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The Time of Our Lives

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National City’s High School was very large, considering the population. It was easy to get lost if you were new, but it also was easy to find people like you. Or that is what you are told, at least.


Lena never really had friends. She just stayed on her own. During freshman year, she learned the hard way that she didn’t fit in. People would find out that she was Lena Luthor and avoid her for the rest of school. It was hard. So she just got to do her own thing. She had a 5.0 from her AP classes and all of her credits lined up. It was her junior year, and she had tons of free time. So, she would often miss her classes. The teachers didn’t mind. The only classes she had were really either computer classes or foreign languages, all of which she already knew how to speak fluently. But, she had to ask this time to miss her classes.

Lena walked down the large hallway towards the office. She turned her head to look out the windows as she walked. From that hallway you could see a lot of the city’s buildings and busy streets. As, she turned her head back quickly, she almost tripped. Her clumsiness would be the death of her.


She finally made her way to the glass door leading to the office.“Please take a seat, Lena. Mr. Henshaw will be right with you.” Jess, the office secretary motioned to a seat.


Lena was there a lot. She enjoyed talking to the teachers and other adults in the school. It certainly beat talking to her peers. She turned her head at the sound of the office door. A blonde girl her age walked in. She was wearing a t-shirt saying ‘Don’t tie me down’ and skin tight jeans. Lena had seen her face many times before.


“Hello Kara, please sit down. I am sure Mr. Henshaw won’t be surprised to see you.” Jess said to the girl. She received a wide smile in return.


She sat in the seat directly oppositional to Lena. She now remembered why she knew her face. It was hard not to know her. She was arguably the most popular person in school. The girl was at the top of her class, very near to Lena. Not to mention, she was also a Junior Officer. Lena can't leave out the fact that, Kara was on almost all of the varsity teams. The brunette flinched a bit when she saw that Kara had looked up at her.


Crap. She didn't realize she had been staring. She averted her gaze as soon as humanly possible. She could see out of the corner of her eye Kara’s smile and raised eyebrows.


“Lena, right?”


Lena whipped her head around in surprise. She knew her name?


“What are you in for?” The blue-eyed girl questioned.


She shook her head. “I was just going to ask if I could have access to the auditorium for the presentations at the assembly. You?” She felt lucky her voice didn’t crack.


The blonde leaned back in her chair. “Ah. I stabbed someone in class with a screwdriver.”


Lena was taken aback. “Why did you do that?” She asked, trying her best to hold in a laugh.


“He was being a dick to a quiet kid in the back of the class. Nobody would say anything, so I stabbed him with a screwdriver.” The girl admitted, non regretfully.


Stabbing someone wouldn't be Lena’s first course of action but, from the sound of it, it worked.

She lowered her head and laughed a bit. “We lead very different lives.”


When she looked back up she was met with the intense gaze of blue eyes. They were so beautiful that she could almost be captured in them.  She almost yelped due to the way the girl was looking at her.


“Why aren’t you covered in friends? You are one of the funnier people I know. You seem relaxed in a social situation as well.” Kara commented.


Relaxed in a social situation? Hell, she was shaking just making eye contact with this girl.“Ha. No, nobody would want to be my friend. I like being a loner, anyhow.” Lena said, shyly looking back at the ground. She became used to being the kid who did everything on her own. It just felt natural at this point. But the way Kara is treating her right now, it makes her feel like she might want at least one friend.


“Well, I can’t imagine why.” Kara said, looking confused and concerned.


It’s because I’m a Luthor. Is what she wanted to say until Jess walked in.


“Lena, Mr. Henshaw is waiting.” The assistant announced.


She nodded at the secretary and walked towards the door.


“Nice talking to you, Lena!”


She heard Kara’s voice from behind her. She turned around and quickly nodded. Then she was on her way.




It wasn’t but a few days later she had to go to the office again. It was a pain when she was a teacher’s assistant, but it helped with stress for her and the teachers. As she looked out the windows again she noticed that there was a traffic jam on main. She was about to turn her head back when she slammed straight into something, a large rolling book cabinet.


A head poked around the side.“Oh my gosh, are you ok?” Kara asked, rushing over to Lena.


She nodded and rubbed her head. “Yeah.” Though, the level of embarrassment she was feeling, didn’t make the situation better.


Kara put her hand in front of her. Lena took it gladly. When she was back on her feet, she brushed off.

“I am so sorry! I should've watched where I was going!” The blonde admitted, shyly.


