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Explaining fanfic; or, The Rambiling of a obssesed fangirl..

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Welcome To Fanfic!



            Hey, ever have a show you LOVED the first season, and then it just kinda went off the rails? They added characters, killed off your favorites, changed so much that it’s not the same show, or even cancelled it entirely? How about read a book, watched a movie, or finally made it to the end of a series, only to be left underwhelmed, confused or simply with a mental loop of “Seriously!?!”  This is why fan fiction exists.


Fanfics are (obviously) stories written by fans. They can be anything from a quick little blip intended to fix something the author disliked in a specific episode, to an expansive, spiraling story set in a completely different universe that is hundreds of pages long with just the barest nod to the source material. Many fics will also focus on relationships that are not canon (In the actual show). Pairings, referred to as ‘ships’ (‘I ship it’) can be quite varied- pick any two characters, go online, you will almost certainly find fic for them. All of my Ships are Slash. Slash is, simply put, when canon-ly straight characters are written as Gay/Lesbian/Bi. It is VERY common in Fanfic; some of the most popular Ships are slash. Why is this so common? I don't know. It could be that some authors want more characters with which they can identify; maybe it’s that most shows just have more men. Or, as most fanfic writers tend to be female, maybe they think the guys are hot and/or they are just sick of everything revolving around boobs; whatever the reason, there is a LOT of slash out there.

Within these stories I have nearly every story-line possible-(with the exception of super depressing, or tragic endings, there’s enough of that in real life, if that’s what you want, just watch the news). Action, drama, suspense, humor, scifi, twists on fairytales, family and fluff. Any kind of character or creature you can think of is in here, I don’t think I was consciously trying to get this wide of variety, It just sort of happened. Everything from firefighters, soldiers, scientists, and detectives, all the way to dragons, ghosts, gargoyles, fairies, genies, and Mermaids. There are monsters, mutants, aliens, even a bigfoot. There is even a Minotaur with a grenade (he doesn’t really last long, but he’s there). Hey, 24 of the 36 main characters I have canon-ly have supernatural abilities, two more chase dinosaurs through modern day London, and another is half a step away from being a mad scientist; when that’s where your starting, you know it can get pretty out there. These stories may have slash, but that isn’t even close to all they are. Very few of these will follow cannon, most are either partly or complete AU’s. With the exception of Magnus/Alec, all the other ships exist only in fanfic, and I kinda doubt there’s actually gonna be a Hawaii five-0 anytime soon in which one of the main characters is part fish, but who cares? It makes it more interesting. And I figure, if it’s all fiction anyway, you may as well follow the most captivating narrative for you, right?

Still with me? Great! So, this is a collection of my favorite Fan Fiction Stories. Just a quick reminder, I don’t own any of these: this introduction is the most I have written in probably a decade. I just saved, organized and presented them in a way that is easy to navigate. Also, some of them have scenes that get fairly graphic (you know what I mean ;-). As I said, I don’t own any of these stories; the only editing I do is for spelling or major errors that hinder reading. Most of them should have notes and, if applicable, warnings at the beginning; these exist for a reason. Fan Fiction is published by the author. This means you get the story, without it being edited, diluted or censored, with all that that entails. If there’s something specific that comes to mind in a story I’ll put a warning, but honestly, you’re an adult, and you have access to the internet, so you’ve probably seen way worse.


Okay, I’m gonna level with you; I am weirdly organized when it comes to these stories. Fair warning, most of the sorting is based on my preferences and thought processes (you’ve met me, you know how confusing that can get) so, just go with it. The Stories are arranged in four different folders: Genre, Groups, Stories With Summaries, and Word Count. ***There is also a folder containing ‘The Trickster Saga, which is a really exceptional, if rather long, story. Also, a Folder containing my Top 5 stories(Okay, so it’s my top 5 by word count, which is actually top 30, because I can’t narrow it down any further than that- If Anything, Start Here), it has a document with a summary and a link to each story, I really like using the links. Here is a basic rundown Of the Other Folders:


Stories With Summaries:

These Are ALL the stories; in the other folders it’s the same ones, just organized in other ways to better facilitate navigation. All the stories are sorted into 11 different Sets, each containing 35 stories. Each folder’s organized alphabetically. In this file there is a corresponding document for each set. These will have the title, Character pairing, approximate word count, and the summery of each story in that folder. At the end of each summary, any writing in italics is just what I think of it, or my own little notes, also, if there is anything that seems like it may need a warning, It’ll be there. There will also be ***** at the end. This is my rating, the single star stories are Just Christmas stories. The Sets go by word count, which is listed in the Title of the corresponding document. ** I have inserted links in the name of each story to go directly to the story, just hold ‘ctrl’ and click on the title. Additionally, I added links throughout the Genres and pairings below as introductions. I tried to keep them short.Also, there are two links each In Magnus and Alec’s intros because they are my favorites, and I couldn’t choose just one. I’ve yet to be able to get the links to work on my ipod, but they work fine on the computer.

