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Daryl swears she's fucking with him.

First, it was the lollipops and then, it was the condoms.

She's ruining him.

It started with the lollipops. Carol found an industrial sized, big ass tub and brought them back on a run, despite it's dumb as shit weight, just as a treat for the kids.

They've got a hell of a lot more kids in here now, thanks to the Woodbury refugees and there's a lot of adults that won't turn up their nose to sugar neither.

Turns out though, the biggest fan of lollipops is Beth Greene. Daryl has never looked at Beth with anything but innocent thoughts.

He's admired her, in a roundabout way, looking after Judith and not once complaining when she's told she's too young to be an adult but too old to be a child.

She takes whatever her daddy and her sister lash at her, whether it's orders or remarks or general, shitty advice.

She does everything without comment, Beth and so yeah, he's looked at her and thought, 'she's a tough cookie,' but the thing is, everyone's a tough cookie now, everyone's fighting against the tide of the new world, against hunger and pain and loss, so yeah, he's noticed her but not in any particular way.

Really, Daryl thought she was a spoilt brat, couldn't handle the shitty reality and tried to opt out. He's not down for opting out, for giving up.

He fought long and hard for his freedom, wrestling it bit by bit from his dad's meaty, vicious hands. He'll be damned if some walking corpses are gonna force him off the edge.

So yeah, Beth Greene, whatever. She's there, she's young, she's a tough cookie;  she looks after Judith. But now, she's more, or at least, his brain is trying to make her be.

Because now she's in his head, in his dreams; in fantasies he didn't even fucking give permission to, all because of those damn lollipops.

She only eats red ones and like no other colour they slick her mouth crimson, offering her lips in a juicy pout that makes Daryl's balls ache.

That, paired with the hot as fuck days and her tiny, goddamn heart attack inducing shorts, she's become a devil and angel in equal degrees.

It physically pains Daryl to look at her since the whole thing started. Even in front of her daddy, he has to take a deep breath and look away because Jesus, she's what? Sixteen?

Maybe seventeen now, if she's still counting? And what's he? Twice her age? More? Even in the privacy of his head, he's a fucked up sicko and he knows it.

So, he's been dealing with that. Dealing with seeing her in a new light and noticing her ass, the way she licks the lolly. He's dealing with it, avoiding her as much as he can, not that they have a lot of interaction anyway.

He's managed it. He’s been busy, lot of shit to do: fences to reinforce, supplies to stock up, people to train, walkers to kill; survival.

But if he's being honest with himself and he never fucking is because it's too damn scary, when he's on guard duty and he palms his cock through his jeans, he's thinking about the way her lips suck on the lolly, her tongue when it pokes out, how she holds it in her mouth as she bends down and picks up Judith, flashing her ass.

He's thinking about that and he's wondering if she's ever sucked anybody off and when she holds the lolly in her mouth, if she would be able to hold his dick at the back of her throat, relax and not convulse, not gag as he slams into her wide, open lips. But he's not honest with himself, so as far as he's concerned, he's pulling this shit off.

Until the condoms.

He's watching her because he's always watching her lately, noticing her ass and her thighs, the lolly constantly in her fucking mouth, picturing himself shoving her down to her knees and feeding her his cock.

But he pretends like that's not what he's doing, even at the exact fucking moment he's doing it. But then he notices the condom.

It's there, right behind her on the ground, clearly having fallen out of her back pocket because her shorts are so fucking tight they need Vaseline to get down her damn legs.

It's plain as day she dropped it on the ground in the blind spot they've both managed to end up in on the compound and he shouldn't go over, not when they're so hidden.

He shouldn't, he fucking knows it but his blood is boiling because the only way he's stopped himself from acting upon his fantasies, shoving her to her knees and seeing if she does as good with his dick as those fucking lollipops, is because she's so young.

Too young to be doing shit like that, too young to be even thinking about it. But clearly not, clearly fucking not, because a condom just fell out of Beth Greene's fucking pocket and he can't stop himself, is watching with horror from somewhere inside as he strides towards her, catches her by the arm and spins her to face him.

Beth gasps, her whole body whipped around to face Daryl, who she thought was planning to walk past her but has suddenly ragged her to face him, damn near brutal with her in a way he's never, ever been.

Hell, he's never had a cause to touch her before, so it's not like she knows for sure, but he seems angry, his eyes nearly bulging and his chest heaving.

She frowns and opens her mouth to say something, probably asking if he's okay, but Daryl cuts over her. "It's Zach, ain't it?"

Beth's thrown for a loop, wondering where the hell this conversation has come from. "What?"

He jerks his chin towards the ground behind him and then she sees it, the condom she was carrying around and when she looks at Daryl again he looks so angry, so… jealous and she doesn't have the heart to tell him she just found it in a patch of dirt when she was digging around for her earring. She's interested to see what his true problem is though, so she plays along.

"The condom? You askin' if it's Zach's?"

He ducks his head and his cheeks are so red but his voice is like steel. "You fuckin' him? Suckin' him off?"

