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Home by Racer X

Hello to my list sibs! I'm Racer X, and I love Mulder. Especially with Skinner or Krycek. I was a staunch MSR fanatic, until I met a slash writer and read her story. Since then, I've been devouring slash with a voracity that astonishes me.

I've been lurking for a bit, and decided to dip my toes in the waters that are Sk/M/K...hope you all like it.

Title: Home
Author: Racer X
Pairing: Skinner/Mulder/Krycek
Rating: NC17, for men in sexual situations...with each other.
Feedback: Yes, please.
Spoilers: The usual Krycek ones.
Warning: Two-armed offense intended.
Disclaimer: If this world were mine, slash would be canon.
Archive: Slashing Mulder, DitB...wherever. Just keep the headings and warnings.
Author's Note: This is for Lyrical Soul, who's story "The Bet" brought me over from the madness that is MSR. She's slash *is* divine! Thanks LS, for all your encouragement and nagging. Keep your head up--things do get easier, but you've gotta stop listening to country music!
Summary: After a long day at work, Skinner goes home for some TLC.

Saturday, 3:37am
Autopsy Bay 7, Quantico


I blink, realizing I've dozed off. I shake myself and try to focus on what Agent Scully is saying. "I'm sorry...were you saying something?"

She gives me a gentle smile and pulls off her surgical gloves. "I said I won't be able to give you a complete report until tomorrow. Why don't you go home and get some sleep? You, that is...I'm sure you're tired of seeing all this blood and guts..."

I wave her off. "I'm fine, Scully. We need to know what killed this woman, so we can...the charges against those men..." I trail off, rubbing my temples. My head has been pounding for hours. "The Director's sitting on my neck here, and we've got to get the charges to stick."

"I know, sir, but the toxicology won't be back for another three or four hours. Maybe if you went home, ate something decent, and changed clothes...I can meet you back here at...say, nine?"

I sigh, knowing she won't stop until I agree to go home. "All right, Agent Scully. I'll be back here nine."

She looks at me, worry evident in her blue eyes. "Can you need a ride? You look dead on your feet."

"I'll be all right," I say. "It's only a twenty minute ride."

"Most accidents occur fifteen minutes from home," she informs me.

I glare at her. "I'll be fine. See you in a few hours."

"Yes, sir," she says, ignoring my glare--as usual. "Go straight home."

I nod and head for my car. I am exhausted. My head is pounding, my knees ache, and my lower back feels like someone has been auditioning for Riverdance on my spine. I realized an hour ago that I'm too old for this shit. Staying up all night, eating stale donuts and drinking bitter coffee, trying to be Super AD. Running around, barking orders, fending off the press, ignoring the SAC's reassurances that he can handle things, knowing damn well I should be at home.

Home. The thought brings a smile to my face.

A year ago, this would have been a depressing thing. Going home to an empty house. Take out food, lonely nights, drinking, with no one but the television and my hand for company.

Things are different now. Home is candlelight dinners, laughing, videos, cuddling, and hot sex. With a yawn, I get in my car and pray I can stay awake for the trip home.

Thirty minutes later, I'm slumped against the door of the house, trying to find the strength to get the right key for the door. I yawn, swaying on my feet. No one to greet me at the door this late. I promised I wouldn't work these hours, since I'm not alone anymore. I promised we'd spend the weekend in bed, too. I hate to break a promise. Hopefully, we can come to an understanding...and maybe some hot makeup sex...if I'm lucky. I know the penalty for working too hard.

My stomach rumbles as I find my key. I realize I'm ravenous. I weigh my hunger against my exhaustion, and decide I can get something to eat when I wake up. As tired as I am, I'll be grateful to make it upstairs before I pass out.

The door opens as I'm putting my key in the lock. Familiar hands pull me inside, relieving me of my briefcase and trenchcoat.

"Hey. Scully called. Said you were dead on your feet. And you look it, too."

"I am," I admit, trying in vain to smother another yawn. "I didn't didn't have to wait up for me."

"We know."

Simple words, but they mean so much to me. I allow my jacket to be eased off my aching shoulders, and my tie to be loosened from my neck. "Did you-" A huge yawn escapes before I can form the rest of the sentence.

"Shh. Just relax."

A second pair of hands goes to work on my shoes. "You drove home in this condition?"

"I'm fine," I insist. "I just need a shower and sleep."

"We'll take care of you, Walter. Let us?"

The deft hands are caressing me, soothing my frayed can I resist? "Yes."

"Thought so." His voice is smirking, confident.

I allow them to lead me upstairs. Once in the bedroom, my pants are pushed off my legs, and I step out of them and my briefs obediently. Both pairs of hands linger at my groin, making me smile. I'm too tired for anything, but it feels so good to be cared for this way.

