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I Summoned a Demon 101: an In-comprehensive guide to Corporeal Demon Do's and Don'ts

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The room is dark and hushed this evening. Izuku’s breathing is quiet, as if he would disturb a resting beast were he to breathe too heavily. His bedroom floor is a ghastly image beneath him- poorly sealed jars of blood and dripping candles littered about a web of bones and salt.

If anyone were to walk in, they would think he was attempting to summon a demon.

It just so happens, that’s precisely what he intends to do. Izuku’s eyes drop to his notes again as he runs an absentminded hand over his forearm. He’s still not quite used to the ridges the scars there form. (Not from self-harm, no- intentional bloodletting. Every drop of blood in this room is his, after all, and proper medical equipment isn’t easy to come by.)

He’s ready for this. He knows he is, but a nervous simmer grows in his belly nonetheless. He’s spent months studying the ceremony, gathering the materials. But even so, he’s never summoned a demon in the flesh before, it’s going to be nothing like the way which he met and bound his current contracts.

It’s due to be grotesque. When he calls the demon, he will first have to expel it from his own mind space- and within the human realm it will have no choice but to make itself a corporeal form with the materials provided, or wither away and die within minutes. No sane demon would choose the second.

They won’t be on good terms, at first- Izuku will have to trick the demon into taking his bond. (It’s not that he fears he won’t be able to, its more that he fears being a master- taking away a being’s freedom. He doesn’t know if he has the heart to follow through) The demon will hate him for that.

Izuku only hopes their relationship can be repaired, over time. (Is it sad, that he’s only ever wanted friends from these beings? He wants to be a hero- he has no use for minions, for pawns.)


Izuku. I know you’re nervous, but we must begin. The moon will only be out for so long.


Shiso’s soft voice hovers in the back of his mind before fading away- words that he can hear that have no volume. Shiso is a friend- his guardian. A demon he has held in contract since the very beginning.

“You’re right, Shiso.” Izuku takes a great, preparatory breath. “Let’s do this.” He runs a finger over his notes one last time. My blood will be your shackles. A warning, not for him, but for the demon. It’s a bitter play on consent- no demon who fails to come willingly will want to be bound- but no demon who is called will be able to resist a human’s blood, freely given.

Izuku steps into the circle and steels his nerves. Shiso’s presence hovers around him- a gentle comfort, a safety net. Whatever may happen to his body- Shiso will preserve his mind.

Izuku shuts his eyes, lifts his hands, and calls . It’s an odd feeling- a sort of lurching in the pit of his stomach, a sort of electric surge rooted deep in his soul. This is the essence of his quirk.

A warrior. Bring me a warrior. He demands it of the void, puts every ounce of his power into the request. He needs something powerful- something loyal and moral- something that will stand with him and be a hero. So, he asks for a warrior.

For many moments, nothing happens. Izuku stands in the still air of his bedroom and listens to the way the walls creak. Doubts and worries begin to trickle into the back of his mind but Shiso whisks them away, allowing Izuku to focus solely on the task at hand. A ghost of a hand ( talon ) cards through his hair and Izuku settles further into Shiso’s guard, projecting his call even further.

Eventually, just as Izuku was about to throw his hands down and give up, something takes the bait.

In an instant, Izuku loses himself to this being. Its soul is nothing but fury- red-hot and roiling and all-consuming Rage . It floods his mind with its sheer force of presence and Izuku is forced out, smashed back, tamped down. For a terrifying instant Izuku fears that he has lost his Place to this being, that it has taken his body and his mind and left him only a soul- trapped out of himself.

But no. Izuku’s steady descent is halted suddenly as Shiso catches him, as Shiso throws up a guard that’s hot and solid like sundrenched steel and shoves the warrior back. (Sometimes, when Izuku is wrapped up in Shiso’s warmth and comfort and sibling-like love, he forgets how powerful he is, how ruthless .)

Izuku breaches the surface of his own consciousness just as the warrior is pushed out , and Izuku feels the phantom feathers of Shiso’s aura flutter across his skin, before the demon fades back, job done. Breathing deep, Izuku prepares for the next stage. Izuku is steely calm and determined. The room rattles around him, shaking papers off of his desks and books from the shelf, quaking jars and bones from their places on the floor as Izuku takes the being- free in this realm but confined to the circle- by the core and shoves , compressing it, confining it, taunting it .

The being rears back, fights against him, corrupts his mind with thoughts of destruction, of terror, of insignificance and ugly hatred and soul-clenching, explosive Rage.

“Come on, you coward! Make a body and challenge me yourself!” Izuku shouts, and once again the demon takes the bait.

The rattling of the room halts as the demon ceases its attack, and the tension in the air drops as the soul of the demon seemingly disappears. For a second Izuku is terrified, convinced that somehow his circle was incomplete, that the demon escaped- until a soul-deep rumble bubbles up, as if coming from the foundations of the building itself. Izuku watches in thinly veiled disgust as the blood and bone littered about the floor begins to move on its own, seeping out of jars and rolling across the floor. When all of the materials have congregated in one place they begin to boil- bubble and pop and roil- as the demon begins to build itself from the inside out.

The room becomes uncomfortably hot as the process goes on- and when the being’s mouth forms out of the mess, a terrified, blood-curdling screech escapes from its half-formed throat. Izuku wants to shut his eyes- wants to cry. What pain is this being in, to make a noise like that?

When the demon finally calms, the room rings in the quiet, the beast’s breath loud and rickety. It squats, bound within the inner circle, quivering in what looks like the residue of extreme pain and panting with exertion. It’s completed corporeal form is humanoid but strange, an amalgamation of the idea of a human and aborted demonic qualities. The creature sits huddled in on itself, head down, spine curled, legs tucked and arms pressed to the ground. Its skin looks thick and leathery, laid across its form in pieces, much like a suit of armor, but colored to mimic Izuku’s own pale skin. Its hands and feet however, sport a darker, ashier tone, that fades up the wrists and ankles. At major joints, the leathery armor hardens into thicker, discolored, elongated spikes, at its shoulders, elbows, knees, and along its spine, mimicking something one might see on a dragon. At the base of its spine Izuku can see a stubby, aborted tail, and short but sharp nubs near its shoulder blades, where Izuku believes wings could have grown. Between the leathery skin plates, and in the softer, inner parts of joints, Izuku can see a softer, pinker, almost velvety material. Atop its head sits a shock of pale, spiky hair, and from its forehead Izuku can just recognize dark, short, and thick horns.

In the time it took Izuku to mentally catalog the demon’s every physical feature, the being had quieted, stiffened, and began to growl lowly. Izuku nearly jumps when the demon snaps its head up, eyes locking on the human. The demon’s face is soft like its inner elbows, but its expression is set in a deep snarl, flashing fang, with fiery, narrow eyes. Slowly, Izuku lifts a switchblade out of his pocket and takes a deep breath, hoping not to spook the demon.

He has only a precious few moments to catch its interest before it surely kills him- its brand new limbs are still unfamiliar, for a brief amount of time the demon is outmatched by Izuku and the fifteen years of life he’s spent growing into his body.

It lurches forward but stumbles, halts, and Izuku takes its hesitation as he can and slides carefully to his knees, baring his neck. He takes the knife and cuts a tentative slit over the flat of his neck. The demon’s eyes zero in on the wound instinctively- its pupils blow wide at the sight of it and its nostrils flare, surely taking in the scent. It takes a careful step forward, wobbles slightly, and takes another. Izuku lowers his eyes and opens his mouth.

“Warrior of Rage.” He whispers. Dominate, surrender; command, trust. The warrior pounces, eyes wild, fangs bared.

My blood will be your shackles.”

It halts, seething, fingers gripping Izuku like a vice, kneeling over his lap, looming, glaring, trembling with want. Izuku breathes, waiting. It has no real choice now. Drink, like its entire being is pushing it to do, or kill him, only to wither away within the confines of this circle for eternity.

The better option is clear, but the demon struggles against its instincts, just for a moment. Izuku is patient, he knows he will come out of this encounter victorious. A broken, unsteady growl tears from its throat, and the demon locks eyes with him. Its eyes scream insults at him- words it doesn’t yet understand how to form- so it only growls, seethes, and bites , digging its fangs into the meat of Izuku’s neck, guzzling blood like a dying man at an oasis. Izuku winces, wobbles, but is grateful.

That was an admission of defeat. With every drop the demon consumes the bond solidifies, grows stronger. Izuku, in return, must declare the terms.

“My blood will be your shackles.” He repeats, holding the demon’s head to his neck, pushing it to drink. “You will exist in me.” He continues. “So long as I live, I will feed your power. So long as you live, you will fight for me. My life is your life, my death yours as well.” Izuku takes a deep breath- the ceremony is nearly complete. “Warrior of Rage.” He tugs on the bond, and the demon lifts its head.

Its eyes are bright with power and defiance, but as its tongue flicks out to lick up a drop of blood that had slipped from its lips, Izuku knows he is safe. He blinks slowly at the demon, smiles softly. You don’t need to hate me, warrior, I will treat you with kindness. I will do my best. The demon looks back, revulsion and confusion marring its features. Izuku fights his despair- now is not the time.

“Warrior of Rage.” He repeats, flooding the phrase with power. “I will give you a purpose. In exchange, you will give me your name. Is this agreeable?” Izuku waits. The demon clears its throat- a raw, grating noise, flexes its jaw.

“Yes, Master.” (Izuku knows not to show weakness in the face of a demon whose name he does not possess, but he can’t help but flinch. There’s no better way to do this- to try to bind a hostile demon with kindness is a death wish. Izuku knows. He knows, but it still hurts. He doesn’t want to own anyone.)

“You will protect the people.” Izuku states.

I will protect the people.” The demon repeats, tone deadly serious.

“I am Midoriya Izuku. Now, demon. Give me your Name.”

Even after agreeing to the terms, the demon hesitates. A demon’s name is more than a series of sounds- it’s their soul- their earthly presence. It’s the audible wavelength of their existence, the strongest binding power over them. To know a demon’s name is to possess it completely- it’s the ultimate power to hold over another being.

Izuku wishes he didn’t need it, but a bond cannot be sealed without the trading of names.

“Give me your name.” Izuku whispers. The phrase is every binding power Izuku holds over the demon- it cannot fight. It bows its head, dominated, and gives it.

It feels like fire and gunpowder and passion, like pride and anger and strength. The name hits Izuku like a landmine, all heat and shrapnel and destruction. “Bakugou Katsuki,” Izuku repeats, and he’s disappointed in the pitiful excuse for a sound in the wake of the sensation he’s still reeling from. Bakugou flinches at the sound of it nevertheless. Izuku smiles, gentle, comforting.

“Bakugou Katsuki. With this the contract is sealed, and your soul bound to mine.”

“Midoriya Izuku. Quit it with that creepy-ass fucking face, why do you keep looking at me like that?” Katsuki barks, and Izuku blinks, startled.

“Uh—what?” Izuku responds, intelligently.

“That fucking- look you have. On your face. Quit it.” The demon’s tone is demanding and Izuku doesn’t know what he was expecting of a freshly bound corporeal demon but it wasn’t this… human. The demon speaks like the kind of delinquent Izuku would find slouched in the back of his classroom at middle school- his spiky, white-blonde hair and large, hooked earrings failing to dissuade the image from Izuku’s mind.

“Um… sorry? I- wait!” Izuku startles as the demon leaps, suddenly, from his place on the ground in front of Izuku to the surface of the boy’s desk. Papers scatter and tear under his large claws, and Izuku is quite significantly concerned about the integrity of the surface of his desk, it could part so easily under the demon’s sharp talons. Izuku tries to stand but quite suddenly realizes precisely how much blood he has lost- and though the wound has already closed- a convenient pro of the bond, Izuku is sure- he’s still hit by some intense vertigo upon trying to move.

“What, stupid human? Don’t want me to tear up your shit? Maybe you should have put that in the contract!” The demon taunts, grinning down at him. Izuku doesn’t try to move again, instead only frowning up at the demon.

“If you’re going to behave like a temperamental child, I might have to add unnecessary rules to the contract after all. I had thought you would be enough of an adult not to tear up my things just because you can.” The demon scoffs down at him.

“Oh, little boy has a mouth on him, hm? You want me to behave? Why don’t you get off your ass and make me ?” Katsuki taunts, dragging a claw threateningly over the surface of Izuku’s desk. The boy furrows his brows. So, we’re going to play that game.

Bakugou Katsuki. ” Izuku says, threading the words with intent. “Stop. Come back over here and sit.” Katsuki pauses, smile dropping from his face. Izuku watches guiltily as the demon climbs awkwardly back, as if fighting his limbs all the while. He didn’t want to make the demon do anything- but to let him do what he wants at this point would be like letting a feral dog loose in the house. Izuku supposes he will have no choice but to loosen the figurative collar as time goes on, and the demon adjusts to his role.

“Alright. Listen up.” Izuku tries once again to stand, is successful this time, since he took it slow, and wobbles over to the desk. He cleans up the salvageable papers and puts them in a neat stack, before flipping through the notebook to the page he had written down rules and stuff just in case he needed them.

“Right. Okay.” Izuku states, looking over his notes.

“Get on with it.” Bakugou growls, plopping back down to his bottom like a puppet with its strings cut. Izuku wobbles back with the notebook in hand and follows suit.

“Alright, so, I’ll just give you the rundown on why I bound you in the first place, I guess. So, uh, I’m an aspiring hero, I mean- I’m going to become a hero, and I can summon “Obviously,” Bakugou interjects. Only slightly put-off, Izuku continues.

“Right, so, usually demons I summon remain like, in my brain, or whatever, and when I need them we just, share brain space or whatever, and I can use their powers, for a price, right, but I haven’t befriended-”

“Tch.” Bakugou snorts. Izuku plows on.

“Uh- bound, any strictly offensive demons, I have two Guardians and one Ally, but no Warriors, so my offensive abilities are lacking, right, and the UA entrance exams are coming up- that’s the hero school I want to get into- and the practical exam is said to be really physical, so I figured my best bet would be to have a partner working with me in the flesh, I’m running out of room in my head, and then I’d be able to have the power of two demons on hand at once, right, so-”

“Stop fucking rambling, you useless waste of space. I don’t give a flying fuck, get to the point.” Bakugou cuts him off again and Izuku stops, blushing.

“Um- right. Okay. so, most important rule, Bakugou Katsuki:” Bakugou snaps to attention at the call of his name, “Do not, for any reason, ever, kill a human. Even if they are the enemy, even if they don’t look entirely human. Don’t ever end a life. That means no mortal wounds. I understand that in some cases, you may need to injure or maim someone in order to achieve a goal, but this is a last resort.  You will not harm humans needlessly… Also, uh, you aren’t allowed to hurt me needlessly either, if you kill me you die, so uh. yeah.” Bakugou scoffs, but nods, and Izuku continues to the next bullet. “Second, you are to protect innocents with your life. Their life comes even before mine. As a hero, your job is to ensure public safety-”

“I object.” Bakugou states, tone entirely serious. “My life is tied to yours, therefore if you die, I die. My priority must be your life before anyone else.”

“No.” Izuku commands. “Bakugou Katsuki, this is an order.” Bakugou shudders, at rapt attention. “You are a hero now. The life of the innocent must hold greater weight than the life of yourself. You will protect the people.”

I will protect the people .” Bakugou repeats, tone full of conviction. Izuku locks eyes with the demon and nods.

“Good. Those are the most important rules, but that doesn’t mean the house rules aren’t also important. Don’t be needlessly destructive- respect my belongings and the belongings of others. Learn to behave within human society- I don’t want to treat you like a bound demon but if I have no choice, I will do what I must. Obey our superiors, as long as their orders don’t directly counteract mine. You will have freedom, with me, so long as you don’t abuse it. I need you to be able to work independently of me, in time. If I can trust you, I will loosen the binding strength of these rules. Okay?”

Bakugou sits silently for a moment, before huffing out a great, exasperated sigh and rolling his eyes. So much for the cooperative attitude. “Yes, Master.” He retorts dramatically. Izuku chokes a bit, coughing.

“Uh, yeah don’t, ever call me that again, that’s weird, um, yeah. No.”


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Izuku wakes the next morning feeling like death. Literally. His entire body is raw and sore, especially centered around his left shoulder and neck. Then there’s the body flung haphazardly over top of him that feels like hot cement, leaving him sweaty and near-suffocated. Katsuki isn’t even cuddling, he’s just sprawled, taking up space in the most inconvenient manner he could probably think of that didn’t cause Izuku any significant bodily harm. Unfortunately, Izuku failed to include “inconveniences and mild disturbances” in the contract, so he guesses it’s what he deserves for being vague.


Well aren’t you in a bit of a pickle there, Izu-kuuuuuun~


“Ugh.” Van-Mey’s teasing drawl drifts across his consciousness. Lovely, she’s back. “Been awhile, Mey. Hi.” Izuku mumbles, extracting his arms to rub his eyes tiredly.

You knoooow I don’t have the time to hang out in this crowded brain of yours all the time, you silly little boy. Three’s a crowd, but four? That’s just unnecessary.


“Mmhm, sure Mey. Anyway, why’d you drop by? I’m not in any significant danger, nor in desperate need of any luck.” Izuku murmurs, running an absent-minded hand through Katsuki’s hair. Soft… Van-Mey is one of the three demons Izuku currently holds a contract with (excluding Katsuki). Unlike the other two however, she tends to be dodgy, and doesn’t hang around in his brain space much.


Weeeeeelll, you see, I heard from a little birdie you had taken in another stray. A corporeal stray. You ought to introduce me. Its oooooonly polite, after all.


“Oh, Katsuki? He’s-” Apparently still got a hairline trigger on the name there, I need to give him a nickname or something, so I can refer to him without making him tense up like the world’s about to fall apart, good grief-

“The hell are you muttering about, dipshit? Why’d you call me?” Katsuki had jumped up and was kneeling over him on all fours, glaring. His face is awfully close to Izuku, who can’t help but study the dynamic between his two left eyes. It seems they do both open fully, but not at the same time. The upper one naturally opens more the farther shut the lower one is. Does that mean they share an eyelid? I should ask-

“HEY! Don’t ignore me punk, I asked you a question, now you’d better damn well answer it!”


Demanding little fucker. You let him speak to you like that? I think we’d better beat him into submission, whadda ya say, wanna let me ride?


“Um, no, that would be a bad idea, uh, I’m just talking to my fri- uh, summons, Van-Mey. Uh, here I’ll just do introductions, Van-Mey Thi, Guardian of Light; Bakugou Katsuki, Warrior of Rage…” Katsuki gives him a look of exactly zero patience before hopping off the bed, mumbling angrily. “Worthless dumb ugly little...” He shuffles to the desk, absently looking over the notes messily piled there.


No respect from the youth these days.


Well, he’s technically higher class than you, so, I dunno if that means he’s older, but either way I think that means you should probably respect him-”


No respect from the summoners these days. Jeeeeeeez. It was just a joke. I know where I stand. Anyway, care to make a wager?


That was an abrupt change of topic. But, as her price, Izuku has no real place to refuse. If he didn’t take her bets, she’d consider the contract void, and stop showing up all together. It wouldn’t be that much of a loss, but… Izuku figures he should keep her around, for insurance at least. “Sure I guess, what about?”


I bet he doesn’t have a dick. If you find one in a month, you win. If you lose, I get the next week of showers, no double-riding. Deal?


“Wha-! Ugh, okay whatever. Deal.” That’s awfully invasive, not that I expected anything better, it is Van-Mey.


Good boy. I’m bored now, but give me a call if you’re in a bind, I’ll be around.


“Ugh.” Izuku repeats, thankful that that particular ordeal is done and over with. Van-Mey could be difficult on her best days. As a light aligned guardian her main duty is to protect the light , be it in people or events. In Izuku’s opinion, she does this in the most literal sense- by using dumb luck to keep him alive in the worst of situations. Usually, she doesn’t show her face until he’s desperate.


Whore. No offense ‘Zuku, but she’s a bitch and I wouldn’t complain if she never showed up again.


Silently, Izuku agrees with Shiso on that one. Not that he’d tell her, because her favors, though rare, tend to be life saving. There was something to be said for having “ Alllllllllllll the luck ;), ” even if she did tend to pop in unplanned and be fairly undependable.

Sitting up, Izuku is painfully reminded of the ordeal he went through last night-- jeez that sounds bad -- and reaches upwards in a stretch, groaning. Softly massaging his shoulder, Izuku tiredly looks about the room. The floor is still a mess of broken glass and dried blood from the circle, and there are books and papers scattered all over. Katsuki is peering out the window, standing casually with one hand scratching his head absentmindedly. Izuku’s eyes naturally drift over his form, admiring the strong set of his shoulders, the smooth layout of his outer skin, the soft curve of his ass under that little tail, those velvety inner thighs-- Yeah okay, definitely need to get this boy some pants. But damn if those aren’t some human shaped glutes. He’ll probably have some trouble with shoes, considering the third leg joint and the taloned feet, but-

“Shut the fuck up. What’s with the muttering, you’re such a pain in the ass.”

“Oh! I! UM!” Izuku sputters, turning about three shades redder. “I just! Figure we should get you some pants! I know your spines would rip up a shirt but, it’s only decent!”

“Pants? Why the fuck?” Katsuki turns around, genuinely confused. “You wear pants to protect your fragile human dangly genitalia, my structural design doesn’t have such an inconvenient weakness. I don’t need any pants.”

“Yes, well! We also wear pants, and shirts, and other things to cover up parts of our body that might, uh- be… distracting, to others around us. Though you don’t have- um- ‘fragile dangly genitalia,’ you do have a fairly human-like physique. Besides! In the modern age, people come in all shapes and sizes! You wouldn’t even really stand out in a crowd, but, you definitely would, if you were naked!” Izuku stutters and flusters through the entire speech, Katsuki’s face becoming more and more unimpressed and indignant the longer he goes on.

“No.” He declares, turning back towards the window. Izuku gapes.


If you don’t shut your mouth, you’ll catch flies. Shiso helpfully comments. Izuku snaps his jaw shut. Deciding they could have that argument later, Izuku turns his focus to his mess of a room. Probably not worth cleaning this up by hand…  he thinks, searching his scattered belongings for an extra pocket watch. He usually keeps a collection of miscellaneous time telling devices, as destroying them is usually the most convenient way to get a favor from Levy. Spotting one on the floor near the bed, Izuku picks it up and chucks it, bodily, at the wall. It shatters on contact, spilling more glass shards onto the floor, along with a couple of gears and springs. Katsuki jumps, snarling, and starts to spew curses, but Izuku ignores him.


What a tasty offering! What can I do for you, my dear, sweet, Izuku darling?


“Good morning Levy, I did have a favor in mind! Would you be terribly bothered with setting the room back about 24 hours? I would really appreciate it!” Levy is easily the friendliest and most cooperative of Izuku’s contracted Riders, and could regularly be bribed into helping Izuku with menial tasks around the house. Her time-aligned power is very malleable and useful in different situations, so though it seems like a waste to use her extensive amount of strength for such insignificant things, she doesn’t mind so long as Izuku makes it worth her while- by doing anything from breaking miscellaneous time-telling devices to simply spending time entirely devoted to the thought of her. In more extreme cases however, Levy is a powerful weapon and can provide massive offensive power to Izuku, but not without a price. He’s always careful with her, as she has occasionally taken time off of his lifespan to pay back a debt.


Anything for you dear! Always so polite!


Letting Levy ride is always an experience. As a fifth-rank demon, she is the strongest Izuku is currently in contract with, one rank above Bakugou, and two above his other two riders, Van-Mey and Shiso. Adding that on top of her being a time-aligned demon, one of the two most multi-faceted alignments, makes her presence at the forefront of his mind nigh-overwhelming. He thanks her ever-positive attitude and sweet disposition to help balance out the weight of her power.

Pulling Levy in close, Izuku submits to her consciousness and releases the reigns of his own body, stepping back to allow her almost complete control. Levy’s being feels to him like everything, growth and decay, youth and age, sunny warmth and creeping cold. If he was watching from the outside, Izuku would have seen vines sprouting from his hairline, frostbite creeping up his arm, and decay pulling the threads of his clothing apart. If he looked himself in the eye, he would have seen the birth of the universe in one eye and the death of it in the other. Levy truly is a formidable being, and a treasured Ally. With a sweet smile and the flick of her wrist, Levy (Izuku) winds the timeline back. Izuku watches through his own eyes as shards of glass pick themselves up, dissolve back together, and return to their places on shelves. Books and papers fly up, ordering themselves and settling in neat stacks. The blood on the walls and floor dissolves into thin air, but Izuku is aware of it returning to his own body.

When the room settles, Izuku watches from the back seat as Katsuki effectively flips his shit, crouched in an attack position and snarling with his fangs bared at the last notebook to settle on the shelf.

Hush now, little one! Nothing is wrong! ” Levy says with Izuku’s mouth, smiling gently.

“Who you callin’ little!?” Katsuki snarls at the unfamiliar aura surrounding Izuku’s body, muscles tense to attack.

No need to worry! I’m one of dear Izuku’s faithful friends! Fifth-rank Leveille Amnesty, Ally of Time. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. ” Levy holds out Izuku’s hand, offering a shake. Katsuki tenses at the formal introduction, instincts screaming to submit under the gaze of the higher-class demon. Ever one to be obnoxiously proud however, Katsuki stands, looking down on Levy while taking Izuku’s offered hand and giving it a firm shake.

“Yeah yeah, Bakugou Katsuki, Warrior of Rage, yada yada. Just don’t pull shit like that without warning in the future, a’ight, timey-wimey-bitch?” Izuku flinches inwardly. He should have warned Katsuki not to mess with Levy, she can be scary when she wants to be. Squeezing Katsuki’s hand with crushing force, Levy leans forward into his space, smiling all the while.

Just remember, Bakugou Katsuki, pride is the deadliest sin. I suggest you treat me with respect in the future, as I will not hesitate to decay every cell of this pretty corporeal form at a rate that will not only be unbearably slow, but also excruciatingly painful.” Katsuki’s every cell locks up in fear at the ice in Levy’s tone, and he immediately drops to his knees, boneless.

“Yes, ma’am. Of course, my apologies.” He whispers, blood rushing to his face in shame.

Good! It was lovely meeting you, but the weight of my inexhaustible power is tiring out poor Izuku. I hope we can chat again soon!” Levy’s smile warms immediately, a 180 degree turnaround from the moment previous. Giving Katsuki’s hair an affectionate ruffle, she releases Izuku’s body and retreats, allowing Izuku to step forward once more. Katsuki collapses onto his butt, crossing his legs, and curling his shoulders in- fully humiliated.

“Well. um. That was- fun. Thank’s for the room Levy! And uh-” Izuku looks towards Katsuki, words on the tip of his tongue-

“Don’t. Say. A word.” Katsuki growls, fists clenched in his lap.

“Right!” Izuku hastily turns away, wobbling back toward the bed.


Well isn’t he just precious! You know you can always call me, Izuku darling, I’ll be off now!


“Thanks again!” Izuku flops back down on the bed, alone once again with his thoughts.


What am I, chopped liver?


“Shiso, you basically are ‘my thoughts’” Izuku mumbles, rolling onto his stomach and burying his face in the pillow, forgetting briefly about his concern over Katsuki’s mental state, after having such an intense run-in with Levy. He’ll get over it, probably. I have so much shit to do today too, ugh I just want to go back to sleep. Shiso gives a content chuckle and curls lightly around Izuku’s mind, running phantom fingers through his hair.


I’ll wake you up in fifteen, bro. Just chill until then.


Izuku mumbles an affirmative, dropping back into sleep.




Izuku wakes not 7 minutes later to incomprehensible screaming. Midoriya Inko, ever the concerned mother, was aware that her precious son was on summer break, but still thought it was odd that he hadn’t risen yet. What was even odder, however, was the ??? she had never seen before currently residing in her innocent son’s bedroom, curled in on itself near the bed, watching her innocent son sleep.

“Izuku!! Izuku!!! What on earth is that!!!!” Now, Inko considered herself a pretty open minded woman, and with some introspection was able to recognize that the form- now quite startled and snarling like a cornered dog- was probably just a boy with an unusual appearance quirk. What she was really worried about, however, was the fact that he was naked , and that he was watching her innocent son sleep.

“What is he doing here!!! WHY IS HE NAKED??!? IZUKU!”


Sorry bud, nothin’ I could do about this one.


“Mom! Mom, calm down, everything’s fine, let me explain-” Izuku stumbles out of bed, lurching to stand between the startled demon from his mother before she freaks out even more. Katsuki creeps up behind him, snaking an arm up to clutch possessively at Izuku’s inner thigh- um?!- and snarls around his hip, back spines puffed up like a posturing wolf. Izuku swats the hand away and steps toward his mother, placating the demon. “Katsuki! Chill! This is my mother, my giver of life, she is safe, I promise!”

“What the--? Why did you never bother to tell me there was someone else here? If she had come in last night I’d have hung her from the ceiling fan! Fucking hell, You have to tell me these things, dumbass!-”

“Shut up! I’m sorry! Just chill for a minute so I can calm down my mother!” Izuku insists, voice steadily rising in pitch with every word. He whirls, turning to his mom with a look of exasperation on his face. “Okay, Mom, listen. This is Bakugou Katsuki. He’s a demon. I know you’ve met all of my riders, and you’ve never seen one in real life before, but I’ve been doing a lot of research and I was able to bind him to a corporeal form so he can help me out with my hero work!” Inko stays silent a moment, looking from her frazzled and panting son to the horned boy crouched behind him.

“I … see. Well, nice to meet you, Bakugou-kun, I’m sure we'll be seeing an awful lot of each other in the future. Izuku, may I speak to you privately for a moment?” Inko asks hesitantly, after an extensive pause. She’s not entirely sure about this whole thing, but she intends to take it in stride.

“Oh, um, sure. Just, wait in here a minute, Katsuki,” The demon starts, nods, and hops up on the bed. Still need a nickname, he has such a short leash already, the name is just making it worse… Izuku follows his mother out into the hallway, and then down the stairs and into the kitchen. Inko thinks for a moment, gathering her thoughts. She’s honestly a bit distressed over the fact that her son would do something this drastic without even considering consulting with her first, but he supposes the summoning and binding of a corporeal demon is a pretty big deal, at least to him. That in mind, she had noticed Izuku studying more often than he usually would over the summer, and he does tend to get stuck in his own little world. All of this considered, she prepares a brief motherly lecture.

“Alright Izuku. Now, I don’t want you to think I’m upset about this, because I’m not, not really, I’m quite proud actually. You’ve achieved something amazing! That said, however, I am a bit disappointed in the lack of forethought you put into this. You’ve brought a being to life! I assume he’s not the type that can just come and go from that body when it’s convenient; he’s going to be a near-permanent guest in our house, and you’ve given me no time to prepare! What is he going to eat? Where is he going to sleep? I wish you had given me a little forewarning, you know? Just... come out of that big brain of yours and talk to your mother once in awhile, okay love?” Flushed and feeling thoroughly admonished, Izuku nods, rubbing the back of his neck in shame.

“Sorry mom, I guess I got a little carried away…” Izuku looks down, blushing.

“Don’t worry about it sweetheart, we all make mistakes sometimes, but now we have a bit of catch-up to do, don’t we? Now first things first, What does he eat? Does he have a normal human diet?” Inko comforts her son, setting a hand on his shoulder, all the while mentally preparing for the extended stay of a corporeal demon in her household. Inko is sure other parents have had to deal with worse.

“Oh! Not exactly, I actually did a lot of research on this beforehand! Since he has a corporeal body that’s based on the human figure and made out of human substances, he has a functioning digestive, cardiac, respiratory, and nervous system! They’re not exactly like a human’s, but they should be similar enough! That said however, he is a magic-powered being, so he will technically have two completely different appetites, a physical based one, and a magic based one! So, that known, he should be able to eat everything we eat!” Izuku’s demeanor changes completely as he explains the science behind the demon’s physiology, and Inko listens raptly, already preparing a mental grocery list.

“Well alright, but what about preferences? What does he like? Does he have any food allergies? How do you intend to feed his magical appetite?”

“Uhh…” Izuku gives her a vacant look, thoughts whirring. What he likes?? Blood??? I haven’t had him try anything yet? He probably doesn’t know either! Will he even eat??? Can his magic fuel his body too?? And how am I going to fuel his magic!? There’s no way I can afford to lose that much blood-- especially after he starts fighting regularly!! That means I’m going to have to-- Oh my god! Well, I mean, it’s not like I wouldn’t be able to get it up-- but would he even be into it?? What if he just kinda, sits there?? That would be so awkward! And what if he can’t feed on me just, being around? What if i have to-- Fuuuuuuuuuck! What even would that be?? Is it consensual if he has no real choice??? Can he even give consent?? I have him under a binding contract!! I can’t-


Izuku. Breathe.


Honestly, bless Shiso… Feeling the comforting warmth fall over him like a blanket, Izuku rapidly calms, taking deep breaths. Inko, who had seen her son go from moderate concern to borderline panic over the course of his muttered tirade, simply pulls him into a hug, petting his hair gently.

“Oh Izuku, such a great head on your shoulders, so little common sense. Don’t worry about it right now honey, we can take this one step at a time. For now, why don’t you spend some time just talking to him? Get to know him a little bit, alright?” Looking up from her warm embrace, Izuku gives his mother a bright smile.

“Okay, thanks mom! I’m sure that’ll be- OH! Can I ask for some help real quick?”

“Of course honey, what are mothers for?” Accepting the abrupt topic change and well acquainted with her son’s sporadic train of thought, Inko takes a seat at the table. Izuku follows.  

“Right! So you know how I have nicknames for all of my riders? Well I wanted to make one for Katsuki too, because the contract we made gives his name a lot of power when I say it, and he’s always getting tense and fidgety when I try to talk to him-- but anyway, you see, he really likes grinding my nerves you know? He thinks he’s a real tough guy, so I was thinking, it could be something that kinda digs back at him, you know?” Izuku gives his mother a mischievous smile. Inko returns it, thinking a bit.

“Hmm, he thinks he’s tough, does he? Why don’t we call him Kacchan? Pretty cute, huh?” Inko boops her son on the nose, and he gives a giggle.

“It’s perfect, Mom! Thanks!”

“Anytime, kiddo.” Smiling fondly, Inko watches her young son bounce back up the stairs. Then she has a thought- “AND GET THAT BOY SOME PANTS, AT LEAST!” She shouts up the stairs, chuckling fondly.

Chapter Text

“Kacchan!” Izuku bursts back into his room wielding a pair of fabric scissors.

“The fuck did you just call me?” Katsuki snarls, whirling from his place by the bookshelf and puffing up like an angry cat.

“Kacchan!” Izuku repeats, grinning. He continues while turning to his dresser, digging around for an old pair of too-big sweatpants, “It’s your new nickname! Isn’t it cute? Tell me, on a scale from one to Bakugou Katsuki, how wound up and ready to do ‘absolutely everything I tell you’ does it make you feel?” Izuku looks back at him. “Hm, Kacchan?” Katsuki seethes.



“DON’T FUCKING ANSWER THAT!” Izuku contentedly cuts the light grey pants off at the knee while Katsuki snarls and curses and grumbles behind him, before turning to show him the completed product.

“Alright Kacchan, put these on!” Katsuki gives him a withering stare, still cursing under his breath. Izuku can tell he’s going to refuse again, and is starting to tire of this particular debate. They’d been over it before! Katsuki has to wear some sort of clothing! They’d be lucky if he’d even be let in most stores, considering the common ‘no shoes, no shirt, no service’ policy.

“Useless little punk-- I told you! I’m not wearing any of your obnoxious cloth skin coverings!” Izuku frowns, annoyed, and clutches the fabric tightly in a white-knuckled grip.

“They’re called clothes! And yes you are! You can’t go out in public naked like that, unless you want to classify yourself as a PET! Is that what you want Kacchan? To be collared and led around on a leash??” Izuku immediately regrets that. Slapping a hand over his mouth, tears begin to well in his eyes. He didn’t mean- he doesn’t know where that outburst came from, That’s horrible! Why would I say something like that? “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean-”

“Shut the fuck up.” Katsuki  growls, snatching the pants from Izuku’s shaking hand and turning around abruptly. Hopelessly apologetic, Izuku reaches for his shoulder, intending to apologize again. Fed up, Katsuki  whirls and grabs his wrist, leaving the pants abandoned on the floor. Growling, he leans in real close, looming darkly over Izuku’s quivering form. “Stop slobbering and listen , you miserable waste of space. You got yourself into this. You think I give a damn about your meaningless apologies? If you can’t deal with the emotional toll of binding a corporeal demon, you shouldn’t be doing it. Do you fucking hear me? You bound me here against my will. You gave me no say. Do you understand that? I am less than a dog. You think you gave me freedom of choice, of free will,  but you did no such thing. At least a dog can choose whether or not it wants to piss on the damn couch.” Dropping his wrist, Katsuki  grabs Izuku’s jaw in his other head, yanking him up so they are nose-to-nose.

“Buck the fuck up. Deal with the consequences of your actions. I will not live with a whiny little bitch as a master. At least pretend you have enough balls to actually control me. And know one thing: Our private dynamic is to stay just that: private. If you so much as dare to demean me in public, I will not hesitate to kill you, consequences be damned. I am better than you. Don’t fucking forget it.” Releasing Izuku’s jaw, Katsuki  turns around, rolling his eyes at the sound of the boy whimpering behind him. It’s a huge bluff, of course. Katsuki can’t act aginst the laws of the bond- but even if he could, he wouldn’t. As much as he may hate the little shit for getting him into this, he knows, at the root of it all, that Izuku wouldn’t have succeeded in the first place if he wasn’t worthy of Katsuki’s power. Looking back, Katsuki  wishes he hadn’t let his temper get the best of him like that, but the shit deserved it for not knowing who he was dealing with!  “Worthless little-- oh!” Watching the demon whirl back around not a second later with a mischievous grin on his face gives Izuku serious mood whiplash. “Deku!”

“Wh-What?” Izuku asks, sniffling, and honestly, completely bewildered.

“Deku! Get it?? It’s like your name but--  not, ‘cause you’re a worthless little shit!” Izuku giggles, wiping his eyes. What is he even ranting about? Why’s he so excited? Is it because.. Oh, I see, he changed the interpretation of the letters in my name, that’s surprisingly innovative. “Don’t fucking laugh! It’s an insult! It’s not supposed to be funny!” Katsuki pouts- pouts- and Izuku just can’t take him seriously anymore.

“Sorry, it’s just-” he sniffs, “you were being all- angry and intimidating not ten seconds ago-” he giggles, “and now you’re completely different with this cute- uh, really insulting nickname, that I guess I deserve, since I gave you one too, and I’m just-” Izuku is a mess, laughing and crying, snot dripping out of his nose onto his upper lip. Katsuki gives a heaving sigh, grabbing a discarded shirt from the desk chair, and shoves it into the boy’s messy face.

“Just clean your nasty fucking fluids already, shitty Deku. Get it together, damn that’s gross.” Grumbling, Katsuki retrieves the discarded pants from the floor, giving them a doubtful look. Izuku takes a deep breath and cleans his face on the shirt, pitching it into the laundry basket, before taking a moment to gather his thoughts.


Well, that guy certainly has some backhanded moodswings. Life threatening, to playful teasing, to genuinely helpful in what, under a minute? That has to be a record.


“No kidding,” Izuku mumbles, directing his attention to the demon in question. Katsuki  fumbles with the article, leaning half on the bed, trying and failing to fit his literal raptor foot through the hole in the leg. Sighing, Izuku gently pushes him onto the bed, kneeling in front of him and taking the tangled leg in hand.

“Just sit still, let me help” Izuku says, carefully wrapping the cloth around the appendage, and not-so-subtly feeling up the demon’s leathery calf.

“I don’t need your shitty help,” He retorts, but makes no move to disrupt the process. Izuku threads the demon’s obnoxious feet through the pants with little to no trouble, and carefully stretches the fabric over his hard, protruding kneecaps; bunched up so as not to get caught on anything. Running a distracted hand over the soft velvet behind Katsuki’s knee, Izuku asks him to lift his hips, and slides the waistband up the demon’s thighs and over his ass, before carefully tucking the small tail in, allowing the pants to sit properly on Katsuki’s hips. Finding himself inches from the demon’s plated abdominals, arms wrapped around his torso, hands dangerously close to the main object of his distraction, Izuku splutters and reels back, blushing.

“Right! So, that’s done, let’s move on to the other things we need to get done today. We don’t have a lot of time until the UA entrance exams! So we have a lot to do, including but not limited to running multiple performance tests, and getting you used to your new body!” Seemingly oblivious to the previous tension, Katsuki stands and surveys his new article of clothing with disdain. Snorting in annoyance, he pushes them back down to the point where they’re hanging dangerously low on his hips, flashing the deep v-cut that’s only emphasized by the build of his leathery skin plates. His short tail pops out the back of the waistband and he wiggles a bit, slightly more content. Ignoring Izuku completely, he turns and braces his hands against the wall, pushing out his hips to stretch his upper back and shoulders.

Izuku, who was turned away during that whole adjustment- flustering over his notes on the desk- turns back around and slaps a hand over his mouth, face heating to dangerous degrees. Katsuki is bent over the bed, hips jutting out impudently, tail curved up off of his ass to display the soft underside, back arched just so-


Fuck. Shiso helpfully supplies.


Izuku squeaks.




“What are we doing at this dirty ass beach, Deku?” Katsuki inquires, shuffling irately behind the excited boy.

“Well, since the entrance exam is tomorrow, I figured it would be a good idea to spend today preparing to the best of our ability! I need to know more about what you can do!” Izuku responds, skipping along between the heaps of trash.

“That really didn’t answer my question at all, dumbass. Why do we have to do it here? This place is a fuckin’ dump!” Katsuki grumbles, punting a tire an impressive 30 feet.

“Yes! See that? That’s exactly why we are here. There’s plenty of useless junk that nobody will miss if we mess it up or make use of it during these performance tests! Now, all of my riders have their own pages in this notebook, where I keep notes on things like powers and limitations and cost exchange, and-”

“So what, you want a fucking show-and-tell? A demonstration? A fucking tryout?? Does this look like America’s Got Demons to you?” Katsuki cuts the other boy off, giving him an unimpressed look. Izuku is unperturbed.

“Well no silly, this is Japan, but other than that, exactly! I need to know the limits of what you can do so that I can adjust myself to compliment your strengths the most, and you need to break in that new form!” After giving a passionate punch to the air and a big smile, Izuku clambers up onto a relatively stable refrigerator and takes out his notebook, preparing his pencil below the notes he had jotted down previously. Giving Katsuki an expectant look, he gives a thumbs up and prompts, “Whenever you’re ready!”

Katsuki’s face drops. With an absolutely deadpanned look, Katsuki raises one arm and sets off an enormous explosion. It tears five-meter hole in the stacks of debris as far as eighteen meters down the beach. The sound is absolutely deafening- shaking the garbage heaps into further disarray and causing the ocean to ripple out the opposite direction of its tide. Birds in trees squawk and flee in panic. The sound rings in the air for several seconds, and Izuku wonders precisely how far away he could have been to still hear the noise. Katsuki lowers his hand nonchalantly. If the enormous detonation had any weakening effect on him at all, he doesn’t show it. Izuku stares in awe at the extensive and smoking gouge in the beachfront.

“Not that I couldn’t do better if I really tried, but that was on the higher end of my power range,” Katsuki brags, lifting his hands again. With a much softer pah- pah- pah! he sets off many smaller, more controlled explosions within the palms of his hands. “I have a pretty fine-tuned control over the range and power of each one. That and they’re pretty dynamic. Used right, my power can be utilised as a strong defensive or evasive tactic.” Izuku doubts he would admit it, but as the demon continues, he can tell that he’s preening a bit under the focus of Izuku’s rapt attention.

“Wow Kacchan! Such an impressive power!” yep, definitely preening , Izuku thinks, watching Katsuki lift his head and give the smallest of smirks.  

“Obviously. I’m the best of the best. You’re lucky you called me and not some other whimpering waste of space demon out there…” Izuku lets him continue. Listening to Bakuogu’s self-centered tirade gives him a thought, So if his power is physically based, where does his alignment come in? As a rage aligned demon I expected him to have more of an emotional effect on the people around him… “ What do you think, Shiso?” he inquires quietly, watching the egotistic demon rant passively.


You’re on the right track. Taking a look at everything we’ve seen from him so far, he’s actually quite transparent. He acts tough because he has power, that much is obvious, but I can also sense that he has deeper insecurities that we haven’t seen much of yet. You’re right because he is a being of Rage, so this can’t be the extent of his power. What we’re missing, I think, is the possibility that he views some branch of his power as a weakness, and therefore refuses to show it. Would you mind allowing me to theorize a bit?


Intrigued, Izuku nods.


These are just ideas of course, but looking back at his interaction with Levy, his interactions with you, and his emotional states since arriving in general, I’ve come to a few conclusions. First, the obvious- he has an absurdly short temper. Being a rage aligned demon with a literally explosive power, it only makes sense that he would have a short fuse. We’ve seen that in action already. Second- earlier, when you made that outburst about collaring him, I sensed a bit of foreign aggression in your emotional map. That’s not something you would have said normally, yes? I believe his frustration over the issue at hand was projecting onto you- a branch of his Rage alignment that he has little to no control over, perhaps.

Taking from that, I come to my last conclusion. When he was interacting with Levy, did you notice that he initially tried to assert his dominance, even over a higher class demon, before placating fairly quickly when she made it clear that she wouldn’t be pushed around? I think his temper and his poorly controlled Rage power come together to form a base insecurity on his part. He’s painfully aware of both, but they’re so ingrained in his nature that he can hardly even train himself to control them better. That, and as a warrior, passive powers like that aren’t his forte. When faced with Levy’s power display, he wanted to fight back- to explode in indignation and fury- but he knew that he would never stand a chance against a truly angry Levy. The angrier he got, the stronger she would become. So he tamped it down, bottled it up, and let it out on you instead.


“Oh, wow. So wait, does that mean that now, here, this bragging and preening and otherwise obnoxious behavior, is this him being apologetic?”


Precisely. He feels he’s given a bad first impression, allowing you to see the weakest part of his nature before showing you his strength. As disagreeable a front he puts up, he’s genuinely just trying to impress you. At a base level, he needs to prove his worth. You have to remember, he’s a warrior. And what do warriors need?


“Something to fight for.”


Right. While Guardians like me need ‘something to protect’ and Allies like Levy need ‘someone to fight with’, Warriors, instinctively, need ‘something to fight for’. You have given him that- an ultimatum. You told him to protect the people. In return, he feels like he needs to prove he’s the best demon for the job. In conclusion?


“He’s just a big softie with a heart of gold?” Izuku snickers.


Well… not really. He’s more of an asshole with a desperate need for validation, but whatever you want to go with.


“HEY SHITTY DEKU!! ARE YOU EVEN PAYING ATTENTION?” In the time Izuku zoned out to speak with Shiso, Katsuki managed to practically vaporize a solid 60% of the beach within 50 ft of where Izuku sits, jumping around and blasting all sorts of explosions. Showing off, basically, and Izuku actually feels kind of bad that he was ignoring the entire display.

“Um! Yes! Of course! Look, I- I even took notes!” Izuku looks down and realizes that he really had taken notes, subconsciously he supposes, to the point where he actually filled three to four pages on observations and theories. He lifts the notebook victoriously, grinning.

“Tch. Whatever, just make it more obvious next time. You looked like you were asleep with your eyes open.” Heaving a breath, Katsuki plops on the ground, clearly quite done with the whole situation.

YOUNG MEN !” Both boys look up, one with shock and awe written all over his face, the other with annoyance and confusion. A Large, blonde, vigorously smiling man stands at the edge of the beach, hands on hips.

“Who…?” Katsuki trails off, bewildered, when Izuku begins literally vibrating in his seat, eyes sparkling in excitement. Before he can begin to squeal, however, the man speaks.

“There’s no need to feel down, because I am here!” Izuku jumps off of the refrigerator, stumbling in his excitement.

“What the-” Katsuki begins, looking up at the obnoxiously bright man. Why on earth is he so-?

“I said, young man! Pick yourself off the ground! Where is the danger? I heard a lot of explosions coming from this area!” Izuku hurries to meet the man as he proceeds to where they were eating copious amounts of shit on the beach.

“What, got a problem? That was me!” Katsuki shouts, standing, while Izuku says at the same time, “All Might! Sir! I’m terribly sorry, we were just training!”

“Are you boys new in town? This beach was closed down to the public when the garbage became so extensive that it became a hazard.” Izuku pales. He had no idea!

“Oh! I didn’t-” Katsuki cuts him off, stomping over aggressively.

“Does it look like I give a shit? This beach is nothing to me, old man!”

“There’s no need to be unhappy, boys! I’m sure the blunder can be looked over, you too seem quite capable of handling yourselves! Say, would you do an old hero a favor?”

“Why would I-” Katsuki starts, at the same time that Izuku insists, “Of course! Anything to do you a favor, All Might Sir!! I really respect your work, you’ve been a really big role model for me my entire life! I actually intend to become a hero, just like you!! Actually, I was wondering if I could ask you some-”

“WONDERFUL! An aspiring young hero, hm? In that case, you should know that hero work isn’t all fighting villains! Sometimes we have to help out the public! It would be a great help if you boys would give me a hand cleaning up this beach!” All Might cuts Izuku off. He seems to be in a hurry, he’s talking really fast… Izuku thinks.

“Of course! We would be happy to help!” Izuku insists, smothering Katsuki’s negative response under his palms.

“FANTASTIC! I hope you two have a great time preparing yourselves for a life of heroics! Now, since everyone here is safe and sound, I really must be off!” And off he goes. Katsuki is quietly impressed with the speed of his escape, even if he wouldn’t admit it to anyone.

“We’re not seriously going to clean this whole beach, are we?” Katsuki asks incredulously, looking to Izuku.

“Kacchan!!” Izuku turns on him, frowning as if he had witnessed some passionate injustice. Katsuki shrugs, clearly unaware of the issue. “Of course we’re going to clean the beach! All Might told us to!! THE All Might! Do you even know what this means??! He ENTRUSTED us with this task! We can’t disappoint him!” Izuku shouts, waving his arms around dramatically for emphasis. Katsuki surveys the beach, then looks at Izuku in shock.

“What the- Who even is this All Might guy? Why do you care so much??” Katsuki asks, in a state of disbelief. “It would take days!”

“That doesn’t matter at all! All Might is my hero! I’ve looked up to him for my entire life! You will respect him goddammit !” Izuku ends in a strained sort of screech, face red. Katsuki still doesn’t get it, but is thoroughly convinced that Izuku will not be un convinced. Heaving a great sigh, he throws his hands up in surrender.

“What the fuck ever. But I’m not doing this alone. Call up that timey-wimey bitch and get her decay some of it to rubble or some shit. I don’t care how many clocks you gotta break, I’m not staying in this dump all damn night.” Having gotten his word in, he stomps off, setting off a few irritated bursts in his palms all the while. Izuku sighs as well. In retrospect, he recognizes that a job as big as this won’t be an easy task. Without Levy, Katsuki is right- it would take days. But with her... A job of this size would take years off my lifespan… unless-!

“Hey, Levy,” Izuku calls.


What’s up buttercup?


“How many old clocks do you think are in this dump? Including old microwaves, ovens and the like with digital clocks built in?” He asks, surveying the area with his hands planted on his hips. Katsuki has already gotten started, blowing the large things to rubble and stamping it into the sand.


Quite a few, I’d say. How big’s the job you’re asking for?

“We need to decay all of it. To dust.” He frowns.


Oooh, that’s a big job, sugar. I could do it, but I expect you to be thinking of me the next few days. Let’s let the little warrior tire himself out first, let him do some of our job for us~


“Awesome! Thank you so much Levy!!” He does an excited little dance, before shouting to Katsuki, “Just shout when you’re done, I’ll do the rest!” Katsuki flips him off and continues to casually make a mess out of the wreckage. Izuku takes that as an affirmative and plops down on the sand. Pulling out his phone, he opens a relatively complicated time telling app (With a calendar, multiple time zones, and a star chart, among other things) and simply stares, giving a gentle tug at the feeling of Leveille .


Always so prompt! This is why I love you, fruitcake.




The time goes slowly, as it tends to while meditating, but two and a half hours later Katsuki is clearly starting to tire out. Izuku figures he’s running on pride alone and puts his phone away, intending to shoo him off. It’s getting late anyway, and Mom expects them home soon. Standing, Izuku marches down to where the demon is, a few meters down the shore. Levy stands at the ready.

“Kacchan! You’ve done enough, Levy and I have it from here.” Ceasing his most recent venture in destruction, Katsuki turns.

“Yeah, whatever. I probably could have finished it on my own though.” Izuku doesn’t believe him. The demon is physically panting, with sweat running down his forehead. The soft velvet on his cheeks is matted from the salt and sand. Izuku figures he has sand in other places too, but is too proud to admit it.

“I believe you, but I don’t want to make you do it all! Besides, we need to be home soon, and with Levy’s help I should be able to finish it off real quick!” Katsuki frowns but doesn’t comment, shuffling off to a place far enough up the beach that he won’t get in the way. Izuku gives himself a determined nod, then faces the worst of the mess, raising his arms.


Ready to get this party started?


Izuku nods again, pulling Levy in close. He feels her presence strong in his mind and body- in the frost crawling up a leg, the leaves tickling the back of his neck, and a general understanding of the movement of time around him. Izuku can feel the individual timelines of every object of the beach and grabs them, as one. Levy then reels them in, driving them forward, faster and faster. Together, with the same eyes, they watch the mountains of debris decay before them. Metal rusts and crumbles, Plastic bends and melts. Beads of sweat drip down the back of Izuku’s neck and his arms tremble under the force of the power.


Hold out a little longer, Izu-kun. We’re almost there.


This is nothing like their little escapade this morning. For thirteen minutes and fifty-six seconds Izuku stands there, soul-to-soul with Levy, forcing every last piece of rubble on the beach out of its natural course of time. Finally, the last grain of dust settles, and Izuku drops his arms, panting. Planting his hands on his hips, he surveys his work. The beach, to his surprise, looks great! Besides the sand being a few shades darker than it was before, it looks as if the garbage was never there.


Three hundred and forty eight. That’s a lot of clocks! What a tasty treat!


Smiling wide, Izuku turns and gives the waiting demon a victorious thumbs-up. “We did it!” he shouts, and skips back to where Katsuki waits.

“Yeah whatever, Deku. I’m hungry and we’ve wasted a lot of time here as it is.” Katsuki seems calmer, Izuku thinks. Subdued, like he’s thinking something over very seriously. Izuku considers prying, but decides to leave him be. Whatever it is, if it’s important, Izuku believes he will tell him.

“Let’s hurry home then, Kacchan! Mom will be worried about how long we’ve been out.” He takes the lead, heading home, aware and steadily ignoring the demon’s simmering thoughts. Katsuki follows behind him, hands pressed into the pockets of his cutoff sweats. He’d be hardpressed to admit it aloud, but he’s impressed . As awkward and unconfident as the kid is usually, Katsuki can’t honestly think of him as useless- he has power, more than Katsuki can say he himself has.

But am I not just another manifestation of his power? He brought me here himself, he bound me here with his own strength. His contract is hardly weak.

I didn’t have to drink the offering after all- but I did. I couldn’t help myself. It was an underhanded trick that I wouldn’t have thought a kid like him would be capable of, but here I am. Until he breaks the contract or dies. Recognizing that he’d be here, with this boy day in and day out, for a potentially unlimited amount of time, got him thinking. No, Midoriya Izuku hasn’t exactly made him happy with the situationt, and he is nowhere near pleased with being trapped in his contract, but, Katsuki thinks, he is dangerously close to being okay with this. Not happy, but okay.

Izuku walks just ahead of him, blabbering contentedly about the events of the afternoon. The demon watches his dark curls bounce in time with his steps; traces a critical eye over his short, slight frame. Following behind the person who holds every power over him, Bakugou Katsuki huffs a quiet chuckle. He’s still fucking weak though.

Chapter Text

When Izuku was a young child, his quirk was something of a mystery. As a four year old, Izuku watched all of his classmates begin to do things, special things. But Izuku never did. The other kids looked down on him, a frail and small boy who couldn’t do anything special at all. He tried, heaven knows he tried- to move things around with his mind like his mother, to breathe fire like his father. Quirks were supposed to be similar in families, after all. Months passed and young Izuku despaired. All he wanted was to be a hero. How could he do that without a quirk? Watching All Might save one hundred people in only ten minutes, face lit up in a proud smile- Izuku obsessed over him. Whispers of his classmates’ words haunted him- useless, weak, quirkless- but Izuku only smiled and plowed on. He would get a quirk! He was just a little late to the party! Of this, he assured himself.

Nonetheless, he was terribly lonely for a four year old boy. The other kids shunned him. He was so terribly normal, and that was strange. Those who did speak to him were hardly nice- calling him quirkless. He hated that word! They had no proof! Just because he hadn’t found his quirk yet- didn’t mean he never would! So Izuku spent a lot of time alone. He tried to tell himself that he didn’t mind. He didn’t need to be popular to be a hero! He could always be an underground hero, like Eraserhead. Nobody knew much about him, and he didn’t seem to have many friends either! He helped people anyway! But Izuku was terribly lonely. He wanted someone to talk to. Someone to make it so that he wouldn’t be so alone in his head all the time. If he had someone to talk to, he thought, the other kids’ jeering wouldn’t hurt him so much.

One day, Shiso appeared. Izuku couldn’t see him, but he could feel him- warm and soft and so inexplicably tangible. He introduced himself as a guardian of mind and said he came because Izuku called him. Hopelessly hopeful, Izuku asked the boy that he couldn’t see if he would be his friend. When the strange ghost of a person asked what Izuku would do for him, Izuku smiled brightly and told him, I’d be your friend too, silly! Shiso accepted, and told him- if you’re ever afraid and I’m not around, call ‘Shisorian Luvin’ and I will be there, no matter what. You can trust me. Izuku gasped when he heard the name the first time. The feeling of it washed over him like a warm shower- a soul-deep feeling of safety and contentment. Yes, Izuku would trust him.

