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Romance wasn’t something Todoroki ever had any interest in.

Whatever. It's not like he had the perfect example of a functional relationship growing up.

However, Midoriya quite literally punched his way into Todoroki’s life, and Todoroki has been drowning ever since.

You’d think, after two years, it would get easier. You’d think his stomach would squeeze less – you’d think his heart would stop sputtering– you’d think, but ha, no. It gets worse, of course. Midoriya considers him a close friend, and vice versa, so late Friday pizza parties and quote unquote sleepovers become the norm. (They're not supposed to leave their dorms past midnight, but they tastefully break that rule.)

Midoriya makes him laugh. Midoriya makes him happy. Midoriya actually cares about him.

Contrary to popular belief, Todoroki knows the exact day/minute/second that Todoroki fell down the metaphorical hole. Todoroki isn’t a feelings expert, but he knew he was fucked when Midoriya damn near killed himself trying to help Todoroki with his own daddy issues. The scar on his hand is a forever reminder.

In summer, Midoriya walks on his right, and sways against his shoulder. In winter, he clutches onto his left arm and falls asleep against his neck. He’s not even sure if Midoriya is self-aware – but Todoroki sure as hell won’t stop him. Todoroki has had avid practice in keeping his body from freezing and/or burning Midoryia’s skin. Hurting him is Todoroki’s worst nightmare.

He’s not sure where the possessiveness comes from, but by senior year, Todoroki is a hundred percent sure he would personally sucker punch anyone that had anything mean to say about Midoriya. Everyone in Class A, B, and C is aware of this. Midoriya is the only good thing left on this damn planet, and seeing him sad makes Todoroki breathe smoke.

Now, not to say Todoroki underestimates him, because Midoriya is perfectly capable of taking care of himself. Sometimes Midoriya still struggles to contain his quirk, but Todoroki is sure he could beat the shit out of anyone if he really wanted to – they’ve fought side by side. Todoroki has felt a portion of the power under his skin and it’s alive, something Todoroki sure as hell won’t fuck with, thanks.

But even as a senior, Midoriya carries a sense of purity. He still wants to make the world a better place. He still wants to genuinely help people, and Todoroki will protect that with his dying breath.

So when some ass in the general studies class heckles Midoriya to borderline tears, Todoroki thinks no, impossible. Love cannot make you weak, because by god, Todoroki has never, ever felt stronger.

(He almost got suspended for freezing the guy’s feet to the gym floor. Don’t tell Midoriya).



“Brrrrr,” Midoriya trembles aloud, black gloves rubbing against his arms. “It’s so c-cold today!”

“Don’t be a wuss,” Bakugou says, in a light jacket and shorts, as they walk through the snow. He angrily stabs a piece of trash with his stick, and stuffs it in a bag.

“It’s not that bad,” Iida shrugs. “I think it was colder yesterday.”

Todoroki nods.

“This is not f-fair,” Midoriya laughs. “You’re two dragons and an engine. If I k-knew we were doing community service today, I would’ve dressed w-warmer.”

“This ‘field trip’ is bullshit, I’ll give you that.” Bakugou picks up a piece of cardboard, and burns it instantly. Iida shrieks about the environmental repercussions.

Across the street, Todoroki can see Yaoyorozu pull a jacket from her stomach, and hand it to Ochako. The smaller girl bows graciously, once, twice.

Todoroki silently places more trash in his bag.

“W-w-well, I mean…I know why we have to do it. Heroes serve the c-community-” Midoriya shivers.

Bakugou snaps, “Shut up. God. Go clean somewhere else.”

Todoroki glares in his direction, and Bakugou glares back. Midoriya isn’t even phased.

“Midoriya is correct,” Iida nods, tying off his third bag already. “This is what true heroism is. Making the world a better place!”

“I’m not going to be picking trash off the fucking road when I graduate.”

It starts to snow.

Midoriya is all muscle mass; there’s not much fat left on him anymore – yet he still manages to look slim in his jacket. He shivers horribly, and Todoroki’s heartstrings pull into his throat. He wants to tug him against his side, and smooth his hands down Midoriya’s skin until he melts.

Bakugou ignites his palms once, and casually rubs his hand over his face. He’s cold too.

Todoroki sets down his bag.

“Midoriya. Come here.”

Something in Todoroki swells at the fact that Midoriya immediately stops what he’s doing, and bounces to Todoroki’s side. He smiles, shaking the snow out of his hair, “Yes?”

Todoroki holds out his left palm.


Midoriya gasps happily, and grips Todoroki’s fingers with both hands. Todoroki warms his palm, and Midoriya shuffles closer.

“Ahhhh,” he sighs. He leans even closer, against Todoroki’s left side, and Todoroki lets him. He can’t feel the bite of the weather, but he can feel how cold Midoriya is. He knows the resting temperature of Midoriya’s body – and his current state is a little concerning. Midoriya’s jacket really is too light for this weather. Bakugou rolls his eyes, and stabs too hard into the snow.

“Your nose is turning blue,” Todoroki comments.

Midoriya shivers, “I know.” His eyelashes stick together. “I can’t feel it anymore, haha.”

Todoroki isn’t really thinking when he lifts his hand out of Midoriya’s grip, and softly pinches his nose. It warms instantly under his fingers. Midoriya makes a soft, nasally exhale.

“Oh my gosh, that feels so much better.”

“Gay,” Bakugou snarks.

Todoroki doesn’t blink at Bakugou’s words. His face warms more knowing that Midoriya doesn’t seem to mind the comment either.

With incredible aim, Jirou throws her pole like a javelin, and nails Bakugou right in the back. He wails, turning around to yell, but gets a face full of trash.

“Don’t be a fucking homophobe,” Jirou snaps.

“I’m not!”

“You kinda’ are.” Kirishima shrugs. “So not manly, dude.”

