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Project, The

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Project, The

Project, The

by Nicholas

Title: The Project
Author: Nicholas
E-Mail: Pairing: M/K
Category: Relationship
Rating: PG-13
Words: 159
Notes: Written for the MKLoveGroup Drabble Challenge "Flowers". Beta'd by Gaby.


"It will look so pretty, Alex," Mulder chuckles, fumbling the bright-red flower into Alex's hair. He's kneeling above his lover, the first sunrays of the summer warm on his back.

"Mulder, please," Alex whines and attempts to bat Mulder's hand away, the blush creeping up his face. "It's so not me."

"Nah, it's so you, Alex," Mulder reassures him absent-mindedly, lost in his work. "There, finished. Oh Alex,...sweet," he laughs out loud at the big red flower in his roguish lover's black hair. "Flower power, eh, Alex?"

His lover growls at him, plucking the flower from his hair and biting off its head matter-of-factly. "Yay, flower-power," he smirks at Mulder, chewing slowly.

Mulder gapes at him for a second before the sly grin breaks back out. "Oh, well, it's not as if it's been the only one," he says cheerfully, letting his eyes travel over the field of redness surrounding them, "you can't eat all of them after all."

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