With Shiso around, Izuku wasn’t all that lonely anymore. Shiso talked to him, voice a soft comforting rumble in the back of his mind, and Izuku talked back. The other kids bullied him for that too- talking to people that don’t exist. Wrapped up in Shiso’s warmth, Their words didn’t hurt so bad. Izuku thought his new friend was terribly cool- he was invisible, and nobody but Izuku could hear him, and he could make Izuku feel really calm and happy even when he wanted to cry. Izuku loved his friend unconditionally, in the way only an innocent child can, and trusted him explicitly. Shiso never needed anything more than his trust. With Shiso at his side, Izuku felt ready to take on the world.

His mother tried to be supportive- of course she did- but when Izuku’s fifth birthday rolled around she couldn’t help but become concerned. He still hadn’t shown signs of anything similar to her or her late husband’s quirk, and though it wasn’t unheard of for children to develop quirks that were generations removed or even completely new, he hadn’t shown signs of developing any type of quirk at all. The strangest thing her son had done since turning four was make up an imaginary friend- but that was hardly supernatural. But her son was so sure- so Inko couldn’t give up on him. She made an appointment with a well known quirk specialist and hoped.


Doctor Fujioka Katsumi looked at the results of Izuku’s tests and gawked. For all intents and purposes, Midoriya Izuku should have a quirk. He passed all the tests, right town to the single-boned little toe. Thoughts whirling, she gathered her files and marched to the patient’s room. Upon entering, she noticed the wild-haired young man utterly vibrating in his seat. The child’s mother looked tired and nervous, but hopeful.

“Doctor Fujioka-san, what are the results?” the mother asked. Her child looked up at her, stilling. His eyes were hopelessly bright. Katsumi could only pray she wouldn’t have to shatter this precious boy.

“Well, I have good news and bad news.” The doctor began, setting her files on the desk. Pushing her glasses up onto her head. “The good news is, all of his tests came back positive. There’s no previously discovered reason for him not to have a quirk.” The child beamed up at her. She returned it with a weak smile of her own, before turning back to the older Midoriya. “The bad news, however, is that every test as far as what that quirk is came back inconclusive.” She reported, seriously.

“What does that mean for my son?” Inko asked her, frowning.

“That depends. It says here,” Katsumi flipped a folder open to reveal the recorded history of quirks within the Midoriya genealogy, “that quirks as far as three generati-” She cut herself off, and looked at the boy in question. He was speaking quietly but excitedly with no clear direction towards anyone in the room. His mother followed Katsumi’s gaze, confused as to why she stopped. Stooping to be level with the boy, Katsumi addressed him, idea in mind.

“Hey there kiddo, who’re ya talking to?” Katsumi asks. The child quiets, looking down.

“It’s just Shiso. He’s my fr-” He glances nervously at his mother, “my imaginary friend.”

Fujioka Katsumi wasn’t known as a quirk specialist for nothing. She was extremely well versed in her field, and something about this situation was reminding her of something that happened in the past. She had read an article about ten years ago about a child, just a little older than Izuku, who was pronounced quirkless and diagnosed with severe schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder. Like Izuku, she passed all of the tests indicating that she should have had a quirk- but nothing manifested. After about three years of therapy, the doctors at the child’s mental institution discovered something unheard of- the child began using many widely-varied quirks within each of her different ‘personalities’.

Aware that the child was supposed to be quirkless, the doctors worked with her to discover more about what was going on. Once they stopped trying to make her stop talking to the beings they couldn’t see, the doctors quickly realized that there was none other than four different people residing within the child’s brain. She claimed they were her ‘demons’, and that she had contracted them to work for her. She demonstrated that her ‘multiple personalities’ were in fact the different demons using her body to interact with the world- assisting her in return for a price, as she described it.

A couple years later another incident popped up- a villain in his late twenties said to have multiple human-like ‘familiars’ that he had summoned from an alternate reality. Two more popped up after that, and the quirk was classified as being a ‘summoner’, containing multiple veins of capability, that allowed people to communicate with these ‘demons’ from an alternate realm. Not much more was known as far as whether all summoners had access to the same demons or if they were specified based on the person, but with at least six on record worldwide it was definitely a possibility. This in mind, Katsumi prepared her next question.

“You said his name is Shiso? Do you think I could meet him?” The child brightened, excited at the prospect, but frowned, considering.

“I don’t know if…” he trailed off, clearly thinking very hard about something. He began to mumble, looking for all intents and purposes like he was having a very serious conversation over the phone. Inko made an aborted attempt to interrupt, but clearly rethought it, curious as to where the doctor was going with this. A moment later the child perked up, smiling. “Okay, Shiso says he’ll introduce himself.”

“Wonderful,” Katsumi said, and was quickly awed at the sight before her. The boy had changed, fundamentally, somewhere. He looked the same, really, but there was something about him, his demeanor, his stance, that made him look far older than he should have. He opened his eyes and the ghost of feathers sprouted over his chest and shoulders, hazy wings appeared on his back as if out of a mist. The boy opened his eyes and his mother gasped, cupping a hand over her mouth. His eyes were a deep, mustard yellow, his pupils slits, and he had dark, purple bruises under his eyes. He blinked once, looking between the two of them, and gave a polite smile.

“Hello. My name is Shisorian Luvin- Guardian of Mind. Pleased to make your acquaintance.” The boy, (demon, her mind whispered) blinked up at the two of them, eyes owlishly wide. “I am contracted to Midoriya Izuku ‘to befriend and protect’ in return for his trust in me. I hope you will accept me as this boy’s lifelong companion. I intend to be with him until he terminates the contract or succumbs to death.” The demon spoke with such formality, and Katsumi wondered precisely how old this being was.

“Yes, just as I thought. Thank you, Shiso. You may go.” As he nodded, the demon’s aura faded, and Izuku opened his eyes again- young and innocent and excited.

“Isn’t he great?” The boy asked, squirming in his seat, “I didn’t know he could talk to you with my mouth like that, we’ve never done that before! It was really cool, huh?” Isuku grinned up at her, and Katsumi gave the child a bright smile in return.

“Yes Izuku-kun, he was very cool. I hope you keep him around for a long time.” Looking happily up at the boy’s helplessly lost and concerned mother, Katsumi spoke again, “Midoriya-san, I have wonderful news. Will you come and speak with me in the hallway briefly?” Inko looked between her son and the doctor for a long moment, before heaving a sigh and nodding. Katsumi led her out the door and shut it behind her. “Come to my office, will you? Don’t worry, your boy will be just fine for a few moments. I need to find some information and reference on my personal computer that I can print out for you. I’ll explain in the meantime.” Inko remained quiet, confused but content to allow the doctor to explain in her own time.

When they arrived in the office, Katsumi offered the mother a seat and took her own behind the desk before waking her computer. Without looking up, she began to speak. “Your son has a very rare and very powerful quirk, Midoriya-san. He has what we have classified as a summoner-type quirk, which allows him to communicate with beings from an alternate plane. Not all that much is known about them- there are only six on record worldwide as of today, but that doesn’t include those who haven’t realized their quirk’s true nature or your son. What we do know so far, for sure, is that summoners come in many variations with different types of abilities, and there is no way to know precisely what he can do until he discovers it on his own. What I can provide for you now is information on the most well-known summoners and their stories, to help give you and your son ideas about what he may be able to do in the future. You’re allowed to do your own research of course, but this is what I’m authorized to give you.” Katsumi clicked print and stood, walking to her personal printer and putting her glasses back on her head. Inko was quiet and thoughtful.

“Fujioka-san, do you-” she paused and looked up, smiling softly, “Do you think my son will be able to become a hero with this quirk? You see, it’s been his dream ever since he was old enough to understand what a hero was and…” She trailed off, hopeful.

“If it’s what he wants, Midoriya-san, I have no doubt that your child will be able to make good use of the power he has been gifted.” Katsumi returned with the papers clipped neatly in a folder and sat a comforting hand on the mother’s shoulder, smiling gently. “Raise him well, and he could help a lot of people someday.”

“Thank you so much, Fujioka-san. He will be elated.” Standing, Inko took the folder and gave the doctor’s hand a firm shake, before following her out of the office.

Chapter Text

“We’re back, Mom!” Izuku shouts into the house upon their arrival. After leaving his shoes by the doorway, (and after insisting Katsuki wipe his obnoxious raptor feet on the doormat, at least) Izuku skips into the house, making a beeline for the kitchen. His mother greets him as he passes her on the sofa, commenting on his being late and telling him that she left their dinners in the fridge. Izuku passively apologises from the kitchen while pulling out the food. He is ravenous! Katsuki follows him in.

“More of this physical food shit again? It’s practically useless to me Deku, give me the good stuff.” Katsuki grunts. Izuku cringes at the phrasing.

“If you don’t want it, give it to me.” Izuku holds out a hand, he could easily eat two dinners right now, he is that hungry. To his surprise however, the demon clutches the tupperware to his chest, growling.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t eat it. I’m just saying that I’m not gonna be any less hungry afterward.” he grumbles, looking away. Izuku takes a mental note of his demon’s weakness for his mother’s cooking.

“We can worry about that after we eat. I’m hungry too, you know. Now hand me that, I’m going to heat it up in the microwave.” After reluctantly surrendering his food, Katsuki hops onto the kitchen island, crouching right on the edge so as to peer distrustfully over Izuku’s shoulder.

“If you fuck up my food Deku, I swear to-” Izuku cuts him off, trying to swat him off the counter.

“Relax, I’m not going to mess it up, I’m just warming it up. Get off the counter, you’re acting like a moody housecat.” He takes his own food out of the microwave and replaces it with Katsuki’s, then punches in the time and presses start. Katsuki refuses to move, staring concernedly at the slowly spinning plastic container. Izuku rolls his eyes at him and takes his own food to the table, digging in immediately after sitting.

When the microwave beeps, Katsuki hops off the counter and whips the door open. Izuku flinches, but realizes that berating him isn’t worth the trouble. Scowling all the while, Katsuki snatches his food from the microwave and gives it a cautious sniff. Apparently deeming it ‘not fucked up’, he takes it to the table, leaving the microwave standing open. Izuku heaves a sigh and leaves it. He’ll close it later, probably. Katsuki sits, normally, thank god, and begins to scarf down his food at breakneck speeds. Izuku continues with his own food. They eat in silence, save for the slurping of noodles.

Izuku finishes with little fanfare and slumps over the table, utterly bone-tired. He hadn’t realized how exhausted he was until he no longer had a goal in mind. Now, he just wants to sleep. Well- shower and then sleep. Shower sounds pretty good right now too. Katsuki’s eating noises stop too and Izuku lifts his head when he feels the glare. Izuku sighs and sits up completely. He takes a leap of faith.

“What’s your price?” Silence. Not that he expected any better, Izuku figured that he’d have brought it up already if he was going to be willing. Back to the staple then. Blood and sex. Great. He takes his plate to the sink, washes it, and returns for the demon’s. He still hasn’t said anything and Izuku’s nerves grate in the silence. He washes the second dish and closes the microwave. Izuku grips the counter, frowning deeply. He doesn’t have near enough confidence to broach this subject just yet, but he hardly has a choice.

He’s not opposed to the concept of feeding his demons sexually, but it’s fundamentally different when they’re not corporeal. It’s all metaphorical to Shiso, Van-Mey, and Levy. A power boost, a drug high- he’s not touching them , he’s touching himself. It’s so, so different with Katsuki. He’s going to be there, in the flesh, touching him- potentially doing more. Izuku isn’t sure how much more it will take.

The truth of the matter is that magic relies heavily on symbolism. A demon’s price is tied symbolically to their aspect- Levy wants his time , years off his lifespan, minutes spent basking in only the concept of her, even a clock does the trick. Van-Mey wagers with him. She wants a taste of his natural fortune- his light. Shiso needs his trust- his mind. Katsuki’s price, though currently unknown in its specifics, would likely fall in the same vein. Feeding a demon sexually however- it’s about giving the demon your life, or more specifically, your life creating energy.

The more accurately the act conveys the way one might literally give life- well. The more power would be transferred. In all truth, Katsuki isn’t even blood-aligned. It’s more the symbolic image of his teeth piercing Izuku’s flesh that allows him access to the power, in the end. Were he to, say, cut himself on the wrist and let Katsuki drink, he would probably find the meal quite dissatisfying indeed.

Izuku isn’t sure how far they’re going to have to go, isn’t sure precisely what it will take to get the power transfer to succeed. All he knows is that it has to happen somehow- and they have to start somewhere.

Izuku heads toward the staircase. Katsuki hadn’t moved, but follows when Izuku motions for him to follow.

The bedroom is dark and silent when he enters. Rather than bothering with the light, he walks straight to the desk and turns on the lamp. He gathers the papers there into a stack and sets it to the side, slips out of his shirt, then pulls himself into the desk, facing Katsuki.

Katsuki steps forward, corralling Izuku on the desk. Izuku meets his eyes and they’re bright with challenge- they both know what happens now, neither wants to be the one to bring it up. Izuku fidgets under Katsuki’s heavy gaze- he’s not prepared for this- even though he knew it was coming.

He’s never had… sexual intimacy with anyone before. His other demons don’t count, there’s nothing particularly sexual about the way Van-Mey will sometimes hover in the back of his mind when he touches himself- absorbing the natural energy within his endorphin release. There’s nothing inherently intimate about it.

Katsuki hovers so close to him- waiting. His face is pulled tight in wary tension- Izuku suspects that besides the basic knowledge that he can consume sexual energy, he doesn’t really know what he’s doing, either. Great. Izuku thinks back to everything he knows about physical intimacy, racks his brain for some idea of what to do.

He supposes, they usually start with a kiss. It will be my first kiss. Izuku thinks, offhandedly. He lifts his hands to cup Katsuki’s face, gentle and hesitant. Katsuki’s eyes are narrow slits- he doesn’t know where this is going, doesn’t know what to expect. Katsuki isn’t touching him, he’s just standing- hovering.

Izuku leans in, hesitates. He averts his eyes, rubs softly at Katsuki’s cheeks. “I don’t- I don’t know if- um.” Izuku can’t put his thoughts into words. Katsuki’s face is soft like a crew cut- the fur is short and dense. He puts off trying to say something by watching the way the strands flex under his fingers.

“Spit it out, Deku.” Katsuki demands, and a trickle of guilt drops into the pit of his stomach. He’s hungry, I’m making him wait.

“I don’t know how… intimate we are going to have to get in order to feed you. I- um. I don’t know how… much? You can get from… different things, I. I don’t know.” Katsuki just blinks at him.

“And you expect me to know? Just try fucking something- I’ll tell you if it’s not enough.” Izuku supposes that makes sense. He takes a preparatory breath and leans in again; his eyes fall shut. He presses his lips to Katsuki’s softly, then again, firmer. The demon doesn’t react- Izuku pulls away and his eyes are still open, looking warily down at Izuku.

Something strikes him as inherently wrong. What gives him the right to find pleasure in Katsuki, if the demon doesn’t get any himself? Isn’t intimacy supposed to be about consensual pleasure? About, dare he say it, love? How can he continue like this, even knowing that Katsuki gets energy out of it, if the demon stays so… still?

“Do you even… want this?” Izuku asks, looking up at Katsuki with wide, scared eyes. Katsuki doesn’t understand his turmoil.

“I want to feed- you promised. You promised you would feed me if I protect the people. That’s our contract.” Katsuki growls it out, from deep in his throat. Izuku meets his eyes and they’re so red, simmering with hunger and the faintest thought of doubt and betrayal. Izuku’s insides are roiling with guilt, he’s stalled too long already. He steels his nerves and- stops. He’s terrified. Katsuki’s eyes soften, just enough.

( He doesn’t understand. Izuku repeats it like a mantra. Katsuki knows nothing of being human, couldn’t possibly fathom the weight Izuku holds in physical intimacy. Izuku doesn’t even know if Katsuki feels love, if he’s even capable of it.)

“Deku. I gave you my name.” He whispers, like it means everything. It probably does. Izuku pulls him in and their lips brush together slightly. Izuku flinches back, clutches the edges of Katsuki’s hair in his fingers, pulls him in again- stops. Rests their foreheads together.

Katsuki said it like you have me . Izuku heard you own me .

(Izuku never wanted to own anyone.)

Izuku can only think of what he’d do to himself if he ever hurt Katsuki, if he ever did something that the demon truly didn’t want. He wonders if it’s selfish, to be thinking about himself when Katsuki is the one really at risk.

“Izuku.” Not ‘Deku’ . Izuku focuses back in, shocked. Katsuki’s face screams impatience and determination, his eyes are hungry. “Tell me what to do, Izuku. Order me.”

Something in Izuku cracks, but he gives in nonetheless. He doesn’t get to pansy out of this, he doesn’t get to put it off. He promised Katsuki that he would be fed, and any doubts he has need to be dealt with on his own time. Izuku doesn’t get to dawdle, here. He’s wasted too much time already.

He steels himself, hardens his heart.

“Kiss me,” he says, and Katsuki closes the distance. Izuku kisses back. He tilts his head, slots their lips together; the demon presses back clumsily. It’s okay, Izuku has never kissed anyone either.

Izuku presses himself to the demon, wraps his legs around his waist. His fingers take stronger grip in Katsuki’s hair; he pulls him ever closer, until they’re chest-to-chest. Katsuki’s leather skin sticks to his own damp skin, drags roughly when he moves. It’s so foreign- Izuku can’t say he dislikes it. Izuku deepens the kiss, nibbles carefully at the demon’s lower lip, licks hesitantly at the seam. The demon carefully opens his mouth, lets Izuku in. Both get a better idea of what they’re doing and their kiss heats up; Izuku feels the hint of sharp teeth graze over his lip and quivers.

Izuku takes a hand from Katsuki’s head and fumbles with his pants, managing to pop the button and get the zipper down but failing much more than that. He presses his palm to the mound in his boxers and whines into Katsuki’s mouth.

“Pants-” he murmurs, scrabbling one-handed at the waistband and trying to shimmy them off. Katsuki follows his lead, lifting him slightly with one hand and using the other to help him slide them over his ass, down to his knees. Izuku unlocks his feet from around Katsuki’s waist and flicks them the rest of the way off, before wrapping his legs around the other once more. Izuku pumps his cock a couple of times, biting his lip.

Katsuki gives his dick a confused, doubtful look and Izuku fights the embarrassment, doesn’t let himself doubt, not now, not after he’s gotten this far. He pulls the other so they’re pressed flush against each other once again. Izuku’s cock ends up rubbing against Katsuki’s abdomen, pressed between the two rows of raised leather plates and Izuku’s own stomach. He gasps, clutching the demon by the shoulders. Katsuki’s nails dig into his sides and Izuku flinches, dick rubbing up against the soft velvet lying in a thin strip between the abdominal plates. He gives a confused sort of half-moan and presses his hips forward, rocking against the demon’s abs. There’s hardly any give, Izuku can’t tell if he’s flexing or just built that way. Katsuki holds still until Izuku lifts his head once more, hands tangling again in the demon’s soft hair.

Izuku pulls him in for another kiss, this one much more desperate and confident than the first. He ruts against the demon’s abdomen roughly, kissing him like his mouth is the air he breathes. Katsuki kisses clumsily back, still relatively unsure of the whole point, simply trying to follow orders, until one of his teeth accidentally nicks Izuku’s lower lip. The tiniest drop of blood wells up and Katsuki latches onto it and sucks . Katsuki’s hands grip Izuku painfully hard, one pressing his pelvis forward, grinding their bodies together, the other holding Izuku’s head still. Katsuki’s lips and tongue milk the tiny wound for everything it’s worth and Izuku is gone .

He feels Katsuki shudder against him, clutching him, trying to get closer even when they’re already pressed flush together, hips to chest. Izuku collapses, boneless, into the demon’s hold, panting heavily. Katsuki continues to gently lick at Izuku’s lips, a subtle clicking noise starting up in the back of his throat. Izuku thinks it might be a weird kind of purr.

Eventually, the demon releases him, pulling away a few steps. Izuku’s skin is cold all over where the demon’s furnace-like warmth touched him moments before.

“Um, are you still… did it-“

“Relax, Deku. It was…” He hesitates, and Izuku shrivels- “Good. Satisfying, or whatever.” Oh, that could have been worse . There’s thick cum splattered over Katsuki’s ivory chest though, and Izuku gapes, turning bright red. “What?” he asks, looking down. Curious, Katsuki runs a finger through it and lifts it to his mouth- Izuku squeaks, covering his face. His tongue flickers across his fingertip and his face contorts immediately in disgust, “Fuck, gross, the hell is it so salty? Ack,” Izuku peeks from between his fingers, giggles.

“You’re not supposed to eat it.” he says, sliding off the desk. He pointedly ignores the teasing whistle he gets from Shiso, but flushes again nonetheless. Levy and Mey, fortunately, don’t make an appearance. “Come on, shower time.” Izuku peeks out the door, looking for signs of his mother, before dashing across the hall to the bathroom, in all of his butt-naked glory. Katsuki follows at a much calmer pace.

Izuku closes the door behind the demon and sighs, lightly. He’s exhausted, but there’s no way he’s going to bed dirty after the day he’s had. Katsuki gives the small room a disinterested look and leans against the counter while Izuku turns on the shower.

“Take off your pants Kacchan.” Izuku is completely over the embarrassment at this point, he’s too tired to care.

“What, after all that shit to get me into them and now you want me to take them off again?” Katsuki retorts in a teasing tone. Izuku gives him a withering stare and Katsuki rolls his eyes, accepting that he won't get any reactions out of him at this point. He fights with the pants for a fair few seconds before finally getting them off. Izuku figures he’s going to have to figure out how to dress and undress himself sooner or later.

The shower stall is cramped between the two of them but the water is soothing. Izuku would have been shocked at how willing Katsuki was to shower with him, but then he remembered that the demon had no qualms walking around outside naked. He’s shameless, and Izuku supposes thats a good thing, as he learns that the demon doesn’t understand the concept of bathing himself either.

“Just hold still,” Izuku says, before lathering some shampoo on his hands and beginning to scrub it into Katsuki’s hair. The demon gives a content gurgle and lets it happen, still agreeable after being fully fed. The two remain in a comfortable silence as Izuku calmly cleans the sweat and grime off of first the demon and then himself.

“That's what we call a shower. Next time, you’re doing it yourself, so I hope you were paying attention.” Katsuki gives him a ‘duh’ look but Izuku isn’t fooled. If he’d told the demon to shower himself before now he’d have given him the ‘your foolish human procedures aren't worth understanding’ look for sure. Rather than choosing to respond, Izuku shuts off the water and leaves the stall before grabbing a towel. Katsuki frowns somewhat sadly at the shower head and Izuku fights the urge to giggle, handing him a towel as well.

Toweling off is uneventful, as is the exhausted shuffle back to the bedroom. Sending a half-hearted prayer skywards that his mother won’t feel the need to check on him in the early hours of the morning, Izuku collapses nude on the bed and is out in minutes. Katsuki does the same, directly on top of him. Izuku doesn’t have the energy to care.

Chapter Text

There’s a low gurgle of anxiety in his gut when he wakes, which honestly doesn’t bode well for his mental state the rest of the day. Katsuki is curled up at the end of the bed with an arm strewn over his legs, but its half-hearted in comparison to the day before. Its… six past six and six seconds. Levy supplies. Yeah, he’s pretty sure she woke him up, she has a particular weakness for sixes. (Never let it be said that stereotypes aren’t accurate sometimes. There’s a reason they exist after all.)

He has a little less than two hours before the entrance exam starts, so he supposes he can sacrifice a few minutes now if it means her cooperation later today. Not that he’s ever had any complaints of course, but one could never be too careful. He slides to the edge of the bed, rummages around in his offering box, finds a candle and lights it. There’s a little bit of clear space on the edge of the desk closest to his bed so he sets the candle there. He pillows his head and looks at it sideways, eyelids heavy.


Sixteen past six and sixteen seconds.


Izuku blows out the candle and sits up. He stares, half asleep, at the wall for a few seconds, before having the very sudden and very shocking thought that he doesn’t know the procedure for bringing corporeal demons into the UA entrance exam.

Izuku scrambles out of bed, looking for his laptop. He finds it on the floor on the other side of his desk and plops down in front of it, bare butt and all. This is urgent! I’m in my bedroom! I can put off dressing myself for this at least, if mom comes in it’s her own fault! He flips the computer open and boots it up, fidgeting impatiently. Shiso makes a lazy attempt at calming him down, but knows from experience that when Izuku gets like this there’s not much to be done but let him get done what needs to be done.

When the home screen finally loads Izuku opens the browser and navigates to the UA home page, searching frantically for information. Should I look for FAQ? Will they even have stuff about the exam in FAQ? Is there an exam specific FAQ? Is my issue even common enough for there to be an answer in the FAQ??? Deciding he might as well look at the FAQ anyway, just in case, he clicks the link to go there and begins to scroll down. At the bottom of the page there’s a prompt for entrance exam specific questions and Izuku follows that link as well. Frowning, Izuku skims the questions and answers until he finds one that mentions familiar based quirks.


“Q: I have a familiar or other individually-thinking being tied to me by my quirk, can I bring them into the test?

A: Yes! Before arriving, please fill out the attached paperwork, then bring it to the front office before heading in to sit your exam. Please arrive with enough time to answer a few questions. Other important information:

-Familiars and the like will NOT be allowed during the written portion of the exam. You will be expected to leave them outside the room if possible. If that isn’t possible, we expect them to remain out of sight and out of mind for the duration of the test.

-Familiars and the like working separately from their masters will receive full credit for points obtained within the practical exam. We consider Familiars and their Masters a single functioning unit and credit them as such.

-Should a familiar intentionally cause harm to another tester the master will be blamed under the premise of malicious intent and the pair will be disqualified immediately and asked to leave.”


“That was surprisingly easy. I guess Kacchan qualifies as an ‘individually-thinking being tied to me by my quirk.’” Izuku mumbles, opening the link for the paperwork. He heaves a sigh of relief when the form is only two pages long, and stands up. After stretching his back and neck Izuku opens the dresser, pulling out his nice workout clothes. Practical and stylish! He thinks, grinning. Since that whole fiasco took less time than Izuku imagined it would, He has plenty of time yet to dress and eat. After dressing himself, he returns to his laptop and sets the pages to print. He leaves the room, stopping in his mother’s office to retrieve the printed papers and the bathroom to retrieve Katsuki’s abandoned shorts from the day before, and returns. Sniffing at the clothing, Izuku deems them clean enough and tosses them onto the sleeping demon before sitting at his desk with the paperwork. Katsuki snuffles and continues to doze.

The questions are fairly simple and Izuku answers them quickly. When he finishes it’s three after seven and he wants to leave in twenty minutes or so in order to arrive early enough. Standing, he tucks the paperwork into his notebook and sets it next to two wristwatches and a pocket watch he gathers from a drawer.

“Kacchan! Time for breakfast, get dressed and come down quickly if you want to eat.” Izuku doesn’t check to see if he heard and rushes down stairs. His mother isn’t up yet so he pulls some eggs out of the fridge and a pan from the cupboard and begins to scramble them. Katsuki trudges down the stairs (thankfully dressed) just before Izuku finishes.

“Why’re you cooking, shitty Deku? Where’s your mom?” He growls as he walks in.

“She’s not up yet and we’re in a hurry so I’m making eggs. Would you get the ketchup from the fridge? It’s the red stuff in a bottle.” He doesn’t look to check what the demon found and shovels half the eggs onto a plate, passing them behind him. He shovels his own half onto the next plate and shuts off the stove, heading to the table. He sits and picks up the ketchup to-

“Kacchan. This is hot sauce.” The demon stops, fork half-way to his mouth, and raises an eyebrow.

“So? It’s better than your mother’s cooking. I’m not complaining.” Katsuki says it like an insult but Izuku is already aware how much the demon would hoard his mother’s cooking if he had the chance. Izuku looks down at Katsuki’s plate and winces. The eggs are completely drowned in hot sauce, there is no yellow showing through. Katsuki keeps eating, and Izuku thinks his eyes are tearing up just thinking about it. Nevertheless, they don’t have time to dally, so Izuku puts the hot sauce away, drizzles some ketchup over his own eggs, and eats them rapidly.

Inko totters down the stairs as they’re finishing.

“Oh, boys, you’re already up. I was going to make breakfast but..”

“Don’t worry about it mom, we have to leave early so I can get Kacchan registered as my familiar, I looked up the procedures online this morning.” He stands, taking his plate and the demon’s, and washes them, sliding them neatly in the dishwasher afterwards.

“Well alright, good luck honey. I’m sure you’ll blow them all away!” Inko encourages, watching her son fluster around the kitchen fondly.

“Thanks mom. Kacchan, go wait by the door, I’m going to run up stairs and get my things and then we’ll go.” Katsuki and rolls his eyes, mumbling something about ‘not waiting for shit, fucking Deku,’ but follows the directions nonetheless. Izuku sprints up the stairs, grabs his things, sprints back down the stairs, almost falls on his face, kisses his mother goodbye, and slips on his shoes. Grin on his face, Izuku steps out. Katsuki follows.




The simmer of nervous excitement grows in Izuku’s gut the longer the two walk- to the point where he is quite literally shaking in his shoes as they walk through the front gate. If he trips, I’m going to laugh. Katsuki thinks to himself, hiding a snicker in his hand.

Izuku does trip. Katsuki laughs aloud, as promised. Just as Izuku is to make great friends with the pavement, someone taps him quickly on the shoulder, and he freezes as his body begins to levitate.

“Sorry for using my quirk out of the blue like that, I just figured it’d be bad luck for you to fall before the test has even started.” A nice-looking girl gives a warm smile and sets him back on his feet. Izuku splutters, blushing, and Katsuki’s laughter cuts off abruptly.

“I--! Um--! Thanks!” Izuku smiles back at the girl and rubs his head, still bright read in the face. A low growl bubbles up in Katsuki’s chest and he frowns, stepping closer to Izuku and looming over his shoulder. The nice girl looks up and her smile twitches slightly, but she isn’t deterred.

“No problem! I hope you do well in the exam!” She says to Izuku. He nods and goes to wish her the same, but stops as a heavy arm drops over his shoulders.

“Yeah, well I hope you fail, girl. Now scram.” Katsuki glares and pulls Izuku flush against him. Izuku splutters and the girl frowns, looking Katsuki up and down.

“Kacchan! That’s really rude! I’m sorry about him, he doesn’t, um. Get out often.” Izuku laughs awkwardly. Katsuki continues to glare. The girl looks between the two of them for a moment, Katsuki looming darkly over Izuku’s smaller form, protective, possessive. Understanding and then concern flick across her face in rapid succession. Surely, she has jumped to an incorrect conclusion.

“Oh, It’s alright, I’ll just uh- get out of your hair. My name’s Uraraka Ochako, I’ll be around if you ever, you know. Want to talk.” She gives him a concerned and supportive smile. Izuku goes to try and deflect her concern, but she pulls out a pen and a slip of paper before he gets the chance to say anything. “Here’s my phone number, just in case, alright? I have to go now, I hope we get to talk again!” She quickly pushes the paper into his hands before walking away. Izuku sighs. She totally has the wrong idea! He fights his way out of Katsuki’s hold and turns on the demon, who raises and eyebrow and crosses his arms.

“Kacchan, what was that? Why were you being so rude? She was nothing but nice to me!” Izuku asks, disappointment written all over his face.

“Why do you think, shitty Deku? You can’t seriously expect me to share, with some dumb bimbo no less!” The demon seethes, stepping into Izuku’s space. “She obviously wants at your energy, but she can’t have any. It’s all mine.” Izuku’s jaw drops.

“Oh my- Seriously? Kacchan, you are the only person who has access to my energy physically. You are literally the only person here who wants anything from me like that , ever, so calm down!” Izuku is completely bewildered at Katsuki’s jealousy. Even if he did… with someone else--! It’s not like they can get power from it in any way! That’s just a demon thing! Katsuki gives him an exasperated look.

“You are aware that if I can feed on lust and sexual pleasure then I can notice it, right? It’d be pretty dumb to hunt for it blind.” Izuku raises an eyebrow. He had not, actually.

“Um, so?”

“Obviously, it means I know what that bitch was after. She left you with a phone number, I’m not so uneducated as to miss what that means. I don’t know what happens to your power if it doesn’t go to me, and that’s not something I’m willing to risk wasting. I don’t care if that’s not what she’s after. Neither she nor anyone else is going to get close enough for it to matter.” Katsuki takes Izuku’s face in hand, snarling. “Whatever weird shit you did last night? That fed me. I know what that feels like, and I know that she was looking for it too. I’m not sharing.” Izuku is not having it.

“Katsuki. We are in public. I don’t care what you can sense, it’s not like that, okay? She gave me her number because you were acting like a possessive dick and she was concerned! But besides that, people feel passing attraction to each other all the time, that’s how humans work. You can’t get like this every time someone talks to me , people will get the wrong idea.” Izuku hisses, face a deadly calm. They glare at one another for a few seconds, neither wanting to back down. “You are being ridiculous and we don’t have the time to dally around here forever. You need to get used to these things, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in human society. Behavior like this will get you in trouble.” Katsuki grits his teeth and drops Izuku’s face, looking away.

“Whatever.” he growls, crossing his arms once more. Izuku gives a fond sigh, shaking his head. He was kind of hoping he could get away without thinking too much about what happened between them the night before. It was necessary, but it was also really awkward, because neither of them really knew what they were doing. Izuku supposes he should have predicted Katsuki hoarding him like he hoards his mother’s cooking, having successfully tied ‘sexual gratification’ to ‘food’ in the demon’s mind.

“Let’s just go Kacchan. We need to get you registered, we don’t have all that much time left.” He turns toward the building and walks. Katsuki follows, reluctant, still clearly displaying his displeasure over the planes of his face.

Izuku leads the way into the building and then the front office. The front desk has a sign placed on it that reads ‘Familiar Registration’ and Izuku goes to wait in line behind a boy with a bird head. The girl in front of him is talking to the woman at the desk, she has a broomstick in hand and a black cat by her feet. The bird-headed boy gives them a nod. Izuku glares at Katsuki before he can say anything. They stand in awkward silence for a few minutes, the girl and the lady seem to be taking an awful long time. Izuku checks his watch.

“So.” The bird-boy starts, absently scratching at his cheek, “What’re you two’s familiars like?” Izuku splutters, pointing between himself and Katsuki, who ignores the conversation entirely, still simmering in his own rage.

“Oh, um, he’s. My uh. Demon. I summoned him and stuff. From my mindspace. With a blood sacrifice.” Izuku stumbles through the explanation. He is hesitant to call Katsuki a familiar, it seems too close to pet for his tastes. The bird-boy looks slightly baffled, but impressed. He gives a low whistle.

“That’s a pretty powerful quirk.”

“Uh, yeah. Thanks. So, what about you?” Izuku asks, awkwardly. Bird-boy looks down, patting his chest.

“I can summon a dark shadow from my soul. There’s nothing like blood sacrifices involved though. And he’s not physical or anything either.” Izuku nods.

“That’s pretty cool though. Do you control it or is it more… free thinking?” Izuku asks, genuinely curious.

“It’s pretty free thinking. That’s why I figured I should register it, just in case, even though It’s physically confined to me at all times. What about yours?” The bird-boy responds.

“Oh, he’s uh. Under a contract? Definitely free thinking though. He’s been instructed to act under his own judgement, so.” Bird-boy nods, and the broom and cat girl leaves. Bird-boy takes his turn at the counter and Izuku lapses back into silence. He watches, curious, as the boy speaks briefly to the woman at the desk. A large, black, bird-like shape bursts from his chest, as he said it would, before disappearing again. Izuku is impressed. Katsuki is still seething, and Izuku is ignoring him until he decides to get ahold of himself. Bird-boy finishes quickly with the lady and turns, nodding politely to Izuku.

“Tokoyami Fumikage. I hope we meet again in the future.” Izuku smiles.

“Midoriya Izuku, good luck in the exam!”

“Likewise.” Katsuki’s rage-eyes follow Tokoyami all the way out the door. Izuku steps up, taking out his paperwork, and greets the woman at the desk.

“Good morning dear, what’s your situation?” She asks.

“I summon and contract demons from my mindspace with my quirk.” He gestures behind him, “Usually they reside in my head but a few nights ago I was able to give one a corporeal form, I wasn’t sure precisely if he counts as a familiar, he has fully human cognition and intelligence as well as a human-like body…” He trails off, smiling politely.

“I see. You’re a pretty special case, hm? Nevertheless, this fits within our protocols. It looks like your paperwork is complete. You’re aware that despite him being a fully intelligent being the consequences of his decisions are still fully yours?” Izuku nods.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“And that should he intentionally harm another tester, you will be automatically be disqualified and asked to leave?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good. Make sure you leave him outside of the room for the written portion of the exam. Thank you, that will be all.” Izuku thanks the woman and bows, leaving the office. Katsuki follows, and speaks up on the way to the written test room.

“That bird-bastard was thinking about it too.” He grumbles. Izuku is mildly surprised and a little flattered, but mostly annoyed.

“Just because someone feels physical attraction for someone else doesn’t mean they intend to act on it. I’m sure Tokoyami-san was just being friendly, just like Uraraka-san. People are going to talk to me, and you as well eventually. It’s called society.” Katsuki growls a little more and walks closer to Izuku, but drops the issue.



Katsuki looks surprisingly pleased to see him when he finally exits the testing room. It’s not obvious, but he does look slightly less mad and possibly a little relieved. Izuku assumes it was probably boring sitting out here this whole time all alone, but is thankful the demon at least managed to get over his sour mood.

“Sorry, that was a pretty long test. Not too hard though, I think I did alright. Next is the practical exam, so you won’t have to sit around waiting.”

“Wonderful.” Katsuki says sarcastically. Izuku silently thinks that he looks a tiny bit excited, though. They follow the crowd of students to the auditorium for the orientation on the practical exam, and seat themselves without much fuss. Izuku can tell Katsuki isn’t having a great time with the crowds, but he doesn’t seem actively antagonistic.


Do you want me to try to calm him down a little? I don’t know how well it would work on him, but whenever you get anxious or antsy I can usually do something to help.


“Thanks for the offer Shiso, but I feel like that’s an experiment we should run somewhere that isn’t full of people.” He mutters back. He wouldn’t want Katsuki to freak out here if it didn’t go as planned. Shiso gives the mental equivalent of a nod and his presence returns to the subtle hum in the back of Izuku’s head. The ambient noise in the room falls to a simmer as everyone gets situated, and Izuku places a comforting hand on Katsuki’s arm when someone sits directly next to him. He grumbles and smacks it off. Well. I tried.

It’s not long before someone walks on stage and raises his hands to quiet the crowd. Present Mic! Izuku thinks, excitedly, when his booming voice begins with an introduction. Izuku and Katsuki both listen with rapt attention as the directions are given and the points robots revealed.

“Kacchan, listen, I have a plan,” Isuku leans toward the demon, whispering. Katsuki glances his way, slouching in his chair as to better hear. “The three pointers are going to be the ones we want to go after, rake up as many points as possible, right? Well, Van-Mey owes me a favor. I think we can get lucky enough that most of them will come our way, so we should try to get as far away from the rest of the group as possible at the start. Levy can slow down the others at the gate so we can get a head start, and if I ride on your back we can move a lot faster. Once we gather and destroy all the three pointers, which will be primarily your job, we can head back to the most populated areas and try to pick off any-”

“You two there, can you stop chattering? This isn’t a team competition, I doubt you should be sharing your battle strategies. Now then,” After calling them out, the bespeckled boy goes on to ask about a fourth type of robo-monster, but Izuku is mostly distracted by embarrassment. He flushes and sinks down into his seat, having completely forgotten about telling Katsuki the plan. Fortunately the demon got the gist. Katsuki lightly elbows Izuku and gives a nod. Izuku grins back. As the meeting adjourns and people start heading out, Izuku calls his contracts and relays his plan to them.


I don’t think having all of the three pointers end up in the far left corner of the field would be thaaaaaat big of a coincidence, would it? Van-Mey says, giving the mental equivalent of a wink, before following up with, that’s your one favor called in, kiddo. Try me again when you find the demon’s dick.


Izuku counts that as a success. Levy, of course, is cooperative.


Just a little slowing down? I think I can handle that, shortcake. Toss me that pretty silver wristwatch when you need it done, hm?


That done and auditorium mostly empty, Izuku hops up, dragging Katsuki behind him.

“Dammit Deku, stop pulling me, I can keep up on my own!” he grumbles, wrenching his wrist away. Izuku just gives an excited grin.

“Sorry Kacchan! I’m just really excited!! We’re going to kill this practical, am I right or am I right??” Katsuki rolls his eyes, but Izuku knows he’s excited too. He can see it in the way he rolls his shoulders and flexes his hands, preparatory.

They arrive at Izuku’s assigned location and wait outside the gate with the rest of the crowd. Izuku is hopping up and down excitedly, nervousness forgotten with a stable plan in mind and all of his demons there to back him up. Around them he notices the boy with glasses that called him out in the auditorium and Uraraka, the girl who helped him when he tripped earlier. He doesn’t see Tokoyami, but he supposes he must have been sent to another gate and doesn’t dwell on it. Katsuki is silent and brooding, giving a predatory eye to the people milling about.

“Gosh Kacchan, stop looking at everyone like you’re going to eat them! We could very well have a lot of these people as our classmates in the future, you’re going to have to learn to make friends!” Katsuki, rather than responding with something snappy, simply turns the glare on Izuku. The look, Izuku finds, is much more intense when directed at him, and blushes slightly. He clears his throat awkwardly, and heads toward Uraraka, intending to greet her, but he doesn’t get very far.

“What do you intend to do? She’s clearly focusing, I wouldn’t disturb her the way you disturbed everyone in the auditorium with your whispering.” Izuku startles and splutters, flushing, and Katsuki glares darkly at the bespeckled boy.

“The fuck do you know, four-eyes? Get off his ass, you know nothing about us, so stop acting like you’re so much better-”

“START!” Someone announces over the loudspeaker, cutting Katsuki off. Everyone pauses, bewildered, before the announcer adds, “What, do you think you’re going to get a count-off in the real world? GO!!!!”

Izuku and Katsuki lock eyes, argument and embarrassment forgotten. Tearing the wristwatch from his wrist and flinging it at the ground, Izuku jumps on Katsuki’s offered back, and they run.


Chapter Text

Levy’s delighted cackle rings in his ears as time slows around them. Eyes follow them in slow-motion shock as they pass, the surrounding crowd aware that they’re hardly moving, but unable to do anything about it. Katsuki runs low and fast like a predator, bobbing and weaving through the stalling people around them, hands tight on Izuku’s thighs. Izuku blinks through spacetime as he holds Levy close. Then, all at once, she fades, and time lapses back to the present as they burst through the crowd, dashing ahead.

“Back left corner!” He shouts over the noise. I’m feeling lucky. He thinks, and the gold sunshine and dice and cards that make Van-Mey fall over him as she slides into place where Levy was just before. The heavy pounding of Katsuki’s footfalls rings in his ears and it’s not long before the first three-pointer turns a corner just ahead of them. Izuku squeezes Katsuki’s shoulders and pushes off, hitting the ground behind him and skidding to a stop. Katsuki uses the momentum and rolls onto all fours, speeding up even more. Izuku jogs behind him as he makes a leap onto the robot’s head, easily blasting it apart and rolling to the ground. “Get as many as you can!” Izuku shouts, and Katsuki turns and shoots off.

Alone, Izuku slows. Van-Mey gives a giggle and a ghostly pat on the back before popping off to who-knows-where, job done. Shiso and Levy creep in as she leaves. Izuku looks around, considering his surroundings. It seems quiet, he’s clearly the only one who’s made it this far back yet, but he knows it won’t be long before either a person or a robot crosses paths with him. He unhooks his other wristwatch and clenches it in his fist, tugging lightly at Levy to be ready.


You concentrate on the bots, brother, I’ll warn you if there are any people within my range. Shiso offers, and Izuku nods in agreement. Shiso can sense the minds of humans and their general emotional state within 50 meters of Izuku’s location, getting clearer and more specific the closer they are. Izuku leaves the job to him and starts at a run the direction Katsuki went, hoping to meet him when they reach a dead end.

The sounds of his own footfalls and breaths are the only thing he hears for a few moments, but soon the heavy, robotic noises of an enemy come from somewhere behind him. He skids to a stop and turns just as a stray three-pointer skids around a corner, coming at him. Squeezing the watch in his grip, Izuku yanks Levy to him and throws. The watch hits the side of the bot’s head and explodes on contact. The bot totters, and Izuku runs toward it, smacking a hand on the knee. The metal begins to rust and crumble where he touched it and he dodges behind the bot as the joint buckles. Before it can move again, Izuku tackles it from behind, scaling its back, and slams both hands down on its head, before jumping off over the front. The bot collapses behind him and Izuku turns to see a rusted, crumbling head fall on the ground in front of the dead bot. In the wake of his success, he gives a cheer and a mental high-five to Levy.

Grinning, Izuku runs after his demon.




“Wow! Look at this kid go, Eraserhead! He’s taken down upwards of fifteen three-pointers in under five minutes!” Curious, the hero leans toward the screen his friend is watching so excitedly. Raising a brow, he watches as the frankly demonic looking kid plops down on a pile of scrap metal in the middle of the street. The bots around him are little more than rubble, completely desecrated. The time isn’t near up and the kid just sits there, picking at his nails, as if waiting for something. Then, Eraserhead notices something that should have been blatantly obvious from the start.

“Dammit, Hizashi, he doesn’t even have a score. He’s not in the game.” Present Mic makes a dramatic sound of shock, asking where all the points could have gone, then. With a spur of the moment realization, Eraserhead drags over the folder that Susan (the front desk lady) dropped off just as the match was starting. Flipping quickly through the pages, he finds papers attached to a photo of a nice-looking green haired boy standing next to a much taller, much more menacing figure. “That’s what I thought. That ‘kid’ is a familiar. He’s not even human. All the points he got went to that kid over there,” He points to another screen, “Midoriya Izuku. This says his quirk is summoning-class. Those are damn rare.” He adds, under his breath. Present Mic looks where he pointed, excitedly.

“Wow, wow, wow! Look at him go! He has a familiar, and he can decay metal by touch? That’s an awful lot of power for one little boy! Hey wait, he just threw something and had it explode mid air! And he’s avoiding the other contestants like he knows they’re coming! Who is this kid?? He’s got like four quirks!!” Ignoring Present Mic’s obnoxious commentary, Eraserhead reads through Midoriya’s familiar registration file. He’s heard about summoning-class quirks before, but they’re so rare a lot of people believe them to be a myth. According to the file, this kid has four contracted demons, each with a wide variety of abilities, and one of them is bound to him in a corporeal form. Eraserhead whistles, impressed, and continues to watch.




All Might stands across the room, watching the same screen as the other two teachers with rapt attention. He remembers the boys from the beach. He remembers asking them to clean the beach impulsively, not really expecting them to do it, but returning later that evening to find it completely spotless. He still doesn’t know how they did it so fast. Grinning, All Might hopes he gets to teach those kids.




“Jeez, Kacchan,” Izuku says, breathing heavily, “You certainly didn’t take it easy on those bots. You killed them real dead.” he chuckles. Katsuki looks down from his perch atop the piled up bodies and scoffs.

“I want to win. That means I’m going to make sure they’re dead enough to get us points. We’re going to be the best here, dumb Deku. I’m going to rule this trashy school.” He declares, nonchalantly picking dirt out from under his claws. Izuku just laughs.

“Sure, Kacchan. So how many did you get?” Izuku asks.

“Seventeen.” The demon replies, a bragging tone running under his attempt at apathy.

“Wow! That’s really good, Kacchan, with the three I got on the way here, we have sixty points! We’re doing great!” Izuku’s grin is infectious and Katsuki hides a smirk behind his hand as the boy punches the air excitedly.

“Whatever, it was mostly me anyway.” He says, hopping down from the trash pile. “Time’s not up yet, Deku, we’re not done. I want to get 100 points, at least.” He turns, heading back to the front area of the battlefield. Izuku follows him happily.

It’s not long before they encounter the other contestants. The crowd had spread out, picking over the available points in the arena. Seeing a yet unharmed one-pointer, Katsuki bursts off on all fours to get to it before another student can get there. The bot is rubble under Katsuki’s explosive hands before the other kid even gets close, and Izuku watches as she shouts in frustration before running off in another direction.

“TWOOOOO MINUTES!!” Present Mic shouts over the intercom, and Izuku winces. Katsuki is going to be unbearable if he doesn’t reach his goal, even if they beat the rest of the competition. Izuku jogs after Katsuki as he bounds between the few remaining robots, curses and shouts following in his wake. Out of watches and not nearly fast enough, Izuku leaves him to it, merely trying to keep up. Another minute ticks by quickly.

“ONE MINUTE REMAINING!!” is announced over the intercom, as suddenly, a huge robot comes out of nowhere, footsteps shaking the ground. Izuku is knocked over as someone bumps him in passing.

“It’s the zero-pointer! Let’s get out of here, it’s not worth fighting!” he hears shouted vaguely to his left. Sure enough, the hulking bot has a big white zero painted on the side of its head. Izuku scrambles to his feet.

“Deku! Let’s get fucking gone! I’m not wasting our minute on that thing!” Katsuki shouts, skidding to a stop right next to him. Izuku starts to turn, but something on Shiso’s radar is striking a chord. Somewhere between him and the zero-pointer is the distinct feeling of nausea combined with fear. Then, Izuku spots her.

“No--” His feet are moving before he even has a plan. He trips and stumbles and scrabbles over the rubble, no goal in mind but to get between the familiar pink tracksuit and the  robot. Other contestants stare in shock as he runs not away from the rampaging monster, but towards it.

“DEKU!” Katsuki shouts in confusion and anger, trailing after him more out of habit than real necessity. He hasn’t yet seen her. Izuku keeps running.

Katsuki! Grab her! Get her out of here!” He orders, skidding to a stop just by Uraraka’s prone form. She blinks up at him dazedly, she must have been hit by flying debris or something. Instinctually, Izuku flings up his hands, yanking Levy’s presence towards him desperately. He has nothing in mind but stop.

A single bead of sweat drips down his face and it does . For a brief second, just long enough for Katsuki to sling Uraraka over a shoulder and dash off, the enormous robot freezes in place, as if paused on a television screen. Then Izuku drops his hands and runs in the opposite direction, bot heavy on his tail.

“TIME IS UUUUUUP!” He hears, just barely, over the noise, and the giant zero-pointer creaks to a halt feet from his fleeing back. Izuku slows to a stop and collapses to a seat, panting. That was too close. He looks up at the bot looming over him, now harmless, and lets out a panicked laugh.

“Sorry ‘bout that, Levy. I wasn’t really prepared for-- whatever it was, I just kinda… did it. What’d you have to take?” He asks. As a general rule, Levy likes to be paid up front- destroying time-telling devices being her personal favorite (she holds the personal philosophy that time can’t be told. )  She can also be convinced to take debts of minutes promised to her in the future- if agreed on before hand. He’s never used her power without hashing out pay before hand, but it’s in their contract that should they fail to come to an agreement, Levy has access to as much as years off his lifespan, depending on what she wants.


Just six months, dearie. By the time you get that old, you won’t be able to tell one month from another anyway, don’t worry. I probably could have taken more, you know, that robot was big! You’re lucky I have a soft spot for you, kiddo.


“It’s alright. I should have gone in with a plan, it was my fault.” It could be worse, Izuku thinks. Half a year’s not bad, all things considered. Lucky indeed.

“Hey! Deku! What the fuck was that back there??! Why’d you make me run off with the whiny little girl?? I could have protected you damn it!!” Katsuki skids over, crouching directly in front of Izuku, absolutely seething. Izuku puts up his hands, sputtering.

“I-I told you, Kacchan! We’re heroes now, we have to protect people when they need it!” He retorts.

“So what, you’re just going to throw yourself into danger without a plan? Order me at maximum strength on impulse, so that I can’t do shit besides whatever dumb thing you think I need to be doing??”

“But Uraraka-”

“SHE’S FINE! Alright? You saved her, big whoop. But who the hell was going to save you , huh? If this had been a real fight it wouldn’t have stopped! You would have been crushed, because you ordered me too far away ! Fucking damn it Deku, you aren’t invincible, if you run off and try to save everyone all by yourself, who the fuck is going to save you ?! Why the fuck would you summon me here if you’re just going to send me away at the drop of a hat?!!” Katsuki is so close now, absolutely livid. Izuku is frozen, shocked, mortified. Katsuki is right, he was way too reckless back there, there was very likely a better plan that could have saved Uraraka and himself, but he was so worried about getting her out of the way that he didn’t think about the consequences. Hell, he lost half a year off his lifespan, surely Katsuki wouldn’t just brush that off the way Izuku did, if he knew. His head drops and his eyes begin to well with tears. That was really stupid…

Katsuki heaves an enormous sigh, runs his claws through his hair. “Look, it’s, alright, or whatever. This time. Nothing bad actually happened I guess, and we probably won the competition even though we only got 77 points in the end. Just. don’t do that fucking thing. With the water from your eyes and the gross face. Stop it.” He turns away, scowling, rubbing his neck awkwardly.

“No, Kacchan. You’re right. What I did was really stupid. I’m sorry for worrying you okay?” Izuku sniffs a little, wipes his eyes. Looks up and gives a big smile. “Besides, We really did get an awful lot of points! You were awesome out there!”

“Tch. No thanks to you. You only got what, nine of them? Lame,” the demon scoffs. Izuku thinks he might be frowning a little less, though. “Come on, fucking Deku. Let’s get the hell out of here.” Katsuki stands, stretches, and offers a hand to Izuku, head turned away.

Izuku takes it, grinning.


Chapter Text

They walk out side by side. Uraraka, predictably, is the first to see them and rushes over. Izuku gives a shy wave and a grin, speeding up his pace to meet her.

“Uraraka! Are you alright? You were looking pretty out of it back there, I was worried!” Izuku says.

“Me? I’m fine! What about you? That robot was scary close there at the end! You almost got crushed!!” Uraraka counters, looking really worried.

“Oh, no! It wasn’t a big deal, really…” he trails off at the dark look that crosses Uraraka’s face. He follows her gaze, seeing Katsuki slide up beside him, looking angry. As usual.

“Ignore this little shit, he made a dumbass move and he knows it. If we’re lucky he won’t do it again.” Katsuki interjects, turning his dark gaze onto Izuku briefly before directing it back at Uraraka. She frowns at him and he frowns more , if that’s even possible, slinging an arm over Izuku’s shoulders again. Izuku sighs under his breath. It could be worse, he could be growling. That’s improvement.

“I was thinking about thanking you, for pulling me out of the way back there, but in all honesty I don’t like you.” Uraraka declares boldly, tipping her chin up. Katsuki snarls, baring fang. His eyes darken exponentially and he steps in front of Izuku, whose eyes are slowly widening as the situation slips out of his control.

“Really? Newsflash, bitch, I don’t like you either. So why don’t you stop being a useless fucking damsel in distress and stay out of our way from now on.” He ends standing directly in front of Uraraka and gives a vicious sneer, before shoving past her. “Come on, Deku.” Izuku splutters, looking between Uraraka and Katsuki in panic. Uraraka looks back at him with her eyebrows raised in the middle, terribly worried.

“Look, um. Deku, was it? Are you two, like, okay? It’s just, you seem really sweet and he seems really… not, and I can’t help but think with the way he acts around you that something’s not… well…” She trails off, worrying at the sleeve of her jacket. Izuku flails his hands, placating, trying to form words.

“It’s Izuku, Midoriya Izuku, that’s just a nickname, and uh- look, Uraraka. Kacchan and I are totally good, like, it’s a really long and kind of complicated story to tell, and I probably need to catch up to him before he gets lost or something, but It’s okay. You don’t need to worry.” Giving the concerned girl a reassuring grin, Izuku pats her lightly on the shoulder before running off after Katsuki.




She watches them go, face dark. Those two… She just doesn’t understand them. Their dynamic is unbalanced, somehow, but she senses that it’s far more convoluted than she originally thought. Midoriya seems like such a sweet person, and that guy he’s always with just doesn’t make sense. At first it seemed clear, Midoriya- the sweet submissive boy who couldn’t help himself out of an unfortunate situation with his scary-looking and possessive boyfriend. And yet, he genuinely doesn’t seem to be distressed. He tells her he’s alright and she believes him, there’s no hesitancy in his assurance. The other boy is so clearly possessive, controlling, and yet Midoriya looks at him more like an embarrassed parent who can’t control his child than a victim of any kind.

She just doesn’t get them. The way they act around one another, like they’ve known each other for only a few days but still seem like they’ve always been together. The nicknames, one sweet and innocent and the other blatantly insulting. The hatred and vitriol from the blond that only ever received a fond but pleading expression from Midoriya, like he was looking at a puppy that wasn’t yet potty trained. The way the horned boy claimed to hate her, only sneered and insulted her, then dragged her out of the way of the robot and left the person he clearly cared about more behind. Just because Midoriya told him to.

No, she doesn’t get them. But after it all, Ochako thinks, it doesn’t really matter if she doesn’t understand them now. She wants to be Midoriya’s friend, because he seems like a generally great person, and she intends to be there for him, even if he doesn’t need her.

She just really hopes they both make it into the same class.



They make it home in good time. Izuku pulls the door open and his mother jumps from the couch, wide smile on her face.

“Izu-kun! You’re back! How did it go? Do you think you made it in?” Inko’s excitement is infectious, and Izuku smiles widely back.

“It went really well actually! Kacchan was awesome, he got us so many points, I would have been doomed without him, probably.” Inko gives Izuku a big hug, which he returns, and Katsuki stealthily dodges the one she tries to give him. She doesn’t seem perturbed though, and instead continues to chatter with Izuku as they move into the house towards the kitchen.

Their joyful conversation is interrupted by Katsuki’s stomach, that decides in that instant to make a loud, grumbling noise. Katsuki just sort of frowns down at it, prodding curious fingers into his own abdomen. Izuku flushes bright red- mom has no idea oh my god if she found out she would flip shit I can’t tell her no way-

“Oh my… Well I suppose that means I ought to start on dinner, hm?” Katsuki shoots her a look that says ‘why on earth would I need food right now?’ and Izuku knows what that means. He jumps up, flusters some excuse to his mother, and drags Katsuki upstairs.

That was real slick, there, Izu-kun. Very subtle.

“Shut up, Shiso!” Izuku whispers, as he pushes Katsuki into his room and shuts the door behind them. The sudden silence is only broken by Shiso’s quiet background laughter that only Izuku can hear. Katuski looks at him curiously as he fidgets and blushes, looking for all intents and purposes to be profoundly amused by the situation. Izuku pouts at him.

