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Seokjin feels Taehyung getting closer. Despite the deafening noise emanating from the audience, Seokjin can hear his footsteps. He feels the strong shift of air on his back resulting from Taehyung's kneeling abruptly. Judging by the even louder screams, the younger must have taken off his jacket and shown the scars that were molded on his back, just the way they were in the music video.

The sound announces what is to come and it doesn’t take long for Seokjin to feel Taehyung’s left hand covering his eyes and the right one wrapping him in some kind of half embrace and then reaching his chest. When the younger's chin rests over his shoulder, Seokjin can swear that despite the thick layers of clothing, he can feel the tension in Taehyung's chest and abdomen muscles.

Namjoon couldn’t have chosen a better sentence to start the performance: "The enemy was behind him." He was right. This becomes more and more clear as Seokjin and Taehyung continue their presentation.

Taehyung then moves his head, tracing the length of Seokjin's right shoulder and reaching up to the nape of his neck. His breathing is heavy and so is Seokjin's. Shivers run through every inch of the older's body as the hot air hits the back of his neck and makes it’s way down his back. Seokjin can literally feel the malicious grin forming on Taehyung's face. His heart is beating in a frantic rhythm, which isn’t a new feeling to Seokjin, since that in each rehearsal it accelerated more and more.

They had just performed to "Blood, Sweat & Tears," but the sweat that leaves Seokjin's body isn’t the result of the dance effort. It is a cold sweat but it makes hot every part of his being. It is... exciting. Taehyung's face now is no longer brushing his neck, indicating that their performance is over. The stage below them descends slowly, but Taehyung's hands remain over Seokjin’s eyes and chest.

Seokjin practically prays that he is able to control his facial expressions and that no one notices the growing erection that is forming inside his pants.

As soon as they reach the ground, Seokjin hastily gets up to go to the other side of the stage, that this time will rise and take everyone up to their performance of "Fire." However, one hand pulls him back down and Seokjin falls to his knees, but this time he is facing Taehyung. He feels two hands wrapping his face around his jaw, long fingers caressing the top of his scalp. Taehyung brings his face close to his, but when they are only a few inches apart, the younger moves his hands to Seokjin’s back, as if giving him a hug.

For the MAMA staff it must seems that Taehyung is congratulating Seokjin for the fantastic presentation they have just made. But the words that come out of Taehyung's mouth aren’t congratulations. What hits Seokjin's left ear, in nothing more than a hoarse whisper, is "We’re gonna regret this...".

And with that, Taehyung stands up and walks toward where the other members are. The words uttered a few seconds ago still echoing inside Seokjin's head. He has no idea what they meant but it isn’t the first time he had heard them. They were always the last thing Taehyung said before he left BigHit's practice room, leaving Seokjin the same way as he is now: on his knees, alone and with no reaction at all.

The only thing different at the moment is that Seokjin can’t rush to the bathroom before facing the others again.


Taehyung approaches the kneeling man in front of him, his hands skillfully unbuttoning the shirt he's wearing. He kneels behind Seokjin, to start their performance on MAMA's stage. Taehyung can already smell the aroma that exudes both from Seokjin’s cologne and skin, that is sweaty due to their previous presentation.

The audience goes crazy when Taehyung lowers his jacket halfway down his back, showing the scars that make him look like a fallen angel. As the camera begins to surround them, to get Seokjin's expression as well, Taehyung puts the jacket back on but his shirt remains unbuttoned, giving a glimpse of his abdomen. He then uses his left hand to cover Seokjin's eyes and his right hand caresses the older's chest. Taehyung feels Seokjin’s broad back against his body, resting his chin on his hyung’s shoulder. The crowd’s screams become louder and louder and Taehyung knows that they will become deafening after what is to come.

The younger sinks his nose into the back of Seokjin's neck, who lets out a very loud sigh, and he fears the camera may have picked up the sound. Their breathing is heavy. Seokjin shivers with the warm air that comes into contact with his skin and Taehyung smiles as his friend's body shakes in his arms.

He thinks about provoking both Seokjin and the fandom by kissing the older's neck, but he knows it could be a problem for them... and he would have other chances to do so. From the beginning of the rehearsals for this performance, Taehyung had noticed that a tension was growing between him and Seokjin, who responded, perhaps unconsciously, to each of his touches.

Before the stage begins to descend, indicating the end of the performance, Taehyung sniffs Seokjin's neck again, that sweet scent filling his nostrils and driving him crazy. Taehyung grazes his nose all the way from Seokjin’s nape to the top of his head, a malicious grin on his face. People will love this, he thought, just as I loved every second.

