of his life.

He starts to get a little worried about his sanity as Jimin licks at the slit then sucks the head into his mouth. He keeps his eyes on Namjoon as he takes him deeper, the head hitting the back of his throat not to long after. Namjoon’s hands are resting uselessly on the arms of the chair as he tries to hold it together. He's strong, goddammit, but Jimin's trying to destroy him.

Jimin guides one of Namjoon’s hands into his hair then sucks him back down to where his hand is wrapped around his shaft. When Namjoon still mostly frozen he pulls off with a pop saying, “Relax, hyung.”

He returns to his dick with thinly veiled glee. Namjoon's still a little shocked by the fact that his dick in Jimin’s mouth to fully appreciate how hot it is.

All it takes to snap him out of it is Jimin taking him into his throat and swallows around him. “Fuck.”

He gets a good grip on the orange hair, not forcefully, but gently directing as Jimin’s head bobs between his legs. His head falls back into the chair as Jimin deepthroats him. His hips buck, making Jimin choke but he doesn’t pull off. He keeps him in his throat until his eyes water and pulls back enough to breathe before repeating it.

It’s almost embarrassing how fast he reaches his orgasm, but Jimin’s mouth is to close as heaven as he can possibly get right now. He manages to give him a stuttered warning. 

 Jimin pulls off, hollowing his cheeks as he comes up. Namjoon can’t draw his eyes away as he watches his small hand jerk him off. What makes him cum though is when he sees the tip of Jimin’s dick showing from the waist band of his shorts.

It lands on Jimin’s face and chest. A few drops landing on his lips and he lips them off, keeping his eyes closed just in case. The hand strokes him until he’s too sensitive then Jimin lets him go and gives him a bright smile. The sight of it sends flutters through his chest. “God, I’m gay,” he whispers, awed.

Jimin giggles. It’s a beautiful sound that gets cut off as Jungkook materializes, scooping him up and taking him to the couch. Jin smacks him on the head as he passes by but doesn’t bother trying to stop him.

Instead, the rest of his friends descend on Namjoon like vultures. Yoongi proudly proclaiming he’d always known and Jin asking if he would finally call him pretty.

He goes on stage with half his brain sucked out through his dick. He doesn’t really mind though. He spends most the show thinking of ways he wants to ruin the orange haired boy standing less than ten feet away from him.


When they get to the van later that night, Jungkook is still in a mood so no one tries to stop him when he monopolizes Jimin.

Jimin’s happily giggling in his arms as he sucks and bites at his skin, his fingers digging in to the fat of his ass as he carries him. As much as he wants a front row seat, Yoongi bites the bullet and drives so the rest can watch the show. It's the perfect introduction into their depravity for Namjoon.

Jungkook with Jimin is something amazing. They used to worry because Jungkook’s strong and impatient, capable of hurting Jimin past what he can take without even realizing.

Before, someone would step in when they thought he was pushing too far. Now, Jimin makes them sit on the sidelines and tells Jungkook to give him everything he’s got.

He usually sets him loose on nights like this when Jungkook’s already wound up and ready to blow. He lets Jungkook maneuver them on to the severely stained and appreciated mattress. The most the others do is hand over the lube.

Jungkook fingers him open fast and sloppy, probably not enough, before he slides into him in one go. The spund of his hip on Jimin's ass is nearly as loud as Jimin's scream. Jimin wraps his arms around Jungkook's shoulders as the younger starts off hard. There’s no adjustment period, he’s just pulling almost all the way out and slamming back in with enough force to slide Jimin up the mattress. 

He grabs Jimin’s thighs and pushes them against his chest, bending him nearly in half so he can fuck him deeper. The noises coming out Jimin slur into high pitched keens as he lets the younger man rearrange and bend him as he fucks him fast. He’s been anticipating this since Jungkook had been reserved to only watching for a week.

He’s already getting close, and he can tell Jungkook is too. He starts to stroke himself even though his breath is knocked from his lungs every few seconds and he spends most of the time gasping for air. His free hand grabs Jungkook's wrist, tugging it from where his hand is digging bruises into his thigh and pressing it to his cheek.

Jungkook lets out a growl when he understands. He opens his eyes to meet Jimin’s as he pulls his hand back. It lands on his cheek with a pop.

It's the cherry on top that has Jimin coming as the skin heats up beneath Jungkook’s fingers. Jungkook’s cums half a dozen thrusts later, sinking in as far as he can and filling him up with a satisfied grunt.

 The rest of night goes with each of them taking their turns until they all collapse in a sweaty, sticky pile and Namjoon firmly cements that he’s not straight.


They’re stopped at a hotel. It’s a regularly scheduled expense for when they have a pause between shows for more than two days. It’s so they can take care of basic hygiene and it used to also be for a solid night’s sleep, but that’s been lacking in the weeks Jimin’s been around.