“What’s that shitty face for, Deku? I didn’t even say anything.” Katsuki retorts, and Izuku just buries his face in his hands. He doesn’t even know how he’s supposed to begin this encounter, all he knows is that he needs to, for Katsuki’s sake, if nothing else.

He doesn’t even know how he did this the first time, honestly. Somehow, he managed, but he’s almost too embarrassed to even think of it-

Izuku is in way over his head. He’s aware of this, but there’s nothing he can do to change it. Katsuki certainly doesn’t know any better than him- he has to take responsibility for the situation he’s put the both of them into.

He’s going to have to ‘buck up’, as Katsuki put it. Take control. Be, uh, sexy. Yeah. Gosh.

Izuku just kinda… goes for it. Whether Katsuki is expecting it or not is up in the air as Izuku takes an impulsive step into the demon’s personal space, takes his face in hand, and kisses him full on the mouth.

Katsuki blinks, momentarily startled, before placing his clawed hands carefully on the boy’s waist. He kisses back, long and languid, and allows himself to enjoy the foreign sensation as Izuku’s tentative arousal blooms in his senses. His stomach makes another impatient grumble and Izuku twitches, pulling back with wide eyes. Katsuki curses his digestive organs- why must they be so noisy? What’s the purpose?

“You’re uh- pretty hungry, right?” Izuku asks, quiet. Katsuki huffs out an annoyed sigh.

“No, Deku, I’m not hungry. My organs are just yowling for their own entertainment.” Katsuki deadpans, and Izuku pouts up at him. Starving and impatient, Katsuki does the only thing he knows to push this encounter to continue, and presses his mouth once more against Izuku’s. Thankfully, the boy gets the idea, and follows through with the kiss.

Izuku, on a brief confidence high- Kacchan kissed me! On his own!- pushes the demon gently back, until his knees hit the side of the bed. Katsuki sits, willing to just go with the flow. Izuku pulls back again and Katsuki frowns, but at Izuku’s thoughtful looks deigns not to say anything.

“Hey Kacchan? Do you think… um.” He stops, rubs nervously at the back of his neck. He averts his eyes from the demon’s face but can’t manage to take them from his body- his elegantly crafted torso. Distracted, Izuku licks his lips and Katsuki’s stomach grumbles in response, causing the boy to flush.

“Just spit it out, Deku,” Katsuki prompts, annoyed. He can taste the boy’s want on his breath- his body craves the energy contained within Izuku’s form- the energy that bubbles up and grows as his arousal rises- only to inevitably spill over in an instant. An instant in which Katsuki needs a connection, be it blood or something else, to achieve the single state in which he feels natural- real- as if he has a place in this world.

He needs it, he’s entitled to it. It’s his sole comfort.

“Do you think… I could- uh- try to… make you feel good too, this time?” Katsuki is taken off guard by the request. Why though? Would it change anything? Would Katsuki gain more energy if Izuku believed his attraction was reciprocated?

“Why?” Katsuki can’t help but ask. Izuku looks away, flushes, and Katsuki wonders if he should have just let it happen.

“Well, um. It’s just… It might… be easier? For me, if you were, um-“

“Do whatever you want, Deku. I don’t care, as long as I get fed.”

It… Isn’t the response Izuku is looking for, but he’s fairly sure it’s the best he’s going to get. After nodding his head once to himself, Izuku tamps down his still rampant concerns and pushes Katsuki down to lie flat on the bed. After pulling his pants carefully off,  Izuku crawls over him- trying not to meet his harsh, calculating eyes and choosing instead to focus on his body. He runs his hands carefully from the demon’s neck down his torso, taking in the contrasting sensations of the leathery plates and the soft, short fur between them. He presses in- rubbing firmly- wondering where Katsuki even has nerve endings.

Izuku kisses Katsuki again, this time with purpose. He does his best to earn a reaction from the demon- sucking and nibbling at his lips, and is pleased when he pulls away and Katsuki’s head follows, looking for more. Izuku nuzzles softly under the demon’s chin- nibbles at his earlobe. Impulsively, Izuku takes the demon’s whole earring into his mouth and sucks, causing Katsuki’s breath to hitch slightly. He rubs Katsuki’s earring and earlobe with his tongue and an odd chirrup breaks free from Katsuki’s throat. Izuku is immensely proud of himself as he pulls his mouth away with a wet pop, and the quietest little whine escapes the demon’s lips.

Izuku is painfully hard by now- every little hitch of breath or quiet noise Katsuki lets slip is music to his ears- these little admissions of want from Katsuki seem like enough, in this instant, for Izuku to get off with hardly any touch. He doesn’t intend to stop to touch himself now though- he doesn’t want to make Katsuki’s hesitant enjoyment about him- he just wants to see Katsuki feel the way Katsuki himself makes Izuku feel, with only a look or a movement.

It’s ridiculous, Izuku thinks, the contradictory emotions constantly at war within him- the desperate and unrestrained desire for this demon and the insistent, deep set guilt that comes from knowing that Katsuki isn’t free to choose Izuku based on his own desires. He wonders if it would be better if he kept his emotions out of it, if he tried to keep these encounters one-sided and impersonal.

(No. Izuku knows he would never be able to do that. He doesn’t have the capacity to separate himself like that, doesn’t know how to wear his heart anywhere other than on his sleeve. Izuku is hopelessly naïve, still only a fifteen-year-old, he shouldn’t be expected to control himself in such a way.)

Izuku nuzzles Katsuki’s chest, mouths sweetly over the soft place between his chestplates, rubs with his thumbs gentle circles over the soft places on Katsuki’s belly.

(in fact, Izuku fears, somewhere deep in a place he doesn’t want to acknowledge, that it’s already too late- that he’s already too invested- that his heart is already in danger of falling.)

Izuku pulls his head away, looks up at Katsuki’s face as he rubs a palm down the demon’s ridged, bony hip, presses his thumb into the soft velvet just before the crest of his pelvic bone, and pets there. With his other hand he moves down to the demon’s thigh, the wide expanse of soft fur there, and squeezes boldly, before rubbing firm circles along the innermost part, moving steadily higher. He stops right as his thumb reaches the highest point, hesitates as he broaches the demon’s most intimate place.

“Is it okay?” Izuku asks, careful. Katsuki hesitates, fingers white-knuckled in the sheets, hair all bristled up. His pupils are huge, irises wine-red. Is he scared? Oh no, I never wanted to-

“Fuck- sure. Do it.” Oh- His voice, deep and scratchy and the way it trembles. The demon spreads his legs. Izuku is so so hot and shivering. He inches his hands carefully closer and Katsuki’s raptor toes curl and twitch. Izuku bites his lip, refusing to take a hand away in order to palm at his own dick.

Izuku fingers the ridges of his interlocking pelvic plates, inching slowly downward, and with the other hand rubs the knuckle of his thumb up the crease between thigh and crotch.

It’s all completely dry down there, soft and smooth, and Izuku takes two fingers and pets right at the point behind where his balls would be, if he had them. Katsuki’s breath hitches and he chokes off a growl, hips moving in restrained starts, pressing his crotch towards Izuku’s fingers. Izuku jumps, pauses, and continues, rubbing further towards the front. He feels something there, under the skin, round and dense. He digs his fingers in a little, presses at it, rolls his fingers against it just so-

Katsuki trills , a high, clicking noise that Izuku thinks human vocal chords probably can’t even achieve. Izuku nearly comes in his pants- he has to pause to breathe.

He keeps massaging the dense flesh and Katsuki’s fingers tense and scrabble, claiming a  death grip on the sheets, before he lifts his head up to look warily down at what Izuku is doing.

With his other hand, Izuku smooths his thumb down the crest of the pelvic ridge, the thick but malleable plates popping back up one after the other as Izuku presses them down and slides over the edge to the next. Katsuki’s breathing is heavy and ragged as he drags his thumb back up, catching on the edge of each plate until one lifts up-

Izuku stops in his tracks, eyes wide, watching his hands as he raises his thumb away from Katsuki’s crotch, watches as the plate lifts up and the skin stretches like it’s meant to. Just as slowly, he lets his thumb back down, pulls it away, watches as the plate falls back into place. He nudges his thumb at another, checking each plate routinely to find them thick, stable, locked into place. His eyebrows furrow and he nudges his thumb gently back under the odd one. The skin under the plate is slimy-smooth and hot like a furnace. He catches a glimpse of startling red.

Katsuki is tense like a strung bow, back arched, body trembling.

Izuku rubs there, gently, back and forth along the smooth opening. He doesn’t dare inch any deeper. After minutes that could have been hours, something inches out to meet his thumb-

Izuku flinches back, shocked stupid, and blinks up at Katsuki. In the same instant, the demon shoved away from him, a knee coming up and probably almost impaling Izuku in the head. The demon stares back at him, looking just as shocked.

“Um. Kacchan-” Inko chooses that moment to open the door, announcing dinner’s ready. Katsuki bolts , shoving past her and into the bathroom. The door slams behind him. Locks.

Izuku doesn’t address his mother, who stares at the bathroom door in shock and concern. He only stares at the place the demon was before, the rumpled, torn sheets, and tries desperately not to cry.


Chapter Text

No- no- no- I didn’t mean it- I’m sorry- I scared him, I scared Katsuki-- How long was he sitting there, just dealing with it? I thought he was enjoying it, at first, right? When did it change? Why didn’t I notice? I was too busy fucking fingering his-- to even look at his face! I should have asked, should have told him to talk to me-- It was supposed to be for him! I’m disgusting, disgusting-




Thick, fat tears roll down Izuku’s cheeks as he sits, head bowed, on the floor in front of his bed. His left hand sits in his lap, limp, vaguely sticky, and his right is clamped over his mouth, trying to hold down the bile that threatens to work its way up his throat. His body shudders with sobs, hiccups racking his frame. Inko, terrified, looks helplessly between her breaking son and the locked bathroom door. She has never seen him this bad, not even when he was four years old and heard someone call him quirkless for the first time.




Something warm reaches out to him but he can’t feel it, not through the icy grip of panic clutching at his heart. He never wanted to hurt Katsuki, never, never-


Izuku, please breathe.


He gasps, tries to listen, really tries- but his mind is too full, buzzing, his chest is too cold. Something light and intangible combs a comforting hand through his hair and he takes deep, shuddering breaths. He has to get a handle on this panic, he has to apologize-

Something is pressing against a wall in his mind, the pressure is heavy, aching.


Let me in, Izuku. I can help. Please.

The wall breaks, and suddenly Izuku can breathe again. Shiso’s presence rests on his shoulders like a security blanket, safe. The cold grip of panic starts to release, smoothed out by Shiso’s artificial calm. Izuku lowers his hands to the ground, presses them against the floor. Takes a long, smooth breath. Tears drip down his face in weakening streams and he blinks them away.


There you go, brother. Like that. Steady.


Rational thought returns to him, carefully. He messed up, he went too far. He needs to apologize, assure Katsuki that he meant no harm. He hopes the demon may learn to trust him again.

Inko kneels carefully near her son, rubs comforting circles into his back. She has her ideas, but she doesn’t want to assume anything. She has faith her son will talk to her when he’s ready. For now, though… he needs normalcy.

“Listen, Izu-kun. I don’t know precisely what happened between you two just now, but I think you should come down and eat some dinner. Katsuki will come out when he cools off, and he can eat too, and then the two of you can come back up here and talk it out, okay?” Inko suggests this in a soft, somber voice, and the rational part of Izuku agrees with her.

The less rational part insists he make amends immediately, grovel outside the door if he has to.

He follows his mother downstairs, clinging to the soothing lull of Shiso’s presence with childlike fingers. His face is blank, dead. The food smells good- she had made katsudon, his favorite, as a congratulations for his successes that morning. The test seems so far away now.

He takes a seat at the table, quiet, subdued. His mother hands him a bowl and then sets one for herself, and they eat in silence. Everything is hazy to Izuku, soft- blurry. He enjoys the food on a removed level.

Slowly, Shiso tones down the artificial calming effect and Izuku settles back into his person, feeling guilt-ridden but considerably better.

The katsudon is better when the world isn’t wrapped in cotton wool.

Izuku looks to his mother, wonders what she’s thinking. He hopes she doesn’t know what happened- he doesn’t want to have to broach the subject of his sexual relationship with her just yet. In all honesty, he doesn’t know how she would take it. He’s always been a bit more reserved, a bit more innocent, than the other boys, but now… He worries she will think it’s too soon, try to do something to stop it.

He can’t let her do that. He owes Katsuki. That’s what he was promised- summoner to warrior. It doesn’t matter if Katsuki will never be able to reciprocate any feelings, if he never allows Izuku to touch him that way, Izuku will keep that promise.

Even if it hurts.




Katsuki’s heavy, panicked breaths echo in the bathroom’s stark silence. He leans against the door, hand still resting on the lock. The things Izuku could do to him, just with his touch- Katsuki is terrified. It felt so good, so intense , his body reacted without his consent- it was dangerous. He hated it, the lack of control, the not knowing . Had he harmed Izuku, in the heat of the moment, even unintentionally- he could have broken the contract. That would be unacceptable. In the name of his pride, of his kind , Katsuki cannot break a promise.

Even still, with all of these thoughts rolling around in his mind, Katsuki’s absurd physical form still quivers with the remnants of what he can only call arousal. His skin burns red-hot and sensitive- he doesn’t understand what Izuku did to make him feel this way. He hesitates to try it himself, fears he will do something wrong- with his big, clawed, rough hands- fears he will hurt himself.

This physical form is exhausting, he thinks. Pain is by far the worst, and it comes in so many forms. This body is too delicate, too sensitive- and yet it seems so much stronger than his master’s thin, smooth skin and slight frame.

He is overwhelmed by this world, this plane of existence. He’s never felt before, everything is so bright, so loud, so intense. He’s not weak, for a demon, but he is young. Inexperienced. He had never even ridden a human summoner before, and yet--? He was dragged here by this boy, forced into this body to face the world on his own, so early.

This body is wild, he thinks, so instinctive and reactive, he hasn’t the experience to tame it.

I’m so weak. Katsuki closes his eyes, so close to defeat.

It makes him unbearably angry. He digs his claws into the door and a black growl bubbles up, out of his throat- he throws his eyes open and glares daggers at the inconspicuous bathmat.

No, I am not weak. He insists to himself. I have a job to do here, a purpose. I promised to fight for this boy and his people, I have earned the right to his power- his desire. I will not let something as stupid and insignificant as the body I was sewn into keep me from my reward.

I will control this body. I will win . With a firm goal resolved in his mind, Katsuki relaxes his grip on the door, slides down to rest on the floor. He breathes, in and out, finding a handle on his wild rage.

He would have to be careful with this endeavor, he hasn’t experience with places so fragile, and his form wasn’t built for delicacy.




“DEKU!!” Izuku’s head snaps up in response to the impatient, irritated shout from upstairs. His first impulse is to run to the demon, but he hesitates- looks first to his mother. She shrugs and turns, he follows her gaze up the staircase. Why would he--?

“YOU BETTER FUCKING COME UP HERE DEKU--” Izuku rises, startled, at the desperation in Katsuki’s voice. Inko gives him a suggestive nod, and Izuku steels himself, before marching briskly upstairs.

He stops outside the bathroom door. No stalling. I have to make sure Kacchan is okay.

“Kacchan?” he asks, hesitantly. He hears a discontent gurgle from within the room, tries the handle. “Kacchan, its locked-” something scrabbles at the door and the lock clicks. Izuku pulls the door open carefully, not entirely sure what to expect.

Katsuki is sitting on the floor, back to the bathtub, legs sprawled. His claws are digging gouges into the tile and his face is set in a heavy, impatient scowl. Izuku inches in, head down, closes the door gently behind him. He takes a deep breath. I’m ready, I just have to tell him I’m sorry, it will be alright.I

“I’m sorry, I crossed a line, I wasn’t paying enough attention, I got caught up in what I wanted and-”

“Shut up.” Katsuki growls, eyes murderous. Izuku does, hesitates. What did he do wrong this time? Katsuki looks for a second like he’s going to say something, aborts. Scowls some more. Izuku fidgets, nervous.

“Are you-”

“Do it again.”

“...w-what…?Izuku stops dead, stares at Katsuki. Did he hear that right? Katsuki glares up at him through his bangs, digs his claws further into the tile. Looks away.

“Do it again.” The demon repeats, face averted, as if ashamed.

“You want me to-”

Fuck, Deku. Just fucking do it, alright? I can’t-- with these claws--” Izuku moves as if on puppet strings to kneel once more between the demon’s legs. He’s not sure if this- Katsuki told him to keep going last time and he- but what if he changes his mind? What if he likes it? He lifts his hand and Katsuki’s whole body tenses, muscles locked as if he’s preparing to endure some unimaginable pain. Izuku hesitates. “ Deku…” Katsuki growls, glaring at him out of the corner of his eye.

Slowly, gently, Izuku presses the tips of his fingers against the place where the leather plates end between the demon’s legs, where the velvet is softest and he felt a dense spot that Katsuki had reacted well to before.

The demon’s hand creeps up to meet his, covers it, presses his hand in harder. His hips give a stuttering roll and the demon’s lashes flutter. Izuku bites his lip. The demon remains rigidly still, besides the hesitant grind of his hips.

“The… The other thing.” Katsuki growls, and Izuku lifts his thumb, pressing up under the loose plate once again. He steels himself for whatever it was he touched before, vows not to startle this time.

Katsuki’s breath stutters to a halt.

Izuku’s thumb brushes something smooth and wet and Katsuki jolts , an aborted movement of his whole body. Izuku freezes as a vicious snarl spills from the demon’s lips.

“Keep-- going- ” The demon spits through gritted teeth, and Izuku presses his thumb in carefully again. I don’t know what he’s trying to accomplish- but I owe him this, after freaking him out earlier. Whatever he’s trying to do, it seems like he cares about it an awful lot.

Katsuki’s hand had creeped up to grip painfully at Izuku’s wrist, and when the boy rubs Katsuki’s body shudders-

“Fuck! Stop, just stop-” Izuku’s hand falls limp immediately, and Katsuki lets his wrist go, letting out a long, frustrated breath. He seems almost disappointed.

“Did I hurt you?” Izuku asks, head down.

“No. Not- not really. It’s just… too much. I couldn’t fucking- I kept wanting to move! I could have hurt you, and I wouldn’t have even known I was doing it! It’s fucking terrible- I can’t control this body well enough to-- I don’t fucking like it.” The demon crosses his arms over his chest, hunches over on himself.

“That’s uh- pretty normal, actually. Most people lose control a little during- well.”

“I could have broken the contract! That’s fucking unacceptable- just-” Katsuki gives a heavy sigh, looks up at Izuku. “Just don’t fucking touch whatever that was until I can trust myself not to hurt you.”

Izuku is actually kind of torn. If Katsuki says no, that’s it- door closed indefinitely. At least the issue is loss of control, rather than Katsuki thinking it’s bad or gross. Sensory overload is the most likely cause, he was kind of shoved unceremoniously into an adult’s body. Most kids get to experiment a little growing up, before their hormones develop full force. Katsuki never got that time, so it makes sense it’d be a lot.

Izuku doesn’t really know what to say, but fortunately Katsuki decides to continue. He looks thoughtful, considering.

“Hmm- the other stuff was- okay. The thighs and like, crotch area. I guess. Whatever.” Katsuki fidgets a little, gives a defiant sort of look. Izuku thinks that if he had human skin, he’d be blushing. He smothers a giggle. Katsuki scowls, leans forward to headbutt his chin.

“Don’t fucking laugh, fuckmunch. I can ban you from that too if you’re gonna be a shit about it.”

“No!” Izuku squeaks, pouting, “I’m sorry okay? I won’t laugh.” Katsuki relaxes against him, nuzzles the crook of his neck. Izuku blushes, unused to the demon being so… cuddly. He raises a hand to scritch at his hair anyway, and just lets it happen, leaning his cheek on the demon’s protruding horn. This is… nice.

“Can we… take another shower?” Katsuki asks after a few minutes. Izuku smiles softly, fights the urge to snuggle closer.

“Yeah. We can take a shower.”




The pair is subdued in the shower. They’re content, for the most part, with their agreement- and stray negative thoughts are washed away under the warm spray, to be considered come the light of morning. Katsuki grumbles words of hunger and Izuku presses against him.

Their kisses are sweet and taste like tap water. When Izuku gets close, Katsuki whines

in frustration, too disconnected to collect the boy’s power. Izuku bares his neck. Bite, he orders, and he doesn’t know if he said it with his heart or with his mouth.

Katsuki’s teeth pierce his skin, a jolting, aborted movement, like he didn’t realize what he was doing until it was already done. In the moment, Izuku only feels pleasure.

Chapter Text

Katsuki is gradually awakened by a growing pain in his abdomen. He fidgets on the bed, in the early morning light, and tries not to wake Izuku. His stupid body is malfunctioning again , and this time it’s clearly not an injury. Whatever, he’s sure the weird pain will go away soon.


“Mrrrmh,” he grumbles, curling up and rubbing distractedly at his stomach. He hadn’t expected this corporeal form to be so tedious. What had he missed? Am I supposed to consume physical food more regularly than even Izuku? dammit… it sure doesn’t feel like any kind of hunger he’s felt before.

Izuku stirs, inevitably, Katsuki isn’t as quiet as he likes to imagine he is. Not that I care, the little nerd doesn’t deserve more sleep than me.

“Kacchan?” Izuku mumbles, blearily. “What’re you grumblin’ about?” He blinks sleepily at the demon, vaguely concerned.

“My fucking-- something feels weird. Bad weird, inside.” The demon responds, hit with another pang. He grits his teeth, fucking shitty corporeal form, why’d I have to fall for this little shit’s trap-

“Inside? Where? Did you get hit somewhere?” Izuku responds, snapping out of his sleepy reverie to full attention. Katsuki grumbles, rubbing at his lower abdomen. In his gut? Lower than where his bellybutton would be-- are his innards even in the same place? It makes sense that they would be but I can’t say for sure, he does have three eyeballs--




Shiso? What is it?” He blinks in surprise, sometimes Shiso’s presence startles him, he forgets the demon is always there.


Has he taken a shit? Like ever?






In the silence of the room, after Katsuki leaves, Izuku can’t keep his worries bottled up anymore. He collapses back onto the bed, stares blankly at the ceiling.

"Do whatever you want, Deku. I don’t care, as long as I get fed.”

It rings in Izuku’s head, over and over, a mantra or a condemnation he can’t say. He doesn’t know if it counts. He wants to believe it does- that the gruff, unconcerned statement was truly enough to give Izuku the right to do what he did.

“I don’t care, as long as I get fed.”

It doesn’t matter if it counts or not, not really. Consent is such a precarious balance, Izuku knows that he won’t be able to be comfortable with himself until he has a genuine and unbiased ‘yes’ from Katsuki. That ‘yes’, Katsuki wants to do those things with him- not just that he wants food.

That’s terribly unfair of him. Katsuki probably doesn’t even have an opinion either way on the manner in which he’s fed- he doesn’t even understand that Izuku needs consent from him. His morals are completely skewed from Izuku’s own. Izuku should be able to match his morals to the demon’s, play by his rules.

“I gave you my name.”

It’s supposed to be enough. To an outsider- it might be.

It’s not enough.

Katsuki walks back in, looking for all intents and purposes to be completely disgusted with the world. Izuku blames himself. He blames himself for a lot of things, really. All concerning Katsuki. All because he was too weak to risk his single chance at getting into the UA hero course alone.

(He doesn’t even know if he managed that- not really. He has high hopes- but nothing is certain.

What kind of hardships has the demon suffered already? Things that Izuku hadn’t even thought of? His physical form is entirely new to him- does he spend every day feeling like a stranger in his own body? Katsuki didn’t even know that he needed to poop, for god’s sake- What has Izuku done to him? It must be hell. He must hate it.

“Kacchan?” Izuku says, so very quietly, voice wavering. The demon looks at him, startled, from where he stands in the middle of the room.

“What?” The demon asks, looking down at Izuku like he’s insignificant- an inconvenience. Nothing more than the dirt on the bottom of his foot. It’s a good description of how Izuku feels.

“Do you hate me?” Izuku’s sight is blurry. When he blinks, something wet and warm slips out from the corners of them. Oh. I must be crying. He puts this fact aside for later examination, and turns his head just enough that he can look at Katsuki.

The demon looks at him incredulously- as if he had grown a second head, and doesn’t answer for a moment. His shock morphs then to something that’s one part concern and two parts disgust. Finally, after what seems like an eternity of silence, he closes his eyes, and after a brief pause, opens his mouth.

“Sometimes.” Izuku looks back to the ceiling. The admission is no surprise to him, but having known beforehand what the answer would be doesn’t make it hurt less. Katsuki, outside of Izuku’s line of sight, stares long and hard at him, thinking. Katsuki watches Izuku’s blank face, watches the tears that fall uninhibited down the sides of his face, leaving dark marks on the pillow, and thinks long and hard about the truth- the real truth, underneath all of the bullshit he spouts because he hates too many things. Then, with a large sigh, he takes a seat on the floor by the bed, resting his back on the side of the bed and his elbows on his knees

“Well. I don’t really know, actually. Sometimes I think I hate you, because sometimes I hate everything, and I have no real reason to. Sometimes I hate this body, for perfectly valid reasons, because it’s fucking weird and gross and I don’t really understand how it works even though it’s supposed to be mine. Sometimes I hate this world, because it doesn’t make sense, and nothing makes sense, and I feel like-“ He stops, growls, buries his face in his hands. Izuku rolls his head back over to look at the demon, but he lifts his head and carries on.

“Sometimes I think all of those things together mean I should hate you, but I don’t. Not really. You’re not- you’ve never- I don’t know. Back in the demon realm- I heard things. About demons who were trapped in the human world, in corporeal bodies, that suffered until they finally died at the hands of some human. And I can’t- This doesn’t feel like that kind of suffering. This- I’m not- I’m not suffering . I’m not always happy, and some things here are worse than others, but I’m not suffering . There are things here that aren’t… bad. Things that are okay. And you’re- kind of like that. You’ve never done anything- never made me do anything- that I actively hated. Not even- that thing, whatever bullshit- last night. It wasn’t horrible , it was just weird. And I hated it impulsively because I hate everything impulsively, and I-

“I feel like I raped you.” Izuku interrupts, listless. What am I doing, he was finally opening up to me, why did I have to go and- Shiso cuts off that train of thought for him.

Just fucking talk to him, Izuku.

“Why?” Katsuki asks, looking up at Izuku with genuine confusion on his face.

“Because of what you said. That you didn’t care, so long as you got fed. I didn’t- It didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like you wanted it, not really. But I wanted it, so I did it even though I didn’t feel right about it, and then you-“ Izuku stops, looks back at the ceiling. His lower lip trembles, and something inside of Katsuki hurts , terribly, and he doesn’t have the patience for his body’s strange pains right now.

“What the fuck- that doesn’t even make sense, Deku. You have my fucking name.” Katsuki says, eyebrows furrowed, and Izuku just blinks more tears out of his eyes.

“Your name doesn’t equal your consent, Kacchan. Not when I forced it out of you the way I did. Not when I tricked you into giving it to me.” Izuku says, very quietly. Katsuki just stares at him, dumbfounded.

“Are you guilty for that? Seriously? You feel guilty because I was weak enough to fall for it? You bested me! You fucking won! My name was your victory- your spoils!” Katsuki insists, suddenly standing, hands in his hair and looking down at Izuku like nothing he says makes any sense at all. But Izuku knew this was what Katsuki believed, knew it well, but it doesn’t change anything. The difference between their moral priorities is too vast, and no matter what Izuku tries, he can’t live by Katsuki’s rules. To the victor goes the spoils? No. Izuku never even considered that a victory.

Izuku sits up, turning to face Katsuki, drying his face. When he looks up he is solemn and sad. Why can’t he just understand?

“That doesn’t matter. None of that matters. It doesn’t make what I did less wrong. Knowing your name shouldn’t give me the right to take whatever I want from you, regardless of what you think. Nothing should give me, or anyone else, that right. Ever.” Izuku looks down, fights back another wave of tears. “I don’t want to own you, Bakugou Katsuki. But I do. Because I brought you here, and I took your name, and that makes you my responsibility.” Izuku’s voice cracks, and he’s blubbering all over himself, sobbing over his self-inflicted strife.

Its irrational to cry over this, Izuku knows. “I thought- I thought I would be strong enough to handle the weight- o-of that respon-responsibility, but- I- I can’t , it hurts too much.” Katsuki is silent, Izuku can’t read him, so he just plows forward. “I have to- to own you, and force you to follow my rules, and to do what I say, because no matter how much It hurts me you’re still a demon, Katsuki , and that makes you dangerous , and I can’t trust you not to hurt someone else! ... If I hadn’t bound you, you would have killed me, and you would have kept killing, and it would have been my fault. That’s the truth, and you can’t deny it.”

Katsuki is dead silent for a moment, staring passively down at Izuku, fists clenched at his sides.

“You’re right.” Katsuki admits. “You’re right- if you hadn’t bound me, I absolutely would have killed you, and probably many people you love, and probably many people you don’t even know. I am very, very dangerous. Now you had better listen carefully, Midoriya Izuku, because I don’t intend to admit this twice.” Izuku looks up at that, confused.

“You succeeded in binding me to you for one reason- because you are stronger than me. Your call was strong enough to bring me to you, your blood- strong enough to bind me, and your will- strong enough to give me a purpose . No other summoner on this planet has achieved even one of those things, before you. And yes, sometimes I hate you for that.

“But I have always respected you for it . If you think for one second that this contract says anywhere that you own me, then you’re dead wrong. I follow you because you have proven yourself strong enough to lead me. I gave you my name, Izuku. I gave you my name because I respect you, because I have accepted your will as my own.” Katsuki’s eyes are so deep, so stern- so full to the brim with this strong, overwhelming sense of purpose, and Izuku is drowning in them.

“I gave you my fucking name , because no matter what you order me to do, no matter how loudly I may hate you, that doesn’t change . I won’t always be happy, Izuku. I won’t always be okay with everything. But I will always be loyal to you, now and forever, until the moment you take your last breath. That is our contract .”


Izuku looks into Katsuki’s eyes and he understands, now. This, this unlimited, all-consuming, irreversible, and honest loyalty, this is what makes a Warrior. This is what makes Katsuki.

When Katsuki says ‘You have my name’, he doesn’t mean you own me.

He means, I’m yours.

It’s more than enough .

Then, suddenly, Katsuki’s stomach lets out an unceremonious gurgle. Izuku blinks, startled, and Katsuki slaps a hand over his face, letting out a string of growled curses. Izuku isn’t sure what to say. When Katsuki’s hand drops his face has changed, into something annoyed, impatient, and determined.

Izuku has no time to prepare for Katsuki climbing abruptly onto his lap, no time to say anything before Katsuki is speaking again, this time in a tone that says all too clearly ‘I’m done with this emotional chatty horse-shit.’

“So what the fuck,” Katsuki begins, leaning in real close, “do you need me to tell you, you shitty fucking Deku? What do I need to say so that you can stop being stupid about your dumb human ideals of consent? ” Katsuki runs his lips across the boy’s cheek, nips his ear. Izuku shudders- anything he wanted to say gets caught in the back of his throat.

“That I want you to do this to me? That I like feeding like this?” Izuku’s face flushes bright, he chokes on a squeak. Katsuki is so close to him, there’s no gap. Izuku has an armored hellspawn straddling his lap, pinning him, trapping his hips between muscled thighs, he has thick leather pressed tight to his own chest, there's barely enough space to breathe.

Katsuki cradles Izuku’s head in his hands, slides his claws along his scalp. He pulls back and they’re breathing the same air.

“I want it, Izuku.” Izuku’s breath hitches, his eyes widen. His hands grip Katsuki’s hips of their own accord, slide across leather strips to the small of his back. Katsuki squeezes his legs on Izuku’s hips, gives him a smug smirk. The friction is overwhelming. Izuku’s eyes roll back in his head when Katsuki wriggles closer- his dick rubs too tight against the demon’s pubic bone.     

“I like it, Izuku.” Katsuki mumbles it against his neck, nibbles lightly over the scabs from the night before. The demon doesn’t really grind properly, he just presses his hips down and in and shifts back out again, it’s strange and fantastic and too much-

“Kaa- Kacchan--” Izuku’s hips roll almost on their own, his hands creeping down to grip soft curves. Katsuki’s ass feels just as nice as it looks, Izuku wants to do vile things to it-

“I like it when you touch me, Izuku.” Katsuki’s voice is a feral whisper, dark and ragged, against his lips. Katsuki finally kisses him and Izuku moans into his mouth. It’s not sweet- it’s rough and desperate. Teeth click together and lips are caught in the crossfire. There’s no technique, and Izuku half heartedly hopes Katsuki draws blood because there’s no way he’s going to last long enough to even get his pants off at this rate.

Katsuki frees his mouth, kissing and biting his way down his neck and Izuku pants at the ceiling, clinging to the demon like his life depends on it. His body is so warm and solid against him, trembling slightly with a low purr. The demon raises his head, soft cheek in line with Izuku’s-

I want you, Izuku.” and he’s done, right there in his pyjamas. Katsuki laps gently at the leaking wound he had stealthily picked the scab off of, and Izuku quivers with aftershocks.

When Katsuki is done, he sits back on his haunches and stretches dramatically, giving a self-satisfied trill.

Izuku looks up at his demon and smiles- this broad, honest, pathetic smile- because Izuku has heard precisely what he needed to hear.

“Hey, Kacchan?”

“Fucking what?”

“Thank you.”

Chapter Text

The week following the entrance exam is entirely uneventful. As the days pass Izuku becomes steadily more nervous, more fidgety. He spends more and more time scribbling in his notebook- perfecting his costume design, detailing his notes on Katsuki- and less and less time sleeping.  He’s restless, full of pent up energy and excitement. He wants to know, goddammit! No matter how much his mother and his demons reassure him, he still doubts.

Katsuki is fucking tired of it.

Izuku is driving him up the wall. He’s absolutely done. That shitty-ass school needs to hurry the fuck up and send their acceptance letter. If Katsuki has to watch Izuku nervously pace the room while mumbling under his breath one more time-

“Izuku!!” They hear from downstairs. “Izuku! It’s here!!”

Thank fuck. Katsuki thinks, flopping down on the bed in relief. Izuku storms down the stairs, beaming, and collects the letter from his equally excited mother.

“Kaaaaaachan!!” Izuku, elated, bursts back into the room, holding the letter high like a trophy. His mother hovers, nervous, behind him.

“What.” The demon grumbles, burying his face in the pillow. I don’t even care, dammit. Alas, Izuku’s excitement is infectious.

“Come over here! Come on come on, we’re all gonna read it together!” The boy plops down in his desk chair and his mother scoots in behind him. Rolling his eyes, Katsuki moves to peer over Izuku’s shoulder as well, mildly curious at the very least.  Izuku holds the letter in his hands, just kinda staring at it.

“Fucking--” Katsuki grabs one side of the letter, fed up and intending to just open it himself.

“Wha--!” Izuku squeaks, holding tight, and the thing just rips open, between the two of them. An odd silver disk falls onto the desk.

“Oh!” Inko says, surprised, as light fills the room.

“I am here! In holographic form!” All Might’s wide smile fills the screen, and Izuku is astonished. And also a little confused.

“All Might? But isn’t this from UA…?”

“I, All Might, am here to tell you the results of your entrance examination to the UA high school hero course!” All Might exclaims. “Come the start of the semester, I will be working as a teacher to help direct the learnings of the new heroic generation! But that’s not what I’m here to talk to you about, right now!” All Might explains.

“Uh, right!” Izuku responds, impulsively. All Might is going to be a teacher?? That’s so wild! One-on-one training with my all time hero…!

“Now then… YOUNG MAN! Are you listening to me?”

“Y-Yes sir!!”

“Midoriya Izuku! I am honored to inform you that your scores on both the written and practical exams were far above expectations! To give more detail- your score on the written exam was 94 percent! A very high score!” All Might begins, and Izuku cannot stop grinning.

“Oh wow, Izu-kun!” Inko notes, smiling just as wide.

“Furthermore! Your raw score at the end of the practical exam was astounding! With 77 battle points, you rank first place in the entire examined class, and that isn’t even all of the points you have earned! Added to everyone’s score after careful review of the footage-- are a certain earned number of hero points! Yours, for your dramatic and daring rescue of young miss Uraraka Ochako, total to 60 points! Thats 137 points in total, a full 63 points above the second place score! A truly amazing feat! Midoriya my boy, we here at UA are expecting great achievements and growth in your future!” Izuku doesn’t think he’s ever been more proud of his own achievements in his life. This is it! He’s finally on the path to become the number one hero!

“Kacchan! Did you hear that?? One hundred and thirty seven points!! We beat your goal after all!” Uninhibited in his excitement, Izuku swings an arm over his demon, pulling him down to nuzzle joyfully into his hair.

“Yeah yeah, fucktard, I heard. Let me go and listen to your damn idol speak, goddammit!” The demon insists, wrestling irately out of the boy’s hold. Inko, holding back tears of pride and joy, ruffles her son’s hair affectionately. Izuku turns back to the screen just as All Might begins to speak once more.

“Young man, what do you want to be?” All Might asks.

“A hero!” Izuku replies, utterly enchanted.

“Young man, you are on the path to make real your dreams! Welcome to UA Academy! Say it with me now-”

“PLUS ULTRA!!” Izuku shouts, throwing a fist up in the air. Katsuki just shakes his head. This is too much.

“Ah, and one more thing, before I have to end this recording! I wanted to thank you personally for your astounding act of selflessness in the name of public service! I have to say, when I ran into you on that beach the other day I had no idea you would take my request to heart! You and your friend did great work cleaning the beach, and I am not only thankful, but highly impressed! It’s going to be a personal pleasure to help with your higher education! Thank you, and good night!” The screen flashes off and the room falls to silence.

“Oh. My. Goodness!” Izuku squeals, positively beaming.

“Congratulations, honey! You made it in! I knew you would!” Inko says, giving her son a big hug over the back of the chair. Katsuki plops back down on the bed and rolls over. He honestly doesn’t give a single fuck.

“Oh, come on Kacchan, don’t rain on our parade! Have some hype! We did it!” Izuku insists, spirits hardly dampened.

Katsuki flips a dispassionate middle finger.

“Oh my.” Inko states, and Izuku just laughs joyfully.

“Okay, whatever, party pooper. Mom and I will have a party to celebrate without you! Too bad, she was going to make the spicy curry you like! And you won’t even get any!” Izuku states, giggling all the while.

“What-- No fucking way!” Katsuki jumps up in indignation, feeling honestly betrayed. “Deku you can’t fucking do that to me--!” Izuku makes a hasty escape down the stairs, cackling, demon in hot pursuit.

Inko follows, thinking maybe I should prepare an extra serving for dinner.



Izuku is a downright mess the morning of the first day of school. The first in the long list of tomfoolery that occurs that morning is Izuku’s masterfully graceful tumble from the bed.

“EEK!” He squeals, a tangle of limbs and sheets. Katsuki peers irately over the edge of the bed, blinking blearily.

“The fuck--?” the demon growls, not nearly awake enough for this bullshit.

“Um! I guess I fell out of bed!” Izuku states, also a bit befuddled. Katsuki gives the most dramatic eyeroll.

“No shit, Sherlock.” Izuku pouts at the demon. It would be a lie to say that he isn’t a little bit charmed, not that he’ll ever admit it. “Get off the floor, dipshit. Don’t we have things to do today?”

“Uh-- right!” Izuku scrambles a little, pulling himself to standing only to trip over the sheet still tangled around his leg. He falls flat on his face, somehow managing to knock over the desk chair in the process.

“Oh for fuck’s sake-” Katsuki growls. He rolls out of bed, picks up the chair, and yanks the sheet off of the boy’s hopelessly clumsy feet. “Get up, you hopeless Deku. I’m not gonna sit around all morning watching you fall all over yourself.” Izuku has enough shame to give the demon a sheepish grin.

“Sorry, Kacchan! I guess I’m just too excited!” He responds, picking himself up and rubbing the back of his head. Katsuki shakes his head, unimpressed, before he goes picking around the messy bed to find his abandoned shorts. He hadn’t worn them in nearly a week- they weren’t really necessary around the house.

“Just get dressed, shitty Deku.” Izuku complies, heading toward the closet to look for his recently delivered uniform. Katsuki, however, grows disgruntled. The hell did they go? They didn’t fucking walk off--

Oh, right. Katsuki leaves Izuku to his business and tromps downstairs, looking for the mother of the household.

“HEY, Old Hag!” Katsuki shouts, receiving an exasperated Kacchan! From behind him and a pleasant Yes, dear? From downstairs. He follows the second voice, finding Inko in the kitchen, cooking their breakfast. “Where’s the laundry? I need my shitty shorts.” The demon demands. Inko, no longer flustered at all by the demon’s crude personality, points him to the neatly folded stacks on the couch.

“They should be over there, dear. Do try not to ruin the folds, will you?”

“Whatever.” Katsuki grumbles, lumbering over to the living room. Now where--? Aha! He pulls the shorts on with only a minor struggle and returns to the kitchen. Izuku can dress his own damn self, Katsuki wants at the food.

“Here you are, dear.” Inko sets a plate in front of the demon and he digs in. “Izuku! You’re going to be late!” She shouts up the stairs. A thump and a shout is heard in response, and she gives a fond shake of her head. “That boy…”

When Izuku finally stumbles down the stairs- missing the bottom step and tottering to his chair- Inko sets a plate in front of him as well. The pair polishes off their meal quickly.

“Izuku, dear, I don’t think your tie is done quite right.” Inko points out, and Izuku looks down, perplexed.

“What..? But I tied it just like Google told me to…”

“Who the hell cares if it’s tied right? If you don’t get your shit together you’re going to be late for your first fucking day. Grab your shit and let’s go.” Katsuki interjects, grabbing the dirty plates and tossing them in the sink. With a quick nudge from Levy Izuku confirms that he is, in fact, running quite late. Fortunately, he packed his backpack- full to the brim with notebooks, school supplies, and pocket watches- the night before.

“Yeah, let’s go! Mom, did you make a bento?” He asks.

“Of course, honey. Here you go. Good luck on your first day!” She hands the packed lunches over and Izuku stashes them in his backpack. Katsuki follows him to the door, and with a warm thanks, mom! They’re off.



UA Academy isn’t any smaller or less menacing the second time Izuku approaches it. Fortunately, this time, he’s jittery with excitement rather than fear. Katsuki trails behind him- on all fours, as his body shape allows him greater comfort that way- surveying the looming campus with disinterest.

“Come on, Kacchan, we need to find our classroom!” Izuku dashes off, demon hot on his heels.

“Fucking hell Deku, we aren’t that late. Didn’t you read the map? You should know where the classroom is!” Katsuki points out, annoyed. Izuku pays him no mind, restless to begin his new school career.

“1-A… 1-A…” This school is awfully big-


You’re here, Izuku. Chill out, ya dork. Shiso says, chuckling. Izuku skids to a stop in front of an absurdly large door, and Katsuki stands up behind him.

“Here it is, the moment of truth--” Izuku puts on a big smile and throws open the door.

The room falls silent. Every head turns towards him. Whispers drift between mouths- things like top student and 137 points - and Izuku’s smile falls, just slightly. A rumbling growl starts up from behind him, and many faces look away. Izuku takes a step into the room, searching for familiar faces. He spies Tokoyami at the back of the room and waves, earning a nod in return, but before he can go to greet him Izuku is stopped by another familiar face.

“Good morning! My name is Iida Tenya, from Soumei Private Academy.” The bespectacled boy who Izuku had met briefly- and only negatively- at the entrance exam approaches confidently.

“Oh, uh- I’m Midoriya… Izuku! And, this is Bakugou Katsuki, my demon familiar! Nice to meet you!” Izuku gives Iida’s offered hand a tentative shake, to which the boy returns it with much more vigour. Iida turns to Katsuki next, offering his hand.

“Bakugou. I was under the impression you were a student. Nevertheless, nice to meet you personally. I believe we got off on a bad foot at the entrance exam-”

“Shut it, ya damn four-eyes.” Katsuki swats the hand away, choosing to squat and pick at his nails whilst leaning against Izuku’s leg. Well, that’s unusual, but Izuku supposes that means he doesn’t see Iida as a threat. A pleasant change.

“Oh. Don’t mind him, he’s not all that comfortable around people yet.”Izuku points out, and Iida nods, giving the demon a curious look.

“Say, Midoriya-kun. You knew there was something more to the entrance exam, didn’t you? I misjudged you, and though I hate to admit it--- you’re far better than me! Your score was overwhelming!” Iida’s hands have this odd propensity for sharp, robotic movements. Izuku is spending more time staring at his hands than he is listening.

“Oh- no! My score was mostly thanks to Kacchan! He got 68 of the battle points- and he would have gotten more if I hadn’t ordered him to help with the rescue! I didn’t even know we would get points for that!” Izuku gives a sheepish grin, rubbing the back of his head. Iida looks like he intends to respond, but is interrupted by a voice behind Izuku.

“Midoriya-kun! We made it! And into the same class, too!”

“Uraraka-san! We did! Oh man, this is great!” Izuku gives the girl a wide smile. Katsuki rises immediately, turning on the girl with a growl simmering in his chest. Iida, effectively cut off from the conversation, moves around to stand off to the side, closing their little conversational circle.

“The fuck are you doing here, angel-face?” Katsuki demands.

“Oh it’s- you.” Ochako recognizes that growl. She’s entirely unsurprised at the demon’s greeting, looking up at him and frowning.

“Oh! I never really did get to introduce you, did I? This is Bakugou Katsuki, my demon familiar!” Ochako stops in her tracks. Demon… familiar? As in, not human? As in… not an abusive boyfriend?? Oh gosh, this is embarrassing…

“Familiar-- so then… Oh gosh! I’m so sorry! I made a lot of crazy assumptions about your situation, and I acted embarrassingly! I’m so sorr-”

“Don’t worry about it--! I kinda figured you had assumed something like that, what with the way Kacchan was acting-- it’s totally alright! He’s just a little… bad with people.” Izuku laughs awkwardly and Katsuki snakes an arm around the boy’s waist. Izuku just… lets him do it. As long as he’s not bothering anyone, he’s sure it’s fine.

Katsuki is overwhelmed. He was trying, really trying, to trust Izuku and reign in his temper, at least to make a good impression on the first day. All of these people are so loud- Katsuki can sense too much in the air. He had hoped that they wouldn’t be surrounded by people they had already run into, but luck apparently wasn’t on his side in this endeavor.

Rather than trying to keep up with Izuku’s unimpressive conversation, he surveys the room and the people in it. Most of them seem disinterested enough,  giving the group at the front of the room vague looks of curiosity. A few are giving him specifically weird looks, to which he bares his fangs and sends a snarl their way. In the back of the room, he spies bird-boy, who gives him a respectful nod. Vaguely confused, Katsuki returns it, frowning.

Katsuki isn’t really sure where he stands in all this. He isn’t a student, he knows this, but his place in the eyes of these people is yet unknown. Izuku told him to adjust to society, but he doesn’t know where he stands. Do these people see him as an equal, a human? Or something below them- a beast bound to a child? He doesn’t want to think about what he would do if it were the latter. His threats are entirely empty when directed towards Izuku, he has no real power to break the contract and harm the boy, even if he may wish to. If Izuku were to tell him to heel, to stand down, to behave like a tamed animal, he would have no choice. He only hopes it doesn’t come to that.

“If you’re trying to play at being friends, you picked the wrong time.” Izuku, Katsuki, Iida, and Uraraka all turn at the sound of a new voice. There’s a man, on the floor, rolled up in a bright yellow sleeping bag. None of the teens have any idea how to respond to this. Fortunately, they don’t have to- “This is the hero course. If you have time to be making friends, you have time to be shutting up and listening up.” The four are quiet as the man continues, stepping out of his sleeping bag and moving to address the whole class. “I’m your homeroom teacher, Aizawa Shouta.” He completely ignores the class’ shouts of disbelief. “Now, put on one of these and meet me on the field.”




The class surrounds their new teacher on the field after changing clothes. Izuku stands in the front of the crowd, near Uraraka and Iida, with Katsuki standing close as usual. The demon looks vigorously out of place there, in the crowd of students clad in matching blue sportswear. The dark man who calls himself their teacher eyes the demon but doesn’t make a comment, and though Katsuki appreciates it he also wants to dare the man to call him out. Katsuki belongs there, more maybe than any of these annoying children.

“Alright. We’re going to start with a quirk assessment test.” Aizawa declares, to which the students give various indignant shouts.

“What about the orientation? The entrance ceremony??” Uraraka asks, shocked.

“If you all intend to become top notch heroes, you don’t have time to waste on such pleasantries. UA prides itself on its freedom of curriculum- what teachers do is up to our own jurisdiction.” The class is silent, waiting for their teacher to describe what, precisely, they were doing, if it isn’t the entrance ceremony. “Now then. You all have been taking these physical fitness tests for many years running, correct? Quirks restricted?” Some of the class nods. “Well I think that’s a waste of time and effort. Midoriya. You scored first on the practical exam, correct?”

“Y-Yes, sir!” Izuku jumps to attention, eyes wide.

“What was your best result on the softball throw in middle school?” Aizawa asks, and Izuku scratches his head, flustered. He had never done well on those physical exams.

“U-um. only 43 meters, sir.” He responds, looking down.

“Really? Well, try it with your quirk.” Aizawa tosses a ball his way and Izuku fumbles with it, flustered. He doesn’t really know how to extend his distance using his quirk, it’s not like he has a space aspect demon on hold, and he doubt luck or time will do him any good. He steps up into the circle and hesitates. Katsuki had followed him, but waits just outside the circle for directions. At Izuku’s pleading look, the demon only shrugs.

“You can do whatever you want as long as you stay in the circle. Hurry up, we don’t have all day.” Izuku looks down at the ball, biting his lip. Whatever I want, huh? What can I do… Oh!

“Kacchan.” He beckons the demon into the circle, whispers something into his ear. The demon nods, moving to stand directly behind him.

“Ready?” Izuku asks, and the demon nods again. Izuku tosses the ball straight up- a fairly unimpressive throw- and Katsuki lifts an arm, shooting off a powerful explosion as the ball reaches the peak of its arc, causing it to blast off into the distance. Izuku turns toward the teacher, grinning.

“Does that even count?” one of the students asks, quietly, and Izuku’s smile drops off. Aizawa doesn’t say anything, watching the device in his hand.

“A fairly unimpressive bit of innovation, but it got the job done.” Aizawa declares, showing the screen to the class, ‘698.9m’. “This is the most rational way to begin judging your worth as heroes. Work with what you’re given.” The class makes noises of awe.

“Almost 700 meters? Seriously?” A blonde asks. More excited chatter starts up, things like this could be fun! And We get to use our quirks as much as we want!

“Fun? Is that what you think this is? You have three years to become heroes worth their salt. You don’t have time for an attitude like that. Now listen up. If I judge any of you to be worthless in the long run, based upon these tests, I won’t hesitate to expel you. I hope you don’t disappoint me.”

“Expelled? But it’s the first day of school!” Uraraka shouts, shocked.

“You expect a hero’s career to be fair to you? Horrible things happen to people all the time, life isn’t fair. Why should I have to be? It’s your job as heroes to help others with that unfairness, do what you can when hardships come their way. The best way for me to do my job, then, is to throw every possible hardship at you, in order to prepare you for that. Overcome every one of them. Go beyond. Plus Ultra.” Aizawa’s speech rings in the silence, and the class  puts on their game faces. Aizawa nods.

“Right. Demonstration is over. From here on out, it’s the real deal. The first test will be the 50 meter dash.”




“All right, Kacchan, let’s do our best!” Izuku says, but inside, he’s actually quite unsure. The scope of his power is limited when it comes to these physical challenges. He doubts Aizawa will let him get away with having Katsuki help him on all of them, and physically, he’s hardly improved since middle school. The 50 meter dash and long-distance run wouldn’t be much of a challenge, with Levy’s help, but grip strength? Standing long jump? Repeated side steps? He doesn’t know what he’s going to do. Hopefully, with scores good enough on the ones he has the ability to improve, Aizawa won’t be too disappointed in him.

“You’ll be fucking fine, you nerd. You have that time bitch to help you, right? And I’m here too. Stop flipping out.” Katsuki says, knocking him upside the head with a hand. The demon wanders towards where the 50 meter races have already started, and Izuku follows, feeling a bit better. Shiso also provides a silent, comforting warmth, and Izuku smiles. He has some great friends in these demons, he thinks.

When Izuku’s turn to run comes around, he takes off one of the three wristwatches he had brought to school and drops it, before stamping a heel on it. The person he’s running with gives him a weird look, but he only smiles.

“Levy, can I get a fast forward?” He asks.


Of course, shortcake~ this is easy stuff for us! That watch’ll cover you for the long distance run too, kay?


“Thanks!” When the buzzer goes off, the universe seems to pause, and Izuku finishes the 50 meters at a light jog. He knows, to everyone else, he seems to be moving illogically fast, practically teleportation. When he crosses the finish line time whips back into its proper shape, and the timer bot reports ‘0.01 seconds.’ Izuku gives a little whoop of delight and skips back to Katsuki, who gives him an ‘I told you so’ look.

Unfortunately, however, things only go downhill from there. Izuku tries everything. On the grip strength test, he calls up Van-Mey, asks her if, with maybe a little luck, the device will malfunction to the point where the recorded score is higher than it should be. They make a wager on whether Aizawa will let him get away with it. Mey wins that bet, and Aizawa tells him that cheating isn’t recommended if he wants to abide by the moral standards of a hero. Izuku flushes in shame, and the next test begins.

For the standing long jump there’s really nothing he can do, and his score is pitiful. Same with the repeated side step, situps, and toe touch. Fortunately, the long-distance run goes much like the 50 meter dash, so at least Izuku ends on a strong note. Still, at the end of the day, he comes out a little disappointed in himself.

“Alright, everyone gather around. I’ll show your results, ranking style. Not that it matters, the expulsion threat was a convenient lie I used to draw out the upper limits of your quirk. You all have potential for growth, even if some of you failed to impress me.” If Aizawa looked directly at Izuku, then, he didn’t notice, because he was too busy inspecting his shoes in shame. Truly not off to a great start. “Anyway. There’s syllabi on the front desk in the classroom. Pick one up before you head out.” Aizawa leaves them with that and ambles off.

The class is still in an uproar about the expulsion threat as they walk back to class as a group. Izuku walks slightly behind the pack, head down, hands stuffed in his pockets. No one approaches, which he supposes is good, as he doesn’t particularly want to talk to anyone anyway. It’s only after everyone has dressed back in their school uniforms and returned back to the classroom to pick up their syllabi that Izuku realizes he never even got to sit in his desk today.


Chapter Text

The next morning is considerably less chaotic than the morning before. Izuku and his demon leave with little fanfare, actually on time this morning. When they reach the classroom, it’s mostly empty, only a few students having trickled in already. Izuku sits in his desk and begins to unpack his things, while Katsuki flops into the desk directly behind him and props his feet up. Izuku sighs.

“You really shouldn’t put your feet up on the desk you know. I’d be willing to bet money Iida will get on you for that as soon as he walks in.”

“Shut the fuck up, Deku. I’ll do what I want.” Katsuki snorts, and Izuku gives one of his clawed feet and affectionate swat.

“Okay, Kacchan. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though.” Izuku turns back around, flipping through his notebook absentmindedly and watching students trickle in. Though he doesn’t know much about many of them, he had managed to pick up most everyone’s names the day before.

“Midoriya-kun!!” Uraraka calls out to him as she walks in, skipping over to where he is seated. Izuku returns a wave and a smile. Uraraka is really great, in his opinion. She, Izuku, and Iida had made fast friends the day before, and even went so far as to walk part of the way home together, much to Katsuki’s chagrin. He still hadn’t gotten over his unnecessary animosity towards her, no matter how many times Izuku assures him he has nothing to be so jealous about.

“Good morning, Uraraka-san!” He greets her when she arrives at his desk.

“Good morning, Midoriya-kun. Baka gou-kun.” Uraraka makes the jab casually, and Katsuki almost doesn’t catch it.

“The fuck did you say to me, bitch?” Katsuki is up and in her space faster than Izuku can blink. Here we go…

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Bakagou-kun. It seemed a perfectly polite greeting to me.” Uraraka’s faux innocence is over-emphasized, and she throws a sly wink at Izuku. He feels a little bad for the small snicker that escaped his lips at Katsuki’s expense.

“Don’t you fucking dare think I don’t notice, slut. If you so much as dare to try and call me an idiot all sly-like again I won’t hesitate to blow your fucking face off-”

“Midoriya. Get your familiar under control. I hope you don’t intend to allow it to cause a commotion like this during class, it’s wasted enough time as it is. Uraraka- have a seat.” Izuku splutters. In the small amount of time the confrontation had taken place, the classroom had filled completely. Everyone besides Katsuki and Uraraka is already seated, and to add insult to injury there are no open desks left. The one Katsuki had been sitting in previously is occupied by Mineta, and as Uraraka scrambles to her seat at the other side of the room, Izuku finds himself at a loss.

“Um- Aizawa-sensei… there aren’t enough desks.” Izuku points out, quietly. Katsuki stands next to his desk awkwardly, arms crossed over his chest, glaring daggers at Aizawa, who looks apathetic.

“Did you expect there to be another one? It’s a familiar, not a student. Have it sit at your feet, and keep it quiet.” Izuku moves to argue, but at Aizawa’s dead stare, snaps his mouth shut. He looks at Katsuki, who looks back, head cocked up as if to dare him. Izuku doesn’t want to do that. Katsuki isn’t an animal, he doesn’t deserve to be treated like one. But… what choice does he have?

Katsuki stares the boy down as he fidgets. He can tell Izuku doesn’t want to do it, to order away his precarious freedom, but that teacher has him backed into a corner. The class is silent, staring with barely abated breath as the tension mounts between the boy, his demon, and the teacher. Katsuki had been wondering when something like this would come up. Izuku had warned him regularly that he would have to learn how to behave in modern society, but he had yet to be given any hint as to what, precisely, that meant. He doesn’t know where he stands with these people, but it seems that the teacher, at least, doesn’t intend to see him as human enough to be treated like one. So be it.