Bakugou starts yelling, and Aizawa threatens to send them all packing.

Midoriya has warmed considerably. He’s stopped shaking, so he steps away, rubbing at his face with his palms.

 “Thank you!” Midoriya beams.

Todoroki’s heart stops a little, “Of course.”

He resists the urge to blow steam across Midoriya’s freckles, and warm up his little face. He figures that’s crossing a line. Somehow, he figures Midoriya wouldn’t mind.

Yaoyorozu wanders over, dragging full bags with Ochako. She politely waves, “Are you cold, Midoriya? I can make you a thicker coat.”

“Really?!” Midoriya bounces. “That’d be great! Thank you so much.”

Todoroki frowns. He goes back to picking up trash, stabbing a can and shoving it in his bag. He’s not upset.

Iida is smirking like a motherfucker; Todoroki tries to ignore him. Yaoyorozu makes him a fine coat, and Midoriya fits into it, snuggly and cute, snow still collecting in his sweet curly hair.



Many complained about U.A. becoming a boarding school, but Todoroki was grateful. He never liked spending much time at home anyways.

However, sometimes he’s required to visit – and it’s never the same. It’s not like when Midoriya invites him for dinner, his mother smiling and warm and proud, proud of them both.

He loves his siblings, honestly, but his home is cold and lonely, and Todoroki counts the days until he can go back to school. Midoriya is always counting with him, and Todoroki appreciates that more than he can express. There’s a lot of things about Midoriya that Todoroki has come to adore.

For one, watching Midoriya carry something ten times his body weight will never not be attractive.

He’s watched him (slowly) learn control – and now the veins in his body glow, as he lifts a car in search of survivors.

Todoroki knows he should be focusing on the mission at hand. They’re just interns, for now, called out to do search and rescue from a recent landslide. However, the area was cleared out long ago. Shouji walks around with three ears, and says there’s nothing.  

Midoriya is persistent otherwise, lifting a slab of concrete on his shoulder, and crouching to dig through more rubble. Todoroki feels dizzy, it’s so fucking hot.

The concrete slab is thrown back to the ground, and Midoriya’s body cools. He frowns, rubbing at his forehead, “I’ve checked this whole area. I don’t think there’s anybody here.”

“Shame. Keep looking,” Todoroki deadpans. He can hear Sero laughing, the bastard.

“Hey,” Shouji calls. “It’s not a person, but I think there’s an animal trapped down here.”

Sero stops mid laugh, and turns on his heel. Midoriya comes running as well, Todoroki not far behind. There’s a huge piece of a collapsed bridge atop a car. Shouji is able to rock it, barely, but not enough.

“It’s too heavy,” Shouji pushes, with six arms.

“Hold on. I can give us some leverage.” Sero aims his tape, wrapping it around one of the bars of the broken bridge piece, and cutting off the tape. He grabs another one, and hands it to Todoroki.

“We’ll pull, if you two push.”

Midoriya’s body ignites, red rushing through him. He nods, determined, “Got it.”

It’s much easier than Todoroki expected. With Midoriya’s added strength, the large slab falls onto its side, and reveals the crushed car underneath. They breathe a sigh of relief when there’s a muffled bark from inside.

“What kind of bastard leaves their dog inside a car?” Sero frowns. Midoriya is already ripping the door off the car, gently crawling inside what’s left, and pulling out an itty bitty teacup Chihuahua.

Midoriya lifts him up with a smile, “He seems okay.”  The dog licks his face, shaking in his arms, and Midoriya giggles. It should be illegal for someone to be so sexy one second, and downright adorable the next.

“Well, thank god.”

Todoroki sighs, “Do you think we should go find Backdraft?”

Sero pats him on the back. He gives Todoroki some kind of knowing look.

“Sounds like a good idea.”



Staying after class isn’t usually his thing. Iida, Yaorozuru, even Midoriya – they’re usually the ones to stay past the bell, and clean the chalkboards.

However, today was one of All Might’s in-class lectures, and honestly, the idea of going home leaves a foul taste in Todoroki’s mouth. He busies himself with cleaning the classroom, organizing pencils just to turn his attention else-ware, far from sweet freckled boys.

All Might’s voice shocks him from his thoughts.

“Young Shouto,” All Might flips through his papers, looking up through sunken eyes. “Are you not going home for the weekend?”

Todoroki hesitates by the chalkboard.

“Well…I need to take these files up to the U.A. headquarters.” All Might stands, “Super classified stuff. I could use an escort.”

Todoroki chews on his cheek to fight off a smile, and nods.

They walk in silence through the halls. There’s something warm about All Might, despite his inability to transform anymore. He radiates a protective aura, one that makes you feel safe standing in his seven foot shadow.

All Might asks him about school, and Todoroki gives him honest answers. They peacefully walk through the courtyard. It’s getting warmer outside. There’s a pair of birds that fly between trees, one chasing the other, chirping and flittering around branches.

Todoroki chooses his words carefully. He mulls them over. Thinks yes, no, maybe,  before asking, “All Might Sensei?”

His teacher looks down, adjusting the papers under his lanky arm.


Todoroki holds his breath. He exhales.

“Do you think that love and heroism can co-exist?”

All Might stops walking. Todoroki stops too.

Rather than surprised, All Might looks thoughtful. Like he’s genuinely intrigued at the concept. He starts walking again, Todoroki at his side.

“That’s quite interesting, Young Shouto. In what terms?”

“I don’t know.” Todoroki shrugs. “Safety. Plausibility.”

“I think so,” All Might hums. “Many consider love to be a weakness, but I’ve found it to be more of a strength.”

“A strength?”

“A motivation,” All Might smiles. “In the last fights of my prime, I was propelled past my limit when faced with securing the safety of a certain plain-looking boy.” He laughs, “A different type of love than what you’re probably thinking, but a similar concept, I’d believe.”