He’s still holding Seokjin when the stage begins to move them down. He wants to take advantadge of this moment, wants to continue feeling the soft skin of Seokjin under his touch. The sounds that Seokjin had released during the performance had messed with his head and he was grateful that his hyung continued in front of him to avoid an embarrassing situation.

Seokjin gets up, in order to move to where the other members are, positioned to begin the performance of "Fire". With a reflex, Taehyung grabs the bar of Seokjin's jacket, pulling him back down and causing him to fall to his knees again, facing him. Immediately, Taehyung's hands wrap around Seokjin's face, his fingers reaching the older’s scalp, wanting to pull his hair. He brings Seokjin closer and closer to him, his eyes failing to avoid the sight of his hyung’s plump lips. Taehyung is about to give in and kiss Seokjin right there... but somehow his brain comes out of the trance and he dodges in the last second, taking his hands off Seokjin's face and wrapping him in some kind of a hug.

Not that hugging Seokjin makes the situation better. Taehyung knows that if they remain this way, things will be difficult... but he can’t miss the opportunity nor the habit: just like every rehearsal, when there was only him and Seokjin in the room and before getting up, Taehyung presses his lips against the older's ear and whispers "We’re gonna regret this..."

And then Taehyung gets up, goes where the others are and leaves Seokjin behind. He imagines what must go through his hyung's head every time he hears these words... but there's no way for Taehyung to know how Seokjin feels about all this.

Unless I ask him to show me...


Their presentation at the MAMA awards had been a success. BTS’ members along with BigHit's staff are returning home with the feeling of a well-done job. Seokjin is sitting at the back of the van that is taking them home, leaning his head on the window and trying not to think about what had just happened on that stage. His only wish is that Taehyung won’t sit next to him, he needs a moment of peace to compose himself.

Kim Seokjin isn’t so lucky.

The younger practically pulls Jungkook out of the van, so that it is him the one who sits next to Seokjin. The maknae lets out an "Aish, Tae-hyung!" but gets back into the vehicle without saying anything else, sitting on the rightmost seat and immediately closing his eyes to take a nap. Seokjin intends to do the same, he doesn’t want to face Taehyung at that moment - or perhaps never again.

He admires the bright, bustling streets of Seoul that December night, trying to focus his mind on something, anything, other than whatever is happening between him and his dongsaeng. During the entire award show, Taehyung was extremely touchy, more than usual, and he couldn’t do anything about it because of the cameras. He couldn’t scold him, he couldn’t beat him, he couldn’t even take revenge.

Seokjin is willing to ignore Taehyung's presence in the seat next to him, but it is impossible, even more now that the younger is placing his left hand on his knee, slowly climbing up his thigh and coming very close to his crotch. He turns his head towards Taehyung, ready to scold him, but his dongsaeng has his face turned away and pretends to sleep.

He blinks a few times, takes a deep breath and thinks that the best thing to do is to confront Taehyung at home. He leans his head against the van window again and closes his eyes, trying to get some sleep. But instead of dozing off, his mind decides it would be better to play with his sanity a little bit.


Seokjin didn't understand Taehyung's insistence on rehearsing their part of the presentation. It was nothing more than a transition between "Blood, Sweat & Tears" and "Fire", there was no need to practice that. What Taehyung should do was walk up to him, kneel down, lower his jacket and cover Seokjin's eyes until the platform lowered. Simple.

There they all were in the practice room, discussing whether it was worth it to end the rehearsal earlier for Taehyung and Seokjin to practice. The younger had asked them to leave the room so he could talk to Seokjin alone. "We need to discuss some ideas about our presentation," he said. Everyone decided that what they did was enough for the day and they left. No one questioned anything. Much less Seokjin.

Taehyung looked at the older and only ordered, "Kneel down." For some reason, Seokjin didn’t mind the lack of respect from the younger, who didn’t even call him "hyung." He just... obeyed. Seokjin felt Taehyung's hands on his shoulders, turning him to kneel in front of the large mirror that occupied entirely one of the room’s walls.

"I want to see", Taehyung said. Seokjin looked at him through the reflection of the mirror and couldn’t identify the expression on his face.

"But Taehyung-ah, we don’t have to rehearse it. We are wasting time... time that could be spent on other things”.

“Like what?” Taehyung had an enigmatic smile on his face, malicious, almost... erotic?! Seokjin felt his ears turn red, like every time he got nervous. But he wouldn’t leave it at that.

