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Mina smiled as she followed Lucy into the small shop, she couldn't help but be caught up in the blonde's excitement. Her friend had sent word yesterday for them to meet and at what time. It was the first time they were interacting in person since Lucy's confession.

"Hello! Come on back and we can get started." The Seamstress greeted with a warm smile. The younger women followed quietly behind her as she led them down a small hallway, an awkward energy humming between them.

Mina's mind had been a mess since that night and it was driving her mad. She had been unable to think of anything else and that scared her. She glanced toward her blonde friend and thought back to their almost kiss. Lucy had tried to initiate the first but she had been solely responsible for the second.

"Now, I know Lucy here had several styles she liked and I have set them aside. Do you have any preference though, dear?"

The brunette shifted uncomfortably, her eyes scanning the many gowns hung up around them.

Lucy couldn't help but smile fondly as she settled herself into a seat to watch the brunette pick some of her own styles to try. Her mind drifted though, after several minutes, to the conversation that she had with Jayne two days prior.

The older woman had insisted that her confession had been well taken and that Mina was just as curious as she was. She had her doubts but couldn't deny the obvious. Her friend had tried to kiss her and she wasn't sure what would have happened had Harker not interrupted.

Jayne had embarrassed her then, reminding her of her own inexperience and virginity.

"You're a virgin, aren't you?" The older blonde said, more of a statement than a question.

Lucy shifted uncomfortably under the weight of Jayne's gaze but did not answer.

"I've seen how you flirt..." She continued, approaching the couch the younger woman was sitting on. "You mustn't use those same tactics with Mina, she'll see right through them."

"What do you suggest then?" Lucy asked, cursing the blush that burned at her cheeks.

"You must capture Mina's mind, her senses. Leave an impression that will be impossible for her to forget." Jayne took Lucy's hand gently into her own. "One that will haunt her dreams."

"We'll start with touch..." Lucy shivered at the gentle feel of the older blonde's fingertips brushing against her skin. "Fingertips, across her arm, her leg, her cheek... Slow, feather light. Barely enough to feel."

Lucy's eyes lifted slowly to meet the ones watching her with a knowing look as goosebumps blossomed across her forearm. "Scent, something warm to remind her of summer... And the warm sun against her naked flesh."

The younger woman absorbed the words, they reminded her of the way Mina's skin grew slightly darker when exposed to the sun.

"Sound, your laugh, light... And gentle, as a crystal bell." Jayne's eyes glanced down, watching as her own fingers trailed slowly against Lucy's ring finger. "Sight, a look... That lingers. And promises so, much, more..."

"Lucy?" Mina asked, snapping the blonde from her memory. She blinked and looked up toward the two women staring at her expectantly.

"Yes? Sorry, I must have nodded off for a moment." She quickly rose from her seated position and moved over to see which styles Mina had selected. The blonde shook her head slightly, a laugh escaping her when she saw how different they were from the ones she had picked out.

"What?" Mina asked, narrowing her eyes at her friend.

"Nothing, just... I should have known we would have no common ground on this."

Mina frowned slightly, as if noticing for the first time how different their selections were. "I'm sorry... It's not that I don't like your taste, they're all very lovely-"

"Mina, darling. It is your wedding we are making preparations for, not mine. These may be more plain than the ones I picked out but you will make them indefinitely more beautiful. There's no reason for you to apologize." Lucy said, a wide but sad smile tugging at her lips. Blue eyes held hers for a moment and the brunette looked as if she had something to say but a knock distracted both of them.

The Seamstress glanced toward the doorway and the source of the sound. She went over quickly to talk to the man who was standing there before hastily excusing herself. "I'm sorry, I will be back. I hadn't realized I had double booked..."

Lucy nodded, "It's alright. I was asking a big favor of you anyway... Please, take your time. I can get some of the measurements on my own."

Mina stood still and watched as the blonde approached a small table where she collected the measuring tape she would be using. The brunette's teeth teased the inside of her cheek as Lucy turned back to face her.


"Yes?" The blonde hummed, straightening out the length of the tape in her hand as she made her way back over to where the other woman was standing.

"How would that work... With two women?"

Lucy arched a brow and she raised her eyes to meet Mina's. "How would what work?"

"Marriage, I mean what would you wear?" Mina responded quickly, a blush darkening her cheeks. The color deepened when Lucy merely stared for a moment without responding. "Forget it, it was a silly thought. I shouldn't-"

"No, no... I just wasn't expecting it." The blonde said, a blush of her own tinting her cheeks as she broke eye contact. "I don't know... If I'm being honest... I doubt that will ever be a possibility. They would never let two women be wed."

"If you could?" Mina pressed, her curiosity overriding her instincts to drop the subject due to her friend's fragile expression.

"I would want to wear a gown." Lucy answered, her voice soft. "Something beautiful and elegant. With a long train, you know how I love them."

A silence fell between them then, each lost in their own thoughts. Lucy cleared her throat after a moment and nodded toward Mina. "You'll need to strip down to your slip and corset so that I can get the proper measurements, would you like any help?" She asked, her voice smooth as she raised her eyes to meet the blue ones watching her.

Mina was blushing, that much was obvious as soon as their eyes locked.

"Of c-course! However, I think I can manage that myself." She stuttered, stepping off to the corner of the room where the changing screen was set up.

Lucy watched her walk away, amusement playing at her features. She could feel her confidence improving and it would soon be time for her to use more of Jayne's advice. She wasn't using them in the order they had been given to her but they seemed to be working all the same.

