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He doesn't understand.



"..." They struggled to hold their knife.



What did he do wrong?



"..." The skeleton tilts his skull, his usual smile now a frown.



Grounded in place, he stared at them.



"It's funny." The human stated, blood and dust decorating their clothes.



99% were dead



"I won...." Red meets white; the human stared at the skeleton.



Just a matter of time before they reach kill him.



The skeleton responds, falling...



Time paused.




Answering back, "by losing everything."



Everything was silent.







Level Up!








They cried.


"Please... SsSSAaasAAaaVvVvEee me"



*No one came.

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“Chara and Frisk.” The flower questioned. "One of them is innocent right?"


“Wrong.” The Judge corrected, “They’re both guilty.”