Todoroki swallows hard, and feels his face warm. All Might laughs loudly.

“If it’s the same young man, I think I just earned twenty dollars.”

Todoroki gawks, “What was that?”

“Nothing,” All Might smiles. He leans around to softly ruffle Todoroki’s hair, “I think you should chase your happiness, Young Shouto.”

Todoroki doesn’t respond. But when they split ways, he’s sure to bow his thank you.



He hates when his father comes to visit. The dorm is his space. His tiny bit of freedom.

His father stands against the wall, arms folded, and for someone bursting with flames, he always manages to look so cold.

“I heard about the attack,” he says.

Todoroki rolls his eyes, “It was nothing.” Just a bunch of rag-tag idiots who thought they could take on a band of U.A. seniors. Honestly, it’s dull compared to the shit in their first year.

“I know it was nothing,” Endeavor rumbles. “So I want to know why that fool was all over the news, and not you.”

“Iida?” Todoroki bristles. “He took a bullet to the chest protecting one of our friends!”

“I didn’t send you here for nothing,” Endeavor hisses. “You were already a disappointment at last year’s sports festival.”

“I’m interning for rescue missions. I have perfect grades. What more do you want from me?”

“A number one hero doesn’t do rescue missions.”

“Uh… yeah they do? What-“

Endeavor goes on a long rant about power and pride and blah blah blah nonsense, all stuff Todoroki doesn’t care about. It’s all about fighting. About being number one – something Todoroki just…doesn’t need anymore. He zones out halfway through the lecture, and nearly gets smacked for it. Nearly – he’d like to see Endeavor try.

“Anyways,” he huffs, finally preparing to leave. “I want perfect marks at this year’s sports festival.”

“Sure,” Todoroki deadpans.

“And I want you to stop – stop being friends with that idiot,” Endeavor barks. “I always see you hovering around him like a child.”

Todoroki bristles, standing up off his desk, “Midoriya?! Why?”

Endeavor’s voice bellows, filling the room with hot smoke. Todoroki feels stuffy, like he can’t breathe –

“If he really does have a power to rival All Might’s, then that makes him your enemy.” Endeavor takes a step forward, but Todoroki doesn’t budge. “You don’t have time for pointless friendships.”

“We’re heroes!” Todoroki yells. “We’re on the same damn side!”

“Watch your tone!” Endeavor’s flames ignite.

“All Might can’t even transform anymore. Why do you care? Why can’t you just let it go?!”

“I created you, and you will do what I say,” he hovers, threateningly. “And you will stay away from that fool.”



Todoroki hasn’t felt like crying in a long time. However, he thinks he could now, if he really tried.

The river flows slowly beneath him. The bars are slim on the bridge, enough so that he can sit with his legs dangling, arms and chin propped up on the railing. His eyes are unfocused, hair falling in his face. He blows cold air every so often, just to push it out of the way.

What his father said was typical. Father – no, Endeavor.  Endeavor is no father to him.  All Might is more of a dad than he ever will be.

However, it’s still upsetting. Endeavor can yell all he wants – but don’t bring Midoriya into this.

Fuck off.

There’s a breeze that blows by, and the river below ripples. He can hear footsteps approaching on the bridge, and he doesn’t pay them much mind. They sound like boots, clicking against the brick beneath them – but the clicking stops.

A body sits next to him, legs sticking out through the bars, and dangling over the edge as well. Todoroki doesn’t have to turn to know it’s Midoriya, but he does anyways.

“Hey,” Midoriya smiles.


Midoriya briefly bumps against his shoulder, before swaying back. “I’m assuming it didn’t go very well?”


Midoriya is careful in choosing his words. A breeze passes by.

“…Do you want to talk about it?”

Todoroki exhales harshly, “He makes me so-“  There’s no one around, so Todoroki let’s go of that last wall, “- he makes me so fucking mad.”

Midoriya hums, and nods for him to continue.

“He wants me to be perfect, you know,” Todoroki sighs. “I’ve never cared about impressing him, but deep down, I think…I wonder what it’d be like to hear well done, you know?”

“Family isn’t just blood, you know,” Midoriya says, hand coming to rest on his right thigh. It’s his cold side, but Midoriya’s hand feels hot. “There’s so many people that are proud of you.”

Todoroki fakes a laugh, “It’s not about praise. I don’t need recognition. I just want him to leave me alone.”

Midoriya frowns, “What is he upset about now?”


“I’m sorry,” Midoriya retracts his hand, and Todoroki misses it instantly. “It’s not something I can fix, and that makes me sad. You don’t deserve to hear the things he tells you.”

Todoroki feels lighter. He half smiles, the twist in his chest bleeding away.

“It’s not your worry, Izuku.”

He doesn’t mean to let his first name slip, but Midoriya turns, with his big puppy eyes, before Todoroki can backpedal.

“But you shouldn’t be treated that way!”

“It’s okay,” Todoroki says honestly. “He just spews nonsense. Today he said a bunch of garbage about not being your friend anymore.”

Todoroki can see the exact moment Midoriya’s body curls in on itself, and Todoroki instantly regrets his big fat mouth.


“He’s senile.” Todoroki says quickly, “I don’t give a damn what he says.”

“But…” Midoriya shifts, “I don’t want to get you in trouble with your father.”

“I’m always in trouble with Endeavor.” Todoroki offers a smile, leaning in to get Midoriya’s eye contact back. “Friends can be rivals. He will never understand.”

Todoroki has tried to live and learn. He tries to grow, tries not to get too comfortable with life – because you don’t know it all. You never really know what might happen next, and Todoroki understands this. Don’t underestimate your enemy, and don’t underestimate life.

However, out of every possible response Midoriya might’ve had, Todoroki would have never, ever expected him to lean in, and kiss him with an undeniable and purposeful force.

