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Whatever You Say

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Part of Darcy screamed at herself to leave, and never look back with every step she took. Jane was waiting for her in the parking lot, and it would be so easy to call her and forget about this. But, she kept on walking. Getting past all the security was easy, with one flash of the badge in her hands. Whoever slid the unmarked envelope underneath her apartment door this morning with the badge and hospital address, also put her on the V.I.P. list.

Darcy always told herself that she would never let a man break her. But, she had never completely loved and trusted someone. Steve had all of her, heart and soul. If Jane wasn’t there, Darcy was sure that she would’ve shattered. Jane had experienced what she is going through. Different scenario, but the hurt, heartbreak, betrayal and anger was the same.

Jane is her rock, more like a sister than a best friend. She had insisted Darcy move in with her, that it was her turn to take care of her. Jane held her as she cried, and promised to find some way to kick Steve’s ass. She was glad that Jane never told her everything would be okay. A few weeks later, Darcy felt like she could handle living in the apartment. It was time to start the healing process.

Too many emotions ran through her at the though of seeing Steve again. Darcy wanted to yell at him. He needed to know what his leaving six months ago had put her through. She tried to focus on staying calm. Getting upset was the last thing she needed.

Darcy finally stopped and looked into the doorway of his room. Just enough for her to see him, and hopefully not be seen. Her eyes shifted from the man sitting in the chair, and then to the hospital bed. Steve's face was bruised and swollen, and she wondered about the extent of his injuries. She knew he would be healed in a day or two due to the super soldier serum, and silently reprimanded herself for worrying about him.

After seeing him like this, she knew this wasn't the time or place for this discussion. She would let him heal and find her. He would have to be the one to make the first move, to heal the damage he had done. If he really wanted her, wanted them.

She forced herself to look away from him. Thankful that he had been sleeping the whole time, and that her presence had gone unknown. She turn to leave but was stopped.

"Darce," Steve said, sounding more like begging. "Please...don't go."

Darcy stood motionless in the doorway, her right hand stopping mid-stroke on her stomach. Something she hadn't realized she was doing until now. She took a deep breath, and walked into the room.

The man who had been sitting in the chair met her half way. "Hi, I'm Sam Wilson." Giving her a warm smile and shaking her hand.

"Darcy Lewis." She replied, returning his smile.

"Cap, you let this lady yell at you." Sam ordered, looking from Steve to Darcy. "Try to take it easy. You don't need the stress, either of you." Making it obvious, that he had noticed what she had been doing. She watched Sam leave the room, heard him order the agents to not disturb them as the door slowly closed.

An uncomfortable silence filled the room. It felt like they were strangers, instead of Lovers or even in Love. Whether she left or stayed, it all depended on whatever Steve said.

"Didn't think you'd ever want to see me again." Giving her a small smile, sounding as tired as he looked. "Missed you..never stopped loving you..How'd you find me, Sweetheart?"

"Don't call me that." Darcy said harshly, still standing in the middle of the room. "I found this badge and note underneath our...I mean my apartment door this morning."

"Someone assumed I wanted to see you." Steve's smile immediately faded into sadness, regret or guilt. Darcy wasn't sure which one, and at the moment she didn't care. "I was curious."

"After all the rumors of you being a fugitive, the helicarriers falling out of the sky, and all S.H.I.E.L.D. secrets now public knowledge." She continued, strong and confident. Resisting the urge to kiss her ex-boyfriend breathlessly for being alive. "I'm finally able to get the answers to my questions."

"Just because we're not together anymore," Darcy tried to remain emotionless against the pain the memory of the day he left her. Hoping the heartbreak didn't show on her face or voice. "I still about you. I needed to know if you were dead or alive. I wanted closure for our relationship."

"I don't want closure." Steve said sitting up, going from tired to wide awake in sixty seconds. "I've been broken since the day I left you."

"I never really left you, Darcy. I love and care about you. Please give me a chance to explain everything. I want us back."

"Why do you think I kept paying to rent for our apartment?" Stressing the word 'our'. Looking at her like she should already know the answer. "I always planned to come back home to you."

"Sweetheart, please don't go. We need to hear both sides of the story." His begging sounding like desperation. "You can yell at me all you want, and even shock me. I know you take your taser gun everywhere." Darcy couldn't stop the small grin on her face, and Steve took it as a good sign."

"You came here to see if I was dead or alive." Holding out his right hand to her, as if she was his only hope. "Now, I need to know if I can come home."

Darcy felt her defenses starting to fall, and quickly looked away from him. Steve wanted to talk this out right now, even finding someway to use her own words against her. She would talk to him, but it would be by her terms. She looked back at him, feeling confident and a determine look on her face.

“We will talk,” Darcy reassured him. But, now isn't the time or place. You're on some strong pain meds, and won’t remember most of it.”

"Come find me when you're out of here.” Walking the few steps to the door, her right hand on the doorknob. “I’m right where you left us.” A hard kick in her stomach, and loud beeping noise stopped her. She turned around to see Steve unhooking himself from the medical equipment.

“What the Hell are you doing?!” She demanded running over to the bed, stopping him from pulling the IV out of his left arm. “Are you trying to hurt yourself more?” Steve took the opportunity that he had been waiting for, from the moment he saw her standing in the doorway.

He cupped her face in his hands, just staring into each others eyes. “Been broken since the day I left you, Sweetheart.” Then, captured her lips. No finesse, just the want and need for each other.

A kiss that was months overdue. Filled with longing, want, need, desperation, passion and love. However, it wasn’t Darcy’s head telling her heart to stop. A small group of doctors and nurses rushed into the room, thinking that Captain America was dying.

