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Sometimes, (usually on Wednesdays) before he sets his long feet against the planks of his bedroom floor, he thinks about it, filling in another card and placing it reverently back into the file in his mind's cabinet. The drawer is getting heavier by the day. He usually smiles.

Sometimes he's dull.

11 January

Shoot her with John's gun. Just once. In the head.

Sometimes he's thoughtful.

24 February

At a fitting, smother her with an entire skeen of that hideous fabric she loves so much. Ivory. How telling.

Sometimes he's terribly efficient.

16 March

Air embolism. It's quick.

Sometimes he's elaborate.

25 March

Wait for a sunny day. Hire a hot air balloon. When she's dithering about observing the sheep, gently lift her up and over and, depending on how and where she lands, dehydration may factor in before the damage of the blunt-force trauma.

Sometimes he's scientific.

03 April

At the surgery, use a clean scalpel to open both carotid arteries exactly 2cm and calculate the coagulation rates of the right one versus the left. It shouldn't take long; she's smaller than average.

Sometimes he's aggressive.

23 April

Any blunt object. Until her skull cracks.

But sometimes he gives up.

05 May

Have Mycroft relocate them and never tell me where. Ever.

And now,

18 May

Just stay in bed.