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see me, feel me

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Jeongguk never considered eating as a way to make money, but sometimes life surprises you. The discovery that his followers on Twitter enjoyed watching him eat large amounts of food to the point of paying for it was shocking to say the least, and a very pleasant one at that.

Being a fanboy on stan Twitter had its advantages, and being an attractive one had even more. A big following that allowed him to get a head start with his mukbangs was one of them, and Jeongguk was grateful. He didn't have the time for a part time job, but he definitely could use the extra cash to get by. If he got to it while eating all of his favourite foods—well, who’s he to complain?

It's a Saturday night and Jeongguk's friends are out clubbing, and although Jeongguk isn’t the clubbing type anyway, he had declined their invitation to join since he had a show scheduled for tonight. He could cancel and he knows that not too many people would care, but he'd never let himself live it down. He's a professional at what does—as professional as eating on cam for people to see can be.

He's cleaning up after his show when he gets a text from Dahye, a friend he made on Twitter that he later on met in real life. She's older than him by six years, but Jeongguk and she clicked instantly, even if she would always make fun of him for being a baby.


From: dahye noona ٩ ( ) ۶


vante’s nsfw

enjoy! ;D


Jeongguk feels himself blush as soon as he sees the text. Ever since he told Dahye about the small, tiny, little crush he had on one of his mutuals, whysovante, she had been determined to uncover everything about him. But it wasn't an easy task since the only pieces of information the guy had ever shared were his gender and age—not his name, not his face, not where he lived—nothing. He had a pretty big account too, but he was different from most stan accounts, more on the artsy side. He usually posted pictures he took himself, or doodles that even if he discredited Jeongguk thought were amazing. What made Jeongguk fall for him despite not knowing much about him were his words, though. Whether it was an excerpt from a poem of his or just a little rant of his thoughts, his words always held such sincerity and beauty that Jeongguk felt an almost magnetic pull to him.

Tracking him must have been hard, especially because there aren't details about him on his account. Jeongguk doesn't doubt Dahye's detective skills, but how could it be the same person? How did Dahye even find out?

To: dahye noona ٩ ( ) ۶

are you sure it's him??

i'll check in a min but i doubt it

From: dahye noona ٩ ( ) ۶


hyeryeong has her insiders

now: enjoy!!!

your gay ass will love those pics


Jeongguk rolls his eyes at the mention of her noona’s girlfriend, but he has to admit Dahye's words make him curious. No matter if it's Vante or not, there apparently are some nice pictures that his gay ass and will love. Biting down on his lower lip, Jeongguk types the username in Twitter’s search bar.

The display picture is a selca, cropped so only the lower half of his face can be seen. Jeongguk finds himself tapping over the picture and staring for a minute too long at those full. pink lips. His skin is tanned and soft-looking, and there's silver chain around his neck. Not much can be said about it, but his lips. That's an attractive mouth, if Jeongguk has ever seen any.

It's only when he goes back that he notices the rest of his profile. His display name says v and a saxophone emoji, and Jeongguk wonders if it stands for Vante—God, call him creepy but he wishes it does. His bio says call me baby boy and I'm yours (ω), and okay—Jeongguk is not a prude, but something about it makes him blush. He's a little conflicted, because if this is Vante, his mutual, going through his nsfw account might be a little awkward. But this is a public account, Jeongguk reminds himself. Someone sent him the handle, so he's on his right to read his  tweets. So he shakes all those doubts away, his thumb scrolling down the screen so he can take a look at his recent tweets.

The first thing he does is tap on his pinned tweet, one that says about me. There's some information about him in there, written on aesthetic pictures—he/him, gay as fuck, switch but mostly sub, call me baby boy :( is why the first one says.

The second one is a kink list. Jeongguk isn't too surprised to see some such as lingerie, edging or spanking, since they are pretty popular. Fuck, Jeongguk himself would say he shares those, if he were ever to write down a list of kinks. Even choking is pretty popular, although Jeongguk isn't entirely sure about how sexy asphyxiating someone can be. But no, what catches his attention is rope bunny. He’s heard about shibari before, has seen pictures all over Tumblr and Twitter, but it’s the first time he’s coming across someone who is into it.

Now his interest is piqued, since he wonders if there are any pictures of this boy all tied up. He starts scrolling through the account, reading through the tweets. The boy seems bright and cheerful, charismatic enough for people to follow him not only for the pictures he posts. But when he gets to the pictures—oh, man, those are good.

The first one he sees is a pic of the boy’s ass. The picture is upside down, but that’s not too much of a problem for Jeongguk. Dressed in black clothes only, V is lying on his stomach on his bed, back arched deliciously and making his ass look round and perky. There’s a sliver of skin seen where his t-shirt rides up, and God, it looks just as soft as his face’s. The picture is captioned my ass is looking too good to be ignored right now, and Jeongguk can’t help but agree. He keeps scrolling down, finding pictures of the boy in stockings and fishnet, tons of cropped selcas, and it doesn’t feel like enough.

Some tweets make him laugh, some make him curious, and others straight up horny. With all the pictures of his body and the selcas with stickers to cover his eyes and nose, Jeongguk comes to the conclusion that this guy is pretty hot. That’s why, before he exists nsfwmoonchild’s profile he hits the follow button. He has no hopes for a follow back, since the account only follows 38 people and has a few thousands of followers. That’s why he’s surprised when, less than a minute later, he gets a notification saying that the guy followed back.

He tries to calm himself down, so he refreshes his timeline. A picture of a puppy, Jimin screaming about Produce 101, questionable pictures of Dahye and Hyeryeong—and that’s when it happens. The two top tweets on Jeongguk’s timeline are, of course, from his most recent mutual. And God, don’t they make Jeongguk swallow a lump.

Now, Jeongguk is neither stupid nor living under a rock. He’s not unfamiliar with the concept of cam boys since he watches some himself. He taps on V’s profile again before he can even think twice about it, and realizes that there is a link to myfreecams. How could he miss that before? He figures he could give the guy a chance. It’s a Saturday night and he has nothing better to do, and the boy has a nice ass and a cheery, bright personality. He gets his laptop instead of his phone and opens the link to V’s profile, clicking his way through the site until a window with a countdown opens, saying live in 3 minutes and 54 seconds.

He's not sure what to expect, but he decides that bed seems like a good place to watch whatever is about to take place. He's in his sweatpants, no underwear, and he's now shirtless after having gotten sauce all over his white t-shirt. So, he's comfortable to say the least. He anxiously waits, drumming his fingers over the wrist rest. It makes no sense for him to be nervous about it, but for some reason he is. Even if he’s not going to be the one fucking himself in front of thousands of people.

And then, the cam starts and in front of him is the most stunning guy he's ever seen, with skin like drizzled honey and the most sparkling smile and eyes he's ever been lucky enough to see. Jeongguk has never been one to wax poetic about pretty boys, but this one? Fuck, he deserves it. He deserves sonnets written about his eyes, the freckle on the tip of his nose, the bright, tight smile that he greets people with. And God, those lips—Jeongguk is never going to get over those fucking lips.

At that moment, Jeongguk feels his blood rush south. The guy is dressed in a plain white dress shirt, half open, with the black straps hugging his thighs perfectly. He's wearing underwear—black and lace—but the truth is, it doesn't leave a whole lot to the imagination, and Jeongguk’s not sure if he’s grateful for it or not. From what Jeongguk can see, the guy's already hard beneath the constraints of the material, which means he most likely worked himself up to that before coming on screen. He probably popped a boner at seeing himself in the mirror, Jeongguk thinks.

“Hey everyone!,” he says brightly, and Jeongguk wasn’t expecting something so cheerful to come from a voice otherwise deep and seemingly sultry without effort. “I didn’t think many of you would be here since it’s a Saturday night, but you guys sure are loyal, huh?”

The guy, although here to basically fuck himself on camera, is full of bubbling personality. Jeongguk can't take his eyes off him and the way he seems so genuinely interested in his viewers and what they have to say. He watches the chat bar at the side, and he notices that so far no one has made any requests—which he finds odd, since he knows how this thing goes; most people come to get off, and that's it. But it seems like his viewers come for both the getting off and the obvious connection the pretty boy has with his viewers.

V goes on to talk about how he's just bought a new vibrator. “It's pink and glittery!” he says cheerfully, giggling into his shoulder when someone comments on how it's probably almost as pretty as him then. "I was feeling so on edge earlier and I was so tempted to use it, but I told myself to wait so I could share this moment with you guys."

And then he's mostly out of shot, on all fours, his ass the only thing in sight while he seemingly reaches for something off screen. He wiggles his ass, knowing full well it's the only part of him on screen, and then he's back with a big pink vibrator in his hand and the biggest grin on his face.

“Isn't it gorgeous?” he asks, waving the hand holding the vibrator. “I can't wait to have it inside me.”

Jeongguk palms at his cock at that, and he's not sure why. Just the thought of this guy with his legs spread while he fucks himself with a vibrator has Jeongguk feeling hot despite the aircon and lack of shirt. Jeongguk, luckily, has an account on myfreecams already, so he's able to tip and comment if he wishes, and God, he has a feeling he’ll be tipping a lot tonight.