“Kacchan…” Izuku is begging him with his eyes. Don’t make me do it. They say. Don’t make me order you. Katsuki doesn’t intend to sit on the floor and behave like a docile pet, however. If Izuku wishes that of him, he will have to pull up his pants and order him.

Defiance blooms in the demon’s sharp eyes and he lifts his chin further, glaring at Izuku down his nose. Make me. Izuku’s eyes change, from shocked to accepting to almost unbearably sad, before he closes them, taking a deep breath. When he opens them again, Katsuki can see nothing but a forced, wavering apathy.

Katsuki. Sit. Remain quiet until lunch break.” The demon grits his teeth and does as he is told, eyes still screaming defiance. So be it.

The snap of tension in the room is nearly audible, triggered by the sound of Aizawa clearing his throat. The entire room seems to give a uniform sigh of relief.

“Right. Classes will…” Izuku can hardly hear the teacher through the thickness of his own guilt. Every part of him had screamed not to cave, not to order Katsuki’s freedom away, but Aizawa’s glare was unrelenting. It was that or openly defy a teacher on the second day, something he just couldn’t do, especially in light of his failures the day before.

That said, looking at Katsuki now, back to him, staring expressionlessly into the middle distance, Izuku won’t be able to live with himself if this continues. He would figure something out, and if it means he has to confront Aizawa about his treatment of the demon outside of class hours, then that’s what he will do.

Decided, Izuku focuses back in on the teacher and prepares for the morning’s classes.




By lunch, Izuku can tell that if Katsuki wasn’t under orders, he’d have gone stir crazy three times over. He feels like absolute shit about it. There are a lot of things he feels like shit about, honestly, and all of them revolve around Katsuki. He feels like shit for making him sit on the ground, he feels like shit for making him be silent, and he feels like shit because now the demon is giving him the cold shoulder.

It’s lunch. The order to be silent has lifted. And yet, the demon doesn’t speak. He doesn’t even stand. He walks on all fours at Izuku’s heel, and even if he knows that it’s more comfortable for the demon to walk that way, it’s still very out of character.

Katsuki likes to be taller than people. To look down on them, to spell out his contempt for every single one of them without remorse. Izuku misses it. He misses the glares and the snarls and the overuse of the word ‘fuck’ every time he opens his mouth.

They arrive in the lunchroom and Izuku sits down with Uraraka and Iida. the two make awkward small talk, clearly very aware of the tension between Izuku and the demon, but unwilling to point it out directly. Izuku pulls out the lunches his mother had made for him and Katsuki, places the demon’s in front of the chair next to him. Katsuki refuses to sit on the chair. He takes his lunch and stays under the table, silent, brooding.

The order should have lifted on its own. It should have, but when he whispers ‘the order to sit and be silent has lifted’ under the table, Katsuki doesn’t react. He drills Izuku with and apathetic glare and continues to eat his nuclear disaster of a curry bowl.

Izuku grits his teeth, swallows his food, and tries to play it cool. Uraraka takes his hand from across the table, gives a comforting squeeze, and Izuku feels guilty even for that. He pulls his hand away, laughs it off.

They finish lunch uneventfully and head back to the classroom, but Izuku’s heart is heavy.




“I AM!! Coming through the door like a normal person!” The class bursts into excited chatter as All Might marches into the classroom. Izuku smiles, tries to be excited, but his heart’s not in it. If you had asked him a month ago if anything would be able to dampen his mood in the presence of his number one hero, he would have laughed in your face.

“I teach hero basic training- where you will learn the basics of being a hero! Today, we’re going to jump right into it, with combat training!” If the class was excited before, they’re crazy now. Izuku wonders how he’s going to fight with Katsuki if he won’t speak to him. Izuku wonders if he will even be able to order Katsuki to do anything without falling into a panic at this point.

“And to go with that, we have these!” panels in the wall peel out to show numbered cases, and the class guesses it.


Izuku remembers when he and Katsuki had been designing their costumes. It was just after the entrance exam, and Izuku realized that his costume design didn’t plan for Katsuki’s existence. At his insistence, the demon sat and complained loudly as Izuku asked him what he wanted for a costume. Izuku insisted it had to at least have a pair of shorts made out of a durable material. ‘ I want spikes.’ Katsuki had declared, gesturing to his horns and the bony points at his shoulders and knees. Izuku had seen nothing wrong with a little practical weaponry.

Izuku remembers how the demon had sprawled on his bed like he owned it, how he demanded and cursed and growled, how he let Izuku run fingers through his hair as they sat in a comfortable silence when they had finished.

Izuku thinks he might puke.

All Might tells the class to meet him at ground Beta when they’ve finished changing. Excited chatter fills the boys locker room as everyone suits up.

Izuku needs only to make it through today, he can talk to Katsuki when they return home. He can apologize, and hopefully the demon won’t hate him forever. Izuku gives a desperate tug at Shiso’s presence. If he can stay calm enough to not completely fail at this training exercise, everything will be fine. Calm blankets his shoulders and Izuku can think straight, at least. His senses are muffled, only slightly, but he can think. He opens the container for his and Katsuki’s costumes and he’s even a little excited to finally get to wear them.

When he finishes dressing, he inspects himself in the mirror. The costume is just as he wanted it, teal and black, a thick, durable fabric for the pants and shirt. It came with a red utility belt, attached to which is a chain with five pocket watches, a pouch containing six six-sided dice, and three grenades filled with his demon’s explosive sweat. Lining his forearms he has four wristwatches on each side- better to be overstocked than understocked, and costume expendables are replaced by the school. Over his left shoulder hangs a half-cape, and onto his hands he pulls fingerless gloves. To complete the look, out of his backpack Izuku pulls a bright red bandana- the same color as his belt and shoes. It’s something his mother made him a long time ago- it has All Might’s logo embroidered onto it, but he tucks that part away close to his chest, wearing it inside-out around his neck. He gives himself a weak smile.

Taking out the rest of what’s in the box, Izuku turns to his demon, who is crouched and waiting silently.

“Okay, k-kacchan, they’ve got yours here too.” Izuku’s voice is shaky, and Katsuki’s disinterested glance is like a blow to the gut. The demon is obnoxiously cooperative, changing his tattered sweatpants-turned-shorts for the more durable black shorts with little fanfare. Izuku helps him attach each of the thick Iron spikes- each fastened by black leather straps. When they’re done, the demon looks sharp, dark, and dangerous. Izuku’s traitorous mind supplies that the demon looks almost as 18+ as the R-rated hero Midnight- the guilt that follows is like a sucker punch.

Katsuki’s metal-coated claws click on the pavement- each a gunshot towards Izuku’s fragile state of mind. He doesn’t know if he’s going to make it to the end of the day.

He’s never felt more despicable in his life.




“Now remember ladies and gentlemen, it’s the clothes that make the man! Be aware, that from now on, you are heroes! Everyone looks so cool! Now, let’s begin, you zygotes!” Izuku jogs out with Katsuki on his heels to catch up with the crowd. Uraraka turns to greet him.

“Oooh, Midoriya-kun, you look so good! The perfect blend of reasonable and dramatic! What’s with all of the watches though?”

“Oh- um- Thank you, Uraraka-san! It’s, they’re uh- for another contract of mine, a spiritual time demon named Levy. Maybe you can meet her and my other contracts some time? Not now, obviously but-” Izuku splutters, gut rolling. He really isn’t in a state for interaction, his smiles all feel forced. However, if Shiso were to dial up the artificial calm anymore almost all of Izuku’s senses would be impaired, and he’s going to be expected to fight.

“Oh, wow, you have demons other than Bakugou-kun? That’s so cool! Your quirk is so versatile. Say, speaking of Bakugou-kun-- daaaamn.” She gives a giggle and a low whistle, aiming a wink in the demon’s direction, clearly trying to break the tension. Katsuki gives her a sharp glare and looks away, remaining low to the ground. He’s never ignored a direct taunt from Uraraka before. Izuku swallows around the lump in his throat. He gives his best smile and they turn to listen as All Might begins giving directions.

The simulation is relatively simple, the class asks a lot of questions and All Might answers them all. Lots are drawn to decide pairs, and All Might asks Izuku if he wouldn’t mind working with Katsuki as his only partner, as the class has an odd number of students. Izuku didn’t expect any different.

Izuku and Katsuki are pitted versus Uraraka and Iida, as the villains. Izuku thinks fate is just toying with him at this point. He already feels bad enough, but now he has to play villain. The pair walks into the building first, allowed a brief few minutes to choose where to hide their ‘nuclear weapon’ and plan a strategy. Izuku takes a deep breath, swallows his guilt, and puts on his game face. He put on a very poor display the day before- he is going to ignore all of his roiling emotions until after he succeeds. He has a job to do- he is here to become a hero. These personal issues will not keep him from that goal.

They set up the weapon on the highest floor in the most obscure room.

“Ok, Kacchan. You’ll be the front lines. Hold them off on the other floors for as long as possible. Avoid using unnecessary force, we don’t need to hurt anyone for this practice exercise, and we want to preserve the integrity of our ‘hideout’. Remember- Uraraka’s quirk will screw your mobility should she touch you- avoid that at all costs. Iida’s fast, but bulky. I’ll guard the weapon with Levy on standby should either of them get through. Shiso will monitor their locations once they enter the building- I’ll relay that information to you until first contact. Understood?” Izuku keeps emotion off of his face as he goes over his plan.

“Yes, Master.” They’re the first words the demon has said to him all day. Katsuki turns and lopes out the door. Izuku chokes.

Chapter Text

Stepping out of the room is a relief. He doesn’t know what part of himself is insistent upon keeping up this stubborn farce, but he’s mad, dammit. He’s mad, and he’s been cooped up all day, and useless fucking Deku ordered him to sit still and be quiet . What gives that fuck the right?  Some traitorous part of his mind tries to tell him that it was you, fuckass, you gave him that right- but he silences it without a second thought. He’s mad, and he doesn’t really have any reason to be, but he is , and no matter how loyal he is, how much respect he holds for Izuku, he still doesn’t have to be happy about the things he makes Katsuki do.

Izuku deserves every bit of the suffering he’s been through today, for pulling something like that. Katsuki can tell the boy feels unmeasurably guilty, but some defiant, sadistic part of him whispers he still fucking deserves it .

If some smaller, quieter part of him aches to give in, to forgive and forget, it’s smothered under the weight of his ego before he can feel it.

Katsuki may hate every second of it, but he knows his place now. In this society, he truly isn’t more than a pet- a service animal at best. He refuses to allow Izuku to continue to taunt him with false hopes of freedom, however. Even if it means locking himself up as some passive aggressive means of retaliation. It’s a terribly juvenile way to deal with his anger. He ignores that thought too.

He has orders. He has orders, and he will follow them to the letter.

Stepping out of the room is stepping onto the battlefield. Katsuki knows battle- he knows it like he knows his own soul. Being in a real fight- even if it’s restricted, even if it’s practice- it’s like breaking the surface of some expansive ocean. It’s like breathing for the first time. Katsuki’s body moves on instinct.

He clashes first with Iida. The boy moves fast- it’s only to be expected- but Katsuki is faster- more practiced. Their spar seems closely matched- but Katsuki isn’t trying to win- he’s trying to buy time. Katsuki matches Iida blow for blow. His movements are precise, measured. He hasn’t needed to set off any explosions yet, but he can’t complain. The damage to the building’s infrastructure would be too great.

The costume Izuku had ordered in for him is very well made, and as much as he would rather not wear clothes at all, he can admit to himself at least that the design is convenient and effective. His physical form is durable but not invincible- the thick, sharp iron not only protects his natural weaponry from damage but also allows him to pack a greater punch. The way they are attached is a little strange looking but the straps do their job- they match his musculature and allow him to move freely without losing any pieces.

He throws a kick and his big talon scrapes along Iida’s chest plate. The noise it makes is painful but satisfying, and Katsuki fights an elated grin. Best not to be breaking character in front of someone who could spill it to Izuku at any time.

Uraraka’s trying to sneak by, taking an alternate staircase up to the floor you’re on. If you have to let Iida through to stop her, do so. I’ll have an easier time with Iida up here, there’s too much in the room for Uraraka to levitate to allow her to make it this far.” Speak of the devil. Izuku’s voice filters through the communication device and Katsuki grunts a sharp ‘affirmative’ in response.

He’d rather be fighting that angel-faced bitch anyway. He has a bone to pick with her. Katsuki dashes in close to Iida, catches a kick, throws the boy over himself to slam on the floor. He will be winded temporarily, but ultimately unharmed. Without second thought, Katsuki redirects his attention to his new target.

Uraraka seems unsurprised when Katsuki bursts through the doors of the stairwell, catching her just before she can proceed to the fourth floor. With this battle, it will do him better to keep his distance- he can’t afford to leave an opening for her to escape through. She ducks down and goes for him in short dashes. He knows her quirk however- she can’t do anything to him unless she can touch him. Katsuki dodges primarily, setting off the occasional small explosion as more of a warning than an actual threat. She’s wary- it’s her first real battle and Katsuki may be new to the physical world- but combat is his purpose.

She tries to goad him into cracking- using her words in an attempt to distract him. It almost works. Why are you always so horrible? She asks. Why are you acting so terribly to Midoriya-kun? Can’t you see how bad he feels? Don’t you have a heart?

Katsuki wants to rage- to shout- to tear into her and watch her bleed. What does she know? She knows nothing about us, about me.

But Katsuki knows his own weakness. He can’t afford to succumb to the rage- he can’t afford to let it get to her too. Anymore than it already has, at least. He has to keep it locked up- under control.

How hypocritical.

He doesn’t grace her with a response.

Nevertheless, she grows angrier, and with that, stronger. Katsuki is fighting a losing battle against both himself and a monster of his own making. Uraraka’s attacks are fierce and unrelenting. She doesn’t care about the damage she’s taking anymore, her desperate grabs grow sloppy but ruthless.

She isn’t fighting to get past him anymore- she’s fighting to beat him. His rage has infected her- making her dauntless and steadfast. She runs into his explosions like they’re gnats to swat- her adrenaline is pumping high enough that she can probably hardly feel pain. If he intends to hold her off any longer he’s going to have to fight harder- with the potential risk of seriously injuring her or damaging the building.

Katsuki silently despairs. He could crush her so easily, even in this state. But he can’t- he can’t seriously injure her- he can’t destroy the building. He can’t fight to win- he can only fight to protect. Katsuki wonders when he stopped being a warrior and started being a guardian.



The room is silent, stuffy, and suffocating. The air is stale, time seems to trickle by as an eternity per second. Izuku clings to the focus of Shiso’s radar- trying to distract himself from his thoughts and the silence. Izuku doesn’t really know where he is mentally. He feels distanced from his emotions, even from his body. Moving takes more effort than he thinks it should. Shiso is trying to help but his power is stretched thin. Izuku feels cold and alone. He relays directions to Katsuki distractedly.

Some weak part of him insists he prepare for Iida’s imminent arrival. He stands, vaguely lightheaded, and grips a wristwatch in his hand. He clings to Levy’s presence with weak fingers and she responds, reassuring him that she’s there, she’s ready. He keeps losing her. He wonders if he will even have the strength to break the watch, when it comes down to it.


Izuku, focus.


With a rush, Izuku’s surroundings snap into sharp, painful clarity. The fog in his mind is torn, violently, into shreds. Everything is suddenly so immediate- all of the guilt and regret and self hatred he had just barely managed to contain drop onto his shoulders with crushing force- he can’t move, he can’t breathe-


Iida is here Izuku. You have to stay with me.


Everything is simultaneously too close and too far away. Izuku feels the particles in the air against his skin, the silence is screaming at him. Everything is too sensitive, too real, too loud and bright and fast and-

Izuku just wants it to stop.

The world slips away like distant mist. Vaguely, Izuku can feel glass shards digging into his palm. He can’t feel pain, but he can feel the warm trickle of blood slipping through his limp fingers. He steps forward, on autopilot, and he leaves the shattered watch hanging in midair. Paused.

The point where Levy ends and Izuku begins has blurred. They are one, and they want everything to just. Stop. for a while. They want to finish this stupid game and get away. From everything.

Something is shouting at him, trying to get his attention. Izuku can’t understand, it’s like trying to listen to a conversation happening in another room. He tunes the voice out and continues walking.

Izuku’s movements are sluggish and robotic. He opens the door, recognizes Iida. He takes the capture tape and wraps it twice around his friend’s torso. He keeps walking. The silence is different now- soothing. True silence- the kind that would drive some people crazy but only provides Izuku with subtle comfort. This silence means he’s safe- outside of time.

The slap of Izuku’s shoes on the staircase echoes in the still air. He liked it better quiet. Some removed part of him wants to take them off, leave them behind. It’s a nice thought- but ultimately too much work. He keeps going.

He finds Uraraka and Katsuki. He wraps the tape around Uraraka like he did Iida, doesn’t even bother to cut it. The tape roll pauses where he leaves it. Gravity won’t affect it until he’s long gone.

He doesn’t look at Katsuki, doesn’t think about him. If he does, he may very well shatter.

Izuku leaves the building entirely. He doesn’t know where he’s going, he just needs to be somewhere else. He needs to be away.




Between one instant and the next something fundamentally changes. It hits them like whiplash and Uraraka and Katsuki blink at each other in shock, the innocuous roll of tape swinging lightly near Uraraka’s hip. Neither move for a moment, trying to process what had happened.

“Villain team… WINS!”

It must have been Izuku. Katsuki drops out of his fighting stance into a squat, heading silently towards the exit. Uraraka seems to deflate, behind him. She takes stock of her person and suddenly she’s in much more pain than before- she has bruises and burns she doesn’t remember getting. With a heavy sigh, Uraraka untangles herself from the capture tape and follows Katsuki.

The two students and demon meet All Might just outside the building. Izuku is nowhere to be seen. Apparently all they could see from the screens was Izuku disappearing, and Uraraka and Iida being tied up within the same instant. No one knows where he went.

Katsuki masks his building panic. The idiot probably ran off somewhere to cry. Yeah. Why should Katsuki care? He’s not responsible for Izuku’s mental health and happiness. That’s under feather-butt’s jurisdiction.

After sending Uraraka off to the nurse’s office for treatment, All Might requests Katsuki follow Iida back to the watch room and tell the class to wait patiently for his return with Izuku. He then dashes off, leaving an apathetic Katsuki alone with an awkward Iida. Fortunately, he doesn’t try to make small talk, and they return to the waiting class in a tense silence.

Iida announces All Might’s instructions and Katsuki moves to the back corner of the room, out of the way. The class chatters at a dull roar, and Katsuki pretends he isn’t concerned. He doesn’t have any way to find Izuku- it would be a waste of time and energy for him to search.

Katsuki is sending a blank glare into the middle distance when a couple of students approach, cautious.

“Hey, uh- Bakugou-san? Are you alright? It just seems like you’re uh, different. From this morning and yesterday, I mean.” Katsuki directs his blank glare to the intruder of his peace and quiet. The boy’s hair is bright red and obnoxiously styled. Katsuki thinks all of his smarts must have gone into the ‘do- leaving nothing left for his brain.

“My well being is none of your concern. Kindly fuck off.” if looks could kill, hair-for-brains and his dumb-looking blonde friend would be dead and buried by now. Apparently, the two are so stupid that they don’t even recognize a threat to their health when they see one.

“Are you sure? I mean, you might not technically be a classmate but if you go wherever Midoriya goes you might as well be, you know? It seems a little silly to disclude you just because you’re a familiar or whatever, you seem human enough to me.” oh. Katsuki’s eyes widen fractionally upon hearing this. So these students don’t share their teacher’s opinion of him. Katsuki is a little thrown.

He’s a little thrown, and a little impressed. He looks at the redhead with slightly more interest, as he continues.

“I mean, it was a little harsh of Aizawa to make you sit on the floor, I think he was just in a bad mood as usual, you know? And Midoriya’s been really obviously torn up about it all day. It wouldn’t even be that hard to get an extra desk for you, I’m sure the teachers would accommodate if you just asked. So… I mean, there’s no need for you to sulk like this, you seemed a lot cooler when you had… personality or whatever. A lot of the class has been kinda worried. I’m sure it’ll be better tomorrow, yeah?” This kid… he has some guts. Some guts and a good heart. Katsuki can respect him for that.

Katsuki is still a bit upset with Izuku, but ultimately feels a bit better about the situation. According to hair-for-brains, The class as a whole sees him differently than he had originally thought. Maybe things will change.

“I’m fucking fine, hair-for-brains. You can take your shitty concern and shove it up your ass.” Katsuki’s response is scathing but he flashes the smallest of smirks following it. Kirishima gives a wide grin in response.

“That’s more like it.”




All Might finds him in an obscure bathroom in the general department building. He sits, curled up, on the floor-face dead and eyes red and blotchy from tears.

“Oh my… Young Midoriya. what troubles you, my boy? Why have you hidden yourself away here?” Izuku lifts his head. It takes far too much effort to hold it there. Izuku can’t make his mouth move. More tears well in his eyes.

All Might continues to question him, asking about his hand, about what happened. He can’t respond. Shiso prods gently at him, asking permission. It's too easy to let go completely, let Shiso drive for a little while. He doesn't have to move, doesn’t have to think. Shiso is so gentle with him, so kind. Izuku doesn’t deserve it.

All Might watches in awe as Izuku changes before him. He doesn’t need to see the feathers that sprout over his shoulders or the dark purple bruises that form under his eyes to recognize that he isn’t looking at Midoriya Izuku anymore. The boy’s stance changes at its root, he looks shy but determined- worried but prepared. There’s no trace of the soul-deep melancholy that hung on his frame before.

Midoriya Izuku’s quirk is even more than he originally thought.

“I’m sorry for the interruption, sir. Izu-kun isn’t in a very good place right now, he’s very troubled. Would you do me the favor of helping me help him?” All Might’s face softens. Young Izuku has some very unconventional friends, but that makes them no less great.

“Of course, my boy. What can I do?” Shiso gives the man a tentative smile.

“He has a wound from glass shards on his hand, it’s been bleeding for an awful long time. We should get it treated first and foremost. After that, I will answer any questions you have regarding the incident in the practice exercise. After that, I would like to request assistance as to how to best proceed.” Shiso’s voice is soft, careful, and polite.

“Yes, of course. Can you walk to the nurse’s office with me?” Shiso stands, completely comfortable in Izuku’s skin. All Might leads the way. “What do you go by, my boy?”

“My name is Shisorian Luvin. I am a demonic Guardian of Mind. Izuku calls me Shiso. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Izuku really looks up to you. He always has.” All Might is hardly unfamiliar with having fans, but something about the soft-spoken demon’s admission touches him.

“Well then, young Luvin. I promise I will do my best to help young Midoriya get through this rough patch. Come now, let’s get that hand bandaged up.” They turn into the nurse’s office and Recovery Girl fusses. From across the room, Uraraka looks up, confused. It’s Izuku but… not?

“Midoriya-kun?” She asks, and Shiso turns, offers a soft smile.

“Izuku isn’t feeling well right now, I’m sorry to say it’s just me. Are you well, Uraraka-san?”

“Um- I’m much better, thank you. Are you.. Levy? Or Shiso?” Uraraka makes a guess, figuring that if it’s not Izuku in his body, it must be one of the other demons he had mentioned.

“Shiso. Nice to meet you.” Shiso focuses back on All Might and Recovery Girl, who begin to question him. Uraraka listens quietly.

“Now, young man. What can you tell us about what has brought young Midoriya to such a negative state of mind?” All Might asks, and Shiso gives a sad smile.

“I’m afraid it has to do with Bakugou. Izuku summoned Bakugou only a few days before the entrance exam, and wasn’t entirely prepared for the social expectations put on an embodied demon. Aizawa-sensei made it clear that Bakugou wouldn’t be treated like a student, and Midoriya had no choice but to discipline him. Bakugou is very strong willed, he has a large ego and a fiery personality- not one to be easily controlled. The two had come to a sort of understanding that toppled this morning in class. Bakugou now believes his place is at Izuku’s feet, and Izuku only wanted Bakugou to feel welcome and equal. The guilt and regret of forcing Bakugou to behave like a lower creature this morning has been building for hours.

“Izuku has always been weaker, mentally. He suffers from anxiety and minor depression, along with the occasional panic attack. Usually, I am enough to pull him out of a dissociative state or calm him from an attack, but this particular issue, paired with the stress of the training session and Bakugou’s juvenile passive aggression has pushed him past my reach. I’ve done my best to keep him warm and calm, but the emotional toll is too much for me to balance. He is better now than he was before, allowing me to handle this situation has helped him feel secure, but he’s still very fragile and feels very guilty.

“He truly cares so much about Bakugou, what he really needs right now is the promise from the faculty that he will be allowed to treat Bakugou the way he intended to in the first place. He’s too good, he doesn’t have the willpower or mental stability to be a master. He only ever wanted a friend, and a teammate. Izuku has never seen us as anything but equals- to force him to treat us any other way may push him far past the breaking point.” All Might and Recovery Girl listen intently as Shiso explains.

Uraraka, from across the room, covers her mouth in shock. She thought something was wrong but… she had no idea. The power balance between those two really is quite delicate. She hopes that knowing this will allow her to be more helpful to him in the future.

“I see. Thank you, young Luvin. Do you think Midoriya is feeling alright enough to talk? I have a plan that may help him feel better about all of this.” After listening to Shiso’s explanation, All Might and Recovery Girl had spoken quietly between one another, discussing the best way to handle the precarious situation. Shiso looks thoughtful at the request, before nodding.

“Yes, he thinks he will be able to speak with you now. Thank you for listening.” With that, Shiso’s aura melts away, and when Izuku opens his eyes again they’re entirely his own. He’s responsive, which is considerably better than when All Might first found him.

“Um- All Might… Sorry about- all of this trouble.” Izuku’s voice wavers, he looks down.

“Nonsense, my boy. The well being of my students stands before even my teacherly obligations. It’s my pleasure to help you during these troubled times.” All Might insists, and Izuku gives a weak smile.

“Thank you. It means a lot that you care so much. What did… you want to tell me?”

“Ah, yes! Recovery Girl and I have come to the agreement that both you and your Bakugou would be more comfortable in classes if he were treated more like a student, correct? I intend to discuss this briefly with the principal and the other teachers, but I think we can make a few important changes, such as providing him with a desk to sit at and allowing him to participate in classes if he so wishes. We won’t be able to officially register him as a student nor will he participate independently from you during practical training, but I see no reason why a being with the intelligence and mannerisms of a human boy needs to be treated like an animal.” Izuku’s eyes widen as All Might goes on. He doesn’t know how Katsuki will react to this news, but it can’t hurt to try. Izuku intends to give Katsuki every freedom he can, in order to make up for this hellish day.

Izuku thanks All Might, giving his firm agreement and support of the plan. All Might sends the freshly recovered Uraraka to fetch Katsuki, and insists the pair head home early. It’s a shame, Izuku thinks, that he won’t get to sit in on the full lesson, but he doesn’t know if he will be able to stay in a crowded room with his loud classmates for an extended period of time again.

He wants to go home. To go home and sleep and forget this horrible day ever happened. Knowing Katsuki will be in his presence again so soon make his stomach roll, but Izuku vows to treat the demon the best he can, in the hopes that he can earn back some of Katsuki’s respect.

Uraraka returns with the brooding demon in tow and he assures her that he’s alright, that he will see her tomorrow. Izuku greets Katsuki, tells him that things will be different at school tomorrow, that he will get his own desk. The demon looks at him and doesn’t respond. They head home.

Chapter Text

They make it home. The walk was tense and silent- Izuku is worn to his wits’ end. He doesn’t know what to do about Katsuki, how the hell he’s supposed to fix this. He’s dug himself into a hole and he doesn’t have any way to climb back out.

His mind is so precariously put together, after all of the stress today. He doesn’t want to deal with this now- doesn’t want to deal with anything.

He just wants Katsuki to like him again.

The house is dark and silent when they arrive- Izuku knows his mom has a later shift today, that she won’t arrive until late. Izuku pulls out the premade dinner she left for them and warms it up listlessly. He sets Katsuki’s plate at the table and at least here- at home- the demon sits on a chair. Izuku lets out a small sigh of relief. It’s a short-lived reprieve.

They eat in silence and when Katsuki finishes his food his stomach lets out a low gurgle. Izuku tenses. He knew it was coming- but that didn’t stop the heavy stone of dread that drops into his stomach at the reminder. Katsuki doesn’t acknowledge the sound, doesn’t speak at all, and Izuku doesn’t know why. He knew the demon didn’t want to be treated that way- hell, Izuku didn’t want to treat him that way- but does it really warrant this? This utter blankness- this broken spirit?

Izuku thinks that maybe it does , and the guilt and dread sit so heavy in his stomach that he loses his appetite completely, despite only having eaten a few bites. He drops his fork and covers his mouth with a hand, bile rising in his throat. His vision gets blurry again and no, Izuku can’t do this again today, he can’t . Shiso is worn out completely, basically asleep in the back of Izuku’s head. He can’t help him right now- Izuku has to make it through until morning by himself.

Katsuki looks at him, passive, and Izuku has no clue what to do.

It wouldn’t be right- Izuku can’t bring himself to use Katsuki for pleasure- not like this.

“I gave you my name.”  Izuku knows what it means now- a declaration of loyalty, of trust, and of respect. At the time, just hearing that made him feel better- feel free. He didn’t hold the weight of owning Katuski anymore. But Izuku hadn’t realized that if he doesn’t own Katsuki, then he has to lead him. And isn’t it the responsibility of a good leader to ensure the happiness and safety of those who follow him?

Isn’t it his responsibility to stand up for Katsuki, even at the detriment of his own reputation? How can he claim to be any better than what he feared he was , if he doesn’t choose to act like it?

Isn’t it his responsibility to be as strong as Katsuki seems to believe he is?


Katsuki doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand anything anymore- he thought he had it all worked out- he was prepared to change his behavior to better suit what Izuku needed him for, and then everything flew out of control.

First of all, Izuku has had this terrible guilty look on him all day. Katsuki knows why, conceptually, understands that the boy feels bad, and Katsuki isn’t even really mad anymore, just lost.

He doesn’t understand why. Why does Izuku feel so guilty- he did what he needed to due to the situation. He avoided an unnecessary confrontation- proved that he had control over Katsuki- a potentially dangerous asset when out of control. These are all reasonable, logical things to do, so why is Izuku so guilty?

And then the students, taking his side- supporting him- he doesn’t even know them! Why did they feel the need to behave that way? Even further than that, the teachers conceded so easily, allowed for him to have his own seating for next time.

Katsuki doesn’t know what to do- he doesn’t know what this society wants of him. These humans are so strange- so impulsively caring and open to change- this isn’t what he heard they would be like. The humans he heard of were all resilient rulers- they looked down on demons and used them like tools. Katsuki is a warrior- a loyal and powerful weapon for Izuku to make use of to achieve his goal- he doesn’t understand why the boy won’t just use him.

He doesn’t understand anything here. He’s tired of being confused.

Izuku stands up all of a sudden, for no discernable reason, and stands in front of Katsuki. He looks different now- he has this weird determination in his eyes- he looks strong . It’s a drastic change from the cowering and the guilt that’s been hovering about him all day.

Then he gets down on his knees, bows over, and presses his hands to the floor. Katsuki’s eyes widen. Why??

“Kacchan. I’m sorry! ” Izuku states, and Katsuki just stares, bewildered. Why is he doing this? “I’m sorry about everything. I’m sorry I didn’t stand up for you when I should have, and I’m sorry I lost control of myself and disappeared, and I’m sorry for betraying your trust in me. I promise I’ll be stronger for you, Kacchan. I promise.” Why does he- Izuku looks up and there’s power in his eyes, there’s a drive . “I promise that I’ll become someone you can be happy and proud to follow.”

Katsuki stares down at him, silent- but it’s not the same silence as before. Katsuki’s face isn’t blank- its full of roiling emotion. He doesn’t know how to handle a declaration like this, he doesn’t know how to respond.

So of course, because it’s Katsuki, he resorts to rage.

“What the fuck, Deku? What is this?? Why are you- What are you- Why do you fucking care so much??” Katsuki stands up fast enough to knock over his chair and shouts it, causing Izuku’s eyes to widen. He tenses on the floor, startled and confused.

“You want to know… why I care?” Izuku asks, quiet, looking up at Katsuki with those wide green eyes.

“Yes! Why do you- Why do you just let me do whatever I want, and then when someone says you shouldn’t you get all guilty? Why are you always so worried about consent?? I’m supposed to be- I’m- I’m a Warrior , Deku! I’m supposed to be a tool- but you just blatantly refuse to-“

No!” Izuku jumps to his feet, shouts in Katsuki’s face. He still has that look , that determined, resolved look, and Katsuki is beginning to hate that look- “No. Kacchan. You’re not just a tool- not just something for me to use and throw away. I know you don’t understand, that you’ve refused to acknowledge it- but you’re my friend, Kacchan. And I don’t want to rule you, because you admitted that you respect me- and I want to give you that respect in return. You told me that you’re here because you respect my strength , and that means it’s my job to make sure that you’re okay. I intend to treat you like an equal- because you are , Kacchan, you’re a person too- even if you’re not human you still talk and think and feel like one- and you deserve to be treated as such. This morning I let my own worries get the better of me- I let someone else push me to disrespecting you as a person, and as my friend. I will never make that mistake again.”

Izuku’s face is inches away from Katsuki’s, his eyes are sharp and fierce, and his breath comes out in quick pants. Katsuki doesn’t know what to say. He doesn’t know what on earth he did , to earn all of these rights that Izuku wants to give him. He doesn’t-

His eyes fall unconsciously to Izuku’s lips- they’re slightly parted, allowing him to breathe, and they’re full and pink and oh-so-slightly damp. Izuku’s gaze pins Katsuki down, drills deep into his soul- and Katsuki wants to be stubborn about this, to get mad, but he can’t.

He doesn’t think he’s ever been in a situation where he couldn’t get mad. He doesn’t know what it is.

No, that’s a lie. He knows precisely what it is- under everything, all the bullshit and the posturing and the stubborn resignation to the way things are supposed to be , Katsuki is grateful.

He’s grateful , because Izuku is the one who bound him- not any other human who would treat him the way he expected to be treated. No, he got Izuku- and Izuku has given him a purpose which he can support, the freedom with which to be content, and friendship . Katsuki doesn’t really understand friendship , but from Izuku it comes with being cared for, and worried about, and thought of.

There’s no fear, or hatred, or negativity. Nothing that Katsuki knows , nothing of his aspect, of his way. Just Izuku, and his friendship, and his care, and his worry. Just Izuku, and his look, and his shining forest green eyes that Katsuki thinks he might be drowning in.

What the hell, Deku? Katsuki thinks, and he doesn’t know how to feel about how fond that sounded, even within the confines of his own mind. Katsuki doesn’t know how to respond, doesn’t know what to say in the wake of that declaration.

So he does the first thing that comes to mind, entirely on impulse.

Katsuki leans the last few inches down and kisses him.

Izuku startles- leaning into the kiss impulsively at first, before seeming to catch himself- pulling away. Katsuki tries to follow, but Izuku actively pushes him back by the chest, and the demon looks down at the boy with a confused and disgruntled frown on his face.

Kacchan . I know you’re hungry but- this is important, we need to talk through this.” Katsuki frowns harder, begins to scowl. No, that’s not even- I wasn’t even-

“I didn’t do that because I’m hungry, you idiot fucking Deku.” The demon growls, and Izuku stutters to a stop. Whatever the boy had been about to say disappears. Izuku blinks a few times.

“It… wasn’t…?”  

“No!” Katsuki insists, growing steadily more impatient the longer Izuku just stands there and stares with that dazed look on his face.

“Then why…?”

“I don’t fucking—Because I wanted to! ” Katsuki shouts, crossing his arms hastily over his chest and looking away to scowl at the wall. He feels an unusual heat rise to his face and he doesn’t know why, his body is doing inexplicable things again, what the fuck-

He risks a glance back at Izuku and is momentarily frozen, because the boy is grinning back at him so widely that Katsuki fears for his facial structure.

“Jesus fuck Deku, I just kissed you, it’s not like I bought you a puppy or something.” Katsuki mumbles, averting his eyes once again.

But Izuku’s doesn’t care, he isn’t thinking about anything besides the fact that Katsuki kissed him because he wanted to , doesn’t bother trying to explain to Katsuki that friends don’t kiss each other because they want to , doesn’t bother to hide the utter glee that wells up in him at the admission.

Izuku is filled so completely by hope and joy that he doesn’t even bother to think about what he’s going to say next before he says it, and doesn’t have the room in his heart to regret.

“Do you… think you might want to do it again?” Katsuki’s eyes flick back over to him and the demon hesitates for just a moment. Then, just as doubt begins to tickle at him again, just as his smile starts to fall, Katsuki takes his face in his hands and kisses him .

It’s nothing like any of the kisses they’ve shared before. It’s not particularly sweet, or rough, or passionate- but it feels inexplicably more real . Izuku can feel the rough pads of Katsuki’s fingers on his cheeks, the slight dampness of his plump lips. Katsuki’s lips press in and pull away almost rhythmically, gentle and calm, and Izuku is so, so content to just follow his lead, to let the demon kiss Izuku the way he wants to.

Katsuki’s kiss pours into Izuku some overwhelming, all-consuming emotion that Izuku adamantly refuses to name, because then it would be real, too, and Izuku doesn’t think he’s ready to deal with that just yet.

So he just lets Katsuki kiss him, and eventually, the demon pulls away, and Izuku’s eyes flutter open.

“You wanna go to bed?” Katsuki asks, and Izuku smiles softly at him and nods.

Izuku falls asleep all wrapped up in Katsuki’s arms, and has trouble remembering a moment before this one that he spent happier.

Chapter Text

Despite everything, nothing really changed after Shiso’s arrival. Izuku was still shunned, still bullied. Shiso helped him deal, but nothing really changed, in the grand scheme of things. Izuku was still odd, small, and defenseless.

He tried to tell the other kids he wasn’t quirkless, that he could do things too, but they didn’t believe him. He tried to show them Shiso, but they didn’t understand. They were too close minded- they thought he was acting, playing dress-up. Izuku despaired, and Shiso did all he could- provided support and companionship.

When he entered middle school, things escalated. The bullies were no longer content leaving him in tears, they wanted to leave him bruised as well. Why stop at a shove when they could throw punches, kicks? It’s not like he could fight back. Shiso could soften the world for him, insist that he wasn’t worthless, but he couldn’t make the pain go away. Shiso could keep his mind safe, but could do nothing for his body.

It became harder and harder to hide the injuries. He didn’t want his mother to know, she didn’t deserve the worry. She worried so much already- how could he tell her that he came home bleeding? It would crush her. Izuku just wanted her to be happy, to be proud. His situation wasn’t ideal, but it could be worse, right? He could be alone. He could be without Shiso, alone and cold and lost in a sea of cruel words.

He took whatever measures he needed. He kept a first aid kit under his bed, treated his own wounds. He was careful, always avoided taking hits to the face or neck, always put on a smile for his mother. He would be okay. If anything ever really got to him, if he ever felt like he couldn’t make it through another day, Shiso was there. Shiso gave him strength.

And so he lived. He had a goal, a purpose- his wounds were only ever external. The only regret he could say he had was that he never really fought back. It always came down to taking the hits, hiding the pain. It was exhausting.

He didn’t really want to be their punching bag anymore.

He got frustrated.

He got sloppy.




He took a hit to the face, for the first time in a long time. The last time it happened he got lucky, his mother had to work late, and it only caused a nosebleed and some minor bruising. Easy enough to cover with makeup.

This time, he wasn’t so fortunate. The asshole broke his nose and left him bleeding on the sidewalk. He stumbled home, woozy and in pain, three hours late. His mother was waiting for him on the couch when he pushed through the door.

“Izuku! Where have you bee- Oh! What happened?!” Izuku had no story, no way to hide. Oh god, what do I tell her, what do I say? Will she even believe any of it? Does it matter? I have to go to the hospital anyway, I probably should have gone ages ago, my face hurts so bad I can’t think, what do I do? What do I say?

Izuku, breathe.

Izuku took a deep breath. “Look, mom, its nothing really I just… fell, and I should probably go to the hospital-”

The look Inko gave him was unbearably sad, and entirely defeated. “Izuku… Why can’t you just tell me the truth? I’ve been waiting all this time for you to come to me for help, I didn’t want to push but- how long have those boys at school been hurting you like this?” Quiet tears roll down his mother’s round cheeks and something in Izuku breaks. Oh no, mom, I never meant to- i just wanted- I. I never wanted you to hurt like this.

“How long have they- how long have you --?”

“Long enough. Izuku.”

“I’m sorry, mom. I was hiding it because I didn’t want you to worry, I guess.” Inko gave him a fond smile.

“Oh Izuku, What am I here for, if not to worry over you? Come on now, love, let’s get you to the hospital.”




That was the last straw, as it were. Izuku wore his broken nose and double black eye to school the next day and vowed he was finally going to do something about it. Maybe was small, and weak, maybe he couldn’t defend himself, but he had a quirk, dammit, and he intended to learn how to use it.

Shiso mentioned that he wasn’t the only one out there, that Izuku had access to a whole world of demons, whose power he could harness. But Shiso didn’t know everything. He responded to Izuku’s call, but not all demons would be so easy to befriend. Most, he said, would require a price much more demanding than a little trust.

Izuku was determined, however. He didn’t want to just endure anymore, he wanted to fight back. He wanted to be strong, too.

Most of all, though, he wanted to stop worrying his mother.

So he studied. There weren’t many demon summoners in the world, and not much was known about them, but it was enough for Izuku. He took everything: myth, speculation, and fact. Shiso told him what he could about demons: their different classes and their abilities/needs, their different aspects and how they tended to interact with the world around them, and their ranks between one another. Izuku wrote it all down, learned as much as he could. He formed an Idea in his head of what he wanted.

Someone powerful, but agreeable. Someone who would come to his aid. Someone who would work with him towards his goal.

He needed an Ally.




Summoning a demon intentionally was nothing like summoning Shiso. He had been warned that demons weren’t truly safe or trustworthy until bound, that they needed to be contained within a circle when summoned to the physical realm. Shiso, in fact, was a bit of an outlier- older guardians of lower ranks tended to be very rare, but also very pure of heart and intention. Izuku had been lucky that day, to have called someone who meant him no harm. He wouldn’t be guaranteed that kind of luck the second time around.

His summoning circle was basic, but it did the job. Myth had recommended blood or salt, which Shiso confirmed both had binding and protective power. Izuku had drawn a simple circle in his own blood, and surrounded it with another simple circle of salt. Rudimentary, but effective enough. His technique would improve over the years, no-one expected him to be perfect.

Izuku sat down, criss-cross, in the middle of the circle, set his hands on his knees, and called.

It was tentative, at first. Izuku had never spent much time thinking about this particular aspect of his quirk- he had never used it intentionally. It was a strange feeling- not unlike searching for something you aren’t sure is there within an intangible and undefined space. A needle in a haystack would have been an easier metaphor, but it didn’t quite encompass the sheer vastness of the alternate plane. Izuku wondered precisely how many demons were out there, to fill up such a seemingly endless, empty space.

Eventually, something responded. It was curious, playful. There was very little definition to it, only a prodding tendril of this being’s true form. Izuku opened his mind to it, coaxed the being closer.

It felt like time. Izuku didn’t know how he knew this, but something about this being reminded him of that, of the passage of time, the gentle ticking of each measured second.

Finally, the being responded, and entered the domain of his mindspace with the force of its entire self. It’s presence was overwhelming to Izuku, he worried he would lose himself in the pure boundlessness of this being’s raw strength. To Izuku, this feeling was the strongest things could possibly come, he wondered how he had managed to call something so far superior to himself.

Oh, no need to flatter me, little one, I’m only a rank five after all.

“Oh-- I, um, Hi? Who are you?” Izuku stuttered through a greeting. He was socially awkward at the best of times, but how was he expected to converse with a powerful demon from and alternate plane that could probably kill him if it wanted to?

Well I’ll be… aren’t you just the cutest little thing. I’m an Ally of Time, cupcake. Now, what are you calling for?

“I was- um. Hoping… we could make a deal?” Izuku flustered through the compliments, shuffled around in his seat. I don’t know what I’m doing… And Shiso can’t get in the circle… I’m so in over my head.

What kind of deal?

“Well, um, you see… I don’t really, know how these usually go? But I was hoping I could find someone with practical magic that wouldn’t mind helping me um, defend myself? Not for free of course, I can pay whatever prices are necessary…” Izuku trailed off, hesitant.

I see. You sure are in need of an Ally, aren’t ya? And what makes you think you have the power to bind me, little one?

“Uhh-- well. I don’t… really know? Sheer determination? Look, I have a good reason, I don’t want my mom to have to worry about me being bullied anymore! I don’t really know what binding you will entail, but I’ll do whatever it takes. I really… really need your help, so-” Izuku put every ounce of determination into the statement. Maybe he didn’t know what he was doing, but he knew what needed to be done.

Hmm. You’ve got spark kid, I like it. But I’m no weakling, my power doesn’t come cheap. You’re still young- it will likely take a lot of growth before you are able to wield my power in its entirety.

“That’s fine! I didn’t expect- I mean- So. What’s your price?” Izuku is eager, this demon seems pleasant to work with, and definitely strong enough. Izuku honestly doesn’t want to take his chances with calling someone else and having it be really bad.

Well, I’m a being of time. I hold the personal philosophy that time can’t be told, so the simplest way you can pay me is by destroying your clocks, watches, etc. However, giving me your time itself will be more effective- in little pieces of course, but I have been known to take expansive amounts if my power is abused without compensation. You’re young yet, you have a lot of time left, but should you take me for granted your years will undoubtedly begin to dwindle. My power is not a toy, little one. Do you understand?

“Yes ma’am!” Izuku didn’t actually know if the demon was a woman, but she gave off a very feminine, sisterly vibe. He supposed she could tell him if he was wrong, but she never did.

Good. Tell me your terms, little one.

“Um- my… right. In return for payment as you have specified, you will give me your name, for me to call upon in my time of need. Is this agreeable?” Izuku hoped that will be enough, he didn’t think far enough beyond actually summoning the demon to write up a list. In retrospect, that was a really dumb lapse in judgement on my part. I’ll make sure not to do it again.

Simple, but effective. I accept your terms, Midoriya Izuku. Should you break your end of the bargain, I reserve the right to take justice into my own hands. Demons respect promises above all else.

“Of course!” Izuku didn’t know what, precisely, taking justice into her hands meant, but he wasn’t particularly excited to find out. Demon’s value honesty and fairness. Good to know.

Her name is, in essence, forever. It encompasses the birth of everything, and the end. Immortality and mortality, life and death. When Izuku repeats it, it’s a sad imitation.

“Leveille Amnesty. It’s nice to meet you.”

And you, little one. We will have many adventures in our future, won’t we?

Izuku smiles. “Yes.”




The next time the bullies confronted him, Izuku didn’t take their hits. He took off his watch, crushed it under his heel, and felt Levy’s power swell in him like a tidal wave. He couldn’t use it to its full extent, but he was able to slow the fists enough that he could dodge each and every one.

Finally, the bullies collapsed in exhaustion. They looked up at him in confusion, in awe. They saw the extent of their lives in his eyes, their futures woven through the fabric of his clothes.

They didn’t bother him again.

Chapter Text

“Can you tell us what All Might is like as a teacher?” Izuku splutters as a microphone is shoved into his face. He backtracks, bumping into Katsuki’s chest. The demon catches him by the arms, snarling into the reporter’s face.

“The fuck do you think he’s like? He’s fucking loud and obnoxious, now back the hell off!!” Katsuki shoves the boy behind him, wasting no time getting right into the reporter’s space, fangs bared.

“Kacchan! Leave them alone, let’s just go inside!” He gives a weak, apologetic smile to the startled reporter and drags the demon through the gate by the hand. He snarls and splutters, following irately. Izuku gives a small, private smile.

That morning, Izuku had woken up with Katsuki wrapped around him like usual, and Izuku felt warm knowing that he had fallen to sleep like that as well.

The demon hadn’t questioned the small, sweet kiss Izuku had placed on his lips before getting out of bed.

On a more relevant note, the reporters were getting a bit out of hand. They were usually at the gate in the morning, but they had never swarmed him like that, and Izuku can admit that he had been a bit startled. He didn’t particularly like being cornered, he had very nearly called Levy on impulse. Though Katsuki’s reaction had been a little extreme, Izuku appreciated it.

“Let go of my hand, shitnerd. I know the way to the classroom by now.” Katsuki interjects his train of thought, quickening his pace so as not to be tripped.

“Oh- hah, sorry!” Izuku slows down, safe inside the gates, and drops the demon’s hand, moving it to rub his neck. Katsuki gives an eyeroll, and they walk into the building side by side.




The first thing Katsuki notices upon entering the classroom is the extra desk added to the row Izuku’s desk is in. Though the boy had promised things would change, Katsuki had held onto his doubts so as not to be too disappointed. Though he had let go of his anger towards Izuku long before, he had still been nervous about coming to school today. Seeing the desk settled his nerves quite a bit.

Izuku and Katsuki seat themselves and the demon props his feet on the desk, looking disinterestedly around the room while Izuku unpacks his things.

“Heyyy, Bakugou-kun! I see they got you a desk!” Katsuki sends a sharp glare at the approacher before really registering who it is.

“The fuck do you want, hair-for-brains?” Katsuki replies, frowning. Kirishima’s entourage, the dumb looking one and the pink girl, follow behind him.

“Just coming over to check out your new digs. I mean personally, desks are kind of lame. Are you even gonna get school work?” Kirishima asks, grin on his face.

“I don’t fucking know, and it’s better than the damn floor? Are you stupid-- oh wait, you are. Sorry, I had almost forgotten.” Katsuki scoffs. Izuku looks over his shoulder, curious.

“Oh, how you wound me, man! I thought we had something special! We talked for like, a whole minute yesterday!” Kirishima clutches his chest, faux-swooning onto Kaminari. Izuku raises his eyebrows. Yesterday? But yesterday Kacchan was…

“Tch. Whatever. Go take your fraternity and shove it up your ass.” Katsuki retorts, rolling his eyes.

“Speaking of yesterday--” Ashido speaks up, “You were soooo cool! You fight really well! It was almost like you were holding back against Iida and Uraraka! And Midoriya-kun- you too! You tied up the both of them in an instant and disappeared! That was crazy!”

“Of fucking course I was holding back, those two are nowhere near my level.” Katsuki scoffs, at the same time that Izuku sputters out a thanks, blushing.

“Nowhere near your level- What the hell even is your level, Bakugou-kun?” Kaminari interjects, looking shocked.

“Leagues above yours, dumbfuck. Now fucking scram, you’re dumbing up the air around my desk with just your presence. I don’t need your germs. That goes for you too, hair-for-brains.”

“Aweee, but Bakugou-kuuun~ we had so many more questions! You’re the first demon we’ve ever met! What’s it like?” Ashido adds, pouting.

“Fucking peachy. Seriously, go away. Y’all are annoying.” Katsuki waves them off and they finally leave, but not before Kirishima gives him a ‘manly’ pat on the shoulder. Katsuki just lets it happen. He looks at Izuku, who had been staring at him throughout the entire exchange.

“So… you talked to them, yesterday?” Izuku prods, frowning slightly.

“What’s it to you, shitnerd?” Katsuki responds, tilting up his chin. Izuku flusters, blushing, and looks away. Jealousy is a cute look on him. Katsuki thinks, smirking.

“Bakugou-kun! Please keep your feet off the desk! That is disrespectful-” Iida starts, approaching with Uraraka hot on his heels.

“Oh stuff a cock in it four-eyes.” Katsuki retorts, cutting the other off.

“Kacchan! Don’t-”

“And you can stuff a cock in it too, shitty Deku.” Izuku splutters again.

“Wouldn’t you enjoy that , eh, Bakugou-kun?” Katsuki turns immediately on Uraraka, who has an all too innocent grin on her face.

“The fuck is that supposed to mean--?” Katsuki is up and in her face in an instant. Uraraka doesn’t back down an inch.

“What do you think it means, hm?” Uraraka’s eyes glint with mischief. Katsuki can see Izuku, out of the corner of his eye, with a bright flush on his face and a distant look in his eyes. When a slow curl of arousal wafts off of him, Katsuki backs away from Uraraka, raising an inquisitive eyebrow.

It’s not like he doesn’t know what she’s insinuating. During the week between the entrance exam and the beginning of school he and Izuku had a lot of down time, and when Izuku was busy note taking or fussing or what have you, Katsuki had spent some quality time on the internet. Izuku had insinuated that he didn’t understand the full extent of sex, so he took the time to go about understanding, as it were.

In his opinion, the expansiveness of the internet is wild, and a little overwhelming. But, he supposes, informative.

TL;DR, he knows what a blowjob is. He had thought, however,  that arousal was supposed to be limited to private encounters. Had he read the social cues wrong?

Feeling Izuku’s arousal reminds him quite abruptly that he hadn’t eaten the night before, and his stomach gives a vague grumble.

Staring distractedly at Izuku, Katsuki simply says “Maybe I would enjoy that.” Uraraka and Iida give various noises of shock, and Izuku makes the mistake of locking eyes with him. Katsuki can feel his arousal spike, and considers flinging a leg over him and perching in his lap right fucking now.

“Take a seat.” Aizawa’s voice rings throughout the room, snapping Katsuki out of his impulsive train of thought. Uraraka and Iida head to their seats, and Katsuki plops down in his, behind Izuku, who flushes again and faces the front.

“Good work with yesterday’s combat training. I watched the video and results. Midoriya,” Izuku looks up, attentive, “Try to keep your emotional issues out of training exercises. That said, it was an impressive display of power.” Izuku nods, looking down. “Bakugou,” The demon looks up this time, with a sharp glare. “I’d like to apologize for my treatment yesterday. You didn’t deserve to be sat on the floor like an animal. I apologize. You may participate in classes as you like, as long as you’re not disrespectful or disruptive.” Katsuki gives a respectful nod, and Aizawa nods back.

“Now, let’s get down to homeroom business. Sorry about the late notice, but today I’ll have you…” the entire class tenses. “Decide on a class representative.”

After the initial relief at the revel that it would be normal school business, the class devolves into chaos. Everyone wants to volunteer, and is loudly making it known. Katsuki slouches in his seat and rolls his eyes.

Quickly, Iida stands and hushes the class, suggesting a popular vote. When objections arise that everyone would most likely vote for themselves, he emphasizes that the person who gets multiple votes, then, really deserves it.

Aizawa agrees, and after he disappears behind the desk in his yellow sleeping bag, the vote commences.

The results are as follows:

Iida: 3 votes

Kirishima: 2 votes

Yayorozu: 2 votes

Everyone else got either one or zero. Izuku and Uraraka whistle innocently when Iida shouts his excitement. Kirishima also gives an excited shout, asking who voted for him, and Katsuki gives a small ‘tch’.

“Then, the class rep will be Iida, and Kirishima and Yayorozu will be deputy class reps.” The class murmurs their assent, and Aizawa leaves. Their next teacher enters, and classes resume as normal.

Katsuki is no less bored than he was yesterday. On the up side, he isn’t sitting on the floor. On the down side, he has been reminded of his hunger- and it won’t just be ignored. He pillows his chin on his arms on the desk, and stares relentlessly at the back of Izuku’s head. The boy is taking diligent notes, muttering quietly under his breath. The way his wild hair curls over his ear and brushes the back of his neck makes Katsuki want to press his mouth there, run his tongue up the column of his neck, tease needle-sharp teeth at the boy’s soft earlobe.

Katsuki is very, very hungry. He wants Izuku spread out beneath him, hot and red and panting- brimming with energy just waiting to spill over. He wants to defy his rules, to rake his claws down the boy’s chest, to watch him writhe in pleasure and pain- but he can’t he can’t hurt Izuku , no matter how much he wants to see his thick cum mix with his dark blood just so he can lick up every drop.

Katsuki wants to do it right in the middle of the classroom, and show every dumb face here precisely why they shouldn’t lay their wanting eyes on his master.

Katsuki’s stomach growls and suddenly he hates this society, he hates these rules, he wants to feed and he would gladly dismember anyone who dares to disturb his meal. He doesn’t care about these people, what they think of him- why should he hide? By what foolish human moral standard did sex- an enjoyable, natural act, if he understands correctly- become restricted to places of privacy? Wouldn’t it be so much more satisfying in front of a crowd- where you can revel in the jealousy of the viewers- where you can flaunt what you have that they lack?

Katsuki shuts his eyes and digs a fang into his lip. He isn’t sure he’s ever been this hungry. He worries he will never understand these stupid humans, their nonsensical moral codes. Katsuki deserves to be fed, it’s part of his agreement. Why should he wait, to take what is rightfully his? Defiant rage simmers in Katsuki’s gut, and he opens his eyes again. Izuku had chosen that moment to look back at the demon, and his eyes widen when they meet Katsuki’s.

Katsuki pours every ounce of his want, his hunger, and his impatience into that one look. His face is dark, eyes nearly glowing. Izuku’s face flushes bright red, and Katsuki can sense curls of answering arousal just from the one look. Izuku jumps, whirls around, and hunches over his notes. Katsuki frowns.

If Izuku doesn’t want Katsuki to lay him out right over his own desk, he had better stop pretending his notes are so much more important than the death glare drilling him in the back of the head. The boy’s biology knows what Katsuki wants, he can taste it in the air. Izuku fidgets over his notes, sneaks a glance back over his shoulder. Katsuki’s smouldering eyes lock onto his and he snaps his head back towards the front of the room. Katsuki taps and impatient claw on the surface of the desk. Izuku crosses a leg over his other, bites his lip. Continues to write.

Katsuki debates precisely how far up shit creek he’d be if he actually did it. The only thing stopping him is the weak force of the contract, Izuku’s insistence that he behave within society’s standards.

Nowhere in the contract does it explicitly state that he can’t feed in public spaces however. A weak loophole, but a loophole nonetheless. He wouldn’t technically be breaking a direct order, just defying a suggestion. Izuku never ordered him to behave, just stated that he should . It’s his own fault for failing to put a strong enough bind on the rule, really. It’s well within Katsuki’s power to take advantage of that weakness.