Lena shook her head. “Don’t apologize, it was completely my fault. I was looking out the windows and wasn’t watching where I was going.”


Kara looked sideways at the windows. “I guess we were both at fault then.” She laughed. “But yeah, they are nice to look out of. It’s funny, this is the second time we have run into each other this week.”


Lena wanted to stay and talk more, but she had to leave. “Sorry I have to.” She said as she pointed down the hall.


Apparently, Kara seemed as if she wanted to stay and chat as well. “Yeah, yeah. I’ll just get out of your way. You clearly needed to be somewhere. More auditorium stuff? By the way, great job on the lights.”


Lena ducked her head, trying to hide her red face. “Thanks, and no. I am grabbing stuff for a teacher.” She lifted her head a bit. “What happened with the screwdriver incident?” Lena questioned with a raised eyebrow.


The blonde laughed. “So that’s what we are calling it? Yeah, Hank was fine with it.”


Hank? She furrowed her eyebrows at the man being addressed by his first name.


“He’s like my dad in some ways. He told me to not do it again, but he clearly knew something was going to happen again.” Kara finished.


Lena looked at her, amazed. “You really are the queen of this school, aren’t you?”

She covered her mouth as soon as she said that. She didn’t mean to say it out loud. She was about to apologize but was interrupted by Kara’s laughter.


“Is that what I am? No, I just feel like I am a friend and protector of this school. Don’t tell anyone, but I pay for a lot of the school lunches everyday. I know some people can’t afford it.”


Lena was just in awe. How much more perfect could this girl get? Not only did she stick up for the bullied kids, granted, not in the best manner , but she also helped kids from staying on an empty stomach. It’s almost angelic.


“Say, I recall you saying you didn’t have many friends.” Kara said, tilting her head.


Lena nodded with a sad smile. “Make that none.” She sighed slightly, wishing that maybe Kara would pick up on her needing at least someone.


Kara beamed at her. She was literally a walking ray of sunshine.“Well, Lena Luthor. I would be honored to be your friend. You are welcome at my lunch table anytime. Don’t worry, I’ll save a seat.” And with that, she was gone.

The way she heard Kara say her name, in a positive way, made her heart swell with joy. For once, someone didn't see her as a coldblooded Luthor, like her family’s reputation, but a person worth knowing. She smiled at the thought of finally having a person to be able to be friends with, as she walked down the hall to find her teacher.




It was lunch time the day after the second encounter with the embodiment of goodness. She scanned the lunchroom. She was never in there, she always brought her lunch and ate in her next class. She noticed a familiar blonde head in the room. She was, no doubt, surrounded by other popular people. She took a deep breath. Here goes nothing.


She walked towards the table. The laughter and loud talking ended when she approached. Kara, who was on the other side of the table beamed at her.


“I’m so glad you came! Guys, this is Lena. Lena this is… well many people. I am sure you will learn most of their names. Come here, I saved you a seat.” Kara said enthusiastically.


She walked over to Kara, aware of the intense gazes on her. She sat down next to the blonde. Lena looked down at her feet, trying to avoid any eye contact. But eventually, she felt a slight nudge on her shoulder.


“Hey, it’s ok.” Kara whispered, “They don’t bite.” She leaned in closer to her ear. “They are just really protective.” She whispered.


Lena was freaking out at the proximity and was relieved when she backed away. The laughter and talking resumed. As she continued eating her lunch in silence,  she listened to Kara’s chatter and the conversations she was having.


“Oh! Lena!” Kara exclaimed.


Lena’s head jerked up at the sound of Kara saying her name. Kara pointed at an auburn-haired girl walking their way. The girl approached and hugged Kara. The girl looked at her suspiciously.


“Lena, this is my sister, Alex!” Kara chirped.

The girl she just learned was Alex looked at her and said, “Good to meet you,” when she held out her hand. They shook hands. Alex’s grip was firm. The look in her eyes definitely confirmed Kara’s earlier statement of them being protective.


About five minutes before lunch ended, Kara started saying her goodbyes and the group deteriorated to Kara, Alex, and three others.


“Hey, now that we are down to my core group of friends, I can introduce you to them.” Kara gestured to each of her friends. Her hand pointed to a larger African American man. “That is James, super good with a camera.” She moved on to a more scrawny, spikey-haired boy. “That is Winn, the best with computers.” Her hand rested on the last person, a Latina girl. “That is Maggie, she is practically a carbon copy of Alex. They both love guns and can kick ass.”