Eventually, V gets into the swing of things, firstly unbuttoning his shirt all the way to make way for baby smooth skin and a soft tummy. Jeongguk wasn't sure what he was expecting, but the cute, soft tummy comes as a nice surprise as he finds himself swallowing down hard. He feels so affected already and all he's done is wiggle his ass a little and expose his torso. Next, he's licking his lips a little too obscenely; the act in itself something that could have Jeongguk fucking himself into his fist. He seems to stare right into the camera, like he's staring right at Jeongguk, asking him for something. And Jeongguk would be willing to give him anything, he thinks, if only he begged first.

Soon enough, all that's left is his lace underwear.

“What lube shall I use today?” he asks all prettily, fluttering his eyelashes at the camera. And in that moment, Jeongguk decided now was the perfect time to comment since there's a first time for everything, and lube may as well be the gateway to whatever this is, so he comments saying cherry lube. V smiles, replying, “If you want cherry lube, jeon97, that is what you'll get.”

And so that is exactly what he gets when the boy is messily lubing himself up with his index and middle fingers. He's a tease, Jeongguk soon realizes as the guy fingers himself with the underwear still securely on, the camera angle and his positioning making it so all he can see is the way his cock desperately peeks through the material. He's kneeling, his thighs looking bigger from the way they're spread out, and he has a slight bounce to his movements as he fucks himself on three fingers. Tips keep coming in and V is sure to thank every tipper individually, even while three fingers deep and ready for someone to tip him 500 so he can finally get that vibrator in him.

It's then that Jeongguk decides to tip. He's shamelessly watched cam boys before in the past, but never in his life has he tipped or even considered tipping, so this is another first. He’s usually the silent type, never really fully engrossed in the boy he’s watching at the time. Then again, he’s never watched anyone so magnetic before in his life; never found himself completely in a trance by someone else’s actions, mannerisms, expressions. There’s nothing wrong with watching the boy ride three of his fingers, his eyes screwed shut and lips parted as he clearly curls his fingers a little, hitting a new spot—he’s just desperate to see more. That's when jeongguk tips 500—the 500 needed for V to switch from fingers to the vibrator. His eyes rip open at the sound of the tipping, and everyone in the chat cheers Jeongguk on for the tip, V included.

“Wow, Jeon! You're a new viewer to me, and you're already tipping me 500? You're a keeper,” he says with a bright smile, making Jeongguk blush a little. “Thank you so much!”

And then he's lubing up the vibrator and before long, he's sat on his bed, legs spread wide open—underwear still on, the fucking tease—with the vibrator on the painfully slow setting as he fucks it in and out of himself as slow as can be. His legs are shaking and Jeongguk finds it fascinating the way the guy can get himself so worked up like this. He shouldn’t be surprised since he saw edging on V’s kink list, but watching him actually rile himself up is something entirely different.

Jeongguk's aware of how hard he is in his sweatpants, but he knows it's going to be a long show, so he chooses to ignore the problem for now. It’s not something he would admit to anyone, but he kind of likes how neglected his cock feels. Each tip of 50 signifies a higher vibration speed, and while Jeongguk's enjoying the show how it is, he knows it's time to up the ante. And so, he tips 100 and V puts the vibration up two settings.

“F-fuck, jeon. you're really not messing tonight, are you?” he says on a moan, his eyes fluttering shut as the vibrator pulses perfectly inside of him. He squeezes his eyes shut then, pink lips parting on a gasp, and God, this has to be the hottest thing Jeongguk has ever seen.

Jeongguk watches in delight as the guy tips his head back in pleasure, his throat—somehow as beautiful as the rest of him—covered in a sheen of sweat. When his face comes back into shot, his eyes are hooded and he looks straight into the camera, mouth parted as he takes his index and middle finger and starts sucking on them, both fingers a perfect vision between his plump and pretty lips. He looks so blissed out despite not being anywhere close to the edge. He just looks like he's fully enjoying it, getting lost in it. V moans around his fingers and then pulls them out, the loud pop ringing in Jeongguk's ears.

“G-God, I wish I had a cock in my mouth right now,” V says, and Jeongguk is a little startled at first.

Since he's watched his fair few amount of cam boys, he knows that a lot of them don't engage in any dirty talk while they're camming, mostly because it leads to comments that can be too demeaning and demanding. But this guy seems to have good moderators on his chat, so anything bad is filtered out, which means he can say whatever the fuck he wants. And well, Jeongguk isn't about to complain with the way his whole face goes slack as he works up the perfect rhythm with the vibrator.

At this point, Jeongguk's cock is in agony, and although he secretly gets off on it, he knows he needs to get one hand wrapped around it before he either ruins it for himself or comes untouched. That’s not something he likes to admit to happening, but sometimes things do happen, and Jeongguk just refuses to let tonight be the night for that. So he pushes the waistband of his sweatpants down enough for him to snake his hand in, wrapping his fingers around his cock and squeezing. The pressure isn't enough, not when he sees this guy and imagines what he'd feel like around him, but for now, it'll have to do.

While Jeongguk's a little distracted, someone tips the guy the exact amount needed for his underwear to come off and that's when Jeongguk starts to feel his heart racing. It feels like everything's been leading up to this moment, as dramatic as it sounds. V doesn't do anything fast, Jeongguk learns. When he puts the vibrator down, he gets on his knees, adjusting the camera to make sure he's in shot as he roughly palms his cock through the lace. Little moans escape his mouth and they’re low, a little dirty.

“Feels so good,” he says, voice deep and sultry and so raspy it makes Jeongguk’s cock twitch in his hand. “God, I love the feeling of lace—love how it constricts everything,” he says as he turns so his ass is on screen, slowly and torturously pulling his underwear down.

That's when jeongguk loses his shit completely. V’s ass is perky and already a little pink. The image drives Jeongguk wild, knowing that the boy obviously gave himself a few spankings before coming on. All he wants to do is jump through the screen and get his own hands on him, show him what it would feel like to have a strong pair of hands holding him down and spanking him all red and pretty.

V turns his head around, giggling as all the tips come flying in. He pulls his ass cheeks apart, sighing as the cold air that hits. Coming closer to the camera, he bends over slightly until his spread cheeks almost take up the entire screen, and Jeongguk positively groans at the sight in front of him. His hole is wet and pretty; it looks ready and eager to have something more than a vibrator in it, and Jeongguk is more than willing to supply the guy with exactly that.

Jeongguk's not prepared for when the guy turns around, cock hard and leaking, on full display. He's not sure how to react, especially not when he goes back to sitting on the bed, looking unbearably soft but equally as hot at the same time. He gives lazy strokes to his cock, answering questions in his chat and looking through the stats so far tonight.

"Oh, it looks like my highest bidder so far tonight is jeon97,” he says then, Jeongguk getting startled when he hears him call his username. The other times he was expecting it because he had either commented or tipped, but this time came as a surprise. “Hm, if he keeps this up, I might be giving him a one on one. Would you like that, big boy?”

Jeongguk's chest tightens at that. He had completely forgotten about the supposed private show, not entirely sure what it entails since everything's pretty much been covered, but, he's not going to stop now. He may as well take it all the way and get that one on one time. As it continues, Jeongguk tips him the amount necessary for him to spank himself thirty times.

He watches with his breath lodged at the back of his throat. The way V spanks himself while on all fours, his head constantly peeking back to check the chat and also to flash a teasing smile at the camera. “Don't you wish it was you spanking me?” he asks, and Jeongguk knows he's talking very generally so it appeals to all the viewers, but part of him wishes the guy was talking only to him. Yes, he would like to get his hands all over that perky little ass, maybe bruise it so he doesn't forget he's Jeongguk's and—Jeongguk is getting totally ahead of himself. He doesn't even know the guy, but God he wishes he did.

“Guys, I—oh fuck—I’ll be finishing the show in 15 minutes,” V starts, and why does Jeongguk feel what disappointed? “And I better have come by then, okay?”

Jeongguk's so desperate, and he knows all he can really do on the chat is tip since it's too public to type out desires he has. After all, he's not the only one. There are 4k people in the chat right now. He's nothing special. Something sparks inside him, and he's not sure how he comes to this decision but he finds himself pulling up a new DM, typing nsfwmoonchild in the recipient box.

He knows the guy has his phone next to him because at times he scrolls through it absentmindedly while he's talking. So, if anything, Jeongguk uses that as his excuse for what he’s about to do. That and the fact that he's desperate and knows he can't do much other than tip.

So he opens his camera app, pulls up his sweatpants since he still has some decency, grips his cock through the material and snaps a pic. It's not his finest moment since he's sweaty and worked up. Still, he does it anyway. And types jeon97. you're fucking killing me right now, fuck. He doesn't give himself the chance to read over it again, pressing send before he can even think of deleting.

He instantly regrets it when he hears the guy's phone ping. He's bouncing his pretty ass on the vibrator with one hand keeping it firmly in place while the other hand reaches for his phone. Jeongguk watches as his eyes go wide as he looks at the screen, his thumb swiping to open the message. Then, the live cam suddenly ends.

