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For the Love of Sleep and You

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"It is either sexual intercourse or I will have Zoro knock me over the head with one of his weights. I refuse to pay that scalper you call your Treasurer for being unable to sleep of all things."

"Mah. Sanji used to have that trouble, but Zoro fixed it for him."

"...Sanji used to be unable to sleep or Sanji required sexual intercourse?"

"Mmm. Both. I think." The younger of the two brunettes rolled over in his hammock so he could peer down at his co-captain. "Why?"

The taller male sighed, hands folded on his bare stomach- in the men's quarters it got much too hot for his feathered shirt. "Because I have severe insomnia. That is, I rarely am able to sleep, and when I do it is for short periods of time. My walking the ship apparently disturbs your navigator and she has demanded I cease. So I must be either asleep or unconscious tonight, because if I cannot sleep I naturally will be compelled to leave this hammock for some reason. I do not find it particularly comfortable."

"And then your navigator will fine me, and I refuse to let that happen," he finished with another sigh.

"And sex is supposed to help?" Wide brown eyes blinked, and his arms, tanned from weather and sun, appeared over the edge of the cloth, as he deliberately pushed off of the wall next to the door to start a swinging motion in both hanging beds.

The doctor clutched a little tighter to the sides of his hammock- he was used to a proper bed on his own ship and had fallen, painfully, out of this thing twice already. "Yes. Sex usually leads to orgasm, which facilitates sleep. The muscles relax and the heart redlines during sex, so afterwards it slows down significantly, which also deepens the breathing. Further, endorphins dull any discomforts felt, and thus sex helps a person to sleep."

"Want me to let you have at it? Usopp uses the bathroom, but I think you should probably do it here if you wanna fall asleep right after." Luffy grinned, unshakeable, and somehow surprisingly calm regarding a subject that most thought he knew nothing about.

Law shook his head slowly. "While your acceptance and enthusiasm is appreciated, I'm afraid simple masturbation would not be enough to exhaust me. And with the severe form of insomnia I have, I must be very worn out to fall asleep easily, even after sex."

"So....?" He blinked several times, the smile fading slightly. He'd been a little afraid of this, at least insofar as he was ever afraid of anything.

Law raised an eyebrow. "So....?"  He considered a moment. "...I don't suppose you're capable of lifting one of Zoro's weights?"

Luffy laughed. "The only one on the ship that could do that besides Zoro is Franky, and Robin wouldn't like it."

"No, I suppose not. Perhaps I'd have an easier time of it on a bed rather than the hammock...are there any on the ship that aren't in use?"

"Mmm. The couch over there folds over. It's what Zoro used before Franky fixed the store room." To illustrate his point, the younger brunette stretched his arm and pushed the cushions down flat.

He sighed, getting carefully out of the hammock and going over to fold it out, then laying down with a blanket and pillow. "It's a shame there is no-one on board I could ask," he mused to himself.

"Is there someone you have in mind that you'd want?" Now that he was alone in the swinging bed, Luffy pushed off the wall to make it swing harder. He could only do this when Usopp had the watch, because Zoro and Sanji were in the hold, Franky was in his workshop, and Chopper was in the medical bay. Of them all, the only one who would have gotten in his way was the sniper. So, for the next five hours, he and his ally had the bunkroom to themselves.

"Someone who doesn't have a partner who would thrash me afterward," he replied flatly. "I have few preferences concerning sexual partners so long as it is all consensual. Though I do like flexibility in a partner...." His eyes strayed over to Luffy and he frowned. Was it worth it...?

Luffy just grinned at him, letting the sway of the hammock cover the way he anticipated the proposal.

The doctor sat up, considering the younger man's expression. "...Would you be interested in helping me get to sleep, Luffy?"

"It's probably only're nakama. I'm the captain." His grin grew a margin wider, and he flipped out of the hammock with his typical grace.

Law rolled his eyes. "I am also a captain," he shot back. "You need not feel obligated."

"A captain. Not the captain. That's me." He summarily pounced the surgeon, landing astride him, with his knees to either side of the older man's hips and his hands on the chest below him. "I always help out my nakama."

Law reached up and ruffled his hair, then sighed a bit, the corner of his mouth curling up. " you say, then."

Luffy's smile softened, though something wasn't quite normal about it. Whatever it was, he hid it quickly, by ducking his head so he could capture Law's mouth in a fierce, unapologetic kiss. The fire of his will, wild and hot as it was in everything, fueled the way he sucked and bit at the surgeon's lips. His breath picked up, sending an intoxicating energy into the air around them, and his hands wandered down the dusky skin, simultaneously pushing the blanket down and mapping the contours of subtly sculpted muscle.