Lena nodded at each of them, and they did the same. She smiled awkwardly at the many pairs of eyes watching her, not knowing what to do with the sudden attention.


“So, I hear that you are super good with computers and science.” Winn said.


Kara answered so she didn’t have to. “Yeah, she did all the stuff for the auditorium, too! That’s actually how I met her. It was when I stabbed Max with the screwdriver.” Kara finished with a small laugh, causing Lena to grow a small smile at the memory.


The rest of the group nodded, as if remembering the incident fondly. When the bell rang, the group said quick goodbyes and headed in their own directions, Winn with James and Alex with Maggie, leaving Kara with her.

“So, what class do you have next?” Kara asked, not moving.


She shrugged. “Nothing. Just a free period, I guess.”


Kara smiled. “Whatdoya know, so do I!”


Lena tilted her head at her and narrowed her eyes in suspicion. Kara laughed at her.


“I do, honest. I probably could've graduated last year, but I decided to finish with my friends. They still have one more year, though.” Kara said, looking off in the distance.


“Yeah, I could've graduated last year, too. I am just trying to avoid…” She cut herself off, since she couldn't say she was trying to avoid doing business with her family.


She heard a stifled giggle. “Yeah, I know how you feel. I don’t want to go into what my family does, either.” Kara muttered in response.


Lena was amazed yet again. Kara seemed to understand her, even when nobody else ever has.


“Are you sure you can’t read minds?” She breathes, dead serious, but filled with awe.


“Nah. I have many powers, but that is not one of them. I am just really good at reading people. I have to protect everyone no matter what, so I make sure that nobody is intentionally hurting anyone or planning to.” Kara explained.


Lena couldn’t speak. This woman should be the ruler of humanity. Everyone would be saved. Kara is one of few people who actually care and that’s the type of person who should be in charge. She snapped out of thought when she noticed that the blue eyes were focused on her again.


“So, what do you normally do during your free periods?” Kara asked.


Lena raised her hands and shrugged. “Usually nothing. I look at my phone or wander around the school. What do you do?” She was genuinely curious. Did she volunteer at puppy shelters? Lena wouldn't be surprised.


Kara caught her eyes, “That, almost no one knows. Until I know I can trust you undoubtedly, which I suspect I will, it will have to remain secret.” She put her finger to her lips and winked.

Lena was close to gaping. How did anyone sensibly survive a conversation with this girl?


“Hey, do you want to go the Noonan’s about a block away?” The blonde added as she pulled keys out of her pocket.

Lena was even more surprised. “Um su- sure. Why do we need to drive?”


Kara grabbed her hand. “Because it’s more fun that way.”


The brunette was suddenly being dragged out the front doors of the school and towards a motorcycle. When they stopped, she took a minute to process what was happening. Kara was putting on her helmet and sticking her keys into the bike. She suddenly had a helmet in her hands.


“Put it on and hop on!” Kara yelled over the roar of the bike’s engine.


Lena did as she was told and got on the bike.


“Hold on tight!” Kara yelled right before she revved the bike and sent them skidding towards the road.


She was surprised Kara still had her driver’s license. They were going no doubt, faster than the speed limit and weaving through cars. Though, finally, they came to a screeching halt outside Noonan’s. Lena stood up and took the helmet off. Her knees felt weak. She looked over to see Kara with windswept hair and a grin across her face.


God, she is gorgeous. Lena’s eyes widened. Did she really just think that? Apparently. She shook her head, trying to rid her head of the thought.


“Come on. Food’s on me.” Kara said, heading inside.


Lena followed closely. It was pretty busy. It hasn't recovered from the lunch rush quite yet.


“Kiera?” An unfamiliar voice said. An older skinny woman was walking towards them. It took Lena a second to realize who it was.


“Cat!” Kara said, clearly surprised. Kara and Cat hugged, before her friend spoke again.“It’s so good to see you! What are you doing here?” Kara asked.


“Oh, just sacked another assistant. Are you sure you don’t want to graduate and help me out full time? I will pay you slightly more than my other assistants.” Cat bribed.


Kara rolled her eyes. “As tempting as that sounds, I stand by my decision. If you want, I can put together a list of assistants that you might like.”


Cat nodded at her. Lena was in awe at the conversation the two were having. “Well, Kiera. I must be going. I do have a multi-billion dollar company to run.” Cat said, turning to walk away.


“See you later!” Kara yelled after her. She turned back to Lena as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.