If he’s being honest, Jimin’s just glad to see them bathe. Wet wipes can only do so much and Taehyung and Jungkook make it their personal mission to scuffle in dirt at least once a day. He’s not sure how they kept the van clean before him. He’s the one who pushing them to clean up most of the time.

Five of them are out. Tasked with either picking up food and necessities or doing laundry.

He’s using the break to touch up his roots and Yoongi is the only one in the hotel room with him. 

Jimin's in the bathroom, eyes straining as he tries his best to dab the bleach where it needs to be. He gives up after he nearly misses a drop landing in his eye. He puts on his best pout and exits the bathroom for help. “Yoongi hyung, can you help me?”

Yoongi lets out his trademark sigh from where he's “napping” but still gets up at once. Jimin’s lying if he says it doesn’t make his heart flutter a little. Yoongi isn’t as grumpy as he looks, but its still nice that he’s got a soft spot for Jimin.

Yoongi grabs the plastic dye brush from him and directs him to sit on the edge of the bath tub.

He takes his time to put the bleach on. Jimin watches him work through the mirror and blushes when he gets caught. Yoongi hands him the shower cap when he's done and laughs when Jimin turns to face him. 

Jimin's pride is a little bruised, so he pouts hard and tries to push him out of the bathroom. His hands shove at Yoongi's chest and he move him almost a foot before Yoongi grabs his wrists in one hand and pushes him into the wall. "Yah, Park Jimin, stop being a brat." 

He plants a kiss on his nose to cement the point, but Jimin stares at him with sad eyes until he gives him another. This time, on the lips.

Jimin convinces Yoongi to sit in the bathtub with him for the next forty minutes before he needs to wash it out and add the orange. When it’s time, Yoongi grumbles about his back aching but sets everything up for him.

Thankfully, there’s a blow dryer connected to the wall so he doesn’t have to wait for his hair to dry. Yoongi sets to work on his hair again, muttering about the smell the entire time.

When it's time, Yoongi climbs in the shower with him where they jerk each other off as orange circles the drain. And sadly, it stains the tub because they don’t bother washing it away. The guilt of it doesn't fade until Yoongi eats his ass as a distraction.

The next hour is spent dozing off until the others come back with a garbage bag of clean laundry and too much food. It’s all discarded as they appreciate Jimin’s newly brightened hair for the next few hours.


After a particularly exhausting show, they pull into a rest stop for the night. None of them have the energy to drive so they clamber into the back to sleep. It’s only slightly cramped. But still better than spending money on a hotel so soon after the last one though.

The next morning, or afternoon really, Taehyung wakes up to the distinct sound of Jimin moaning.  He blinks as the sound repeats, rubbing his hand over his eyes until each blink doesn’t feel like sand paper.

A smack rings through the van, and Taehyung hears someone else wake up too. He looks over to where it came from and sees Jimin, hands tied behind his back, face down ass up with Yoongi watching him. 

He recognizes the ropes, they're soft black ones that Yoongi had used on him once. It had been way before Jimin had come into their lives. They're just a tiny piece in the older man's kink collection. 

He watches as Yoongi's arm winds up and his lands, the fat of Jimin's ass jiggling on impact. The noise Jimin makes is watery and pitiful and Taehyung's eyes fly up to his face where the legs of the spider gag dig into his cheeks.

Beside him, Jin makes a sleepy hum of interest and the others are slowly waking up, but no one’s made the move to get in on the scene before them. It occurs to him that none of them probably even knew Yoongi was into anything like this. But Taehyung did and he's pretty interested now. He figures he might as well ask. “Can I join?”

Yoongi’s attention snaps to him like he had forgotten they were there. He doesn’t say anything right away but gives him a once over before nodding.

“Fuck yeah!” He gives Jungkook a smirk as he crawls over him to get to them, even sticking his tongue out for flair.

He kneels beside Jimin’s head, waiting for direction. He knows how this goes. Yoongi will tell him what he wants him to do when he’s needed.

He’s surprised that he doesn’t have to wait long. The lube is tossed dangerously close to his head while Yoongi speaks. “I was going to fist him, but you have bigger hands. You cool with doing that?”

Taehyung stares back slack jawed for a good thirty seconds before getting his shit together enough to agree. He looks now to where Jimin’s watching him, eyes almost challenging. He wants to see him drooling around his gag as he tries to beg for more. He’s so glad he asked.

“Is that what you want, Jimin?” He coos, “You need a fist to be satisfied now?”

Jimin glares at him, but it’s not the least bit intimidating with his mouth open like that. Taehyung pats him on the cheek just to drive him crazy. He squirms under the touch before Yoongi spanks him, telling him to be still. He does so immediately. Taehyung covers up a snicker.

