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by Nikita

Title: "Alex"

By: Nikita

Spoilers: Of course...

Summary: An ice breaker leads to some fried rice and other things...

Warning: Slash. Don't know what that is? You probably don't wanna know, then. Run away, run away. M/M interaction, sex, and sharing of Chinese food. Horror!!

Disclaimer: Sadly enough, I do NOT own the X-Files. Excuse me while I go grab a tissue... Oh, yeah, Chris Carter does...go tell him he should give them to me, will you? And tell him not to bother suing, I've got too many student loans and bills to pay, leave me alone...


I climbed through the window of Mulder's apartment that night because I was feeling a little reckless. I was bored, on the run, and feeling like messing with my favorite FBI man. I loved to mess with his head sometimes. He was so brilliant and insightful most of the time, but when it came to me he just seemed to lose control. Kind of exciting to know that I was one of the privileged few that could cause that typically dispassionate face to flush in anger. His monotone replaced with a voice rising in pitch and as he heatedly accused me of some random crime.

And he's the only one that can make me feel something other than my usual cool contempt for humanity. I've lived with the dregs of humanity. Worked for them, worked against them. Struggled to stay alive despite them. Sometimes 'just' to spite them. Working around the scum of the earth tends to make one forget WHY they are struggling to save human kind.

But HE reminds me. His sense of justice, his feelings of guilt and remorse for things beyond his control remind me that some people really are worth it. I know he is. I wish I hadn't been forced to hurt him so many times. Some were unavoidable. Others were mistakes. But the fact remains that he does have good reason to distrust me. Hate me even.

Still, I can't stay away from him. I find myself seeking him out to offer tidbits of information or just to fight. It makes me feel alive for a while. And always feeds my fantasies afterwards. After a meeting with him I'll go back to my latest hole in the wall and fantasize about how I'd want the meeting to have gone. How I'd want the next one to go. Pathetic, I know, but it's all I've got.

So as I stroll through his apartment biding my time until he returns from work, I hear a sound. A soft meow startles me. Glancing around, hand on my gun, I find green eyes gazing at me from under Mulder's couch. I glance around the room again for a trap, satisfied I then drop my hand and kneel down on the floor before the couch.

"Here kitty, kitty..." I try to coax him out, but he's having none of it. I finally explore Mulder's kitchen and am surprised to find cat food. No human food, though. Trust Mulder to feed the cat better than himself...

I pull out a handful of dry cat food and go back to the couch. The smell and sight of food finally convinces the small black cat to cautiously come out of his hidey hole. He takes care to sniff me thoroughly, watching for any sudden moves, then moves on to the food, keeping one eye on me the whole time.

'Smart cat. Of course he would be paranoid, though...he's Mulder's.' I look at the cat closely, though, it seemed to have a bit of a limp. Full, the cat seems to find me acceptable and allows me to pet him. I run my hand down his legs and find that the left one is a little mangled. Not too bad, just enough to make it limp a bit.

I smile grimly. "You're lucky, bud. Could have been worse..." I shrug my left shoulder a little to ease the ache that is constantly there. My prosthetic has been chafing badly lately, I remind myself to soak in my dingy little bathtub tonight. I stroke the cat and feel a color hidden by the fur, I'm about to look at the little tag hanging off it when I hear footsteps in the hallway and the door lock being turned. I decide to stay where I am, the cat seems jumpy, but stays in my lap, tense and ready to run at moment's notice. I stroke it absently and watch the door; my gun rests on the floor beside me.

The door finally opens, Mulder seemed to take a while opening it. Mulder steps in tiredly, his eyes not looking up from his full arms. He has a briefcase, a large folder full of files, overcoat and a bag of takeout. He sets down the bag and folder on the table next to the door and hangs up his coat and shoves his briefcase near the coat hanger with his foot. Turning back to pick up his paper bag he calls out. "Alex! I'm home. Hungry?" He strides into the living room and then stops dead seeing the one armed assassin stroking his cat with an amused grin on his face.

"Expecting me, Mulder?" I was confused for a brief moment when Mulder spoke, but quickly realized that Mulder had been calling his cat. My grin had blossomed at this as I waited for Mulder to realize there were two Alex's in his home.

Mulder didn't respond.

"Alex, huh? Nice name. Wonder why you called him that..."

"What do you want, Krycek? I'm too tired to deal with you right now." Mulder set his food down with more force than necessary.