“You know Cat Grant? As in the Queen of all Media?” Lena asked in a hushed, yet shocked voice.


“Oh, Ms. Grant? Yeah, she is great. People always insist she is the devil in disguise, but she is an amazing mentor once you get around the hard exterior.” Kara replied as she scanned the menu.


Lena was still staring at her. “How do you know her?”


“Hmm? Oh! I worked for her as an intern for a little bit. I was basically her assistant. I accidentally got her real assistant fired because I was doing all of the stuff.” Kara admitted with embarrassment.


Lena nodded. Right. Kara is very popular, even outside the school. Lena knew a good deal of famous people, because she was a Luthor, but she never connected to them like that.


“Ok, you ready to order?” Kara asked, changing the subject.


“What?” Lena said, jumping out of her thoughts.


“You know, food?” Kara replied with a laugh.


“Oh, yes.” The brunette nervously responded while nodding.


They went up and ordered. Lena ordered a small dessert and Kara ordered a whole other lunch plus three sticky buns. Didn’t they just eat lunch? They walked over to a table that had a sign saying ‘reserved’ on it.”


“Um, shouldn’t we eat somewhere else?” She said, gesturing towards the sign.


“What? Oh the sign. Don’t worry. It’s usually for Ms. Grant, but I am allowed to be here with my friends. AKA you.” Kara replied.


Lena still found that hard to believe. She was Kara Danvers’ friend. Not to mention, she was invited to eat lunch with her. The whole ‘friend’ thing, made this week into a pleasant rollercoaster ride.


Kara was done with her food in less than five minutes. All of it. She had barely taken a bite. When Kara’s phone buzzed and she looked up apologetically before she answered.

“What’s up?”

“No, I have a free period.”

“Um. Oh.”


She saw Kara’s face grow red. It was a new look on her. Lena couldn’t help but smirk.


“Yeah, yeah.”

“Ok, I will be there in a sec.”

“Yeah, bye”

Kara put her phone down. “Uh, right. I don’t know how to tell you this, but we need to go right now. I will explain when we get back to school.” She got up and headed towards the door. Kara spun on her heels. “By the way, your smug face is great.” The girl added, without thought.


Lena could feel her ears and face light on fire at the unusual compliment as they walked out of Noonan’s. They got back on the bike and rode towards the school. When they got there they were greeted by a pissed-off looking Alex. The two of them got off  of the bike and put their helmets down.


“What the hell, Kara! I thought someone stole my bike. Turns out, someone did! Next time you decide to go on a date, let me know before you take off.” Alex huffed angrily at the scare of having her bike stolen.


Both Lena and Kara got as red as a human could be. Kara punched her sister’s arm. “It was not a date and I’m sorry. I couldn’t exactly use my normal mode of transportation.” Kara shot a quick and very uneasy glance Lena’s way.


What is her ‘normal’ mode of transportation? She wondered.


The sisters finally finished bickering and Kara walked over to her.“Sorry about that. Now you know that I stole my sister’s keys.” Kara admitted with an awkward look on her face.


“Wait, so do you actually have a driver’s license?” Lena asked worriedly, remembering how dangerous her friend’s driving was.


Kara nodded at her. “Yeah, I just never use it. I don’t really take people places, I meet up.”


Lena felt slightly humbled. She was an exception to her normal. “Why me?” Lena suddenly asked. She didn’t mean to say it, but Kara’s words made her feel unique. So, she wanted an answer.


“What do you mean?” Kara said, eyebrows knitted together in confusion.


“I mean, you know so many different people. What makes me special?”


Kara looked shocked now. “No! Lena, everyone is special. You are too. I don’t know what people have told you, but you are better than most people. By the way, if anyone has said something like that, let me know.” Kara said, looking deadly serious.


Lena felt happy. “Well, thank you. I wasn’t really raised to feel special. In fact, I was raised thinking I wasn’t good enough. Also, no one was mean to me. You don’t need to break out the screwdrivers.” She joked, knowing Kara would do the same thing to anyone who was mean to her.


Kara laughed at that and put her hands up. “Ok, I won’t bring out the screwdrivers. This time.”


They stood there laughing for a few minutes. It was nice. This was nice. Kara was nice. Lena doesn't remember having this much fun in years. It’s something she never wants to end


Suddenly there was a beeping noise. Kara looked down at her wristwatch and tapped it. “Sorry, I gotta go. See you on Monday, I'm assuming.”


Lena nodded and watched Kara run off. Yeah…