Jeongguk panics. It's at this point that he knows he's fucked up, crossed a line or boundary he shouldn’t have toyed with. He's been following the guy for a little over an hour and he's already fucked up. He knows he's about to get blocked for sending unsolicited dick pics, and he totally deserves it. At that moment, his phone lights up and he has a new message. He opens it with shaking hands because it's nsfwmoonchild and he knows this isn't going to end well for him. This is what he gets for being gay and horny.


Jeongguk opens the link faster than he's ever done anything in his life, and V's sitting there on the bed with a dildo this time, and it's thicker and bigger. If Jeongguk didn't know better, he'd say the boy went through his stash looking for anything that matched even close to his dick. He made it so that Jeongguk can add his cam, and so he does, albeit a little nervously, and he watches as V’s cheeks turns pink as Jeongguk's face comes into view. “Wow I—”

“Hm?” Jeongguk asks, a little smile on his face because it seems they're both feeling a little shy all of a sudden.

“You're so much hotter than in your pics and I didn't think that was possible, fuck—”

Jeongguk doesn’t register what Taehyung is saying, as horny as he is. “As much as I appreciate it, my cock is in my hand and I need you to help me finish this, pretty.”

“God, fuck. Anything for you,” V replies nodding, balancing the dildo with one hand as he bounces up and down on it.

“That splitting you wide open, is it?” he asks, getting a hum in response. “Bet my cock could do worse. Bet I could make you come untouched. You think you can do that for me just now? Make yourself come without touching that pretty cock of yours?” he asks, a newfound confidence in his tone.

“Yes, yes, yes,” the boy chants, letting his head fall back as he fastens his pace. “I promise, d—”

Jeongguk freezes, watching V's cheeks go bright red as he looks away. Jeongguk is pretty sure he knows what the boy was about to say, and fuck. That's not a kink he ever considered having, but the hint of the word on the other’s lips makes his dick pulsate in his hand. He’s almost certain this guy—a guy he barely knows, at that—could have him bending at his wants and needs, each of his kinks quickly turning into his own, too.

“What, baby?” he asks, V biting his bottom lip. With a determination he didn't know he had, Jeongguk says, “Say it.”

"I promise I'll—I'll do what you say, daddy," he says, a string of moans following. He's loud, so loud it makes Jeongguk’s cock twitch and leak with pre-come.

Jeongguk is unbelievably turned on now, the sight on his screen being one of the hottest he has ever seen. He jerks himself off slowly, dragging his thumb over his slit. He wants nothing more than to pump his fist fast and hard, but he's sure that he won't last long if he does that, and he's determined to make V come first.

“Good boy. You're so loud, I bet I could stuff my cock in that pretty little mouth of yours and shut you right up. Could you take that?” he asks, working his own cock.

“Fuck, yes,” he moans, throwing his head back. “I want your cock so bad—need it right now.”

The thought of having that mouth, those plump lips around his cock is enough to make Jeongguk moan loudly, Taehyung's eyes going wide before he cries out himself. Both of them are so, so close right now, and it's impossible for this to last for much longer.

Jeongguk’s strokes of his dick turn sloppy and erratic as he watches how V continues to fuck himself like that until he does as he promises, coming all over his stomach without touching himself. Jeongguk comes after that, keeping it mostly to himself because he wants this moment to be all about the boy. An odd sense of pride sparks in his chest at being able to watch him do what he just did. He knows he now has no reason to be here, could easily just exit the window since he doubts V wants to sit in awkward silence. He wonders if V wants to quickly leave now that it's over, but he seemingly is waiting to be told what to do.

He looks into the camera, eyes big and innocent and asks, “What should I do with all this mess?”

And Jeongguk knows it's bait, and he's more than willing to cave. “Taste yourself for me, baby. Tell me how good you taste. I want to know.”

Without hesitation, V drags his index finger down his tummy, swiping up what he can on one finger and sucks on it, and hard at that. He does so staring right into the camera like he's something innocent, but Jeongguk knows otherwise. He swallows and releases his finger, waiting for Jeongguk's approval, and fuck. Jeongguk thinks he could praise this boy all day. “Good boy. Such a good boy for daddy, aren't you?”

“Y-yes, always gonna be good for you.”

“Promise daddy you'll go clean up since he can't do it for you, yeah?” he asks. Judging by the boy’s reactions, he’s not overstepping any boundaries, but he’s still a little unsure, now coming down from his high.

But he nods enthusiastically, as if the thought of doing what he's told—and obeying—is exciting to him.

“DM me once you're all pretty and clean, baby?” he says, and V agrees, blushing furiously at the fact that whatever this is isn't ending right here.

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The nine minutes—Jeongguk is totally not counting—that it takes Taehyung to get to his apartment are the longest nine minutes of his life. He spends a while running his hands through his hair and coming to terms with the fact that holy shit, he’s gonna be with Taehyung in mere minutes. Only after a bit does it sink in that he’s gonna have a cute, sweet, hot and kinky boy—the full package if you ask him—in his apartment, and that said apartment is a mess. He gives up on the living room and kitchen, since it’s not likely that they’ll spend much time in those, and instead focuses on tidying up the chaos that is his room. There are books and clothes everywhere, and he’s in the middle of picking them up when his buzzer sounds.

“Shit, shit, shit,” he curses to himself, dropping the clothes that he had in his hands. Nice one, Jeongguk, he says out loud. Why the fuck is he so nervous?

He decides to do the only thing he can in this situation, and so he kicks all the mess under his bed, speeding to open the door—the last thing he wants is to keep Taehyung waiting. He swears it can’t take Taehyung longer than thirty seconds to get from the entry of the building to Jeongguk’s apartment, but it feels like several lifetimes goes by before his doorbell is ringing. He waits for five seconds before opening, pretending he wasn’t waiting by the door.

The first thing Jeongguk thinks when he opens the door is that Taehyung’s webcam doesn’t do him justice at all. He’s much more beautiful in person, to the point it’s near breathtaking; he’s literally glowing, even with the crappy light of the hallway, his eyes big and so, so brown and mischievous. There’s a little grin on his lip, one that he tries to hide by biting down on his bottom lip.

“Hey,” Taehyung greets, already taking a step in Jeongguk’s direction without even waiting for him to invite him in. Not that he needs to since Jeongguk is already opening his arms for him.

“Hey,” Jeongguk mumbles back. And his voice slow, but it’s not like it’s much of a problem since Taehyung is already close enough to hear it.

The second thing Jeongguk thinks is that Taehyung is an amazing kissing, because they really are kissing as soon as Jeongguk opens the door. There’s something so urgent about the way in which Taehyung is kissing him, lewd and open mouthed with his arms around Jeongguk’s neck. They’re completely  pressed together, but Taehyung’s arms still manage to pull him impossibly closer.

“Fuck, baby,” Jeongguk mutters when they stop kissing to catch their breathe. He pulls Taehyung inside, closing the door just to press Taehyung firmly against it. Taehyung giggles, looking at Jeongguk with hooded eyes as he lets himself be manhandled. “Can’t believe you’re here.”

“Well, you better believe it,” Taehyung replies, and God, Jeongguk loves how mouthy he is. This boy is going to drive him crazy. “Because there’s a lot I want us to do.”

That alone is enough to make Jeongguk kiss Taehyung again, this time more rushed. Taehyung is just as needy, kissing back eagerly and moaning into Jeongguk’s mouth when he cups and squeezes his ass. God, he has been wanting to do that ever since he first saw that picture of Taehyung on the bed.

Without a warning, he grips the back of Taehyung’s thighs and picks him up. Taehyung lets out a surprised yelp, his hold around Jeongguk’s neck tightening for a brief moment. He wraps his legs around Jeongguk’s waist tightly, squeezing playfully as he looks down at Jeongguk.

There’s something about Taehyung—how cheeky he is, that glisten in his eyes—that draws Jeongguk in further. He got to know Vante (well, more or less), then V, and now it’s Taehyung’s turn. Is it bad that he’s already feeling so head over heels?

“Kiss me again,” Taehyung then says, and Jeongguk raises an eyebrow in his direction. “Please.”

Even if he didn’t say said please, Jeongguk would kiss him either way—how could he not?—but there is something about how submissive Taehyung is that makes Jeongguk’s head spin. Jeongguk can pinpoint exactly the moment when this began, and that was when they moved to the private show. In the public one, not for a moment did Taehyung obey to anyone’s orders: he set the limits and the conditions, and the viewers were the ones who followed. But now he’s doing quite the opposite, looking at Jeongguk with big, expectant eyes, and fuck—

Jeongguk kisses him again, so hard he feels like both their lips are going to bruise. He bites down on Taehyung’s bottom lip, mouth parting for him and allowing him to slip his tongue inside. Taehyung’s mouth feels like lava against his, and Jeongguk can’t get enough of it. He presses his body against Taehyung’s so that along with the hold of Taehyung’s waist on his legs, it’s enough to support his weight, and then slips his hands up his thighs and to his ass. Taehyung whines when Jeongguk kneads the flesh on his hands, a sound that Jeongguk swallows gladly, and that’s when Jeongguk feels it, a small piece of something the size of his thumb. He pushes at it, tentatively, and Taehyung ruts against him, back arching. Does it again, and Taehyung whimpers.

“What’s this?” he asks, putting pressure over it again with his finger. Taehyung doesn’t reply, mouth falling open as he throws his head back against the door. “I asked you a question, angel.”