Beth flushes bright red, not expecting that at all. "Excuse me?"

"Are ya?" He grates between his teeth.

"What business is it of yours?" She demands, crossing her arms over her chest. "I can see who I wanna."

He suddenly has her by the arm again and God, she's never looked at Daryl like this before, but riled up and jealous is so fucking sexy there's a spreading wetness in her panties. "Not him."

"Not him?" Beth repeats incredulously because she's playing with him but she is actually perplexed. "What's wrong with him?"

"He's too old for you."

"Like that even matters anymore."

Daryl frowns and this seems to actually throw him for a loop, tapering off his rage. "You don't care?"

"No," she answers, tugging out of his grip. "An' neither should you, it's my life."

"Your daddy won't like it, or Maggie."

"You gonna tell on me? Gee, Daryl, you sound a bit jealous."

He stares at her, stares hard and Beth flushes to the roots of her hair.


There's a tense minute where they stare and stare until she can't take it anymore and looks away. Then his hand is there, touching down on her face, burning her skin. "You're so young," he mumbles as if he's talking to himself.

"For you?" She challenges and he swallows. "It can be a secret."

"It can be a secret."


He should have never, ever came over here. Should never have given into temptation and touched her face and let her know how he felt without even telling her and Jesus fucking Christ, he's going to hell, because he nods.

So then there's a new game she plays with him. Still the lollipops, still the sucking and twirling but she looks at him now.

Stares at him as she curls her tongue around the lollipop and then presses it deep into her throat and the kind of things it does to him are too fucking messed up to think about.

But then her daddy comes and she stops, acts natural until she has to leave. The fucking thing is though and fuck if he knows how her daddy doesn't see it, but there, branded like a goddamn tattoo between her ass and the fabric of her shorts, is the tell-tale imprint of a condom in her back pocket, begging his attention and he's screwed, he's so screwed because like a dog with a bone, Beth looks over her shoulder at him with a flirty little smile and he follows.


Her heart is fucking coming out of her chest, her veins pumping with hot, thick blood and her cunt flooding with excitement.

She can't believe she's doing this, she can't even contemplate where she's got the courage from, but he's followed her to the blind spot where she dropped the condom and the minute he joins her, Beth gets down on her knees.

Daryl stumbles to a stop and just stares and she hasn't really thought this through but if she stops to think she'll panic. "You want me to suck you off?"

"Jesus. Beth…"

"Do you?"

He swallows tight, his face burning but jeans already bulging and he nods. She smiles, offering her lolly up to him and he looks a little perplexed but he takes it and holds it while she undoes his button.

He groans and she whacks the hand holding the lolly until he gets the hint and shoves it into his mouth.

For just a second, Beth appreciates the sight of the red, sticky sweet sliding between his lips, teeth biting down on the hard candy until she gets back to work and pulls his hard cock out.

He's so warm and thick, pre-cum at the head and she still can't fucking believe she's doing this but she licks a line straight through it.

Daryl jerks and sucks on the lolly, the obscene noise echoed by Beth no longer just licking up the salty pre-cum, but now sucking on the head of his dick like she does with all her lollipops.

His hand is suddenly in her hair, fingers wrapped in the strands and when she looks up, his other hand holds the lolly pop stick.

She moans as her cunt pulses achingly, desperate already to have this man inside her, but she has to do this first because she's been thinking about it ever since he shouted at her.

He was so fucking hot when he was jealous and angry, not at all like the Daryl she knows, who is generally timid and reserved and the thought makes her suck harder.

His fingers tighten in her hair and she relaxes her throat as much as she can when he pushes his hips up and his hand down, driving his dick straight into the back of her throat.

Beth gags, saliva flooding out of her mouth as she struggles with his thickness and while it's a fight for breath, there's one glorious, beautiful moment where he bottoms out.

The whole of his cock is stuffed in her mouth and she's barely done anything at all but when she looks up at him, Daryl's looking down at her and his eyes go wide, mouth slack and he's suddenly tearing her away to pump hard on his cock, angry and soaked with her spit, nearly purple and spray cum all over her face, splashing down onto her chest.

Her breath is heaving out of her and cum is soaking her chin, cheeks, nose and God, she's pretty damn sure there's some in her hair.

Daryl bites down hard on the lolly and the candy snaps between his teeth, the only sound but for the thunk of his head as it falls back against the wall.

Beth clambers to her feet and pulls the stick from between his fingers which are weak and barely resist. He looks absolutely fucking wrecked when he opens his eyes, heavy lidded.

She smiles, small and coy and with the jagged, broken piece of lolly left on the stick, swipes it through the cum on her cheek before she puts it in her mouth.

Daryl chokes and it sends a bolt of heat straight down her spine. Without even cleaning her face or addressing anything that just happened, Beth pulls the condom out of her back pocket and playfully shoves it into his parted lips. Without missing a beat, he bites into the foil and holds it between his teeth.

Her pussy fucking aches but she manages to keep a firm voice when she says, "find me when you're ready to use it."

Then she turns and walks away.