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"Mycroft is a terrible big brother" by Sherlock Holmes; Alternatively,"My'coff is a goo' bay'bee si'dder" by Jawn Wa'dson"

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squeakpigsrevenge asked:
How would Mycroft end up babysitting to begin with? I feel like he'd want to interact with Sherlock when he's small because it'd let them both be as affectionate as they want without their usual reservations. Jawn would be incredulous at best about My. At least at first.

sadieandmo answered:
Sadie: That’s a very good point. 'John' would fight tooth and nail to keep that ‘tough guy’ exterior up around Mycroft…his is not a baby, should anyone need to be reminded. But, Sherlock does look awfully content to sit in his older brother’s lap. And Mycroft, while still being his normal stuffy, proper self, doesn’t sound as nearly condescending as he usually does. And John is starting to feel a bit left out.

A cuddle would be strong motivation. And Mycroft is be an excellent story teller. Sherlock brought him Jawn’s favorite book to read. The tiny doctor would creep closer and closer until he was practically in Mycroft’s lap anyways. By the time we learn why Grey crayon is so grumpy Jawn is fully in his lap and helping to turn the page.

Sadie: Mycroft would be relieved…as narrow as Jawn’s little bum is, and as tiny as Sherlock could origami in his elbows and knees, he still had to hold onto both of them so they wouldn’t tumble right out of the chair they were crowded in. Hard to do that and turn the pages…let alone keep both boys from snipping at each other over who’s turn it was to turn said page.

They make it through the whole book without incident, but all hell breaks loose when it’s time to select the next book. Sherlock falls to the floor kicking when Mycroft informs him that it’s Jawn’s turn to select a book. Sherlock “gave up his turn” for a book Jawn would like and now Jawn was going to pick another “crap” book. Which of course sets off Jawn shouting about what a good book the crayon book is, etc.

Mycroft learns the hard way that both little boys respond better to “Please” than they do to commands. Admittedly it works better on Jawn, who goes to select another book while Sherlock wiggles on the floor trying to bite Mycroft's ankles.

Sadie: A smart tug on an unruly lock of hair put a stop to that as Mycroft continued to explain why Sherlock would now be sitting on the floor and not his lap with Jawn this time, who brought back another book in The Grey Crayon series: Grey Crayon Goes To The Zoo. He wouldn’t insist on Mycroft making the animal noises, but he informed him that it would only add to the experience.

Sherlock rubbed at his stingy scalp and pouted as Jawn sprawled on Mycroft. Without the immediate attention available on Mycroft’s lap, he quickly became bored of Jawn’s dumb book and wondered to the toy box. He’d use his action figures to play out his own story. No crayons allowed.

Sadie: Mycroft hears him rustling about and tries to keep a sharp ear on him and pay attention to Jawn at the same time, letting the little doctor take over the story and read out loud.

Mycroft still had to make the noises, though.