It only helps that all of the boy’s rules are weak- the only orders that truly hold binding strength are the ones that protect human lives. Katsuki only followed the other rules because he had no real reason not to, Izuku’s will to hold these minor rules was never truly strong enough to bind him.

The teacher leaves, signaling the short break before the next class. Izuku relaxes back in his chair, refuses to look at Katsuki.

Fuck it. The demon thinks, and adjusts in his seat, leaning further forward over his desk. The class seems sufficiently distracted with their miscellaneous chatter. Katsuki smirks to himself, before licking a soft swipe around the shell of Izuku’s ear. The boy squeaks, startled.

“Kacchan, we can’t. We’re in the middle of class!” Izuku says, hushed. Katsuki’s hands creep over the boy’s shoulders, digs his claws teasingly into the fabric covering Izuku’s chest.

“Don’t care. Hungry.” The hot breath of his words puffs over the side of Izuku’s face and his arousal spikes. He drags a fang around Izuku’s ear, nibbles on the lobe. The boy tries to move away but Katsuki easily pins him to the back of the chair, claws digging threateningly into his chest.

“Kacchan- s-seriously-” Izuku’s voice shudders and Katsuki leans a bit farther forward, nipping lightly at the boy’s jaw, his neck. Izuku chokes, bites back a sound and Katsuki probes farther, holding the boy down.

The next teacher walks in and Katsuki refuses to move, despite Izuku’s protests. It could certainly be worse for him, Katsuki could have gone with his original plan after all. At least he’s putting in a slight amount of effort to be subtle. Izuku can give in and take Katsuki somewhere to feed, or he can continue to be stubborn and risk the demon’s impulsive and impatient nature.

Katsuki is sucking lightly at Izuku’s neck when he feels eyes on him. He lifts his head and sweeps the room. The teacher is facing the board, oblivious. Most of the class is either looking forward or drowsing, but one boy is staring right at him. Katsuki bares his fangs at the bastard, but he doesn’t look away- just stares, with his dumb heterochromatic eyes and stupid looking hair. His ugly face is souring my meal. Katsuki can feel traces of interest coming from the fucker, aimed at his Izuku. That won’t fly. Katsuki looks the half-n-half dumbass in the eye, twists his face into a snarl, and drags his claws possessively up Izuku’s chest.

Mine. Katsuki’s eyes scream, and the boy flushes and looks down. That’s what I fucking thought-

Izuku stands up abruptly, jostling Katsuki’s desk. The demon startles, as does most of the class, and the teacher turns to assess the disturbance. Izuku is bright red in the face and stuttering. Katsuki leans back in his chair and plays it cool.

“U-u-m m-may I use the restroom, p-please, sensei?” Fuck yes. Katsuki’s face curls into a victorious smirk as the teacher grants Izuku’s request. He follows the boy out of the room, hands stuffed in his pockets. Mineta, the perverted little fuck, lets out a wolf whistle as they near the door. A couple of the students snicker and Katsuki just leaves them with a dangerous smile.




Izuku’s dick is caught at a confused half-mast as he leads Katsuki down the empty hallway. On the one hand, after their makeup last night, Izuku is feeling considerably better about Katsuki- about himself- and about their relationship in general. He thinks they might have come to an understanding- that their relationship may be changing for the better.

On the other- who would Izuku be if he couldn’t find something to worry about? Doubts still hang heavy in his chest- unorganized in their logic or necessity.

Izuku looks back at Katsuki and he gives this wicked, fiery grin and- it helps. Katsuki wants this.

Izuku gives a little smile back, grabs the demon’s hand, and pulls him into the bathroom- walks towards the handicapped stall at the back. He holds the door open, ushers Katsuki in, steps in after him. Locks the flimsy door. All the other stalls are empty.


He still feels unnecessarily nervous every time this happens. He thinks he ought to have gotten used to it by now. (He wonders if he should be prepared for something very different to happen this time.)

Katsuki doesn’t give him time to overthink. The demon backs him promptly against the wall and Izuku hopes it’s not too dirty, but the demon doesn’t waste time, and pins him down with a ravenous kiss, to which Izuku flushes and forgets immediately about any concern he may have had.

Katsuki’s kiss is unrelenting- Izuku struggles to catch breaths when he can, fingers tangled in the demon’s hair. He wonders, distantly, when he got so good at it.

Izuku squeaks as Katsuki lifts him by the back of his thighs, pushes a knee up between his legs. The demon releases his swollen lips and nibbles down his neck, releasing a low growl. Izuku takes deep breaths, clutching with one hand at the back of the demon’s head, and at the large spike on his shoulder with the other, for balance. Izuku doesn’t have the coherency to protest as Katsuki sucks several large marks onto his neck- too busy being driven wild by the clawed hand that had slipped up his shirt to drag careful lines down his side.

“Hey, Deku.” Katsuki purrs against his neck, and Izuku makes a vague sound of question. “M’ gonna suck your cock.” He whispers it, dark and gravelly, lips against Izuku’s ear. The boy shudders, letting out a small noise.

The demon sets him back on his feet and Izuku’s weak legs tremble under the weight of him. He watches, eyes wide, as Katsuki drops to his knees and confidently shoves his face into Izuku’s crotch. Izuku’s fingers grasp at the wall for purchase as the demon takes a deep breath in, bright eyes rolling back. The demon shivers, breathes, runs his large hands up Izuku’s thighs, copying the motions Izuku has used on him- the gentle circles that Izuku presses into his own velvety thighs.

“You smell fucking good Deku- fuck I’m hungry.” Katsuki’s voice is low as he pulls his head back, looks up at Izuku. The boy is bright red and shaking, overwhelmed by this confident, hunger-crazed Katsuki. Izuku didn’t even know that the demon understood sex beyond what they’d done, wonders where on earth he learned.

Katsuki clumsily pops the button on Izuku’s pants, tugs the zipper down. He runs the smooth curve of a claw up the underside of his dick through his underwear- tentative, curious- and Izuku fights back a sound as Katsuki pulls the underwear down too. He fights to keep his breathing measured- doing this here, now, it’s a dangerous game.

A rough, careful hand curls around the base of his dick, guides it away from his torso. Katsuki leans in, long tongue lolling out of his mouth to lick a bold stripe up the underside of Izuku’s dick. His thick horns jab lightly at Izuku’s belly and he rests a soft, cautious hand on the demon’s head.

Katsuki’s licks are short and measured, his eyes pin Izuku to the wall from below his light bangs. It’s a cruel tease, the gentle rasp of his tongue over Izuku’s hot skin. Katsuki leaves wet streaks that dry under his heavy breath and it’s not nearly enough- Izuku’s hand moves nearly of it’s own accord.

Katsuki pins his hand to his hip, sends a dark glare his way.. "Fuck you, no, I’m doing it."

Arousal bubbles in his gut and Izuku has to clamp his jaw shut over the desperate whine that wants to slip from this throat- his flush is bright and relentless.

Katsuki looks up because he knows, he can sense it, and something about knowing that makes Izuku’s arousal even heavier-

Or maybe it’s the errant little smile that Katsuki flashes up- Izuku doesn’t know what to do with this image of the demon- with his dangerous claws curled gently around izuku’s shaft, his lips curled up in a victorious little smile so very close to his head- close enough that Izuku can feel his halting, cricket-like purr in the air on his breath. He gives another teasing little lick.

"It tastes way less gross than whatever shit I put in my mouth before," Katsuki muses. "Still kinda salty though."

Izuku whimpers. "Please don’t talk about the taste. Please. That’s so weird."

"Shut up."

He nips izuku’s hip bone and he jumps, and so does his dick, because gosh, teeth-- “Uhm, you know about the whole like, no teeth on dicks thing, right, because I'm not sure how much you know about this, I didn’t even know you knew about this-- "

Katsuki bites him again, to shut him up probably, but it just pulls another breathy little gasp out of his lungs."Yeah, like it’s not total common sense to keep sharp objects away from the most sensitive part of your body. And yet- here you are, definitely getting all hot and bothered thinking about my teeth this close to your dick."

And then Katsuki takes the tip of his dick in his mouth, red lips wrapped around his shaft just under the head, tongue pressed flat.

And then he looks up at him, glowing red eyes under blonde spiky locks, and sneers around his cock- curling up his lip to flash his fangs. Izuku’s dick is pillowed oh so nicely on Katsuki’s bright red tongue- with all of these gleaming, serrated teeth lined up over top of it.

It looks like a particularly phallic parody of a guillotine.

Katsuki is actually evil. Izuku wonders what about summoning a corporeal demon managed to twist his libido so far that he finds this whole situation so terrifyingly hot.

"Oh gosh," he mutters as his dick pulses.

Katsuki wraps his lips around him again, and laughs a little. Izuku's eyes close without his consent. He doesn’t think he can handle watching.

Izuku wants to say something, wants to suggest, to ask- but he doesn’t want to take this away from Katsuki, he doesn’t want to take control.

Katsuki is sucking on his dick, he’s doing it of his own volition, because he wants to, and there’s that something again, and it’s bubbling up all uninhibited in Izuku’s chest, along with the arousal, just from knowing that. The demon is going slow and shallow- more focused on the technicalities of the act than getting Izuku off, and he loves it, really.

But he also wants to get off.

Izuku whines, he can’t help it, he needs more. His hips twitch, barely restrained, trying to roll, and Izuku’s head falls back to hit the wall. Then Katsuki’s hand tightens, moves up and down in careful halves of an inch– and the skin on his palm is rough and calloused and so, so good-

Someone walks by outside. Izuku stills, eyes flying open, but they don’t walk in and the relief is so palpable that he almost loses the little stability left in his knees. His sudden, full body sag against the wall pushes his cock a little deeper into Katsuki’s mouth than the demon was expecting, and he gags a little, and a tooth scrapes oh so slightly against Izuku’s head.

Katsuki pulls off to lick gently at the spot and Izuku considers for a moment asking the demon to dig his teeth in on purpose, just a little, just a hint at painful-

But Katsuki swallows him back down and Izuku doesn’t have the confidence anyway, and he doesn’t want to think about what’s wrong with his nervous system.

Katsuki’s mouth feels so good on him but he’s still too slow, too careful, Izuku needs more if he ever wants to get off and god does he want to get off- but he can’t do anything, he can’t guide Katsuki’s head- and he’s fine with it really, but damn if it’s not torturous.

“I- I need-- Kacchan please-” he can’t help but ask, even if he can’t put his wants into words, and he just looks down at the demon, eyes begging, desperate and utterly ruined- He mimes an up-and-down motion with his hand, trying to somehow get his point across.

Katsuki draws out his next pass, sucks long and hard, and pulls off at the end with this sadistic little smirk on his face.

“What if I just. Didn’t?” Katsuki asks, wet lips pressed to his dick, smiling like Izuku’s desperation is prime entertainment for him, and Izuku is definitely getting off on that cruelty- why, he can’t say.

But Katsuki takes pity on him, he supposes, because after that he starts to suck him off properly, or at least as well as he can. He bobs his head with a purpose and occasionally gags when he goes too deep but for Izuku it’s perfect, he could never ask for anything better, because this is honestly the best.

Izuku's pleasure crests all too quickly and he’s choking on how good it feels,  fingers forced apart so he won't tear off a fistful of blonde hair as the rest of him clenches through the height of his orgasm.

It takes him half a minute, and the realization that his dick is wet and cold, to blink his eyes open and wince. "Oh no, sorry, I forgot to warn you-"

Katsuki is grimacing as he swallows awkwardly, sticking out his tongue with disgruntled disgust, but he spares the time to roll his eyes at him. "I can feel your pleasure, shitnerd, if I couldn't tell when you're about to blow by now I’d just let myself out."

“Um.” He doesn’t even know how to respond to that, really. He tucks himself back in, still reeling.

Katsuki stands up, stretches, gives a contented trill.

Then, because that’s just Izuku’s terrible luck, someone walks in. He tenses, but it’s inevitable they’ll be noticed, their feet aren’t exactly hidden behind the elevated stall door. Katsuki looks pleased with himself, and Izuku can tell the demon is eyeing up the myriad of hickeys he left all over Izuku’s neck. Izuku gives a despairing sigh, and just walks out. Katsuki trails behind him.

The other person closed himself into his own stall without taking notice, to Izuku’s relief. He stops in front of the mirror and drags an exhausted hand down his face. He’s getting second hand embarrassment for the him of the future, ugh, there’s no way he will be able to hide this mess.

“Goddamn it Kacchan, was all this really necessary?” He gives the demon a withering glance, to which he just slides up behind Izuku, setting possessive hands on his waist.

“Well it wouldn’t be, shitty Deku, if all of your asshole classmates weren’t eyeing you up every other second. It’s time I made it clear precisely who owns your ass.” Izuku flushes, fidgets with his mussed up hair and clothes, but doesn’t move out of Katsuki’s hold.

The other boy flushes and leaves his stall, moving towards the sink. Izuku prays he won’t try to make awkward small talk, because Izuku doesn’t yet have the courage to leave the bathroom, but he also doesn’t really want to explain himself to a stranger.

“You in the heroics department?” The boy asks. Izuku flicks his eyes his way. He’s got this wild head of purple hair and deep bags under his eyes. He reminds Izuku vaguely of Shiso.

“Yeah.” The boy frowns, looking vaguely frustrated, and Izuku doesn’t know why.

“So what class did you deem unimportant enough to skip for fucking around in the bathroom?” Shiso stirs, in the back of his head. Izuku turns to the boy, frowning. The content of his question isn’t addressed by Izuku, who through Shiso can sense a strange sort of power rooted in the question. His gut says the first one must have too, but it was weak enough that It couldn’t get past Shiso’s natural barrier.

“What’re you trying to do to my head?” Izuku asks, and his response triggers the resting power to be released. Shiso throws up a defense, pushing the boy easily out of his head. “It’s not going to work, I’m defended. That certainly is an interesting quirk though, is it some sort of brainwashing? Mindreading? What were you even using it for, I haven’t done anything that unusual--” Izuku stutters to a stop, the weight of the fact that he just skipped nearly all of History to fuck around in the bathroom. Gosh, he is giving this school a horrible impression, he’s not usually this bad at being a student, he swears-

“Sorry I just-” effectively caught with his hands in the cookie jar, the boy flushes bright red and scurries out of the bathroom. That was...odd? Izuku wonders even more now what the boy had intended to find out using that power of his.

Izuku looks back to the mirror,  tries and fails to make it look like he wasn’t just sucked off in the bathroom one last time. Katsuki is still holding him around the middle, but he’s frowning now, brows furrowed. Izuku doesn’t really want to know. With a final sigh and a deep-rooted fear of his fate upon returning to the classroom, Izuku leaves the bathroom.

Katsuki tangles a lazy hand with Izuku’s, and whether or not he’s just being possessive, it makes Izuku happy.

Chapter Text

Shinsou Hitoshi had really not expected to screw up his first impression that badly. He was tired, curious, and needed to be back to class. It should have been easy, ask the kid a question, brainwash him into answering his real question so he didn’t have to deal with an awkward, drawn out conversation, and leave, hopefully never to have to talk to him again.

He recognized the boy and his… boyfriend? From the entrance exam, he had seen them together then. He just wanted to know precisely what that kid did in there to break the school record so wildly, and come out of it hardly even tired.

But he’s far from a social butterfly, he didn’t want to have an awkward, stilted conversation with the kid, especially with such a good idea of what he had been doing just before. Shinsou really wasn’t in the mood for that.

The demonic looking boyfriend was easy enough to catch, his response being the sharpest, deadliest glare Shinsou had ever seen- enough for Shinsou to catch and silence him without even diverting the other boy’s attention.

Not that it should have mattered, Shinsou had easily brainwashed two people with the same question, so why was the green haired boy still awake? Shinsou frowned.

Apparently, fate was just not having it with him today. He asked another question, this one a bit more direct with the hope of getting a stronger response, but he had been pushed out completely and locked out by something unnamed within the boy’s mind. After being completely called out on his attempts, Shinsou flushed and bailed- how embarrassing! He was aware that it’s a breach of privacy to use his power for little things like this but- he was having a bad day! It probably would have saved the kid some embarrassment himself-

Fuck. What a horrible first impression to make with the top student in the whole grade. Shinsou hadn’t meant any harm but- he didn’t even stay long enough to explain himself. The kid probably thinks he intended to mug him or something- hell.

With a heaving sigh and a curse at the universe for hating him so, Shinsou accepts the fact that he’s added another name to the long laundry list of people that either hate him or don’t trust him. Why he keeps walking himself into these situations is beyond him, he’ll never make it to the heroics department at this rate. He needs to get his life together, damn.

Rubbing tiredly at his face, Shinsou returns to class.




When Ochako found out that Bakugou was Midoriya’s familiar, rather than abusive boyfriend, she had been immeasurably relieved and quite a bit embarrassed. It had been a pretty extreme conclusion to jump to, she will admit, and knowing the real nature of their relationship made the odd power imbalance make quite a bit more sense.

She had assumed, then, that Bakugou’s handsy possessiveness of Midoriya was just a combination of his natural temper and some innate need to protect, that makes sense, right? Obviously, there’s no way they’re actually together, right? How could a relationship work between them, with one bound and required to follow the orders of the other? It wouldn’t be healthy. There’s no way.

Ochako should have learned after the first time, what an ass she would make of herself by assuming something about those two again . She watches, surprised, from across the room as Bakugou holds Midoriya back in his seat, teases with teeth at the boy’s neck. He’s not that obvious about it, really, it’s not disruptive, Ochako wouldn’t have even noticed if she hadn’t been looking.

The only other person watching is Todoroki, who has a strange intent look on his face. Ochako… doesn’t really want to know what’s going on there.

When Midoriya pushes himself up, flustered, and asks to leave for the bathroom, Ochako isn’t at all surprised at the fact that Bakugou follows him. Any students who are, however, are left with no doubts as to what precisely is about to happen between the two of them when Bakugou flashes a dangerous, victorious smile.

Goodness, he’s not even trying to hide it- Ochako thinks, in a way managing to be embarrassed for him.

And once again, Ochako is left terribly thrown off as to the precise state of their relationship.

Something about Midoriya Izuku makes Ochako worry, just incessantly. He’s such a good person inside, she can tell, but she can also tell that he’s struggling with a whole mess of issues, and Bakugou was just one of them. Looking back over the past couple days, Ochako simply doesn’t understand enough to help, yet.

All she really knows is that she needs to. Midoriya is such a sweet person, yet he seems to have no idea how to behave around her or Iida, like he’s never had real friends before. When he speaks to her he rarely looks her in the eye, sometimes will look at something or someone completely unrelated to the conversation. It’s like he’s spent some unmeasurable amount of time speaking to someone who he can’t see, rather than people he can.

Ochako knows about his other demons, Shiso and Levy, who he speaks fondly of, and the apparently free-natured Van-Mey, who he seems to hold a sort of affectionate disdain for. Has he had friends, other than them, before? Something in Ochako believes the answer is no.

Then there’s the episode yesterday. She remembers how Bakugou was acting, docile and quiet, and she remembers wondering what changed. What stands out the most in her memory, however, is the explanation she overheard from what was apparently Shiso, who had taken over Izuku’s body momentarily.

The demon had explained about Midoriya’s poor mental health, his precarious relationship with his familiar. He only ever wanted the demon to have his own freedom- Ochako wonders precisely how close to slavery their contract stands. It’s no wonder he’s not coping, really. She had never imagined that the two could be involved sexually, knowing that their relationship is so unstable as it is. Not to mention, they’d only known each other for a few weeks, if what Shiso said is true.

Ochako wonders if she should try to meddle, if it will even do any good. She’s observant and concerned but she isn’t a relationship therapist. She just wants to be a good friend, it’s clear that Midoriya would do well with one.

In the end, as concerned as she is, she doesn’t want to force anything. She will make it clear that he can come to her if he ever needs to talk, but beyond that, it’s up to him. Ochako intends to support him as best she can- but that’s all she can do.

Midoriya Izuku deserves a good friend, and Ochako intends to be that friend.




Aizawa Shouta sits in the teacher break room and has a good long think about things that he hasn’t taken the time to think about in a very long time. Now… probably isn’t the best time for this, he has actual teacher-related things to do while he’s in here, but sometimes, the mind wanders.

He thinks about a woman. One that he knew a long time ago, one that he would have considered a friend, once. Her name was Ishimaru Toya, and she, like Midoriya Izuku, was a demon summoner.

There is no comparison between the two, however. Of that, Shouta is now sure. The Toya that he knew was a mistress- and the demons she summoned were her pawns.

He regrets, immensely, allowing his preconceived notions and experiences with demons bias his opinion of Midoriya Izuku- his opinion of Bakugou Katsuki. Whether Toya or Izuku is the outlier, he isn’t sure, but he made a mistake judging the student so early, just because of his old issues with her.

Toya’s demons had been animals, in every sense of the word. Tame beasts she had broken to her will, to do her bidding. If they had human-like intelligence, no one would have ever known, because they didn’t speak- only growled and snapped at ankles.

At the time, Shouta hadn’t seen anything wrong with it, had figured that was just… how it was. He’d never seen a quirk like that before, had no way of knowing whether her ways were cruel or just natural.

When he first saw Midoriya and his demon, Shouta hadn’t registered the connection. It wasn’t until their first class day that he realized what the boy was, and all of the negative memories he had repressed bubbled up.

Ishimaru Toya had been a high school classmate- an aspiring hero just like him. But she was always a little unstable. She was strong willed, once- determined to do good and help people- but the longer he knew her, the more he came to realize that she was falling apart at the seams. He wanted to help her, to be there for her, but she refused to talk to him- refused to tell him what was tormenting her.

He should have seen it coming. She went crazy, for lack of a better word. He was with her when she finally snapped- when they put her in a straightjacket and dragged her away.

When they put down the ‘mutts.’

The things she did- the things she said- that day, and so many days before, he had repressed them- too betrayed and upset to be able to handle the memories.

He never wanted to think of Ishimaru Toya again. He has no idea what became of her- hasn’t heard of her since, and that’s the way he prefers it.

When he realized what Izuku Midoriya was- all of the things he’d vowed never to think about again came rushing back. He reacted impulsively- childishly- practically forcing the student to treat his demon the way Toya would have, without considering the possibility that he might be nothing like her.

Without considering the possibility that the demon might have humanity.

Toshinori made quick work of correcting him- and though he still thinks Midoriya could have handled the issue more maturely- he admits that he could have as well. He made a mistake, and a student was hurt because of it.

That is unacceptable. The past is the past, and Midoriya is not only his pupil, but a good kid with good intentions. He’s nothing like her.

Shouta knows things about demons and their masters that other teachers won’t. He may have been hurt by her in the end- but Toya taught him a lot about demons while she was around. She did so love to brag.

It’s his duty to be there for Midoriya, to help him along when he gets into situations other teachers may not understand. He can’t let his issues from the past get in the way of his duty as a UA teacher.

“Shouta?” Aizawa snaps out of his thoughts and looks up. Ken Ishiyama, otherwise known as Cementoss, addresses him with a look of concern and mild disappointment on his face.

“What is it?” He responds.

“Its about Midoriya Izuku… he left for the bathroom with his… familiar? In tow at the beginning of my class and didn’t return until the very end. And when he came back he was, well. Covered in hickeys, to be blunt. I figured as his homeroom teacher it’d be best to have you address this… Issue with him.” Aizawa gives a heavy sigh and rubs the bridge of his nose.

“I’ll handle it. Thank you for bringing the issue to me, Ishiyama.” Ishiyama nods and lets him be, moving to address whatever else he needed to within the staff room.

Aizawa knew this was coming. Once he got past his issues, his first concern about Midoriya was whether his demon had the same… dietary needs as Toya’s did.

He supposes this means he does.

Grimacing, Aizawa prepares himself for that… talk. Maybe he can just. Put it off a little while. Or something.




They return just as the teacher is packing up for the end of class. Izuku’s shoulders are hiked up around his ears, his head ducked, as he walks Katsuki quickly back to their seats. The teacher gives him a disappointed look as he passes and it hits Izuku like an arrow in the chest, but he supposes it couldn’t have been helped.

He sits down at his desk and frets quietly over his meagre notes for the period. Katsuki, in the desk behind him, sprawls in his chair and shuts his eyes for a snooze.

The rest of the morning’s classes pass without incident, to Izuku’s relief. Soon enough the class is packing up their things for lunch.

“Hey, Kacchan, wake up, it’s lunch time.” Izuku reaches back and prods gently at the demon’s face with a finger. The demon grumbles, blinking sleep out of his eyes, as Uraraka and Iida arrive at Izuku’s desk.

“Midoriya-kun! Are you ready to- oh my.” Iida blinks owlishly and Izuku flushes bright red, slapping his hands over his neck.

“What- um. Happened?” Iida asks, and Uraraka covers her mouth, trying not to laugh. Iida was seriously paying so much attention to the lesson that he didn’t pick up on the very obvious hints...?

Katsuki sits up, smirking. “Whadda ya think? Deku looks pretty good covered in my marks.” Iida looks scandalized as Katsuki’s grin turns downright feral.

“Miss me with that gay shit,” Mineta comments as he walks by, and Izuku wonders if one can spontaneously combust out of embarrassment. That would be a pretty good option right now. Uraraka places a supportive hand on his shoulder.

“It’s alright, Midoriya-kun! let’s just not talk about it and go to lunch, okay?” Izuku nods, giving her a grateful smile.

The lunchroom is very crowded.

Katsuki is making it very obvious how much he doesn’t like it. The last time he walked in here with Izuku he had been just as uncomfortable, but under a self-inflicted vow to keep silent. He’s under no such vow now, and he is very not about these crowds.

“Why’s there so goddamn many people in here, Deku?” Katsuki growls, frowning, hovering close behind Izuku and pinching his uniform jacket in his fingers.

“All of the classes from the general, support, management, and hero departments have lunch at the same time,” Izuku states, scanning the room for an empty table at which their group can sit. Katsuki frowns, but follows Izuku’s lead and looks around too.

“Still, it seems busier today than it was yesterday. Or maybe it’s just me.” Uraraka adds, giving Katsuki a small comforting smile. He sneers at her, confused. She sighs.

Across the room he can see the back of Hair-for-Brains’ bright red head, and the table he’s sitting at is empty besides the Pink girl, Dumb Pikachu, and Tape. There’s easily enough room for Katsuki, Izuku, and the other two, so he takes hold of Izuku’s hand and drags him over there.

“Hey, Shitty Hair, we’re gonna sit here.” Katsuki announces as he stomps up, daring him to say something about it. Kirishima looks up with a wide grin on his face.

“Bakugou-kun! Hell yeah you can sit here, there’s plenty of room!” Katsuki plops down in the seat next to Kirishima and shoves Izuku into the one on his other side, leaving Iida and Uraraka to go around to the other side of the table. The two groups exchange greetings and Katsuki ignores them in favor of rifling through Izuku’s backpack for his lunch. Izuku chose to try Lunch Rush’s food today, so he wanders off to the lunch line, Uraraka and Iida on his heels. Katsuki pulls his legs up into his chair and huddles over his meal, pouting slightly. What does that shitty Deku have against the Old Hag’s cooking? In Katsuki’s opinion, her food is the only food worth eating.

Mostly because she makes it so spicy that he’s the only one who can comfortably consume it, just the way he likes it, and doesn’t bat an eye.

He’s also a little peeved Izuku left him alone in this loud, constantly moving crowd, even if he is with other people he knows well enough. He tucks his feet up under his body so he’s perched like an odd bird in his chair and eats his food silently.

“Hey Bakugou-kun, what’s that you’ve got for lunch?” Kaminari asks, and Katsuki’s head snaps up, protective growl bubbling in the back of his throat.

“Not fucking yours, assbitch.” Katsuki snaps, eyes narrow. This food is his!

“Awe don’t be like that Bakugou-kun, it looks really spicy! I’m a connoisseur of spicy food myself, I’ll give you a bite of mine for a bite of yours.” Kirishima butts in, and the only thing that stops him from tearing the bastard’s throat out right then and there for threatening his meal is the quiet Izuku-like voice in the back of his head that reminds him that human society doesn’t work like yours, he doesn’t mean any harm, you don’t need to be so obnoxiously territorial.

Katsuki reigns in his impulse-rage and sends a thoughtful look towards Kirishima’s plate. It doesn’t look nearly as tasty as his, but he supposes that it… wouldn’t hurt to try? Besides, it’d be funny to watch him flip out when he can’t take the heat. Izuku has learned his lesson, and ever since the egg incident hasn’t dared touch Katsuki’s food. It’s a convenient defense. He supposes he will just have to show these bastards precisely why his food is so off-limits for these weak humans.

“Fucking fine. Don’t come crying to me when you end up foaming at the mouth though.” Katsuki picks out a sauce-drenched pepper and drops it unceremoniously on Kirishima’s plate. He scoffs, apparently believing there’s no way it could possibly be that hot, and Katsuki feels a sadistic smirk curl his lips.

Izuku comes back just as Kirishima starts screaming. He’s physically as red as his hair, he’s sweating, crying- he’s the biggest human mess Katsuki has ever seen. Kaminari, Sero, and Ashido are all unashamedly laughing their asses off, and Katsuki has the widest grin on his face.

“Uh, Kacchan, what happened..?” Izuku asks as he sits down, looking on in concern.

“This fucktard wanted to try my food.” Katsuki replies. Izuku blanches, putting a hand over his mouth.

“Oh dear.” All seven of them stare at Kirishima with expressions ranging from concern to humor as he slowly calms down. The entire ordeal is honestly the best thing Katsuki has ever borne witness too. When he’s finally back to a normal color, Katsuki speaks.

“Alright, you got what you wanted. Pay up, asshole.” Kirishima gives him an incredulous look.

“Dude, I was in for spicy food, that shit was hellfire . How can you even eat that? No way I’m giving up my own food now, I have to have something to wash it down with!” Izuku, who was half-heartedly listening to their banter while chatting with Uraraka and Iida, looks over with a terrified look in his eyes.

Katsuki’s grin drops. In an instant, he’s standing over Kirishima, clawed hand wrapped around his throat. It’s intentionally just tight enough to get a point across, and just loose enough to not injure the redhead in the long run. Kirishima’s skin hardens instinctually, but Katsuki only tightens his grip in response, digging his claws into the ridges, a loud, dark growl bubbling up through his bared teeth.

“Do you intend to go back on your word, you disgusting human scum?” Sure, to an onlooker, Katsuki might have been overreacting. But as much as he was growing to accept the intricacies of human society, he was still, at heart, a demon.

Demons make deals. That’s how they work- no matter how silly or insignificant, a demon will always, always , see a deal through to the end. You never, ever , break your end of a bargain with a demon.

In return, they will keep their side, no matter how unbalanced the agreement, no matter how extreme the job.

That is the root of a demon’s existence. To come to an agreement. To give, and in turn, to receive.

“Katsuki! Release him!” Izuku shouts, panicked. Katsuki flinches back, letting go of Kirishima against his better judgement. His bond with Izuku is stronger than his will to defend the deal. Before he can react at all however, a soothing calm washes over him, leaving his mind clouded and blank. He plops back into his chair and sits, silent, staring into the middle distance.

Izuku gives a heaving sigh of relief, having managed, with Shiso’s help, to placate Katsuki. He would be right back to his volatile self as soon as Shiso’s influence is removed, but Izuku needs to explain some things first.

“Oh my god Kirishima-kun, I am so sorry-” Izuku bows frantically, apologetic, and Kirishima just looks really shocked.

“What- what happened? Why’d he--” Kirishima frowns in confusion at Katsuki. Kaminari, Ashido, and Sero look on, concerned. Uraraka has a hand over her mouth in shock, and Iida looks like he’s considering fetching a teacher.

“Kirishima- actually, everyone, I would appreciate if you’d let me explain.” They all nod, and Izuku takes a deep breath. “Look, I really, really appreciate how all of you treat Katsuki so well, and I think he appreciates it too, but no matter how many people choose to respect his humanity, he’s never going to stop being a demon at heart. I know it’s mostly my fault, I failed to warn you- but Katsuki doesn’t think the same way we do- his mindset is different. Demon society is nothing like ours, and Katsuki is trying to adjust, but some things are so deeply ingrained that they likely won’t ever change.

“Demons’ values have different priorities, and at the root of it their existences revolve around bargains- they value the settling of a score above all else. I know it seems like he freaked out for no reason, but I knew as soon as you said that- you can’t break a deal with him. He’s volatile at the best of times, but his nature requires that he see every deal through to the end.

“Everyone, I know that was probably scary to see, but I swear Katsuki wouldn’t have genuinely hurt you- his contract with me requires he doesn’t harm any innocents. Please, for me, don’t treat him any differently because of this outburst, he has good in him, I know it- he doesn’t deserve to be treated like a lesser being.” Izuku bows at a perfect 90 degree angle, desperate to know that these tentative companions of Katsuki won’t abandon him.

To his utter joy and relief, they immediately reassure him.

“Oh no- Midoriya-kun, It’s my fault- I was ignorant- I should have learned more about his values before I backed out on a deal like that, I should have asked or- I should have taken the differences between us into account-” Izuku’s smile is so wide his face hurts. Katsuki, in a matter of days, has managed to tentatively befriend such good people who care so much about him. It makes Izuku’s heart swell with pride and joy. After Kirishima expresses his regrets, Kaminari, Ashido, and Sero thank him for explaining and promise to respect Katsuki’s values in the future as well. Uraraka and Iida express similar sentiments. Kirishima asks if Katsuki could be convinced to listen to his apology.

Izuku turns to Katsuki, cradles his face in his hands. He’s unresponsive, blank-faced. It makes Izuku uncomfortable, reminds him too much of the day before, but as Shiso slowly tapers off the flow of artificial calm, life returns to his eyes. Katsuki’s eyes narrow, and a growl bubbles up in his throat immediately.

“Kacchan.” Katsuki tears his glare from Kirishima, turns it onto Izuku. When he registers Izuku’s face, his relentless smile, his growl falters, his eyebrows twitch- confused. “Kacchan. Please hear Kirishima-kun out- he wants to apologize.” Katsuki’s growl cuts off, and Izuku lets him go, watching carefully from the sidelines.

“Bakugou-kun! I’m really sorry for offending you! I didn’t think of the possible differences between our values before saying that- you can absolutely have whatever you want from my plate in return!” Katsuki’s eyebrows raise to his hairline. He hates to admit it but- his respect for Kirishima has solidified. Kirishima has shown that he respects Katsuki- not only as a person, as an equal- but as a demon too.

It’s a respect he’s only seen snippets of- a respect that Izuku tries to give him- but one that he wavers on. (Katsuki forgave him. He know’s it’s difficult for the kind-hearted boy to take the control he has earned. Katsuki has learned to accept the freedom he’s been given instead. It’s a silent bargain- but a fair one.)

“Though I have to say, the way you defended the deal with no fear was really Manly!” Kirishima adds, and Katsuki lets slip the smallest of smiles. He snags a miscellaneous piece of meat off of Kirishima’s plate.

“You’re alright, hair-for-brains.” He admits, gruffly. He gives Kirishima a soft cuff to the side of his head and an affectionate headbutt, before turning back to his own meal- seeing the issue resolved. Kirishima laughs and turns to his own food, and friendly chatter starts up between the group once again.

Izuku stands off to the side, dumbfounded. Kirishima- in such a short amount of time- has managed to earn the trust and respect from Katsuki that took Izuku weeks to gain. He did it so easily-... Izuku pauses in his tracks. Is this… jealousy?

“Midoriya-kun?” Uraraka calls out to him, concerned. Katsuki also turns to look at him, frowning.

“What’re you standing over there for, shitnerd? Come eat this food you went through all the trouble to buy- stop standing there like an idiot.” Katsuki’s voice isn’t like Izuku would expect- its soft, comforting, like the demon can tell Izuku’s heart is hurting. Katsuki manually drags him back to his seat, before sliding up next to him and throwing an arm around his shoulder.

He doesn’t say anything, but Izuku knows what it means. You come first.

Smiling softly, Izuku digs into his meal, and lunch resumes as normal. The chatter amongst the whole group is companionable- Ashido talks some about a breakdancing class she wants to attend outside of school hours, and Iida explains that his older brother is a well-known hero that he’s always looked up to. Katsuki makes brash comments and everyone laughs. Izuku is content.

Then, the alarm blares.

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The body of students swells like a wave- in a state of panic. This is UA! Who managed to break into UA?? The evacuation is disorganized, and Katsuki clings to Izuku, eyes wide and fangs bared at the chaotic mass of bodies. People push and shove and touch and Katsuki doesn’t want to be touched by these people, these strangers, the crowd is too much.

Izuku does his best to guide him through, but it’s ineffective. He’s so small in the crowd, so insignificant- a creaking twig that’s the only thing between Katsuki and falling. Izuku’s eyes are wide and worried- he tries to speak but Katsuki can’t hear him. He can’t hear anything at all over the shouts- it’s a roar in his ears.

He can’t act. He can’t break away without hurting anyone, he can’t escape.

It feels like an eternity before the crowd calms- begins filing out in an orderly fashion. Some distant part of him recognizes Iida- friend- calming the crowd, directing the traffic. People keep brushing against him and he snaps, growls- Izuku squeezes his hand and pulls him forward.

Eventually, they make it out of the building, and Izuku drags him out of the crowd. Its quieter but Katsuki is still tense, twitchy- snapping at the gentle breeze- a dull rumble steady in the back of his throat. He’s fallen to all fours, the spikes on his spine angled up and out, posture defensive.

“...-an. Kacchan.” Izuku is kneeling in front of him- close but not touching. He looks up at Katsuki with wide, concerned eyes. Katsuki’s own flick around- assessing the area, searching for threats. “Kacchan, look at me.” His eyes snap up. Izuku’s hands cradle his face, gentle- his thumbs rub soft strokes over his cheeks. Katsuki focuses on this, lets the rest of the world fall away.

All he needs is Izuku. Izuku has the power- Izuku is in control. Trust Izuku , the deepest most central part of him says, and it’s so easy to let go.

His breathing calms, the growl in his chest slowly peters out and the rushing fades from his ears.

“Kacchan. Are you with me?” Katsuki focuses back in, blinks a few times.

“I-- yeah. Yeah.” He shakes off the discomfort, settles back into a stable reality. He leans forward and rests his head against Izuku’s, and they breathe together, just for a moment.




The trip back to the classrooms leaves the students in an excited chatter. Izuku and Uraraka both compliment Iida on his successful management of the crowd and express their excitement for him as class representative. Katsuki keeps his fingers tangled with Izuku’s but doesn’t bring attention to it- behaving just as rancorously as he usually tends to.

Things are good. Better than Izuku thinks they’ve ever been. Izuku is content and Katsuki looks- well- about as content as he gets besides just after eating. There’s no guilt bubbling in the pit of Izuku’s stomach- no anxious murmur in the back of his head. Katsuki is being himself and earning the trust and respect of his classmates and Izuku feels so much lighter- he can’t keep the small smile from creeping up onto his face.

“The hell’s that dumb look for, shitnerd?” Katsuki pokes at Izuku’s cheek and Izuku just laughs- carefree and happy.

Katsuki shakes his head and looks away, and Izuku’s eyes meet Uraraka’s. She smiles back at him and yeah- she understands. Her eyes say I’m happy for you , and Izuku didn’t realize how much he needed that little bit of support until he had it.

A lot had happened in their short first few days of school, and a lot of things are happening still. Izuku supposes this is just the way at UA.




A few surprisingly uneventful class days later, the class finds their seats and Aizawa stands once again at the front.

“Today for your hero training we’re going off campus to work on rescue techniques. Costumes are optional- consider what might get in the way before putting it on. Go ahead and get dressed, then meet me out front for bus pickup. Oh, and Midoriya? Meet me in the hallway momentarily, please.” He leaves once the costume rack is pulled out, and Izuku turns to Katsuki.

“Y-yes Sir! Um, Do you want to wear yours, Kacchan? I know it can be a little tedious to get into, but-”

“I’ll fucking wear it, shitty Deku. But you’d better help me put it on, otherwise it’ll take too damn long again.” Izuku smiles, nodding. He goes to retrieve their respective cases, and Katsuki follows him out to meet with Aizawa. Izuku knows what this is about- he’d been expecting to be told off earlier, honestly. He doesn’t really know why the teacher put it off so long.

“Aizawa-sensei?” Izuku stops there, when Aizawa holds up a hand.

“I assume your disappearance for the entirety of history a few days ago was due to the dietary needs of your demon?” Aizawa asks, and Izuku blinks. He had figured he was going to have to explain- but he just nods. “As I thought.” He sighs, looks down. Izuku… doesn’t know if he should say something.

When he looks up again, Aizawa’s demeanor has changed. He looks exhausted, haunted, more so than he usually does. “Look I- I wanted to apologize. More personally than I did before. I’m- I used to be acquainted with someone whose quirk was a lot like yours. She- well. Her methods were different than yours are, to say the least. I assumed a lot of things about you and Bakugou based on what I knew of her, and that was a mistake.” He pauses, looks between Izuku and Katsuki. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for forcing my biased judgements onto you- both of you. You’re good kids, you don’t deserve that.” Izuku is shocked, but also really relieved. He goes to say something- thank him- but he holds up his hand again.

“That said, as much as I can do to keep the pair of you comfortable here from now on, I cannot condone the engagement of sexual activities on campus. I’m fairly knowledgeable as far as demons and their ways and needs, however, and I’ve taken the time to educate Recovery Girl on what I know. If you can avoid… feeding during school hours that would be best, but in the case of an emergency, the nurse’s office is a safe and judgement free space. Other than that, if you have any problems, any at all, I’ll be here to help you as best I can.”

Izuku passionately thanks the man but he just waves him off, and he and Katsuki head quickly towards the locker rooms. That was surprisingly not horrible. And it looks like Aizawa-sensei finally has our back!


Well wouldja look at that. Something has gone right!


“Awe come on Shiso, I don’t need your sass. You know I love you, but you also know I’ve been really worried about this!” Shiso concedes, and Izuku and Katsuki walk into the changing room. Nobody’s done yet, so he assumes they didn’t take too long talking with Aizawa- they’re not that far behind.

Izuku is really excited to wear his costume again, he hadn’t really been in the state of mind to appreciate it last time- and he hadn’t expected to get the chance to wear it again so soon.

He did remember to bring Van-Mey’s special dice this time though. Since she isn’t always around, she made him a magic dice he can use to access her power in times of desperation- the only problem is, the results can be drastic- whether on the positive or negative end of the scale. He doesn’t have to pay to use the dice because rolling it itself is a gamble- he will either make a bad situation exponentially worse, pull through in a near-impossible way, or anything in between.

The dice is 20-sided- so the chances get pretty wild. Still, he appreciates it- it’s come through for him on at least one occasion, so he likes to keep it on his person when Mey isn’t around- which is, admittedly, most of the time.

Considering the fact that she tends to make his life exponentially more difficult when she does show up, he can’t complain. Speaking of- he wonders when she’s gonna come to collect on that one Katsuki-related deal. Izuku doesn’t really know if he’s won or not- he found something , but he’s not quite sure if that counts as a dick or not. Mostly because it’s never come out of the sheath before. In retrospect, Izuku doesn’t actually know if it does come out, that’s entirely an untested hypothesis. (one that he doesn’t intend to push the exploration of. Katsuki just got comfortable again, he just got comfortable again, no need to make a mess of a good thing.) ((on the other hand though, if he doesn’t push and never proves his victory, Mey wants his showers for a whole week. Katsuki loves feeding in the shower. There’s no way he won’t have a fit if Izuku insists he give the energy to Mey instead.))

An issue for a future Izuku to deal with, he thinks.

By the time Izuku is fully changed, Katsuki is still grumbling irately at the complicated set of black leather straps that keep his costume together.

“Hey, Deku, fucking tighten this shit for me!” Another thing Izuku hadn’t gotten to appreciate last time is the way Katsuki’s costume looks on him- the black shorts are leather as well, and form fitting. The way they stretch over Katsuki’s ass just under his tail is honestly unfair- nevermind the subtle bdsm vibe given off by the tight straps and dark iron spikes. Izuku wonders what the costume designers were doing, making something like this for someone spending most of his time in the presence of fifteen-year-olds. It’s like they heard ‘demon’ and instantly thought ‘right, incubus. Obviously.’

Izuku looks Katsuki over when everything is secure- he tries to be subtle about the way he’s he does it, but Katsuki has that look in his eye that says I know you want this and- (Izuku just doesn’t want to admit that he doesn’t want anyone else in the classroom to see the demon like that- all dolled up in leather with that dangerously sexy smirk on his face.) Now is not the time, damnit. Izuku tamps down his hormonal teenage urges and ushers the demon out of the locker rooms, out to the bus pickup area. When they arrive, Katsuki stomps off to shout abuse at Kirishima and Kaminari, and Izuku watches him go, fondly. Uraraka comes over and he turns his attention to her instead.

“Sooooo, how are things?” she asks, and Izuku gives a laugh.

“Certainly better than they have been. Today’s been good, all things considered.” He responds.

“Really? Even better than the time you had in History earlier this week?.” She says, teasing, and Izuku flusters, waving his hands in front of him.

“No, no- it’s not what you think! --well okay, it kinda is but- hear me out-” Uraraka gives him a look.

“Come on- you have to give me the dirty deets. I’ve been waiting patiently for you to tell me just what the heck is going on between the two of you- are you a thing or aren’t you?!” Izuku buries his face in his hands.

“It’s so complicated honestly- do you really want to know?” He looks up and Uraraka looks serious all of a sudden.

“I mean, you don’t have to but- I feel like I can never figure you two out! Especially with what happened that other day- I worry about you, Midoriya-kun.” Izuku sighs, accepting the more serious turn the conversation has taken.

“Kacchan… I have to feed him with...uh. Sex. Actual- like genuine sex and it’s hard, because of consent, and the contract, and just the way he is I guess-- it’s just really complicated. Really really complicated, but I think things are getting better?” Izuku looks away from Uraraka, at Katsuki, watches him interact with people he’s only known for a couple days, and it hits him all at once how much he’s grown. “Things between us aren’t normal, in any stretch of the imagination but- I think we’ll be okay. It’ll be okay.” Uraraka looks at Izuku, watches him watch Katsuki, and she’s inclined to believe him.

“It sounds complicated but- if you ever need to talk? I’ll always be here to listen. That’s what friends are for, after all!” Izuku smiles back at her, and it’s wide and genuine, and Uraraka has to forcefully tamp down the flutter in her chest because this boy belongs with his demon. There may be hard times ahead for them, but the way Izuku looks at Katsuki, and the way that Katsuki looks back? There’s nothing complicated about that at all.

Uraraka’s insignificant, unadmitted crush pales in comparison to the bond those two have the potential for- even in comparison to the one they already have.

“Hey, Deku! Stop eye-fucking me if you’re not even going to follow through!!” Izuku flushes bright red, hiding within his panicked arms, and Uraraka smothers a laugh at Katsuki’s loud call-out. Iida, of course, scolds the demon, before ushering everyone into orderly lines with which to file onto the bus. (The bus has inward facing seats, but nobody blames Iida for the mishap. They mostly just respect him for trying so hard.)

“Oh, that reminds me, Midoriya-kun.” Uraraka pipes up once they’re seated on the bus. “What’s with that nickname Bakugou-kun has for you?”

“It’s because he’s a useless fucking Deku, that’s why. It’s how his name was clearly supposed to be read.” Katsuki explains, smirking at Uraraka across Izuku’s frowning form.

“Really? I don’t know, I think it sounds more like ‘I can do it!’” Uraraka retorts, and Katsuki splutters. “What do you think- Deku-kun?” Izuku flushes because wow, that was so nice, how can he refuse?

“I mean… If you think so, Uraraka-kun…” Katsuki wants to fight her about it, of course, and Izuku doesn’t know if he can stand to listen to the conversation. They’re basically fighting over his pet-name, after all. He wonders precisely how red his face will need to get before the pigment begins to stain. I know it won’t, technically, but still- what if that was a thing? Something like rosacea but- like wrinkles? If you frown or laugh too much you get wrinkles, what if you blushed too much and your face became permanently red-

“...eku! Deku! Holy shit, he’s finally gone and muttered himself into a trance, seriously, shut up you obnoxious nerd-”

“Uh- what?”

And the whole bus laughs, and Izuku does too. There’s something nice about being payed attention to- about being noticed. Izuku could get used to having human friends.

The conversation takes off after that, with everyone chatting about their quirks and the relative flashiness of them. Kirishima seems to think his isn’t pro-level, and both Izuku and Katsuki back him up- Izuku from an analytic standpoint and Katsuki from a steadfast ‘I like you so you’re not allowed to be lame’ one. Ashido, Ayoyama, and Asui comment, and Katsuki claims that his, of course, is the best quirk in the whole class. Izuku retorts, claiming that Katsuki’s doesn’t count as a quirk because he’s actually magic- and then everyone wants to hear about that.

The bus ride passes quickly, and before they know it, class 1-A is standing outside of a huge dome, having just unloaded. An interesting person in a space suit greets them, and introduces themselves as the space hero: Thirteen.

The class is led inside without delay. Izuku marvels, starry eyed, at the training grounds laid out before him: divided into zones based on different scenes of disaster. Immediately he begins planning, thinking about where each of his demons will be most useful- what he can do to help in each of the described situations. He is distracted in his train of thought however, by Aizawa asking Thirteen where All Might is.

Before they left the school, Aizawa had mentioned All Might would be there to help run the rescue training session, but he is indeed nowhere to be seen. Izuku wonders if he got caught up doing hero work.

But certainly nothing could be wrong. All Might is the symbol of peace after all, the number one hero! Izuku overhears something about running out of time, and resting in the staffroom- but what happens next makes him forget having heard anything at all.

The lights in the dome flicker, and down in the center a dark rift opens in spacetime.

And through the rift step villains.

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Logically, Izuku knows they must be villains. He knows because of the way Aizawa whirls, already battle-ready and tense. He knows because they come in a horde, sadistic grins plastered all over their faces, oozing malicious intent. He knows because Shiso springs forward and throws a barrier up over his mind- feathers ruffling in unease.

What Izuku doesn’t understand, then, is why he senses demons.

Two of them, he can feel their auras like he can feel Katsuki’s- present in the world but inaccessible- cut off from direct communication by their corporeal forms. One is easy to identify, a Warrior of Void for sure- likey the one causing the black-hole like rift that’s allowing all of the villains in. The other, the only other one he can sense, has a weak, corrupted aura, one that Izuku can’t read at all.

Questions are buzzing around in his mind- they leave him stunned, bewildered. For some reason it had never occurred to him that he could meet another demon summoner in his lifetime- there are so few. Who are these demons contracted to? And what on earth is wrong with the aura of the unreadable one?

His classmates make some inquiries, they seem to believe this is on purpose, that this is the training, and when Kirishima steps forward Izuku throws up an arm just as Aizawa shouts “DON’T MOVE!”

“How many are there, Shiso? Can you read the corrupted one any better than me?” He asks, allowing Shiso’s presence to hover just over his- feathers fluttering over his neck.


More than a hundred, I can’t tell exactly. There’s too many. And no, there’s something very wrong with that demon and I cannot place exactly what it is. It’s like it’s... aura is smothered somehow. It seems almost human- I don’t know what they’ve done to it but whatever it is, it’s not natural or healthy. That beast… it doesn’t have a Mind.

“Damn…” Izuku mutters, turning to Aizawa, who looks like he’s about to take on the entire mob by himself. “Sensei! Wait!”  Izuku shouts, and Aizawa turns his head, just slightly.

“Don’t underestimate me, Midoriya, you can’t be a hero with just one trick, after all.”

“No! That’s not it- Sensei! There are demons down there!” That halts the man in his tracks. He hesitates, just for a moment, but the determined look falls once again over his face.

“Thanks for the warning. Thirteen! I’m leaving this to you.” And then he jumps into the fray.

“No!” Izuku shouts, eyes wide and frantic. That Void demon is fifth-rank! It’s as powerful as Levy, and corporeal, no less! He can’t use his quirk against that- and on top of all of those other villains- “ KATSUKI!” He shouts, suddenly sure in his plan. Katsuki is stronger than a student- combat ready and powerful. He won’t hold Aizawa back like anyone else might- and should he be injured- or even killed- it won’t be permanent. A demon killed in its corporeal form simply returns to the demon realm. It’s the safest choice.

“Orders, Deku.” Katsuki replies, crouched and prepared to attack.

“With Aizawa. Keep the students safe. Cover him.” Izuku states, and Katsuki is gone, into the fray, just as quickly as Aizawa was. It’s okay. He will be okay.



Katsuki’s face is warped into a feral grin when he lands. Finally- a real fight!

He bounds towards Aizawa, power crackling in his palms, and begins to assess the enemy. The largest threats, as far as he is concerned, are the Void Warrior, the odd 2nd rank demon, and the one who looks like he’s in charge- with the disembodied hands all over his body. Usually, Katsuki would head straight for them- get the job done faster so he can return to Deku’s side- but in this situation his job isn’t to defeat the enemy.

It’s to have Aizawa’s back.

As much as Katsuki still doesn’t exactly like the man- he respects him. He respects his ability to recognize where he was wrong and take the time to properly apologize. It’s something Katsuki still has too much pride to do.

He has his orders. He approaches Aizawa’s fight- and when the man stalls just for a second in the face of a villain whose quirk is entirely physical- he makes a daring leap. His palms hit the man in the side, and he lets off a blast that throws the villain out of the battle- weak enough not to maim but strong enough to knock him out.

Aizawa stops in his tracks, for just a second, before whirling to address a villain who tries to get at his back. Katsuki turns away as well, putting himself quite literally at the teacher’s back, and continues his attack on the mob.

“Why the fuck are you down here, kid?” Aizawa shouts over the fight, and Katsuki allows himself a private smirk.

“I am decades older than you, Dry-Eyes. I’ve been ordered to cover you.” He responds, blasting a villain who was trying to take out the man’s legs- just as Aizawa whips out a ribbon to catch one who had been going for Katsuki’s side.

“I don’t suppose you’ll even consider listening, if I ordered you to go back?” Aizawa asks, ducking under another attack- which Katsuki promptly cuts off with a carefully aimed blast.

“Not a chance. ‘Follow the directions of our superiors unless they directly clash with my orders.’” Katuski recites, the exact words that Izuku said to him that first night- when they sealed the bond.

Aizawa scoffs but concedes- and the fight plows on.

A second later, Katsuki and Aizawa curse nearly in unison- because the Void demon is gone.




Izuku dashes after his classmates and thirteen for the exit. Shiso recedes, stating that there are no mental threats within the villains’ quirks, and Levy slides in close where he was. Izuku shoulders her heavy weight but it’s not overwhelming anymore- not really- it’s just safety and strength. Izuku unclasps a watch in preparation, tells Levy to be on guard.

They’ve almost made it to the door when the mist appears, signaling the arrival of the Void demon. Izuku skids to a stop with the rest of the class, and Thirteen steps forward to take on the demon head-on. Kirishima and Ashido make a reckless dash to attack the demon- but it’s fruitless. The demon is made of the void- it’s corporeal form is in and of itself a lack of mass. It likely has access to powers as devastating as Thirteen’s black-hole or stronger- but it chooses only to use the warp gates that the Villains arrived with.

Kirishima and Ashido fall through the demon’s lack of form right into a warp gate that puts them right back where they were before- stunned and confused. Izuku doesn’t know what to do- he’s terrified- a Warrior of Void- that’s the embodiment of nothing- you can’t affect the timeline of nonexistence-

He doesn’t understand why the demon is holding back- a fifth rank Void demon in the human realm should be able to obliterate everything for miles- didn’t the villain leader say they intended to ‘kill some kids’ in an attempt to bring out All Might? A Demon’s powers are only restricted by what their host can take, when riding- but this demon had it’s own form, it shouldn’t be limited by anything besides the time it last fed-

Oh. It hits Izuku then- that there were two demons in the Villains’ crowd but not a single summoner.

Is this demon… starving? It’s still powerful- but it’s strength seems to be restricted to a specific ability within it’s aspect- the use of these warp-gates. Has it had such prolonged detachment from it’s summoner that it chose to restrict it’s power in order to preserve energy?

How long has it been since that demon has fed, to reduce it to such a fraction of it’s natural state? Izuku very nearly wants to pity it- but that was his mistake. In the time he spent puzzling the demon out it had begun to cover the entire group within it’s dark mist- Izuku had no time left to act before the world went dark.




The mist releases him over a body of water- and all Izuku can do is take a quick breath and brace for impact. The water is cold and heavy but Izuku is ready for it, and immediately begins to swim upwards. How many in the immediate area? He asks Shiso, who responds with a prompt sixteen, and one right behind you.

Izuku whirls as fast as he can in the water, shoving the watch in the direction of the shadow that he can see moving towards him. Levy! He thinks, and the watch blows, sending him and the Villain whirling in opposite directions. His back hits something hard that knocks the breath out of him, and Izuku struggles to the surface to see that it’s a boat. He gasps for air, trying to figure out how he’s going to get himself out of the water before the villain comes back, but ends up not needing to.

He yelps, startled, as a long pink tongue wraps around his torso and fishes him out of the water. He’s plopped unceremoniously onto the deck, and meets Asui’s large eyes with his own.

“Uh- thanks, Asui-san!” He says, and coughs a little bit of water out of his lungs.

“Please, call me Tsuyu.”

“Right! Tsuyu! And, Mineta, you’re here too?” The small boy gives a shaky nod of affirmation. Right, so this is what they have to work with.

“This has turned into a pretty bad situation though.” Asui points out, and Izuku can’t help but agree. He regrets not paying more attention to what was going on around him earlier- he was so lost in thought about the demons that he didn’t listen to what the villains were saying- all he knows is that they’re here for All Might- who never arrived for the training session. But that means-

“They knew our schedule. They must have set up the media panic before as a ruse to get our information. This was well planned- they’re here with a specific mission in mind. And- I think they’re after All Might.” Mineta immediately counters, saying that All Might would obviously pound these guys into the ground- and Izuku is tempted to agree. But still something seems off.

When Asui mentions that they wouldn’t have come with such an extreme goal in mind without a plan that they really believe will work, Izuku remembers the odd corrupted demon. He’d only seen it from a distance, but it looked large- and he still doesn’t know what could have made it’s aura so weak and broken.

Either way- if they’re after All Might and they think they have a chance to beat him-

“Then we have to stop them. It doesn’t matter if they think they can kill All Might- we have to do anything in our power to make sure those plans fall through. We need to fight and win- here, while we can. Are you with me?”