I'd been looking forward to a nice quiet evening alone after a long HARD day. Chasing a suspect, I'd been surprised by an accomplice who'd swung a baseball bat into my ribs and then kicked me while I was on the ground. I'd just finished getting out of the ER after having my bruised ribs taped up and I had a nice boot mark on my belly. I wasn't bleeding internally so I was given a prescription and sent home to rest. I threw the scrip away and grabbed some takeout on the way home. Carrying my files and briefcase up the stairs had been fun. I ached all over besides the pain radiating from my ribs and I just wanted a peaceful night with my cat and some Chinese. Trust Krycek to choose that moment to break into my apartment.

And now he knew about Alex. Great. Just what I needed. I should've known better than to name the cat that, but the stray I'd found outside my building a month ago had been hurt. It's left paw damaged and the vet said he'd likely keep the limp. For some reason I'd decided the cat home with had seemed friendly, purring and rubbing my hand with her head. I was feeling a little lonely and all my fish were dead, why not? The cat was black and had green eyes, the left paw reminded me of a certain someone I knew...the name just fit. I wished I'd named it Murphy or some other name, anything, but Alex.

I steeled my face from showing the pain I felt at easing into my chair and glared at the man that seemed quite content to stay on my floor and pet my cat. "Don't you have something better to do? Someone to betray, steal, or spy on? It's Friday night."

"Nope, not really. Is that special fried rice I smell?" Krycek's nose sniffed the air appreciatively. I was reminded that we'd once split an order on a case. I'd ordered some late one evening, Sweet and Sour Chicken, pot stickers, egg rolls and fried rice. Alex had enjoyed the fried rice especially; it had shrimp, beef and chicken in it. I tried to shake off the memory of that evening, but it was a good one and my mind couldn't resist revisiting it. It'd been a nice to work with someone open-minded and we'd swapped theories back and forth going over evidence. Alex had been full of youthful enthusiasm and his hair slicked back with too much hair gel.

Now, looking at the man sitting on the floor near him I saw an older man, his eyes looking older than his years. The left arm was stiff and bent, testimony to the missing arm and his youth and innocence. Of course, the youth and innocence had all been a ruse, but still... The man before me looked tired, used, and weary. But he was still beautiful. His flashing green eyes, pert little nose turned up to sniff the Chinese, the black leather jacket gave him a dangerous air, but his face was still angelic and beckoned to me. 'Damn it, I can't trust him, but what the hell...'

Sighing I decided to take advantage of the situation. "If you get us some bowls and forks I'll share it with you." I smiled at the shocked look on his face that he struggled to hide. Looking at me suspiciously for a moment, he then set my cat aside and went into the kitchen.

"And drinks!" I called out, "there should be some beer in the fridge."

Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.


Standing in the kitchen I wished I had another arm so I could pinch it. I was definitely in another dimension. Mulder had just asked me to grab some bowls and drinks so he could share his food with me.


I was going to have to check and make sure they hadn't replaced him with a clone now. As I grabbed the only two forks Mulder owned (they didn't match), I wondered momentarily if I should stab him with one of them. 'Nah. If he really is Mulder he'll be pissed and I'll miss out on dinner.' I decided to keep a close eye on him instead. Anymore suspicious behavior and my little blade would be handy.

I opened the fridge and found a jar of pickles, a box of baking soda and two bottles of beer. Carrying the bowls and forks in one hand and the beers pressed to my side with the prosthetic, I plunked my load down on the coffee table nest to him. He had pulled out two cartons from the paper bag.

"Hey, Mulder, you better buy some groceries soon, you're pickles are gonna get lonely."

"I've got pickles?" Mulder asked seeming to be mildly surprised.

I snorted at that and passed him a bowl. He dumped some rice in it, ah, the smell was heavenly, and it'd been a long time since I'd had some. Mulder's favorite Chinese place was a dangerous place to hand out around, never knew when I'd run into him.

"Do you want some Sweet and Sour Chicken?"

"No, why mess with perfection? Mmm..." I dug in with relish.

Mulder smiled slightly, but then winced as he reached for the other carton. I noticed with a little suspicion, but it didn't seem clone-related.

"You okay?" I asked, only slightly muffled by rice.

Mulder straightened, carton in hand and ignored the question. He leaned back in the chair and started eating, his eyes sought out the cat whom had perched on his TV for a nap.

I had decided to ignore it until I noticed him stiffly shifting in his chair to get comfortable.

I moved further away on the couch and gestured for him to join me. "Come on. You look uncomfortable. I don't bite...unless you want me to." I just COULDN'T resist, I knew it was corny; his irritated look was worth it. Damn, what was it about Mulder that made me act like a kid and feel so damn alive?

Irritated look or not, Mulder recognized the need for comfort and moved to sit next to me. I noticed the stiffness and the tightening around his eyes as he sat back down. I hoped he was okay. Mulder was terrible about taking care of himself.