Todoroki can’t move, can’t breathe, can’t close his eyes – but Midoriya is there, warm lips against his, and Todoroki’s mouth falls open in shock. He’s hot, hot all over – even his right side burns, tingles from head to toe. Todoroki can see everything – the length of his eyelashes, the soft curve of his nose -

Midoriya pulls back suddenly, as if burned, and for a millisecond, Todoroki panics, worried he might’ve actually burned him, but Midoriya is unharmed.

“Oh my god,” he whispers, marked hands hovering over his mouth. “Oh my god I’m so sorry, I-I-“

Todoroki numbly touches his bottom lip, completely disassociating, as Midoriya spills a million apologies. His face is pink, and his hands are shaking, and he’s so, so cute.

Todoroki’s body moves before his brain, reaching out to pull Midoriya’s wrists away from his face, so he can lean in and kiss him again. In all honesty, Todoroki is impressed by how quickly Midoriya melts into him, sliding forwards and closing his eyes. His hands are still shaking, but Todoroki’s might be too.

Not to be judgmental, but Todoroki never took him for having much experience, however, Midoriya still kisses well anyways. He does so like everything else in life – with intensity, and pure determination. Todoroki doesn’t know what he’s doing, he doesn’t have a plan, but he’s not worried about it. Not right now. Not when he’s thought about this so much, and never considered it a possibility.

“I’m sorry,” Midoriya still says, against his lips, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry-“

“Stop,” Todoroki grits, hand coming up to secure behind Midoriya’s head, and their heads tip, the kiss deepening into something so much sweeter than Todoroki could have ever imagined. He’s honey against him, so warm and cute that Todoroki can’t focus on any one thing.

They pull back. Todoroki lets out a blow of steam, and Midoriya giggles, covering his pink cheeks with his hands.

“Dragon,” Midoriya whispers with a smile, a little embarrassed.

“Why did you kiss me?” Todoroki asks. His heart beats too fast.

Midoriya swallows. He looks away, then back, lowering his hands as he says, “Why did you kiss me back?”

“You first.”

Midoriya chews on his bottom lip, and looks back out to the river below them. He grips the bar between his legs, and pulls his legs back from over the edge. “Umm…”

Todoroki can feel himself panicking, even if it’s horribly uncharacteristic for him, but Midoriya is just so important, he can’t afford to mess this up. Even if it hurts.  

“We can pretend it didn’t happen.”

“No!” Midoriya shouts, and then recoils. “I mean. U-Unless you want to, but, but, I um.” He swallows. “I don’t know…I…I was happy that…that you still wanted to be friends with me, even if it was going against your father’s wishes.” He runs a hand through his unruly hair. Some pieces fall back, and Todoroki resists the urge to brush them behind his ear. Midoriya bashfully smiles, “I guess I’m trying to say that I like you. Uh… it’s okay if you-“

“Don’t.” Todoroki slides back away from the edge as well. “I think I’ve been pitifully obvious.”

Midoriya gasps – it seems genuine, but Todoroki catches a bit of a cheeky smile, “Have you really?”

“Don’t play coy,” Todoroki smiles, already leaning in to kiss him again.

“What about Endeavor?” Midoriya asks between kisses, hands playing with Todoroki’s hair so much, that the color is no longer separated in a clean line.

“He can suck it,” Todoroki says, nosing behind Midoriya’s ear, as he breaks out into giggles. Someone else comes walking along the bridge, and they pull apart respectfully. It’s okay. Midoriya stands, and offers a hand to Todoroki – and Todoroki takes it, letting Midoriya pull him to his feet, as if he weighs nothing.



Their first date is quiet, and pleasant. They’re eighteen, at the peak of their youth, but the idea of loud parties and busy clubs just doesn't sit right with either of them.

There’s an old, old restaurant on the far west side of town – some place that Midoriya praised to kingdom come. He refuses to tell Todoroki the name. Something about it being a secret.

They take a train together. Midoriya goes on and on about the first year Class A’s. He’s analyzed them already, the newest book in his bag a recollection of everything he’s studied. Todoroki has always found his studiousness to be both cute, and respectable. Not to mention, Midoriya’s observation skills have saved their asses a handful of times.

Todoroki listens earnestly as he talks – but he’s more drawn to the cute little button down Midoriya is wearing. He’s not in dress pants, just jeans, but they look really, really good. He sees Midoriya in skin tight hero suits every day, but there’s something about casual wear that makes Midoriya look especially handsome.  He’s changed so much, since their first year. He’s lost most of his baby fat, and his body is all lines of solid muscle. Still, he retains that purity and wholesomeness that drew Todoroki to him in the first place.

It’s late when they arrive at the restaurant. It’s outdoors, tables and chairs perched atop a soft hill. The restaurant owner is an old lady with a firefly quirk. It’s all natural lighting, little lighting bugs huddled under lampshades, as others float through the air. Todoroki has half the mind to question the restaurants sanitation, but he trusts Midoriya’s judgement more.

They’re seated by a rabbit mutant, and Todoroki is (not) surprised to find that he’s a little nervous.

However, Midoriya looks up and giggles, “Wow, I’m nervous, how weird!” and Todoroki finds himself laughing too.

He flips open the menu, “Why’s that?”

“Overly happy, maybe?” Midoriya squirms in his seat to get comfortable. “I can’t believe you agreed to go out with me.”

Todoroki snorts, “Why? Am I that unapproachable?

“Too hot and cool,” Midoriya jokes, and Todoroki softly kicks him from under the table.

“You’re not funny.”

Midoriya giggles, and hides his face behind the menu. The waitress comes by to take their order. A firefly lands on Todoroki’s hand, and Todoroki plays with it, watching it lightly hover and glow. He blows a little cold air, and it floats towards Midoriya.

Midoriya says, “I heard we’re going on another cabin retreat.”

“Another training camp, then.”

“Probably,” Midoriya shurgs. “Whether it’s training or not, I think it’ll be fun.”

