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The Red Butterfly

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It was the afternoon Helena was on petrol for the whole month because of her little outburst on a suspect her boss was not to kin on her almost killing the man before integration, so he demoted her to Officer but not the kind she wanted. “Damn I hate this part of the job, I hardly don’t do shit” Helena fussed walking around town. When she seen a woman standing next to a car looking troubled. Helena walk over to the woman to see what was the problem. The woman turned to Helena and smiled “Thank god, finally some help” said the Woman waving at Helena.

“Is there a problem Miss?” said Helena.

“Yes well my car broke down half way up the road, and there was a payphone here so” said the Woman looking or observing Helena. 

 “Well lucky for you my car is right over their” said Helena pointing at her Matte black Ford Shelby GT500.

“Oh what a nice car, Ms. Harper” 

“Thank you, and may I ask what your name is?” said Helena leading the woman to her car.

“Ada, Ada Wong” said the woman smiling at Helena.

“Nice to meet you Ada”

“The pleasure is mine” They both got in the car and drove to where Ada’s car was.

While Helena was driving she could feel she was being monitored or tested, Helena just ignored the feeling and did what she had to do help Ada Wong to her vehicle. 

“There” said Ada pointing her vehicle.

“You have a red Nissan GT-R R35?”

“Don’t it look like it, I mean you have a very nice car to Ms. Harper”

“Just call me Helena” Helena park her car right behind Ada’s and went to go see what was the problem with Ada’s car.

Helena lifted the hood of the car see nothing wrong mostly while Helena was checking Ada’s car. Ada heard her phone go off she pick her phone up from her handbag hitting the answer button “Hello?”

“Boss it me, Leon. We have a problem down here one of our local warehouse is under attack we need backup!”

“I’m on my way Leon just hold on!” said Ada hanging up the phone.

“Shit! Damn that hurt I fix your car for you, it was just you need an oil change” said Helena putting down the hood.

“Thank you so much, her take my number I owe you one.” said Ada getting in her car and driving off.

Helena look down at her phone to the name Butterfly, Helena turned off her phone and drove home.