Mulder flipped on the TV, feline Alex didn't even twitch, content in its warmth. Mulder flipped until he found some bad sci fi movie on. I wasn't interested, so I pretended to watch while I secretly watched something more fascinating, Mulder. His lips on the beer bottle, the little smear of Sweat and Sour sauce on his lip. I desperately wanted to lick it off. I was staring at it when he looked over at me. 'Shit! Caught!' Now was when I got thrown out on my ass.


How the hell do you act casual and eat when you've got a man staring at you like a hungry man at a steak? Alex may have thought he was subtle, but I was watching him myself and there was no mistaking the lust in his eyes. 'Shit. Don't get involved, don't do something stupid. Don't...' I should have listened to the voice, it was so right on cases most of the time...but that voice was the one that kept me from ever having any fun. I finally told the voice to go fuck itself. I was horny and he was obviously interested...

I set my bowl down and reached over to take his from his slack hand. He looked startled, but hopeful. I left the TV on to lessen the tension, but turned it down, I leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips. He returned it slowly at first and then deepened it, as he released my lips he flicked his tongue out to swipe at the corner of my mouth.

"Mmm....I've been wanting to do that for the last 5 minutes."

"Yeah? I've been wanting to do that for the last couple of years." Shit, what was I doing? Opening myself up wide open for an attack, that's what.

Alex's eyes seemed to darken slightly as he stared into my eyes, searching them for a moment. "You better not be a clone, Mulder, I don't want to have to kill you." His voice was dry and husky, but had a generous dose of grim humor.

I smiled at that. "No clone, not that I'm aware of, anyway. Wait, I've got proof." I pointed at where I'd cut myself shaving this morning, red scab visible obviously as he smiled at me.


"Good. I know you've just obviously lost your mind, then. I can deal with that. I've been crazy for the last few years myself..." And that was as close as I'd get to confessing anything.

Mulder kissed me again and I decided to just thank my lucky stars and go with the flow. Mulder could regret it in the morning and shoot me then, for now I was desperate to run my hands over that golden skin and kiss him in places not currently visible. I ran my hand down his back and encountered the bandages. 'What the fu-'

I broke the kiss and leaned back. "Mulder- ?"

He sighed regretfully, "I don't think I'm really up to anything aerobic. I've had a bitch of a day..." He dropped his hand from my shoulder and ran it through his hair as he leaned away from me and tried to stand up. It was obviously painful; I put a hand on his arm.

"Wait. Mulder...I don't really expect anything. Look, you're tired and in you have a painkiller to take?"

"Nah, I don't need them. I threw it out. I've got some aspirin if I really need it later..."

I rolled my eyes, 'spare me from the man's martyrdom...he needs a hot bath and a massage. Unfortunately, I left my massaging capabilities in Russia.'

"Let me draw you a bath."

Mulder seemed shocked at my offer. "Ah, no. The bandages will get wet. I just need some rest..."

Right. I wasn't thinking straight. I knew well enough about injuries, I wondered if I should offer to leave. I didn't really want to. "Well, I guess I should go, then. Let you sleep..." I stood up and petted the cat once more before I left, he opened his eyes to slits to glare at me for disturbing a perfectly good catnap.


Well, of course he was going to just leave. I wasn't offering him anything tonight. Why stick around? I wondered why he'd come in the first place... Shit, my ribs had bought me another lonely night on the couch.

"All right. Good night." I plopped down on the couch once more, lying down sideways, facing the TV, the action hurt a little, but I was pissed enough to ignore it for the moment. Krycek didn't move, looking at me.

"That can't be comfortable. Why don't you sleep in your bed tonight?"

"Because I don't like to sleep in it alone. Just go." I focused my eyes on the TV and tried not to let my longing show. Probably a useless effort.

Alex still hadn't left. "Do you- do you want some company?" his voice seemed strangled.

I looked up surprised. "I told you, I'm not really up to-"

"I didn't mean it that way. Just to sleep." Alex seemed annoyed at my suggestion.

"All right." Damn, this was weird. I was going to get into bed with Alex Krycek to 'sleep.' Nothing more. Yeah, that was likely to happen...

I struggled to sit up on the couch and he came to offer me a hand. 'His only hand...'

I accepted it and we walked back to my room. For the first time, I wished I were a better housekeeper. The room was dusty. At least the files were gone. Whoever had cleaned out my room and put the waterbed in was a saint. At least, that's what I thought now. At the time I'd been pissed. Now, I just wanted to sleep in the warm waterbed that even though I didn't sleep in it, I still maintained.