Todoroki nods, “Yeah. I’d like to see you push yourself without holding back.”

“Me too,” Midoriya sighs. “I need to study old tapes of All Might more. I don’t know how he ever controlled his strength in densely populated areas.”

“I don’t know how MT Lady does it either.”

“Very carefully!” Midoriya laughs. “She can only enter two laned streets. Her size puts her at a huge advantage during mutant battles, but it’s proven disadvantageous to collateral damage.”

“Ah,” Todoroki nods. “Our search and rescue internship is almost done. Do you want to do more work with civilians?”

“You know, I’m not sure. I think I’d like more hero work. You know, onsite stuff, like what Ochako has been doing.”

“Train hard at the camp, then.”

“I will,” Midoriya grins. “How’s working with Endeavor?”

“I quit.”

“What? Really?”

“I learned a lot, honestly.” Todoroki runs his finger along the edge of his glass, lightly frosting the outside. “But I dunno’. He has a toxic way of thinking, and I don’t want to be like that, you know?”

“How so?” Midoriya blinks, with his big round eyes. "Besides the obvious." 

Todoroki shrugs, “Pride, and all that. I think the best pro-heros have some kind of humility about them.” He gestures, “Like you.”

Midoriya flushes head to toe. He presses a hand to his face, blushing, “Wahh, I-ah, I always thought I carried myself with too much pride.”

“Please,” Todoroki snorts. “Didn’t you grow up with Bakugou?”

Midoriya laughs, his face still red.

“Ahh, look what you’ve done.” He picks Todorki’s hand off his glass, “Give me this.”

Todoroki is forced to lean over the table, as Midoriya takes his cold hand and presses it against his cheek to cool it down. Todoroki doesn’t bother hiding a smile – the few people here are busied with their company, so Todoroki smiles without worry. Midoriya presses his hand to his cheek, then his forehead, before letting go. 

However, he presses a quick kiss to Todoroki’s palm, and it’s Todoroki’s turn to blush hot. His lips are soft.

Midoriya laughs and laughs, until he bumps his knee against the table, and laughs more. When the waitress isn’t looking, Todoroki blows steam across the table, and Midoriya agrees to stop laughing.



Since Todoroki stopped interning for his dad, and started working under different pro heroes, he’s been a lot happier. Midoriya applied for the same one as he - and the both made it in. It’s been nothing but small time villains, purse snatchers, bank robbers. But experience is experience, and Todoroki knows that he and Midoriya make a great team, so all is well.

The biggest mess they’ve encountered so far is an emitter gang they find running around in the inner city. They’ve been hitting up banks, with a few accounts of murder on their ledgers. They all have gun quirks; Todoroki easily dodges through ice, but it’s interesting to watch Midoriya counteract the bullets through speed and strength.

For a brief moment, Todoroki panics. He’s hit with the overwhelming desire to protect; to pull Midoriya behind him, and keep him away from harm. 

But Midoriya smashes through their fire, the bullets hardly denting the skin that glows red. Midoriya launches one over his shoulder, and propels the other through a wall, and Todoroki realizes he has nothing to worry about.

He shoots fire past Midoriya’s head. Aims ice, and freezes another to the floor. At the end of the day they’re chastised for their carelessness, but praised for their bravery. Midoriya beams under a job well done, and Todoroki slings an arm around his waist when the media comes crawling their way. Midoriya hugs him back.

You two have a wonderful friendship! A journalist says. Yeah, sure.



Things have fallen into place at a slow, natural pace, only because their daily lives are so utterly hectic. Todoroki is, however, free to hold and coddle Midoriya as much as he wants. What is Todoroki to say? He’s of a possessive nature.

Much to Todoroki’s surprise, there’s absolutely zero reaction from their classmates. Not that he wanted one – he’s relieved, but rather…concerned. They always make a big deal about who likes who, who slept with who, yadda yadda - but it's almost like Midoriya and Todoroki's relationship is old news. 

Midoriya sits on his lap in the Class A lounge, reading on his phone, and nobody even blinks.

Todoroki secures his arms around Midoriya’s waist, peeping over his shoulder to watch and listen. Some students have gone to bed, but most of them lounge around on couches.

“Yuh huh, yuh huh,” Kaminari nods. “I was only passing by in the hallway, but that’s what I heard from the Principal.”

“It’s a rouse,” Tokoyami plays with his choker. “There’s absolutely no way they’d throw us a formal dance without any type of repercussion.”

“Do you have that little faith in our instructors?” Iida blinks. "The school has done so much for us."

“Yeah!” Ashido beams. “Maybe it’s complimentary! We have been through hell, you know.”

“There’s definitely no way,” Kirishima laughs. “Every single ‘retreat’ has been a boot camp.”

“Okay, but, what kind of dance?” Ochako blushes. “Like, a prom?”

Kaminari shrugs, “Something along those lines.”

“Ahhh,” Mineta slumps back. “Think of all the short dresses – low cut backs- so many boo-“

“Suck a dick, Mineta.”

"Hey! Ow-"

Midoriya looks up from his phone, suddenly interested, “Wait, there’s a dance?”


“Shouto,” Midoriya turns, with a smile. “We should go together.”

Todoroki shrugs, “I assumed we would.”

Midoriya beams a blinding smile, and turns back to his phone.

He tries not to think about Midoriya all dolled up in a suit.  

“Ugh, no fair,” Ochako fake pouts. “You two already have each other. Who do I ask??”

Tsuyu gives a nervous kero kero from the floor, and Todoroki hides his smile in the back of Midoriya’s hair.


“I dunno’? Someone from class B?” Kirishima assumes, one hand covering Mineta’s squabbling mouth.


 “This sounds fucking dumb,” Bakugou pouts. “What a waste of time.”

“I think it sounds fun!”