He moves to sit behind Jimin’s open legs, his ass presented up like a gift. His hole is already shiny, he guesses that Yoongi has done most of the preparation already. The man confirms his thoughts a few seconds later. “I fucked him earlier. You just have to work him open a little more. I’ll tell you what to do.”

He shoots him a sugary sweet smile. “Thanks, hyung.”

He ignores the responding grumble for squeezing lube over his fingers. He starts with two, scissoring them inside even though he could easily add another. It doesn’t look like Jimin’s cum yet and he wants to see him suffer, just a little. He mostly just waits for Yoongi to tell him when he needs to add more.

When he gets four fingers deep things get more intense. Jimin’s letting out pitiful moans and gurgles as he tries to beg him and Yoongi to go faster. All he gets for it are reprimanding swats to his ass and thighs each time. He doesn’t stop trying until Yoongi grabs him by the hair and asks if he needs something in his mouth to keep him quiet.

Taehyung purposely thrusts his fingers in hard so Jimin lets out another whimper. Yoongi looks to where the other four are fully awake and watching. Taehyung glances over and finds they’re all as invested as he is, and in various stages of undress. Namjoon, in particular, looks like he’s about to blow his load. He’s probably watched porn like this, kinky bastard.

Yoongi leans down so he’s eye level with Jimin, still holding him by the hair. Taehyung doesn’t bother wondering just focuses on fucking noises out of Jimin anyway. He thinks he should be able to add his thumb soon.

After few more hushed words, Yoongi tells him exactly what he already knew and starts to instruct him. “Fold your thumb to your palm, and when you’re inside slowly curl your hand into a fist. He’ll tell you when you can move.”

He does. Jimin’s still so tight around him and he realizes exactly how big his hand is when he puts his hand on Jimin’s lower back to steady himself. His dick throbs as he thinks about it. When he gets the ok, he fucks Jimin slow, dragging his knuckles over his sweet spot and gasping as the way he clenches down. He hears the telltale sound of Namjoon coming and tries not to laugh.

Jimin’s pliant and soft taking everything he gives and letting out wounded noises every time he fucks in just right. In sick fascination, Taehyung drops his other hand to Jimin’s belly, bypassing his neglected dick to press down on the flesh below his bellybutton.

It’s not hard but it makes Jimin buck his hips and slide him even deeper inside before he’s coming with a choked shout.

Taehyung doesn’t think he’ll ever forget the feeling of Jimin coming around his fist. It’s certainly placed in the top three best things in his life. He looks to Yoongi for instruction before carefully removing his hand. Behind him, he hears a pair of grunts as Hoseok and Jungkook cum too.

His own dick is still hard inside his boxers leaving a wet spot in the fabric. He doesn’t think Jimin’s up for anything else though, so he goes back to Jin while Yoongi starts to untie Jimin’s hands.

While Yoongi’s busy giving Jimin aftercare, Taehyung gets Jin to jerk him off with the promise of a blowjob for his trouble.

Overall, they’re only a few hours off schedule. Totally worth it.


They’re on the last leg of the tour, a few more dates and then it’s time to head back home and start on the new album. He’d been worried about it ending and this thing ending with it. A few, long pleasurable hours, and emotional talks had quelled the train of thought easily. He’s theirs now and life is bliss.

It’s ninety degrees outside. The a/c gave out two towns ago so they're cruising with the windows down going twenty miles over the speed limit to catch a breeze. The radio is turned all the way up and Joan Jett’s voice is blaring throughout the van.

There’s not much to do. Their next pit stop is still a hundred miles away. He sighs, staring up at the poster plastered ceiling and lets his mind drift. He remembers the phone call with his mom he’d had last week on a pay phone, just so she wouldn’t call one of the others number to reach him. She’d yelled after he assured her that he was okay then yelled louder when he told her he wasn’t coming home. He hung up a few minutes later, catching her mid tirade.

Sensing his unease, there had been someone at his side the next few days always distracting him with one thing or another. He’s happier now than he would’ve been stuck at home, something he knows for a fact.

He draws himself out of his thoughts and decides to look for something to do.

Jin and Jungkook are playing on their Nintendos on the mattress. They look like they might start a fight in the next ten minutes, so the usual. He doesn't want to interrupt and end up playing mediator. Still, he smiles as they grumble insults at one another under their breath.

The front is full of Namjoon, Taehyung, and Hoseok. He could probably sit in one of their laps. He saves that for later though, he’s not entirely in the mood for where that would lead. He seeks out the only member unaccounted for.

He finds Yoongi curled up in the bean bag chair, napping. Jimin picks himself off the floor, making his way to the older man. He thinks on how to fit against him without waking him before giving up; he crawls under his arm and curls up close.

The warm feeling in his chest grows as Yoongi growls at him but pulls him closer anyway. He falls asleep hearing a shout of victory and a punch landing simultaneously. He wouldn’t have it any other way.