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A Useless Hero (Ik this title sucks)

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Okay... here I go

Alec's breathing was labored. His heart was racing. He could not calm himself down. Alec was supposed to be strong, he was supposed to be a role model, a hero. And here he was having a full blown panic attack in the middle of the Accords Hall. He was leaning against the hall doors trembling as he watched the chaos unfold in front of him. The tears streaming down his face were shed for his father, Robert. He had finally accepted Alec's relationship and had been bonding with Alec's children. Robert lay covered in blood as he has been sliced open. He had no pulse, he had no more blood to lose, he was dead. Alec cried for his father, "dad please dad" he had said. And then the poor Blackthorn girl was stabbed in the heart. He felt sorrow for the family and remembered his younger brother Max who had died years before. All the sadness he had thought was resolved came flooding back. His anxiety over his unconcious boyfriend, Magnus, seemed crippling. And as he sat rocking himself cursing himself for falling apart when he was needed Emma Carstairs flew into action. And then, inevitably, as he had been short of breath, he blacked out.