“It’s a—oh, fuck—it’s a butt plug, obviously,” he replies, grinning down at Jeongguk.

“Obviously,” Jeongguk repeats. “Did I tell you that you could wear one?”

Taehyung shakes his head, and when Jeongguk raises an eyebrow at him he says, “You didn’t.” There’s silence for a moment, and then Taehyung adds, “Guess that makes me a bad boy, doesn’t it?”

Jeongguk pushes at the plug again, lightly, but it’s enough to make Taehyung’s bottom lip tremble. “Well,” he starts, “I think maybe I should teach you a lesson, right?”

“Yes, daddy,” Taehyung replies, tightening his hold around Jeongguk’s neck. “I’ve been bad. I deserve to be punished.”

Jeongguk exhales sharply, digging his fingers into the flesh of Taehyung’s thighs. He then starts walking towards his bedroom as Taehyung runs his fingers up and down the bare skin of Jeongguk’s shoulders and back.

When they get there, Jeongguk puts him down on his feet, Taehyung looking at him with curious eyes as he sits on the edge of the bed. “Come here,” Jeongguk mutters, parting his legs so Taehyung can stand in the middle of them. “Take your clothes off for me, pretty.”

And Taehyung does so, as painfully slowly as he did during his live show. He’s wearing another shirt, this one blue, and he undoes the buttons all the while staring down into Jeongguk’s eyes. When he finally sheds his shirt off, letting it fall to floor behind him, Jeongguk gets the urge to just reach forward and touch—wants to run his fingertips over all that honey skin, kiss it until he has Taehyung falling apart in his arms.

Taehyung’s eyes bore into his as his hands go to the fly of his slacks, unzipping them and pulling them down slowly. Jeongguk shouldn’t be surprised to see his underwear, again lace panties, but this time a deep red. The sight only turns him on, but that’s starting to be a given when it comes to Taehyung.

“Red?” he asks as Taehyung steps out of the slacks, kicking them behind himself.

In response Taehyung just hums, his hands going to Jeongguk’s shoulders. Jeongguk can feel the weight of Taehyung’s eyes on him, but he’s too entranced by the way the red lace looks against Taehyung’s tan skin. The contrast makes Jeongguk unable to tear his eyes away, making him wonder how his ass would look with the panties on. Whatever it is, he’s sure it will look better when his skin is all red and pretty, all thanks to his hands.

“I heard once that red turns men on,” Taehyung replies as Jeongguk’s hands slide up his thighs, brushing with the tips of his fingers. “Do you like them, daddy?”

“Love them, baby boy,” he replies, looking up to see Taehyung bite on his bottom lip.

“If we’re gonna do this, we need a safeword just in case,” he says, and Jeongguk nods. He has a feeling that Taehyung is more than able to take a few spankings, but it’s precaution. The last thing he wants it’s to take things too far, especially considering how new he is to all of this. “Sunscreen.”

“Sunscreen?” Jeongguk asks, a smile dancing on his lips. Why does he find Taehyung’s chosen word to be so terribly endearing?

“Sunscreen,” Taehyung repeats with a nod.

He then pats his thighs, giving Taehyung a pointed look, and that’s all Taehyung needs to understand. Wordlessly, Taehyung bends over Jeongguk’s lap, raising his ass up in the air. Taehyung looks at him over his shoulder, expectant, and Jeongguk swallows thickly. He settles one of his hands on the small of Taehyung’s back, the other rubbing the skin of his asscheeks.

“I think 20 spankings will be enough, don’t you, baby?” he asks. He sounds and seems more confident than he feels, his hands steady on Taehyung’s body as he pushes the fabric out of the way; the lace wedging in between his cheeks, and all Jeongguk can think is pretty, pretty, pretty.

“Yes, daddy,” Taehyung replies, voice a little strained.

“Be a good boy and count out loud for me,” he commands, to which Taehyung nods.

Jeongguk raises his hand, sucking in a breath. He can see and feel the way Taehyung tenses in his lap, ass perking up in the air as he waits for the spank to come. This is all too new for him, but fuck—Taehyung wants this, and Jeongguk’s going to give him whatever he wants.

The moment Jeongguk’s palm hits his skin, Taehyung lets out a small, broken whine. The spank isn’t too hard, but it’s enough to resound in Jeongguk’s room and make Taehyung’s back arch deliciously. “One.”

“Good boy,” Jeongguk praises, smoothing his palm over the spot where he’s just hit. Taehyung leans into the touch, and fuck, it has to be one of the hottest things ever. The way Taehyung seems to love the sting, chasing the feeling of Jeongguk’s palm on his now reddening ass—

“Two,” counts Taehyung when Jeongguk spanks him again, squirming a little. Jeongguk caresses his asscheek, rubbing circles into the small of his back as he does so. His skin’s starting to feel hot already, and they’ve only done two, fuck. He raises his hand one more time, feeling more confident. This time he hits him harder, making Taehyung squirm a little. “T-three.”

Taehyung seems to love it, coming a little more undone with each spank. His voice breaks down at some point, the numbers coming out of his mouth followed by a string of moans. Somewhere around the seventh, Jeongguk decides to play a little with him, using his free hand to push at the plug inside him. Taehyung squirms in his lap, his ass perking higher as he hides his face in his hands.

“Ass up a little more, babe,” Jeongguk instructs, Taehyung lifting his hips even higher. That allows Jeongguk to hook his thumbs in the waistband of the underwear, pulling them down—he loves the red lace on Taehyung, he really does, but he’d rather see him with nothing on.

Jeongguk discards the underwear to the floor, looking at Taehyung’s now bare ass. Now he can clearly see the plug, a light purple jewel peeking from between his cheeks. He gives himself a few seconds to take a look at him, at the way in which Taehyung just waits for him to do something—to order something.

Jeongguk swallows thickly, his hand rubbing one of Taehyung’s reddened asscheeks and making him keen. “You’re being so good for me, angel,” he says then. “So good, so pretty.”

“More,” Taehyung asks—begs, even. “More, please, daddy.”

Now, Jeongguk makes sure to play with the bottom of the plug every time he gives Taehyung another spank. He struggles to count, groaning and whining as Jeongguk plays with him. “Eight, nine—ah, fuck.”

“So mouthy,” Jeongguk reprimands, pinching one of his cheeks. Taehyung groans. Jeongguk clicks his tongue, his fingers playing with the butt plug. “Guess I’ll have to take this away from you, huh?”

Taehyung knows better than to protest, staying quiet as Jeongguk pulls the plug out of him. He takes his sweet time, taking in Taehyung’s little gasps and the way his rim constricts and loosens up around it. He does whine when Jeongguk completely removes it, clenching around nothing, and God. Jeongguk is gonna eat him out as soon as they’re done with this, he’ll make sure of it.

“Keep counting,” he commands before giving another slap, a hard one. This one makes his hand sting, Taehyung moaning obscenely as he cries out ten. Jeongguk’s other hand makes its way to Taehyung’s hole, his middle finger circling the rim and making Taehyung clench again. “Louder. Don’t you want everyone to know daddy is teaching you a lesson?”

Ngh, God, y-yes, daddy,” Taehyung replies as Jeongguk slides his finger inside, taking advantage of the remains of lube still there. “I’ll be good for you, let me be good for you.”

Taehyung clenches tight around his finger, his nails digging into Jeongguk’s thighs through his sweatpants. Jeongguk is not unfamiliar with sex, but all of this is new to him—he never knew he could get off on spanking a pretty boy until his ass was bright red; he never knew he could get off on being called daddy. And yet, here he is now with Taehyung spread over his lap and his cock harder than ever beneath his clothes.

“Eleven,” comes Taehyung’s voice when Jeongguk lowers his palm against his ass again, the smack ringing loud in the room. Jeongguk can feel Taehyung’s cock leak pre-come on his thigh, and he loves how riled up Taehyung already is. He rubs his asscheek with his hand, rejoicing in how hot it feels, how his ass pulsates under the now gentle touch of his hand. He pushes another finger inside right before spanking him again, making Taehyung’s voice break further. “Oh my fucking—t-twelve.”

There’s nothing Jeongguk wants more than to get Taehyung on his hands and knees and fuck into him, really. His cock is aching inside his pants, staining the fabric a darker grey, but whatever. He loves this position of power, loves being in control like this. And what he loves even more is the way Taehyung reacts to each one of the spanks, so responsive. He’s so into it that it’s driving Jeongguk crazy.

“Thirteen,” he mumbles as Jeongguk scissors his fingers inside of him. Jeongguk clicks his tongue, smoothing his palm over Taehyung’s asscheek.

“Louder, baby boy. I can’t hear that pretty mouth of yours.”

Thirteen,” Taehyung repeats, voice clearer now. Jeongguk makes sure to praise him, makes sure to tell him what a good boy he is before he spanks him again, and again, and again. “Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen.”

“Are you okay, love?” he asks, looking down at how pretty Taehyung’s ass looks now, bright red because of him. Jeongguk soothes the sting away with his palm, groping at the flesh occasionally and watching it turn white under his grip. “You still want the rest?”

“Yes, daddy, please,” Taehyung pleads, urgency clear in his voice. “I want them all. I-I deserve them.”