Okay, so, this was the easy part, now were really getting into my thought processes, good luck….




There Are 17 Different Genres (Which is probably way too many, but, oh well; online there are more tags than I can count) Most are pretty self-explanatory, but some may need a bit of context, so, here goes:

1. First Meetings: These, unsurprisingly, are where the main characters first meet. Many of them will be AU’s.

2. Absolute Favorites: I’d of left this out, however, the way I have them tagged and categorized in my files (like I said, weirdly organized) Genres are numbered and I’d have to change too much to take it out. it’s, umm, a pretty wide variety ( oh, come on, you know how peculiar I am, this is not news).

3. Action & Adventure: Exactly what it says, moving on.

4. Alternate Universe:  (Yeah, probably 85% of my stories are AUs) I love these, they can go anywhere. The characters in completely different worlds: For me, AU’s are kinda like seeing an actor you love in a new role, but their personality still comes through, you can get any genre, any world, anything, also characters from usually supernatural type shows set in non-supernatural worlds (lots of coffee shop AU’s, I don’t know why; maybe a lot of fanfic writers work as baristas).

5. Case Fic: stories that have a specific case, problem, or mystery to solve.

6. Coming Out: Exactly what it says: stories were a character comes out as gay, bi, ex. Lots of family drama, lots of emotions, some humor; nothing too depressing, I promise!

7. Family: Stories that are centered around, or have a very strong theme of, familial relationships.

more_travel_img8. Fantasy & Scifi: yeah, you know this one too; also Lots of AU’s.

9. Fluffy!: This is just sweet, romantic, sometimes verging on sappy, fluff.

10. Humor: Stories that (Hopefully) will make you laugh.

11. Kid Fic: Storylines that center around children or from the perspective of young family members

12. Other: These are stories that get pretty out there. Most of them will be darker, some have rather sinister, twisted parts to them, but I don’t really have any that end in a bad place.

13. Quirky: This is one of my favorite categories; these are stories that are just weird, funny and, well, quirky:-), They go into some pretty bizarre places, and use some unique storytelling styles, very entertaining.

14. Series: Obviously, stories that have more than one part. Most of these can be read alone (stories that need to be read together, I usually just save in the same document), although it does add depth if you read all of them.

15. Smile: These are stories that I can’t help but smile when I read. They will either be so sweet and fluffy that you can’t help but smile, or so ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh. Either way, they usually lead to a good mood that will stay around for a while ( at least it does for me)

16. Teen Drama: These stories center on high school kind of plotlines and dramas. This seems to be another popular AU.

17. X-mas: Holiday stories, mostly Christmas. Most of these are sweet, funny, family stories that really seem to put me in a festive mood.


You still with me? Really? Wow, okay, awesome! In addition to being arranged by Genre, the stories are also sorted by Groups. These are assembled solely by my mindset; So, this may show you more of how my mind works (sorry). I’ll try to keep it reined in as much as possible. There is usually an overall theme tying the group together, and each encompasses 3 fandoms. I sort them like this rather than simply by individual show for convenience; it’s a lot easier to navigate 5 folders rather than 15. Also, I have far less of some fandoms than others so this way I don’t end up with one folder with 3 stories in it and another with 300. Here are the groups, as well as the pairings I ship. The Groups, In ascending order are:



Last, But Not Least


5. Last, But Not Least: These don’t really have a theme, they are the ones that wouldn’t fit in with the others, but I like them just as much. Grimm ( Nick/Monroe), Hawaii-5-0 (Steve/Danno), And Primeval(Connor/Becker). 


Nick Burkheart: is a detective and a Grimm. Basically, Fairytales are real, and usually out to get him. Monroe: Blutbad, kinda like a werewolf, but not, usually gets dragged along to help nick with research/ history/ not getting killed. Steve McGarrett: ex-navy seal, slightly insane, but usually means to do the right thing. Danny Williams(Danno, to Grace and Steve), Detective, Steve’s partner, and a father to a little girl named grace. He is very loud and very tired of Steve’s craziness (except when he’s not). Connor Temple: was a university student, now he chases dinosaurs around modern day London, creates technology and jumps through holes (anomalies) in time (it makes sense in the show); Becker: head of security, trying to keep Connor and the rest of the team from getting killed.




