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  • Soukoku Week 2017 (soukokuweek2017) by eridian0, petit-filigree (kerostasia)

    26 Jun 2017


    Soukoku Week 2017: June 26-July 2, 2017

    This collection is simply an aggregator of AO3 works submitted to Soukoku Week on tumblr.

    We only accept submissions on tumblr.


    Please find information for Soukoku Week 2017 here:


    The Prompts

    Day 1 – Sartorialism / 「Ah, heart, that believes in others more than itself」 – Sheep Song
    Day 2 – Spring / 「That’s what being a partner means, right?」 – Dazai Osamu, Chapter 11
    Day 3 – Historical AU / 「Your goody two-shoes act also puts me off.」 – Nakahara Chuuya, Chapter 31
    Day 4 – Memento Mori / 「Once again, I chase my wish that slips through」 – Eien Misui Ni Good Bye
    Day 5 – Horror AU / 「I’ll push myself to the limit and dye everything jet-black」 – DARKNESS MY SORROW
    Day 6 – Inspirations from Real Life Authors / 「In my case, such an expression as ‘to be fallen for’ or even ‘to be loved’ is not in the least appropriate; perhaps it describes the situation more accurately to say that I was ‘looked after’.」 – No Longer Human
    Day 7 – Free Day


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