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Sequel of CYS (Sans/Red/Edge)

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"Why didn't you just tell us?" Edge asked incredulously, looking happy.

"t-tell you what?" Comic asked, looking up curiously. Red supported his back and helped him sit up. Comic froze when he saw what the other two were staring at. There, where normally only his spine would be was an ectoplasmatic barrier in which a small soul floated around.

"n-no..." Comic whispered, feeling himself fall into a panic attack. Red and Edge will probably hate him now. He wasn't even....

"comic?" Red asked gently. Comic looked at them with empty, haunted eye sockets which made their worry skyrocket.

"Snowpoff it's okay. Everything's fine. We're going to be a family!" Edge voiced enthusiastically, trying to convince Comic that everything was alright. The small pregnant monster shook his head.

"i-i wasn't even supposed to be in t-this relationship.... it should be your baby. i don't deserve this. i don't d-deserve happiness. i'm a goddamn mo-monster. look at me... i'm an irresponsible, lazy, ugly mess!" Comic let out a choked sob, tears streaming down his cheek bones. The little soul fluttered in distress, appearantly feeling the negative emotions their mother was feeling. Edge sat down on the bed and wrapped him up in a gentle hug. Comic felt Red's arms wrap around him too.

"Sans. You're incredibly smart." Edge voiced and kissed his cheek bone gently. Red quickly caught on.

"you're beautiful." Red murmured, kissing his forehead. Comic's tears slowed down as he relaxed into their hold.

"You're so extremely strong, even stronger than Red and I." Edge whispered, massaging Comic's spine gently. The shorter skeleton leaned into the touch, humming as the pain was soothed by his lover's healing magic.

"thank you.." Comic mumbled, his eye sockets slipping shut. Then he opened them quickly, looking as if he'd figured out a puzzle.

"i bet my soul saw it fit to transform to protect our child." Comic explained, smiling as Red started caressing his ecto-tummy.

"... but i have you two and my magic... why?" Comic mused confusedly, mostly talking to himself.

"maybe it reacted to your distress... sorry that i pushed you off the couch." Red apologised, looking to the ground guiltily. Comic reached for the hand not caressing his ecto-stomach and took it, squeezing gently.

"it's fine." Comic let out a soft moan as Edge continued to soothe his pained spine with healing magic. He leaned into the touch, relaxing with a pleasured sigh. Suddenly the spikes retracted and before he knew it Comic was back to his normal skeletal self.

"thanks. love ya two." Comic murmured, pulling Red close and hugging him tightly. Edge took them both into his arms and pressed a kiss to the top of Comic's once again round skull.

"I love you too." Edge stated, kissing Red lovingly, who nodded his confirmation.

"you're the best." Comic mumbled sleepily, his eye sockets drifting shut. Edge laid down, huffing in amusement as the small skeleton sprawled himself out on his chest. Red curled into his side, laughing quietly. Comic smiled, falling asleep and managed not to have a nightmare for once.