Gentle hands strip away my shirt and whisk off my glasses. I open my mouth to protest, but a pair of lips against mine silences me. "Let us."

I nod, then dare to lick at the lips covering mine. "Okay."

"Relax," he orders.

I move toward the huge bed, with its soft pillows and warm blankets.

"Not yet." A tug on my arm and I'm pulled into the bathroom.

The tub is filled with steamy, sudsy water. Candles are lit, casting the room in a soft glow. A tray is sitting beside the tub. An icy glass of orange juice, cheese, crackers, and an assortment of fresh fruit tantalize me. My favorites. "Looks good," I say, and reach for a slice of melon.

"Ah-ah," says the husky voice behind me. "Into the tub first."

I turn and look into his green gaze. "Alex..."

"No, Walter. Relax. Let us take care of you."

Mulder's chin comes to rest on Alex's shoulder. "You promised."

I sigh, never able to resist when they gang up on me with the eye thing. Mulder, with his ever changing eyes, and Alex's grass green gaze... it's like looking at puppies on Christmas Eve. Resistance is futile. Abandoning my hunger for the moment, I step in the tub, groaning as the steaming water envelopes me.

"Okay?" Alex asks.

"Perfect," I reply, sinking down further into the water. "Just the way I like it."

"We know," Mulder smirks.

I lean my head back, smiling as it encounters a bath pillow. They take such good care of me. The smooth saxophone of Coltrane coming from the stereo soothes me further, and I close my eyes.

A short time later, a soft voice says, "Open."

I crack an eye open. A slice of cheese is hovering near my lips. Obediently, I open my mouth, and Alex slides the Gouda in. I savor the smokiness of the cheese--and the saltiness of the finger that lingers in my mouth. "Umm..."

He slides his finger out and traces the outline of my lips. "More?"

I nod, and he feeds me a few more pieces of cheese, with a few water crackers and chunks of fruit mixed in. Just enough to make up for the tons of caffeine and sugar I ingested today. "Delicious."

"Yeah, considering what you ate today," Mulder says, smoothing his hand along my jaw. He holds out the glass of juice. "Sip."

I look at the orange juice, wishing for something a bit stronger.

"You have to be up in a few hours," Alex informs me. "You can have a beer at dinnertime tomorrow."

His knack for reading my mind gives me chills sometimes. "Okay." I sip the icy juice. "Thanks."

"Sure," he says easily. "Lie back."

"Yes, Master." I lie back against the bath pillow.

"That's Master number one A," Mulder says. He's kneeling at the end of the tub, massaging my feet.

"Oh, sorry. Yes, Master one A." Mulder's hands feel wonderful on my tired feet. I close my eyes, sighing my appreciation.

I must have drifted off again, because when I open my eyes this time, both men are in the tub with me. My head is resting on Mulder's chest, and Alex is straddling my thighs, facing me.

Mulder rubs my shoulders. "Comfy?"

"Oh, yeah...provided I'm not dreaming."

Alex's foot rubs against my dick, which is slowly coming to life. "You're definitely not dreaming. You looked so sexy sprawled out in the tub, we couldn't resist joining you."

"I must be losing my touch. I didn't feel a thing."

"You're just tired," Mulder says, kissing my neck. "You've been at work 26 hours."

"I know I promised I wouldn't work so hard, and that we had plans, but-"

Alex squeezes my knee. "No, Walter. We know. Just relax." He releases my knee and squeezes some body wash onto a loofah. Starting with my feet, he begins to gently scrub me. Mulder is sponging my back and neck, and I send a silent prayer of thanks to the goddess of overworked AD's for my sexy lovers-- and an oversized bathtub.

The bathroom is now filled with a tantalizing scent. I sniff appreciatively. "Smells good."

"It's called Egyptian Spice," Alex says, his loofah swirling on my inner thigh. "I got it from Lady Marmalade's on M street."

"You're not supposed to be on M street, Alex," Mulder admonishes. "Remember what happened the last time...?"

Alex shrugs. "Not my fault the man thought I was a hustler."

"Yeah, but you still ended up paying for the teeth you knocked out."

"He can't help that he looks so sexy in leather, Mulder," I say, pleased to see Alex blush. I stroke his dick with my foot. "It's a very sensual scent, my Boy Toy. Very sexy. I like it."

"You say the nicest things, Big Stuff," he husks, arching into my foot. "It reminded me of you."

"It reminds me of sex," Mulder says, never one to be left out.

"*Everything* reminds you of sex, Hot Boy," I say. "You get hard looking at pictures of crop circles."