4. Vampires!: You know the theme of this one. Angel (Angel/Wesley), Buffy (Xander/Spike), and Blood Ties(Henry/Mike).


Angel: vampire with a soul, trying to do good and make up for his past. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, watcher, helps Angel research and fight demons and whatever else decides it want to cause problems in L.A. Xander Harris: human sidekick of Vampire slayer, helps fight Vampires, demons and whatever else attacks their town that week. Spike: vampire, was a bad guy, got a chip in his head to make him incapable of hurting humans, now helps them mostly by choice, not necessarily a vampire with a soul, but does seem to have a heart every once in a while, very snarky. Henry Fitzroy:. 500year old vampire, son of Henry the 8th, living in Toronto, helping out a private eye protecting the city, also draws graphic novels. Mike Celluci: Detective, Vicky’s (the private eyes) former partner, Works for Toronto PD, helps with the supernatural cases and tries to keep from losing his job or his mind balancing the two.


Cute Stories And Crazy Cases



3. . Cute Stories and Crazy Cases: These have intriguing case fics ( well, Chuck does, Most of the CM and CSI ones are fluff, also CSI is the oldest fandom I have, some of these may be from before 2000) CSI ( Greg/Nick), Chuck (Chuck/Casey), and Criminal Minds (Reid/Morgan). 


Greg Sanders: lab tech in Vegas, very smart, energetic and quirky. Nick Stokes: CSI investigator, pretty serious, strong, Texan. Chuck Bartowski: Nerd that works at the Buymore as tech support, accidentally got a computer program downloaded into his head that makes him a highly skilled spy, until it doesn’t. John Casey: NSA agent, originally ordered to kill chuck, but orders changed, so did he. Spencer Reid: Cute, awkward genius, working with the BAU as a profiler, slightly socially awkward. Derek Morgan: Profiler for the BAU, Strong, personable, good guy but has a traumatic past, very protective of his friends and family.


Quirky Cases


2. Quirky Cases: These have lots of cases and adventures with a lot of humor and quirky (Starting to think I just really like that word) stuff thrown in for good measure. Psych(Shawn/Lassie), Eureka(Jack/Nathan) and The Librarians(Ezekiel/Jake). 


Shawn Spencer: Fake psychic detective, in actuality has a photographic memory and extensive training from his cop father. Uses these skills to help the police and solve cases, when he’s not causing chaos. Carlton Lassiter (Lassie):, head detective, SBPD, Very serious, somewhat antisocial. Generally gets fed up with Shawn’s antics, doesn’t believe for a second that he is actually psychic. Jack Carter: Sheriff in a quirky( there it is again) town full of eccentric geniuses and scientists. Former US marshal, has a teenage daughter, Zoey. Likely the least intelligent person in town, but still ends up saving the day every time. Nathan Stark: Head of Global Dynamics(GD), genius scientist, always pushing boundaries to expand knowledge and create the future, which tends to lead to problems that Jack has to fix. Ezekiel Jones: Clever thief, Liberian in training, bit of a trickster, but with a great heart. Jacob Stone: Cowboy from Oklahoma, worked for his father drilling oil. In actuality a genius who has majors in art and history, knows and speaks many languages, published many books and articles under a pseudonym, has a heart of gold.



*****Supernaturally Awesome*****

1. Supernaturally Awesome: : (yeah, I know it’s geeky, but it was that or ‘favorites’ and that’s just too boring for these). So, remember how I said I grouped the stories so I don’t end up with one folder with hundreds? Yeah, this one kinda got away from me. These are my favorite fandoms, as well as the most popular, so I have a LOT to choose from. Downworlders, Angels, Werewolves, magic and adventure, it’s all in these stories. Also, two of the three have more than one pairings that I have stories for, so that adds even more to this group, but, how can I resist?  Teen Wolf (Stiles/Derek), Supernatural(Sam/Gabriel)-(Cas/Dean) And ShadowHunters(Magnus/Alec)-(Simon/Raphael)-(Clary/Isabelle).*** In the background of some Magnus/Alec stories there is Clary/Jace, Isabelle/Simon and Sometimes Simon/Jace( I have a feeling, judging by the last few episodes, this pairing will become more frequent, but it’s not one I really follow… If I wasn’t so attached to Raphael’s character..).