Law had been unprepared for that fire, as always, and squirmed a bit into his hands even as his kissed back the best he could.  Skilled hands went to work stripping the younger of his clothes with quick efficiency, pushing the blanket down further as he pushed up into the soft, warm hands.  Things felt very good so far, and he was enjoying it thoroughly.

The rubber man moaned, grinding his hips against the ones beneath him and shrugged out of his vest. When his partner's thumb brushed the scar on his chest, he gasped, eyes closed and breath hot as it rushed from his body. "Do it again."

He chuckled as he did it again, stroking his fingers leisurely over the length of the scar and pushing his hips lightly into Luffy's as his body started to rise to the challenge.

Not insignificant was the response the surgeon got. As he had the first time, so too was he able to manipulate the young captain like a masterworked blade this time. Luffy responded, stretching up to slide his shorts down, and out of the way. His toes curled and he busied his mouth with kisses that he couldn't seem to get enough of. His hands skipped up to tangle in the wavy ebony normally hidden under Law's hat, and he used his foot to shove the layers of fabric between them away.

For now, Law was content to remain in his own pants, smirking as he began to use both hands on the very scar he'd stitched up himself, using fingers and thumbs and knuckles to stimulate it every way he could think of- which, admittedly, weren't many, not with how Strawhat was commanding his attention to return the kisses and keep up with the younger, absolutely voracious man. Law was perfectly pleased to indulge him in all the kisses he wanted, grinding his jean-clad bulge carefully up into Luffy as he continued to work his scar.

Luffy matched the surgeon's rhythm, practically riding the zipper of his jeans, and apparently trying to devour him from the mouth down.

The surgeon had to exert a surprising amount of force to break long enough to gulp air- and when he did, a new expression had overtaken his face. His already black eyes seemed to be yet darker, two little spots of color had risen in the tanned cheeks, and the peculiar tilt to his smirk was a new one, a sultry one.

"Unlike some people, Luffy-ya, I have to breathe.  I can't expand my lungs to hold enough oxygen for ten minutes, unfortunately," he informed him breathily, chest rising and falling rapidly as his hips continued to roll.

The rubber man laughed, "Sorry."

His voice was breathy though, and clearly he was affected by what was happening between them, even if his reaction was somewhat disconnected to it.

He switched his target then, nibbling along Law's jawline with surprising gentleness until he reached the piercing in his partner's ear. That he tugged on with his teeth and made a purring moaning sound that vibrated from his lips to his dick.

The good doctor had turned his head to give Luffy access the moment teeth touched his jaw- he was sensitive there and thoroughly enjoyed the sensation- but once his earring was caught and he purred like that, an involuntary growl rumbled up from the depths of Law's chest, unbidden, and his pupils dilated dramatically as he momentarily lost his wits.

When he was once again aware, he found he had flipped them and he was settled comfortably between Luffy's legs, hands running over his ribs as he took the other brunette's mouth with the same appetite Luffy had taken his earlier.

The younger of the two arched his back and breathed heavily into the kisses, hands still somehow tangled in Law's hair. He made no secret of his enjoyment, sounds escaping freely from his throat. He hooked his ankles behind Law's back tucking his toes impossibly into the waistband of the jeans that separated the two of them.

Law pressed closer against him, another growl escaping him as he moved from Luffy's mouth along his jaw and down his neck, wincing when Luffy's toes pulled his pants painfully tight. His hands dropped to his belt, undoing it quickly so he could shove his pants down, groaning with relief when there was no longer pressure on his aching arousal. He yanked down his boxers with them, and after a bit of maneuvering kicked off both trousers and underwear so he could resume applying his mouth to his partner- right on his scar.

Luffy gasped, his fingers digging into the older man's skull, and his toes curled. His head fell back, exposing his neck and the underside of his chin. He was panting and tiny whining moans replaced the wanton cries from before. His internal spring was coiling, and the tension pooled somewhere between his navel and his hips.

Law could tell, and with the other man's eagerness he really was not inclined to ask him to wait for the surgeon to catch up. He leaned up just enough to give that bared throat a quick kiss before he dropped lower again, teasing both lower corners of the 'x' before moving lower yet, nuzzling along his belly.

The Strawhat captain trembled, an unknown, secretive tremor that was easily mistaken for anticipation. His history with this sort of thing was rather short all things considered, and there was no small amount of fear involved. But he made a good show of it, hiking his hips and making more of those purring moaning sounds.

Law paused right above his bellybutton, dipping his tongue into the little indent just to see Luffy squirm.

"Have you ever been given fellatio before, Luffy-ya?" He'd detected something in Luffy's body language, he couldn't pinpoint what exactly, that made him hesitate a moment.

The other nodded, but pushed himself up onto his elbows to watch anyway. His eyes were misted with arousal, but focused entirely on the older brunette. Between them he twitched, and his legs flopped to either side, even as his scar stretched and bent with his breathing.