"And I remember the time you had to jerk off because your screen saver was stuck on a picture of the Space Needle," Alex adds.

"And your point?" Mulder asks.

"Is right here," Alex replies, grabbing his semi-erect dick. "You want it?"

I yawn, and Mulder pats my shoulder reassuringly. "If we weren't focused on Big Stuff right now, I'd fuck you into the middle of next week."

"Yeah, yeah," Alex snorts. "And as soon as you woke up from that dream, you'd be sitting on my dick while I ride you into oblivion and beyond."

"And if I wasn't so tired," I say, "I'd fuck both of you until you passed out. Then I'd wake you up and do it again. Then again. And maybe again...if you could handle it."

"That's our Big Stuff," Alex says with a throaty chuckle.

"Sex machine," Mulder teases. "Help him up, Alex."

"Okay." He stands up and holds a hand out to me.

 "I can-" A harsh look from Alex and a tisk from Mulder silences me. I duck my head. "Sorry." With a groan, I grab Alex's hand and haul myself up. "I feel like I could sleep for days."

"We know," Mulder says. "Let me get you all clean, then you can go to bed." His soapy hands begin to caress my ass, moving down to wash the tops of my thighs.

"That feels good, Hot Boy," I groan.

"I know," he replies. His soapy hand clasps my cock and I close my eyes, waiting for the inevitable teasing. The pleasure of his slippery fingers on the head of my cock feels so good, I can't help but arch into his hand.

"Please, Hot Boy..." I beg shamelessly, knowing he loves to be called by his pet name during sex. "Harder...please..."

He smiles and fists me harder. "Like that?"

The tightness of his hand and the slickness of the soap is pulling me to the brink of orgasm. "Yeah," I ground out, pushing back against his hard cock. "Make me come..."

"Not yet," he says, letting my cock go. He kneads my balls, hefting their weight in his hand. "Gotta get you nice and clean."

"Oh, hell," I groan. "I'm just going to get dirty again. Make me come."

"Be patient, Big Stuff," Alex whispers, his hand soaping my chest and stomach. "Just a little bit more..."

His nails drag across my nipples, and I jerk helplessly. Such sweet torment. "I'm going to get you back when I'm rested," I pant.

"Uh huh," Mulder says, giving my cock a quick jerk. "Ready for more?"

"God, yes!" I say, holding his hand steady while thrusting forward.

"Gotta wash the back," he says, moving my hand away. His hand moves between my buttocks, his fingers swirling around my opening. He probes gently, entering one finger, working it in and out slowly, and I gasp at the feeling. It's so damned good. After a few minutes of pumping, a second finger joins the first, and my hips are moving back and forth of their own accord.

Alex rubs against me as I move forward. "You like that, don't you, Big Stuff?"

"Yeah..." I gasp. "You know I do." I push back against those long fingers, moaning when they make contact with my prostate. Mulder takes his sweet time, making sure every nook and cranny is well washed. By the time he's done, I'm panting, and my cock is as hard as a rock.

"Didn't know my prostate was so in need of washing," I say, riding his fingers impatiently.

"One can never be too clean," he says solemnly, easing his fingers out. "Rinse, Alex."

Alex is looking at me like I'm a glass of water in the desert. He licks his lips and steps toward me, his eyes blazing with lust.

"*Rinse*, Alex," Mulder repeats, more forcefully this time.

"Huh? Oh, yeah," Alex says. He shakes his head and turns on the water. Unhooking the showerhead, he turns the dial so the water comes out like a waterfall. He holds it high over my head, and I groan as the water cascades down my body.

Mulder takes the showerhead and points the spray of water at my ass. His free hand rubs up and down my buttocks, and everywhere in between, making sure all the soap is rinsed away. He gives my ass a gentle pat, and hands the showerhead back to Alex. "All rinsed."

"And then some," I say, giving him a quick kiss.

Alex turns my head and looks into my eyes. "Damn," he moans, and captures my lips in a hot, searing kiss.

I cup the back of his head, pulling him closer, devouring him. He's so hot and responsive. Such a voyeur. Watching Mulder pleasure me never fails to make him hard and ready. I grind into him, wanting to lay him on the shower floor, and take him fast and furiously.

Mulder puts his hands on my hips to steady me. He moves against me, the hard length of his erection sliding against my balls. Just what I like. "Okay?" he asks.

I shiver and pull my lips away from Alex's. "Yes," I say, pushing back against the friction.

Alex hangs the showerhead up, and slides a soapy hand down to my cock. "I got so hot watching Mulder finger fuck you, Big Stuff. You're so damned sexy, so hard...I love touching you...sucking you..."