Stiles Stilinski: Slightly awkward teen, best friend got turned into a werewolf so he got pulled into the supernatural crossfire. Researches and keeps the werewolves from getting killed or from killing each other. In some stories he is just a normal human, in others he has a ‘spark’ of magic. Derek Hale: Alpha werewolf, family killed by hunters, became Alpha by killing Evil alpha/ his uncle Peter ( doesn’t stay dead though), creates a pack and tries to keep some semblance of order ( it.. it doesn’t usually work, but he tries). Sam Winchester: Hunter, Younger brother of Dean, supposed to be vessel of Lucifer, smart, sweet, kind, Very tall, has a great heart and really does try to do the right thing, never really wanted to be a hunter. Gabriel: archangel also the trickster god Loki, short, loud, and crazy with a sweet tooth. Prankster with a bit of a cruel streak at times, uses pranks to punish people who deserve it. Ran away from heaven and became Loki. Stayed hidden for hundreds of years, now helps Sam, Dean And Cas (Team Free Will). Dean Winchester: Hunter, Sam’s older brother, bit of a prankster, lot’s of angst. Raised to be a hunter, never thought of being anything else, always wants to live up to his father’s expectations of him, supposed to be the vessel of Michael. Castiel: Angel, brother of Gabriel, raised Dean from hell and repaired his soul. Supposed to get the brothers to fulfill their rolls in the apocalypse, chose to go against heaven and help them. Had some dark moments, lost his way, and faith, but comes back to himself, socially awkward (seems to be a reoccurring theme), easily confused by humans/society.




***** ShadowHunters *****

     **Shadowhunters has its own section: Yeah, there’s three pairings in this one, so it needs its own. 


Magnus Bane: High Warlock of Brooklyn; he’s a glittery, bisexual warlock with cat eyes who loves fashion and makeup and is %100 capable of completely destroying anything/one that comes after those he loves (seriously, I think this is my favorite character, ever). Alexander Lightwood: Shadowhunter (nephilim, mix of human and angel) protects humans from demons and other beings that would hurt them. Recently came out as gay (by kissing Magnus at what was supposed to be his arranged wedding). Natural protector, archer, strong and serious, but has a big heart; fiercely protective of his loved ones. Older brother of Isabelle and Max and adopted brother/parabatai ( best friend with a deep connection) of Jace Wayland (Harondale). Magnus/Alec is the only one of my pairings that is canon, so there are a LOT of stories with them. Simon Lewis: Cute, nerdy, slightly awkward and clumsy but very sweet; has a band. Newly turned vampire, Fledgling of the Brooklyn Clan. Raphael Santiago: Newly appointed leader of the Brooklyn Vampire Clan, a natural leader. Strong, Fierce, usually levelheaded, does his best to keep Simon from getting killed (again) or causing too much trouble, he kinda succeeds (well.. he does his best damn-it). Isabelle Lightwood: Shadowhunter; Strong willed, confident, brave, one of the best fighters at the New York Institute. Dangerous and tough, extremely smart, very determined. Fashionable, gorgeous, extremely protective of her family, very supportive of her brothers and friends. Clarissa (Clary) Fray: Shadowhunter, found out on her 18th birthday that all the stories are true, everything ( demons, werewolves, fairies, warlocks and everything else) exists, her mother has lied to her her entire life. Apparently, she is a Shadowhunter, descended from angels and meant to protect humans (mundane) from things that would do them harm. Oh, and her father is a genocidal maniac, and the most evil shadowhunter to have ever existed. Fiery, brave, very artistic and beautiful, she has a good heart, she just wants to protect her family and friends, and find where she fits in the world.


    Word count doesn't really need any explanation; they are arranged in 8 folders that range from less than 1,000 words to +30,000 words. Generally, the longer the story, the more I liked it; It is really hard for me to stop reading something I like once I start, so most of them I read in one shot. I read fast, nevertheless, If I read over 20,000 words pretty much without stopping it has to be pretty amazing.


Okay, so, I think that’s all you need to start (okay, so it was probably WAY more than you needed, but whatever).I save these as word documents and store them on my phone so I have an entire library handy whenever I’m bored. Any app designed to view word documents to view should work, they have plenty free ones. The easiest way to transfer them is to download imazing (there’s a free trial version that works fine). Just go into Imazing, click on the Word app you chose, click on ‘documents’ and transfer to device, then just select ‘Stories To Share’ folder. This is also why all of them are double spaced and in 16pt font (My eyes aren’t great, but there not THAT bad). Last thing; I’ve found that the easiest way to view them in word is with the web layout (yeah, yeah, I put too much thought into this). Anyways, I’ve talked enough, provided I didn’t scare you off, you now have an entire library of new, unique stories, and if you find some you like, clearly, I’d love to have someone to talk to about them, so let me know. Have fun!