There was still something nagging at him...but he was willing to take Luffy at his word.

"Alright. Remember, if I do something you don't like, tell me. I prefer consent in all things," he reminded briefly before returning to his goal: the tip of Luffy's hardened flesh, which he gently rolled the tip of his tongue over. He wasn't sure why he'd felt it necessary to repeat his earlier statement, but if there was one thing Luffy had taught him thus far, it was to trust his instincts, even when he didn't understand them.

The rubber man grabbed handfuls of the blanket beneath him, and his hips threatened to hike again. Instead, he let the motion carry down to his feet, and up to his lips in a silent, panting encouragement.

That was all he needed to sink down and take as much as he could fit into his mouth all at once, tongue sliding down the sensitive shaft, the roof of his mouth rubbing its ridges over the head, his hands coming to Luffy's hips to hold him steady.

The only thing Luffy's previous experiences had on this one was tongue work, but then, no one else wielded a sword in their mouth, so eliminating that detail had the younger captain fully appreciating what Law was doing. He curled up further, a hand coming up to Law's hair again, though whether to push away or pull closer was uncertain. He seemed to be fully enjoying it though.

Law wasn't paying too much attention to the hand in his hair, though he enjoyed it- he was...unpracticed at this particular skill. It had been a long time since he had felt the urge to indulge a partner in this and it took most of his concentration not to choke himself as he started to move up and down, dragging his tongue and carefully avoiding use of his teeth as one hand left Luffy's hip to stroke his scar again.

The rubber man caught the hesitation in his partner's motions, and felt the uncertainty with his haki, so though it was pleasurable, after a short while, he traced his hand down the side of Law's face to stop him. A deep blush colored the bridge of his nose and the highlights of his cheekbones, and he was panting.

"Up." Was all he managed to get out, as he pulled gently to encourage the older brunette closer.

Law obligingly released his dick with a rather lewd 'pop' and came back up, both relieved and worried at the request. "Did I hurt you? I tried to be careful, but I don't always keep track of my molars," he said softly, bringing their faces close together.

Luffy silenced him with a kiss, a hand sneaking down between them to wrap them both in one palm. He gave a soft tug, aware that no one else was as stretchy as he, and somehow made the circle of his hand around their members ripple.

Law's hips hitched, rolling as he breathed in sharply.  He was not particularly impassioned by nature, it took a lot to get him started- but once he was 'up and running', he tended to kick into high gear fast. He kissed back, growling a little once more as he pressed against Luffy.

"That's better."

The co-captain smiled, still working them, though apparently he had more effect on Law than he did on himself. He still rolled his hips into the motions though, matching pace with the older man and wrapped his other arm around Law's back both to hold him close and to reach across the room to the little chest of drawers next to Zoro's hammock. He brought back a small bottle, mostly empty, of clear, water-based, gel.

Law turned his head to look, and raised an eyebrow at the bottle before shuddering on the next thrust of hips, forcing himself to slow because if he didn't, he was probably not going to until he reached his end. Panting softly, he gave Luffy another peck and sat up, straightening on his knees and taking the bottle, rolling it in those long fingers.

"Is this for me, or for you?"

"Mm. I'm the stretchy one." He said it as though it should have been obvious.

"That does not influence your personal preference," he countered.

But since Luffy had already made it clear, he gave up the fight early- another thing he'd learned about this man- and settled back on his heels.

"First get more comfortable," he instructed.

Luffy seemed to consider for a moment, focused entirely on Law's dick, though obviously not actually seeing it. Then he scooted back and turned over, presenting himself ass in the air and looked over his shoulder with the same grin he used when approaching any task that he deemed fun.


Law blinked- THAT was what was comfortable for him?- before simply shrugging and accepting it, moving close and gently massaging Luffy's tailbone with a little chuckle. He then laid kisses up and down his spine as he spread the oil on four fingers and sank two of them into Luffy's welcoming body.

Predictably the stretch was easy, and seemed to not even affect him, probably due to the same way stretching any other part of his body resulted in a reaction only if he didn't want it to happen. He did widen his knees a little though, and pressed almost eagerly back into the touch. The lubrication seemed to dry quickly though, as if to make up for not needing much in the way of loosening up, his skin refused to stay slick. He bit his lip a little, still looking over his shoulder, as his breath picked up again.

Before adding the other two, the doctor decided, even though it was medically unsound, to use his tongue. Luffy's skin seemed to absorb the oil particularly well, and while saliva was a rather poor lubricant it was better than winding up dry. He had no intentions of hurting any bed-partner, but particularly not a very important ally. So he sucked on his fingers for a moment before adding the rest of his fingers to see if that would work any better than the oil.

