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July OTP Fluff Challenge 2017

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„It‘s 2 am but you‘re craving cake and we‘re both up anyway, so let‘s bake in our underwear.“

Carver opened the door and stepped inside, frowning at the smell that was meeting him. It definitely smelled like… chocolate cake? He closed the door and dropped his bag before going to the kitchen. And indeed, there was Anders, in his underwear, with headphones on and mouthing to whatever song he was listening to just then, using his wooden spoon as a microphone. A quick check of the kitchen told Carver that what it smelled like were chocolate cookies, not cake, but what was in the bowl in front of his boyfriend looked suspiciously like chocolate cake batter.
He grinned and took off his shirt and shoes, then silently made his way over to Anders, approaching from behind. He was grateful for the headphones, Anders always got so invested in his stupid pop songs that he didn‘t notice anything going on around him. So he managed to sneak up to him unnoticed, and elicited the most delicious squeak as he slid his arms around his boyfriend, followed by the clattering of the spoon on the kitchen floor.
„Hello, lovely“ He whispered into Anders‘ ear after pulling out one of the earbuds. „What are you still doing up at this time?“
Anders turned in his arms before returning, lightly smacking him in the chest with a pout. „Don‘t you scare me like that! I thought it was Sebastian, coming to drag me off to church for making too many innuendos towards him today!“
Carver just chuckled and pulled Anders closer to him to claim a welcome home kiss. „Let me assure that I‘m not Sebastian then. I‘m just your boyfriend who‘s been kept much too late by my stupid brother. Seriously, I told him I wanted to go home at ten the latest, and he still kept talking and boasting about whatever adventures he‘s been on and tried to get me drunk...“ He sighed a little and checked the clock for the first time.
„So… what are you doing here in your underwear… at two am, baking cake?“
Anders shrugged a little, but Carver did notice the little blush on his cheeks. „I just… felt like cake“ he murmured, squirming a little as Carver took his face in his large, calloused hands and stared at him intensely until the blond man relented.
„It‘s your favourite cake… it reminds me of you. I missed you, I wanted to make something nice for when you get back. There. Happy?“
„Very happy. I happen to have the best boyfriend, that makes me very happy“ Carver smiled and kissed him again. Then he released the other and stepped back, quickly stripping until he stood in the kitchen only in his once-white boxer briefs, then opened a drawer to pull out a cake tin.
„So… we‘re both home and both awake, so let‘s bake a cake? And then we can eat it for breakfast tomorrow. Just because we can.“