"Well, keep rehearsing the other coreographies... you may not need any extra rehearsal, maybe no rehearsal at all. But I'm no dancing machine and every second I spend practicing makes a difference. To make a powerful presentation we have to be intense”.

“You've rehearsed and performed both choreographies a million times already, Jin-hyung. I'm sure you'll do well, as you always do. But our MAMA presentation is something new, so we need to practice... a lot”. And that damn smile didn’t leave Taehyung’s face.

Taehyung went to the stereo in the back of the rehearsal room and put "Boy Meets Evil" to play. This wasn’t even the song that would’ve been in the background during their performance... in fact there would be no music at all. But Seokjin was too curious to make any comment. He let Taehyung take charge of the situation.

Seokjin was kneeling very close to the mirror, while Taehyung positioned himself on the opposite side, as far as possible from him. As he pressed the play button on the stereo, he began to approach slowly and Seokjin followed his movements through the reflection. Completely hypnotized by the insistent smile formed in Taehyung’s mouth, it took a while until Seokjin realized that he had unbuttoned his shirt.

"What are you doing, Taehyung? It's just a rehearsal..." Seokjin wanted to run, but at the same time something inside him told him to stay exactly where he was.

"To make a powerful presentation we have to be intense, don’t we, hyung?" And that smile had just become more erotic, if that was possible.

Seokjin had no idea what was going on there, but there was no denying that something was different. An obvious tension had settled between them and Seokjin wondered whether this was new, whether it was because of their "choreography" or whether it was always present and he just hadn’t noticed.

Lost in his thoughts, Seokjin suddenly felt his vision being taken away from him and all he could see was darkness. Then Taehyung was already kneeling behind him, his hands already wrapped around his eyes, ending the performance. But Taehyung didn’t move. Seokjin was about to protest as the chorus of the song began to play.

It seemed Taehyung was waiting for this. Seokjin wasn’t. Taehyung's hand reached his chest and Seokjin felt the younger's breath on the back of his neck. He didn’t understand anything, but he was too surprised to express any reaction. His own breathing was uneven and something inside him was telling him to just take advantage of the moment.

The chorus of the song made a lot of sense. "Too bad, but it's so sweet." That was wrong in so many levels, but yes, it was so sweet. Seokjin didn’t want Taehyung to stop, he wanted his nose and lips to continue brushing his neck, continue their way through his head. But Taehyung's mouth stopped right beside his right ear and he heard "We're gonna regret this..."

And with that, Taehyung took his hands away of Seokjin's eyes and looked at him through the mirror, with the same smile as before. The older's expression must’ve been of pure shock because Taehyung chuckled before getting up and leaving the room. Seokjin was left alone, blinking incredulously at his own reflection and the blurry mark left in the mirror by his breath.

The music continued to play in the background, already in its final part:

“It's too evil

It's too evil

It's too evil

Yeah, it's evil"

"It's too evil." Seokjin couldn’t agree more.


Seokjin wakes up with a startle, even before Jimin shakes him. They had already arrived at the dormitory and he is the only one still in the van. The younger asks him if he is feeling well, since his neck, his face and his ears are completely red. Seokjin just nods and gets out of the vehicle, feeling the heat of his face slowly fading away because of the cold air outside. Led by Yoongi and Hoseok, everyone decided they should celebrate.

Everyone but Seokjin, who claims to be too tired and that he only wants to take a shower and throw himself in bed. He waves, wills everyone to have fun and enters the building. He goes straight to the room he shares with Yoongi, already unbuttoning the pink shirt he is wearing. He takes off his ripped black jeans, as well as his shoes and socks. He leaves his clothes in a pile beside his bed and enters the bathroom with only his white boxers. Since he is alone, he doesn’t bother closing the door.

Well... he thought he was alone.

As Seokjin turns to open the shower and warm up the water, he hears a click sound indicating the bathroom door being locked. He feels a chill on his spine but tries to calm himself by thinking that maybe Yoongi had came back to use the bathroom before leaving. However, when he turns to face whoever that is, Seokjin sees Taehyung leaning against the door, grinning maliciously and scanning him from top to bottom.

“Taehyung?! What are you doing here?” Seokjin instinctively reaches for the towel to cover himself but is stopped by two hands gripping his wrists. "Let me look a little longer, hyung." He comes closer and closer, pushing Seokjin back towards the shower.

