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Whiskey Gold and Ocean Blue

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The first impression of Kadara for Kira Ryder was… less than stellar.  First, there was the awful stench of sulfur hanging heavily in the air.  Upon walking further into the planet’s port, dirt, body order, and feces added into the smell and Kira had it in mind to turn around and grab her helmet in order to take advantage of its air filters.

She also decided that she was going to take a shower the moment she got back on the Tempest.

Kira knew she’d be naïve to think that the smell and the grime on the floor would be the worst of it.  Still, upon coming down the stairs to heading towards the planned meeting place with the Resistance contact at Kralla’s Song, she was slightly caught by surprise upon seeing an angaran being beaten by uniformed guards – Outcasts, she realized.  They harped something about unpaid protection feels and how those who didn’t pay deserved what they got.  There was also the hypocrisy over how the Outcasts were armed in a supposed cease-fire zone.

With the heat of anger growing within her, Kira was forced to continue onward and head inside Kralla’s Song to meet her contact.  She headed straight to the bar in a spot where no one occupied, witnessing a spat between a krogan who didn’t want to pay his tab and the asari bartender who demanded payment.  A knife to the table was all it took for the krogan to comply.

Not even fifteen minutes on this planet and Kira already wanted to turn around and head anywhere else, even Voeld and it’s frozen wasteland or Havarl with it’s toxic plant-life.

Then, from the corner of her eye on her left, Kira noticed someone approaching before stopping just a few feet from her.  She almost expected them to start trouble with her, but was instead greeted with a warm, accented male voice.

“You look like you’re waiting for someone.”

With a raised eyebrow and a little trepidation, she turned her head to get a better look at her greeter, a human male with short raven locks and bronzed skin, who signaled his order to the bartender.  The bartender served two cups and practically slammed them down in annoyance while glaring at the newcomer.

Kira watched as her greeter took the cups in each hand and offered one to her.  She didn’t miss the subtle smirk on his face or the way his golden eyes gazed at her as though he was evaluating her.  That was to be expected… but then again, she was doing the same with him.

Going with her gut instinct, she accepted the drink and their cups clinked together before they took a sip.  The whiskey burned at the back of her throat and there was a subtle hint of sweetness to it… probably a locally-made drink.

Even before he introduced himself as her contact, Kira realized that this man in front of her was the first to give her a warmer welcome to Kadara compared to the smell and the other people here.  It also didn’t hurt that he was very nice to look at.