Once she had changed from her clothes, Mina made her way back toward the center of the room and Lucy. She was fidgeting shyly and they both knew that it was because of the blonde's confession. They had been in less around each other in the past without batting an eye.

Lucy took a step toward the brunette, closing the distance between them. "Raise your arms, yes, just like that."

She said, sliding the measuring tape around Mina's ribcage. She adjusted it slowly, carefully, so that it was around her friend's torso at the largest point for her bust. Lucy glanced up, a smile curving the edge of her lips as Mina inhaled sharply at the close contact.

The brunette licked her lips and looked around the room as she tried to distract herself from her own thoughts.

"Alright, now we're going to get the measurement for your waist..." Lucy said, pulling the measuring tape away as she repeated the previous number in her mind.

She looked up toward the brunette, a playful smile tugging at her lips.

"Mina, darling. You need to loosen up." She said, tickling her friend's side as best she could through the material of her corset. Mina giggled and swatted her hand away with a smile of her own.

"Be serious, Lucy."

"When am I not? You spoil all my fun." The blonde laughed, straightening out the tape before circling it around the smallest section of Mina's waist. "I was just seeing how much give this particular corset has."

Mina shook her head, still smiling as she watched the blonde slide one finger between the corset and measuring tape.

"What's that for?" She asked curiously, raising her eyes to meet the blonde's.

"Breathing room... Should your corset or bodice allow."

"How do you know all of this?"

Lucy pursed her lips, recording the second measurement to memory as she pulled the tape away. "You have your cardiovascular and medical studies... And I, my study and good taste in fashion. Try not to sound so surprised."

Mina chuckled, glad to be able to catch her breath now that there was some distance between them. She could handle this banter, it felt familiar, safe.

"Next we need to measure the widest part of your hips..." Lucy breathed, completely missing the way that her friend's eyes widened as she bent down slowly. Her hands traced on either side of the woman's outer thighs, her left settling where she believed to be the right spot to measure.

Mina chewed on her bottom lip anxiously, fighting the urge to squirm or fidget as best she could. A moment later, Lucy was straightening back up.

"One more to go. Try not to look so painfully bored, darling. It doesn't suit you."

If Mina hadn't known any better, she'd have sworn that the other woman was mocking her.

"You will need to put your shoes on for this one... Are they similar to the ones you'd like to wear for the ceremony?"

Mina glanced down toward her feet and then toward her shoes that were sitting nearby. "Yes... I believe so."

"Good. Put them on then, please."

Mina quickly did as she was asked before returning to her friend's side. The blonde nodded, "Stand up as straight as possible, please."

The brunette straightened her spine, her hands at her sides. She watched as Lucy once again prepared to take a measurement. The blonde gently pressed the one end of the tape into the hollow of her throat. And with her other hand, she began to slowly bring the rest of the length down the front of the brunette's body.

The taller woman shivered at the contact, her eyes shifting nervously around the room.

Lucy continued her descent until she was practically kneeling and she double checked the measurement before straightening back up.

"There we are, all done-"

"Jonathan wants to elope." Mina blurted out suddenly, her frazzled nerves and emotions finally getting the best of her.

Lucy's eyes widened and found the brunette's, the measurements completely forgotten. "Mina-"

"I-I thought that you deserved to know..."

The two stared at each other, both shocked by the statement. An awkward silence filled the room and Lucy could slowly feel heat climbing its way up her neck. A myriad of questions swirled around in her mind but her tongue remained still behind clenched teeth.

"Lucy I-"

The blonde shook her head, turning on her heel and rushing for the door. She could hear Mina start to follow behind her but the brunette's footsteps stopped abruptly by the doorway.

Lucy was nearly out of the small shop when she practically ran into the Seamstress, "Oh, I'm sorry dear... Are you alright? You look pale..."

"Yes." Lucy responded quickly, with a forced smile. "I'm afraid I'm just feeling a little ill... I couldn't concentrate long enough to get the measurements, I'm sorry. If you don't mind... I am going to step out for some air."

"Oh, please do. Take all the time you need. I can come and get you when we're finished, if you'd like?" The older woman asked, her eyes full off worry.

The blonde shook her head with a smile, "I will only be a few moments. Thank you."


Lucy sighed and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear as she headed back into the shop. She felt less nauseous but her heart was still aching dully in her chest.

Why would Jonathan suddenly want to elope? Would Mina really go for such a ridiculous venture when her loved ones all wanted to be there for the wedding? It was selfish, too selfish for the brunette. Lucy shook her head, her Mina would never do such a thing.

She was so lost in her thoughts when she made her way back to where her friend was that she did not realize at first how much had changed in her absence. Her eyes widened when she looked up and found Mina for the first time since she'd run out.

The brunette was wearing one of the more simple dresses that she had picked out but the simplicity suited her. As it always did.

Lucy felt the breath leave her lungs and she couldn't help but stare, caught off guard by the sight. Mina was always beautiful but this sight was different. It stirred something different within the blonde.

Her heart fluttered in her chest, begging for her to delude herself into thinking that this sight was for her. That this moment was just for them. That the Seamstress wasn't in the room, that the dress wasn't for Mina's wedding with Jonathan.

Her mind though, it knew the truth.

She swallowed thickly before clearing her throat, catching the other woman's attention.

Mina looked up and Lucy tried very hard to ignore the apology in her friend's expression as well as the ache in her chest.

"You look beautiful." She breathed, praying her voice did not crack over the words.