“You’re in trouble.” She moved away from him to the left side of the room. Leaning against the wall next to the window, and started to text Jane.

“What happened?” Sam asked concerned, looking from an annoyed Steve to Darcy. “You okay?”

“I was going to leave, but ‘Wonder Boy’ over there,” Darcy noticed Steve smiling at her, obviously understanding the ‘Hercules’ reference and she rolled her eyes. “Thought actions would be better than words.”

“I’ve seen how reckless he can be.” Sam replied, shaking his head at Steve. “You’re the one that keeps him grounded.”

“Does it show that much?” Darcy asked, a little disappointed that she wasn’t able to mask her feelings as well as she thought. “You just crushed my dream of becoming a super spy.” Making them both laugh.

“You already have your hands full taking care of this guy. Which is harder than any spy work." Sam said, giving her a warm smile but a serious tone in his voice. "If you want to leave here’s your chance."

"It's none of my business what happened between you two, but I can see that you love each other. You wouldn't have stayed this long, if you didn't want to work this out."

"I can give you my number." He finished. "Just in case you want to check on him." Darcy handed Sam her phone, trying not to laugh at the lecture Steve was receiving.

"Sam 'Falcon' Wilson." Darcy read the name he put in her contacts list out loud. "Another superhero friend. I'm guessing your hero name means you can fly. If it's a jet pack, then you gotta let me try it."

"If you're planning an aerial assault on Cap, then I'm all in."

"You two should've never met." Steve said, as the doctors and nurses left the room. "Partners-In-Crime already."

"You only have yourself to blame." And, Steve wasn't sure if Darcy was joking or serious."

"I'll give you two some privacy." Sam said, walking out the door. 'Follow Darcy's orders, Cap." She moved to the bed, and reached for his right hand. Steve made no attempt to pull her closer, instead he let her have control.

"That wasn't fair." The seriousness showed on her face and voice. "You need to earn that right."

"I know." He knew she was talking about the kiss. "Just needed to make sure I wasn't hallucinating."

"You're right," Gently squeezing her hand. "This is not a conversation to have here. I promise not to follow you."

"Can I have a goodbye kiss?"

"Steve..." She started to say, feeling more frustrated with herself than him.

"This is all I'm asking for." Placing a kiss on the back of her hand. "Until, I prove I'm worthy of more." Darcy's defenses completely shattered by his last words. She pulled away from him, and Steve tried not to show the hurt from her rejection. Only to be taken by surprise, when she cupped his face in her hands.

"The only thing you're not worthy of is Thor's hammer. Don't ever question you worth about anything, especially my love for you." Giving him a short but sweet kiss, pulling away before he could react.

"This doesn't mean I automatically forgive you." Forcing him to not look away, and understand how serious she was. "You have a lot of explaining to do. A lot to make up for."

"I made the mistake of leaving you." Placing a kiss on each of her palms. "I'm not going to let you go again."

"We'll see." She replied, taking a small notepad and pen out of her purse. "I'll give you my number."

"I know your number by heart." He felt a little emptiness at the loss of her touch, but smiling. She was giving him more than he hoped for or deserved.

"It's been changed." Darcy handed him the piece of paper. "Part of the healing process."

"You don't have to explain, Sweetheart."

"We need to hear both sides of the story, remember?" Repeating the words he had said to her earlier. "Call me when you're out of here, and I'll meet you at the apartment."

"Farewell, but not Goodbye." It was something she always said to Steve, before he left for a mission. "And, don't mess with the equipment."

"Never Goodbye." His usually response to those words. He watched her walk to the door, and open it. "Will you have an answer to my question?"

"It all depends on whatever you say." Then she was gone, leaving Steve alone with his thoughts.

Jane was waiting for her in the van she had in New Mexico. Darcy had tried to talk her into something more functional for the streets of New York City. S.H.I.E.L.D. had even offered to buy her a new car, as amends for stealing her research. Darcy was the only person who understood why Jane refused. It was her last remembrance of Thor.

"You okay?" Jane asked concerned. "Do I need to give him a verbal beating?"

"I'm fine." Darcy replied buckling here seatbelt, and her left hand resting on her stomach. "Sorry I kept you waiting."

'"I would've been here sooner, but Steve stopped me. He actually started unhooking himself from the medical equipment. Then, he kissed me and asked if he could come home."

"Does he know about little Jane?" It was one question that Jane wanted an answer too.

"No," Darcy replied, sounding relieved but a little regretful. "She kicked before I walked into the room, and his friend Sam saw me hugging her." Darcy's term for when she felt the baby kick and stroked her stomach.

"You think he'll tell Steve?" Jane instantly became overprotective. "If he does, I'll add him to my 'I'm going to kick your ass' list."

"Sam won''t tell him." Darcy reassured her, "He is encouraging me to give Steve another chance."

"Since when did you turn from Jane Foster workaholic astrophysicist.," She asked curiously. "To Jane Foster evil genius?"

"The day he broke your heart by taking the coward's way out." No hesitation, just a littler anger in her voice. "I'm with you no matter what happens. He better have a damn good explanation."

"I'm still working on ways to physically hurt him." She finished, and Darcy could've sworn she saw an evil glint in Jane's eyes. "Maybe I'll just use your taser gun. When he's on the ground holding his balls, I'll just say 'you know why'."

"Just one of the many reasons you're my best friend," Darcy laughed. "And, I love you for it.".

"Just watching out for both of you, and I love you, too." She replied, placing her hand over Darcy's "Don't take it easy on him."

"I won''t" Darcy replied, as Jane removed her hand. The baby kicked, and Darcy smiled down at her stomach. "It all depends on what he has to say."