“Yeah!” Kaminari chirps, “We never get to do anything fun, like, ever.”

“Guys, it’s a trick! They’ve never done anything for us out of pure, good heartedness.”

“Yeah, for all we know, Gang Orca could bust through the wall again.”

There’s a mixed chorus of groans and laughter.

“Well,” Todoroki begins, and half the heads whip towards him. “It’s still just a rumor. I don’t know why any of you are stressing.”

Because.” Ashido stands. “I have to prepare! I need a dress! A date!”

The AC kicks on in the hallway. Midoriya remains silent in his lap – until he shudders, and squirms back against Todoroki’s chest.

“Cold,” he mumbles. Todoroki hums, and exercises control in warming his left side. Midoriya silently snuggles closer, and Todoroki holds out his warm palm for Midoriya to take. Midoriya whispers a thank you.

“Hey loveshits,” Bakugou snaps. “Can you both stop being disgusting for like, two fucking seconds.”

Todoroki shoots him a nasty glare over Midoriya’s shoulder, and Bakugou sneers back.

“Dude!” Kirishima elbows Bakugou, “Chill!”

“Yeah man, stop bein’ jealous cause you’re forever alone.”

Bakugou explodes, “I’m not fuckin’ jealous! Do you see this shit? They’re gross!”

Midoriya tries to squirm out of his lap in embarrassment, but Todoroki refuses to let him go. Bakugou is technically, technically, their friend, (and that’s using the term friend loosely), but Todoroki still gets satisfaction from making him mad.

“Don’t be a homophobe, bro.”  

“Oh my god, I’m not a fuckin’ homophobe!”

Tokoyami studies his nails, “None of us have an issue with it.”

Mineta raises a hand, “Actually-“ but Tsuyu shoves her tongue in his ear, and he squeals away.

Bakugou is turning red with embarrassment and anger, and Midoriya tries to diffuse to situation, saying, “No, it’s fine, no worries, I’m sorry, I’ll-“

“You’re all as bad as them! God fucking damn, I don’t wanna’ sit n’ watch PDA all night.”

“Hey Bakugou,” Todoroki taunts, leaning around to press a fat kiss against Midoriya’s cheek. “Watch me kiss my boyyyfriennd-

Bakugou’s fuse goes off, and he stomps away, fists clenched, face red. Certain parts of his personality have grown in the past two years – but this part of him remains. He’s less angry, they can tell, but more flustered. Still, Todoroki peppers Midoriya’s cheek in kisses, until Bakugou is out of sight, and Midoriya is giggling in his lap.

Everyone is laughing on the couches. Kirishima cackles, rocking to his feet with an eventual, “Ahh, I’ll go get him.”

Midoriya hides his face in his hands. He slides off Todoroki’s lap, and onto the floor, and Todoroki lets him.

“Still cold?” Ochako teases.

Midoriya gives a soft, muffled, and gentle “No,” from behind his hands, and the group bursts into giggles once more.



 This is, perhaps, another upside to the dorms.

Classes ended hours ago. They worked on homework, and got coffee on the way home. The weather is getting warmer.

Midoriya cuddles up to his cold side, face pressed into his neck. His breath gives Todoroki chills every so often, but Todoroki doesn’t mind. The blankets are kicked to their feet; Midoriya’s room has slowly changed, from first year, until now. There’s less All Might posters – granted, there’s still six or seven, but the majority of the wall is covered in photos.

There’s a picture, from that time Midoriya, Todoroki, Iida and Ochako went rollerblading. There’s many more, from class trips and random midnight escapades. Midoriya has a corkboard full of hero notes, with scribbling written across hundreds of pages.

However, his room maintains a very calm, Midoriya feel, and that’s why Todoroki doesn’t mind hanging out here too much.

Todoroki can feel Midoridya zoning in and out; it’s fine, Todoroki doesn’t mind the silence. He turns his attention to Midoriya’s crooked, callused hand. His fingers are shorter and stockier than Todoroki’s, but they’re, of course, amazingly strong. It’s been so long since that first sports festival, but Todoroki still feels pangs of guilt every time he sees the scars running across Midoriya’s hand. That might’ve been Midoriya’s doing – but Midoriya did it for him, and Todoroki will never forget it.  

He runs his fingers around Midoriya’s scar. Across his knuckles, and into his palm.

“You have a matching one, you know.”

Todoroki pauses, stilling his fingers on Midoriya’s scarred hand.


“I know what you’re thinking,” Midoriya smiles, wiggling closer and tangling their legs together. “You still think it’s your fault.”

“Well, I…it, it technically was.”

Midoriya laughs, “Do you still think you have some kind of hand curse?”


Midoriya laughs more, squeezing Todoroki’s fingers.

“But you have a matching one.”

“A what?”

“A scar.” Midoriya taps his hip. “Did you forget?”

Honestly, yes.

It felt like ages ago, but now, Todoroki remembers it clearly. It was a run in with the Villain Association. A mutant was fighting Midoriya to near death, extreme strength matching Midoriya’s kick for kick. Todoroki had his hands full with some lizard ass, who kept trying to spit poison gas at civilians. Neither of them noticed a glass emitter shredding his way towards Midoriya – and Todoroki’s initial reaction was to jump.


Midoriya softly pulls away from Todoroki’s grip. He reaches down to the hem of Todoroki’s shirt and tugs it up to his stomach. There’s a variety of scars on his hip, that stretch down to his thigh. Some small, some large, all from the impact of the glass.

“You took the hit for me.” Midoriya mumbles. His fingers lightly trace the markings, fingers swirling up and down his side. “I kinda’ wish you didn’t.”

Todoroki flares, “What do you mean?”

“You have enough scars,” Midoriya frowns. “You gave me a heart attack, you know. You looked like a pin cushion.”

Todoroki snorts, and slips his arms around Midoriya’s waist, pulling until he’s fully atop him. Midoriya straddles his hips to get comfortable. Todoroki loves the casualness of it all.