"Taehyung, seriously, what are you doing?" Seokjin's voice now shows a mixture of surprise and curiosity. Holding Seokjin's wrists with just one hand, Taehyung brings his free hand up to the older's cheek, caressing it, moving down to his neck. "I'm taking care of my hyung," and that square smile, extremely sexy, is still present.

The water is making them both wet, Seokjin’s white underwear in seconds is soaked, becoming transparent and leaving everything inside on display. Taehyung is still fully dressed, his black t-shirt now glued to his body, outlining every curve and every muscle. His black pants, which were already tight by nature, as soon as they absorbed the water, tightened even more, revealing the younger's toned thighs.

Taehyung holds Seokjin against the wall and his wrists above his head. In Seokjin’s eyes appears all the surprise and also all the lust that situation awakes in him. Taehyung brings his face closer to his hyung’s, keeping eye contact, their mouths only inches apart, their panting breaths, overlapping one another... but before their mouths touch, the younger moves his lips across Seokjin’s cheek until they reach his left ear.

Wrapping Seokjin's earlobe with his tongue, Taehyung whispers "I told you we were going to regret that performance... now I want you to kneel."

Taehyung expects to see some kind of shock in Seokjin's eyes, but all there is when their eyes meet again is desire. Seokjin had already been carried away by the moment, so fuck everything else, he has Taehyung in front of him, vulnerable, their sanity had long ago faded away anyway... why wouldn’t he give in to the apparent tension that exists between them?

"Make me," Seokjin challenges.

"As you insist" Taehyung lowers Seokjin’s arms and holds them behind his back, spinning him 360 degrees in a swift motion.

Seokjin is now facing the wall and he feels the younger's knees hitting the back of his own, causing him to fall on the floor. The water falling from the shower finds Seokjin's neck and run its way down his broad back. He no longer feels Taehyung's presence behind him and when Seokjin turns to see where he is, he notices that Taehyung is standing on the opposite wall.

"We’re gonna repeat our performance, hyung..." Taehyung says, his voice sounding even deeper than usual. “But I'll let you know that I've inserted a few more steps."

Taehyung slowly walks towards Seokjin, repeating every move. But this time, it is his T-shirt that leaves his body and goes to the floor. Kneeling behind his hyung, he starts what will be better than the MAMA performance... no, it will be better than any performance ever made. Taehyung repeats the gesture of covering Seokjin's eyes and resting his other hand on the older's chest. He also leaves bite marks on Seokjin’s soft skin, brushing his mouth and nose against the juncture of Seokjin’s neck and shoulder. Now that there is no stage below to interrupt them, nothing can stop Taehyung...

Absolutely nothing.

The younger lowers his right hand toward Seokjin’s almost complete erection, enjoying every part of that well-defined and slim body. As he spreads kisses all over the older’s shoulder and nape, Taehyung squeezes Seokjin's already hard dick over his underwear, making his hyung let out soft moans. The shower water isn’t enough to cool off the heat and excitement of both of them. Seokjin wants to feel each of Taehyung's abdomen muscles against his lower back, but every touch on his dick makes him arch his back and rest his head on Taehyung's left shoulder. He is desperate for more contact.

"Taehyung, p-please... make it right.” That is the cue the younger had been waiting for. Feeling the way Seokjin's body responds to each of his touches, Taehyung moves his hand and tucks it into the older's underwear, holding his dick and beginning to stroke him. Just listening to Seokjin’s heavy breath, as well as the sounds coming out of his mouth, Taehyung feels his own dick throb painfully, asking for more space.

And to think that those sounds are being provoked by him...

As Taehyung accelerates his movements, Seokjin asks him to go even faster, already feeling his orgasm very close. But Taehyung isn’t in any hurry, he is enjoying himself. He is finally enjoying every bit of his sweet and ever so delicious hyung.

He had never admitted to anyone, even finding it hard to admit it to himself, that Seokjin is more than just his hyung, the one who takes care of everyone... no, what Taehyung feels for the esldest member of the group is not just gratitude and admiration; it is desire. Yes, Taehyung always wanted to feel Seokjin's plump lips against his own, to touch his peach skin. He always imagined what it would be like to make Seokjin his own and at the same time become his.

Taehyung regrets not having taken action before. He had opportunities before, after all they were roommates once and they even showered together... He had already seen that body in front of him, that smooth skin wet and red because of the hot water. But now everything is different; Seokjin, somehow, seems more attractive, more receptive, more... reachable.