Jeongguk exhales sharply, and suddenly the room feels ten degrees hotter. He raises his hand again, and when it hits Taehyung’s ass it makes him moan louder than Jeongguk has ever heard him—including when he came earlier today, during the private show. It’s the hardest smack yet, one that makes Taehyung jolt forward from where he’s lying across Jeongguk’s thighs.

“Seventeen,” he says, barely above a shaky whisper. He sounds so fucked out already, voice raspy in a way that sends Jeongguk’s head spinning while he keeps fingering him in between spanks. It’s right then that he finds his prostate, making Taehyung clench around him as he bucks his hips forward. “O-oh my god.”

“Don’t come yet, baby,” Jeongguk warns before giving Taehyung another spank. Taehyung just moans in response this time, clawing at Jeongguk’s thigh, so he orders, “Count.”

“E-eighteen.” His voice is small in its submissiveness, and God, it isn’t half doing things to Jeongguk. He rubs Taehyung’s ass while he keeps thrusting his fingers straight into his prostate, without a break. When he smacks Taehyung again, firmly, his broken voice calls, “Nineteen.”

Jeongguk feels excitement build inside him as he raises his hand one last time. His hand prickles with the heat of the constant and harsh skin-on-skin contact, and God, he swears he can’t get enough of this. Taehyung turns around to look at him, eyes wide and dark with want. Without breaking eye contact, he lowers his hand and spanks Taehyung one last time, hard enough for it to send goosebumps down the backs of Taehyung’s thighs. “Twenty,” he cries out, body going limp in Jeongguk’s lap and arms as he moans out desperately.

“So good, baby,” Jeongguk says as he pulls his fingers out, Taehyung whining at the loss. “Come on, sit up.”

And Taehyung does, even if his limbs are a little wobbly and his face bright red, the highs of his cheeks flushed so prettily. He sits in Jeongguk’s lap and wraps his arms around his neck, pressing close as Jeongguk kisses the corner of his mouth.

“You took your punishment so well, angel,” he praises, scattering Taehyung’s mouth, chin, neck and collarbone with gentle kisses. His hand cups Taehyung’s ass gently, trying to soothe the sting away with his palms. “Does it hurt?”

“Hurts so good,” Taehyung replies, catching Jeongguk’s lips on his and pulling him for a proper kiss. This one is slower than the ones they’ve shared until now, deeper and wetter. There’s still just as much want and desire, though. Taehyung is the first to pull away, looking at Jeongguk through his eyelashes as he asks, “Did I make daddy proud?”

Jeongguk’s stomach does acrobatics at that, and he can’t help but pull Taehyung in for yet another kiss before replying. “Yes, baby boy. You did so good, you made daddy so proud.”

“Good,” Taehyung says, a knowing smile pouring from his mouth as he tightens his arms around Jeongguk’s neck, kissing him again. Then, almost as if he knows Jeongguk’s a little stuck and doesn’t really know where to go from here, he perks up and asks, “Do I get a reward?”

Jeongguk blinks down at him, giving his ass a squeeze. He already knows how he wants to reward Taehyung, and he’s positive they’re both gonna love it. “Hands and knees on the bed,” he says.

Taehyung tilts his head to look at him, curiosity clear in his eyes, but he still obeys quickly. He scrambles to the bed from Jeongguk’s lap, looking at him over his shoulder once he’s ready. He looks amazing like this, on his hands and knees and ready for Jeongguk to reward him. Jeongguk reaches for the lube in his bedside table before he settles behind Taehyung, giving his ass an appreciative look.

“Gorgeous,” he says, leaning forward to press an open mouthed kiss on the reddened skin of one of Taehyung’s asscheeks. “You look so good now, with your ass all red because of me. You love it, don’t you?”

“So much,” Taehyung replies, arching his back when Jeongguk nibbles on the flesh. “Are you—are you gonna fuck me now?”

“Not yet,” Jeongguk replies, using both his hands to spread Taehyung’s asscheeks apart. His mouth almost waters when he sees his hole, clenching around air, eager to be filled. “Be patient, angel.”

If Taehyung was going planning to respond, it gets lost the moment Jeongguk licks a broad stripe up his crack, from the base of his balls all the way up to his hole. Taehyung shudders, his exhale turning into something more akin to a moan.

“O-oh, fuck,” Taehyung moans, wrinkling the sheets of Jeongguk’s bed in his fists.

That alone is enough to boost Jeongguk’s confidence, circling his tongue over Taehyung’s hole. He’s a bit of a tease, giving light, kittenish licks that have Taehyung gasping and moving and pressing his ass further into Jeongguk’s face. That’s when Jeongguk holds his hips with his hands, giving a light squeeze as he swirls his tongue around Taehyung’s entrance.

If Jeongguk thought Taehyung was responsive while being spanked, he really is something else when Jeongguk eats him out. His mouth falls open in a silent moan at first, but the most obscene sounds start spilling from his mouth as soon as Jeongguk tentatively pushes his tongue inside.

Jeongguk revels in the way Taehyung comes undone just because of him, little by little. He ends up balancing his weight on his elbows, which only makes his back arch even further as he raises his ass higher. And Jeongguk—Jeongguk can’t stop touching everywhere while he eats him out: his asscheeks, his hips, until one of his hands makes its way to Taehyung’s cock, giving it a lazy stroke.

“Fuck, yes,” Taehyung says, followed by a hiss. His hips buck again, but this time Jeongguk doesn’t stop him. There’s something so fucking hot about having Taehyung simultaneously fuck himself on his tongue and thrust into his fist like this. “P-please.”

And well, Jeongguk knows what he’s asking for, of course. Taehyung moans loudly when Jeongguk speeds up his strokes around Taehyung’s cock, letting his thumb play with his cock and making the prettiest sound come out of Taehyung’s mouth.

“This good for you, baby?” Jeongguk asks, pressing a kiss on Taehyung’s asscheek while he waits for an answer. There’s drool on the corners of his mouth and down his chin, and he’s being messy as fuck, but he doesn’t care—if anything, it just makes it hotter.

“So good,” Taehyung replies, sounding like he’s about to cream himself.  And it’s not too far from the truth, considering Taehyung says. “I-I’m gonna come.”

“Yeah? You do that for me,” Jeongguk encourages. He digs his thumb into the slit of Taehyung’s cock, smearing the pre-come all over the head and dragging the pad of his finger against his frenulum. Taehyung fucking sobs. “Want you to come, baby.”

With that, Jeongguk presses his mouth against Taehyung’s hole again, eating him out with abandon without stopping the movement of his hand. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Taehyung says, his hand moving to the back of Jeongguk’s head and bringing him impossibly closer. “I’m so close, daddy. I need to come so bad.”

That only encourages Jeongguk to give it to him even better, lapping at Taehyung’s rim like it’s the last thing he’ll ever do. Taehyung squirms, whimpering unintelligible words, and only then does Jeongguk notice that Taehyung is biting down on his own fist to muffle his moans.

“Let me hear you,” he says, because he wants to be able to tell how good he’s making Taehyung feel just from the sounds he makes.

Taehyung whimpers, squirming on the bed, and God. The strokes of Jeongguk’s hand around his cock turn erratic, and he himself is moaning because of how unbelievably turned on he is. When Taehyung comes, he does so with a loud cry, spilling his load all over Jeongguk’s fist. His legs give in then, and Jeongguk wraps an arm around his waist to steady him before flipping him over, laying him on his back.

“You good?” he asks. He has a feeling Taehyung is very much okay, but he still wants to make sure. Taehyung nods, a lazy smile on his face, and gives Jeongguk a cryptic look as he covers his body with his, going for a kiss. When Jeongguk pulls away he asks, “What?”

“I came here because you promised me your cock,” Taehyung says, jutting his lower lip out in a pout. “I’ve been here for quite some time now, and I’ve still haven’t had my hands on it.”

Jeongguk chuckles, kissing Taehyung again. “Well, are you gonna complain about what’s happened so far?”

“Nope, not at all,” Taehyung replies, shaking his head as he eyes trail down, looking at Jeongguk’s torso and then to his more than obvious erection, still covered by his sweatpants. “It’s just… I really want your cock, daddy.”

“Fuck,” Jeongguk whispers against his lips, Taehyung’s fingers wandering down his chest. He can’t help but tense up when Taehyung’s fingertips brush his abs, and Taehyung gives an appreciative look. Jeongguk is about to pull his sweats down, indulging Taehyung, but only then does he remember his hand is still covered in Taehyung’s come. So he lifts it up, bringing it to Taehyung’s mouth and giving him a look that makes Taehyung’s eyes turn darker. “Lick it clean, baby boy.”

Taehyung doesn’t need to be told twice, his tongue licking a stripe up Jeongguk’s index finger and collecting the come. In the end he ends up sucking three of Jeongguk’s fingers in his mouth, swirling his tongue around them like they’re Jeongguk’s cock, and holy shit. It wasn’t in Jeongguk’s plans to end up grinding against Taehyung as he practically gives a blowjob to his fingers, but fuck. There’s something so fucking hot about the way Taehyung’s lips close around his fingers, about the way his eyes don’t leave Jeongguk’s for a moment.