“I think you have more scars than I do.”

Midoriya shrugs.

Todoroki softly reaches behind his head, and pulls Midoriya close until they’re kissing. Midoriya’s lips part out of practice, tipping his head so that their noses don’t squish.

The kiss breaks, and Todoroki says, “I don’t regret it.”

Midoriya cards his crooked hand through Todoroki’s hair, blending the perfect part of red and white.

He sticks out his tongue, gesturing with his bad hand, “Me neither.”

Todoroki sits up on his elbows to kiss him again. Midoriya presses his face in his hands, and kisses back.

He loves the slide of Midoriya’s tongue. He loves how his hands can’t stay still – smoothing from his cheeks, to his neck, to his shoulders. His touch is electric, and Todoroki is sensitive to it all.

Midoriya pushes, and Todoroki falls back to the bed, Midoriya hovering over him, sucking on his tongue. His breath is hot, and every kiss ties a knot in Todoroki’s stomach. Even his cold side feels hot, from the weight of Midoriya on top of him.

His thighs are rock solid next to Todoroki's hips, his arms strong braced on the bed – there’s always too much to look at, and not enough time. Midoriya kisses the corner of his mouth. His cheek, then down his neck, and Todoroki hums, hands pushing at Midoriya’s shirt, until he gets the memo to take it off.

“Let’s flip,” Todoroki says. Midoriya nods, and rolls. His shirt lands on the desk across the room.

He lays down on the pillows, hands making grabby motions towards Todoroki, but Todoroki doesn’t move. He stays on his knees, between Midoriya’s parted thighs, and drags his hands up the muscles of his stomach, worshiping all the skin he can see.


 Todoroki slides his hands down, down, until he’s holding his thighs, and squeezing into the muscle. Midoriya’s face turns pink, and he brings a hand to cover his face.

“H-Hey, don’t look at me like that.”

“Like what?” Todoroki muses. He pulls Midoriya on the bed until the backs of his thighs line up with the tops of Todoroki’s.

“Like you want to eat me alive.”

“But I do,” Todoroki says honestly. He leans closer, and Midoriya grabs a handful of Todoroki’s shirt, pulling so they’re kissing again.

Todoroki needs more time. He needs infinity. He needs the rest of his life to spend kissing Midoriya, until he can map out every inch of him with his tongue, and draw him from memory.

Midoriya is strong and supple, submissive and always in control. He’s hot against his skin, lips slick and pink and sweet. Midoriya fiddles with the buttons of his shirt, until he’s pushing it down his arms. The fabric gathers around his forearms, but Todoroki is too preoccupied to take it off completely. He’s currently swapping spit with Midoriya, and he tastes too good to stop.

Midoriya’s forwardness is always a pleasant surprise. He’s the first to grind up against Todoroki’s hips, denim rubbing against denim. Todoroki takes a sharp inhale through his nose, and Midoriya’s moan is barely audible. Still, Todoroki feels his gut tighten; he’s overcome with the urge to shred all their clothes immediately.

“Clothes-“ Midoriya starts, but Todoroki is already on it. He sits back enough to help Midoriya out of his jeans, before unzipping  and kicking off his own.

His boxer briefs are pink and cute, and a total contrast to the mouthwatering amount of toned muscle Midoriya has.

Midoriya makes huffy, impatient noises, sitting up and trying to drag Todoroki closer.

“I’m not gonna’ let you stay on top if you’re gonna’ keep leaning away from me.”

Todoroki laughs, sliding closer once more. He pecks Midoriya’s lips, mumbling sorry, before he dips his fingers beneath the waistband of Midoriya’s underwear, and tugs until it’s below his hips. The fabric pulls taught with his spread thighs, but it’s really sexy.

“Ah, wait-“ Midoriya flushes.

Midoriya is downright hard, which is mildly surprising, because they haven’t done much, and they’re not fifteen anymore. They’ve done this a couple times – and Midoriya’s stamina seems to fluctuate.

His cock springs to his stomach, and Midoriya hides his face in his hands. Todoroki raises an eyebrow, and wastes no time in wrapping a hand around him. Midoriya keens and bucks in his arms, and Todoroki feels his mouth water.

“S-Sorry,” Midoriya digs his fingers into Todoroki’s shoulder blades. “I’ve been hard for like, th-the last hour.”

Ah fuck.

Todoroki smiles, leaning down until he can press his tongue against his neck, and taste the sweat there. He pumps Midoriya once dryly, humming, “Good to know.”

Midoriya pushes and prods, wiggling and squirming around Todoroki until his boxers are pushed down as far as he can reach. Todoroki stretches far above Midoriya to the bedside table, grabbing lotion, and wrapping his slicked fingers around Midoriya’s cock.

Todoroki isn’t fully hard yet, but with the sound Midoriya makes, he might be.

He leans in to kiss him, one hand braced against the bed. He hushes him, whispering, “We have to be quiet.”

Midoriya whines, “I don’t wanna’ be.”

Lips skim his throat. Midoriya’s back arches off the bed to reach. Todoroki bites into his cheek, and squeezes harder around Midoriya's cock. Fingers dig into his back, and Todoroki wonders, in the back of his mind, how amazing it’d be if they could just let go.

Still, Todoroki’s head is swimming. Midoriya aligns their hips and grinds, and Todoroki’s eyes roll into the back of his head.

It’s rushed and messy, maybe. There’s not any district rhyme or reason to what they do, other than the innate desire to be closer, closer closer-

He kisses Midoriya until he can’t breathe, and then kisses him more. He skims his slicked hand down Midoriya’s body, grinds harder until his chest might explode. Midoriya pours noises down his throat. Tugs on his hair. Whines and squirms and bucks until their cocks are rubbing together perfectly. Midoriya chants his name above a whisper, and every syllable sparks down Todoroki like a tripwire, until Midoriya is coming between them. Damn, he’s a work of art, all choked whines from bitten red lips. Every sound drags down Todoroki like lava. 