Little does he know - or perhaps he does, by the way Seokjin responds to every touch - that his hyung has also eagerly waited for this moment. Long ago he felt that something between them wasn’t the same as before and wondered what he could do about it. Seokjin couldn’t just tell Taehyung what he feels, much less grab him and do whatever he always wanted to do... could he?

“A-a-ah Tae, p-please, f-faster... I need it!” Seokjin says between moans, at the edge of his limit, but Taehyung takes his time and continues stroking him slowly.

“Fuck, hyung! With you making these sounds I can’t concentrate" Taehyung shouts.

Seokjin feels Taehyung's hardness still inside of his pants on his lower back and it makes him feel even more aroused. Thinking of how the younger’s dick would behave when free, he reaches his orgasm, spreading his cum through Taehyung's hand and leaving his underwear totally sticky.

His breath is panting, his body trembling as he tries to recover from the climax that had hit him a few moments ago. Taehyung spreads kisses all over his right shoulder, up to his neck; he catches Seokjin’s earlobe between his lips and then whispers "It was fun, hyung”. And like he had done before, he gets up to leave. But this time things wouldn’t happen the same way.

Seokjin also gets up, still weak, and keeps Taehyung in the same place. "Where do you think you're going, V?" The way Seokjin says his stage name makes a shiver run down Taehyung's spine.

Seokjin's slightly crooked fingers rest on Taehyung's chest, so that he won’t take another step forward. Slowly, Seokjin's hand goes up, until he wraps the younger's neck and moves to press him against the wall. Taehyung doesn’t protest, surprised by his hyung’s attitude and wanting to see how far that situation goes.

Seokjin stares intently into Taehyung’s eyes, enjoying the sound of the younger’s panting breath. His gaze moves to Taehyung's mouth, who, noticing the action, licks his lips provocatively. There is nothing in Seokjin's mind but the urge to attack that mouth and explore every inch of it with his tongue.

The sight in front of him is one of pure lust: Taehyung, shirtless, only in his black pants and a belt of the same color; his caramel skin entirely wet as well as his brown hair. Seokjin places his right leg between Taehyung’s, the sudden contact of Seokjin’s knee with his sensitive area causing him to release a soft moan and throw his head back in pleasure.

Taehyung had just exposed his neck and Seokjin doesn’t think twice before pressing his lips near the top of his jaw. His hand now grips the back of Taehyung’s neck, pulling at the hair strands. Seokjin distributes kisses all over Taheyung’s neck, collarbones and chest; he makes his way up and his lips finally find his dongsaeng’s, starting an urgent kiss full of desire. The sensation is incredible, their tongues entwining, their hands wrapping around each other's neck, none of them wanting to break the kiss to catch their breath. When Taehyung pushes his head back a little to try to breathe, Seokjin takes the chance and pulls Taehyung’s lower lip with his teeth. They lean their foreheads against each other and find in front of them the sight of how wrecked they both are.

The two of them seem destroyed by the sensations they are having; sweaty, despite the water still flowing from the shower, panting, electric, excited... all of this is new to them: after so many years living together as brothers, they have given into a feeling that both carried within themselves. After a while, still trying to breathe properly, Seokjin smiles and says "Well, since you said before that you were taking care of your hyung, it's time for me to take care of my dongsaeng... isn’t it, Tae?"

Seokjin doesn’t wait for any kind of answer nor even Taehyung’s reaction, he just kisses him again and from his mouth he moves down... and down... and down until he finds himself kneeling in front of Taehyung. Seokjin looks up, as if making sure Taehyung is aware of what is about to happen.

Slowly, Seokjin unbuckles the belt that still insists on holding Taehyung’s pants in place, unzipping and lowering them until they are around Taehyung's heels. Taehyung's chest moves frantically because he is breathing very fast; his heart is pounding so hard it seems to be inside his ears. And there he is, only in his gray boxers, waiting for whatever his hyung will do to him. Taehyung sees Seokjin's lips and perfect teeth parting, and his hands, which until recently rested on his hip, moving into his underwear and pulling his hard dick out. He shudders with relief as he finally gets his cock free and ready to be used.

Seokjin grips the base of his cock very gently until he slids his thumb along the length and squeezes Taehyung’s head, already filled with pre-cum. The contact causes Taehyung to grab Seokjin's hair, so that he will soon start the blowjob and end his torture. Seokjin understands his dongsaeng's impatience and moves closer, but first he teases Taehyung a little bit, giving a small kiss on the tip, before swallowing Taehyung’s cock completely.