I walked into his bedroom and was stunned at the leopard skin sheets. "Mulder I had NO idea..."

Mulder glanced at me and blushed faintly. "Uh, it was a gift...It's actually very comfortable."

'Gift, huh. Who else had his eye on Mulder? Skinner?' Oh, that thought almost made me laugh out loud. The thought of Walter S. Skinner buying a waterbed and lava lamp for Mulder's bedroom!

I paused as I realized neither of us were dressed for bed. He was in shirtsleeves, tie loosened. I still wore my leather jacket. Nervously, we both undressed businesslike and climbed into the waterbed. It swayed and rocked a little as we shifted. It was warm and comforting. Very nice. I'd removed my prosthetic as quickly and furtively as I could. I now lay on my stump so my right hand was free. The boot mark on his stomach made me itch to throw on my clothes, grab my gun and go hunting for the SOB. I looked over at Mulder who's eyes were closed in contentment. 'Why the hell didn't the man sleep in his own comfy bed? Why would he chose to sleep on the couch every night?' I voiced these questions finally, to curious to stay silent.

"I don't- I just can't sleep without the TV on or someone else in the bed, I guess." His voice clearly said: 'Leave it at that.' I decided to heed the advice.

We hesitantly ended up laying close, facing one another, gently touching. We were both aroused, so I gently stroked his face then his chest. "Mulder? Lie back, let me make you feel good..."

Mulder closed his eyes in bliss as I stroked him with my fingertips. I then grew bolder and moved my lips to his chest as my fingers continued their path a bit lower. Mulder groaned. I knew he wasn't going to last very long. He never seemed to have a bed partner. I wondered at that, but I knew that, like me, anyone in your bed was fair game for your enemies. I pushed back the fear that tried to spring out at that thought as I stroked Mulder. Mulder knew the dangers just as I did. If he wanted me to leave after tonight and not come'd kill me, but I'd do it. I didn't want to hurt him anymore. I settled on my task, deciding to try to make up for some of those past hurts by giving him the release he so obviously wanted.

Licking a trail down his abdomen, I circled his cock with my tongue and then moved down to lick his thigh. Mulder groaned in frustration, thrashing more than he should with his ribs hurt.

"Stop that! You're going to hurt yourself." I said seriously, but also with humor, I knew what I was doing to him.

"You're going to be hurt if you don't get back to what you started!" He growled, hips thrusting up.

I decided to take pity on him and engulfed him with one smooth move. He growled again, this time in intense satisfaction. I tried not to smile.


Ahhh, finally. I was so ready it hurt. I knew I wasn't going to last long. I tried to, though, desperate for it not to end quickly. He was too good, though and I was soon shooting down his throat yelling his name. "Ahhh! Allleeexxxx!" I groaned as if I was dying. I think I was...

He sat up, licking his lips and definitely looking like my other Alex with a bowl of cream...

He slithered up a little and rested his head on my belly. I gasped until I caught my breath and then tugged him up to eye level once more.

"Your turn." I said as I tried to shift down on the bed. Bit hard to do on the waterbed.

"Mulder, I don't want you to hurt yourse-"

"Then shut up and scoot up a little, will you?" I finally got in place and ran my left hand up and down his body as I breathed on his eager member. He shivered at the sensation and writhed a little under my hand. I licked a path on his inner thigh to the seam of his leg and groin. He shivered harder and was muttering something I couldn't make out. Russian?

I nipped and sucked there, leaving a nice hickey before I moved up to his cock. His muttering had turned frantic, as his hand had tried to urge my head in the right direction.

"Ah, ah, ah, keep your hand to yourself..." I warned. Spitting what I'm sure is a curse, he jerked his hand from my head and clenched the sheet instead. I then set myself to drive him even crazier with my tongue. I'm rather oral, you know...

His muttering turned into howling and I heard some very interesting phrases I committed to memory to look up later. Finished, he lay gasping his eyes riveted to my face.

"Shit, Mulder, we should have done that years ago."

I smiled sadly, "Yep, could have avoided a lot of bad blood, hmm?" I decided I was too happy tonight to waste it on melancholy thoughts. I tried to get back to my former position, he had to help me, finally as I'd gotten too stiff. "You shouldn't have hurt yourself like that just now." He murmured sleepily.

"You complaining?"

"Fuck, no. Just observing..." He smiled again and yawned, we fell asleep, each with a hand possessively on the other's hip.

Shortly after we'd quieted down, a small furry creature jumped onto the bed creating a small wave in the bed. He kneaded the bedding at the foot of the bed and then curled up and made himself at home on top of his creatures' feet, purring contentedly.

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