Todoroki doesn’t have any time to get his bearings. Midoriya flips them, pressing Todoroki into the mattress with strength. Todoroki feels winded from the action alone, Midoriya’s eyes hot, his body tacky.

Todoroki breathes hot steam, and Midoriya grins something evil, hands pressing into Todoroki’s thighs. His lips skim down his chest, teeth running down his hip, until sticky lips wrap around his cock. Todoroki makes a hard noise in the back of his throat, and counts to ten to avoid setting the bed on fire. His mouth is wet and hot and Todoroki is close already, a hard twist winding closer in his gut. Midoriya takes it at his own pace, tongue squirming, setting no distinct rhythm, and it drives Todoroki batshit crazy.

“Ah- Izuku, careful-“

He pops off, breathless and flushed, smiling despite his rustled appearance, and Todoroki almost comes. He beams, leaning over to nip Todoroki’s hip, “I am careful.”

Todoroki is too dizzy – but suddenly Midoriya is kissing him again, and a slicked hand is pumping him at a steady pace, and Todoroki comes hard. He pulls too hard on Midoriya’s hair, but Midoriya doesn’t flinch. His lips curl into a smile against Todoroki’s, fingers calloused and real.

They’ve made a real mess. Todoroki feels tingly and ethereal, almost like he could phase through the bed, and into the floor.

Midoriya kisses him for a long, long time, and Todoroki kisses back. Midoriya is mumbling against his lips – all words that don’t make sense – but Todoroki doesn’t mind. Every sound is a gift, until they have enough energy to go again.



Midoriya stands off to the side, wiping his sweaty palms on his suit pants. He immediately regrets it, panicking as to check for a stain – but it seems fine, so he breathes a sigh of relief.

He was initially nervous for tonight. Well, he’d get nervous for any date with Todoroki – but this is U.A.’s prom, and Midoriya wanted to look nice.

However, when Todoroki comes by his dorm that evening, he looks at Midoriya as if he’s the world, so Midoriya’s nerves ebb away.

It’s loud here; the school put real work into this prom thing. There’s students from every grade – balloons and lights and streamers. Present Mic is completely enveloped with his DJ booth. There’s a decent number of students out on the dance floor, some of which Midoriya recognizes

Todoroki comes his way with a drink in hand, and Midoriya takes it with a thank you.

As expected, Todoroki looks great in a three-piece suit. Midoriya doesn’t have the best vocabulary to describe it – handsome? Cute? Delectable, honestly. It’s tailored to him, the vest fitting the narrow circumference of his waist.  

He takes a sip to distract himself, “You didn’t want anything?”

“No,” Todoroki stares. “I’m okay.”

Midoriya takes another sip, before he furrows his eyebrows.

“I think someone might’ve spiked the punch,” Midoriya sips. He offers his cup to Todoroki, who takes a sip as well.

“Yep. I think that’s vodka.”

Midoriya takes the cup back, and swallows it all down in one shot. It breaks a laugh out of Todoroki. His laugh is so damn cute.

He smiles, “Impressive.”

“I’m just expecting the inevitable,” Midoriya beams, setting down his empty cup. Todoroki wraps an arm around Midoriya’s waist, pulling him closer when someone comes staggering past them.

There’s a horde of dateless girls checking Todoroki out – because let’s be honest, time has done Todoroki so, so well. He was always handsome, in Midoriya’s opinion, but by their third year he’s grown taller and stronger and goddamn, way hotter. He’s softened up too, and Midoriya appreciates that. Bakugou says it’s a bad thing, but Midoriya disagrees.

He doesn't mind the girls. Midoriya is the one who has Todoroki tied to his hip, not them.

“Did you want to dance?” Midoriya looks up.

Todoroki shrugs, “Not particularly. Unless you wanted to.”

“Yeah, me neither,” Midroiya leans into his side. “You look good, by the way. Did I tell you that? You look good.”

Todoroki snorts, “Thank you.”

“I’m serious. Your legs look fifty miles long.”

“You look nice too,” Todoroki pats his hip. “Where’d you get this?”

“Mom sent it to me,” Midoriya laughs. “She didn’t do too bad.”

“Your mom is fucking talented.”

Midoriya breaks out laughing. He takes a pause to talk, but Todoroki starts laughing instead.

“Hey,” Todoroki nudges him, “Check out the Jackson 5 out there.”

Sero and Kaminari are tearing up the dance floor. Hilariously enough, they’re pretty good. Midoriya starts laughing too.

There’s an explosion.

A huge gust of hot wind blows through the gym. Todoroki throws a protective arm over Midoriya, as the wall to the gym explodes and crumbles. Students scream as some are knocked back from the blast. Todoroki builds a wall of ice to keep them both from flying, and Midoriya plants his feet into the ground.

The lights of the gym flicker.

Gang Orca crawls out of the ruble, teeth and spit snarling.

“This is an ambush!” He raises his arms, where there’s obvious handicaps, “Think fast!”

He has an army of teachers and pro heroes behind him. The first years panic – but the third years sigh, if anything.

“Damn,” Midoriya brushes soot out of his hair. “I owe Tokoyami fifteen bucks.”

Midoriya sheds his suit jacket – and by the time he looks back, Todoroki is doing the same.

Present Mic’s voice comes over the speakers.

“Attacks can happen anywhere, anytime! Make do with what you’ve got! This is a graded assignment- go!”

Todoroki rolls up his sleeves, looking sexy as hell. Midoriya grins, “Wanna’ gather class A?”

Aoyama’s navel lazer beams from the middle of the crowd, like a bat signal.

 Todoroki huffs a laugh, igniting fire along his left side.

“Yeah, let’s go.”