He begins to suck and his hands tighten on the younger’s ass; Taehyung pulls Seokjin's hair more and more, thrusting inside Seokjin’s mouth, seeking more contact. He moans, moans so loudly that he fears his neighbors will listen. But he doensn’t really care, he wants to continue feeling the heat of his hyung’s mouth around him. “Yes, Jin-hyung... a-ah, god, just like that!”

When Taehyung is about to reach his orgasm, Seokjin suddenly stops what he is doing. He gets up and kisses him again while patting Taehyung's throbbing cock a few more times. He takes a few steps back as if to get a better view, staring at his completely frustrated dongsaeng in front of him. "I want to see you coming while you touch yourself."

Seokjin didn’t expect Taehyung to actually do as he had asked. Taehyung doesn’t look surprised or shocked... he just wraps his hand around his own cock, letting out a soft "hmmm" when he resumes contact. And he goes further: as he strokes himself, moving his hand up and down, Taehyung moans Seokjin’s name, with his eyes closed. Watching Taehyung reach his limit, as he spreads his fluid all over the bathroom’s floor, Seokjin feels his cock harden again.

He approaches his dongsaeng again urgently, not even allowing Taehyung to breathe and recover. He swallows the rest of the moans with his mouth, his hands reaching Taehyung's nipples to turn him on again. It seems to be working, as the younger lets out some sounds from the back of his throat and starts scratching Seokjin’s back.

Taehyung barely has time to close the shower because Seokjin grabs him by the waist and pulls him out of the bathroom, towards the bedroom. He throws the younger into the bed, not worrying that he is all wet. He leans over him and kisses him again, their erections brushing against each other. Taehyung is sliding his hands down the older's back, leaving nail marks all the way, and slowly lowering his underwear.

Seokjin does the same thing on Taehyung, withdrawing his hands from the back of his dongsaeng's neck, caressing his chest, abdomen and waist. He breaks the kiss and reaches for the drawer beside his bed to take out the lubricant. It isn’t long before Taehyung feels the sticky substance and his hyung’s fingers preparing him. Just that little contact already makes him arch his back and start moving his hip.

Taehyung moves his gaze down and sees Seokjin applying the lubricant on himself. The sight in front of him makes him bite his lower lip and wait for the moment when his hyung will invade him. Seokjin spreads Taehyung’s legs, gives him a light kiss on the lips, and penetrates him; each swinging movement is slowly accompanied by a hickey on his neck.

“D-Do you want me to s-scream your name like I did before, h-hyung?”

Seokjin doesn’t answer; he only lifts one of Taehyung's legs, places it on his shoulder, and adjusts the angle better, accelerating the pace. He doesn’t want Taehyung to moan his name... no, he wants Taehyung to feel so much pleasure that he won’t be able to speak at all. The bold move catches the younger by surprise and he has no other reaction but to sink his nails further into his hyung’s skin.

Their bodies are covered in sweat. They are very close to their orgasms, the second one in the matter of a few minutes. Taehyung lowers one of his hands down to his own dick and feels it being wrapped by Seokjin's as well, who helps him to masturbate so that he will reach his orgasm faster. The next thing he feels is his own fluid being sprayed all over his abdomen and Seokjin's cum filling him.

Seokjin falls beside him, exhausted, and Taehyung tries to catch his breath. They stay like this for a while, breathing deeply and staring at the ceiling. Neither of them believe in what they had just done, but they don’t regret it; they longed for each other... it was obvious that this would’ve happened sooner or later. Seokjin then gets up, goes to the bathroom, and returns with a damp towel to clean them. He also wears clean underwear and lends one to Taehyung as well.

After eliminating all the remnants of what happened there, Taehyung threatens to leave, but is stopped by Seokjin, who grabs his wrist and forces him to look at him. “Where do you think you're going? I'm not the kind of guy who just fucks someone and then discards.”

"So you're one of those who stays until morning, hyung?" Seokjin just smiles and pulls him back to the bed, covering both of them with the comforter and making Taehyung rest on his shoulder. After a while, just before they fall asleep, the younger remembers something.



"What will Yoongi-hyung think if he sees me here?"

"He's more than used to seeing us sharing a bed, Tae," Seokjin replies. "You always come out of nowhere, enter our room, no matter where we are, and lie by my side... well, the way these beds are small you practically lie on top of me.”

A comfortable silence settles between them. Taehyung grips Seokjin's slim waist more firmly, and the older is already asleep when he finally replies, grinning maliciously. "So next time I'll be the one having control."