Mineta, predictably, panics. “Wh-wh-what do you mean? Fight?? If they can kill All Might-- they’ll tear us to shreds! We should just sit tight and wait for-”

“Mineta. They’re obviously thinking we’re going to fight in the water- all of their quirks are aquatic based. However, it’s clear they don’t know our quirks- they sent Asui-san-er, Tsuyu- here, after all, where she has the advantage. That means we have one over them- our quirks.”

Mineta continues to squeal- but Izuku ignores him. He needs to- as Katsuki would say- ‘buck the fuck up’. Izuku turns back to the edge of the boat, looking over.

“They’re not climbing the boat- which supports my hypothesis. However- it means they’re probably not underestimating us either.” He turns back around and looks seriously between Asui and Mineta. Asui shares her quirk, lines up precisely what she can do, and Mineta pauses his sniveling long enough to do the same. “My quirk- well, since Kacchan is with Aizawa- I’m limited to what Levy can do. Her strengths are time related- I can slow down or pause time on the villains for a few seconds- but since it’s such a big group I won’t be able to hold them long enough for us to knock them all out and escape… the other option is-” He reaches into his dice pouch, makes a futile call for Van-Mey. She’s not going to be around to help him out this time, so all he has is the magic D20. He pulls it out, holds it in his hand.

“What’s that, ribbit?” Asui asks, and Izuku takes a deep breath.

“With what we have, I can’t think up a plan that will allow us to fight all of them and win without being overpowered by their numbers and aquatic advantage. This- is a magic dice. If we choose, we can roll it- and something will happen. The only problem is- it’s a huge gamble- we could make the situation exponentially worse. The question is- how desperate are we?”


Hm hm shortcake- it sure does seem pretty desperate. I can pause the whole group at once for a little bit but there’s an awful lot of them- you’d have a better chance taking them on hand to hand out of the water. Not much better, but at least I could slow them down enough to give you the advantage.


“If we could just get them out of the water--” Izuku starts.

“Fuck it.” Mineta states, snot running from his nose. “Let’s do it. We’re already screwed- how much worse can it get?” Izuku turns to Asui.

“Hm. Well, we’re not going to succeed as we are- it would be a suicide mission. I guess… ribbit… it’s worth a try.”


Is this the part where I wish you good luck? Shiso asks, teasing, and Izuku gives a nervous giggle. Besides the first time… He’s never rolled the dice before.


He drops it on the deck.



Chapter Text

Izuku was walking home from school on an unexciting afternoon in his last semester of middle school when he had his first encounter with a villain.

There was no way to predict it- no way to prepare- when he turned a corner to walk under a bridge and a puddle became sentient.

Shiso and Levy were with him, ready to help, but Shiso couldn’t protect his body, and Izuku didn’t have an offering for Levy. He didn’t know what would happen if he used her and she took his time- it didn’t seem worth the chance-

He deliberated too long. He didn’t have any instincts to react with, he’d never been in a fight-

The sludge creature swallowed him- took his body and his breath, and Shiso and Levy were powerless to help him.

He was drowning. He was too small to struggle- too weak.


Hey. Kid.


He couldn’t breathe- but he could hear. (was he calling? Subconsciously? Calling for help from the demon realm?)


Kid. If you can hear me, roll this.


In the palm of his hand Izuku could feel something small and hard- round like a ball but with faces. Roll it? how? He could hardly move, he could hardly think.

It was his only chance. He used what little strength he had left and every ounce of willpower to force the hand out of the sludge monster- to drop the object on the ground.

Nothing happened for a moment, and Izuku’s grip on consciousness slipped between his fingers.




He came to with a spluttering gasp

Disoriented, Izuku blinked rapidly and looked around the alley.

“Young man, are you alright?” Izuku snapped his head around, seeing a decrepit looking blonde man sat next to him. He looked concerned, and Izuku had to take a moment to remember where he was and what had happened.

“Um- I- there was--” Izuku spluttered, looking around concernedly for the sludge villain that had attacked him.

“Yes, when I came across you there was- um… these two bottles, just sitting on the ground nearby?” The man held up two large soda bottles that were apparently full of the the villain- Izuku could see eyes floating in one of them- but his statement sounded unsure.


Lie. Shiso stated, and Izuku’s brows furrowed just slightly.


“It- it attacked me. I was, um, suffocating. I think I’m alright now though, thank you for watching over me, Mr…?” Izuku decided not to call the man out on the lie- Izuku supposed that he probably had a reason for lying about how the villain became contained, especially since he so easily could have claimed the capture for himself. (Not that he wasn’t curious, but he figured it polite to respect the privacy of a man who took the time to make sure he came back into consciousness safely.)

“Um. Yagi.” the man responded.


Well at least that's true enough.


“Right, well. Thank you very much Yagi-san. As for him… should he be brought to the authorities?” Izuku asked.

“Yes, um- I’ll handle it. Just make sure you get home safe young man.” Izuku nodded and the man walked off, coughing a bit into his hand. Sure is an odd one… Izuku thought, scratching his head.

Izuku stood and made to leave for home when he spotted something odd on the ground. He walked towards it and stooped down- it was a black dice, one of those fancy twenty-sided ones used for roleplay. The top face read ‘20’.




Izuku fingered the dice curiously as he walked home, thinking back to the hazy memory of when he was captured by the villain- disoriented and suffocating- and the voice that had spoken to him in that moment.


“If you can hear me, roll this.” Is that what Izuku is holding now? Was that twenty roll what saved him, somehow?


Good guess, punk. Nice to see you made it out alive- you’ve got some pretty powerful natural luck, don’t you? I like that.


An unfamiliar voice rang out once again in Izuku’s head, and Shiso hovered close, ready to block out the foreigner at any sign of a threat.

“Um- who are you?” Izuku asked, stopping abruptly on the sidewalk.


I think I’ll keep my name to myself, at least for now. But as for what I can tell you- I’m a Guardian of Light. What do you know about Light, kid?

In all honesty, Izuku didn’t know much. He knew of the twelve aspects, but he couldn’t tell with much detail what each encompassed- save for time and mind, of course.

That blank-faced silence tells me you don’t. Fortunately, I’m in a good mood today, so I’ll tell you about it. Light is, in essence, fortune and knowledge. What drew me to you initially was your strong natural fortune- your innate luck. But I can tell you have a natural draw to the gathering of knowledge as well- and as a Guardian, it’s my nature to want to nourish and protect that part of you. So here I am. What I m offering here is a contract- you give me a little of that natural Light and I’ll in turn amplify and direct it in times of need.


“A… contract? You mean you’ll… make me luckier? And how would I… give you my natural Light?” Izuku rubbed his chin contemplatively, thinking that a demon that chose to approach him of its own accord- one that hasn’t made any move to threaten him in any way- would be worth having around in the long run. Plus, how can he say no to being extra lucky when he gets desperate?


I mean we’ll make… wagers. Bets. When you win, I’ll get access to some of your natural Light, and when I win, you’ll make up the loss with an alternate form of payment. Whenever we set a deal, whether you win or lose- I’ll owe you a favor that you can call in when you’re in desperate need for a little luck. That way, you’re powering me, and I’m protecting you. What do you say… do we have a deal?


“Sounds… interesting. But first, will you be around all the time? Will you be reliable as backup no matter what the situation? How dependable are your services?”


Hm, you’re a clever one, thinking that far ahead. No, I won’t always be around. I’m a busy gal, you see, I don’t have the time to be watching over your spoiled little ass 24/7. I’m dependable in that you won’t die of unnatural causes under my watch, at least you won’t if there’s any feasible way for you to make it out alive. If the situation really get’s bad, I’ll show. But for the occasions I don’t- That’s what that dice I gave you is for- a way to channel my power when I’m not around. It’ll make things happen, that’s for sure, but the relative positive or negative outcome is all the luck of your roll. It’s like… making a bet and paying off a favor all in one go.


“I see.” Izuku thought about the demon’s offer for a moment. He couldn’t really see this going bad for him- what about having luck on his side could possibly be bad? Though he wasn’t super sure about the whole gambling for payment thing, he supposed it could be sketchier. The offer struck him as fairly reliable insurance though- something to rely on should worse come to worst. Shiso? What do you think? Is she being legit?


As far as I can tell. She doesn’t give me the best vibe, but she’s being completely honest. There’s no immediate or inherent danger in her offer.


“Alright, Guardian of Light, I’ll take your deal. What’s your name?”

Izuku figured that if the demon were standing in front of him, she would have whipped out a hand to shake, smirk plastered all over her face. As it was though, he only heard the sound of her Name in his head- the clatter of dice on wood, the smack of a shuffled deck of cards, and the light scrabble of poker chips pushed across a table.


Van-Mey Thi. Pleasure doing business with you.

Chapter Text

The magic dice clatters onto the ship deck and for a moment, nothing happens. The top face reads ‘12’, which means the result should lean very slightly in Izuku’s favor.

There’s no way of predicting precisely what will occur, however- it could be anything from ‘it begins raining literal cats and dogs’ to ‘the ship turns into a whale’.

Subtly, a deep rumble bubbles up below the boat, and Izuku looks over the edge. The water below the boat is rising to a boil, causing many of the villains in the water to chatter uncomfortably. Suddenly, Izuku realizes what is going to happen- he’s not sure where he got the idea, but some part of him feels absolutely sure.

“Okay, Asui-san, Mineta-kun, listen up because we don’t have much time. I think I know what’s going to happen- the water in the lake is going to spontaneously vaporize any second now. It will cause chaos and good cover, but it could be dangerous- as soon as it happens the boat will fall to the lakebed, along with the villains. Asui-san, do you think you can make a leap from here to somewhere close to shore?” Asui nods determinedly at him, and Mineta begins once again to snivel. Izuku ignores him.

“Okay, then we just need to time it right. I’ll pause the boat at the point when the water vaporizes, we’ll jump, and then I’ll let the boat fall. The steam should make it so that the villains won’t be able to see that we left- they’ll search the boat first. That should give us enough time to escape to the rest of the class.”

“Lets all do our best, ribbit.” Asui states, and Izuku smiles at her. Then, he picks up his dice from the rattling shipdeck, and peers once again over the edge. The water is bubbling largely now and the villains appear confused- apparently the water isn’t actually hot. Which is good, all things considered, Izuku wouldn’t want to have to think about having technically boiled sixteen people alive. Shuddering at the thought, Izuku steps back and pulls Levy close. He feels the aura of her tumble over his shoulders, and when he looks over at Asui she tilts her head just slightly, lost in Levy’s eyes.

“Are you ready, kids?” Levy asks, and the world around them explodes into a dense cloud of fog. Shouts ring out from below them as the boat and the villains begin to freefall.

In that instant, many things happen at once. Asui wraps her tongue around Izuku’s torso, grabbing Mineta in her arms. Izuku freezes the boat just long enough for her to push off, sending the group flying through the air, and a terrifying cackle starts up from vaguely below them as the group gets easily swatted to the ground.

They hit the dry dirt and tumble- Izuku lets out a very Katsuki-esque string of curses and picks himself up, whirling to survey his surroundings. Of course it wouldn’t be that easy… I only rolled a 12 after all. He can’t see more than three feet in any direction, the fog is that thick. The only pro he can think of  is that the villains can’t see much better.

“W-w-what happened?? How did they-”

“Shh-” Izuku shushes Mineta, whose voice was loud and grating in the hush of the fog. He doesn’t know how far away the villains are or whether they know where they landed, and he doesn’t want to risk losing that secrecy if he can help it. Shiso, how many within ten feet?


One. There’s a group of them just outside the ten-foot radius at your four o’clock- they’re definitely close enough to hear you, but at the same time, you should be able to hear them.


Izuku listens, frowning, and finds that he can hear the murmur of annoyed voices from the direction Shiso suggested. They’re speaking in hushed tones. Unable to pick out specific words, Izuku gestures Mineta and Asui come closer to him, so he can speak to them without being heard.

“I think… one of them has a water manipulation quirk- steam is technically still water, so that would make sense as far as how we got knocked out of the air. I don’t know the specifics though, and whether they can sense our position so long as we are within the fog. It’s a possibility. As far as what we do from now, how adept are the two of you at hand to hand combat?” Izuku whispers, receiving a firm ‘so-so’ hand wobble from Asui and a panicked looking shrug from Mineta. Izuku puts a hand on his chin and begins to think deeply, and Asui after a second puts a large hand over his mouth. Izuku flushes and his muttering cuts off.

“Aha- sorry. Okay, I have a plan- but it’s not going to be easy- I’ll need both of your help for it to work, and even then there are no guarantees. Are you in?” Asui nods firmly, determined. They both look to Mineta.

“Are you crazy?” He whisper-shrieks, “Why on earth would I go along with another one of your crazy plans, after the first one went so bad? Why can’t we just run, now that we have this cover? Why can’t we just hide and wait for the pros??” Izuku’s eyebrows furrow, he frowns.

“Look, Mineta. This is life or death- our life or death. We can’t run because we could run right into a trap, we can’t wait because the villains could arrive any moment and kill us. We have to fight to the best of our ability within this situation, or we could very well be killed. Now are you going to throw your life away, or are you going to fight ?” Mineta crumbles and begins to cry under Izuku’s heavy stare, and something in Izuku can’t help but feel for him. Heaven knows Izuku would be a mess right now too, if it weren’t for Shiso’s gentle presence in the back of his mind- providing firm comfort and support. Without Shiso, he’d probably be sobbing too. Shiso allows him to stand strong and prepare to fight- Izuku thinks maybe Mineta needs that too. He heaves a light sigh and pulls Shiso close, feeling feathers ruffle at his neck.

“Mineta. Trust me. We will make it through this.” Shiso and Izuku say it together, and lay a gentle hand on the other boy’s head. After a moment of silence he looks up, eyes still damp with tears, but with a look of hesitant determination on his face.

“O-okay. I’m in. What are we gonna do?” Shiso recedes, allowing Levy once again to hover on Izuku’s skin. He smiles.

“Alright, here’s the plan.”




The horde of villains seems never ending- Katsuki’s breath comes in quick huffs as he blasts another villain off of Aizawa. The man whirls and returns the favor as Katsuki ducks under a blow. The pair continue to fight relentlessly, and eventually, the opposing side slows. It seems they’ve finally gotten near the last few- leaving the ones who actually pose a threat left over.

Katsuki and Aizawa press back to back, prepped for another attack, when something like a heavy stone drops into the pit of Katsuki’s stomach. Something is wrong- He knows it at the root of his soul-

Oh. Izuku is in danger.

There’s a magnetic sort of pull at the root of his soul- an innate need to keep his master safe- to preserve the life that powers his own. He takes an involuntary step following the pull and Aizawa tenses at his back, thinking he moved to counter another attack. Katsuki mutters a curse under his breath and steps back.

To go to Izuku now and leave Aizawa to face the greatest threats of this entire invasion alone would be directly against binding orders- not only the one given earlier today but one of his core binding values as well- to put the life of others over his own, and over Izuku’s by extension.

The pull gives another sharp tug and Katsuki steels himself against it, focuses on his own fight. Izuku is strong- and he’s not alone. Shiso and Levy are with him- are always with him. They won’t let him die. He has no real choice but to trust them with Izuku’s life- Katsuki has orders left to complete.

If Izuku dies, Katsuki is going to fucking kill him.




Remind me that i owe you at least two hours after this whole ordeal, Levy. Izuku thinks as Mineta dashes off into the fog. Izuku and Asui turn towards the approaching villains and as soon as they’re close enough to see Asui springs into action.


Of course, fruitcake. Now lets handle these bullies, hm?

Izuku gives a grim smile at the reference to their old fights and cracks the glass of another watch under his heel, feeling Levy swell over him. Her power sizzles under his skin all the way down to the tips of his fingers- charged for careful manipulation and intense focus- to slow the villains just enough to make Asui seem untouchable, without letting them know its him doing it. And when they’re sufficiently riled up and distracted, Mineta is to sneak up behind them and stick them to the ground or one another- with a hopeful endgame of the villains immobile enough to escape from.

Asui takes on the group head on- they have both her and Izuku surrounded but Izuku knows how to dodge- the only real challenge is keeping his attention on Asui’s attackers as well as his own. All of the villain’s quirks seem to be either useless or hindering out of the water- and the water manipulator that knocked them out of the air before hasn’t shown use of his quirk since.

It really is like fighting a particularly large group of bullies. Out of the water they’ve lost their advantage- they fight warily because they know they’ve lost that advantage and they don’t know what the students can do. That said- they have no real skill. They don’t fight with technique, and Asui is able to overpower them one by one fairly easily, with Izuku’s help.

The plan is going smoothly- almost too much so. The villains are getting worn and ragged, unable to land any hits. Asui had managed to knock a few of them out cold. Mineta should begin his role soon- Izuku keeps an eye out so that he can act appropriately when he appears.

But he doesn’t show. Izuku gauges about how much power he can use without affecting his lifespan and mutters a curse. He won’t be able to do much more than he is- maybe he can sacrifice a few days but he really shouldn’t-

A shrill scream rings out in the distance- farther away than Mineta should be, but close enough to cause doubt. Asui and Izuku meet eyes for a brief moment, sharing looks of concern. Izuku wants to run to the noise but the villains still have him and Asui surrounded- they’re going to have to finish the job first.

“Tsu-chan, I don’t know where Mineta-kun is, I think we’re going to have to finish these guys off ourselves. Think you can keep going at this pace?” Izuku asks, dodging another blow.

“I can, ribbit.” Asui says, brows furrowing in determination. They both throw themselves into the fight even harder, knowing that Mineta might very well have caught trouble.

Izuku does his best but he grows weary- the weight of Levy grows harder to bear the longer he wears her power. He’s never had her so close for so long before- and though he’s grown stronger, her full power is still far too much for him to handle.


Water manipulator, at your six-


Izuku hesitates the barest sliver of a second too long, and he feels the steam in the air around him condense to the point of being binding, like a large hand wrapped around his body and lifting him off the ground. He shouts- struggling, and notices that Asui has been caught up in another dense hand.

They were so close , there were only three villains still standing before they were caught. The villain with the water manipulation quirk turns him and Asui, letting them struggle in the air just in front of him. They both stop, however, when Mineta’s limp body is tossed to the dirt in front of them.

“Oh God,” Izuku murmurs. Is he… Mineta’s head has a huge gash on it- it’s bleeding profusely as head wounds tend to. Probably blunt force trauma.

“Your friend here,” the villain starts, and Izuku looks up, nausea building in his stomach. I have to do something, if the bleeding isn’t slowed he’ll bleed out. “Was trying to run away. For some reason I don’t get the feeling it was in the hopes of getting help.” Izuku tries to ignore the sharp stab of betrayal, tries to concentrate on what he can do to make sure the boy doesn’t bleed out on the ground. Can he…pause Mineta? How long could he hold that?  pause time on the wound itself? Is that even possible? And how are they going to get away now-

“Come on, you little fucker, stop muttering and pay attention to me! Don’t you see your life is on the line? I could kill you any second, in fact, I will kill you, sooner than later.” The steam hand around his torso squeezes to the point of being uncomfortable, and a stab of genuine fear tears through Shiso’s mental guard. What can he do- think, Izuku, THINK!

If the villain is in control of his quirk, and the grip won’t loosen if I pause or slow him down, and manipulating the individual water molecules is not only impossible within Levy’s laws of time but it wouldn’t help anyway, this guy can control water in any state. That means the only way to get out is to get rid of his quirk… or perhaps just make him unable to use it?

Levy… I know we’ve never sent anything back in time before but… is it possible?


For a steep price, yes. What’s going on in that big brain of yours, cupcake?


Could we, potentially, send him back to the age of three, before he got his quirk?


We could. I’d only need… seven years.

“Kacchan is gonna kill me if he finds out.” Izuku mutters, before setting steeled eyes upon the villain in front of him and winding the clock back.

Chapter Text

The three villains that remained standing began to shout in confusion and panic as what seems to be their leader begins to shrink- as the years he’s aged dwindle back to single digits. The younger he gets the weaker his power becomes, and Izuku and Asui begin to struggle with renewed vigour.

“What the fuck-- are you doing to me!?” The villain shrieks, panic written clear across his face. By the time Levy’s flow of power dwindles and fizzles to a stop, the other villains have fled, and Izuku and Asui are left on the ground, breathing heavily, in the presence of a crowd of unconscious bodies, their bleeding classmate, and a screeching toddler.

Izuku can admit that this may not have been the smartest course of action, but admittedly, he was panicking. At least they’re relatively safe and moderately unharmed. Well, besides Mineta.

Izuku moves over to the other boy, puts his betrayal out of mind and assesses his injuries. Besides the bloody head wound he seems unharmed, if unconscious, and Izuku despairs because he has no idea what he can do, if anything, to ensure the boy doesnt bleed out. He can’t use any more of Levy’s power today, any more than he has and he’ll just lose more of his evidently dwindling lifespan. He tries not to get anxious about the fact that he has no idea what age he will live to, and fails fairly drastically.

Shiso lays a calming hand over his curls and Izuku takes a deep, steadying breath. He has far more pressing things to worry about than his somewhat less eventual death.

He pulls his half cape off of his shoulder, unclasping it from his costume, and tears a strip off of the bottom, wrapping it carefully around Mineta’s head. Asui, ever a calm and quiet presence, first calms the screaming toddler, then moves over to help Izuku secure the makeshift bandage.

With Mineta’s bleeding stifled and the foggy area calm and quiet, Izuku takes a moment to consider their next move. The smartest course of action would be to reunite with the rest of the class, but though it wouldn’t be difficult to carry Mineta, the child poses a problem. Izuku… doesn’t know if he will age normally, if he remembers his life-


I wouldn’t worry about him, kiddo. A living being pulled drastically outside of the timeline will either revert to its natural timeline within a limited amount of time or begin the timeline anew, depending upon the power put into the action. For seven years you have seven minutes since the change until the timeline reverts- the bare minimum for this situation. For twenty three years, since the man has lived twenty six years total, it would have been permanent.


“Leave the kid, he’s gonna revert back to normal in a few minutes. We need to get out of here before that happens.” Izuku states, pulling Mineta’s unconscious form carefully onto his back. Asui nods, and the pair walk grimly back towards the center plaza of the facility.




The painful and nagging feeling of Izuku’s imminent death recedes, but takes with it a significant chunk of Katsuki’s power reserve. The demon snarles with murderous rage at an unsuspecting and likely undeserving villain- and Aizawa gives him a concerned glance over his shoulder, which the demon ignores and continues to fight. The horde of villains is dwindling, and the leader looks decidedly tense- as if preparing to take to the fray himself.

Levy- the time-fucking annoying-ass stresser on his life that he can’t actually find it in himself to hate because she so genuinely holds Izuku’s well-being as a priority that she is- filters a fragment of her presence into his mind to provide a report. Izuku bartered away seven years- seven years, fuck- of his life to get himself out of a shitty situation. Levy states that she was able to take six and a half of those years out of Katsuki’s own power reserve, which provides him with some relief, but doesn’t calm the raging fury bubbling up inside him at the little shit- when Katsuki sees him next he’s going to murder him, he swears. Seven fucking years, goddamn, that little bastard- how he even considers that an option is beyond Katsuki, that self-sacrificing little shit-muncher needs to realign his priorities-

Shigaraki Tomura, as he loudly proclaims, steps into the fray and Katsuki shakes his angry thoughts away, taking large, calming breaths. Should his Rage get out of control here, now- he’d only endanger the person he’s supposed to be supporting. Izuku is alive and not terribly much worse for the wear, thanks to his covert deal with Levy, so his fury at the boy can be put off for a time when it can be directed at its focus.

Aizawa takes the villain leader head on and Katsuki attacks from the back, but Shigaraki is faster than he looks. He dodges Aizawa’s attack and catches Katsuki’s sharp elbow jab with a hand, causing the iron armor to crumble off. The attached leather straps are left hanging, and Katsuki scoffs irately as he throws a return blast. Aizawa curses and his hair lifts again, signaling that it’s safe to go for another close-range attack. Shigaraki dodges his claw and jumps back just in time for another villain to intercept Katsuki’s follow-up blow. The demon tumbles to the ground, cursing, and Aizawa’s scarves wrap the stray villain and chuck him out of the fight.

The two pick themselves up and face Shigaraki once again, breathing heavily. They’re worn, that much is clear. Aizawa’s eyes are dry and gritty and his form shakes ever so slightly with exertion. Katsuki crouches, just barely holding onto his handle on the Rage, with his power reserve practically empty and his insides burning with hunger.

Shigaraki goes on a tirade that Katsuki doesn’t listen to- he’s looking for the other demon. The large, odd one- and just as it reaches for a distracted and weary Aizawa’s head he leaps. Katsuki hits the beast at its head and digs the talons on his feet into the demon’s meaty shoulders. The beast screeches, eyes rolling up in it’s exposed brain to look at Katsuki, who lets off the largest explosion he can between his two palms, intending to blow the demon’s head right off here and now, with the last of his power.

The demon roars with the impact, but when the smoke clears its head seems unaffected. Katsuki shouts a confused curse and tries to leap away, but the beast catches him around an ankle. It’s hand squeezes with crushing force and Katsuki screams in pain, before the demon slams his body to the ground, and his vision goes black.




When thirteen falls, Ochako knows that they’re going to have to get Iida out the door somehow. This situation has gotten out of control, and no one will make it in time if they can’t get someone out to get help.

The only problem is, the demon of Void has no conceivable weakness. It doesn’t have a physical body, only this intangible black fog. They have to get Iida past him somehow. Uraraka looks frantically around her, at the people left standing. Sero, Satou, Shoji… She has an idea.

“Shoji, Sero-” she calls them over, the demon doesn’t move to attack them when they’re not actively going for the door. “You two need to… distract him somehow. So we can throw Iida overhead to the door. Wrap him like a mummy maybe? Just… try to hold him for just a moment. I don’t really know, but we have to try something, if we don’t get help fast, someone’s going to die.” They look first at each other, then back at the demon. Sero shrugs.

“Can’t hurt to give it a try, I guess.” he says, and Shoji nods.

“Iida, Satou!” as the other two take on the demon Iida comes to her, and she touches him on the chest. “Get ready, Iida. Satou’s going to throw you. Use your engine for an extra boost!” Satou nods from a distance away, and Ochako shoves Iida’s weightless body his way. Satou takes Iida by the arm and whips him into the air, and Iida blasts over the demon’s unaware head. He had been too busy slipping between Shoji’s arms and Sato’s tape to notice the boy flying over him, and when Iida pulls the doors open and speeds off, the demon curses.

“Game over.” he mumbles, before disappearing into one of his own warp gates.



“KACCHAN!” Izuku shouts, skidding to a stop at the edge of the central plaza, just in time to see the limp body of his demon hit the ground and bounce . Izuku’s head clouds with panic because Katsuki doesn’t move , and Izuku can’t tell from this distance if he’s even breathing, and now the thing that threw him is looking his way. He goes limp and Mineta begins to slip from his shoulders, but Asui takes the other boy as Izuku falls to his knees, shock and horror scrawled across his face.

“Midorya you idiot get out of here!” Aizawa shouts, throwing scarves at the beast. It snaps its jaws his way and flexes, causing the scarves to burst at the seams from their place around him, and flutter to the ground. The demon runs at Aizawa then, much faster than its hulking form should allow, and the man is too slow to escape. He flashes his quirk at the beast but it is unhindered, and grabs Aizawa by the face, lifting him bodily off the ground. The man struggles in the demon’s grip, scrabbling weak hands at it’s thick forearm.

Shigaraki Tomura begins to laugh.

“Well isn’t this quite the scene-” the Void demon appears then, out of thin air, and Shigaraki’s laughter cuts off abruptly. The hulking demon slams the struggling teacher into the ground, twisting his arm behind his back. Izuku hears it crack, and fails to hear the quiet conversation between the Void demon and Shigaraki. He looks on in horror- he can’t do anything , he’s powerless without Katsuki- he has nothing to pay Levy with, and the situation is too delicate to gamble on.

Izuku. Breathe. You’re not powerless yet. You’re still a summoner- and these are demons. Think. What do you know about demons? What can you do?


Izuku thinks. He thinks about the Void demon, about its apparent lack of power, about the way it behaves like it’s starving. He thinks about the other one, about its corrupted aura and its mindless following and its mismatched, frankenstein appearance. He thinks about how there isn’t a summoner here, and it clicks.

Oh. these demons are unbound. Unbound and loyal, by choice, in the case of the Void, unbound and mindless, in the case of the beast.

Unbound demons are weak to a summoner’s blood. Can be trapped and tricked and bound by it.

Izuku takes his last watch, while Shigaraki is distracted and the beast is busy with Aizawa, and shatters the glass on it. He takes a shard, delicately, and cuts a deep gash on his wrist, right across a big vein. He needs to bleed a lot. It needs to be thick and potent enough to be effective.

He clutches his bloodied wrist and makes an insane dash. Smearing his bleeding wrist across the rough ground in a wide arc. Asui might not know what he’s doing but she must understand, as she frog-leaps right in front of Shigaraki, catching his attention, before leaping away. Ever the child, weak to a taunt, the man rages and goes after her, leaving Izuku ample time to finish the bloody circle around the beast-like demon.

His arm is dripping, scraped raw, but Izuku is running on pure adrenaline- he can hardly even feel it. His sensei is still conscious, below the beast, if just barely, and Izuku hopes he understands, hopes that summoner he knew told him of the trapping power of demon blood.

Izuku dashes to the other side of the circle, behind the beast, and shouts, smearing his own blood over his face.

“HEY UGLY!” he yells, and the beast stands, leaving Aizawa on the ground. It turns, slowly, before sprinting full tilt at Izuku. The boy turns and sprints away, right into the clutches of the Void demon. He stops in his tracks, vaguely noticing the beast’s heavy footfalls coming to an abrupt halt behind him. His focus is consumed by this hostile demon- looming over him with malice in its heart and hunger in its eyes.

“Look at all this blood you’re losing, little boy. What a waste.” Whatever rational thought this demon held was washed away at the close proximity of Izuku’s blood. Izuku is completely frozen in fear as he feels a gentle tingling at his wrist. “Mmm. It’s been so long- I’d almost forgotten what summoners’ blood tastes like-”

Something soft and warm wraps around him and Izuku is yanked away from the demon. He shakes the terror out of his mind and finds himself on the other side of the binding circle, just outside of it, between Asui and Aizawa’s prone form and their three enemies. Shigaraki rages- he knows he’s lost this game. The beast yowls mindlessly- confined within the bloody circle. The Void demon’s eyes follow Izuku- a dying man on the brink of oasis- and Izuku prays help is close, because this demon is powerful and hungry and free- and therefore unpredictable.

Izuku’s mind is a tangled mass of hazy emotions- panic and fear, worry over Katsuki and Mineta, and pity- for these villainous demons who are so obviously suffering. But he doesn’t get the chance to pick through them, doesn’t get the chance to take action.

The door to USJ bursts open, and All Might steps through.

Chapter Text

Kurogiri knows they’ve lost, that Shigaraki’s silly game is over, but neither that nor the looming presence of an enraged All Might has the power to snap him out of the cloud of burning hunger that bubbled up in him- more powerful than he’d ever felt it before. It’s been so long since he fed- he’d been carefully rationing the dregs of his power reserve for years now- living on the painfully slow regeneration of power that he makes naturally- just enough to keep him alive in this corporeal body.

He’d attained a careful balance of stability- his hunger had gone dull and numb as he adjusted to the way of life he chose- a life unbound- a life free of her . He chose for himself who he followed, who he offered his services to- and he wasn’t bound by anything but his own integrity to stay loyal.

Kurogiri is tired of loyalty- it has caused him so much pain. Maybe that’s why he chose to stay with the ones who freed him- the underbelly of humanity- the scum that would turn even on themselves if pushed to that point. It’s refreshing. Shigaraki Tomura was horrible and childish and downright stupid at times- but he treated Kurogiri like an equal, and that’s more than the demon had ever gotten from her. Tomura didn’t care if he was a demon, if he was tired and weak in comparison to what he was once- as long as Kurogiri continued to be an asset to him, he would be treated like he belonged.

It was that thought that Kurogiri clung to, in the haze of hunger triggered by this young summoner. He has just the tiniest bit more power than he’s had in months, just from those few drops of blood, but Kurogiri knows that in the state he’s in, he’ll never be able to control himself enough to use it for anything besides getting more . They have to end this now- he needs to get away , before he finds himself empty and dead.

Or worse, bound at the feet of another summoner. (She will haunt him, he knows. Even irrelevant and powerless as she is, Kurogiri is still so deeply entangled in the fear and hate her memory instills in him. He doesn’t want to die, to go back to the demon realm- where the only thing to do is to eat each other and wait to be called upon again. He likes this world, and the freedom of it. He won’t lose himself here.)

All Might steps onto the battlefield and Kurogiri knows he needs to get himself and Shigaraki out of here, at least, but the man has already dashed off, back into the fight.

Kurogiri watches the man press his violent hands to the earth, watches the summoner’s circle of blood break, freeing the Noumu from its confinement. Kurogiri watches the frog girl pick up her fallen teacher and friend, leaping to safety. He watches the young summoner dash to the body of his fallen demon, and feels a twinge of envy in his heart- because if Kurogiri vows never to be bound again, he’ll never experience that level of companionship.

He never wants to be bound, he loves his freedom, but he recognizes that not all summoners are like her. He knows that this demon, should he admit it or not, is happy, and the bond he holds with that boy is healthy.

Kurogiri watches the boy cradle the demon in his arms like he would a lover, watches the boy wobble with blood loss as he presses more of the life-giving liquid into the unconscious demon’s mouth, and refuses to move. It’s all he can do to watch- to cling to his values and refuse to move- because should he take any action it will be to warp immediately out of here or to attack this boy without restraint.

All Might isn’t nearly as weak as they’d predicted he’d be. The noumu stands up to him well, but Kurogiri can tell it won’t be able to pull through victoriously. It manages to get a few hits on the hero, but when more children begin to arrive the fight inevitably tips out of their favor. Kurogiri wishes he could help, but he doesn’t trust himself to act. When All Might finally lands the final string of overpowering hits on the Noumu, sending it flying out of USJ, Kurogiri gathers his wits and his powers, dragging an enraged Shigaraki out of the battle. Just as they’re disappearing through the warp gate, Kurogiri sees Pro Heroes begin to pour through the front entrance in droves.

This was their loss, fair and square. It’s time to regroup.


“Kacchan! Kacchan- oh god please be alive--” Once All Might took to the fray, Izuku dashed to his fallen demon, praying to whatever might be out there that he hadn’t just been laying dead on the ground this whole time.

Izuku presses his fingers to Katsuki’s pulse point, feeling for any kind of beat- watching for any sign of breath. Izuku’s own breath is harsh and fast- adrenaline is still pumping through his body- leaving him jittery and shaking. He can’t- fuck, he can’t stay still enough to tell-

“Shiso- please tell me he’s still there-” Izuku whispers, cradling Katsuki’s head in his lap, pulling him close to hold. He combs a shaking hand through Katsuki’s matted and dirty hair and feels tears well in his eyes- making it further difficult to assess the situation. “Damn it..” Izuku whispers, blinking rapidly.


Calm down and look, Izuku. He’s breathing quite steadily. He’s alive- but his power was drained so rapidly that what’s left of it went into healing his wounds- leaving him unconscious.


Izuku shakes his head and takes a deep breath, pressing the palms of his hands into his eyes. Katsuki is okay, he’s just unconscious, he’ll be fine- he’s able to calm down, the panic easing slightly. He’s only unconscious because the last of his power went into healing his wounds. Izuku looks critically up and down the demon, doing his best to ignore the fight happening behind him. He’s in no state to help- All Might is here, anyway. Nothing can beat All Might- right? They’ll be fine as long as he’s here, Izuku is positive.

Katsuki’s wounds do, however, look less severe than he would have imagined, after the beating he took. Though the demon’s ankle is twisted and broken- he doesn’t appear to be bleeding very much, and where there is blood Izuku can’t pick out any actual wounds- as if they’ve healed already. It helps that the demon has armor all over his body, Izuku assumes- but he does feel concern over the places where it’s cracked and broken off- he wonders if those places will heal- or if it’s more like teeth.

Shaking his head out of that impulsive and distracting train of thought, Izuku lifts his bloody wrist to the demon’s lips, trying to get some of it to trickle in. He winces as the wound abruptly begins to burn- having not noticed the pain until just now. His vision blurs just slightly- not from tears this time, and Izuku mutters another curse.

“We’re both in a pretty sorry state right now, huh, Kacchan?” Izuku mumbles, pulling the demon closer protectively and looking up. Kirishima, Todoroki, and Ashido arrived while Izuku was distracted, all looking no worse for the wear, to Izuku’s relief. Todoroki had apparently had some impact on the battle, because there are shards of ice on the field now.

Izuku watches with thinly veiled awe as All Might- his hero- lays out punch after punch on the beast-like demon, finally sending him flying all the way through the ceiling with a final powerful punch.

But when the dust clears, Izuku’s grin withers. All Might looks… ragged, in a way Izuku has never seen him before. His grin looks like more of a grimace- and Izuku thinks thinks there’s… blood on his face. To see his idol in such a state… It’s disheartening to say the least. Was that beast really that strong? Or is All Might just… weaker, somehow?

The door bangs open and Pro Heroes come pouring in, just as The Void demon and Shigaraki disappear into a warp gate. Snipe, Present Mic, and Ectoplasm take on the remaining grunts, having no trouble at all, and Cementoss runs towards where Kirishima, Todoroki, and Ashido are approaching All Might. Suddenly, a huge cloud of steam erupts where All Might is standing, and a huge concrete wall rises behind him, cutting him off from the other students, but leaving Izuku and Katsuki hidden in the cloud on the same side.

When the steam clears, what’s left where All Might was standing is… odd.

“Yagi-san?” Izuku asks the man, eyebrows furrowed. The scrawny, stooping bonde man whips his head around, eyes wide, and gives Izuku a startled look.

“Midoriya, my boy- I- oh gosh-”

“Yagi-san, where did you- what about All Migh...t.” Izuku blinks rapidly as the pieces click into place. “What’s going on? Are you- but you’re-” To Izuku it just doesn’t compute- but there’s no other explanation-

“Well now you’ve done it, All Might.” Cementoss steps around the wall he made, realizing he hadn’t hidden his colleague from the students as well as he’d thought.

“Midoriya, it seems I have some explaining to do… but this isn’t really the right time- Oh dear, Is young Bakugou alright?” Izuku’s attention snaps to his demon, who had begun to stir and groan in pain.

“Kacchan!” Katsuki’s eyes flutter and he hisses, squeezing them tightly shut before they open. Immediately, they narrow, and a dark growl bubbles up in the demon’s chest. Izuku squeaks, flushing slightly under Katsuki’s intense glare.

“You fucKING-” Katsuki’s frame is racked with wet coughs, and Izuku clutches him closer in concern. “- IDIOT! Seven years, Deku? Seriously? What kind of shitty ass bargain is seven fucking years for a few minutes of safety?? A retarded one, that’s what! God-damn- if I wasn’t in incomprehensible amounts of pain right now I would flay your fucking hide- fuck-” Katsuki coughs again.

“Kacchan- wait- how did you- I didn’t really have a choice, anyway! Stop shouting- you’ll just hurt yourself more-”

All Might watches the two converse with a fond smile, despite the circumstances. He doesn’t know what he’s going to tell Midoriya, really. He’s not good enough with lying to really hide the truth- he can only hope One for All doesn’t somehow slip into the inevitable conversation.

But that’s a worry for another day. (He’ll put it off as long as he can really, he hadn’t prepared for a situation like this- and he hadn’t recognized Midoriya as the young man he saved from that one sludge villain a few months back until the boy had called him by that name- one he gave out sparingly.) For now though, they need to get all of the students home, and the injured ones treated.



Katsuki hadn’t stopped shouting at him since he woke up. Izuku had insisted in as many ways as possible- carrying Katsuki out of the USJ facility, on the bus back to the school, through Recovery Girl’s treatment, and even now, as he sits at the demon’s bedside, that there was no other option he could think of in time. Admittedly the shouting is much more… subdued- more like angry grumbling, but Izuku doesn’t know how Katsuki has the energy to keep it up. Izuku himself is very nearly nodding off at this point- his head pillowed on his arms, mostly just fondly nodding as Katsuki continues to rant about how he’s going to kill Izuku for being so dumb.

“Not to mention- six and a half years of power is a fucking lot! Do you know how hungry I am right now? Why the fuck are you sitting over there- get up on this shitty bed and feed me, you shit!” Izuku’s head snaps up and his face turns bright red. All the things he’d ranted about today and this is the first that has come up.

“R-right now?? Kacchan- we’re in the school nurse’s office! And I’m practically falling asleep!” Izuku flusters. It’s been a very long day- Izuku isn’t really in the mental state for that. There’s no mood built up either- Katsuki just kind of stated that out of the blue-

“Correction- you were practically falling asleep. Now you’re bright read and just the idea has arousal wafting off of you in waves. That and your shitty teacher told us that if it’s an emergency we could do it here.” Katsuki is sitting up and leaning into Izuku’s personal space, a wicked grin curling his lips.

“B-b-but you’re hurt! And-” Izuku doesn’t really have an excuse besides that. Sure, he’s sleepy, and it’s been a long day, but since Recovery Girl did her thing he’s felt drained, but fine otherwise. Katsuki should be out like a light for all intents and purposes, knowing how bad his ankle was, but as usual, no matter how tired the demon should be… food comes first inevitably. He never sleeps until he’s been fed.

Admittedly- Katsuki is probably hungrier even than he was the day of the bathroom incident, which means there’s literally no way Izuku is getting out of this, even though the class day was officially over hours ago and his mom will likely be antsy that he hasn’t gotten home yet. If not downright panicked, she probably saw what happened on TV… oh gosh! Should I call her? How have I not called her? She’ll be worried sick-

Izuku’s train of thought is abruptly cut off by the sharp, needle-prick of claws on the back of his head, the warm press of lips against his own, and the husky growl that fills the silence that was just before broken up by his own muttering.

“Will you shut the actual fuck up?” Katsuki growls, before lifting Izuku bodily from his chair into the bed.

Yeah, okay, this was inevitable. His mother… unfortunately, is going to have to wait.

Izuku predicts he’s going to be occupied for… a while.

Chapter Text

Katsuki pulls Izuku onto the bed and kisses him with a raw savagery that Izuku frankly doesn’t know how to handle. The demon has him pinned beneath him- leg injury either healed or forgotten, apparently, and Izuku would be worried about his costume if it wasn’t covered in blood and ripped half to shreds already. Katsuki’s kiss is no more than an assault on Izuku’s mouth, teeth biting and bloodying his lips- tongue pillaging in their wake. It’s an intensity of single-minded focus that Izuku has never seen Katsuki put into anything but fighting, and the boy nearly freezes up under the weight of it- aroused beyond belief and in over his head. Katsuki unabashedly rips the front of Izuku’s costume to tatters, baring his chest, and presses his needle-point claws teasingly into the soft of Izuku’s belly.

It’s all too much- Izuku can’t think clearly enough to respond. Katsuki lifts his head just enough to growl- dark and menacing- into Izuku’s ear, and digs his claws in just enough to cause little beads of blood to well up on his skin. It’s terrifying- Izuku feels his joints lock up at the threatening growl, feels tears prick at his eyes at the sharp pain from the demon’s claws, and yet his dick is harder than it’s probably ever been- aching within the confines of his pants. Katsuki could disembowel him in an instant if he so wished, and Izuku thinks there must be something wrong with his brain, there is literally no sane reason for that concept to be so overwhelmingly hot .

Katsuki pulls his head away and looks down at Izuku with eyes that say he wants to consume him, wholly and utterly, and all Izuku can do is let out a breathy, desperate whimper.

Then, the demon’s eyes widen and he jerks away, snapping his hand away from Izuku’s bloodied belly. Izuku whines regretfully, looks up at the demon with what he thinks should read as want. But the demon only looks in horror between his own bloody claws and Izuku- terrified to the point of immobility, with tears in his eyes and blood on his face.

“Fuck- fuck- Deku- I- I thought you- I’m so sorry , are you okay? Is this okay? I should’ve asked- I- fuck - I shouldn’t have assumed you would-” Izuku fights the haze of desperate need for a moment to consider what he probably looks like, to someone on the outside, and then he registers what Katsuki is actually saying. Katsuki, probably absent-mindedly, rocks back on his haunches, pressing the curve of his ass into the bulge of Izuku’s desperate cock, and that on top of the realization that Katsuki was legitimately confirming Izuku’s consent , is altogether too much to handle.

Izuku comes in his pants with a broken moan, and whatever concern Katsuki held is forgotten under the weight of his overwhelming hunger. The demon presses his face into Izuku’s belly, suckling desperately at the pinprick wounds, unsteady chirrups building in his throat. Izuku catches his breath and realizes that rather than becoming sated the demon is becoming only more desperate- having sucked the tiny wounds for all they’re worth.

Before Izuku has room to protest the demon has already torn away his pants, and Izuku squeaks at the first rasp of tongue over his spent cock. Izuku’s hips try to jerk away- his dick far too sensitive to handle katsuki’s cat-like tongue searching for what little of his cum didn’t soak into the fabric of his costume.

“Kacchan-” Izuku says, and the demon looks up at him with the most desperate, pitiful look Izuku has ever seen.

More.” Katsuki begs , and before either of them can move to take any action, a sloppy, wet, squelch breaks the silence. Izuku feels something hot, heavy, and very very slimy brush his thigh, right below where Katsuki’s… groin is. A single, quizzical eyebrow inches up on his forehead.

After a brief, painfully silent pause, Katsuki rears back once again, hunger momentarily pushed aside in favor of the significantly more jarring issue here.

Hmm. I guess this means you win. What a bummer… for me at least ;). You on the other hand… you’ll certainly have fun with that.


Izuku never would have pegged himself as the type to be aroused by the thought of shoving a tentacle up his ass, but here he is- imagination running wild and red in the face as he watches what is, according to Van-Mey, the demonic equivalent of a penis roiling and rubbing on itself as its owner stares down at it in thinly disguised horror.

“What the fuck??” Katsuki whispers, likely to himself. Izuku clears his throat awkwardly, caught somewhere between wanting to look away to preserve some semblance of decency, and wanting to… lick it. Or something.

He ends up just staring, eyes wide, unable to take action and unable to look away. Katsuki’s …(its not a dick- gosh, that is so far from a human genital that it needs it’s own name, but at this point Izuku’s brain isn’t functioning well enough to think through the process of giving it one) dick is… well, practically a tentacle, for starters. It doesn’t have suction cups or anything silly like that, but it’s thick at the base, where it extends from beneath the loose pelvic plate Izuku had found previously, and tapering, with a sort of squishy, fluid quality Izuku imagines can only be found on organs stored inside the body. It’s a startling red- the color of blood before it breaches the skin, and it has a slick, clear coat of something that Izuku supposes must act as lubricant. Up the underside- moreso close to the base- it has a darker coloring and thick, firm-looking ridges.

Izuku is thrown very abruptly into a memory- one of himself and his mother walking down the aisle of a convenience store when he was only nine or ten. He remembers spotting on a shelf near his eye-level an unobtrusive purple box labeled Trojan: Ribbed, for Her Pleasure.

Well. Isn’t that just. Great?

“-eku. Deku. Deku you dumb fuck-”

“Oh! UM!” Izuku pulls back into the present all afluster, first babbling nonsense words and waving his hands around- then sinking into quiet, covering his burning face with his hands.

“Deku. Seriously. You need to tell me what the fuck just came out of this weird ass body and you need to do it right now. ” Izuku, honestly, feels a little bad for spacing out, because Katsuki looks panicked and quite seriously disgusted, and its Izuku’s responsibility to explain to him that yes, that’s reasonable as far as biology is concerned and no, it’s not a bad or gross thing. Well, gross is a matter of opinion, and whether Izuku’s opinion is unusual or not doesn’t really matter, because the only opinion that matters is his.

“Kacchan, hey, it’s okay. Don’t freak out, alright. It’s just your. Um. Your penis. Relatively speaking.” Izuku derails to a mumble near the end there, but Katsuki gets the gist.

“Why the fuck doesn’t it look like that then??” Katsuki asks, gesturing between his and Izuku’s own, which is about as dead as the mood and awkwardly flopped on his belly.

“Well um- I mean we aren’t the same species? Mine doesn’t look like yours, or a horse’s, or a whale’s- I mean if it looked exactly the same it would make even less sense.” Izuku states, logically.

“But why is it slimy?? Why is it that color? Why the fuck is it mov--ing?!” Katsuki shudders a bit as the organ in question wriggles against the demon’s belly, burrowing into itself like… Izuku honestly doesn’t have a metaphor for this one. Metaphors to describe his demon’s sex organ are all out of stock, please check back next week.

“Um. for lubricant, probably, and it’s probably got such vibrant coloring because the skin is thin and there’s a lot of blood in it, and to be completely honest, I have no idea why it’s moving.” Katsuki seems… not content, but mollified, by these answers, and falls silent.

Izuku, through this whole ordeal, never really managed to get rid of that annoying urge to put it in his mouth right now, or something , and decides, fuck it, now or never.

“Kacchan?” Izuku asks, eyes trained on Katsuki’s dick.

“What?” The demon snaps, looking up just in time to see the boy lick his lips, a flush spreading once again over his cheeks.

“Do you trust me?”

The boy and his demon lock eyes then, one wary and the other wanting, and Katsuki releases a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

“Yeah.” Izuku smiles, gently, and rearranges their position- having Katsuki lay back on the pillows so he can settle between the demon’s long, dangerous legs. He runs a comforting hand over Katsuki’s knee spike and looks him in the eye, remembering the demon’s insecurities when it comes to self-control.

“Then I’m going to need you to trust yourself.” He whispers, before moving both hands up the demon’s inner thighs, rubbing sweet little circles into the soft velvet- a mirror of a time once before.

Katsuki tenses up, but after taking a deep breath, relaxes. His eyes search Izuku’s face, before he blinks- slow and trusting- and lets his head fall back on the pillow. Izuku moves his focus down, bringing a hand up to rub a finger gently up the underside of the demon’s writhing dick. Katsuki tenses up briefly and his eyes squeeze shut, before he relaxes again, peeking down at Izuku, who, feeling daring, wraps a hand around the base.

Katsuki’s spine arches up and he throws his head back, letting out a broken chirrup. Izuku attempts to slide his hand up and down- like he would jerk himself- but it doesn’t really work. The skin doesn’t move the same- and it keeps moving-

“Uhh-” Izuku lets out a confused noise as the tip burrows between his fingers, wrapping around his wrist. Unsure, Izuku gives an awkward squeeze. Katsuki’s hips buck up and Izuku has to catch one of his knees in his unoccupied hand in order to keep it from impaling him in the back of the head.

“Fuck- sorry-” Izuku shakes his head, placating, and presses the knee up towards Katsuki’s shoulder, surprised that the demon is nimble enough to find apparently no discomfort in the position. It leaves Katsuki spread wide open- a soft expanse of dark velvet- and Izuku impulsively buries his nose in it, rubbing and pressing his lips over the firm lump just behind the opening from which the demon’s dick extends. With his hand he gives Katsuki’s dick another squeeze, and lets out a weak whimper as it squeezes back.

Katsuki is letting out a near constant stream of cricket-like chirps from somewhere deep in his throat, interrupted occasionally by a choked off growl. His head is thrown back, face turned to the side, and his claws have torn holes in the sheets. He’s a sight- Izuku has never seen him so open- so out of control- it’s probably the hottest thing Izuku has ever seen. His chest rises with rapid breaths- his back is arched taught like a strung bow- he looks ruined .

Izuku’s own cock is hard again- hanging heavy between his legs- and he extracts his hand from Katsuki’s in order to reach down and take it in hand, letting out a relieved sigh. Katsuki whines at the loss of contact and he lifts a hand to bury in Izuku’s curls. Izuku squeaks when Katsuki unashamedly tugs his face up over his cock by the hair, and Izuku figures that this is a good a time to try giving it a lick as any.

He licks a tentative stripe up the underside, finding the slick natural lubricant covering Katsuki’s cock tastes pretty much the way human precum would taste- a tad salty but overall not that bad. Emboldened, Izuku slurps the thin tip into his mouth, giving it a light suck. The tips of Katsuki’s claws prick at Izuku’s scalp as he lets out a long, clicking moan. His cock writhes and burrows deeper into the warm cavern of Izuku’s mouth, causing the boy to make a noise of surprise. He opens his jaw wider to make room and gives another tentative suck, only for Katuski to buck his hips up, forcing his cock deeper into Izuku’s throat.

Izuku gags and tries to pull back, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes, but Katsuki’s hand is firm in his hair, keeping him in place with the threat of needle-sharp claws at his scalp. The demon’s cock wriggles further into his throat and Izuku struggles to pull breath through his nose, throat convulsing around the intruder. Izuku’s dick pulses, hot and hard in his hand, and Izuku sucks weakly as he jerks himself harder- aroused to the point of pain by the act of being held down and choked by Katsuki’s hot, squirming cock.

“Fuck- Deku- You’re so good- it’s too much- it hurts- please--”  Katsuki’s voice is broken and husky and wrecked, and Izuku is gone. As Izuku hits the peak of his release, Katsuki’s whole body tenses and relaxes- and his hand drops to the bed, allowing Izuku to rear back, sucking in desperate breaths of air.

Izuku’s breaths calm and he watches in passive fascination as Katsuki’s dick retracts back underneath its pelvic plate.

“Fuck.” Katsuki mumbles, rubbing his face with one hand. Izuku sits back on his haunches.

“Yeah.” Izuku replies, and Katsuki lets out a short bark of a laugh, catching Izuku off guard.

“Biology is wild .” Katsuki states, staring solemnly at the ceiling, and this time it’s Izuku’s turn to let out a laugh. He flops onto his demon’s chest, nuzzling between his chest plates, and looks up to give Katsuki this hopelessly fond look. Katsuki looks down at him, a low purr rumbling deep in his chest.

“Wipe that shitty look off your face, nerd.” Katsuki says, and Izuku giggles again, burying his face once more in his demon’s chest.

Chapter Text

Falling asleep after that was inevitable, but in retrospect, Izuku really should have taken the time to clean and redress himself and his demon before doing so, because waking up to the shrill screeching of his mother and the concerned placating of his teachers is not something he ever wanted to experience in this lifetime.

He sits up abruptly, and Katsuki clings to him, growling, never having been good at rousing from a deep sleep quickly. Izuku scrambles to cover himself with sheets, bright red, unable to look his mother in the eye.

“Izu-kun? Katsuki-kun? What is going on here?” Inko looks down at him with a stern, motherly look of disappointment on her face. It’s clear that she doesn’t need, by any means, to be told what precisely ‘is going on here’, because anyone older than thirteen with a brain and two eyes can put that together. Yeah, Izuku really should have told her what was going on between him and Kacchan way before this.

“Um-- well-” he looks to Katsuki, eyes begging for help, and the demon just smirks and shrugs, saying without saying that this isn’t his problem to deal with. Izuku would beg to differ, but looks finally at his mother anyway. Just behind her Toshinori-san-- Well, All Might, Izuku supposes, stands, looking at him apologetically,

“Kacchan feeds off sex, Mom.” her jaw snaps shut, and she blinks confusedly at him for a drawn out second. All Might- behind her, gives him a similar shocked look.

“Oh Izu-kun-- honey, why didn’t you just tell me?” Inko seems to melt, all of the anger fading into a soft motherly concern. “We could have prepared for this, I could have hired someone-”

“No, no, Mom, you don’t understand. It has to be me. He can’t get the energy from anyone else.” Izuku frowns, disliking the mental image of Katsuki getting it on with some… prostitute for fuck’s sake. What the hell, Mom?

“Well- what about the others? They don’t feed off sex, right?Why does he?” Inko is beginning to look very confused and a little desperate. Izuku supposes she wants to conserve the innocence of her son as long as possible, but really, it’s too late for that.

“No, Mom, they don’t. Kacchan hasn’t… He hasn’t given me his true price yet.” Izuku gets a little quiet near the end, averts his eyes. He feels Katsuki’s face bury into his neck. Inko looks imploringly at the demon, who refuses to meet her gaze. Katsuki hates to admit how easily he would bend to this woman’s will, were it any issue other than this one.

“And I’m not going to.” Katsuki murmurs. He looks up, finally, and meets the eyes of the woman that cared for him like a son since day one. “It’s worse than this. Just trust me on that one.” Maybe it’s what he said, maybe it’s the way he said it, but Inko seems to deflate, accepting that what’s done is done, and going to continue to happen. She takes a deep breath, and afterwards opens her eyes and looks sharply between the two.

“Have you been safe, at least? Do you need me to buy you condoms?” Izuku flushes bright red and splutters.

“Mom--! I- I mean… Kacchan doesn’t, um? He can’t carry diseases? Like his biology has this perfect magic based immune system, so. I can’t get anything from him, he can’t give anything to me. It’s all fairly low risk. Besides, I doubt a condom would even fit on his-” Izuku cuts himself off, burying his face in his arms. He really hopes nobody wants him to finish that sentence, hell, facing his mother while she knows he fucks a demon is bad enough, facing her if she knows he’s into tentacles as well would be impossible.

There’s a tense silence for a moment in the wake of Izuku’s fuck up, but Inko shakes it off, deciding quite firmly that she doesn’t want to know , and moves on to the final topic of concern. “Katsuki.” The demon meets her eyes earnestly. “You be good to my son.” Katsuki nods, but when Inko continues, her face gets dark. “If you hurt him, I’ll make you wish you’d never been incarnated.”

Her presence seems to swell, in that instant, to a size and ferocity even greater than Levy’s, and Katsuki has to swallow a lump of fear that gets caught in his throat. He forces himself to nod.

“Good! Now I know this good teacher has been waiting to have a talk with you twoas well, so I’ll get myself home. I expect the pair of you to follow promptly when you’ve finished here. And… I’m glad the both of you are safe. I came because I got worried when you didn’t come home on time and there was the segment on the news about that USJ place being attacked and-- well. You’re safe, and that’s all that matters.” In another instant the cloud of power is gone like it was never there, and Inko bounces out of the room, smiling at the teachers manning the door on the way out.