The addition of the other two fingers brought the moan that had been building out of Luffy's mouth. He finally had to look away and pressed deeper onto Law's hand, moving his hips in a little circle to keep the slender fingertips from actually touching his prostate. The teasing made things last, kept him on edge, and engaged in the situation. He'd learned that early on, the more he had to fight for what he wanted, the better he liked it. No matter what the subject was.

Law noticed, and smiled to himself as he dutifully avoided his prostate as he continued the stretching, massaging his insides with those fingers. To his disappointment, he found the saliva was no better and dried just as quickly as the oil had. What he would give for some proper lubricant right now- the medical grade he used for sounding procedures. Ah well. He would just have to apply generously and often. Kissing his spine again, he pulled his fingers slowly out.

"Ready for me, Luffy-ya?"

"Y-yes." The word hiccupped as the younger gripped the blankets with both fingers and toes again, hanging proud and wetly between his thighs.

The elder man lubed up from tip to base with a thick layer, positioned himself, and pushed inside, stroking his palms down Luffy's sides and reaching around with one hand to once again feel for his scar.

Luffy cried out, but his body took Law to the hilt in the first go. He pushed back, rolling his hips and moaning, though he put his head down on his arms against the cushions. "Nngh....Tora...ohhhh..."

He held still a moment, letting the other adjust, kissing the back of his neck and petting his chest. "You alright?"

The rubber man shuddered and nodded, biting at his own arm to muffle the way he was being loud, but the simultaneously clenched his backside muscles, even as he circled his hips still, creating a milking sort of sensation even though they weren't moving yet.

Law, taken off-guard, spat a curse and his hips rolled on instinct as he leaned further forward and latched his teeth to Luffy's ear, his hands splayed on the strong chest and once again working over his scar.

Though his voice warbled, Luffy moaned, rolling his hips again to begin a rhythm. The fingers on his scar were like fire on his skin, burning to the very core of his being, and out again into the tips of his fingers.

Having such an available hot spot made Law use it thoroughly even as he settled into the rhythm, unable to stand remaining still now that he'd started moving. His breath started to shorten, gusting hotly over Luffy's ear as his body shuddered.

Surprisingly, the Strawhat captain gave over to his partner, melting into him and what little resistance there had been disappeared. He let go of his vocalizations and just matched the rhythm, a slow-burning pleasure crawling up from the pit of his belly to coil sharper and hotter than any he'd felt before now. The change was obvious, as he leaned his head back against Law's shoulder, eyes closed and mouth open in a not-so-silent moan.

Law's mouth went to work again, smirking between pants as he licked and nibbled the shell of his ear and the sensitive spot behind it, keeping the motion as steady as he could and resisting the urge to start going faster just yet, rubbing his knuckles over the scar and murmuring in Luffy's ear.

The younger brunette began to give off little sounds with every breath. His member twitched with every brush past his prostate. He mouthed the syllables of Law's name without ever really saying anything coherent, too lost in the build of his orgasm, burning hotter at each thrust and grind.

That triggered Law at last, and he started to speed up, faster on every thrust, voice growling up out of him as his vision hazed, his breathing reduced to quick pants, and he brought one hand down from the sensitive scar to grab and stroke Luffy's cock, running his thumb over the head and his fingers up the shaft.

"Nyah-AH!" Luffy whined, bucking wildly at the touch. He gripped Law's other hand where it was holding him up, and bowed his back, drawing them into closer contact where it really counted.

Law thrust deep and hard, aiming directly for his prostate now, giving short little sounds as his hips worked overtime and he bit lightly on Luffy's neck as he felt himself start to swell and leak.

Determined to finish his lover before himself, Luffy clenched himself tighter, drawing up and onto Law harder, faster, his body begging for the release that would free them both.

Law gave a loud, throaty cry and his hips snapped as deep as they could go as his body gave up, release catapulting the doctor into the realms of intense pleasure and no vision.

The rubber man held him close, tensing himself and letting out a shuddered moan right where Law could hear him. His body milked the surgeon, pulling wave upon wave of pleasure through him. The focus of the entire thing was unconsciousness for the Heart captain, and so that was where Luffy intended to send him. Even if it took most of the night.

Law's hands were weak, but they still pulled and pushed at him- trying to return the favor. Because Luffy had thoroughly tired him out after only one round- one short, but intense round.

The younger man sat them up, finding his lover pliable and sweet. He disconnected them carefully, turning to face him. Taking a passionate kiss, he guided the older brunette down onto the cushions, wrapping his fingers with the other's. Luffy breathed softly, treating Law with a gentle grace that he knew for a fact was not normal for the Surgeon of Death.

He couldn't find the energy to protest- and didn't want to. This was lovely. He sighed softly and fumbled with the covers, pulling them over them both, and hummed softly as he let their fingers interlace without protest. Then, yawning so wide it hurt, he settled in to get some sleep. "Thank you, Luffy..."