Jeongguk ends up pulling his hand back, and as soon as he pushes his sweatpants down he can feel Taehyung’s eyes on him. He looks up again, Taehyung meeting his gaze with questions written all over his face.

“Touch me,” he says, taking in the way Taehyung’s adam’s apple bobs when he swallows down. “I want to know how good your hand feels around my cock, baby.”

Taehyung doesn’t take long to oblige, his hands repeating their previous pace down Jeongguk’s body, but this time making all the way down to his cock. Taehyung doesn’t tease him, fingers curling around his dick and stroking him in long, slow strokes. Jeongguk groans, burying his face in the crook of Taehyung’s neck and kissing at it.

Taehyung moans when Jeongguk sucks a mark on there, his fingers tightening around Jeongguk’s cock and giving the head a light squeeze. It’s then that Jeongguk catches Taehyung’s lips in a kiss again. There’s not much finesses to it, and more like kissing it feels like they’re devouring each other—there’s too much teeth, too much spit, but Jeongguk loves all of it. Taehyung wraps his legs tight around Jeongguk’s waist while he thrusts into Taehyung’s fist, and God—if his hand is making him lose his mind like this, he doesn’t want to think about what will happen when he gets to fuck his ass.

Almost as if he read his mind, Taehyung says, “I need your cock now, daddy, please.” Even if Jeongguk didn’t want it as bad as he does, there’s no way he could ever say no to that—not when Taehyung is looking at him with those big eyes of his, not when his voice sounds so hoarse with want.

“Fuck, let me—” Jeongguk says, blindly looking for the lube he left by their side not that long ago. When he finally finds it he takes it in his hands, drizzling it on his fingers. He’s already fingered Taehyung with two of them, so he takes three to Taehyung’s entrance and pushes slightly, making him gasp. “Ready?”

“Yes, please, come on,” he says, making Jeongguk feel a mix of amused and aroused at his eagerness.

Jeongguk pushes his fingers inside with ease, not surprising considering Taehyung fucked himself first with a dildo and then with a vibrator not too long ago. The fingering is more foreplay than preparation, as well as Jeongguk indulging in the feeling of Taehyung clenching around his fingers every time they brush his prostate.

He knows Taehyung is ready now, his cock fully hard again and leaking over his abdomen. Jeongguk himself is feeling like his dick is gonna fucking explode, but maybe he just wants Taehyung to beg for it. He’s biting down on his lip, making it red and swollen with his teeth. He’s covered in a thin layer of sweat, hair sticking to his forehead as he squirms in the bed, and God, isn’t it the hottest Jeongguk has ever seen.

“Please,” he says, and finally. It sounds like music to Jeongguk’s ears, who purposefully thrusts his fingers right into his prostate once again. “O-oh, fuck—please, daddy.”

Jeongguk pulls his fingers out, moving to the bedside table where he keeps the condoms. He takes one and leans forward to press a quick kiss to Taehyung’s lips. “Want my cock, baby?”

Need your cock,” Taehyung corrects while Jeongguk rolls the condom on, reaching for the lube. “Hurry up, hurry up. I need it now.”

“You’re just tempting me to finger you for another fifteen minutes,” Jeongguk replies as he lubes himself up, making Taehyung whine in protest. He highly doubts he can go back to fingering Taehyung now—as much as he loves to pleasure Taehyung, he needs to get his cock inside of Taehyung right about now. The pressure of his hand around his cock while he put the lube on was nowhere enough, but there’s no way he can go back to nothing now.

“No, no, please,” Taehyung pleads, hands going to Jeongguk’s wrists. “Fuck me. I need your cock inside me right now.”

Jeongguk groans, and God—how could he say no to that? He wraps an arm around Taehyung’s waist and brings him up, Taehyung’s hands gripping his biceps tightly as he moans lowly. That makes Jeongguk raise an eyebrow, but he doesn’t comment on it because if Taehyung likes to be manhandled, then that is fucking hot. Jeongguk will manhandle him as much as Taehyung wants him to.

He takes the liberty to lean forward and press open-mouthed kisses on Taehyung’s neck, going up to the spot behind his ear he’s found makes his knees go weak. That only makes Taehyung’s hold on him tighten as he presses closer, body melting against Jeongguk’s.

“Hands and knees,” Jeongguk says, teeth letting go of Taehyung’s earlobe to whisper in his ear. When Taehyung doesn’t move, he spanks his ass playfully and adds, “Come on, angel.”

Taehyung makes a choked sound, but still obeys. Jeongguk knows he’s extremely biased at this point, but he’s positive the way in which Taehyung’s back arches is simultaneously the prettiest and hottest thing ever. He can’t help but to touch, his fingers tracing Taehyung’s spine and making him shiver. At the same time, he grips his cock with his other one and guides it to Taehyung’s hole, teasing the rim with the tip. Taehyung looks back at him with a whine, his eyes wide and with please written all over his face.

He can’t tell who’s more relieved by the time he pushes inside, sliding his whole cock in on one thrust that makes Taehyung moan loudly. Jeongguk has to stop, one of his hands gripping tightly at Taehyung’s waist as he tries to keep himself grounded. It’s too much to take in, the tight heat around him and how Taehyung clenches lightly around him, as if he didn’t want to.

“Fuck, Tae,” Jeongguk groans, giving a tentative thrust. He takes it slow at first, building a pace that’s too slow to have either of them satisfied. But even if he wants more, he revels in the way Taehyung asks for more, falling to his elbows.

“Harder,” Taehyung begs, breathy moans falling from his lips despite Jeongguk’s slow pace. “Daddy, please.”

It’s not long before Taehyung starts moving his hips back to meet Jeongguk’s thrusts, giving both of them a shy hint of the relief they need now. Jeongguk moans, stilling his hips, but Taehyung doesn’t seen too notice as he keeps fucking himself on Jeongguk’s dick, gaining speed and force with each movement of his hips. It almost seems like he’s too caught up in the feeling of Jeongguk’s cock inside him to notice, and fuck. The thought is enough to make pleasure jolt down Jeongguk’s spine.

“Just like that, love,” Jeongguk groans, one of his hands on the small of Taehyung’s back. “Keep fucking yourself on daddy’s cock.”

Taehyung cries out at that, burying his face between his arms. Regardless of that he’s pliant as ever, his body still rocking against Jeongguk’s as the most delicious moans fall from his lips, all of them now muffled against the covers.

“S-so big, daddy,” Taehyung babbles, voice strained. “Feels so good, so fucking—ngh, I love your cock.”

That makes something snap inside of Jeongguk, who reaches forward and tangles his fingers in Taehyung’s hair and pulling him up, body arched. His hips falter for a moment, and with that and the way his body shakes for a brief moment, Jeongguk has no doubt his cock is right up against Taehyung’s prostate now. Jeongguk sucks a mark on Taehyung’s neck, one of his arms curling around his waist and pressing him close. Taehyung can’t buck his hips back like this, only roll them in circular motions, so Jeongguk starts thrusting his hips again.

“You like that, baby boy?” Jeongguk asks, grazing the shell of Taehyung’s ear with his teeth. Taehyung nods, eyes squeezed shut as a yes, daddy falls from his lips followed by a moan. “God, you’re so tight. You feel just right around my cock.”

Taehyung just moans, body going limp in Jeongguk’s arms as Jeongguk fucks into him. His moans get louder and more desperate every time Jeongguk thrusts into his sweet spot, making him clench around him.

“I’m gonna come,” Taehyung says then, body trembling a little. “F-fuck, God.”

“Do you think you can come untouched like you did earlier?” Jeongguk asks, not wanting to push any boundaries. “Just from daddy’s cock?”

“Fuck, yes,” Taehyung replies, lolling his head back on Jeongguk’s shoulder so he can look at him in the eyes and say, “Gonna come just from how good daddy’s fucking me with his big cock.”

And fuck, Jeongguk knows Taehyung is doing this mostly to indulge him, but god, does it do things to him. He holds Taehyung’s hips with his hands, holding him still so it’s easier for him to fuck into him, hard and fast. He knows he can’t keep this up for much longer, but he doesn’t think he’ll need to. With how Taehyung is clenching around him, he’s pretty sure it won’t be too long until he comes.

“Oh, yes, right there,” Taehyung moans, his hips moving erratically in an attempt to bring Jeongguk deeper inside of him. He brings his arm back, palm pressed against Jeongguk’s neck and pulling him close for a kiss. “So—so fucking close.”

After that, it’s not long before Taehyung is coming all over his own stomach again, a loud cry of Jeongguk’s name leaving his lips. He clenches around Jeongguk so deliciously, his fingernails lightly scratching Jeongguk’s neck. Jeongguk tightens his hold around him, pressing him closer and thrusting inside of him, chasing his own release. He’s so, so close now, after having his cock neglected for so long, and the tightness of Taehyung’s walls around him is only making it worse. He spills inside the condom, muffling his cry on Taehyung’s shoulder, and fuck. His whole body feels like jelly now, knees so wobbly he feels like he might collapse onto the bed.

Carefully, he holds the condom in place and pulls out, Taehyung flopping down on his belly as soon as Jeongguk is out of him. Jeongguk first gets rid of the condom, then gets closer to Taehyung and kisses his forehead, watching a sheepish smile appear on his face.