His husky voice sends a tingle down my spine. I arch into his skilled hands, loving the tender caress.

It's so sensuous, this delicate balance we've worked out. To think that my high-strung, truth-seeking, pain-in-the-ass subordinate, and a former assassin, tormentor, and all around bad boy would be such uninhibited, hot, sexy lovers...I'm the luckiest man alive.

A hot moistness on my cock makes me gasp. I look down to see beautiful Alex on his knees, his tongue lapping the pre-cum and water from the head of my cock. I thrust forward slowly, not wanting to push him into the wall. The rasp of his tongue is driving me crazy. "Alex..."

"Hmm?" he asks, enveloping me fully in his mouth.

The vibration around my cock is too much. I put a hand in his hair, holding it tightly as he performs his vacu-seal maneuver on me. "God, Alex...that's...oh...feels good..."

Behind me, Mulder is moving faster, holding my hips in an iron grip. I push back, reveling in the feel of his cock nestled between my buttocks. "Feels so good," I rasp.

"Yeah," Mulder breathes in my ear. " close..."

"I know..." I pull Alex's mouth off my cock, grunting at the resistance of his lips as the suction ends. Tugging him to his feet, I kiss him hard, loving the taste of myself on his lips. I back Mulder against the shower wall, and Alex presses against me.

The idea of having two hard cocks for my pleasure makes me moan. I arch into Alex while Mulder pushes against me. Our rhythm is awkward at first, but after a few thrusts, we're moving as a unit. Me against Alex, Mulder against me. My hardness rubbing Alex's...Alex's hard cock blazing across mine...Mulder's cock creating sparks in my ass and balls, the steaminess of the shower...Damn. I'm in heaven. Pure and simple.

"Walter...I need to come," Alex begs, throwing his head back. "Please..."

The act of coming simultaneously is tricky, but after so much practice, we've perfected it. I reach down and wrap a hand around Alex's cock. He groans and thrusts hard into my hand. Rubbing my hand along the smooth length, I give his cock a few gentle strokes. To my delight, his body tightens and he lets out a howl that I'm sure has the neighborhood dogs on edge. The beauty of seeing him with his dark head thrown back, neck muscles corded, mouth open--totally absorbed in his pleasure-- sends me over the edge. A mini explosion begins behind my tightly closed eyes. The combination of the hot jets of Alex's semen streaming in my hand and Mulder's squealing and sinking his teeth into my shoulder as he comes is so overwhelming, my knees buckle, and I let out a growl of pure satisfaction. My world goes black, and all I can feel is infinite pleasure.

When I finally open my eyes, I'm in the bed. Both of my lovers are draped around me. Mulder's head is on my chest, and Alex's dark head is resting on my stomach. I have no idea how I got to bed. I vaguely remember a pair of hands preventing me from sinking to the shower floor, but the rest is fuzzy. "Umm..."

"Welcome back. You okay?"

I look down at Alex. His hand is swirling the hair on my stomach. I nod and smile. "Somewhat."

"You're a handful, that's for sure," Mulder says. "Dead weight. Should have left you in the shower."

"Like you've never passed out after sex," I say. "I seem to remember a time when we had to drag you out of the restroom at the fair because you--"

"I was half drunk," he protests.

"Fuck drunk, maybe," Alex retorts. "You had your dick down my throat, and Walter's fingers in your ass. Took you the better part of an hour to recover."

I laugh. "And we had to explain to people that you were suffering from heat exhaustion." With a start, I sit up, dislodging both men abruptly. "Shit. What time is it?"

Gentle but firm hands push me back down. "Easy, Big Stuff. It's only a bit after five. You've got a few hours to sleep."

"Oh. Sorry." I lie back down and watch in amusement as they both settle back into place. "You won't let me oversleep?"

"Of course not," Mulder says, lapping at my nipple. "Relax. We're here."

Alex dips his tongue in my navel. "Go to sleep."

I run my fingers through his silky hair. "Keep your tongue out of there, or I won't be able to sleep."

"Alex..." Mulder warns.

"Sorry," he says, his green eyes glittering with mischief. "There was a bit of water there."

I open my mouth to refute him, but a huge yawn stops me. "Tired."

"We know," Alex croons. "Sleep."

"Sleep," Mulder repeats.

With a sigh of contentment, I rest one hand on Mulder's head, and the other on Alex's back. Though I'm exhausted, I'm not so far gone that I don't appreciate the tender love and care I've received tonight. "Thank you both. Such sweet lovers. A pleasure to come home to."

"Love you," Alex murmurs.

"Me, too," Mulder says.

"Yep," I say, and close my eyes.

I'm loved and cherished.


The End.

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Archived: April 21, 2001