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Sequel of CYS (Sans/Red/Edge)

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Comic awoke, blinking open his eye sockets. Everything he could see was red fabric. He could faintly feel a pain in his pelvis but it was a good pain. It was the pain of a well-spended night. He smiled and looked up, looking into Red's opened eye sockets.

"mo'nin'." Comic mumbled sleepily, grabbing Red's shirt to pull himself face to face with him. The shark-toothed skeleton grumbled a response that had Comic chuckling.

"c'mon ya cherry. g'tta get up." Comic whispered, stroking Red's skull lovingly.

"food?" Red mumbled, looking hopeful. It was so adorable that Comic melted on the inside.

"if edge hasn't prepared anythin' i'll make you somethin'." Comic promised. Red's eye lights lit up in happiness which made him look even cuter.

"c'mon, babe." Comic stood up, looking down at Red expectantly. The edgier skeleton stood up reluctantly, yawning. He took Comic's hand and together they walked down the hall to the stairs. They made it down without falling, Comic occasionally wincing from the pain in his pelvis. He took a peek into the kitchen while Red sat down on the couch. Edge and Paps were trying to make breakfast pancakes. Comic strode in with purpose as he saw his tall boyfriend try to throw a pancake but failing. He grabbed the pan and flipped the pancake before handing it back to Edge.

"morning." Comic said quietly. The two taller skeletons wished him a good morning. "need some help?"

"We're good but thanks for the offer, brother." Paps answered, turning back to his cooking. Comic nodded and shuffled back over to the couch, plopping down next to Red. The edgier Sans pulled his counterpart close, snuggling him.

"did you want something, babe?" Comic asked, winking at Red who promptly flushed.

"i knew you wouldn't be passive for long..." Red smiled. "why were you like that, though?" Red asked, his face shifting into seriousness. Comic scratched the back of his skull, his eye lights darting around nervously.

"that panic attack i had got to me. you know about my stress-induced narcolepsy.... i'm really passive when i'm tired enough..." Comic explained.

"w-what was the nightmare about?" Red questioned tentatively.

"garamon's death..." Comic mumbled quietly, still blaming himself for what had happened back then (explanation in Chapter 6, Red knows what happened).

"comic. stop blaming yourself for what he did. it wasn't your fault." Red scolded. Comic nodded, feeling the sting of tears in his eye sockets. He forced them down and smiled at the edgier skeleton.

"y-you're right... i shouldn't worry about it..." Comic mumbled, trying to convince himself of it. He shot Red a slightly unsure smile. Edge and Paps came into the room with four plates of pancakes. Red's eyes lit up brightly, being locked on the pancakes. Comic smiled. Edge gave them both a plate and sat down next to them on the horrible green couch. Paps sat in a chair next to the couch. They ate, talking about not-important things.

Comic set his now empty plate onto the couch table, on top of Red's. He leaned to his counterpart and whispered to the side of his skull where his ear would be had he had one.

"seems like i'm topping again..." Comic murmured. Red's face flushed brightly and he hit the other, grumbling a curse under his breath as Comic laughed. The two taller skeletons stared at them. Edge was smiling at the rich sound of Comic's rare laughter.

"heheh... owww..." Comic rubbed his shoulder.

"okay, okay.... that was just... over the top!" Comic started laughing at his own pun. Red shoved him off the couch, where Comic landed with a thump, suddenly completely silent.

"Sans?" Papyrus asked worriedly.

"don't worry. he's fine." Red assured, peering over the couch. Comic laid on the ground, unresponsive, appearantly knocked out. "comic?" Red was suddenly very worried. Comic let out a low groan of pain and rolled himself onto his back.

"ribs not healed yet..." Comic ground out, wincing in pain. There were a few of his ribs that had been damaged in one of his panic attacks a few days earlier when he tumbled off the stairs. Paps jumped up immediately and kneeled down next to Comic. Sans felt as if his ribs were burning (he had felt that at one instance and it wasn't very pleasant). His brother pulled his shirt up enough to expose his lowermost ribs and poured healing magic into his small frame. Comic shuddered and held his hand up as he deemed his ribs okay enough. He stood up shakily, still dazed by the healing magic and stumbled to the couch. Edge pulled him close and onto his lap. He sat with a grunt and glared at Red who was looking incredibly guilty. Comic looked away and cuddled into Edge, closing his eye sockets.

"Are you okay, Snowpoff?" Edge asked his hurt lover tentatively. Comic nodded and heard Red sigh in relief.

"i'm fine... though i'd appreciate if red wouldn't push me off the couch." Comic glowered at Red, crossing his arms over his ribcage tightly. He immediately let them fall down with a quiet wheeze when pain shot through his ribs.

"Sans, are you sure, you're okay?" Paps asked tentatively, knowing that his brother would probably lie to him.

"i'm fine..." Comic lied, though he didn't manage to convince anyone in the room. Edge kissed the back of his skull lovingly, hoping to soothe Comic a bit. He seemed a bit aggravated. The short skeleton relaxed against Edge's ribcage only to suddenly freeze up when he felt unwanted magic cursing through his bones. He could feel his tailbone start to hurt and quickly shot up, bolting for the door. Edge tried to grab him but only managed to snag his hoodie. Comic was yanked back and in his panic he quickly yanked his sleeve out of the taller's grip and teleported, leaving the others in a shocked silence.