“You were so good, baby,” Jeongguk praises, tucking the hair that fell into Taehyung’s eyes behind his ears. “So pretty and perfect for me.”

Taehyung preens at his words, shifting from where he’s sprawled out on the bed so he can reach up and tug Jeongguk down onto him. He sucks in a deep breath at his own sudden movement, his hand going straight to his still reddened ass which only causes him so squirm more.

He looks up at Jeongguk, big doe eyes staring back at him with worry. Taehyung pouts, figures he can milk this for all it’s worth now that he knows what’s coming. His favourite part—the aftercare. “Hurts,” he simply whines, the pout of his bottom lip jutting perfectly enough for him to know he’ll have Jeongguk bending at his will. He doesn’t have to wait longer than half a second before Jeongguk’s standing up and hovering over the bed as he swiftly scoops Taehyung up into his arms bridal style, making a beeline for the bathroom. Taehyung giggles into his neck devilishly because this is exactly the treatment he wanted.

Once entering the bathroom, he places him down gently onto the counter, making sure not to elicit any complaints from Taehyung. “Are you gonna give me a bath?” he asks with a lilt to his voice, his eyes lighting up as he watches Jeongguk run the hot water.

Jeongguk turns to look at him, a comforting smile on his face. “Bubbles or no bubbles?”

“Bubbles,” Taehyung replies, delighted.

“I have cherry flavoured bubble bath,” he says, watching the way Taehyung seems to bite down on his lip to avoid letting out a squeal. Taehyung, although he loves every aspect of sex, can’t help but feel giddy whenever aftercare is involved, especially when he doesn’t have to explicitly ask for it—something he has sadly had to do with past partners who were too careless in their efforts to think about Taehyung’s needs.

Jeongguk pours a generous amount of the liquid into the rising bath, his laugh echoing in the room when he hears an excited ‘yes!’ coming from behind him.

Once the bath has filled to the brim with bubbles and water just warm enough that it won’t scold Taehyung’s ass even more, Jeongguk turns the taps off and finds himself between Taehyung’s thighs, his hands finding purchase on the meatiest parts of them.

“I think I still have some aloe vera gel left over,” he says, rubbing his hands up and down his thighs, indulging in how soft the skin is as he gets closer to the insides of them. “We’ll get you all clean and once I’ve dried you off I’ll rub some of it into your ass, yeah? I’ve heard it’s good for soothing the skin after—” he says, voice fading out due to sudden embarrassment. Sure, he’s the confident type, but this is all still new to him. If he was to think too in detail about it now, he’d be blushing on the highs of his cheeks, and he’d rather leave that for when he’s alone.

Taehyung goes easily from there, hopping off the counter and stepping into the bath with a content sigh leaving his lips once he’s lying back with only his head above water. “Bliss,” he says, eyes shut with a relaxed smile adorning his already beautiful face. “I don’t have a bath back at my place so this is heaven.”

Jeongguk sits back on the counter to give him some time to settle into the bath. He doesn’t reply, prefers to just listen to Taehyung’s endearing monologue. He can barely see Taehyung’s face from the way the bubbles act like a wall around him. It’s only then that he gets his bright idea, and from there, he hops off the counter and kneels in front of the bath, dipping his fingers into the water and flicking them in the direction of Taehyung’s face to get his attention.

Taehyung’s eyes shoot open, his hands coming to rest on the sides of the bath as he scoots up a little so he can properly see Jeongguk.. “What’re you up to? You’ve got a look of mischief in your eyes,” Taehyung says suspiciously.

Jeongguk dismisses him, going straight for the cloud of bubbles forming around Taehyung’s middle. He scoops the bubbles up with both hands and starts plastering them all over Taehyung’s cheeks and chin, just above his top lip, too. “Oh my god,” Taehyung splutters, bubbles getting into his mouth. “What are you doing to my poor face?”

Jeongguk doesn’t answer him until he’s happy with the results. “I gave you a bubble beard!” he responds cheerily, admiring his creation. “Can I take a photo on my phone or would that be too weird?” Jeongguk’s not sure what caused him to ask such a thing, but there’s something about the moment that feels to him like it’s worth capturing. He doesn’t know where any of this is going—if anywhere at all—but he wants to at least be able to hold on to this moment in some capacity.

Before he has time to profusely apologise for possibly overstepping some sort of boundary, Taehyung’s telling him to quickly go grab his phone before the bubbles slide off his face due to the heat coming from the bath.

Jeongguk’s in and out in seconds, having quickly dashed through to his bedroom to collect his phone. He opens the camera app and positions his phone so he can get everything in shot. Once everything’s right, he shouts ‘cheese!’ and Taehyung’s quickly posing with his hands perched under his chin and his eyes creasing from how wide and cheesy he smiles.

After taking the photo, Jeongguk opens his camera roll to view it. And by photo and it he means all eight of the photos he somehow managed to take in quick succession, capturing every little change of movement and expression in Taehyung’s face. He doesn’t try to suppress the smile that comes once he sees just how cute the photos turned out. He turns his phone around to show Taehyung.

“I hope you’re planning on making one of those your home screen” he says, teasing.

Jeongguk does indeed end up with a bubble bearded Taehyung as his phone’s home screen, and he has zero complaints about it.

Once his phone is safely out of sight, it’s time to wash Taehyung’s body. He asks him which body wash he’d prefer out of vanilla and mint, and Taehyung chooses vanilla, claiming the scent as his favourite since he’s used to vanilla scented candles and shampoo back at his own place.

Jeongguk gets to it, grabbing one of the sponges. “No—” Taehyung says, grabbing his wrist. “C-can you just use your hands, please? I want to feel your hands.”

And well, that’s enough to have Jeongguk’s stomach doing somersaults for weeks.

“Yeah, of course.” Jeongguk squeezes a generous dollop of the creamy body wash into his hand and then rubs both hands together so they’re coated. From there, he starts with Taehyung’s neck, his shoulders, then down to his chest. He feels soft beneath his touch, but Jeongguk has come to learn over the span of the evening that Taehyung is as soft to the touch as he is soft in the heart. He watches the body wash foam up, his hands making their way up and down his arms to scrub them clean, too. He relishes in the way Taehyung hums when his hands slide down to the tips of his fingers, Jeongguk giving each of them attention—something he’d never bother doing if washing down his own body.

He signals for Taehyung to stand up so he can focus on getting his soapy hands on his legs. Once stood in the bath, with his left hand on the wall to keep him steady, Jeongguk squeezes more of the vanilla scented stuff into his hands and starts on his thighs. Almost deliberately, Jeongguk finds himself concentrating more so on the insides of his thighs where he knew Taehyung was the stickiest from sweat and come.

“You’re so sensitive here,” Jeongguk says, his hand rubbing in circular motions at the very top of the inside of Taehyung’s left thigh.

Taehyung sucks in a breath. “Ah—,” his voice heavenly and buttery, little strings of ahs and ohs spilling from his mouth. “I’m not usually this sensitive.”

Jeongguk hums, considering his response. “I must just have magic hands then.”

He works his way down, making sure every inch of skin is soaped up and foamy, ready to be rinsed clean. Jeongguk taps at his right calf, satisfied when Taehyung quickly understands. He lifts his leg, holding onto Jeongguk’s shoulder to balance himself while he lets him massage the sole of his now wrinkled foot.

Taehyung jerks a little when pressure is applied, Jeongguk’s thumbs giving relief with their circular motions. “Oh my god, it—it tickles but it’s so good,” he giggles, burying his face into his forearm.

“Cute ankles,” Jeongguk notes, and well—that’s not at all a weird thing to say out loud. “I mean, I know they’re just ankles but they’re cute and dainty,” he shrugs, enamoured with the way the bone juts out a little due to how skinny his ankles are.

Eventually, Taehyung is covered head to toe in soap suds, his usual honeyed skin hidden behind a foamy layer. He looks beautiful, even like this; especially with how he lets Jeongguk see him in a place meant for privacy.

Jeongguk empties the bath water, knowing it’s redundant for Taehyung to wash himself clean of the soap in dirty water. With Taehyung still standing, he goes to turn on the overhead shower, sending him a quick warning to move forward a little while they wait for the water to turn warm. Once warm, Taehyung stands under the stream of water with his head hung, his neck beautiful and glistening—another seemingly underappreciated part of his body that Jeongguk can’t help but be fascinated by.

He watches all the soapy goodness make way for gorgeous, glistening skin, his body now looking like it’s just been dipped in a pot of the sweetest honey. Jeongguk can’t tear his eyes away, not when Taehyung’s own hands come down his body to wash away any remnants. It’s dangerous, the way his hands glide over the surface of his soft tummy and still manage to look sinful despite it being something that Jeongguk initially saw as endearing, something he could squeeze and poke endearingly. Now, all he sees is sin, sin, sin.

With his head still hung, eyes tightly screwed shut as he continues to let the stream of water crash against his skin, Jeongguk is blessed with more time to watch his body in its most natural form—not trying to look sexy, not positioned in a way to spike arousal. His body is made up of contradictions; his shoulders broader than Jeongguk’s own, his waist slim and coming in gently, stomach subtly toned but in no way defined; a welcome layer of squishiness that Jeongguk finds he loves the most. And his thighs—his thighs are endlessly soft, the insides reminiscent of the fleshiness of  a peach, and all Jeongguk wants is for him to wrap them around his body.

