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The rain stopped as suddenly as it came. Jane breathed a sigh of relief and inched over to peek out at the compound. It too had grown quiet and she had the sinking feeling that Thor had failed in retrieving his hammer. This day just kept getting better and better. And the rumbling thunder was announcing another bout of rain to come. Great.

There was a boom of sound to her left and a flash of light. Jane yelped, jerking to the side. That hadn't been lightning. Or thunder. She stared as the air nearby just...parted.

"Holy shit," she breathed, wishing she'd brought her camera to document this. She didn't even have a notebook with her! Or even a pen to write on her hand or anything! This was amazing. Some kind of localized atmospheric phenomena - even more local than whatever had happened last night that had brought Thor to them. There had been no indication something like this would happen at all - at least that other weird storm had been predictable; there'd been indications of it, a chance to collect data. This was just there and she had had no chance to prepare for it at all. Maybe she should start wearing a body camera if stuff like this kept happening to her?

Something pushed through the disturbance and her train of thought ground to a halt. Surprise warred with fear. Not everything that came through could be as friendly as Thor, right? But as much as the thought of hiding appealed, so did staying to witness whatever was happening. Besides, it wasn't as though there was anywhere to hide. Besides the mysterious government compound down below and she'd rather take her chances with whatever this was. Stupid data and equipment stealing agents.

So she froze in place and watched wide-eyed as something large and human shaped came through. And...were those horns? She blinked. The horned individual did not go away.

It...he? He looked like a he, though Jane knew that was no guarantee. He was tall and leanly muscled (which she could tell since the only thing he was wearing was a loincloth), long dark hair framing a truly spectacular set of swept back horns. His skin was dark, but she couldn't quite make out the actual color in the darkness. The distant lights from the compound made it look oddly blue rather than the brown she would've expected.

She shivered, but not from fear. The air around her had grown cold, far colder than was usual for a night in New Mexico, even after rain.

The man - alien? The alien man stepped away from the tear in space(!) and gestured. Jane's eyes widened when green sparks flew from his fingertips to hit the anomaly. It gently closed, the cold disappearing with it. How had he done that? Did he have some sort of device hidden in his hand? She hadn't noticed anything, but the distance and darkness made it hard to make out if he was carrying anything. Jane was dying to come closer to him and start pestering him with questions, but a smidgen of self preservation (Darcy would be so proud) held her back.

Statistically, there was only one likely reason for him to be here and it either had to do with the hammer Thor was looking for or Thor himself. And there was no guarantee this guy would have friendly intentions. Thor hadn't really explained why he'd come to be here either, come to think of it. So many lost opportunities because she'd thought Thor was just a homeless weirdo she'd run over with her van twice!

Sure enough, after the anomaly closed, the man immediately made his way down to the compound without a backwards glance. Had he even noticed her? Jane could only watch, irritation and relief mixing together in a weird cocktail that just ended up making her frustrated. What was she going to do now?