All Might, who Izuku still has trouble accepting is the small, scraggly man standing before him, looks frazzled and a bit thrown off. He rubs the back of his neck somewhat awkardly and slips from the room, murmuring “Fetch me when you’re dressed, young men.”

“The old hag is much scarier than I had her pegged for.” Katsuki murmurs, scratching behind his ear with a claw. Izuku buries his face in his hands and lets out a hopeless groan.

“That was the worst. That was literally the worst thing that could have happened. I told you, Kacchan! I told you! But nooo, we had to screw around in a public place, and you had to make me do it before I could text Mom. Gosh.” Izuku shoves the demon away from him and gets out of bed, finding a fresh athletic uniform stored under the bed, presumably for students whose clothes are ruined by blood or other unfortunate bodily fluids. He gathers the bloodied and torn remains of his costume and tosses Katsuki his costume’s shorts, which appear to have made it out relatively unharmed.

Katsuki can admit that that whole conversation was really uncomfortable, for everyone involved, and deigns not to comment this time. Instead he just pulls on his shorts and perches on the edge of the bed. Izuku dresses himself and pulls the door open, popping his head into the hall. All Might is standing quietly in the hallway near the door. When he hears the door open he looks up, and Izuku is struck once again by this sense of… wrongness. All of the thoughts and worries rush back in the face of the conversation they’re about to have.

Izuku leads the man back into the nurse’s office and he closes the door behind him, letting out a heavy sigh. Izuku looks at him warily.


“What-” They both try to speak at the same time, and Izuku splutters and flushes, averting his eyes. How am I supposed to just- talk to him? He’s still- he’s still All Might, right? Izuku looks back up at this man, this man and his frail torso and his sharp jawline and his shadowed eyes; this man who looks like he could be blown away in the wind.

“All Might… All Might is fearless! He saves everyone with a smile.” Izuku says it to himself, mostly, for comfort, but All Might gives a tired chuckle.

“Fearless, huh?” All Might’s face turns dark, for a moment, thoughtful, and izuku lets out a horrified gasp as he lifts his shirt. A bruised, mottled scar spiders across his ribcage, covering most of the left side of his torso. He lets out a wet cough and lets his shirt fall, wiping a spot of blood from his lip.

“I got this injury from an enemy’s attack about five years ago. Half of my respiratory organs were destroyed, and I lost my whole stomach. Repeated surgeries and the other after effects have turned me into… well. This. I can only work as a hero for about three hours a day, by now.” Izuku blinks, digging through his memory.

“Five years ago… but that was Toxic Chainsaw? There’s no way he-”

“No, not that punk. This fight was never made public, I asked they keep it secret. Young man, I don’t smile because I’m fearless. I smile to hide my weakness from the world, to hide my fear. The symbol of Peace is expected to be without weakness, I have to uphold that image or face mass panic.” All Might looks down, rubs the back of his neck with one hand. Izuku looks shellshocked, and tears well in his eyes. All Might can tell that the boy wasn’t prepared to see his hero in such a state, nevermind know why. The man feels like he’s singlehandedly crushed Midoriya’s dreams.

He wishes he was more careful, that he didn’t have to tell him all this. Midoriya has the strength of quirk and will to be an immensely successful hero, and All Might was to him the same symbol of unbeatable strength and goodness that he is to the entire populus. If Izuku were to become discouraged because of this… Toshinori would never forgive himself. In another time, another life, Toshinori likely would have chosen this boy to be his successor. But despite the pressure, despite the slow decline of his health, Toshinori knows in his heart that Midoriya doesn’t need One for All. He is strong without it.

He holds out faith that somewhere in this school, or outside of it, who knows, he will stumble upon a child who needs his power, whether it be because they aren’t strong enough to achieve their dreams alone, or because they need a reason to keep fighting, a reason to remain good. Midoriya Izuku will be amazing without All Might’s help- but there’s a child out there who will need him.

All Might takes a deep breath and forces himself to grow, taking on the image of All Might that Midoriya knows best. The boy looks up at him with sad, empty eyes and All Might gives him his best, brightest smile, and wraps him up in his big arms.

“Don’t be discouraged, young man. I may be injured but I’m not dead yet. And one day, when I’m old and irrelevant and forgotten, the world will look to you- and your smile. You and all of the young heroes growing up alongside you.” All Might gives the small boy a comforting squeeze and he lifts his hands tentatively to curl in the tall man’s suit. His shoulders shake ever so slightly, and All Might’s hears swells about the boy who cries over him. “Hush now, young Izuku. I’ll be alright.” Midoriya looks up at him and blinks away tears. His lower lip quivers and his eyebrows pinch up in the middle with concern.

“Liar.” Midoriya whispers, his eyes flicking ever so slightly with a yellow, demonic sheen, and All Might lets out the breath he was holding, shrinking back into his frail, natural state. He rests his skeletal hands on the boy’s shoulders and gives another smile, this one soft and comforting and as strong as he could possibly give.

“Nobody lives forever, young man. Not even me. But don’t you think for a second that I’m not going to fight with every lick of my strength to my very last breath, no matter what. I expect you to do the same.” Midoriya wipes his eyes and All Might watches him gather his wits and resolve himself with a renewed sense of purpose and determination.

“I’ll fight with you, All Might. Me and Kacchan and Shiso and Levy- We will have your back, okay? We will work hard and get stronger and help you keep the peace- all of the hours of the day that you can’t fight, we will.” All Might smiles, ruffles the boy’s hair. He looks up at the demon, who had been sitting silently throughout the whole conversation, and he gives the man a sharp nod.

“I would be honored to fight alongside you, young man.”




The next few days passed without incident. Izuku sat at his computer and watched old All Might videos in a passive state of forced calm. Despite his resolution, Shiso’s perception of All Might’s lies shook him- the idea that the symbol of peace, the number one hero could possibly die, within ten years even, seems so instinctively wrong , and yet- well. Izuku is determined to remain strong and push forward- to fulfil his promise to the man he has looked up to his whole life. The man who saved his life, his body- once; his mind- many a time.

His mother, blessedly, hadn’t brought up his relationship with Katsuki since the nurse’s office, content to let his business remain his business so long that he wasn’t in danger of being hurt in any way.

Katsuki spent most of his time snoozing. Izuku noticed that when he wasn’t needed for anything in particular, and he wasn’t hungry, he tended towards the warm spots on the carpet near windows, and would scoot with them as the sun rose or set. He behaves more and more like a cat the longer Izuku knows him.

Van-Mey hadn’t shown her face since the loss of their most recent bet, and Izuku can’t bother to be upset about it. Shiso’s soft comfort paired with Levy’s bubbly conversation and Katsuki’s quiet presence slowly helps him return to his usual positive disposition. Eventually, the imminent end of All Might seems much farther away.

The short break is over before they know it, and Izuku walks into the classroom the following morning with Katsuki’s fingers tangled passively with his own.

The pair is greeted jovially by the usual suspects- Uraraka and Kirishima and Kaminari, and before they know it Iida is rushing into the room and ushering everyone to their seats. In their hurry, the empty seat behind Katsuki goes unnoticed.

There are brief murmurs about the room as to who, exactly, will be teaching the class, since their homeroom teacher sustained considerable injury and should still be in the hospital a few more days at minimum. Lo and behold, however, the man enters the room with little flourish, wrapped in bandages like a mummy. The class gasps in varying degrees of shock and concern over the state of him, expressing with great fervor that he should not , in fact, be out of bed yet.

He promptly brushes off their concern and begins the class.

“My well being is none of your concern. More importantly, the fight is not yet over.” Aizawa starts like he’s making some dramatic speech, but stops and scratches slightly at a bandage. “Well. For most of you, at least. As you can see- Mineta hasn’t returned to class. After taking heavy damage and emotional stress at the USJ incident, he has formally dropped out of the hero course. He will continue his education in the general department after recovering fully from his injuries.” The class is quiet, though the general air of relief is palpable.

“Anywho.” Aizawa splits the somewhat awkward silence with his voice once more, continuing on his original topic. “The UA Sports Festival is drawing near.” The class bursts into uproar, clearly invigorated about the super normal school event that would be taking place soon. Izuku looks excitedly to Katsuki, who looks back with confusion and passive annoyance at all the racket. Aizawa immediately shouts for attention, and Izuku vows to fill the demon in later and swivels back to the front. Katsuki rolls his eyes and slouches further in his seat, crossing his arms over his chest.

Concerns are expressed over the safety of the sports festival, but Aizawa insists that the event is far too significant to bow to the threat of a few villains.

“This event will be a pivotal point on the road to developing your career- Hero agencies all over the country will be scouting. If you intend to go pro, you can’t afford to miss this event. That in mind, it wouldn’t do to slack off on your preparations.” A chorus of resounding ‘Yes, Sir’s ring throughout the room, and Aizawa nods in approval.

“Furthermore. We have a bit of a special case this year- due to our resident drop out, the Hero course has an opening. The highest ranking student who wishes to ascend to the Hero course from within any of the General, Support, and Management departments will get that-” Aizawa points to the empty seat, “-desk. What that means for you all- is that you will be receiving a new classmate soon. I expect any rivalries that may develop during the festival won’t hinder classroom dynamics in any way. Is this understood?” ‘Yes Sir!’ is uniformly shouted once again, but this time it is followed with curious and excited murmurs.

Aizawa dismisses the class promptly following, and classes resume from there as normal.




“... Will be moved up to the Hero Course immediately following the sports festival.”

Shinsou Hitoshi’s head snaps up from it’s passive doze and he zeroes in on those few words, suddenly wide awake. His hand shoots up, his whole body suddenly rigid with energy and desperation.

“Excuse me sir, can you repeat that last sentence one more time?” Shinsou insists, speaking with so much urgency and with so little preamble that most of the class swivels to look at him- the student who sits at the back of the class, who is likely to be caught napping a good 90% of the time, and silent the other 10%. The teacher hesitates, briefly, startled by his sudden eagerness to participate in class, before repeating once more what he had said.

“The highest ranking student who wishes to ascend to the Hero course from within any of the General, Support, and Management departments will be moved up to the Hero Course immediately following the sports festival.” He says, in a confused monotone, and Shinsou’s hand slowly falls to the desk with a soft pap.

This is my chance.

“Hah, he’d probably be disqualified for cheating, anyway.” a student murmurs to their neighbor.

“Like he could be a hero, with a quirk like that. He can’t even use it to fight.” murmurs another.

But Shinsou refuses to hear them. He’d been waiting for a chance like this, and damn if he’s going to let it slip through his fingers.

I’ll win the whole goddamn tournament, if that’s what it takes.

Chapter Text

“Why the fuck is it so loud out in the hallway?” Katsuki asks irately, as their class just before lunch comes to an end. Izuku looks up from the tail end of his notes, confused. He doesn’t hear anything particularly unusual himself- but he supposes it wouldn’t be surprising if Katsuki’s senses were better than his. The demon hops out of his chair and stomps toward the door, and Izuku heaves a fond sigh, packing up his things hurriedly to follow him. A few of their classmates look up at their uncharacteristic rush to the door, and, realizing something odd must be going on outside, they move to hover just inside the door as Katsuki slams it open.

To the surprise of some, but not all, of the class, the hallway is filled with onlookers from different departments and classes. “Here to scope out the competition, I see. Well it’s useless, I assure you. I’m going to win.” Katsuki says, a vicious smirk on his face. Izuku frowns and shoves himself around the demon, between him and the crowd.

“Oh, stop being a bully, Kacchan! Besides-” before Izuku can finish placating the demon, however, a tall boy with wild hair steps through the crowd. Something in Izuku’s memory pings recognition, but he isn’t quite sure.

“Is all of class A this big of an asshole? Because--” When he makes it to the front of the crowd and catches sight of who he’s talking to, the boy cuts off abruptly. He looks between Izuku and Katsuki and flushes, averting his eyes and throwing a hand up to squeeze the back of his neck nervously.

“Oh, you’re that guy from the bathroom that one time!” Izuku realizes, demeanor suddenly changing. His face brightens with excitement and curiosity, and Shiso, who also remembered the boy, pushes to the front of Izuku’s mind to better pay attention. “Your quirk is so interesting, How does it work exactly? From Shiso’s analysis I was able to figure out that it was some sort of suggestion, but…” Izuku trails off, mumbling under his breath for a second before snapping out of it and smiling up at the other boy. He looks down at Izuku, bewildered at his enthusiasm. He thought Izuku would hate him, after their odd meeting, but evidently…

“Oh, uh- well…” before he’s able to speak, however, someone else jumps out of the crowd, shouting about being in class B and the hallway devolves once more into chaos. Katsuki is arguing with a loud silver-haired boy who reminds Izuku oddly of Kirishima, and Uraraka and Iida and others of class A look on in concern. Shiso pings him and Izuku snaps his head up, seeing the boy about to disappear back into the crowd, using the chaos as cover.

“Wait!” Shiso shouts, having pushed in front of Izuku’s consciousness in an uncharacteristic display of desperation. The demon’s ghostly feathers and facial features sprout over Izuku’s skin and clothes, and many students look on in shock. The purple haired boy turns back around as Shiso catches his wrist, and Izuku designs just to take the backseat for this one, because it’s not often that Shiso wants to interact with the outside world so desperately that he would force his way forward as he did. His eyes widen comically as he catches sight of Shiso in Izuku’s skin, and he stops in his tracks.

“What’s your name?” Shiso asks, an odd reverence in his voice that Izuku’s never heard from him before.

“Shinsou Hitoshi- you’re Midoriya Izuku, right?” The boy replies, caught in Shiso’s wide eyes, intrigued.

“No-- I mean yes, I mean-” Shinsou watches as the boy in front of him flusters, and the otherworldly aura of him fades. Shinsou is suddenly aware- when Midoriya Izuku returns to his body- that the being he spoke to so briefly must have been someone else.

“His name is Shisorian Luvin, Guardian of Mind. He’s a contracted demon of mine- part of my quirk. If you come to lunch with us I’ll explain- but only if you tell me about your quirk in return!!” Izuku says, normal expression of curiosity and excitement back in place. Hesitantly, Shinsou nods. “Great, let me just find Kacchan…”


What was that about, Shiso? You got a little weird there for a second. Izuku thinks, as he looks around for his other, rowdier, demon companion.


I don’t really know. I just- It’s just the way he is- he’s intriguing. I want to get to know him, for some reason. I don’t know why. I just felt like… fuck. I don’t know. I think.... He might be of Mind.

Izuku blinks, interested. He’s aware, of course, that all humans have a passive alignment- and that demons tend to have a certain… pull depending on that alignment. The pull between those with the same or inverted alignments tend to be strongest- though the pull between any demon and any summoner is naturally much stronger than these attractions between demons and normal humans- meaning it’s never come up before, really.


Did we ever figure out what my alignment was? Izuku asks, thinking back to many years ago, when Shiso had first mentioned this phenomenon.


Hope. You’re of hope, I have no doubts.


Izuku spots Katsuki then, surrounded by a group of class B students, with Kirishima and Kaminari at his back, ranting about how ‘none of you extras are going to beat me and Deku!’ and gives a fond smile. Of course. Rage and Hope are inverse, after all.

“Kacchan!! Leave them be, it’s time for lunch!” Izuku shouts over the racket, waving the demon over. He heaves a great huff and removes himself from the argument- basically by flipping off everyone he was arguing with at once and walking away. Izuku shakes his head at the demon- he’s always been so unapologetically him.

“Who’s this fucker?” Katsuki asks, looking Shinsou up and down as soon as he notices him, and slinging an arm around Izuku’s shoulders, pulling him into his side. Izuku allows it, but frowns at the demon.

“Shinsou Hitoshi. He’s coming to lunch with us today, so don’t be an asshole! We met him in the bathroom that one time, remember?” Izuku says, leading the two towards the lunch room.

“What? We didn’t meet anyone…” Katsuki trails off, looking somewhat confused. “Fuck. I can’t remember anything between sucking you off and returning to the classroom.” He states, and Izuku squeaks, throwing him a sharp look. Shinsou coughs awkwardly.

“Yeah, sorry, that was my fault. I uh- well, probably shouldn’t have- but-” He trails off, awkwardly, guiltily, and then his whole expression changes out of nowhere. “Look, I know I said I’d talk to you or whatever, but the whole reason I came to your classroom this morning was to tell your whole class, fairly unkindly, to watch their backs. I’m going to do whatever it takes to win at the sports festival, and a quirk like mine-- well, it’s not conductive to maintaining friendships.” He says it so bitterly, Izuku wants to give him a hug. “It’d be cool… If we could try to be friends afterwards. I hope you don’t hold whatever I have to do against me.” And with that, he walks away, hand upon neck and spine hunched, and Izuku is too stunned to go after him this time.




“Hey, Kacchan?” Izuku asks, spontaneously, during a break in their in-class training time.

“Fucking what, Deku?” The demon responds, breathing hard. Izuku feels a jolt of guilt- it’s clear Katsuki is working much harder towards improving himself than Izuku himself is, but…

“Why are we trying so hard? Like-- don’t get me wrong, I want to try to win the tournament, but…” Izuku thinks of all their classmates- striving so hard to be the best. He thinks of Shinsou, and his steadfast determination to win, despite the fact that he has so little. “I feel like… there are other people who need it more. You know? I’d like to do well, at least so we can get our names out there, but-”

“Shitty idiot fucking Deku--- Aren’t you the one that wants to be a bigshot hero one day?” Katsuki sits up, glares daggers at him.

“Well yeah, but…” Izuku trails off, curls in on himself a bit. Katsuki huffs, looking briefly like he’s going to say something, but grumbles.

“Fuck-- I don’t- this dumb confusing societal system-- Just hang the hell on, Deku. sit your ass right here and don’t even move for a second--” and he bounds off on all fours, vaguely jackrabbit like, and Izuku stares quizzically after him.

He returns promptly with their sensei in tow, looking quite proud of himself. Izuku stands, unsure.

“I’ve been… directed,” He shoots Katsuki a withering look, “to tell you why it’s worth striving for a win at the sports festival next week.” Aizawa states, deadpanned. Izuku splutters, whipping his hands nervously about his face and head, but ultimately decides that it’s best to be honest.

“I’m sorry, Aizawa-sensei, I just-- I feel like there are other people… who need the win more than me, you know? Like-- the sports festival is all about getting noticed, and my quirk is already…” he trails off, glances at Katsuki. “It’s really flashy on it’s own, I guess. Winning would be cool, but there’s… a lot of people who care a lot more about it than I do.” Aizawa sighs a little, rubs the bridge of his nose. He looks despairingly at Izuku.

“Look- kid-” he stops, makes an aborted movement, before finally lifting his arm and settling his hand awkwardly atop Izuku’s shoulder. “You’re selfless. Dangerously so, evidently. But you have a goal, too. Thinking like that- you’ll be a hero, sure, but you’ll be a mediocre, relatively obsolete one. You’ll help people, sure, but you won’t make enough money to support yourself. You’ll probably have a job on the side and-- look the point is- if you want to make a difference? Have an impact on people’s lives? You have to strive for the top. It’s not about- this is so cliche, tch- It’s not about winning, per-se. It’s about making yourself the best that you can be, because only by putting in every ounce of your power to succeeding, to getting stronger, will you be able to do the most good in the long run. Does that-- make sense? Half-assing it at the sports festival just because Miscellaneous Student A’s dad will be angry if he doesn’t win isn’t conducive to growing, or to making yourself more capable in the future.” Aizawa lets his hand fall, and steps back a bit, crossing his arms.

Izuku looks up at Aizawa like he’s given him the secrets to life itself, and the teacher is honestly uncomfortable with the intensity of it. This kid is just… absurdly vibrant. At least he doesn’t look so… defeated anymore. Aizawa supposes it’s an improvement.

“Sensei… you’re right. I’m going to put everything I’ve got into using this experience to make myself stronger! I’ll…” He derails quickly into mumbling, pulling a tiny pocket notebook out of his athletic uniform- miniature pencil attached, mind you- and begins writing out what Aizawa assumes is a plan or something. Whatever.

Presuming his job done, Aizawa turns on his heel and leaves, feeling he’s wasted quite enough motivational words for one day.

Katsuki shakes his head exasperatedly at his master, who has plopped back on the ground, a storm of murmurs flooding from his mouth. Figuring Izuku will likely be there for a good long while, he stomps back to his small circle of destruction and continues his explosion maximization training. He’s going to suck Izuku’s dick tonight. He deserves it.




The sports festival arrives before Izuku knows it. The school and its grounds are decorated and busy, teeming with onlookers and heroes, shopkeepers and their stalls, parents and children and anyone in between. The stadium is filling up quickly, despite being large enough to seat tens of thousands of people. The air is ripe with excitement and anticipation as the masses prepare for the event of the year.

Class A has been corralled to one of many participants-only waiting rooms. They fidget with anticipation, chatting animatedly about the competition and complaining about their inability to wear their costumes. Izuku stands somewhat aimlessly in the center of the room, fidgeting with the rows of watches at his wrists, and the small pouch of dice at his belt. Thankfully, he had been permitted to use them despite the ban against costumes or other outside materials, due to the fact that his quirk largely depends on outside materials. Katsuki crouches at his feet, one arm wrapped gently around his leg and ankle, head resting against his thigh. He’s wearing only his costume’s durable shorts, as they don’t give him any advantage more than he already has, and they’re far more likely to make it through the competition intact than any of his miscellaneous pairs of basketball shorts or cut-off sweatpants. His face is passive but alert.

Izuku frets, looking between his watches and his demon, and figures that somehow, he’s just one big exception.

Soon, Iida returns, proclaiming that the opening ceremony will be starting soon. Todoroki, of all people, approaches Izuku in that moment. The boy looks up at his quiet classmate in confusion, and a low growl bubbles from within his demon’s chest. Todoroki glances at the demon, but his eyes quickly return to Izuku. Katsuki has never liked Todoroki, for some reason that Izuku cannot fathom. They’ve hardly even spoken. In fact, Izuku has no idea why the other boy would want to talk to him now, of all times, and especially with such a serious expression.

“Um- Todoroki-kun? What is it?” Izuku asks, genuinely confused.

“Looking at things objectively, I think you’re stronger than me.” Todoroki states, boldly. Izuku splutters, raising his hands and shaking his head. “On top of that,” Todoroki continues, once Izuku falls quiet, “All Might seems to have a soft spot for you. Aizawa-sensei too, if we’re being honest.” Izuku flushes, averts his eyes. Yes, he’s interacted with both teachers more than some of the other students, but that’s not because they favor him- “That said, however, I think you’re volatile. Unbalanced. The power of your… familiar easily outshines your own. I think I can beat you.” Izuku’s jaw drops. He doesn’t know what he was expecting, but it wasn’t a declaration of war. “In fact, I will.”

“Woah, Todoroki-kun, what’re you doing, picking a fight all of a sudden?” Kirishima stands, setting a hand on Todoroki’s shoulder, but the other simply brushes him off, turning to leave.

“What does it matter? We’re not here to play at being friends.” Todoroki states, walking towards the door. Izuku recovers from his shock quickly, and his resolve hardens.

“Todoroki- I think you’re wrong.” Todoroki pauses, looks back. “Objectively, you’re absolutely stronger than me.” Kirishima blinks at Izuku, putting up his hands as if to placate the boy.

“Midoriya-kun, you shouldn’t speak so negatively-” Izuku cuts him off with a raised hand, and proceeds, face grim.

“But at the same time, I’m not just one person that you’re declaring you’ll beat. If you want to beat me, you’ll have to beat Kacchan, and Shiso, and Levy, and Van-mey. And they? Are much, much stronger than you. You’re right in thinking that Kacchan’s power outshines mine- it does. But Kacchan is only here because I brought him here with my power. He only stays because he respects me. The same goes for all of my demons.” Todoroki listens with a blank stare, but turns back to face Izuku once again.

“Everyone-” Izuku thinks of Shinsou, of the crowd of people outside their classroom that one morning, “In all of the departments, is putting their all into climbing to the top. And that includes me. I might be weak on my own- but with Kacchan at my side?” Izuku buries one hand in Katsuki’s hair, raises his head, and drills Todoroki with his most determined stare.

“Yeah?” Todoroki challenges, raising his own chin.

“I wouldn’t underestimate me.”

Chapter Text

Present Mic’s easily recognizable voice rings throughout the stadium, flooding even the underground loading tunnels where the entire first-year student body resides, waiting anxiously for their call. The roar of the crowd rumbles above them, but the stadium remains sturdy. Katsuki resides at his master’s side, maintaining a facade of calm determination.

But under the skin, his rage simmers. Who was that half-and-half fucker anyway, who never spoke more than a sentence to either of them the entire time they’d been in class together? Who was he to challenge Deku that way, to doubt his strength? To look at Deku and tell him he was weak - it was a direct insult to Katsuki himself. Katsuki wouldn’t be here if Deku was weak.

Katsuki stayed quiet throughout the exchange, crouched, struggling against the Rage, shoving it back into the cage before it was able to spill out and affect the whole room full of people. Izuku’s hand, gentle in his hair, was an anchor. It still is, as they wait for the cue to enter the stadium, as hostile growls catch in Katsuki’s throat. ( How dare he look at my Deku that way-)

He buries his face into the side of Izuku’s thigh, causing the boy to look down at him in concern. He takes a deep breath and it smells like home. He doesn’t know when Izuku started being home, but Katsuki doesn’t miss the dark, the purposelessness, or the desperate, constant, eat-or-be-eaten lifestyle. Izuku smells like home, and Shiso, whose scent Katsuki has learned to separate, clings to him, and Shiso smells like safety, like calm.

With a final push, the cage clicks shut once again. Katsuki stands, wrapping an arm gently about Izuku’s waist. He nuzzles the boy’s temple, ever so soft.

“Kacchan?” Izuku asks, confused. The demon pulls away and it’s like he’s resolved, somehow. His eyes are full of something unreadable.

Little do either of them know, his eyes said “ thank you.”  

“It’s time for the students to enter the first year stage!!” Whatever tension there is between them in that moment snaps- their heads whirl towards the other end of the tunnel and wordlessly, they begin their procession out onto the field. Katsuki and Izuku walk side-by-side, closely followed by their classmates, and as they step out of the tunnel the roar of the crowd is deafening and the light is blinding.

Izuku looks up and hundreds of thousands of faces look back at him and he swallows down a nervous gulp. Present Mic begins introducing the classes as they enter, and the cheering only grows louder. The cold sweat that breaks over his brow is unavoidable, he supposes. Uraraka, at his other side, gives his arm a comforting pat, and returns his nervous grin with an equally shaky one. Kirishima walks up behind Katsuki, excited grin on his face.

“That’s quite the crowd, I’m getting nervous! What about you, Bakugou-kun? Midoriya -kun?” Izuku gives Kirishima the same shaky smile, but both get distracted when Katsuki speaks, manic grin spreading over his face.

“Nah, I’m just getting fired up.” He looks down at Izuku, eyes alight with the promise of battle, fangs gleaming in the sunlight, and Izuku’s knees nearly buckle under the weight of it. Katsuki merely chuckles, and takes his hand, pulling him towards the center of the field. Kirishima grins as well, following. Before they know it, the field has flooded with students from all of the classes in all of the departments, and Midnight has taken the stage, preparing them to recite the player pledge.

Somewhere in the crowd, Shinsou Hitoshi stands, alone, face flat but determined. He stands apart from his classmates, who murmur discontentedly about being nothing but background to make the hero classes look good. Maybe that’s the case, for them, but Shinsou intends to climb the ranks today, to show the world that he can be a hero, too.

He looks at the tightly knit mob that is class A and decides resolutely not to think of the green-haired boy who want’s to be his friend, and the murky yellow eyes that drew him in, if only for a second. If he want’s to win, he can’t let himself be distracted.

“Representing the students is Midoriya Izuku from class 1-A!!” Midnight shouts, and the boy in question steels his nerves, swallowing down a terrified whimper. He knew this was coming, of course, and he even prepared a speech, but in retrospect that was probably a wasted effort. He’ll be lucky if he’s able to choke out a single sentence in front of this crowd.

But Katsuki squeezes his hand, and Shiso blankets him in warmth, and Izuku thinks maybe, just maybe, he’ll be able to choke out three.

So he walks up to the stage, visibly shaking, and clears his throat. He looks up at the crowd and gulps, then snaps his eyes down to the students instead. He sees looks of curiosity, of animosity, of support and of disappointment, but there’s only one face he needs to see. Katsuki looks up at him with respect, with pride, and Shiso holds him from behind. Izuku clears his throat.

“Everyone-” The microphone’s volume startles him and he flinches back, but at a firm push from Shiso, he continues. “Everyone here is fighting for something. Some people are fighting for their futures. Some, for their families. Some people are fighting because they were told to, others because they need to. Some people are fighting for themselves, fighting to prove themselves, fighting to win. But no matter what you’re fighting for, everyone here has the chance to make this an opportunity to get stronger. We’re all here because we want to be heroes- whether as a pro, or as a manager, or as a support item designer- and that means we all need to take every opportunity we get to make ourselves better- if not for ourselves, then for the people we aim to help.” His words ring out in the fragile silence, and it’s like the stadium takes a breath. Then the crowd roars again, and the students are cheering and clapping, and Izuku heaves a great sigh of relief. Shiso gives him a mental pat on the back as he stumbles off of the stage, and Katsuki wraps him up in his encouraging grin, and Izuku grins back.




The first game is announced as an obstacle race, and Izuku lets out his held breath. A race. Races are easy, with Time on his side. Katsuki’s ability to effectively fly paired with a subtle time advantage should give them an easy win, no matter what the obstacles happen to be. The only real variable is what the rest of the students’ quirks can do, but that’s assuming they’ll be able to catch him.

“Levy, you’re up first.” Izuku calls, and the demon stirs from her resting state.


Alrighty, shortcake. What’s the job for today?


“More than one, probably, but for now… remember the entrance exam?”


For sure.


“We’ll start the same way. After that it’ll depend on the obstacles we come across, so stay on standby. I brought a whole bunch of watches so you’ll be duly compensated, I promise.”


Oh Izu-kun, you’ve never been one to fail to pay your dues. I’m ready when you are~


Some of the students give him weird looks for talking to himself, but if there’s anything he’s used to, it’s that. Izuku ignores it and makes a call for Mey, but unsurprisingly, she doesn’t respond. If all goes as planned, he won’t need her, anyway.

“Deku-kun!” Uraraka catches him by the shoulder, and he turns, smiling at her. “Deku-kun! I just wanted to tell you-” She takes a deep breath and raises a fist, determined, “I’m going to do my best to beat you too! You and Bakugou-kun are the strongest in class, so that means you’re the standard to beat! So watch out!” Deku returns her determined grin, and bumps her fist with his own.

“Don’t think we’ll go easy on you, Uraraka-kun. If you’re putting in your all, so am I.” Katsuki scoffs at their little exchange, and everyone gathers by the entrance gate, waiting for the signal to start. Izuku removes one of his watches, thanks, briefly, the support company that keeps making him new ones that he doesn’t have to pay for, and meets Katsuki’s eyes.

“Ready, Kacchan?”

“What’s it look like, Deku?”

Chapter Text

Slipping ahead in time never fails to be exhilarating. Katsuki bursts through the crowd into the lead, Izuku upon his back, and each leap forward is backed by a small detonation from the soles of his feet. The rest of the students are left in the dust even before they get the chance to catch up in time, even before they register what’s happened. Levy hovers close in Izuku’s mind, sharing space with Shiso, who’s been ordered to keep watch for mental quirks like Shinsou’s.

“And Midoriya takes the lead, right out of the gate, with a mind boggling jump forward in time! That’s a demon summoner for you…” Present Mic jumps right into commentary, and Izuku blots his voice out, concentrating on the race. Their head-start is considerable, but without any idea of what’s ahead, Izuku hesitates to become complacent.

“Kacchan, I want you to run ahead and scout for obstacles. We’re far enough ahead that I should be able to run alone, and then we can prepare for what’s coming without being caught up.” The demon grunts in agreement, and hikes Izuku up on his back. In response, the boy braces his feet on the demon’s back and jumps up, giving Katsuki an extra boost forward. The demon blasts ahead, and Izuku picks up a steady run. How far back is the closest one? He asks, directed towards Shiso.


‘Bout 300 meters, picking up speed. He won’t catch up if you rejoin Katsuki within the same distance.


Izuku nods, frowns, and pushes a bit more into every step. He takes the dregs of Levy’s power rush and sends the energy to his feet, decaying the ground below him as he runs. He doubts It’ll do much to stop the students behind him, but on the off chance it does, it’s not worth wasting the chance.

A huge explosion detonates just ahead, and Izuku doesn’t take that as a good sign. It means Katsuki encountered something he deemed worth fighting immediately after discovering it. He dares a glance behind him and spits a curse when he sees how close behind him Todoroki is, skating on an icy floor of his own making.  Just behind him follows Ashido, Kirishima, Yayorozu, and many other students. The decayed floor isn’t hindering them much at all. His head start is getting shorter by the second. Izuku briefly considers taking action, but changes his mind when he rounds the corner.

Katsuki stands strong in front of a huge group of entrance exam robots, but since it’s not worth wasting energy on his largest blasts here, he hasn’t done much but smash a few of the smaller ones. In the back of the group are a row of huge zero pointers as well, and Izuku shouts Katsuki’s name. The demon glances behind him and catches Izuku’s eye, and the boy gestures wildly to the competitors closely tailing him.

“Leave them, Kacchan! Up and over!” He shouts, and the demon dashes towards him. As Izuku climbs onto Katsuki’s back, Todoroki and other students come upon the first obstacle as well, many of them stopping to gape. Izuku however, already has a plan.

Katsuki jumps into the air, Izuku secure on his back, and the pair rocket over the group of robots before anyone else manages to get their wits together. As they pass over the top however, the 0-point robot to their left is encased suddenly in a huge wave of ice. In the same instant, Izuku grabs onto Levy and drops a watch onto the robot just below them- it rusts through the head and corrupts the robot’s mainframe within seconds. By the time the pair hit the ground on the other side, Todoroki is dashing between the legs of the frozen robot, and both crash to the ground behind them.

“Todoroki Shouto and Midoriya Izuku from class 1-A are the first ones through, running neck and neck!” Katsuki scoffs and tells Izuku to hold on, before dropping to all fours and dashing ahead of the other boy.

“Aah! Kacchan-” Izuku squeaks, struggling to stay atop the demon around all of his spines and jolting gallop.

“I told you to hold on! I’m not losing to that fucker, Deku, so figure something out!”

Izuku, evidently, doesn’t get the chance to figure something out before Todoroki has shot a sheet of ice ahead of him, in their direction. Katsuki doesn’t notice, and trips when his legs are locked in thick spikes of ice. Katsuki shouts a curse as Izuku goes flying, shooting one explosion at Todoroki and letting off two more to free his feet.

Izuku tucks and rolls, clambering to his feet as Todoroki passes him up, reflexively pulling up a sheet of ice to block Katsuki’s explosion.

“Kacchan, let’s go, the rest of them are catching up!” Izuku dashes towards his demon, who is absolutely trembling with rage. “Kacchan!” This snaps him out of it, and Katsuki shakes his head, beginning to run alongside Izuku. The demon looks back at the crowd of people gaining on them and ahead to Todoroki, who’s kept a steady pace.

“Fuck, we’re behind. Can’t you get that time bitch to do something?” Izuku shakes his head.

“I’ve only got eight watches for the whole festival, I can’t afford to waste them. If I run out and end up needing Levy, I’ll lose more time, and you’re the one who insists I keep track of how many offerings I have.”

“Fuck- what about the other one? The lucky, kinda dodgy one?”

“Not responding. She’s either busy or just being a bitch, I don’t know.” Izuku responds, and Katsuki lets out another curse.

“There better be enough time to eat between this and the next round.” Katsuki mutters, before hoisting Izuku into his arms.

“Wha-” Izuku didn’t quite catch that-

“Nothing. Hold on.” Katsuki rockets forward and Izuku yelps, wrapping his arms tightly around the demon’s neck as he leaps forward with powerful bursts. Katsuki shoots the shocked Todoroki a smug look as he blasts ahead, and the boy responds with another attempt at trapping them with ice. But Katsuki doesn’t fall for the same trick twice- he maneuvers around the shot and is out of range within seconds. Todoroki scowls and pushes forward, but there’s not much hope of him catching up unless something ahead stops the demon.




Shinsou, atop the shoulders of people he doesn’t even know, plods onwards. He wouldn’t say he’s doing well, per-say, but he’s not doing the worst. Sure, his decision to have people carry him instead of just running on his own maybe wasn’t the smartest as far as speed, but at least he’s not being hindered by the sheer number of people. His effective ‘horse’ does an acceptable job of pushing the other contestants out of their way, at least.

By the time he got to the first obstacle, enough of an opening had already been torn through by other students that he was able to make his way unhindered. The second, however, poses a problem. As he approaches the gaping chasm system he spots in the distance the demon of Izuku Midoriya, who by way of explosion is flying across the cavern effectively unhindered. The son of Endeavor is close behind, using his ice powers to glide-seemingly effortlessly- across the ropes stringing the pillars together. Plenty of other students have begun to make their way across the chasm as well, including a frog-like girl who is rapidly tightrope walking across the ropes, a brunette who appears to be moon-jumping from pillar to pillar, and plenty more.

He orders his team to halt at the edge of the chasm and has himself a little think. He’s not physically strong enough to pull himself across, even hanging upside down, nor is he nimble enough to simply walk. Like hell he can jump that distance either… which means his options are restricted to who he can-

Oh. A small, anxious looking girl with wings flutters down to the edge of the chasm near him. In all honesty, she should probably be doing much better than she is, considering the fact that the ability to fly would trump easily all of the obstacles thus far, but if she lands and dithers before every obstacle… well.

“Hey, bitch.” Shinsou shouts, and the girl turns, looking both affronted and vaguely terrified.

“Um?” And that’s all he needs. The girl’s face goes slack, her eyes widen, and Shinsou slips from the shoulders of his lackeys, freeing them from his influence.

“Fly me across the chasm.” Shinsou orders, and the girl does.




Katsuki stops at the brink of the final obstacle and sets Izuku down, breathing heavily. They gained enough ground that Izuku has enough time to think the situation through a bit. Katsuki, though he would be loathe to admit it, is looking a little ragged. He’s probably running on empty by now, the amount of power he used to move at that speed for as long as he did probably wasn’t small, nevermind having to carry Izuku.

Izuku looks across the minefield, at the finish line within his sight, and figures there’s probably at least one safe way across the field that wouldn’t require utmost concentration to navigate. If only he could see it.

On an impulse, he digs into the pouch at his waist and pulls out six dice- of the average, six-sided variety- and rolls the lot of them. As predicted, they all land on six.


As usual, your natural tendency for beating the odds calls me. If I had the heart to ditch you, I would, but here we are. Just for that lovely roll, I’ll even do you a little favor. What’ll it be, kiddo?


Izuku’s face curls into a grin. “Show me the path of fortune.” He demands, and a hazy golden glow fades in over the minefield ahead. Daring a look behind him, he spots Todoroki a mere ten meters behind and moving. Katsuki cracks his knuckles, taking Izuku’s back.

“Win, Deku. I’ll hold him off.”



As Izuku dashes off behind him, Katsuki faces his opponent, arms outstretched and fingers twitching. His face breaks into a grin as Todoroki throws a pillar of ice at him and he counters it with a blast of equal size. Despite the fact that he’s drained of power and growing uncomfortably hungry, his grin doesn’t falter. Running was never his forte, after all. He prefers to stand and fight.

“Get out of my way! This is between me and him!” Todoroki shouts, throwing another spike of ice. Katsuki cackles and blasts this one away as well, internally wincing at the amount of force it took to get the power out.

“Is that what you think, fuckass? If you know what’s really up here, you’d know that between the two of us, I’m the one worth fighting.” Todoroki creates yet another spike, but this time the detonation fizzles out in Katsuki’s palm. The demon curses, making a swift dodge, but it’s enough of an opening. Todoroki dashes past after Izuku.

“Really? You’re hardly worth the trouble.” Todoroki shoots over his shoulder, and Katsuki sees red.

He sprints out onto the minefield on all fours, paying absolutely no regard to the large explosions he sets off with near every step, eyes solely focused on the bastard in front of him. Todoroki is making it across the field at a considerably slower pace than Izuku, who is only a few meters ahead, but looks much more sure on his feet.

That is, he isn’t paying attention until he steps on one in particular, which he supposes was placed just a bit too close to a few others. A chain reaction goes off, throwing not only the demon and Todoroki off their feet, but Izuku as well. The shock jolts Katsuki out of his mindless rage and he shakes himself, only to see a wave far too large to avoid come rushing at him.




Izuku is mere meters from the finish line when the explosion throws him off his feet. He hits the ground and rolls, ears ringing, and stumbles to his feet. Disoriented, he looks around, trying to find the path, only to turn around and see Katsuki encased in a huge wave of ice.

“Kacchan!” He shouts, making an impulsive, aborted movement towards the demon. Only the sight of Todoroki pulling himself to his feet and running steadfastly towards the finish gives the boy pause. He can win, he can see the path, Todoroki is behind him still, if only a bit.

Kacchan is fine, of course he’s fine, he’ll just explode out of there any second now.

But he doesn’t. Izuku hesitates a bit too long, Todoroki catches up.

Win, Izuku. The boy shakes his head and sprints after Todoroki, following the lit path. The other boy has his eyes on the ground, dodging mines as he goes, but Izuku’s eyes are on the finish.

They’re neck and neck. Izuku’s feet hit the ground with heavy steps, he pushes as much as he can with every stride forward. Todoroki at his side doesn’t move to hinder him, instead using a sheet of ice to match Izuku’s pace. Izuku hears explosions behind him, but he doesn’t look. All of his focus is on pumping his legs as fast as they’ll go.

“GO, DEKU!” Someone shouts behind him, but Izuku knows that voice. Grinning, he bursts forward those last few steps, blood racing in his veins. This is the final stretch- Izuku and Todoroki sprint at full speed through the exit tunnel- and both emerge, blinded by the light of the stadium.

But Izuku’s name is the one that Present Mic roars over the loudspeaker- winner by the barest fraction of a second.

Chapter Text

Izuku looks up at the call of his name in shock as he slows from his desperate sprint to the finish line. Todoroki looks up as well, but with a face clearly cut in displeasure. Both are out of breath and sweating from the race. Neither gets the chance to say anything, however, before more students begin trickling from the tunnel, one by one. The crowd roars around them and Izuku grins, reveling in the praise. He turns to the tunnel, then, looking on eagerly, and he only has to wait a moment before Katsuki bounds from the tunnel, grinning from the rush of the race and their victory.

“Not bad, Deku. Your weak little legs pulled through in the end.” Katsuki stands and looks down at Izuku with this charming little smirk, and Izuku wraps him up in a big elated hug.

“I can’t believe it, Kacchan! I actually won!”

“Deku-kuuuun!!” Uraraka jogs from the tunnel, grinning, breaths heavy. “Congratulations! I saw you and Bakugou-kun fly over the robot at the beginning, you were so cool!!” Izuku flusters from the praise, hiding behind his hands. Katsuki merely scoffs.

“Big surprise we’re better than the lot of you extras, angel-face. You should be used to it by now.” Uraraka just huffs at him, used to the demon’s preening. Whatever she intended to say next is interrupted by Kirishima, who tackles Katsuki from the side.

“Blasty! Midoriya! Y’all killed it out there!! Always such manly feats from the both of you, congrats!”

“The fuck did you just call me, hair-for-brains?”

“Midoriya Izuku?” Midnight comes up behind their talkative group, looking grim. Izuku turns at the call of his name, growing concerned at the sight of his usually jovial teacher’s serious look.

“Yes, Ma’am?” Izuku responds, frowning.

“Unfortunately, the rules decree that familiar-type quirks count the participant and familiar as one body. Usually it’s not a problem, as the two share a body or the familiar is small enough to be held, but with your… outstanding circumstances, the technicality has to be put in place. Though you exited the tunnel first, your familiar placed seventh. The rules state that we are to average the place between the two of you, putting you in fourth place, officially.

“The fuck? What kind of stupid ass rule is that?” Katsuki interjects, whirling on the woman. Izuku frowns as well, placing a hand gently on Katsuki’s shoulder before the demon can get too riled up. Katsuki goes to continue nevertheless, but Izuku interjects before he can start, with a much politer tone.

“Midnight-sensei, why weren’t we informed of these rules before the race?” Izuku asks. The woman has the heart to look as if she feels bad, at least.

“I’m afraid it’s the students’ responsibility to make sure they’re properly educated on the festival’s finer rules, we don’t have the time to recite every rule, for every technicality.” The woman has the heart to look as if she feels bad, at least. “Look, between you and me, it’s a stupid rule anyway, especially when we tell you there aren’t any rules as long as you stay within the track, but there’s nothing I can do. On the up-side, the pros all saw you come out of the tunnel first, so you’ve made your point as far as ability goes-”

“But I wanted an ABSOLUTE WIN! YOU CAN’T BUST IN HERE AND TELL ME FUCKING HALF-AND-HALF WON WHEN DEKU WAS CLEARLY THE FIRST ONE THROUGH THE TUNNEL! THAT’S BULLSHIT--” Midnight’s point, unfortunately, goes right over Katsuki’s head as the demon flies into a rage, fighting against Izuku’s placating hands to continue to shout at the woman.

“Kacchan you need to stop, it’s not her fault--” Midnight looks torn between attempting to help Izuku and wanting to back up a few steps, and if Izuku weren’t occupied he would advise towards the latter. Shit, Shiso, he’s not calming down, what do I do-


Grab his horns. He’s not gonna like it but it’ll make him submit. Massage the base of his horns afterwards and he’ll calm down real fast. But uh-- I wouldn’t do that part in public.


Izuku raises an eyebrow in confusion but does as he’s told, grabbing the demon fairly roughly by the horns and pulling his head town to eye-level. His shouts cut off abruptly, reduced to a deep growl in the back of his throat as his jaw locks up and his struggling stills. Relieved, Izuku takes a deep breath and maintains the hold, looking back up briefly at Midnight.

“Midnight-sensei, thank you for warning us. Now um-- if you’ll excuse me, I need to go calm him down.” The woman nods, understanding.

“I’m sorry about all this, kiddo, but go ahead. Try to be back within half an hour, or you’ll miss the next event.” Izuku nods, before looking back down at Katsuki, who glares up at him through his bangs.

“Alright Kacchan…”

“Uh Deku-kun… are you going to need any help?” Uraraka asks, and Izuku realizes abruptly that he’s still surrounded by congratulatory friends, who are now looking quite a bit more worried than anything else.

“Um, no, thank you, I’m going to have to deal with this-- um- privately.” Izuku averts his eyes at the end of that, but his friends all express their understanding and disperse without any fuss. Looking back down at Katsuki, Izuku exerts a small amount of intent , “Come on, Kacchan.” Before carefully releasing the grip on his horns. To his relief, the demon doesn’t immediately explode, merely dropping to all fours before following.

Izuku leads the demon to an empty prep room and shuts the door behind them both, locking it. It’s less than a second before Katsuki is upon him, all snarling teeth and fiery eyes.

“That’s an interesting trick you found, Deku. I don’t, ” His eyes flash, and Izuku thinks this is likely the most dangerous he’s been since he brought him into this world, “like it. I’ll submit to you when I choose, not when this stupid physical form wills it. Now let me go back out there and kill the bitch who got between me and my victory .” Izuku quickly grips the demon by the horns again, but this time he begins to rub gently at the base of one.

“Kacchan, you need to calm down… you’re letting your Rage take over your logic again.” Izuku had noticed, of course. When something would make the demon angrier than it should and he would go quiet, bury his face into Izuku somewhere and just breathe. Izuku would channel Shiso at times like those, in an attempt to help, but never before had the demon allowed himself to get so out of hand. There must be something about victory that he cares about far more than Izuku had originally thought.

“Ngh- what’re you…” Katsuki’s muscles relax one by one under Izuku’s firm hands, and the more Izuku rubs the more the demon seems to lose focus on his goal. Soon his eyes flutter shut and a tentative purr rumbles up in his chest. It takes a mere minute before he’s forgotten about being angry entirely, purring and butting his head up into Izuku’s hands like a needy cat.

Things take a turn for the unexpected, however, when the demon’s hands move to wrap around Izuku’s smaller form, pulling him flush against himself. Katsuki slots a leg between Izuku’s and ruts down on the boy’s thigh, and when his mouth falls open, a long, warbling moan bubbles out of his throat. Izuku’s breath hitches and his hands stop, startled, and Katsuki’s eyes snap open.

“Don’t--” Katsuki whimpers, whimpers , looking at Izuku with desperate, hungry eyes. So this is why I wasn’t supposed to do it in public. He muses, somewhat shaken by the demon’s desperation to seek out his own pleasure over Izuku’s. Never before had he behaved so wantonly without first establishing his hunger and Izuku’s own arousal- but besides the looming need to return to the festival, Izuku can hardly complain. Katsuki doesn’t always participate as much as Izuku would like… but he supposes this would be an interesting incentive to tempt him to do so in the future.

“Dekuuuuuu…” Katsuki lets out an uncharacteristic moan of Izuku’s name and ruts down again, and suddenly there’s something much softer than Katsuki’s pelvic plate rubbing against Izuku’s thigh, contained within the demon’s pants. Izuku groans in return just at the thought-- Katsuki’s bizarre tentadick hadn’t appeared again since the first time, and Izuku had had quite a few equally interesting fantasies involving it in the meantime. Izuku releases one horn in order to make an attempt at their pants, but the demon’s despairing whine convinces him to return the hand to his head almost as soon as he’s removed it.

“Kacchan-- you’ve gotta get our pants off- Kacchan-” Izuku doesn’t intend to allow this encounter to end with messy underwear and disappointment- not when he’s been waiting so long.

Fortunately, the demon pulls his scrambled brains together enough to move his hands towards Izuku’s waist, shoving clumsily at the boy’s sportswear. Izuku wiggles his hips in a somewhat desperate attempt to help without the use of his hands, and it works well enough, he supposes, because Katsuki gets them down over his ass and they fall to the floor promptly when the demon moves his leg out of the way. (The dangerously short distance between the demon’s sharp kneecap and Izuku’s hard cock is much less threatening than it probably should be, but Izuku can hardly be surprised at his own lack of self preservation when it comes to his libido at this point.)

Katsuki isn’t able to get his own tight, leather pants past his knees without the help of the zippers on the sides, but Izuku can’t be bothered when the demon lifts him by the thighs, and presses him back against the wall. The demon’s cock is slimy and dripping vaguely reddish precum onto the floor, and Izuku lets out a desperate moan when it wraps two tight loops around his own dick. It’s almost unbearably warm, and the ridges up the underside dig in just right when Katsuki grinds his hips. Izuku dazedly continues to rub and squeeze at Katsuki’s horns, driven wild by the unconventional pulse and squeeze of the hot mass wrapped around his cock. Katsuki’s big claws dig painfully into the boy’s thighs as the demon strains to hold him up, but Izuku feels only pleasure.

“Hungry-” Katsuki grits out, and its barely understandable under the deep rumbling purr that hasn’t cut off since the beginning. Izuku pulls the demon’s head towards his neck by the horns, dropping his head back in a wordless invitation. He wants- needs - the feeling of Katsuki’s teeth in his neck, he wants the demon pressed against him chest to chest so he can feel the bold vibrations of his purrs on his skin. Katsuki complies, mouthing hungrily up the column of Izuku’s thin neck, pulling the boy flush against him by the legs. Their cocks are a wet mess between their bellies, and Izuku passively realizes he’s going to have to find a new sports uniform, because between the impending blood spill and his demon’s weird red precum, his shirt is going to be a lost cause.

Izuku’s hands stutter around the demon’s horns when teeth pierce skin, and he comes with a choked moan. Katsuki presses ever closer, rumbling from deep within, sucking gently at Izuku’s wound. Izuku squirms as his over sensitive cock is squeezed within the confines of the demon’s, and he lets out a sigh of relief when Katsuki makes a final swallow, satisfied, and it retracts.

The pair is left panting heavily into one another as they recover, and Izuku’s hands finally fall from Katsuki’s hair.

“Midoriya-kun!.... Bakugou-kun!... Where the hell did they go? They’re gonna miss the announcement of the second game at this rate...” Izuku curses and struggles against Katsuki, who raises his head, dazed, and blinks lazily a few times.

“Kacchan!” Izuku pats his demon’s cheeks softly, trying to shake some brains back into him, “Come on, get your head back in the game, we’re not done yet! Everyone is looking for us!” Katsuki’s eyes clear then and he shakes his head.

“What the hell- Fuck, Deku, whatever shit you did to my horns- I was out of it.” He grumbles, setting the boy back on his feet. Izuku pulls up his pants, finding them blessedly no worse for the wear, but has no choice but to take off his shirt. He sneers at it, briefly, before shoving it into a trash can.

“Yeah I don’t know, Shiso told me it would calm you down, which it did, but it riled you up in a completely different way and he didn’t really warn me about that, but whatever, I was gonna need to feed you anyway.” Katsuki grumbles some more about ‘stupid biology’ and ‘doing weird shit to my head’ as he pulls his own pants up, and Izuku hopes whoever was in the hallway doesn’t find them until he has time to find another shirt. He doesn’t want to have to explain either his lack of one, or the huge bloody bite mark on his neck. Not that the second would be much of a surprise to anyone, at this point.

“Whatever. I guess it wasn’t… that bad.” Izuku grins a little, because that’s basically Katsuki admitting he wants it to happen all the time from now on.

“Whatever Kacchan, we need to get back out there, and I need to find a shirt.”

Chapter Text

Finding a shirt, fortunately was not only easy but did a miraculous job of covering up his newly acquired wound. The last thing Izuku needs is people asking questions, he doesn’t think he’d be able to deal with the embarrassment of explaining that on top of the stress he already has due to the atmosphere of the festival in general.

Katsuki and Izuku, with the help of Shiso’s brain radar, manage not to run into anyone they know on their way back out to the arena. They even make it with a few minutes to spare, which does plenty for Izuku’s mounting worry that he’d have to ask someone for directions after playing hooky to screw around. Literally.   Gosh when did I become such a truant??

Around when you bound a corporeal demon with the demeanor of a delinquent. Shiso helpfully supplies. Izuku refuses to acknowledge this response, despite the fact that he’s absolutely right.  

“Deku-kun!” Izuku spins at the call of his name and waves to Uraraka, who jags over to him, Iida in tow. “Where were you guys? Kirishima and Kaminari are still in the loading tunnels looking for you!”

“Oh-um-well- we were, uh, getting a snack! Yeah! From a vending machine! I was hungry.” Izuku splutters. Uraraka sees right through that bullshit. Izuku doesn’t even know why he even tried, he can feel his face heating up.

“A snack, huh? What kind of snack? Did it happen to be, oh, I dunno, long, kinda cylindrical, meaty? And don’t forget that we all watched you leave holding a raging Bakugou by the horns, he’s super calm now though.” Uraraka leans in real close with this knowing grin on her face and waggles her eyebrows. Izuku frowns slightly, confused. Katsuki’s dick would be far more comparable to a sort of mollusk.

“I can eat sausage for lunch if I fucking want, now lay off you fuckin’ broad.” Uraraka laughs out loud and Iida just looks disappointed and a little disgusted. Izuku never wants to compare phallic objects to mollusks again, because the train of thought that realization took him down was unpleasant and unholy.

“Midoriya! Blasty! We were looking for you guys all over! Glad you made it back though, has anything happened yet?” Kirishima and Kaminari jog up, just as Midnight gets on stage.

“ATTENTION UA STUDENTS!” The group whirls, fully attentive. “The second round of the UA Sports Festival first-year stage is…” The huge screen spins behind Midnight, and it lands on… Huh. “A cavalry battle with the top 42 from the qualifier!” The students are serious and silent as Midnight continues. “But as you have heard and will hear many times more as a student here: those at the top will suffer more. This is the definition of Pus Ultra! Todoroki Shouto who placed first in the qualifier, is worth ten-million points!” Katsuki scoffs, dropping to a crouch.

“Just tell us what the fuck a cavalry battle is already, you stupid bitch. Half-and-half doesn’t need two point five years to wallow in my spotlight .” Izuku pats the demon’s head.

“Just let it go, Kacchan. We’ll win this one.”

“Now, let me explain the rules!” Midnight goes on to do just that, but Izuku is already planning. Mobility will be imperative. Unfortunately, as soon as the 15 minute period to choose teammates starts, Izuku and Katsuki are swarmed. As the most likely contenders to take the ten million from Todoroki, a whole bunch of the class wants to be on their team. Katsuki seems to know what he wants, however, because within seconds he is standing tall, looming over everyone.

“I want shitty hair and angel face. The rest of you extras, scram!” Katsuki shouts, and Izuku can’t even complain because Katsuki was thinking the exact same thing as him, evidently.

“Blasty! I knew you loved me!!” Kirishima grins wide and glomps Katsuki, who looks frankly disgusted and shoves him off with a small detonation to the gut. Kirishima seems undeterred.

“Don’t you fuckers think you’re special just because you’re the only two assholes in this class I trust not to lose this for me. Kirishima, you’ll be the front line, taking all the hits. Deku’s a squishy bitch and won’t have full access to mobility while being part of the horse. Angel face, you and Deku are in the back. We’re on full attack- mobility will be most important, and the lighter we are as a group the more I’ll be able to use my power to boost our speed…” Katsuki seems perfectly comfortable ordering their new teammates around, and as much as Izuku loves seeing him so passionate and unapologetic, he can’t help but feel a little useless. Usually coming up with a plan is his job, and though Katsuki’s is basically just his but angrier, it still feels kinda weird.

Don’t worry, he’s being like this because he thinks its his fault you lost the last round.

That...makes a lot of sense, actually. Somewhat placated, Izuku listens diligently to katsuki’s plan, nodding along much like Kirishima and Uraraka. The latter sneaks a glance his way and gives an excited little grin, which Izuku returns. This is going to be fun.


The round begins with all of the teams in a tense circle around the field, eyeing one another up. Katsuki sits atop his team’s horse and cracks his knuckles, eyes on the prize. Todoroki looks back with equal fervor, frown on his face, as he sits atop his own horse-Iida, Kaminari, and Yayorozu. Other faces he recognize are scattered between the groups, but they don’t have the ten million points, and therefore aren’t worth his time.