Lastly, his ass: the part of him that has Jeongguk the most flustered once he turns around to soak the front of his body with the shower head. It’s not big, not by any means. If anything, it’s small but somehow still perfectly in proportion with the rest of the contradictions that make up his body. There’s a perkiness to it that has Jeongguk wondering what his ass must look like in tight slacks. It’s rounded and, much like his stomach, meaty but without any serious toning. Every time he moves, his ass jiggles slightly, and Jeongguk can’t decide if it’s endearing or arousing. Maybe a bit of both if he’s being honest with himself.

Taehyung conditions his own hair much to Jeongguk’s dismay. He had argued it, tried to make the other bend by offering him a head massage, but Taehyung had laughed it off, said he doesn’t mind doing this as long as he still promises to rub the aloe vera gel into his ass once he’s dried off. He agrees, but only because he’s worried they could argue this all night, and he can already see the goosebumps appearing on Taehyung’s arms from the anticipation of the water being turned off soon.

Once Taehyung smells of vanilla and nothing more, the overhead shower drizzles out and Jeongguk quickly bundles him up in a towel. He takes him through to the bedroom and sits him on the bed, clothes neatly folded next to him with the bottle of aloe vera gel sitting on top.

“I picked out some comfy clothes for you to wear,” Jeongguk says, voice quiet. “I hope that’s okay.” He made sure to pick out only the softest cotton he owns; a soft baby blue top that’s more like a crop top at this point from all the times he’s accidentally shrunk it in the wash, and a pair of loose shorts that sort of match in colour, with little clouds printed on the back of them, one on either side where pockets would usually go.

“You want me to stay?” Taehyung asks, surprise clear in his voice. Jeongguk’s not sure what’s surprising about it. He was never going to let Taehyung walk home after this, regardless of the fact that it’s late into the night. He’s not sure he could let go of him right now, anyway.

“You think I’m letting you leave without a cuddle and a proper night’s sleep?” Jeongguk says, raising a playful eyebrow.

Jeongguk picks up the bottle of gel and motions for Taehyung to stand and drop the towel. “You wanna do this standing up or with you lying on your tummy?”

“Tummy?” Taehyung offers shyly, crawling onto the bed to lie down, his face thrown into the soft cotton out of sudden coyness.

Jeongguk can’t help but chuckle, utterly fond of the sight in front of him. He never took Taehyung as the type to be shy, but something about it makes him burn even more with the need to take care of him. He spreads Taehyung’s legs a little, giving him space to sit in between them. He doesn’t wait around to squirt the gel onto his ass, doing so carefully to make the outline of a love heart with the stuff on both his left and right cheeks. It’s cold, and Jeongguk rushes out a sorry, sorry when Taehyung flinches at the sudden contact. From there, he gently rubs it into the skin, making sure not to go too rough or dig to deep into the surface.

Taehyung winces when he goes over the part of his ass that seems to have received the most attention. Jeongguk blows cool air over it, knowing it’ll help with the throbbing heat he knows is still present. “Is it sore, baby?” Jeongguk asks, voice laced in genuine concern.

“A little,” he hisses. “But the gel’s really soothing.”

Jeongguk doesn’t spend much longer working it in when he finds Taehyung dozing off a few minutes later. He gives him a little pat on the back of his thigh, signaling that he’s all done and Taehyung shifts slowly, sitting up with a lazy smile on his face.

“You need some help getting into those?” Jeongguk asks, eyeing the clothes next to him.

“Would it be weird if I said yes?” And there’s hesitance in his voice, like he’s not sure if this is something Jeongguk’s really willing to do, but Taehyung needs it—needs to feel like he’s being completely taken care of, even if it’s just for one night.

“I’ve got you,” Jeongguk reassures, unfolding the top and grinning when Taehyung just knows to lift his arms over his head. He manages to get it on without any bother, his damp hair spiking in all directions from being ruffled in the crossfire. Taehyung scrunches up his nose, clearly not amused by the smirk on Jeongguk’s face. “Cute,” Jeongguk notes, combing a hand through his hair to get rid of the spikiness.

Taehyung stands up so Jeongguk has an easier time getting the shorts on. They go on without a struggle, but Jeongguk still marvels in the way he has to drag them up and past his ass a little more forcefully. He gives a little pat to Taehyung’s hip once done.

“I have clouds on my ass, don’t I?” Taehyung asks, an amused smile painting his face.

Jeongguk motions for Taehyung to give him a twirl, and that he does, really making sure to milk the moment since he knows he has Jeongguk’s eyes tightly locked in on his ass.

“Let’s just say that cloudy weather is now my favourite kind of weather,” Jeongguk admits, receiving a playful smack from Taehyung whose mouth is wide and gawking.

After a little messing around, Jeongguk finally gets Taehyung into bed in the most literal sense. Jeongguk’s on the right side—his side—with the other boy curled up next to him, one leg hooked over Jeongguk’s, no space kept in between them. Taehyung keeps his hand where it’s perched on Jeongguk’s chest, warm and steady in its rise and fall.

They stay like that, with Taehyung not afraid of pillow talk and Jeongguk realising more than ever that he wants this—them—to exist after this night comes to an end.

“Do you do this often?” Taehyung asks, drawing circles into Jeongguk’s chest with his index finger.

“Define this,” he replies, very aware of the sudden change in subject. He knew this was coming, but he thought they could stay on the what’s your favourite colour type questions for a little while longer. He’s not sure he’s ready to face whatever kind of rejection could be at the end of the tunnel.

“Sleep with guys and then bath them and invite them to stay the night.” It’s straight to the point, and while Jeongguk had prepared himself for his, he hadn’t prepared for the way in which his heart started to beat more erratically with the spotlight now on him.

“I’m no prude,” he starts, making sure to keep eye contact. “But it doesn’t usually go like… this? I mean, I have one night stands—not like every weekend, just sometimes—but,” he clarifies, not wanting Taehyung to think he falls into the same category as the rest of them. “This doesn’t feel like a one night stand, and I’ve never like, taken care of someone the way I have with you, if you know what I mean.”

Taehyung nods, understanding. His fingers still trace circles into his chest. “And what’s different about this time other than what you just said?”

Jeongguk chooses his words carefully, knows this is really the only chance he has to be completely honest about what he wants from this. “I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and awkwardly skirt around each other until you leave and we never speak again.”

“So what do you want, Jeongguk?” Taehyung persists, trying to unravel the answer he wants, the same answer he knows Jeongguk wants to give.

“I want to take you out on a date,” and well—it’s not a lie but it wasn’t what he was going for in the moment. Still, his words manage to suffice if the way Taehyung bites down on his bottom lip to suppress his smile from widening even more is anything to go by.

“I think I’d like that,” Taehyung eventually says, nestling his face into the crook of Jeongguk’s neck to hide the blush that rises to the tops of his cheeks. “Would love it, in fact,” he continues, voice muffled, his breath tickling against the sensitive skin of his neck.

Jeongguk waits for him to show his face again, still red from embarrassment, but Jeongguk’s chest tightens all the same. He places a hand behind his neck, bringing him in closer to plant a kiss on top of his head, his nose, and eventually his abandoned lips.

“Can’t believe I get to take my year-long Twitter crush out on a date,” Jeongguk teases with seemingly mock disbelief, even though the events of the night have yet to settle in as reality.

“It’s such a coincidence, though,” Taehyung says then, mouth stretching in a grin as he looks up at Jeongguk. “That you found my account.”

Jeongguk bites down on his bottom lip, not quite sure about how to tell Taehyung it wasn’t a coincidence, exactly. “I mean, uh…” he says, making Taehyung raise an eyebrow at him. “My friend might have—she might have sent me the usernamee of your NSFW account. I was scrolling through it because I was curious, and then I saw your ass and—” He cuts himself off, Taehyung laughing before pressing a chaste kiss to his chin. “I swear that when you tweeted about the camming, I suddenly forgot why I was there in the first place.”

“My ass so good it made you forget about everything else, hm?” Taehyung asks, bumping their noses together before leaning forward to kiss Jeongguk on the mouth.

“Yeah, must have been that,” Jeongguk agrees, drowsiness taking the eloquence away from him. Taehyung hums again, burying his face in the crook of Jeongguk’s neck as he wraps himself around his body. He was expecting Taehyung to be creeped out about Jeongguk going through his nsfw like that, so he’s relieved, to say the least. “We should sleep, baby.”

Taehyung nods against his neck, his nose and lips brushing against Jeongguk’s skin and tickling him. “That we should,” he agrees, and Jeongguk reaches up to turn off the lights. When they’re in the dark again, Taehyung curls even further against him and mumbles, “Goodnight, Gukkie.”

Jeongguk doesn’t reply, just tightens his hold around Taehyung a little bit. He doesn’t know what will happen tomorrow, where or how their date will be or if things will flow as easily as they did tonight. But what he knows is that he likes Taehyung a lot and that he’ll get to wake up next to him tomorrow, and as of now, that’s all he needs.