Present Mic’s countdown rings throughout the stadium and Katsuki gives Uraraka the cue, immediately feeling gravity’s effect disappear. He only has a split second to consider the technicalities of air resistance while under the effect of Uraraka’s quirk before the match begins, and he’s blasting forward, team clinging to his legs. He feels Levy’s presence as time warps around them, giving the usual head start, and readys a head-on attack on Todoroki.

As time whips back into place the team stumbles, and Katsuki’s swipe for the headband misses by a wide margin. He curses, laying a hand on Kirishima’s hand to steady himself, and the boy shakes himself in surprise, recovering from his first time jump.

“Be careful, Kacchan, they’ve never felt a blink before, it’ll take some adjustment-” Izuku starts, but he doesn’t have enough time to finish before Todoroki’s team recoils and arranges a strike.

“Watch your feet, shitty hair-” Katsuki shouts, blasting the ground in front of the team where ice was rushing forward, trying to keep it at bay. He doesn’t have time for another attack before Iida’s engines kick into gear, and the rest of the team hops on a chariot that Yayorozu pulled out of her open uniform. Katsuki gives his team a moment to recover and analyzes his options. With the chariot harnessed securely to Iida’s waist and the team already speeding off, Katsuki doubts his own team’s ability to follow so soon after their failed first takeoff.

“You dumbasses good down there? we’re gonna have to try another a- HAAAAH?!” Katsuki whips around, only to see his headband-- and a small chunk of hair, being reeled in by a grinning Sero. Ashido laughs from below him, accompanied by a stony-faced Tokoyami and a girl Katsuki doesn’t recognise.

Katsuki, furious at being caught off guard, responds on autopilot, blasting up and away from his team to chase Sero, whose team suddenly sped away on jetpacks or something.

“KAcchan-!!” Izuku shouts from the ground, distressed at the sudden disappearance of his familiar into the sky on some wild chase. Does he realize that if he touches the ground the whole team is disqualified?

“Shit, Deku- what do we do?” Uraraka asks, frozen in place. If only he could make it so Katsuki hadn’t just run off like that-- oh.

“Guys, don’t move, and get ready to hold some weight--” Izuku snaps off a watch, cracking it under his heel, and already has his eye on Katsuki’s timeline when Levy settles heavy on his shoulders. Levy doesn’t even get the chance to ask what he’s doing before hes taken Katsuki’s timeline in mental hand and dragged it back, putting Katsuki back on the horse, headband safely in place, and a little confused.

Well look at you, little Izu-kun is getting inventive! I’m so proud, you’ll be able to bear my whole weight sooner than I expected!

“I’m getting a distinct feeling of deja vu…” Katsuki says, touching his headband and eyeing Sero’s team, who are glaring back across the stadium, empty handed.

“Yeah, dumbass- cause I literally pulled you back in time! You can’t just go off on your own like that! If you touch the ground our whole team is disqualified.” Izuku’s point is driven home by the sound of Present Mic shouting about what a close call that had been.

“You gotta trust us to do our jobs, Blasty- this isn’t going to work without teamwork. Now let’s get in gear and get that 10 mil!” Kirirshima sounds unusually solemn, looking back at his team with determined eyes. Uraraka nods, grinning, and holds up one fist.

“Lets win!” She says, a vaguely terrifying aura surrounding her. The boys are decidedly spurred by her determination and saddle up for another go.

The group about faces, taking another look at the field. Todoroki’s team is fighting off two other teams at once, one with a headband and one without, two headbands besides the ten million sitting prettily about his neck. Izuku realizes something. He takes a look at the scoreboard- and sure enough, is team’s measly one headband doesn’t even put them near the top four needed to progress. They need insurance.

“Guys, I have an idea…”

Chapter Text

“Hey.” Shinsou Hitoshi states, catching the attention of a team to his left. “Give me your headband.” he demands, and the rider hands it over. Shinsou ties it securely around his own neck, to go with the collection already there. “Go away.” he orders, and the whole team just. Does. he takes a look at the scoreboard and sees his spot scooch up one more slot. Seems he’s finally dragged himself into fourth place. Unfortunate he can’t even find it in himself to be proud. There’s a simmering pool of guilt in his gut, he’s basically forcing his team to sit this round out- its underhanded and cruel. No wonder everyone hates him.

Looking around for another target, Shinsou sees Midoriya’s team fly across the field, and crash, at ramming speed, into another team. He thinks he sees their headband fly off. Just as both teams seem to be about to collapse onto the ground together in a big pile of disqualified, however, something weird happens. The crash rewinds, or something like that. Midoriya’s team circles the confused team and the girl in the back reaches down to pick up the abandoned headband, passing it up to the demon rider as they speed off, leaving the other team in their dust. Its an unconventional tactic, but effective nonetheless.

Shinsou really doesn’t want to run into them. With just enough points to hold fourth place, Shinsou skirts the edges of the arena and waits.




After realizing he could recall a group of people minus one article of clothing, so long as it wasn’t attached, it was only a matter of how many teams would fall for it. Being bodily knocked over to the point where you’re concerned for disqualification is certainly enough to break the concentration of most people, but Izuku doubts it will work that easily on Todoroki. But, Izuku supposes, it’s worth trying.

“Do we have enough of your stupid ‘insurance’ yet, Deku?” Katsuki asks, looking no less than very irritated at the collection of headbands around his neck. Izuku looks up and sees his team take the slot of whoever was third place and smiles.

“Yes, Kacchan, we can go for the ten-million now.”

“Fuck yes.” The demon states, to the agreement of a frazzled Kirishima and Ochako. They’ve held up respectfully, considering how much more time travel this is requiring than expected. Izuku thinks he might need to ask for donations from the crowd if he wants to be successful next round, considering how few watches he has left. Oof.  Present Mic announces their dwindling time. Now or never.

“One last time, guys. Everyone… If things go south I’m going to recall and you need to be ready to return to the offense as fast as possible. The only way we win this is by overwhelming them.” There are a lot of things that could go wrong. Too many things. Levy sits heavy on his shoulders as Izuku prepares for the worst, this is definitely going to be worth more than the few watches he’s crushed in the arena. He crushes one more, his last, for insurance. Levy’s power swells, and her presence is a comfort. They advance.




Todoroki Shouto is relieved when Present Mic announces that the remaining time for the match is dwindling. His team has been outstanding, holding through the heavy assault that holding the ten-million points has caused. He thinks, maybe, that the worst of it is over. There’s hardly enough time left to make another full assault.

He shouldn’t have hoped. Todoroki doesn’t even register what’s crashed into him until his team has nearly hit the floor. Instinct has him catching the group with his ice and grabbing at the headband he knows is the most important with his other hand. He doesn’t even have enough time to notice that mistake before he’s back, team standing just fine as if nothing happened. The ice is even gone. What?

“Steady-” he shouts, head whipping around, and he only catches a glimpse of red before they’re hit from the other side. Todoroki responds on the offensive this time, his brain has had enough time to recognize that causing someone else’s disqualification on purpose means you, also, are disqualified. Whatever happened last time will happen again. He encases anything he can touch in ice and lo and behold, it does.

There’s no time to plan any return attack, or even escape, with his team. Yayorozu can’t make an insulation blanket quickly enough to keep up with the time fuckery, and Kaminari can’t discharge without hurting his team without it. There’s another assault, this time accompanied by the shockwave of an explosion that gives him whiplash, and a flash of green hair. Of course it’s Midoriya.

Iida, evidently, thinks faster than Todoroki does, and uses a powerful blast of speed, as soon as the reset happens, in an attempt to escape. The team clings to the chariot, as it whips around, leaving them facing their opponent. Bakugou grins back at them over the expanse, twirling something white around his finger. Todoroki reaches up, startled, and realizes that the headband on his head is gone. He… hadn’t noticed it fall off.

But it’s not the ten-million. It’s only worth 70 points. There’s only five seconds on the clock- there’s nothing they can do-

Todoroki understands, at this point, the feeling of going back in time. The subtle tug at his neck is not part of it.




Izuku had noticed, at some point, that if you focus hard enough when watching something recall its last few seconds, that you can actively see the movement happen in reverse.

When he pulls Todoroki’s team back one more time for a final desperate attempt at the right headband, Katsuki pulls the team forward in a startling burst, and snatches a headband from Todoroki’s neck- while he’s moving back in time . It… hurts Izuku’s brain, to be honest. There’s a path where Todoroki returns to his original place with the headband, and one without- its like seeing double.

Levy’s presence flares up suddenly, and the instant is over.


Best be careful pulling stunts like that, little one. It’s all too easy to break a stable time loop.


“Time’s UP!!!” Izuku looks up and sure enough, there’s Katsuki, grin on his face, ten-million points in hand.

“Team Midoriya WINS!!”




All Might is wandering the halls of the stadium looking for a vending machine when he hears something that catches his attention.

“What do you mean, you apologize? You used us, you can’t just expect an apology to make up for us losing the chance to participate in the Sports Festival of our own free will! We- I can’t go on to the next round wondering if I even deserve to be in it!” There are murmurs of assent.

“I have to do everything I can to show everyone out there that I can be a hero! This is my only chance to get into the--” This voice is interrupted.

“Your stupid quirk is only useful for using people. You’ll never be a hero, Shinsou. Stop deluding yourself.” All Might peeks around the corner at the sound of receding footsteps. A boy with purple hair stares solemnly at his shoes. He looks exhausted.


You’ll never be a hero, quirkless.


So the boy wants to be a hero with a quirk his peers view as only suited for villany. He’s got a drive, All Might can admit. He’s hardly a bad person either, if his first action is to apologize for doing what he had to do. The sports festival… Is hardly suited to measure a student’s heroism- it's better for measuring the usefulness of their quirks in a combat setting.

All Might vows to keep an eye on Shinsou Hitoshi. But first- doing his job as a teacher.

He’d quite like to see this boy in the Heroics course.

Chapter Text

So Izuku and Uraraka make a sign. It’s quickly whipped together- they only have so much time in this lunch break, after all- but it does the trick. Something about the desperate plea to “donate your watches! Levy is hungry and I’m all out!” with a few cute and smiling watches, along with a cute and smiling Levy, has people throwing every vaguely time telling device into the arena with a cheer. Izuku thinks he’s received a couple cell phones. He has so many watches they’re lining his arms all the way up and spilling out of his pockets. This is ridiculous.


I can’t wait to watch them all be crushed! <3


Izuku crushes a few then and there, because he feels like Levy went underpaid for how sparingly he used them earlier. She preens with the attention. Uraraka helps out by lifting a handful of cellphones to the top of the arena and then letting them fall. It’s a sight to behold. Izuku desperately hopes the crowd understood what was going to happen when they gave him their stuff. But. too late now. Hopefully that whole ordeal was legal.

Anyway. While that was happening Katsuki had gone off on his own adventure with Kirishima, who had mentioned recreational events. Katsuki had followed claiming he had nothing better to spend his time doing, and honestly, that’s fair. With the time until the final event finally killed, Izuku and Uraraka set off to find their friends.

“Where do you think they’ll be?” Uraraka asks, bouncing happily alongside Izuku, who answers with a nonchalant shrug.

“The stadium is only so big, they’re bound to be around here somewhere.” He says, silently prodding Shiso to scan for Katsuki in the crowd. He finds them together, with Kaminari, Mina, and Sero as well. He seems content, and Izuku decides it’s not worth pushing through the crowd. “Oh, they’re with Kaminari and Ashido and others, across the field. But Iida’s right over there- let’s just hang by him till the crowd disperses, hm?”

“Alright!” Uraraka smiles cheerily and skips toward Iida, Izuku hot on her heels.

“Iida-kun! Are you excited for the third round?” Uraraka asks, face going suddenly intense. She throws a few punches into thin air, before returning to normal and sticking out her tongue playfully.

“Indeed. The coming rounds will be a fruitful demonstration of our powers in comparison to one another. I particularly…” The three of them continue to chatter, Iida and Izuku going off on a tangent about quirk matchups and how the rounds will balance, Uraraka listening intently.

Eventually, the clamor of the recreational events dies down and Midnight steps onstage, dramatically announcing the third event. The tournament style final game is no surprise, UA does it the same way every year.

“Midnight-sensei?” the crowd quiets as a student speaks up- Ojirou and two other boys behind him. Midnight prompts him to speak. “I would like to withdraw from the final match.”

“And why’s that?” Midnight asks, looking shocked. Ojirou explains that he can’t, in good conscience, proceed knowing that he hardly contributed to his team’s success in the last match. The other boys agree, and Izuku catches sight of a head of purple hair ducking out of the crowd, going to stand somewhere out of sight.

Shinsou-kun… Izuku thinks, remembering the few strange meetings he’s had with the boy. His quirk seems like the type to have plenty of practical heroic uses- but few that can be applied within school activities that don’t take advantage of other students. Izuku’s train of thought is cut off as Midnight dramatically accepts Ojirou’s, and his teammates’ withdrawal. The fifth place team is moved up, and finally, the first round’s matchups are posted.




Hero analysis for the future  PRESENT


Spt Fst 1v1 notes

Todoroki (half cold/half hot) v Sero(tape)

S starts off with a fast strike wrapping T up before he can get a shot off, clearly the only reasonable option, considering the power imbalance in this matchup. Though a decent plan, T throws up a fucking glacier and ends the match in one go. (oof sero thats rough buddy) Shiso senses aggression on T’s map, its possible that his strength is fueled by anger? At what? More information needed.

Ashido(acid) v Yosetsu(weld)

A holds the advantage here, simply based off the idea that her quirk nullifies Y’s. There’s not much he can do with an empty stage, besides maybe weld A to the ground, but her acid would free her in an instant. On top of that there’s A’s considerable physical background- she will be a tough opponent to beat.

As predicted, A pulls through for the victory. Y put up a decent fight but the matchup was just uneven enough that there wasnt much he could do

*add profile page: Yosetsu Awase 1-B


Tokoyami(dark shadow) v Yaomomo(creation)

This one could really go either way, but idk if Y knows about DS’s weakness to light. She looks nervous. T’s attacks prove too fast for her to keep up. Unfortunate, Y really could have won if she was more on her toes about reacting. (cause: nerves? Self confidence?)


Tetsu4(steel) v Kiri(hardening)

This match is redundant smh

need more info on details of T4s quirk, is he affected by metal fatigue? [In materials science, fatigue is the weakening of a material caused by repeatedly applied loads. It is the progressive and localized structural damage that occurs when a material is subjected to cyclic loading.] is durability affected by diet? **ASK SOMETIME

*add profile page: Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu1-B


Uraraka(0G) v Hatsume(zoom)

Oof poor ochako,, shoulda seen this coming. H is just using her as a prop to sell her merch, though some of it is really cool? She’d be a fair ally in the future- likely going to grow into a big name in the support industry

*add profile page: Hatsume Mei 1-F


Iida(engine) v Juzo(softening)

Another interesting matchup. At first glance it seems like J has the advantage, but ive personally seen I run on water before so maybe its just friend bias but i think he can do it. Js quirk is interesting, id like to see its limits tested sometime. At what level does softening affect a material? Does it function like a non-temp triggered phase shift? Is the change molecular or atomic? How does it affect living things? Is there a volume or range limit?

As predicted, I pulls out that new RB and flies right over the hazard, knocking J out of the ring. *add profile page: Juzo Honenuki 1-B


Kaminari(discharge) v Shinsou(brainwash)

K has this in the bag if he can just keep his mouth shut (ojirou gave him the scoop on S) but as great as he is, he’s not the smartest.

Yeah no im p sure K straight up forgot about Oji’s warning, cmon dude

[give him a pep talk later, he’s gonna be real bummed]


Me v Ibara(vines)

She’s an interesting girl, for one. The irony of her prayers werent lost on me, it was hard not to laugh just a little. I had an interesting time testing the limits of her quirk during our fight, but the matchup really wasn’t in her favor, between katsuki and levy’s decay. Plant based quirks are limited to growth, and they burn ever so easily.

*add profile page: Ibara Shiozaki 1-B




Todoroki v Ashido

Lowkey been hype all day for this fight ok how is T gonna deal with the acid using only ice??? He’s got fire too but he hasn’t used it once since school started, im wondering if this is gonna finally be the time he pulls it out cause ice is at a slight disadvantage against acid

Curious as to what ashido’s gonna do-- she basically has to go in close range bc thats where she’ll hold the advantage

At the same time though it kinda comes down to time, is the rate that ashido can melt the ice faster than the rate that todo can build it?

Fights started and As going in for the close range like i thought, T trys to mess her up with distraction + icy ground but shes not fallin for it

Wonder how A will deal if T pulls out the glacier from round one? She could probably melt herself out of it but would she be able to do it fast enough?

Both T and A show theyre well versed in hand to hand, something i expected from A but wasnt sure if id see from T

OOO T out here being tricky, he’s really got that ice fine tuned. Using the ice to weigh down her clothes w/o her noticing, v clever.

T has ice crystals on his skin, itd be so easily remedied if he just used his other side to return temp balance? I dont get why hes limiting himself like this ????

Ashidos truckin though like proud of her

T ends it with another rough display of force, a continually building wave of ice that pushes A physically out of the ring before she can melt enough to free herself. Both are looking a bit worse for the wear


Tokoyami v Kirishima

As much as i wanna root for kiri the facts come down to T being mid range and K being close, it really all depends on Ks stamina and if he can get close enough to move T

Kacchan’s making a fuss ofc, im so proud of him for making friends

DSs form is only somewhat solid, Ks punches arent doing much to him

Hypothesis: light based weakness?? Ask about it

Ks gotten p close a few times but it seems like action through DS doesn’t affect Ts stamina much at all, Ks just wearing himself out

Hes being p innovative with his attacks though, perhaps he learned smth from the fight with t4? Their styles were effectively the same, its cool to see K making changes

In the end though he just couldnt overpower T, which was expected but no less disappointing. He made a decent splash though, i defo think some pros will have noticed his growth even between the two matches like i did.


Uraraka v Iida

This one will defo come down to whether U can get that close range, with Is speed--




“Hey, fucking motormouth.” Izuku looks up from his notes and the mutters that had permeated the area for the past couple hours abruptly cut off.

“Kacchan? What is it?” Izuku asks, blinking his way out of the analytic haze.

“We’re next, dipshit. Gotta move to the waiting room. I ain’t missing our next fight ‘cause of your dumb ass.” Oh. Right. Izuku waves to his classmates and follows Katsuki down to the participant waiting area.

He still has thoughts and theories bouncing around in his mind the whole way down, so out of it that he’s pretty sure he doesn’t stop muttering until he physically has to. And by that, he means when Katsuki pins him to the wall and shoves his tongue down his throat.

“Fucking hell, do you ever stop? You’ve barely fucking looked at me since the end of the cavalry battle, if I’d known you were so gay for your fucking notebook I’da bound myself to Shitty hair instead.” Katsuki’s pouting. Pouting. That’s fucking adorable.

“Awe Kacchan, are you jealous of a stack of paper?” Izuku wraps his arms around his demon’s neck and pulls him a little closer, a sly grin on his face.

Katsuki kisses him again, deep and messy, and Izuku has the forethought to hope Uraraka puts up a good fight because this is the second time in a single day that Katsuki has wanted him, just him, and maybe its making him a little giddy with happiness. Katsuki’s teasing him with claws and teeth, pushing all the right buttons, and it’s hardly a minute before Izuku’s cock is straining against his pants.

“Hey nerd.” Katsuki says, pulling back a bit. His lips are bitten a dark red and his eyes are half lidded, and Izuku has to put real effort into listening because he kind of just wants to stare at his pretty face all day. “Im gonna suck you off. You’d better watch.” And okay, yeah.

Izuku nods vigorously, not trusting himself to say anything sensible, especially when Katsuki drops to his knees and tugs the zipper of his pants down with his teeth.

He’s not careful about it anymore. Sucking dick is something Katsuki has become fairly familiar with, just because it’s the only way they’ve come across so far that lets him feed without the need for bloodletting. He goes at it like a five year old with a popsicle- no regard for technique- all sloppy tongue and hot mouth. Izuku’s knees wobble and he fights to keep his eyes focused.

It feels so fucking good . Katsuki wastes no time teasing, zero to one hundred so fast that Izuku has to physically fight the urge to let his eyes roll back in his head. Katsuki’s eyes are sharp and focused- mouth stuffed repeatedly with Izuku’s cock. His sharp teeth nick the skin every once in a while because Katsuki’s the kind of ass who doesn’t care enough to avoid it, and he knows it only makes Izuku hotter anyay.

Izuku’s fists ball at his sides and his hips buck weakly into Katsuki’s mouth. The demon has him pinned to the wall by the hips, somehow holding him up despite Izuku’s jelly knees, and every passing second weakens Izuku’s resolve to keep his eyes open. Katsuki does something particular with his tongue and Izuku’s head slams against the wall, jaw dropping open to let out a --

“F UCK --” Izuku comes with tears in his eyes and a weak shudder, Katsuki’s teeth pressing pinpricks of fire into the base of his dick as he spills down the demon’s hot throat. Izuku shakes , afraid to move, as the demon swallows around his hypersensitive cock, because even a twitch in any direction could very seriously result in his untimely dismemberment.

Finally, Katsuki parefully pulls off and looks up at Izuku with mischief in his eyes, and Izuku slides to the floor, eyes wide.

“I thought I told you to watch, shitty Deku.” and yeah, okay, sure, but did looking away really deserve that?

Katsuki catches the look of very real fear in his eyes and snickers, licking his lips. Izuku catches a flash of fang and very nearly dies on the spot.




Fortunately, Uraraka and Iida’s fight goes long enough that Izuku has hime to regain his bearings, tuck away his poor abused penis, and slap feeling back into his legs before his own fight begins.

It’s only in the tunnel, walking out onto the field opposite Shinsou, that Izuku gets the feeling there’s something he’s forgotten to say.

Chapter Text

When Katsuki accepted Deku’s contract, the Rage inside him had fought . The power that he had used for the entirety of his existence had become wild and unwieldy as Katsuki realized that he wouldn’t be able to let it roam the way it had in the demon realm. The first thing he did upon waking up that first morning had been to enrage not only his master, but the demon Leveille- and as much as Katsuki considered himself powerful, he understood the food chain.

So he did what he had to do. He caged the raging beast. He thought it would be simple- that he could choose not to use this power while he fulfilled his contract on earth- that it would just, accept being benched when it wasn’t needed.

He was wrong. Rage had fought him tooth and nail every second he tried to keep it confined. Katsuki was winning, of course- most of the time. The cage he had built was sturdy, and only broke under extreme duress. Katsuki was okay, dammit, he was handling it.

Standing to Deku’s left, now, Katsuki looks across the arena at their next opponent and remembers an odd exception. He had been content, in that moment- well fed and comfortable. The beast had been lying in its cage in a rare passive state, for once not prowling or tearing at its prison. A stranger had struck up a conversation and Katsuki had responded with annoyance- only to suddenly stop.

Someone else had taken control of his mind and Katsuki could only watch in thinly veiled panic as the door to the cage just. Popped open.

Then, before anything else had happened, the fog was gone, and Katsuki had slammed the door shut before the beast could get its bearings.




Shinsou Hitoshi stands across the arena from his inevitable defeat. By some miracle he made it all the way to the second round of finals, only to have to face the one guy in the school who has a personal brain shield before he can even get close to a medal. Anyone else he could at least try to talk to- he knows how to push the right buttons to get a reaction.

Hitoshi can do nothing against Midoriya Izuku- nothing against the demon with those mustard yellow eyes that draw him in and feel so much like home.

At least, that’s what he wants to think. He wishes he could just accept defeat here, because fighting would mean stooping to the point of manipulating forces he doesn’t understand.

Hitoshi knows he can brainwash the demon, Katsuki Bakugou. He knows that the demon, somehow, some way, is part of Midoriya’s quirk.

What he doesn’t know, is what will happen if he were to command the demon to turn on his master. Best case scenario? Nothing happens, because of like, brain bonds or something. Worst case? ‘Brain bonds or something’ get broken, someone gets hurt, and Hitsohi can never look Midoriya in the eye again.

But Hitoshi wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he didn’t try. He’s here because he wants to be a hero, and with a quirk like his, he can’t just punch his way to victory. If he wants to be moved up into the hero course, he has to prove he’s strong enough to be there.

There’s no half assing this.

Resolved, Shinsou Hitoshi prepares to speak.




“So, is sucking cock still your favorite pastime, demon?” Izuku realises his mistake the second Shinsou speaks. Of course he wouldn’t try to use his quirk on Izuku, he knows first hand that it will be ineffective. But Katsuki isn’t protected like he is-

“Hah?!” Katsuki shouts, fingers already curled in anticipation. Izuku curses his own stupidity as the demon’s stance goes neutral, eyes blank. It would have been so easy to just order him not to speak for the duration of the match- such a simple precaution--

Izu-kun, it’s too late to panic now. You can still win. We don’t know how much control Shinsou will have over him, and it may not even be that hard to break.

Shinsou’s eyes turn on him then, an unyielding resolve simmering in their depths. Izuku can’t afford to underestimate him.

“Get Midoriya out of the ring,” Shinsou orders, and Katsuki drops to a crouch, eyes flat. He stalks forward like a predator, and Izuku knows he has seconds at best to think of a way to counter this new development.

Without Katsuki, mobility is his main asset. Levy’s decay ability is a terrible idea against living beings, but Izuku might just be able to pull through- using blink and recall both in tandem. The shorter the bursts, the more he can use them. Hopefully Katsuki’s fundamental orders will keep him from hurting Izuku too badly despite the brainwashing, so if he stays out of range and targets Shinou-

Katsuki pounces in the same instant that Izuku blinks forward. Levy switches places with Shiso so smoothly now, and Izuku slips between seconds to reappear in front of Shinsou, jaw clenched firmly shut. With Levy at the forefront of his mind Shiso can’t keep him protected- he has to be careful not to speak.

“You’re lucky, you know? To be born with a quirk with so many practical applications.” Izuku stays silent and makes a full body shove at Shinsou, before blinking out of the way of Katsuki’s oncoming attack.

The easiest way to win, Izuku thinks, would be to rewind Shinsou back to when he was standing outside the ring, but izuku’s only ever used that technique in short bursts, and it took quite a bit of power. To send Shinsou back whole minutes… Izuku can’t risk what the price might be.

But without that option, Izuku is lost as to what to do. Whenever he gets near Shinsou he has to avoid Katsuki, and whenever he avoids Katsuki, Shinsou moves back into the safe center of the ring. His every attempt is futile, and he just can’t seem to think.

Katsuki continues to attack relentlessly- and the longer he goes without completing his command the more violent he gets. Shinsou hasn’t let up either, poking at Izuku with his words, hoping for a reaction. Izuku finds himself getting frustrated- caught in a stalemate with Katsuki’s attacks wearing him down physically, and Shinsou’s ugly words tearing at him mentally. He’s pushed Shiso away because he needs Levy’s power right now, he’s defenseless without it-- but his logic is being clouded out by something--

Izuku is angry. He’s angry at Shinsou, for the things he’s saying, even if he doesn’t mean any of it at the end of the day. He’s angry at himself, for being so stupid, for being so useless . Shiso wells up inside him but is pushed back down almost immediately when Izuku pulls Levy over him to blink out of the way of another attack. He sends Katsuki back a few seconds as he slips forward towards Shinsou, shoving at him again-- but anger has made him so, so sloppy.

He takes one of Katsuki’s explosions to the face, having realized too late that the location Katsuki was at those few seconds before happened to be where he was going. He stumbles, hissing at the burn.

“Come on, Midoriya. You’re not going to win this stalemate- especially with the demon under my control. It’s only a matter of time- you’re going to run out of stamina before he does, and you can’t push me out while you’re dodging him.” Izuku clenches his teeth, pushing Shiso down again and pulling Levy in for another redundant attack. He’s so, so mad , and tired, and desperate. He pushes Shinsou’s shoulders and takes Katsuki’s next hit to the back, wincing at the pain.

“Just give up already! ” Shinsou shouts, and Izuku is so fed up--

SHUT UP!!” He screams, and his hands fall limp at his sides as he stops in his tracks. Shiso sits helplessly on the sidelines of Izuku’s mind, completely walled out, along with Levy.

Katsuki, having never been called off, slams into Izuku’s back, pushing him dangerously close to the edge of the ring. Shiso surges back in, wrapping protectively around Izuku’s mind, and a few things become very clear to the boy, all at once.

The first- Izuku whirls and slaps Katsuki across the face- is what is necessary to break the hold of Shinsou’s quirk.

Katsuki! Don’t speak until the round is over!” As Katsuki comes to Izuku puts the order down, filling it with intent. Katsuki stops in his tracks, jaw locked shut.

The second- is that Katsuki’s rage is out of control. Shinsou shouts, furious, after realizing that his hold on the demon is broken, and makes a desperate lunge to push Izuku those last few inches out of the ring. But he’s too far away- readable and sloppy in his anger, and Izuku ducks to the side just in time to watch Shinsou stumble out of the ring.

“Shinsou Hitoshi is out of bounds. Midoriya Izuku wins!”

“NO!” Shinsou shouts, blinded by his fury, and comes swinging back at Izuku, despite the round being over. Izuku’s mouth sets in a grim line as he catches the other boy by the face; his mustard yellow eyes lock with Shinsou’s as he holds him by the head and pushes Shiso into him with as much force has he can muster. He doesn’t even know if it’s something he can do, but he’s desperate to relieve Shinsou of that all consuming anger that isn’t even his.

Shinsou-kun, relax, its okay, everything’s going to be okay, you did great… ” Izuku and Shiso murmur platitudes with the same voice and Shinsou’s body melts, before he collapses into Izuku’s arms, unconscious.




Katsuki looks on in silent horror at Izuku’s back. His shirt is torn in places, burnt around the edges of holes. His skin is red and shiny-- Katsuki knows this isn’t the kind of damage the brain-fucker could do.

Izuku turns to him, Shinsou passed out in his arms, and Katsuki sees another burn across his cheek. Katsuki’s hands shake, his legs wobble. How could he-- he doesn’t even remember it. Izuku tells him to follow him to the infirmary and he obeys, listless. Terror swirls around his head and Rage roams free, its cage shattered.

Katsuki follows Izuku, a silent shadow, and drowns.




“ Kacchan.” Katsuki focuses, with great effort, on the boy in front of him. His head is fuzzy, but underneath that he can feel traces of emotions-- panic, confusion, guilt. Izuku has a bandage on his face and his eyes are yellow. Some part of Katsuki is trying to draw conclusions from these facts, but he can’t quite hear them.

“Kacchan. Katsuki. I need you to nod if you can hear me.” Katsuki nods, blinks a few times. The fog dissipates enough for him to have a somewhat rational train of thought. “Kacchan, you’ve gotta tell me what’s wrong, I can’t help you if you don’t.”

“I don’t need your fucking help.” Katsuki snaps, because in any state of uncertainty, pride is the wall he has to hide behind. He shakes his head of the lingering fog and resists the urge to just get irrationally angry at everything- because that’s not going to help , dammit.

I can’t believe I let that stupid fucking kid catch me in that stupid fucking quirk, I should be stronger than these pathetic humans! What about being here has made me so damn weak?

It isn’t going to help, but fuck if it doesn’t make him feel better. Rage wells up within him and Katsuki has no will nor way to confine it anymore. Why should he have to? It makes him stronger, doesn’t it?

But what of your contract, Bakugou Katsuki? What of your promise to protect the humans? What about being a hero? What of your Price? Katsuki resolutely ignores the little parts of him that speak up. It doesn’t matter , he tells himself. He can be stronger and still fulfill the contract. Of course he can.

“Kacchan please, I know you’re not alright, you--” Izuku tries, but Katsuki silences him with a glare.

“I’m fucking fine, shitty Deku.” He growls, eyes averted. He hops off of the stupid nurse bed and leaves the room, all forced leisure, hands crammed in his pockets. He doesn’t look at Izuku, who trails worriedly behind him. He wraps himself up in fury and pride and doesn’t think about it, because it doesn’t matter. Katsuki is stronger than any one of these stupid, weak humans. He has a tournament to win.




Izuku knows he’s not fine. He knows this because first of all, he’s not an idiot. Especially with Shiso around, Izuku thinks he’s gotten pretty good at reading people, especially people who he spends basically every second with, ie. Katsuki. They’d gotten somewhere , dammit; in the time since Izuku summoned Katsuki- they’d gotten closer. Katsuki had opened up and let him in-- let people in, not just him. But this? It’s like they’re back in his bedroom that first night. Katsuki is closed off- all prickly aggression and pride, so set on what he is that he doesn’t take the time to consider who he could be .

What’s going on, Shiso?? It’s like we’re back at square one, what am I supposed to do? He won’t talk to me, how do I fix this? Izuku is anxious, and worried, and so preoccupied with the glaring problem in the seat to his left that he can’t even begin to think about his next fight. Todoroki and Tokoyami are fighting right now, and he’s next against Iida.

You’ve gotta relax, ‘Zuku. Katsuki’s a mess right now but you can’t do anything if you are too, okay? And Izuku knows he’s right, it’s not the first week of school anymore, he can’t afford to just run away from his problems in the middle of class. Katsuki stands up, all of a sudden, and starts pacing. The hollow clack of his claws on the tile grates on Izuku’s frayed nerves.

This isn’t like last time. Last time Izuku knew what the problem was, and could take steps to fix it. All the problems that have come up until now were between them , and any outside issues were obvious and therefore easy to figure out. But this? Izuku doesn’t know what this is. There are so many possibilities, so many things that could have caused this. Was it Shinsou’s quirk? Is Katsuki mad because he got caught in it? Because Izuku got injured in a fair fight? Because he couldn’t break out of the quirk himself? Is it because of the rage? Because it got out of control? Is it because Izuku didn’t warn him about the quirk? Is he mad because Izuku failed--

Izuku. Stop. you know that’s not why. And Shiso’s right , of course he is. This one isn’t his fault, and it makes it that much harder to understand.

“Kacchan-” Izuku tries, but Katsuki cuts him off immediately.

“Shut up , Deku. There’s nothing wrong . In fact, I’m feeling stronger than ever. We’re going to blow these losers out of the water, and win this dumb fucking tournament. Stop fucking worrying, and muttering, and being your usual insufferable self. In fact, you might as well just sit here for the rest of it. I don’t need your help. I could win it just as easily by myself.” He still won’t look at Izuku.

Its like that time at the beach, but so much worse. Izuku thinks. Shiso gives a solemn nod in agreement, and come to think of it, he’s been acting weird too. Not bad weird necessarily, but distracted, and Izuku’s trying not to be tilted about it, because hello? I’m having a crisis here .

“Midoriya Izuku and Iida Tenya please report to the stadium tunnel for your next match. Repeat,  Midoriya Izuku and Iida Tenya, please report to the stadium tunnel for your next match.” Damn it-- Izuku thinks, because that’s it. Time’s up, and he hasn’t managed to do anything but sit here and wallow in his issues. Ugh. He doesn’t have a plan to fight Iida, he doesn’t have a plan to fix Katsuki, and on top of all of that he’s worried-- because someone could get hurt, dammit .

Chapter Text

It’s over in an instant. Like Todoroki and Sero all over again, Iida doesn’t stand a chance against Katsuki’s borderline homicidal need to prove himself. Izuku didn’t even do anything, hardly even got the chance to think before Katsuki was firing off at near-maximum output, flinging Iida out of the ring. He must have tried to dodge, considering that he hit the wall a few feet to the right of the tunnel that was directly behind him, but it’s evident that he didn’t get very far.

“Iida Tenya is out of bounds. Midoriya Izuku wins!” Katsuki scoffs, giving his arm a hearty shake before making a swift 180 and ambling out of the ring, as if he hadn’t just blown one of Izuku’s best friends half way across the stadium, with seemingly zero consideration for his safety.

The stadium is eerily silent. The slap of Izuku’s shoes on concrete ring uncomfortably loud until Present Mic breaks the lul with a comment that Izuku can’t spare attention for, and the cacophony resumes. Izuku reaches Iida’s side just as he blinks back into consciousness, groaning. His clothes are battered and besides a few scrapes and the bruise his entire back must be he doesn’t look too much worse for the wear, and Izuku wishes he didn’t have to thank the near unbreakable rules he put on Katsuki to employ some semblance of restraint.

“Goodness, Bakugou-kun certainly didn’t hold back, did he?” Iida mumbles, giving Izuku a weak smile. Izuku decides not to mention that he most certainly did.

“I’m so sorry, Iida-kun, he’s been in such a state since--”

“Not to worry, Midoriya-kun. Though it was disappointing to be defeated so easily, it only goes to show that I still have a lot of learning to do, yes?” Izuku only has a weak smile to offer as he gently pulls his friend to his feet.

“At least let me help you to Recovery girl?” Izuku asks, relieved that at least this friendship would remain unharmed after this. Iida gives him a grateful smile, and together they walk to the infirmary in easy silence.

When they arrive Recovery girl bustles about, reprimanding Izuku for landing the second of his opponents in the infirmary, and Izuku spares a glance for Shinsou, still decidedly unconscious. Shiso assures him that he will wake given time, but Izuku can’t shake the uneasy feeling. After the fight they had, Izuku somewhat solemnly doubts the other boy will still want to join him for lunch.

But that’s a worry he can’t afford to entertain. Right now, he needs to focus on finding Katsuki, and returning to the field for their final match. After that, at least, he can finally start damage control.




Todoroki Shouto expects a good many things from the demon known as Bakugou Katsuki, but for some reason, confronting him alone right before their match- the final match in the tournament- is not one of them.

It left him distinctly off balance. Irritated, but more so than he normally would have expected himself to be. There wasn’t anything particularly unusual about the demon’s aggressive outburst, save for the fact that it happened in the first place, and without Midoriya present, no less.

But it left him wired. High strung on some odd tension, uncharacteristically snappy. Like he’s itching for a fight.

Shouto steps into the ring opposite his opponents thinking that it’s fortunate, maybe, that he’s about to begin one.




Its cacophony, rocking, pulsing, screeching- the shattering of ice and the hot hiss of steam- earthrocking detonations and underneath it all the manic cackle of Rage at its peak. The whole stadium is wrought with it- every chest squeezed by the Warrior’s black hand- rendered a shaken spectator to a standoff far too terrifying for a High School’s sports festival. There won’t be any outside help here, not from Midnight, Not from Cementoss, not from any of the hundreds of pros scattered about the stands.

And in the middle of it stands Izuku Midoriya, rooted in place between an abandoned shard of ice and the back of his demon. Shiso’s guard has sharpened to a sun-hot steel that vibrates under the pressure threatening to cave it. Izuku knows the only thing between him and irrational, soul crushing fury is the resolute belief that Shiso’s guard would hold.

The demon that fights before him is nothing of the Bakugou Katsuki that Izuku knows- a being of fear and destruction- oozing ashy smoke and glowing blacklight. His face is shrouded by the ghost of a skull- something ghastly and fanged with these large, curling horns and hollow eyes. He is Rage in its purest form- the embodiment of desperation and despair. Izuku’s mind is safe but his heart is sick with it.



Todoroki, across from him, is mindless in his fury. He wields the power of both sides with an unconscious need to kill or die trying. His natural strength amplified by hundreds of times, Todoroki’s ice burns dry and his fire rises white hot, his full focus on his opponent, Izuku forgotten in the background.

Izuku crouches, narrows his mind to a single minded focus. He has to stop this, somehow. His dull yellow eyes flicker between the combatants, tracking every movement for an idea, an opening. As the seconds tick by, a few things become evident. The first being somewhat obvious- the contract holds, even in this state. Katsuki is taking hits he could avoid, wasting power destroying flyaway debris, regulating the output of his explosions to be just enough to counter, and not enough to kill. Protecting Izuku, protecting the civilians in the stands.

Todoroki has no such restrictions. Izuku imagines that in another realm, where Katsuki fights unhindered, an opponent like this would be little more than an interesting challenge. But here, bound as he is to a subconscious set of Laws, he’s losing. Todoroki will kill him, at this rate.

Izuku doesn’t know what to do. Shiso is deadly silent, concentrating fully on keeping Izuku safe- keeping him sane. Izuku’s hand hovers, indecisive, over the pocket that stores his dice, afraid of the consequences of gambling with a situation as devastating as this one.


Do it.


Izuku freezes, eyes wide, as Van-Mey’s voice tears through his mind with all the emotion and implication of bloodstained gold.


Come on. Take the chance. You don’t have any other options. Gamble with me.


There’s something different about her, this time. Something ragged and dangerous.


Don’t, Izuku, she’s not- there’s something- she's--


Levy this time, voice tinged with an uncharacteristic edge of panic that leaves Izuku rocked to his core. His clammy hand clutches the dice- he doesn’t even know when he got it out of his pocket. It sits hot and heavy in his hand, a ticking time bomb set to blow in any instant.

Van-Mey lets out a vicious cackle, and somewhere in the depths of his head she takes Levy by the throat, silencing her pleas.


Useless bitch-- would I ever hurt you, Izuku? Have I ever let you down?


Her voice is sickly sweet and ahead of him a deadly spike of ice rushes at Katsuki- battered, worn Katsuki, who lifts a hand to blow it away. But nothing comes out. Izuku’s whole being zeroes in on that space- the closing distance between his treasured warrior and his-- It’s too late--


It’s not.


The dice slips through his fingers and Izuku doesn’t see it hit the ground. He’s halfway out of a crouch when the boy appears, green hair dirtied, face bandaged--

He’s one step forward when he dies- a red spray over glittering ice- feet dangling inches off the ground- jaw dropped in shock. His raised arms fall and he hangs, limp, impaled straight through the chest.




Everything skids to a spluttering halt.


Then, a lot of things happen at once.

The audience is freed from Rage’s grip, and what follows is panic. Todoroki flees the stage. Present Mic speaks over the loudspeaker, nonsensical platitudes, his voice betraying how shaken he is. Midnight and Cementoss rush the stage, assessing the damage. Katsuki, stricken, looks between Izuku and the… corpse, eyes wide.


Stop. Compartmentalize. Think. Who needs your help right now?


Damage control. Katsuki, always first priority. Izuku takes a deep breath, steadies himself. He walks towards the demon, careful.

“Katsuki. Are you alright?” Katsuki looks at him, eyes hard. Resigned. Tired.

“I’m- I’ll be fine. I’m not the one who needs your help most right now.” His voice is quiet, cracked, but rings with truth. Izuku nods. He runs to the exit tunnel, following Todoroki.




Katsuki stands in the wake of his destruction, eerily calm. He stumbles towards the body, drawn like a moth to a flame. Carefully, he removes it from the ice, kneels. He pulls it over his lap, holding one hand over the gaping hole in it’s chest, and feeds.

He knows there are things happening around him- noise, fear. Adults trickle onto the stage, there’s shouting, anger, pink gas. Katsuki doesn’t breathe.

Seconds pass, a minute. When the body is fully drained of it’s soul, it disperses into fine ash.

Katsuki inhales, and sleeps.

Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto has seen plenty of horrors in his lifetime. He’s suffered through more physical pain than any boy his age should have to. He looks himself in the eye every morning and sees that scar- an ugly, mottled thing, and thinks about what it means. He stands up every time his father pushes him down and remembers what he’s fighting for.

Todoroki Shouto has seen himself covered head to toe in bruises and burns, has seen himself beaten, broken, and bloodied, and has imagined on countless occasions his own corpse, when his father finally manages to beat him to death.

None of that, however, could possibly prepare him for the sight of a corpse impaled on ice of his own making.

Todoroki Shouto runs. Under the rushing in his ears, Shouto is deaf to all but one voice- the one that’s telling him Midoriya’s dead. He’s dead and you killed him, and you don’t even remember doing it. You killed Midoriya Izuku with your mother’s quirk, and now you have nothing.

Eventually, Shouto stops running. He doesn’t know where he is, besides the passive acknowledgement that yes, he’s still in the stadium, somewhere in the bowels of it, lost in one of the many twisting back hallways not meant for the public. He’s schooled his expression into its usual passive mask, calmed his breathing, and has accepted that he has a limited amount of time to figure out what the fuck his life has become before the pros and the police find him and arrest him. For murder.

Shouto opens a random door and finds an empty waiting room. He takes a seat at one of the tables, folds his hands delicately in his lap, and thinks.

There are few things he remembers from the fight. The first and most potent is the anger- the gut wrenching fury that he can’t trace the source of. He knows why he would be angry, of course, he’s always used cold anger to drive himself to success- but it’s never felt like that before. Shouto’s anger is cold like ice, because it’s his mother’s anger. He’s always been angry for her .

The rage he felt when he was on that stage ravaged him like wildfire, so foreign yet so familiar. For the first time in his life, Shouto wasn’t angry for his mother’s sake, he didn’t want to thwart Endeavor because of what he did to her.

Shouto wanted to kill Endeavor, for what he did to him .

Then, he remembers that tipping point. The point in the battle where hell froze over and heaven burned hot- where his mind weighed cold and heavy in his head and his heart was burning to ash in his throat and everything to his left lit up like a bonfire and he heard, for a moment, his father’s voice in the distance, shouting approval.

He wanted to melt a hole in that man’s chest, freeze his heart with his bare hand, and throw it to the ground at his father’s feet. He wanted to watch the light leave his eyes as his heart shattered to pieces on the same hard floor that he fell to countless times.

Shouto doesn’t remember anything after that. He remembers coming to and seeing his classmate impaled on a spike of ice, his ice, and he remembers running.

He thinks the only thing more ironic than the fact that he’ll manage to thwart his father’s plans by committing murder is the fact that despite using the fire in battle, it was the ice that killed.




Izuku finds him like that, alone in a secluded room with his hands folded in his lap and the face of a man who is entirely prepared to plead guilty and walk himself to the gallows.

“Todoroki-kun?” Izuku says, and Todoroki starts, throwing himself to standing, before freezing entirely. The chair clatters to the floor. “I’m s-”

“You’re alive.” It’s only a whisper- reverent, amazed, afraid. Izuku stops trying to talk and nods. He has countless things to say but he doesn’t know how to say them. His demons are uncharacteristically silent, aware that this isn’t something they can help him with.

“You’re alive .” He says it again, with more voice this time, and his shaking hands tangle in his hair, eyes wild. “You’re-- I thought I killed you .” Todoroki looks at Izuku like a man whose life has fallen apart and been stacked carelessly back together in a span of minutes, and when he falls to his knees, Izuku bursts into tears.

I’m sorry -” Izuku tries, “I didn’t--” He can’t, there’s nothing and everything to say but he can’t even begin because he can’t form words over the sobs. “T-todoroki-kun-- It’s not your fault.”

Todoroki looks at him like he doesn’t know if he believes he’s even real, and Izuku shakes , because how could he put a person through this? To make an innocent person believe they’d killed , just because he made a gamble? It’s not supposed to hurt others, it’s never meant to hurt others, there should only ever be his well-being on the line, but that’s not how it works, is it?

Izuku remembers Mineta, bloodied, bleeding out in the hands of a villain, and remembers thinking the only thing he lost that day was a few weeks off his lifespan.

He wants to blame someone, Van-Mey maybe, because it’s her magic, but that would be hypocritical wouldn’t it? She may be the source of the power, but it’s his to wield. The blame is his alone. He drowns, a little, and it only makes him feel worse because he came here to help Todoroki , to fix his mistake, to apologize, and all he can do is stand here and cry and wallow in self-pity.




And then Shiso is there, and Izuku puts himself aside because Todoroki doesn’t deserve to feel like this, too. Carefully, he kneels in front of his classmate and wraps him up in his arms. Todoroki tenses, confused, unused to such a touch, but Shiso wraps soft feathers around them both and it’s like his strings are cut.

He wraps his arms around Midoriya, clings to him, and cries into his shirt.




Eventually, they both run out of tears. They separate, slowly, and wipe their faces, before settling cross legged on the floor in front of one another. The chair is still on its side, and the door is still standing open, but neither cares.

They don’t know what to say. They’re both exhausted, battered from their fight, and now that the adrenaline has passed and their eyes are dry of tears the physical pain comes back.

Then, all of a sudden, confessions pour from mouths like a fountain. Izuku goes first- explains what happened and how Katsuki spiraled out of control, how his power makes people angry, how it takes their weaknesses and twists them up until they want to kill. He talks about the dice and the desperate, stupid gamble, because he couldn’t think of anything better. He talks about Levy, and time, and how Mey took her power hostage in that instant and pulled him out of the timeline, and how there was no way for it to end with anything but death.

He doesn’t tell Todoroki about how much he regrets it, how guilty he feels, how torn he is that despite everything he got exactly what he wanted. He doesn’t know how her rolled because he never looked. He left the dice on the stage- but technically, he supposes, he got an instant victory. Both Katsuki and Todoroki snapped out of the Rage, and Todoroki left the ring.

He doesn’t tell Todoroki how hollow the victory feels, how worthless, because of the pain he caused both his classmate and his demon in the process.

Todoroki is silent for a moment, when Izuku finishes, and when he begins to speak its not what Izuku is expecting- its not anger, for fucking him over, nor is it acceptance. In fact, Todoroki doesn’t acknowledge what happened at all. Instead, he talks about Endeavor. He talks about his parents, about his quirk, about the pressure on his shoulders. He talks about his scar. He talks about his anger and his vow.

Then, he talks about the fight. His right hand folds into a fist in his lap as he tells Izuku about the Rage, about the fire, about breaking his vow to himself and staining in blood the only part of himself he accepted in the same instant.

He doesn’t tell Izuku that the sight of him dead by the power of his right hand is burned into his eyelids, how its the only thing he can see when he closes his eyes.

“Todoroki-kun-” Izuku starts and Todoroki is looking at him, mismatched eyes focused, listening. “You didn’t hurt anyone today, Todoroki-kun. The...being, that you saw- it wasn’t-- It wasn’t real. I did something reckless with the intention of ending the fight as soon as possible, and it backfired in my face, because I didn’t consider how extremely my intentions could be interpreted. What I mean to say is--” Izuku hesitates, bites his lip for a moment, “The spike of ice didn’t kill the… copy. It appeared, in a location in your line of sight that would affect you, and Katsuki, most drastically. That location just so happened to be in a place that made it look like it was you, it-- it would have died in the same instant. You can’t--” He takes a breath, fists clenched in his lap. “You can’t blame yourself for something you had no control over.”

Izuku blames himself for his lack of control. Despite everything, he’s a hypocrite. He talks about binding demons by his own power yet he struggles to take responsibility for the things they do. He still sees their power as borrowed strength, something he isn’t in charge of. Shiso, Levy, Mey, even Katsuki- their power was given to him but its his, because they are part of him .

He thought about cutting the contract with Mey, earlier, when he was looking for Todoroki. There was something wrong about her- something powerful and dangerous and out of control, and he didn’t- doesn’t , know where she came from, out of the blue, or where she’s gone now. He wanted so badly to blame her unruly power, when he was the one who called it out. He wants never to use it again, because it hurt people he cared about.

He looks up at Todoroki, and thinks about Endeavor, and the vow, and ice and fire and time and rage and demons. He thinks about power.

He tells Todoroki every insecurity he’s ever had about his quirk. He tells him about his demons, and what they were before he bound them, what they still are. He tells him about nightmares he’s had looking through Levy’s eyes, about every horrible thing Van-Mey has bragged about doing, when she was off serving someone else. He talks about the depression, the panic, the countless times he drowned in horror because the power he wields is dark and blood-stained and cruel.

“The thing is-” and Izuku wants to break but he can’t because if he can help Todoroki in this instant it may just make up for the world of pain he caused him before. “The thing is, every time I get to the point where I think of giving up and abandoning the power I have, I feel guilty. I feel guilty because it makes me think about all the good I can use it for, and how many people I would let die because I didn’t want to use the power I have. Todoroki-kun, I am not my demons, and it doesn’t matter what they did with their power in the past because it’s mine now, and if using it means I can help more people than I can without it, then I will.”

Todoroki’s eyes are wide, and he opens his mouth to say something but Izuku cuts him off, because he isn’t done, and this is important , and he has to get it out before he falls apart.

“Todoroki-kun, if someone got hurt because I didn’t use every power I had to help them, I would never be able to live with myself. And I think-- that anyone who can -- will never be able to call themselves a hero.”

Before Todoroki gets the chance to respond, Izuku is gone.




Todoroki Shouto has seen plenty of horrors in his lifetime. He’s suffered through more physical pain than any boy his age should have to. He looks himself in the eye every morning and sees that scar- an ugly, mottled thing, and thinks about what it means. He stands up every time his father pushes him down and remembers what he’s fighting for.

He wants to be a hero. He gets up, every damn time, he gets up because he wants to show his father what a real hero is like. He gets up because he wants to show his father that he can be the number one hero without using the quirk that tore his family apart.

Todoroki listens to Midoriya’s retreating footsteps and realizes that even if he became number one, he would never have been a hero.


Katsuki, muzzled and locked in a guarded room, laments. 

Chapter Text

Katsuki knows his weakness. He knows his aspect- knows it like he knows his soul- it’s a part of him. He hates it- hates it like he hates everything- like he hates the world and all of the people in it-like he hates himself and how weak he is- and yet, even his hatred wraps right back around to his aspect. Rage.

He wonders if he would hate less if he wasn’t made of Rage. If he could experience emotions that weren’t clouded by anger or jealousy or negativity.

Rage was never just anger. Rage as an aspect encompasses hatred and anger but it’s also refusal, defiance, skepticism, negativity, despair. Things Katsuki is supposed to be able to control.

Katsuki knows nothing of control. It’s his greatest weakness. He knows his aspect subjectively but he cannot control it, he cannot direct it- the best he’s managed is to concentrate it into a physical weapon- the explosions in his hands. (and even those are so uncontrollable in the grand scheme of things, so easily affected by his emotions. Another thing he can’t control.)

He hates Rage. He hates how powerful it is, how easily it turns against him.

He fears Rage. He’s afraid of what it makes people, what it turns him into. He hates that it makes him a monster- a true demon- a being of violence and chaos and destruction.

He rejects Rage. He wishes he were another aspect- something concrete and understandable and powerful in a way that doesn’t make him evil. He doesn’t want to be evil- he doesn’t want to hurt- not anymore. ( Deku said he would make him a hero, and yet, still he is trapped within Rage. Still he has to bottle it up and keep it under control- to keep it from hurting others and himself.)

He despairs in Rage. He sees its power and doesn’t know how to wield it, he sees his own potential and is crushed under the disappointment in knowing that Rage isn’t an aspect meant for good. He could be so powerful- if he let go, if he let it take control- but then what would he become?

A monster. A Demon. (nothing that deserves to stand at Deku’s side- good, pure Deku, who only wants to help people, who has the capacity to achieve that goal, who is so much better than Katsuki- he hates Deku too.)

He only ever wanted to be strong.

Ever since he came into existence- a formless being in an abstract realm- nothing but Rage and the potential for conscious thought- he’s wanted to be strong.

Rage is so powerful. It would be so easy to revel in his Rage, to let it drive him- to become what he’s always wanted to be- but it’s not enough. How could he consider himself strong if he were a slave to his aspect? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate weakness? No, he doesn’t want to be strong because he allowed Rage to control him. He wants to be strong because he won, because he gained control over Rage, because he is more than just his aspect.

Is it unrealistic, to want to be stronger than himself? Is it conceited? Is it foolish?


But Katsuki knows what he wants. He wants to stand by Deku’s side. He wants to protect him, and he wants to protect the people. That is his purpose now- it’s as ingrained in his mind as the blood in his veins- Deku’s blood. Their bond. He belongs to Deku the way a knight belongs to his King- he is a warrior and Deku is his sovereign.

(Warriors are the ultimate demon class- they stand alongside like an Ally and protect like a Guardian- but they can be weak of heart, susceptible to their aspects. Katsuki is a warrior to the core.)

He doesn’t know how to deal with the fact that his nature is so contradictory to his purpose. A demon’s aspect is shared but it’s always specific, Katsuki shares Rage with countless demons yet none of them share his specific power, his specific price.

He will never tell Deku his price. To do so would go against the fundamental law of his contract. To Deku, there is nothing that will excuse the death of a human.

Katsuki, at his core, feeds on the souls of those killed by the Rage of another. Before he came here, his Rage went unhindered, and he ravaged demons weaker than him, pit them against each other and helped them kill, only to gorge on the souls of those defeated. That was his life , his way , to cause chaos and fight and feed. Had he found his way to this world unbound he would have torn society apart, pitting the tiny, weak humans against each other for fun, for food- he would have started wars, he would have pulled this world apart at the seams, he would have become the most powerful thing to exist with the sheer number of people who would have died in his Rage.

Katsuki Bakugou came into existence with an uncapped potential, but a child called to him, wrapped him up in his flesh and blood and gave him a heart , and suddenly Katsuki could be something else, something new. Deku gave him the chance to be a hero. The chance to help , instead of hurt. It was so novel, so contradictory, so different than the hundred years up until that moment that the first decision he ever made with his new human heart was to give himself to the one who would show it to him.

He needs to be stronger if he intends to fulfil his contract. Like this- with his Rage locked away in a fragile, rotting cage, hardly even struggling to break free in the heat of battle- he’s more of a danger to Deku than he is a help. He’s going to break his contract without even realizing- and then what will he be?

Not a demon. A demon never breaks a contract. He supposes he would just. Cease to exist.

(He watched Deku die. He failed. He killed Deku, effectively, like he killed countless beings through the hands of others, with his Rage. he ate Deku’s soul, because it is his nature, and watched the boy he promised to protect dissolve to ash between his claws. He’s full to the brim with new, untapped power- nostalgia shakes him to the core- its been so long since he’s tasted his true price.)

(Deku is alive despite everything, but it’s still a failure at the root of it. The contract is intact by a loophole at best.)

Something needs to change. He’s been gifted with some ironic sort of second chance, and he can’t waste it. Katsuki doesn’t know what he’s been doing wrong- why he still fails to control his aspect- he’s reached the fourth rank for fuck’s sake, why is he still so weak?

Why does he still let Rage rule him?

He has to change something, do something different- he’s existed for a century- young for a demon but still old enough to have at least a bit of a handle on his aspect. He should have made progress by now.

He’s afraid. He doesn’t know what he needs to do, he’s afraid of what will become of him if he makes a mistake. (He sees his Rage, an untamed beast pacing in its cage, eyes gleaming with power. It could eat him alive if it were so inclined.)

((His pride will never allow him to admit that he needs help. He needs guidance. He can’t solve this alone.))

He’s hit a breaking point. He doesn’t know how to move forward, but he can’t stay where he is.

Something’s got to give.